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Oh, look. Hyper-Right-wing Asshat Joe Kernen has a book out.

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HughBeaumont Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-12-11 07:26 PM
Original message
Oh, look. Hyper-Right-wing Asshat Joe Kernen has a book out.

Because, you know, THAT'S what was missing - another right-wing asshat from CNBC putting a book out, saying the exact SAME thing other previous CNBC right-wing asshats have said (Gubmint's t' blame, 'Bama's the antichrist).

I wasn't even aware there was a "liberal assault on Capitalism". I mean, maybe to a Reaganite Maltese like Joey, more than a few people pointing out the painfully obvious flaws of Capitalism (profit motive first, foremost and only; workers not in the equation; a trickle-up scheme; stagnant wages, job offshoring; taxpayers having to bail it out when it fails; its most prosperous beneficiaries almost always getting away with lottery winnings (not to mention their various crimes) no matter WHAT kind of job they do or if their company fails or if their employees get the shaft, etc, etc, etc) must qualify as an "assault" somehow. I mean, HOW DARE WE poke at the sacred Goliath that has brought SUCH prosperity and with such FAIRNESS to the American people! SHOW some RESPECT, peasants! :eyes:

Here's it's laughable description:

CNBC anchor Joe Kernen rebels against the liberal brainwashing of his young daughter by the mainstream media and educational establishment.

Every morning on CNBC's top-rated show Squawk Box, Joe Kernen asks tough questions. And at home he does the same with his ten-year- old daughter, Blake. What are you learning in school? What TV shows do you like? What message did you get from that movie? Your teacher said what?!

Hilarious words from a man firmly housed on one of the most blatantly right-wing channels on the telly. You know, with all that CNBC bank you're making, you can always send yer daughter to the Koch-funded and cured institution of your choice, so the poor girl can grow up inside a plexiglass bubble as you did.

Yes, blame them yewn-yin teachers. THEY'RE the ones turning yer poor daughter into a Trotskyite, yeah . . . :eyes:

Blake's unsettling responses-including that no matter how bad things get, "the government will take care of us"-aren't surprising in an era when Washington takes over car companies, nationalizes banks, and spends a trillion dollars "stimulating" the economy. Something had to be done to teach Blake the value of capitalism.

You know, after greedbag capitalists somehow managed to take the gargantuan former largest employer in the world and run it into the ground in a matter of a decade and some change. And then same greedbags go and build plants in Mexico with our tax dollars. Screw you very much for the money, sorry you thought we'd change. Let's not mention that said banks continually lied to customers, gave them bad financial advice, sold shit bonds as AAA and shit NINJA mortgages in secondary markets and funnelled tons of cash to their upper echelons for office remodels while their employees got taken to the cleaners. Oh, and you're welcome for putting the nation's cash into an area that kind of matters . . . unlike, say, pissing it away in a desert for 10 years!!

But yeah, by all means, teach her how great this system works for the lucky and the wealthy. Obviously, it can work for EVERYONES!

Kernen shows that American culture is now so hostile to free markets that even animated movies are hard to tell from propaganda; grocery stores are billboards for the virtues of preindustrial food; and classrooms do a better job teaching economic misinformation that arithmetic.

This is such laughably silly hyperbole fearmongering and it's almost not worth commenting on.

To Kernen, this isn't just wrong, it's practically criminal. An unapologetic cheerleader for the free enterprise system, he teaches Blake that it's not only the world's greatest engine for prosperity, but also essential for human freedom. As he tries to raise his children properly, even if he has to teach the basics himself, Kernen will have every conservative parent in America cheering him on.

Hey, Joe! You fishing for "Criminal"???

How about when Crapitalism over-relies on layoffs and downsizing instead of accountability and fairness?

How about when Crapitalism makes normal individuals not even the least bit free, but rather force them into a way of life that demands they never make even ONE mistake unless they want to rot in a financial sewer for years?

How about when Crapitalism allows a convicted felon that ruined countless thousands of lives come out of jail even richer than he was before?

How about when Crapitalism dictates that worker's wages have to be stagnant in real dollars since the 1970s? This is FAIRNESS???

The world's greatest engine for PROSPERITY???? What a fat load of garbage!

It makes me weep, really . . .
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Anakin Skywalker Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-12-11 09:30 PM
Response to Original message
1. Thank You for the Links!
It is a great rebuttal to all this capitalist worship crap!
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HughBeaumont Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-13-11 04:50 AM
Response to Reply #1
2. The facts, they don't lie . . .
. .. and since conservaturds are so jump-up-quick to shift blame to the "GUBMINT" rather than Bewsh/Reagan or the CEO fascists for this mess, I'll say to them:


"Tell me, what economic philosophy has been holding SWAY over your hated 'gubmint' for the past 30 YEARS? Which party has largely been in CHARGE of our 'gubmint', both federal and states, these past 30 years? Who, for the most part, controlled ALL THREE BRANCHES this past DECADE?"

"Here's a clue, first one's free: it sure wasn't anything remotely resembling 'liberal', and all the spin you can come up with is only gonna make you dizzy, Sonny Jim. For every Sherrod Brown and Dennis Kucinich you pull out of your ass, I can name about 20 Jim DeMints and John Boehners."

"Conservative 'GUBMINTS' provided free pass defense in corporate regulation, lowered tax rates on the rich and corporations (which, in turn, led to wealth inequality and a drought of American jobs, not the other way around), gave the keys to the MIC for illegal turkey shoots and allowed conservative-run corporations to buy up media channels."

So when they say "It's teh GUBMINT'S fault!", aren't they pretty much blaming themselves? Do they REALLY want to go there?
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Hannah Bell Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-13-11 04:54 AM
Response to Reply #2
3. the conservatives can't do anything because the liberals are always
holding the whip over them.

isn't it kind of the same story the libs tell about the conservatives?

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