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Chris Matthews On Hillary Clinton - "I Hate Her" On Gore -"He Doesn't Look Like One Of Us"

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DemocratSinceBirth Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 09:19 AM
Original message
Chris Matthews On Hillary Clinton - "I Hate Her" On Gore -"He Doesn't Look Like One Of Us"
NICHOLAS (6/3/01): In 1994, Ailes hired Matthews for a show on NBC's "America's Talking" network. Ailes later moved him to CNBC, where Hardball was born.

"He had a natural sense of moral outrage," said Ailes, now chairman of Fox News.

The outrage is no put-on. Aboard a recent shuttle flight to Washington, Matthews spotted New York Sen. Hillary Clinton. Earlier in the day, he'd been complaining privately that, as first lady, she'd rejected a health-care plan that would allow nurses to give care to public school students because it was "too narrow-bore."

"In other words, 'I'm not going to get enough credit for this,' " Matthews told a colleague in the cafeteria of MSNBC headquarters in North Jersey. "Madonna won't get flowers brought to her. I hate her. I hate her. All that she stands for."

Later that year, he said this to Don Imus, speaking of Gore: "He doesnt look like one of us. He doesnt seem very American, even. In short, Matthews has always been a nasty nut-caseand his lunacy bears a strong partisan animus. Do you see why its so astounding? That our liberal journals have never written a profile which even begins to describe and critique who and what this strange man really is?
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tom_paine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 09:27 AM
Response to Original message
1. Matthews is not just an aristocrat, but a punditocrat who supports the BushPutinist Status Quo
Edited on Sat Nov-17-07 09:28 AM by tom_paine
Matthews and their grotesque ilk are as valuable to Bushler as Axis Goebbels' Team was to Hitler. Even moreso, because there are still millions of clueless Imperial Subjects of Amerika who cannot or will not see what this man is and who he represents (hint: it ISN'T the bottom 98% of Americans).

The toadying sad spineless MSM is not permitted to have such discussion.

They who tried would swiftly loose their jobs, the stories unpublished anyway.

What do you expect them to do? :sarcasm:
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senseandsensibility Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 12:42 PM
Response to Reply #1
6. He's not an aristocrat
But he desperately wants to be. He is a from a blue collar background, and was a cop at one point. When I told my husband that he used to be a cop, he asked me why tweets never mentioned it. To my husband and I, you see, being a cop might be something that attention seeking egomaniacs like tweets would brag about. We're not cop lovers by any means, but we do repect their hard work and the fact that they are our working brothers and sisters. But tweets never mentions his working class background for the most obvious of reasons. He is embarrassed by it.
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tom_paine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 01:20 PM
Response to Reply #6
7. He wasn;t one, but he is one now. And all it took for him was to sell his soul.
Of course he would be embrassed by his parents being Filthy Little Nobodies. For all their bullshit and lip service by the Bushies (and Matthews IS a Bushie, albiet occasionally he tries to pretend that his owners don't own him) of being more in touch with "commoners" , they in reality loathe the idiots they herd as the Filthy Little nobodies they are.

If we didn't wanted to be Filthy Little Nobodies then we should have been born into the Bush and Scalia families.
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tanyev Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 09:35 AM
Response to Original message
2. "He doesn't look like one of us"
That's something to be thankful for, Tweety.

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BuelahWitch Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 11:06 AM
Response to Reply #2
4. Timmeh Russert and Tweety=The Potato People
Yes, Gore looks nothing like them...
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UTUSN Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 09:57 AM
Response to Original message
3. The great Howler. I'm sending him this:
Edited on Sat Nov-17-07 10:16 AM by UTUSN

Chris Matthews

From Demopedia

Etymology of "Tweety". During Campaign 2000 the media noise machine was swooning over the nicknames Shrub was giving some of them. Media Whores Online ran a contest to nickname Chris MATTHEWS. In the first 3 or so weeks, there was no clear, catchy front runner, with "The Screamer" sort of leading. Then one of MATTHEWS's own Hardball staff leaked to MWO that they themselves called him "Tweety" because of the Clairol shade he favored. This was immediately declared the winner. But in some quarters, it wasn't entirely satisfactory. For one thing, by the time the name was declared, the shade had changed to platinum, leading to a suggestion he be called "Carole LOMBARD".

Plus, "Tweety" sounded too affectionate. Then M-TV held its 20th or 25th or whatever anniversary, and all the cable echo chambers were doing segments of Britney shedding her duds down to almost nothing. Not to be left behind, Tweety followed suit, with a guest "culture" commentator from Time Mag, the young humor columnist, Joel STEIN. The staff kept re-running the Britney clip, and Tweety was clearly DROOLING disgustingly. STEIN said, "You're beginning to creep me out." Tweety responded, "Yeah, well, wait till YOU're 50." This led to the suggestion that "Tweety" be modified to "Tweezer" to retain the hair reference while canceling out the affection factor and also adding the (dirty old) "geezer" angle.

Darrell HAMMOND "Doing" Tweety on SNL. Tweety's ego was massively stroked after the debut of HAMMOND's impersonation of him, either in 2001 or 2002. He said, "I am now an ICON: I have been 'done' on Saturday Night Live'." The funniest line in the debut was HAMMOND as Tweety, cracking himself up with, "For the...FIFTY...people who watch this show (Hardball, not SNL)..." In the first few times HAMMOND featured him, the target was Tweety himself--manically interrupting, spitting, and drooling. However, the characterization evolved, not true to the original, where Tweety became the "rational" character surrounded by oddball, extremist "guests", with HAMMOND-Tweety shaking his head in disbelief at their partisan spin.

"Turning" from Being a Democrat. He (like G.E.RUSSERT and Pat CADDELL) still trades on having been a Democrat in the CARTER/O'NEILL era. In the hothouse of big time political flunkydom, STATUS and POWER come from the SUCCESS of your boss. RAYGUN kicked Tweety's bosses' rears, and Tweety gravitated to admiring that "success". When he started up his media career he was mentored by G.E. RUSSERT, who had himself already started "turning" by "reaching out" to LIMBOsevic and expending his formerly-Lib-bleeding-heart on those poor wingnuts who had been maligned and marginalized, lo those many years. Tweety started doing video valentines to RAYGUN, walking arm in arm with Nancy. He might have tapped into the frenzy of the FAKE impeachment, but "hatred of the CLINTONs" isn't what made him turn. The last time he was identifiably a Democrat was sometime after 1988 when Hardball (the book) was published.

How Tweety "Executed" DONAHUE on MSNBC. Tweety was on his book tour for another one of his "books" (large type, wide spaces between lines, blank half-pages). It was in the jingoistic hysteria in the run-up to the illegal Iraq attack. The book was about supposed "Americanism" --an American Civ 101 ripoff about books and movies and cultural stuff that are essentially American (think, "The Great Gatsby"). So Phil welcomed him as a colleague and peer on Phil's show for the full hour to plug the book. From the moment he appeared, there was a strange, deadly snake look in Tweety's snake eyes. Phil was walking around, apparently not sensing anything, while Tweety was motionless, following him only with his eyes. Phil brought up something or other questioning blind jingoism, and Tweety STRUCK! He started out with venom dripping, "You see THIS is EXACTLY what's wrong with you Liberals: You are NEGATIVE about this country, you find NOTHING good about it," and on and on. It took awhile before Phil figured out what was happening. Later, Phil was sitting at the table with Tweety and, weaker and weaker, did some of his trademark shoulder shrugging and arm waving. Tweety delivered the coup de grace, "What's THIS (mimicking the movements)??!! What's with the --APE-- movements???" Days or a week or two later, Phil's cancellation was announced and took effect.

How Tweety "Triggered" a Gun Incident (re: Kathleen WILLEY). At the height of the FAKE impeachment, Ms WILLEY claimed that a mystery jogger had threatened her or her cat or somebody. Several months later, there was gossip that the jogger had been identified. Tweety hosted her and it appeared they had discussed the identity off camera. He tried mightily to get her to say the name on the air, which she wouldn't do. Finally, he himself blurted it out, "Was it Name/Surname?" She would not confirm it. Within days there was a bizarre incident, with the mentally disabled brother of Pat and Bay BUCHANAN going with a gun to the house of the supposed jogger, where there were only some foreign exchange students present. Later it was determined that the person Tweety named on the air had NOTHING to do with the supposed jogger incident.

"Heroes" Tweety and Tom DeLAY. In the aftermath of the 07-24-98 shooting of two Capitol police officers when the slain officers were duly eulogized and called heroes, Tweety latched on to this, the way we have seen him attempt to glorify himself in other instances: Like saying he was assigned in the Peace Corps and "WALKED THE SAME GROUND" THAT CHURCHILL passed through. Or when he said, "I am an ICON! I have been 'done' by SNL!". So now that the Capitol policemen were being called heroes, Tweety came forward to say that HE had been a Capitol policemen, TOO, JUST LIKE THEM, when he was starting out. It turns out that he had worked a (temporary?) job for three months as that. In all the years before the officers were shot and eulogized, he probably NEVER referred to that job, most likely thinking of it as a rent-a-cop turn, until he could see in retrospect the glory that he had been DESTINED to from the beginning.

But he is not the only glory hog. When that incident was happening, the news of the moment reported that Tom DELAY had hopped a plane out of town and immediately turned around in Houston when the incident was over. This show of courage is why he has been dubbed, "Tom-DePLANE!-DePLANE!-DELAY". But searches of countless news reports of that time show no mention of the hopping-the-plane. Only this is left: /... "...House members, many rushing out of town, did not have to remain behind. DeLay slipped out the main door of the Capitol less than 15 minutes after the shooting. He looked stricken. Asked if he'd seen anything, he said, "Did I ever. I don't want to talk about it." Aides rushed him into his waiting car. ...."

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intheozone Donating Member (839 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 12:20 PM
Response to Original message
5. I read that Tweety hates the Clintons because
Bill turned him down for the White House press secretary or spokesman job during Bill's admin. Anyone know if that is true? Is so, sounds to me like Tweety is good at holding a grudge!
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Forkboy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 01:24 PM
Response to Original message
8. His words only mean something because so many keep giving him an audience.
If everyone who claimed they hate him actually stopped watching he'd shrivel up and be off the air before too long.WE keep feeding the beast, then complain when it turns and eats us instead. :shrug:
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UTUSN Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 01:44 PM
Response to Reply #8
9. Neh. We are not Neilsen families. Knowing what the enemy is saying is better than not-knowing.
Keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. Opposition research. Espionage. Evil wins when the good do nothing. Whatever you want to call it.

There's a short story by Romain ROLLAND, about a very civilized professor who was just appalled during the rise of Naziism. His response was to close his doors, to sequester himself with his books, his art, his music.

Doing the ostrich thing ain't it. Like those who demand a pure candidate and withhold their vote from a flawed Dem are helping the Rethug candidate. Purity and nobility ain't it.
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Forkboy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 01:57 PM
Response to Reply #9
10. Oh, I agree with that. So we should assign one brave DUer per night to report back.
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MasonJar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-17-07 02:03 PM
Response to Original message
11. Al Gore doesn't look like us, implying American? And John Kerry looks French!
Actually both men have distinction, coupled with a very obvious patrician noblesse oblige. That is an aura and a substance that the W's of this country and their poodles and yes men and tweety birds will never truly comprehend. It is out of their league. True, Al Gore does not look like you and Imus, Chris. More's the pity for you. And as to fit right in with all the neo-con Goper Clinton-haters. Perfect fit. Aren't you proud?
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