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My new Myspace rant

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Rocknrule Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-25-07 11:36 AM
Original message
My new Myspace rant
I'm going into Foamy the Squirrel mode here, I think it's time for me to have a good rant. These are the people who I am sick of dealing with:

- Self-righteous fundie Christians who randomly approach me to discuss religion. My beliefs are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! You have NO RIGHT to tell me how I should live my life!!! Also, what's with your obsession with homosexuality and other sex-related "sins"? You make it sound like your God is a real perv, since all he seems to care about according to you is who you sleep with and how. Then some of you have the gall to claim that Christians are persecuted. YOU CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF THE COUNTRY LOCK STOCK AND BARREL!!! YOU ARE THE FUCKING MAJORITY!!! You want to see persecution, try getting tied to a fence and beaten to death because of your sexual orientation. Not getting your way 100% of the time is NOT persecution!

- Fun-hating assholes like Jack Thompson and Joe Lieberman who insist on blaming videogames EVERY SINGLE TIME something bad happens in the world. And when I say every single time, I mean it, not only have you blamed videogames for every school shooting in history, a couple of you actually had the nerve to insinuate that flight sims caused 9/11 (no joke!) Next you'll probably be saying that Hurricane Katrina happened because God played SimCity. Videogames are NOT the root of all evil, morons! Videogames did NOT crucify Christ, kill the dinosaurs, kill 6 million Jews, or topple the Twin Towers! And quit treating gamers like gullible idiots. No one is going to throw their life away just because "duh, this looks fun in a game, I'll bet the real thing is even better!" Maybe if you focus on the REAL problem (kids treating each other like shit all the time) these things wouldn't happen.

- Uber-conservative Republicans who think Bush personally shat America out of his ass, has 2-way conversations with God, and that anyone who doesn't worship him doesn't deserve to live in America. You know, the people who burned Dixie Chicks CDs, boycotted the French, and sent death threats to Michael Moore and other liberals just for daring to have a different opinion. And you wonder why some people compare you to Nazis? You say "America, love it or leave it," but what you really mean is "love Bush or leave it." I've got news for you: Bush is NOT America, and if the Founding Fathers were still alive, they'd kick his ass. You love war, huh? Well try actually fighting in one and see how much you love it then. Your "fuck the world" attitude is why so many people HATE us now and why the world is such a dangerous place for Americans.

So basically, I'm sick of people who want to control and restrict others' lives, attrubute all the world's woes to arbitrary people/things like videogames, liberals, and homosexuality, and who can't tolerate different opinions. Just thought I'd get this off my chest.

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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