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Repost: If You Think...

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Mythsaje Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-08-09 04:06 AM
Original message
Repost: If You Think...
(I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum the first time around)... It was meant to go here.

If you think people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and their ilk have more of a right to speak their mind than Alec Baldwin, Natalie Maines, or Viggo Mortensen, you've got a couple dozen screws loose. Rush, Sean, and Bill are PAID to spread their malicious lies. Alec, Natalie, and Viggo are doing so because they believe it's the right thing to do. If you are unable to recognize the difference between the two positions, you not only have screws loose, but you've permanently misplaced your screwdriver.

If you think that you prove yourself as being strong by shouting down the opposition, by acting as though you have some sort of right to threaten their lives and or livelihoods for daring to disagree with your point of view, you are well on your way to becoming the same kind of shitheel loser who blew up the Federal Building, shot a family planning doctor, or gunned down a woman's dance class because they "had it coming." That's what the 9/11 hijackers thought too. Charles Manson thought he was laying the ground work for a race war in this country. Is that what YOU'RE going for?

If you think that all liberals are grass-eating, gun-hating, birkenstock-wearing, Prius-driving, long-haired hippy types, you really don't know anything about them at all. Some liberals are blue-collar, pickup driving, country-music listening, deer-hunting, CCW-owning, ass-kicking omnivores much like yourself. But if you really want to believe you're opposed only by "pantywaists," be our guest.

If you think Obama is some kind of foreign national Manchurian candidate whose managed to fool everyone except the batshit craziest political fringe group to appear in the past couple of decades, you're so ignorant of the legalities of citizenship that you should be glad your own citizenship has never been questioned. If required to pass a test, you'd fail with fading colors.

If you think you've got a handle on the true origin of the universe, what happens after we die, and where the human race is going after this craziness is over, I respectfully (or not so respectfully) suggest that you're just as clueless as the rest of us. No one really knows, and to pretend you do because of words written in a book, itself of questionable origin, is as ludicrous as claiming with absolute certainty that there is no God. You don't know, I don't know, and let's stop pretending anyone knows any more about it all than anyone else.

If you think your morality, your view of sexuality and "perversion" should somehow be ratified into the laws of the land, I beg to differ. You are no more moral, in general, as the rest of us, and, in fact, many of us find your obsession with the sex lives of perfect strangers to be both unsettling and quite beside the point. It is of no consequence to you if your neighbor is screwing one man or several, be that neighbor male, female, or something in between.

If you think that gay marriage will inevitably lead to people trying to marry their dogs or turtles, or their brothers and/or sisters, might I suggest that your imagination holds some particularly disturbing facets to it. I can say without a doubt that my first thought when I think of two reasoning adults legally consummating their love for one another is NOT whether or not a person might successfully argue that he can then marry and legally screw his canine companion. Personally, I wonder at the mentality of someone whose mind does trend in that direction.

If you think that a woman isn't just as capable of making decisions about her own health, life, and future as any man, maybe it's YOU who is living in the wrong country. There are mullahs in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia who believe the same thing as you do in this regard. You are wrong, of course, but that hasn't stopped any of you from loudly proclaiming your ignorance.

If you think we haven't noticed that you backed every half-assed, stupid, thoughtless, self-serving scheme of the last President and yet scream about everything our current President is doing to try to repair the damage that dumbfuck and his greedy cronies did to this country, you need to think again. I know you people aren't all that bright, but c'mon. We're perfectly aware that the real source of your dismay is that an African American family is living in the White House and trying to inject the slightest amount of fairness into our political dialogue.

If you think that God is as narrow-minded and bigoted as you are, you're bound to be terribly disappointed in the end. A God capable of creating the sheer variety of life on this relatively small world in a spiral arm of a rather obscure little galaxy, much less the wonder that is the universe as a whole, couldn't possibly be so small as you suggest. Rather, such a deity would be worldly, creative, loving, and full of good humor and irreverence. How could he not? Tiny minds don't create such wondrous things. They can't.

If you think we liberals are just going to roll over and play dead so you can do whatever you want, you may want to think again. Some of us might seem a little spineless. But some of us are just plain spiny.

Oh, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.
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