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Scott Brown and a hate site. The making of a Republican campaign.

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TheBigotBasher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-16-10 10:26 PM
Original message
Scott Brown and a hate site. The making of a Republican campaign.
Edited on Sat Jan-16-10 10:28 PM by TheBigotBasher
The Scott Brown campaign seems to be taking a lot of direction from a hate site promoted by Rush Limbaugh.

Brown must disown the racists backing his campaign.

Scott Brown has tried to present himself as a "moderate" Republican candidate. Not a Tea Party type at all.

Despite having addressed the Teabaggers at Lowell and at


It appears however his campaign has more sinister links to an extreme Chicago racist gossip monger.

"Hillbuzz" is a radical hate site run by a blogger called Kevin DuJan. DuJan was given some fame by Fox News and the Illinois GOP in the run up to the November 2008 General Election as the founder of "DeMcCrats for McCain".

DuJan claims to be a Hillary supporter. His site uses a picture of Hillary Clinton. This, to him provides cover for some very extreme naked racism and bigotry. Very extreme. A brief look through his site presents enough evidence to show that his support for Hillary Clinton was clearly based on his opposition to having an African American as President.

DuJan was thanked by being his work during the General Election by the Illinois Republican Party who invited him to an April 2009 VIP reception with the RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

After the private reception, with the top 200 Republicans in attendance, RNC chairman introduced DuJan to the crowd as the head of "DeMcCrats for McCain".

The site closed in June 2009, leaving donors feeling cheated. After 2 months they reappeared with an agenda to sell Sarah Palin.

When Rush Limbaugh suffered from complaints similar to the effects of overdosing on oxytocin, Dujan offered his sympathies.

That of course was rewarded.

They had a very highly promoted post praising George Bush as the Greatest President ever.

DuJan used this as an opportunity to turn Hilbuzz in to a Scott Brown campaign site and on December 28 they vowed to go after Coakley. This they did with a vengeance, calling out the GOP for not supporting their candidate. After January they went from the ridiculous, calling Scott Brown "Hottie McAwesome" to the down right dangerous.

If you have heard the lie about the Democratic Party not seating Scott Brown - it started here.

We really need good lawyers to chime in here, especially in Massachusetts to answer the following questions for us:

(1) As we understand it, when Massachusetts Democrats changed the provisions in the state constitution to enable Governor Deval Patrick to appoint an interim Senator to deceased murderer and womanizer Ted Kennedys Senate seat upon his death, Massachusetts enabled that interim Senator to serve only until the election of the replacement Senator in the special election is this correct?

(2) How is election defined in Massachusetts law? We understand this to mean January 19th, which is the day Massachusetts elects its new replacement Senator who will serve until 2012 when that seat will be up for re-election again with its respective Senate class. Is this correct?

(3) How are the terms election and certification different? We understand them to be two separate things the people elect a Senator on January 19th, which is set in stone. After that, the Secretary of State in Massachusetts certifies those results, and after that, the Senate itself seats the new Senator from Massachusetts. Election is, in our understanding, whats specified in the Massachusetts provision at hand not certification. Is this correct?

Later Hillbuzz posted this

Democrats in Massachusetts, with Martha Coakleys blessing, have announced they will refuse to seat Senator Scott Brown should he win the January 19th special election to fill deceased murderer and womanizer Ted Kennedys Senate seat. Elections dont matter in Massachusetts, is apparently what Coakley herself believes. Ive already won and it doesnt matter what voters say. Scott Brown wont be acknowledged as Senator. This is the Kennedy Seat and now its mine.

Then this story appears from the official Republican Candidate

He decried a quote from Senator Paul G. Kirk Jr., the seats temporary occupant, suggesting Kirk would vote to pass the bill if such a vote fell after the election but before the new senator could be sworn in.

Paul Kirk appears to be suggesting that he, Deval Patrick, and Harry Reid intend to stall the election certification until the health care bill is rammed through Congress, even if that means defying the will of the people of Massachusetts, he said in a statement.

In a radio interview yesterday, Coakley agreed with Brown that the new senator should be sworn in as soon as possible after the election.

Secretary of State William F. Galvin said the controversy appears to be manufactured. Federal law requires him to wait 10 days before certifying the election results, to allow for absentee ballots from military personnel stationed overseas to be counted.

They then started to up the ante.

Hear us now Harry Reid.

Mark our words Deval Patrick.

Listen up William Galvin.

Pay attention Martha Coakley.

Tremble at the thought Nancy Pelosi.

If you dare defy the will of the people of the state of Massachusetts and indeed, as threatened, block the seating of Senator Scott Brown should he win the special election on January 19th, in your suicidal and insane quest to ram your unconstitutional and bribe-riddled Healthcare Rationing bill through the United States Senate, WE THE PEOPLE in order to establish a more perfect union shall MARCH UPON WASHINGTON to setup an office for UNITED STATES SENATOR SCOTT BROWN on our own.

On the steps of the Capitol if we have to.

They then tell their readers to outright lie to the good people of Massachusetts.

Red Team: Get on the phones and make calls into Massachusetts for Scott Brown. Be positive and never say a bad word about his opponent, whatever her name is. Just sell Brown. Tell people how awesome he his. Tell them hes going to save us from the Healthcare Rationing disaster. Massachusetts residents, chime in and use this thread to tell phone bankers what the voters in your state want to hear about. Call everyone in Massachusetts, every man, woman, cat, dog, drag queen, and fisherman. All of em. Twice. TELL THEM DEMOCRATS ARE PLANNING ON DEFRAUDING VOTERS AND NOT SEATING BROWN IF HE WINS.

Then, this site populated by extreme racists, Limbaugh followers and tea partiers calls for what amounts to an armed assault on the President of the United States of America and members of Congress.

VOLCANIC needs to be what we set our rage to. The response to Democrats efforts to stall Browns certification and ram a Healthcare Rationing Bill through before he can get to Washington to save the day must be met with all the resistance, verve, and passion of our forefathers when they battled the British in our first War of Independence. Were serious when we say that, should Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and our current president really do this, every man, woman, and child with a car or enough money for a plane or train ticket needs to head to the Capital and FILL THE ENTIRE CITY OF WASHINGTON, DC with protests the likes of which have only been seen in European and Latin American countries when their governments fallsand people like Marie Antoinette and her narcissist husband lost their heads. Protests should be so strong, so loud, and so prolonged that Democrats resign from the Senate in droves so Governors can replace new ones, because the people will have so lost faith in the current Gang of 60 that the people force cooler heads to prevail in the Liberal-Socialist Democrat Party

So the Brown campaign is being guided by a gossip mongerer and a liar who is quite prepared to blackmail a a Republican Congress member to promote an Anti Semite,

and who are now winding up the Limpballs teabagger movement in away that could seriously threaten the life of Members of Congress?

Scott Brown - are you happy to accept money from a blogger who is using homophobic gossip against a Republican member of Congress, a tactic that benefits Anti Semite Andrew Martin?

Scott Brown - are you happy to accept money from people calling for armed assault against elected Representatives and the President of the United States of America? An assault based on nothing more than a lie? You after all repeated their lies to score cheap political points. You lied about this and the tea parties. What else have you lied about?

This site did an awful lot of fund raising for the Brown campaign, so decent Americans should tell Scott Brown - you must reject the dirty tactics and dirty money sent to you by these far right bigots.

These are not the values the good people of Massachusetts hold to be true.
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rebel with a cause Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-16-10 11:27 PM
Response to Original message
1. Let me see,
I am from Illinois and Dujon is from Illinois. That is all we have in common. I am from the Southern part of the state and he is from Chicago. He runs with the big dogs while I walk two lab mixes. ;)

Dujon says he was a lifelong Democrat who switched to republican because of Obama. I was a life long republican who switched to the Democratic party because I didn't like the republican's policies. I fought it for a long time, but finally I could not ignore that they were not the friend to the worker: My people.

Dujon lies and threatens to get his way, to get the person he picks for office elected. It did not work in 2008 and I hope it does not work in Mass. I have no power but I do not lie or anything else to get who I want elected. He has a web site of his own, I have none.

So Dujon is backing Scott Brown in Mass because he is a republican. I suggest that if Dujon is so invested in Brown's election that is a good reason for me not to want him elected. Not that Dujon has done anything to me personally but from what I have read I don't care for him much. He probably wouldn't care for me much either if he knew me. After all I don't believe in his type of politics.

I saw a picture of Dujon and thought he looked familiar but when I saw a bigger picture of him, I realized he doesn't look familiar at all. Thank heavens.

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ProgressOnTheMove Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-17-10 01:05 AM
Response to Reply #1
2. ...
Edited on Sun Jan-17-10 01:13 AM by ProgressOnTheMove
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ProgressOnTheMove Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-17-10 01:12 AM
Response to Original message
3. These 2 candidates are night and day, Teddy always loved Boston, MA it's history it's atmosphere...
Edited on Sun Jan-17-10 01:13 AM by ProgressOnTheMove
The least that can be done is to honor his seat with a good progressive over this nondescript, low par, opportunist. Coakley will honor Ted's seat with the respect it deserves. It's bigger than HCR or Obama or the Democratic party, it's imply about the most important thing
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TheBigotBasher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-17-10 01:26 AM
Response to Reply #3
4. Scott Brown does not even deserve his State Senate seat
never mind a Senate seat on the Hill.
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