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Boundaries VS outrage

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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-17-07 06:55 PM
Original message
Boundaries VS outrage
Edited on Thu May-17-07 06:57 PM by undergroundpanther
I am annoyed with people who tsk tsk over expressions of outrage when victims of hate direct thier anger at hateful people.

Something bugs me about people who think karma will straighten it all out as if by magic.

This something else will fix it mentality is a problem. And lies couched as beliefs propagated in the link below IS part of the PROBLEM.

It's a form of little realized cowardice to let injustices happen and do nothing because you are waiting for a sky god to tally it all up on the karma balance sheet like a big cosmic santa claus and that santa in the sky will fix it so you don't have to risk anything to stand up for people victimized by haters.

Karma the magic balancing act exists in your head in believers brains so the believer can by stand and feel morally absolved of duty to helping and defending your fellow human beings from harm..A LIE gives you clear conscience for the immoral things you don't do,through the mystery of the lie called karma. Frankly the excuse of Karma,and the blame the victim bullshit that comes with it makes me SICK..And it makes our culture SICK.

Pacifism in the face of psychopathy is suicide..Period.
Psychopaths are not all jeffery dahmers.There are SOCIALIZED psychopaths. 1 in 4 people have no sense of guilt shame or anything when they do wrong there is NO internal restraint inside them.So they spew hate they preach to millions that hate and by-standing is good.

Anyways..More people need to see that you gotta be cruel to be kind sometimes to draw social boundaries.You must allow yourself to FEEL enough empathy and outrage to become intolerant of the intolerable if you want intolerable people to stop being such haters.

NO is the word of strength sometimes ,IN situations of abuse it is a liberation word and a cleansing word.A word of integrity when used as a weapon against hate.

And sometimes the only way NO you can't DO that, is understood by some psychopaths.. is when it is spoken from the barrel of a gun.That's reality.And to protect each other from predatory psychopaths, bullies and haters this kind of force may be necessary.It's called self defense,and it's ok to defend others who are not hateful from harm too.It's how you reinforce boundaries that make psychopaths aware if they push the boundary they will personally receive a cost.

We have as much hate in this country as we tolerate..People's pacifist beliefs and religious cowardly pacifism has warped justice itself ..A materialistic pollyanna BELIEF system has basically rendered alot of people powerless to change this bully loving culture because they are scared to,they do not trust themselves to know what abuse is and that it is wrong to tolerate it.. And so they fail to notice let alone stop this coercive culture encouraging misplaced tolerance.. This is a cultural cowardice problem that leads to weak social boundaries about what is socially acceptable or isn't to do to another person who isn't threatening people , abusing people or spreading hate .

This over tolerant cowardice is what makes people look to the right for answers too many on the left are too afraid to discuss. This passivity tells the psychopaths among us they can get away with all sorts of hate,even murder so they kill..and plenty of people get killed while bystanders stand there. Because we as a culture are taught by authority figures to disable our own consciences,be it back-talking to parents or standing up to an bully boss we have become too squeamish.We have become too nice to dare dispatch the bullies and silence haters .We got liberal people full of sanctimony telling other liberals being angry at a hater is wrong because they are a dead hater.

They cannot tell the difference between a haters bigoted motivated hate and a victim of a hater having healing righteous anger and venting. This is because these over tolerant people have COMPROMISED part of their own conscience away in the name of an ideology.
This is exactly the kind of paradox that fools the modern man; he cannot see the difference between choices, as he's used to the same old thing, only in different outfits. Two things look the same, but are they really the same? Sometimes hating a hater is sanity in an insane situation dealing with a bad person and it is not the same as vigilantism.
In the name of a utopia some have dulled their ethical discernment and weakened their compassion for the hurting in favor of keeping the appearance of peace,grabbing the moral high ground as if it WAS higher,and giving that misplaced tsk tsking to angry victims . That shit serves perpetrators of hate by distracting people that could change or help changes from seeing where the boundaries are broken the hurt are trying to find and describe and heal to encourage healing by raising a cultural standard on what behaviors are voicing outrage,anger and pain.

As a culture some don't don't know how or are too sympathetic with the hateful people to clearly or forcefully enforce cultural boundaries on haters enough to stop the hate and suffering and death haters cause simply because they like to and can get away with it..
It's almost like stockholm syndrome..
What makes us afraid of making the actual choices, is a disconnection between our physical reality and abstract existence inside concepts. While we fear the consequences of a material living, we instead compensate that with an increase of these abstracted social constructions - concepts that do not affirm, nor accept, the physical boundaries of our earthly life.
And it fucks us up over and over. Justice must be grounded in an understanding of real life boundaries,and real life suffering of self and other as separate and equal entities if it is to be JUST.

I think religion has been in the hands of bullies and psychopaths manipulating this sort of issue until too many people are disconnected from ideals VS real life .Any belief system that says to people in pain that it is "good " to tolerate bullies and hatemongers because they are people too is toxic bullshit.

Another lie is that haters are just like us.This is a LIE.They are NOT. /

This solipsism sickness the belief all people are the same has caused alot of suffering. It has corrupted societies sense of what are healthy boundaries and misplaced it's compassion so they are scared to draw boundaries and hate the haters..So they shirk responsibility and by-stand.

Then you got the fear of "vigilantes" who are haters but hypocrites because they hurt innocent people.They kill abortion doctors because they believe abortion is murder. they kill not because of a boundary but because a belief has made a boundary form in them because they BELIEVE.A vigilante is drawing a social boundary but it is for his own sake or to maintain a belief he over-values.So if someone who knows and has faced a bully stands up and denounces a bully or fights back the idealogical pacifist reacting will misunderstand and so they accuse him of being a vigilante and scream hater..this misidentification between a survivor speaking truth to power VS a vigilante serves the agenda of the psychopaths and haters too.

This stupid distracting crap argument of pacifism vs vigilantism has got to stop. Because when it is boiled down to the core the real question is what are we as individuals willing to risk to be able to make it possible to exist together. What kinds of CHOICES are we gonna risk making? As INDIVIDUALS we need to do some soul searching. To find out what kind of SOCIETY we WANT TO LIVE IN.Do we want a society where bullies get on national TV and spew hate like Falwell did? Do we want a society where criminals get away with shit because we lose street cred for"snitching"? Do we want to be dominated by the ruthless among us? Or NOT!.

We as people need to decide what risks we are willing to take to be just,and do what is necessary and take responsibility for doing our part in maintaining all the relationships in OUR society, keeping them healthy,free and just,and to build and define the kind of boundaries that make society safe and good for all who are not hellbent on dominating us all, tearing it apart with hate, twisting it up through manipulation,cons,lies and bullying. We must do something together and as individuals to create the kind of culture we can live with ,first step is to consider how to stop all these damn psychopaths abusing all the ideals,harming the innocent and marginalized the'least among us..WE need to stop those in this culture with no conscience among us everywhere and raise a standard that says if you do___to ___you will pay for it..dearly,pay enough so you will not assume you can get away with it again.

For psychopathic personalities and authoritarians and their enablers are causing the majority of suffering and inciting and tolerating the hate and the psychopaths among us don't care what we think because WE let them do it without any real consequences because for the most part people by-stand when the shit hits the fan.. Bystanders let the psychopaths abuse the very meaning of what a relationship is,what abuse is, what freedom, free speech is , How religion is interpreted , and they even define for some, the meaning of justice itself.

Think about it.
Because someday we will run out of time
for luxuries like thinking about it,because the situation will get to be so dire we will have to do or die.
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