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Ridiculous RNC Poll. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

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margotb822 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 01:31 PM
Original message
Ridiculous RNC Poll. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
Edited on Wed Jul-16-08 01:39 PM by margotb822
I know Ive said it before, but I just cant resist it: These people are scared S**tless. What people, you might ask? Well, the GOP, of course. And why are they scared? Because they lose on every issue that is important to Americans today.

Its unfortunate that the GOP is so scared of true debate. Why must they always ignore the facts, spin the truth, and point fingers at their opponents? Its tiring, and more importantly, its hurting America. The GOPs smoke and mirrors act is hindering effective debate on important issues and keeps America from making true progress for all.

Maybe you were lucky enough to see the RNC 2008 Critical Issues Survey. If not, its definitely worth a peek. And, it shows exactly who has critical issues in this campaign (hint: the makes of this ridiculous poll). How ridiculous? Well, lets preview some of these fair and balanced questions:

Shall we start with the economy?
1. Do you think Congress should respond to the economic slowdown with a plan of tax cuts to stimulate the economy?

Hahaha, yeah. OK. Since they sunk a robust and growing economy, Im sure theyd do wonders for a recession.

2. Do you believe our economy will grow if we cut taxes and put more money in the hands of hardworking Americans who pay taxes?

Honestly, where to start with this one? Regardless of what one believes, supply-side economics dont work.

4. Which of the following factors do you feel is most adversely affecting the economy in your area?
Burdensome Taxes
Severe Government Regulations
Unstable Real Estate Market
Growth of Government Spending
Threat of Terrorism
Unpredictable Fluctuating Fuel Prices

Oh geez! Terrorism? Yes, Im afraid of being the victim of a suicide bomber at the market. Oh wait. Im in America, not Iraq or Afghanistan. Gotta get that fear mongering in

10. Should pork-barrel spending be completely eliminated?

Like the word lobbyist, pork-barrel and ear marks are getting a bad rap. And from the Republicans of all people. The most irresponsible party lampooning their own failures. Ugh. Lets talk about the reality of ear-marked money and the abuses that the Republicans have committed.

Enough with that, lets move to something cooler: (dun dun dun) National Security!

2. Should America surrender in Iraq regardless of the consequences in the Middle East?

Surrender? Whos surrendering? Republicans are war-mongering, plain and simple. Nothing like stifling the debate over each candidates plan (well, Obamas at least. McCain doesnt have a coherent idea of what to do in Iraqor Afghanistan).

3. Do you agree with Democrats who believe national defense spending should be slashed in order to fund domestic programs?

What Dems are doing this? As far as I can tell, they give Bush everything he wants on Defense spendingincluding no oversight. Cmon people, actions speak louder than words. Lets talk about what people are actually doing.

5. Do you believe we should set a public date for withdrawing from Iraq even if it undermines our troops in the field?

Even if it undermines our troops in the field? Well, when you put it like that, I guess not. But, considering that Bush has done more to undermine our troops and our efforts, AND the Iraqis have asked for a withdrawl timeline, I would say, yes, I support the timeline.

These are some bad fucking questions. It makes me sad looking at them because its like watching a democracy die. But, we still have two more sections to conquer.

Now, on to Other Issues.

1. Should we appoint judges who will interpret the law instead of liberal activists who will make new laws from the bench?

Liberal activists, like who? You and me? We are talking about judges, right? Ok, just wanted to clear that up. Now, the SCOTUS isnt my area of expertise, but I can see very clearly that the GOP only has intentions of politicizing the bench and not actually appointing people who are independent thinkers. Way to obfuscate the question, GOP! Gold star!!

2. Is it critical for the U.S. to develop alternative sources of energy and find new supplies of oil in order to slow inflation and keep fuel affordable?

Huh? How many questions are you trying to ask here? And, even if I say yes, it doesnt mean Ill agree with your plans. I think most people would say yes, but theres nothing in here about how.

3. Do you think we should work to give parents with children trapped in failing schools more choices to help their children have a better future?

Trapped? Really?! No way of escaping? Wow, that does sound pretty serious. Well, I guess I agree, but one question, why not work to improve these schools? I think the last thing the GOP came up with was NCLB, so Im going to say that their education solutions are nothing of the sort.

6. Do you think that forcing every American into a socialized national health care system is the best way to deal with uninsured patients?

Wow, this is a pretty serious statement. Too bad thats not what Obama is talking about. Of course, reality doesnt matter to the GOP. But, I wonder how the uninsured would feel about this. My guess? Theyd love to have some guaranteed insurance. Just a guess, though.

And now the final section (and the one question that reveals their fear): Campaign Strategy.

3. Are you concerned about the vast sums of campaign funds being stockpiled by the Democrats and their liberal allies?

Haha, yup. The GOP doesnt know what to do now that theyre losing the money race. They all hate their candidate, so even his best month pales in comparison to the Democrats. And they are crapping their pants. McCain even has to compete in his home state. They are on the defensive and they know theyre going to face huge losses.

So, of course, why not stifle the debate and twist the facts? Honestly, Im surprised there were no race questions in this poll. But, there are many more gems available, if you can stomach it.

check out my website for more!
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John Q. Citizen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 02:00 PM
Response to Original message
1. It's a master class in GOP framing. I think it should be required reading by all our candidates
and all our candidates should learn pro-active framing to neutralize these points.
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margotb822 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 02:08 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. I agree
I never "discuss" issues with Repubs on "their terms." They're too likely to confuse the issue through multiple spins. It's always better to clarify and bring the issue to a neutral starting point.
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GreenTea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 02:20 PM
Response to Original message
3. You mean REPUBLICANS don't you? The"Grand Old Party" (GOP) as you define them sounds so sweet!
Edited on Wed Jul-16-08 02:36 PM by GreenTea
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margotb822 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 02:53 PM
Response to Reply #3
4. Hahaha, GOP is shorter
It's more of a convenience thing. But, I'd also like to put this squarely on the leadership...if that's what you can call it.
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GreenTea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 03:14 PM
Response to Reply #4
6. I realize space is a concern. However, one need to refrain from using the acronym, "GOP"
Edited on Wed Jul-16-08 03:15 PM by GreenTea
as much as possible, THEY ARE FUCKING REPUBLICANS!

As well asthe nice sounding"conservative"or the abbreviation, "R" or even the terms, right-wing, they are what they are....ALLFUCKING REPUBLICANS!

This needs to be made extremely clear to people, we should stop letting the republicans off the hook.... hiding behind their cute little "GOP" or "conservative" labels....They are republicans in every case and it always needs to be stated loudly!!!

Most, I'm assuming, know that "conservatives" or "GOP" are indeed republicans....but all words, terminology, have a certain impact in how they are used, Republican lapdogs like the AP news and other corporate media always use other names for republicans to describe them or don't mention the party at all if it's a republican.

As the republicans purposely love to use the term "democrat" instead of the correct term in the context they are using it "democratic" because "democratic has been proved, that it gives off a warm good feeling, sorepublicans refuse to use it even though it's bad grammar many times...they don't care....

And it the same reason why "GOP" should be avoided as much as possible....It should always be noted that it's republican McCain (or McBush)....It needs to be pounded in that McCain is indeed a republican not just another candidate, but a republican with republican ideology....Republicans are trying to stay away from the republican label as much as possible for all their candidates and they much prefer GOP (Grand Old Party).

The label Republican brings negative thoughts these days and they know it and want o avoid it as much as possible and GOP is what they prefer the voters hear...
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Imagevision Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 02:56 PM
Response to Original message
5. Obama today is up by 3 points over Mccain ---> In Arizona!!!
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