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Gangster government

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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-03-11 11:26 PM
Original message
Gangster government
Edited on Sat Sep-03-11 11:52 PM by undergroundpanther
We have a government of gangsters...

Why do they give war criminals,corporations,white collar criminals,dictators that do our corporate bidding and keep our criminal secrets a get out of jail free card.
Why are they allowed to do whatever they want,things that would send most people to jail? Why are certain wealthy and politically connected people allowed have no restraints on what they do? Why are they a immune to consequences for their criminality?

This country is operating like a gangster government..The powerful are living in a bubble where they via wealth are insulated from the results of their actions or lack of actions? Why are millions of people reduced to numbers, seen as these inconvieniant things intruding upon their 'beautiful minds'. Our government always looks out for that small circle of allies,and defend those allies even if it is crazy. The allies in the bully club of psychopaths at the top. Why do they get golden parachutes, healthcare that most of us dream for,they get their rent subsidized,they get other costs paid for or complementary when they have more than enough money to pay, is it because they are somehow more special than the rest of us.Sad truth it seems they believe they are superior and we accept this huge lie and still submit,do what they demand of us.

They can plow a highway through beautiful old growth woods,put a industrial park next door rendering your house worthless,steal your home via fraud,render your well water unfit to drink or even destroy you and your life and your loved ones,because the posse running this country only cares about their interests alone.and those interests are psychopathic .They push the failed economics (trickle down,free trade etc.)on propaganda channels they own as if they were 'independent 'aimed at stirring up the disenfranchized rage to be as tools because it favors the people like themselves..They want the poor to die because we clutter up their streets and are unwashed and not pretty,reminders of their failure to govern...They want the middle class,minor criminals,whom are not violent,immigrants,to be like slaves working away for free.But we must not call it slavery.

These exploited people must kept out of awareness so these wealthy criminals can do whatever they want to them..I mean whatever they want,rape a kid,they will suffer no consequences,they want to kill the people they victimize,unless they can be exploited. In their minds women exist to serve them,as mommies,maids,and whores, men boy toys or slaves.The people are for the most part even now are powerless.they are so scared of the power they could have,because they've had it drilled into their heads as bad.The people have forgotten the duty to revolt.They think loving and tolerating a den of normal appearing criminal sociopaths will make them play nice. This method of resistance has failed.Why do people in India HATE Ghandi? maybe because Ghandi was not so saintly in real life.Every charming asshole can spin a mask of goodness to dupe others and get what they want.

As human beings in this empire we are being abused,financially abused,emotionally abused.The abuse is hidden from conscious realization so it can be denied,and that just lets us be abused in a billion overt and covert ways. Until our perception of resistance is educated it sounds more just like a tortured soul in one of the secret black sites playing kind ,and non-violent in a desperate need to survive placating a vicious monster in a human suit to avoid more pain from his captors,and his captors try to convince the victim that HE CHOSE to put himself through torture.
Every time I hear,you can't fight city hall,or what can you do,or some other resignation statement that a sociopath would see as consent it makes me feel so sad for all of us that can care... We have become so fragile,so passive,so unwilling to give up comforts and cars for having scary freedom,self actualisation,resourcefulness and power as a collective and individually.

We are being abused,and dis-empowered to the point we think fighting for freedom from abuse can be done by waving signs yelling, showing up in numbers completly passive ,getting arrested, paying a fine to feed the very system abusing us and taking everything from us so they can profit and going home.Workers stand around complaining to the co workers with the same status but never really walking off the job. We go on signing petitions,if online probably get deleted,if on paper most likely end up shredded put in a staffer's trash can and you get a form letter with a computer printed signature.And feel a feeling of success,that is as fake as their caring.
The government and it's corporate buddies have become so brazen,manipulative, bigoted,theocracy tolerant,cruel,murderous,world killing,thieving,secretive,money controlled and corrupt,it is truly a den of sociopaths there just for the POWER.. So we wave signs at it? Send letters? How dis-empowered is that?

And who convinced us as human beings suffering under these psychopaths that signing petitions,writing emails& letters,waving signs with no sticks or anything pointy, showing up in numbers yelling or doing carnival acts outside the white house or some other place that harbors enemies to our well being.They may answer about the problem acting as if they even cared enough to pay attention to the hubbub we make,while hoping to get the press they own to report our problems with their system.
Who taught us yelling, chants,writing letters,signing petitions,and carrying signs was the only option available to us to fight corruption?
What do we do about a corrupted posse of rich and political assholes who outgun us as we yell,waving harmless signs,making sure we don't dare hint at violence as we protest. Deny we have rightful violence in our hearts directed at those who don't care abusing power? The authoritarians hiding under the curtain of "democracy" have used those guns before on protestors and innocents.(think Kent State& Leonard Peltier) We are up against sociopaths with power to abuse us without consequence to themselves! What can one do to STOP psychopaths exploiting of our government structures to abuse the people?
Karma will not stop them because karma is a wish of violence and harm dressed up to comfort people facing abuse telling them someday the tables will turn...,nor will prayers or curses do anything.Embarrassing them with a pie in the face is not going to make them care either.. We have to threaten their well being,their position,that is why Anonymous is such a threat..telling their dirty truths they want to hide from us..we have to make them face justice at our hands for the state will just slap their wrist because they are the bosses of the system they made to serve themselves. Eventually we will have to stop by-standing,risk being harmed,we have to jam the gears of profit.We have to throw ourselves against their bubble world until it pops,and they are forced to stand defenseless, face the rightious wrath of people they abused and horrors we live with that they imposed on us,to take from us our means to survive,account for what they have done,and very possibly have a fate like Mussolini or Marie Antoinette.

People do not like being abused,cheated,hassled,lied to,betrayed and told what or who they are by others dominating them,yet they tolerate it from corporations and a dysfunctional culture and state apparatus we all know is corrupt to the core..IF they can remember or imagine a life outside this empire of shit, life for them is intolerable because other people dis-empowered them, not knowing or facing up to the fact sociopaths are not like themselves.Love is not the answer..People have GOT to stop assuming all people are good deep down or everyone is like us.Reality is some are not like us don't care and like to see us suffer.
People go on hoping the sociopath's promises,promises to end the problem promises never to be fufilled.In the end promises were lies. But before you knew they were lies, they were HOPES.

The People are almost like the wife of an asshole.When he shows up with a dozen roses and crocodile tears promising ,Baby, I won't beat you up again,I did you wrong,don't leave me,I'll do better,give me another chance I love you!! And then the next Friday she is nearly beaten to death .Was it her hope that kept her believing in what he says or her obedience to someone that manipulated her into powerless?
We vote for the candidate that gives us hopes,hopes he never intends to honor.And we vote in the same type of liars,knowing they are assholes,Why?
There are absolutes in psychopathy and the main absolute is a literal absence of empathy. Its just not there. In higher-scoring psychopaths, what grows in the vacant field where that empathy should be is a joy in manipulating people, a lack of remorse, a lack of guilt. /
How long will we not see the sociopaths hellbent on using us,robbing us,running our lives,and basically dominating us and determining how we must live through layers of little Eichmanns just doing their jobs, never realizing what doing thier job and keeping their head down and never making waves as their pay shrinks the benifiets are stopped ,and the threats get more shrill and they keep silent and work more and harder for no gain for their efforts,in the face of obvious abuse on the job does to other people's will to fight an exploiting abusing corrupt corporation.. /

Capitalism is a FAILURE because it rewards psychopathy. This is why poverty exists pollution is so bad and the earth is dying. It's the greed the theft called profit,the growth imperative,the games,the gambling.
It leads to a ruthless monopoly and aristocracy that's good for the rich without care and bad for those suffering and poverty to those who can't hack the ruthlessness of this insane system,or for various and very VALID reasons including they are sensitive caring souls that are beat up for existing.. People cannot stand living under a purely capitalistic country because the abuse for profit scheme becomes unmasked and the gears of profit get gummed up by those that CARE.Republicans and the rich HATE the social safety net because it prevents so much joy to psychopaths,by easing the suffering that they love to inflict and exploit.The social safety net puts a LIMIT on who they can make suffer and cause to die by poverty.

America has the HIGH rates of mental illness,suicides,
National Survey Reveals 45.1 Million Adults in the U.S. Experienced Mental Illness in the Past Year Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)
According to new results from a national survey, 19.9 percent of American adults in the United States (45.1 million) have experienced mental illness over the past year. The survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates that 11 million adults (4.8 percent) in the U.S. suffered serious mental illness in the past year a diagnosable mental disorder has substantially interfered with, or limited one or more major life activities.
SAMHSAs 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reveals that 8.4 million adults in the U.S. had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year, 2.2 million made suicide plans, and one million attempted suicide.

Exposure to other peoples pathology (and the corresponding emotional, physical/sexual abuse) can, and often does, give other people stress disorders, including PTSD. Our psychological and emotional systems are simply not wired for long-term exposure to someone elses abnormal psychology.

Those who opt for isolation are usually principled believers in moral codes, who have faith in the final victory of good over evil, and, even if they consider splendid isolation to be an unrealistic dream on a social scale, still believe that it is achievable for them as individuals. According to the level of their optimism and courage, they either distance themselves from any possible relations with the gangster system, at any cost, or escape or withdraw from the world dominated by gangsters (including giving in to addictions, becoming workaholics, or submerging themselves in religion).

Those who opt for play attempt to discern not only the rules of the various system-games but their loopholes. In this respect they are realists who lead a kind of double life in which they are at once insiders and outsiders, managing the tension implicit in a contradictory multi-system universe

Calling for a world without crime means calling for a world not only without police and prisons, but also without many insurance companies or devoted social workers and charitable organizations that now deal with social pathology.

In verbal abuse, the abuser often manipulates the conversation by using all kinds of distracting techniques that keep the victim off balance. These techniques include half truths, distortions, targeted and vicious sarcasm, jokes at the expense of the victim, name calling, trivializing the victims thoughts and feelings, abusive anger, blocking and diverting attempts at clarification, scapegoating, blaming the victim for the abusers anger, manipulating information and more.
Some therapists describe these behaviors (in psychopaths)as crazy-making. What crazy-making does is keep the abuser in control. /
Something in our lives has made our lives so bad we have ceased to do what it takes to care about each other, some are even assuming control over=care about.

As we struggle to emotionally and physically survive,there are some in this society who cannot turn off the pain and take it day by day,or live with denial,believe in a popular fantasy,or exploit others..To them the world is a horror,a lonely,futile fight for what could easily be, if those exploiting,robbing,dominating taking from us would change. Truth is they'll never change,the zero sum games and the broken souls in it's wake are all they live for.They are unable to care.

At this point, I call this a theory of Predatory Leadership. My theory is that many people in positions of power were able to attain those positions because, possessed with an abusive or sociopathic personality, a combination of determination and drive, and exceptional expertise in exploiting and manipulating human nature, they were able to out compete (or eliminate) any competition that stood in the way of their goal.
Isn't that the goal of a businessman? or an election?

Sociopaths can fake caring very well,but he never changes.Why because as a nation we have accepted you can't fight city hall, you can't stop the gears of progress, boys will be boys, you cannot put genies back into bottles,the company is too big,and can hire lawyers and stay in court until you are bankrupted so why bother...

It's like everyone is awaiting permission to act. To stop the people harming them,permission that cannot be granted by another,or initiated by another for you, it must come from within.
Congress and state legislators have been contacted by many people. They know this program exists and are allowing it to continue. They are unwilling or unable to stop it. As already demonstrated, congress is subservient to the Think Tanks. "They just won't intervene," said McKinney, regarding efforts to contact state representatives about this program.

I don't have an answer, or a solution to this problem that we are immersed in.I can't suggest ideas that would feel good or safe in changing this country's power structure. I have no solutions that would give the adult children among us the candy coated reality they expect to hear.Changing the way thing are is not always narcissist friendly,it can bruise a childlike ego. A revolution can be painful,difficult traumatizing ,and the outcome of it all cannot be predicted,it might not have room for bullies and adult children or their opinions or their wants.Or the same old shit would charm their way back to the top.To retool a culture is a risk to life and limb and will change your lifestyle..So the question is how much abuse can you stand to keep things as they are,how long can things stay this way,as resources dwindle and more power, money and options are sucked out of our hands?"
Narcissists, by contrast, and for reasons no one has sorted out, get stuck in a post-infant, pre-adult stage of development, usually forever. For their entire lives the typical narcissist exhibits some traits that are normal for a six-year-old, like a nave reliance on the views of authority figures, while secretly resenting the power of those authorities. But adult narcissists show behaviors that are brought on by their having gotten stuck in infantile behavior while simultaneously being pushed into adulthood. Adults are expected to possess some resilience toward reasoned disagreement, and by so doing derive benefit from the knowledge and experience of other adults. Unfortunately, people discover about adult narcissists that they can't lift themselves above a deadly cycle of fantastic claims and a pathological inability to listen, followed by rage, over and over, forever.

Those who know the least obey the best.George Farquhar
All I know is when we stop being so TOLERANT,of the intolerable and stop thinking psychopathy is contagious,(killing a murdering corporate criminal raping Iraqi kids,for profit makes us turn into sociopaths.) We need to let go of certain beliefs if we are to empower ourselves. People have to start standing up for ourselves and each other,relearning pro-social skills and sharing what we have even if we feel scared we might have to do without,giving up on that person might not give anything back, as if sharing has anything to do with what more YOU get out of it.

Scarcity can be a lie that those in power create to keep us dependent upon the very corporations killing everything to make a buck..We have to learn to relate to each other,realize we can get along without the sociopaths or"leaders"that take power away from us..Or believing we can trust them to perform justice for us while slowly warping what justice is and means..

Could we abandon the empire we never consented to? Could we let it and the soulless capitalists dream world shrivel up and die? Could we begin to not care about sociopaths as if they can care,never cared for anything? Assholes without remorse like the posse of sociopaths abusing this world to death. Hopefully there will be a realization, so sociopaths get easy to unmask as more people educate themselves as to what a sociopath IS and see the danger of their presence.
Will enough people give up on the notion sociopaths can change if you heap extra care upon them. Can they accept sociopaths do not CHANGE when appeased,that appeasing a sociopath will destroy your character if you trust them, engage them,or pretend they won't hurt you as if you had magic power or some special intellect to be safe around them as long as you keep pretending they are nice people..
The qualities that make for great leaders, who have a strong sense of conscience and compassion for their fellow humans, work against them if they treat an abusive personality with equal respect.

And maybe that misplaced respect is why Obama is having trouble. Bi Partisan has become a term for RESPECTING abusers.Giving assholes equal due as you would a person that cares is dangerous.Republican psychopaths who have no problem destroying this country to get themselves and their allies/posse what they think they are entitled to have.

It is important to understand that in most cases, these operators do not act alone. In some cases they are able to charm people into believing and supporting them.
You cannot negotiate with psychopaths.
Obama if you are capable of caring,and anyone alive that has empathy truly do not OWE any respect to ABUSIVE or psychopath people.Trolls that stir up crap on DU don't deserve respect anymore than an abusive boss or spouse.
But from a comfortable distance, the impression given off by a psychopath is often highly positive. The same absence of inhibitions and honesty that makes psychopaths so dangerous also gives them unusual powers of charisma through self-confidence and fabricated flattery.

The reasons we look up to these conscience impaired people are unclear. Most likely it has something to do with the confidence they exude, the ease they seem to feel in any situationa trait that comes easily in someone essentially incapable of fear or anxiety. /

We have to get awareness spreading fast among non-sociopath people because the damage being done by sociopaths and their capitalistic exploitation of resources is making the means of creating alternatives to this system and surviving without the help of corporate psychopaths impossible.Resources are going fast,ownership is making pristine sources of water and food inaccesable. There won't be any way to survive if we never tell them NO and back it up with enough force that they'll be forced to stop killing everything..

The sociopath that never gets caught gets more abusive and brazen, until eventually the sociopaths will make having your own life impossible on a barren world sucked dry of life and sustaining resources and non-poisoned enviroments, keeping you stuck in the lie of paying a corporation to exist.Sociopaths are abusing us through a carefully crafted dis-empowered culture and through our ignorance of sociopathy,our beliefs about the way things are, 'human nature' ourselves and each other,and the pathetic desire some have to be parented by authority figures like we are still kids and we can't lead ourselves,or defend ourselves must be abandoned.. .
A desire on the part of the average person to want someone else to be in charge, someone to take care of them, etc. As a result they are more open to accepting the outright lies of their leaders. When a sociopath says to his constituents, Your problems are the fault of those others and when I get rid of them for you, your world will be all right, enough people support and believe the leader to the extent that dissenting voices are easily marginalized or eliminated.

An ability to create confusing environments in which truth is obscured and false premises are accepted as truth.

One of the paradoxes of modernity is that the biggest threat to the power of the rich comes not from the poor, and not even from the deepening of differences in wealth. Rather it comes from the effects of marginalization...

The Disempowering Workplace

We need to understand that the very nature of the way that the workplace is set up is inherently disempowering for workers and reinforces notions of worth-lessness. Although we are here in the 21st century, the places where we work are set up along the same lines as the factories of the 19th century. Do you ever wonder why there are managers and workers? Why your job consists of a handful of simple tasks? Why you have to clock in and clock out? Why people are constantly measuring your "productivity"? These are industrial management concepts from over a century ago when the popular management theories of the day held that it was necessary to have a managerial class to direct, control and "do the thinking" and a worker class to obediently carry out simplified tasks. Control means disempowerment.

Most citizens of modern democratic societies are much less interested in discussing systemic or ideological alternatives, which they leave to their political leaders, than in having an effective influence over matters related to their daily life.
There are assholes the ones who will exploit and take without ever realizing they have ENOUGH.Or they are undermining their own means to survive.. They will not stop never aknowlegeing the millions they abused and twisted into insanity or pseudo-narcissists playing make believe.They have no capacity for empathy caring or any other internal limits that would tell them they are doing wrong..
Those who chose collaboration with the gangster system did not necessarily consider it a free choice, but rather an adaptation imposed on them by circumstance.

Psychopathy is usually untreatable. Most therapists won't work with them because they often end up damaged in the process. Dr. Hare explained, "Such counseling would be wasted on psychopaths." Some of them will even reflect the wishes of the therapist and pretend to be getting better.

The(psychopath's) need for absolute power over others and the wish to inflict pain for the enjoyment of watching others suffer, are almost never apparent to the casual observer. The reason for this is that another core trait of the psychopath is disguise. So unfortunately, these individuals usually mask themselves as good-natured people. If they have tremendous wealth, you can bet that they'll create charitable organizations as part of their mask.

They are well aware that their mental makeup is drastically different from the majority. They have a sixth sense for detecting and exploiting any weakness you may have. At a very early age they learn that they can inflict mental and emotional harm on others with ease. They also learn how to detect others like themselves out of a crowd of normal people. Beginning in their childhood, most of them learn to mimic normal emotional reactions in order to blend in with society.

In a civilization made up primarily of law-abiding citizenry, the theory goes, an evolutionary niche opens up for a minority who would exploit the trusting masses
Are psychopaths here because of evolution,or because they are promiscuous,liars,and able to charm?
What is charming about..
Do I feel bad when I hurt someone? Yeah, sometimes. But mostly its just like uh (laughs). I mean, how did you feel the last time you squashed a fly? Unnamed rapist/kidnapper.
As an American author, who also thought the sociopath was epidemic in our society, Kurt Vonnegut once said " . . . from time to time polite society needs to cull the herd.
(of psychopaths) Is Vonnegut "evil" or just HONEST?
One of the paradoxes of modernity is that the biggest threat to the power of the rich comes not from the poor, and not even from the deepening of differences in wealth. Rather it comes from the effects of marginalization..
and the new politics which accompany iton those who, because of their initial success, expected more than neoliberalism(Tea party types) could deliver. Some political scientists perceive such growing class-like differences to be a natural outcome of globalization, with multinational corporations taking the place of nation-states.

However, the members of newly marginalized groups and societies appear to have a radically different perception. They see their countries unable to pay interest on debts incurred decades earlier; they watch the erosion of the opportunities that the free market was supposed to provide, and they react with bitterness, frustration, and apathy, but also with anger. In order to deal with this new and unexpected reality, they often not only subscribe to gangster values and patterns of life, but also accept the hegemony of the gangster system in its entirety. In extreme cases they may become terrorists or provide a social base for terrorism.....
I cannot stress the point enough: we are not talking about poor desperate people who in order to survive always employed ruthless and unprincipled methods. Now similar attitudes spread to new social groups. Among disillusioned populations there is a new generation of young, energetic, and dynamic people from relatively well-to-do backgrounds, who no longer believe that weakened family values or the old bureaucratic system can satisfy their needs and those of their societies. They increasingly turn to the gangster system and its methods, not because they are exposed to it in the media, but because it promises a possible solution to problems that otherwise seem unsolvable. It is precisely because of this situation that we now find ourselves in a new revolutionary situation, only now it is a gangster revolution. What way out is there? /
Doubt the gangster nature of this government..
When capable people of good intent are asked to run for office, they often reply that they do not have the stomach, much less the interest, to do what it would take to succeed. By refusing to step forward, they leave a vacuum easily filled by self serving opportunists whose lack of conscience makes for a strong stomach for the dirty work ahead. /

Maybe..I'm not holding my breath for change to happen peacefully.Every good leader gets asassinated.
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