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A Letter of Thanks to President Obama

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Original message
A Letter of Thanks to President Obama
This was sent to President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, and e-mailed out to others, earlier today. -- Martin

Dear Mr. President,

It is with great interest that I and other members of our political party have followed the recent deliberations and decisions made by your administration, in conjunction with your colleagues in both houses of Congress. And after watching with intense fascination over the last few months, I felt it was necessary to register my sincere thanks for your work over that time.

After the ignominious end of the George W. Bush regime, which I and so many others believed was the product of an unconstitutional usurpation of power enabled by elements of your party who were more concerned about a power-sharing deal than the oath they took to uphold the Constitution, we were genuinely concerned about what the future held for us. You had garnered such a wide base of support in your electoral run; indeed, surprising numbers from my end of the political spectrum found themselves attracted to your message of hope and change, and were willing to hold their polemical fire in the face of the obviously historic implications of your election.

When we attempted to bring people down to earth and introduce them to your real agenda best summed up by the Wall Street Journal the previous July, Bushs Third Term we were roundly criticized as ultraleft, irresponsible and even racist. In essence, we were told to take a long walk off a short pier. As you would expect, we did not oblige them.

In the last year, however, you have done a masterful job in proving our point. In fact, I dont think we could have asked for a better performance from you in confirming our analysis and assessment.

I dont need to go into detail about what youve done that has turned so many of your staunchest supporters into angry, demoralized and disgusted defectors. All I need to do is list the broken campaign promises, volte-faces and perceived betrayals: tossing out your withdrawal plan for Iraq in favor of the plan authored by the Bush regime; going along with the trillion-dollar bribe of Wall Street that did nothing to loosen up the credit markets; upholding Bushs union-busting provisions of the GM and Chrysler bailouts; continuing the most anti-democratic provisions of the USA-PATRIOT Act and other anti-terrorist (read: anti-democratic) legislation; using the economic crisis to push through a second trillion-dollar bribe (the so-called stimulus) and pleading poverty when it comes to more concerted job-creation efforts; talking about the need for more regulation of banking and finance, then allowing the banks and Wall Street to set the terms of their own regulation; keeping tax cuts for the wealthy in place while shifting more taxes onto the backs of the poor through higher sin taxes; undermining and destroying whats left of public education in cities like Detroit (as a model for other cities in the near future); working out a sweetheart deal to keep the Copenhagen climate change conference from adopting anything meaningful; doing nothing on dont ask, dont tell and opposing same-sex marriage; and so on.

The two latest decisions worked out by your administration, with the help of your colleagues in Congress the surge in Afghanistan and health care reform are merely icing on the corporatist cake youve been baking for a year. And again, I dont really need to go into the details about it. It suffices for me to point out that you know youve really screwed up when even your most sycophantic supporters in the media have distanced themselves from your latest escapades.

Erudition can only take a person so far, Mr. President, and it appears youve reached the end of the line. Your speeches announcing the surge in Afghanistan and accepting the Nobel Peace Prize exposed both the political and prosaic limits of your writers and yourself. Sure, people watched these performances with great interest, but it was no longer with the doe-eyed admiration that your More Perfect Union speech generated. No, it was more like how people look at the aftermath of a car accident on the freeway.

But I will say its been quite a show, and all that I or my party can do is register our thanks. Like I said, we were worried that, with the end of the Bush regime, we had lost our single greatest recruiting tool: George W. Bush. But now that the hope dope is wearing off and people are seeing what youre all about, you are filling the shoes of your predecessor quite well. Youre doing a heck of a job.

That said, I will not tell you to keep up the good work, because to do so would mean to wish more misery, anguish and demoralization on my working-class brothers and sisters. I also will not plead with you to change course, because I know that I would be wasting my time. I will only express my gratitude to you at making yourself a great recruiting tool for our party in this time of social instability, political illegitimacy and economic crisis.

We said you would be Bushs Third Term, and youve proven us right. We said Yes We Can but He (You) Wont, and youve proven us right. If there is anyone who is deserving of our thanks, it is you, Mr. President. Youve earned every bit of it.

With sincere regards,
Workers Party in America
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