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Entrapping ACORN

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Hissyspit Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-22-09 07:25 PM
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Entrapping ACORN
Edited on Tue Sep-22-09 07:33 PM by Hissyspit

Entrapping ACORN

By John Wellington Ennis
The Public Record
Sep 22nd, 2009

- snip -

A significant reason that this ACORN backlash has moved through Congress like Montezumas Revenge is that this particular hidden camera stunt had the ring of child prostitution in it, which most politicians of either party would run from rather than dispute its irrelevance. Anyone defending ACORN is for child prostitution is an immediate fallacious meme. Its not like were talking about the Catholic Church here, which still gets federal funding.

- snip -

Thats what this is really about: the elections, and the threat that has been hyped tirelessly that ACORN is in some way stealing your vote.
Before I digress into the long campaign to smear ACORN because of its successful voter registration, I dont want to be accused to changing the subject to the elections. OKeefe clearly stated that is what these stunts were about from the beginning. There is much to dispute in OKeefes quote. There is no evidence whatsoever that politicians are getting elected single-handedly by ACORN, and it is a wild exaggeration. Many claims of voter fraud are made, few instances ever occur.

What has been distorted is that these allegations surround voter registrations, not actual votes, and that ACORN has regularly flagged forms that were incomplete, duplicate, or unverifiable. By law, anyone collecting voter registration forms has to turn in all that are used, even if they know the forms will not be processed.

Far-fetched is the idea that no one in the media has been putting pressure on ACORN. That OKeefe would even think ACORN could elect politicians single-handedly is because of FOX News rampant coverage and conflation of ACORN conspiracies and allegations, to the extent that John McCain worked it into his stump speech by the end of the 2008 Presidential Election.

The red herring of voter fraud as an excuse to deny others the right to vote is a well-worn claim. Voter suppression, specifically using the fear of voter fraud to advance voter suppression, is a topic I have explored and documented in-depth in my documentary FREE FOR ALL! which you can see online for free right now. I also produced a video about ACORN with Video the Vote focusing on the fraud of voter fraud.

David Iglesias, a Republican U.S. Prosecutor for New Mexico, investigated allegations of voter fraud throughout the state at the urging of Republican leaders, and when he found no evidence and would not prosecute falsely, he was fired, as asserted by David Iglesias in his testimony before Congress and emails recently declassified from Karl Rove.

- snip -

And in college, OKeefe showed women their place with his video wit, as reported by Media Matters: As a Rutgers University undergraduate, OKeefe videotaped a classmate distributing to a Women in Culture and Society lecture a handout that emphasized that a good wife always knows her place. And most tastefully of all, OKeefe drove around posing as a Publishers Clearing House van offering big checks to people, only to taunt them that the money is what was going to bank bailouts. Black people sure are suckers for that one!

- snip -

It is natural for many to shirk away from defending ACORN in light of this footage. But this particular exchange is not just cherry-pickedit was planted, nurtured, and harvested, the latest to take down an organization that empowers the numbers that vote Republicans out of office.

John Wellington Ennis is a filmmaker whose most recent documentary, FREE FOR ALL! was hailed by critic Roger Eberg as engrossing, even enraging. His production company Shoot First Inc., in Beverly Hills, specializes in unscripted entertainment, such as documentaries, reality TV, comedy, and live music. He blogs at


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