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The business cycle, and things related.

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Gman2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-17-09 09:46 AM
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The business cycle, and things related.
Edited on Thu Sep-17-09 09:54 AM by Gman2
Our system of creating money, has many implications. One of those, is that it sets us up to fail, if we don't at all times expand. There is no other acceptable term than to grow the economy. This, because we create the principle, and not the interest. That, MUST come from growth. A simple tactic to change this, is to create the interest too. This, creating the principle only, is likely to allow hidden interest fighting. So that the purposeful manipulation of interest rates is not so blatant.

The Fed, adjusts the prime interest rate, to quell any inflation pressures. this is the doings of the rich. As they are inordinately affected by the ravages of inflation on their stack. As to it's effect on the Everyone else, it is to force unemployment, to quell wage pressure. When enough, are out of work, for the druthers of the corporate class, no further interest hike is required. It has been suspected that this mechanism, in conjunction with present level of money supply, is used to manipulate the business cycle, for class warfare purposes.

When the great depression hit, it did NOT ruin everyone. Many, who still had liquid capital, became very land wealthy. Indeed, if we travel back months, to the supposed Santelli teaparty origins, we find that the plot is admitted to. Santelli, said some things that have NOT been reported. While his call for protest was widely reported, His real intentions were not. He said that the good{Rich}, deserved to buy up all the assets, of the bad{less than rich}. Add to this, the almost biblical thrashings against affecting the sacred business cycle. this cyclical business cycle, seems to have been manipulated of late, with bubbles, to more wildly swing the excesses. The parasites have learned to milk the extremes, to the detriment of the rest of us. With their superfast computers, and their inside info, they set all the rest of us up for a fleecing.

In addition, the status quo, causes us to be unable to imagine slowing our impact on the environment, lest we CAUSE a downturn. This is a convenient conventional wisdom, that needn't be argued. We always MUST support the outrageous gains of the rich, and the destruction of our environment, as opposed to gain for the rest of us, as they will {GALT} us.

WE, as a people, MUST fight for homeostasis in our economy, or all the factors that we are unable to control, will fester, until we must go far further than we would choose. I say this to save us from Socialism. Not to move towards it. Just as Obama is being branded as a socialist, just doing what MUST be done, so too will anyone doing what must, to ward off true catastrophe, be reviled as doing away with America.

The usual Fox News stance, that status quo capitalism, IS America, and God and all things good, MUST be fought against. Otherwise, the world will soon be a failed state. And humans, one of God's failed experiments.

There is no way to impliment homeostatic economy, but to inject some gov. control of business output, and supply. This is far from a perfect plan, and I have not yet determined how to sex the concept up. But progress we must, or perish.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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