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Please Look! Help fight global warming!

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Help me help Earth Donating Member (217 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-16-07 07:54 PM
Original message
Please Look! Help fight global warming!
I've been looking into ways to fight global warming, and one that I found to be particularly effective is pollution trading markets. For those that haven't heard of this system, it involves the government setting the level of pollution allowed to be emitted each year, and businesses that wish to pollute have to buy the amount they want. This is a good for a few reasons; it reduces emissions, businesses have an incentive to lower emissions and sell the excess, and its market mechanism leaves Chicago school fascists without a reason to hate it.

The problem with this system is that it's inherently exclusive. Regular people have little chance of competing with multi-national corporations to buy up pollution rights and lower the total output, and although some environmental groups do take this route, many people would like a more direct way to make a change. With that in mind I have taken the important step of bringing this proven system to the masses with a grass roots effort:

Global Warming is an undisputed fact in the scientific community. The Earth is getting hotter thanks to our abuse of the environment. If we don't come together to reverse our self destructive course, we face a future that is more then bleak, it is devastating. Inspired by Al Gore's message of hope in his Oscar winning film An Inconvenient Truth and the wisdom he imparted in his amazing Live Earth concerts, I have decided to sell the rights to my energy consumption and waste production for the next three months. With the first $10 bid I will endeavor to reduce my ecological footprint by 10%. For each $10 after that I will work to reduce my footprint by 2%, up to the maximum of a 50% reduction in the damage I inflict on our environment.

Why should you bid? Let me tell you about myself. I think of myself as an average person in terms of energy use and waste production, in other words, I'm terrible for the environment. I have looked over my lifestyle and realized there is so much I can do to make a positive change for this world, and I am ready to do everything I can. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do this. Changing my life will require much effort on many fronts; my home, my work, and changing the lives of those around me. Your money will help me finance the efforts I will make and help to reduce the ecological footprint I inflict on the environment.

What you get:

* Bi-weekly e-mail updates letting you know what I have done to improve my lifestyle, and environmentally friendly tips on how you can do the same.
* If the winning bid is over $100, you will receive an autographed copy of An Inconvenient Truth, your choice of book or DVD. If the winning bid is over $200, you will receive both!
* Should I publish a book or star in a movie about this adventure in helping the planet, you will receive a percentage of the proceeds that matches the percentage you paid me to reduce my ecological footprint.
* A clear conscience and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped make a difference in all of our futures!

Bidding is over $10, but I think we can do better then that! If want tips on how to make a real difference, or just want to put some spare change towards a good cause, join the fight against the climate crisis!
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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