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Victor Davis Hanson - he puts "Demented" in the word NeoConMan

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ChairmanAgnostic Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 09:52 AM
Original message
Victor Davis Hanson - he puts "Demented" in the word NeoConMan

One of the zingers - We cannot afford to talk to Iran at this moment because

students shouted down Ahmadinejad, so therefore their country is collapsing. Ergo, if we talk to him, he will get stronger.

Hell, if Bush ever dared to show up in an unscreened public forum, by that same standard, the US would be in the middle of a civil war. At elast Olde Vic does not want to invade Iran today. probably the only good point he makes.

Yes, Iran has falling oil revenues and production. But that is bad only in the eyes of US oil producers. They want more, more, more. They ignore Iran's repeated public statements and plans to slowly cut down production and exports, in order to preserve their natural, national resource. (conservation? that is as big a sin to Hanson as is energy self-sufficiency, or moving from the dollar to the euro) Dementors like Hanson also treat nuke power as good, so long as we do it, but bad, so long as Iran does it.

Iran has told the UN, the US, the EU and anyone else who would listen what they want to do. Stop Taliban and Al Qaida from terrorizing their own people (they hate both groups as much as Hanson does) They want to wean themselves off of oil production and sales as their sole lifeline. They want to preserve their oil for future generations of Iranians. They want nuke power to provide their people with electricity without using oil.

It is all logical, except if you are a dementor. like Hanson.

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UTUSN Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 10:00 AM
Response to Original message
1. Thank you. Here's a treasury of his Greco-Roman war mongering
A week or two before the illegal Iraq attack, CHEENEE paraded HANSON in front of the press corps as his "guru" with a high profile lunch. The reporting at the time described his role for the Mal-administration PNACers as being providing examples from history on use of military force in itself and preemption in order to keep "vitality" for the nation, avoid stagnation, and spread its own model abroad.

Here's HANSON giving marching orders for the Iraq attack:


Full HANSON archive:

Nat'l Cathedral: (History or Hysteria?)
.... In disgust at the hysteria, I took a drive to Washington to the National Cathedral on Sunday. Big mistake. All except one of the entrances were closed due to security concerns. I walked in under the wonderful sculptures of Frederick Hart, an authentic American genius who almost single-handedly restored classical realism to American sculpture. A small statue of a kneeling Lincoln, who sent thousands into battle to eradicate slavery, was in the corner. A plaque of quotations from Churchill, about the need for sacrifice in war, was on the wall. So I was feeling somewhat good again until I heard the pious sermon on shock and awe. In pompous tones the minister was deprecating the war effort, calling down calumnies upon the administration, and alleging the immoral nature of our nation at war.

Such a strange man at such a strange time, I thought. His entire congregation, by its own admission, is in danger from foreign terrorists (why else bar the gates?). His church is itself a monument to the utility of force for moral purposes. His own existence as a free-speaking, freely worshiping man of God is possible only thanks to the United States military whose present mission he was openly deriding at the countrys national shrine. ....

And here's an example of how NIETZSCHE was distorted by the Nazis, with HANSON-the-thinker giving his views on Mexican immigration, "Mexifornia", (not "racist" despite whether we agree or disagree), as his words are taken over by unintellectual, unthinking wingnut racists for their own purposes:


Thousands arrive illegally from Mexico into California each yearand the state is now home to fully 40 percent of Americas immigrants, legal and illegal. They come in such numbers because a tacit alliance of Right and Left has created an open-borders policy, aimed at keeping wage labor cheap and social problems ever fresh, so that the ministrations of Chicano studies professors, La Raza activists, and all the other self-appointed defenders of group causes will never be unneeded. ....

And while the Democrats think the illegals will eventually turn into liberal voters, the actual Hispanic vote so far remains just a small fraction of the eligible Mexican-American pool: of the 14,173 residents of the central California town of Hanford who identified themselves as Latino (34 percent of the towns population), for example, only 770 are registered to vote.

My sleepy hometown of Selma, California, is in the dead center of all this. ....It is a schizophrenic existence, living at illegal immigrations intersection. Each week I pick up trash, dirty diapers, even sofas and old beds dumped in our orchard by illegal aliensonly to call a Mexican-American sheriff who empathizes when I show him the evidence of Spanish names and addresses on bills and letters scattered among the trash. ....

Yet I also walk through vineyards at 7 AM in the fog and see whole families from Mexico, hard at work in the coldwhile the native-born unemployed of all races will notand cannotprune a single vine. By natural selection, we are getting some of the most intelligent and industrious people in the world, people who have the courage to cross the border, the tenacity to stayand, if not assimilated, the potential to cost the state far, far more than they can contribute. ....

Our elites do not understand just how rare consensual government is in the history of civilization, and therefore they wrongly think that they can instill confidence by praising the other, less successful, cultures that aliens are escaping from rather than explaining the dynamism and morality of the civilization that they have voted for with their feet. ....


NIEZSCHE is one of a group who are often portrayed as strange, impenetrable, and on some weird and original tangent all their own, when the secret that binds ALL of these seeming mavericks ---NIETZSCHE, STRAUSS, PAGLIA, and Victor Davis HANSON (CHEENEE's guru)--- is the CLASSICS Department, the pre-Christian values they are INDIVIDUALLY steeped in ---and wanted to live by TODAY.

It's not that NIETZSCHE "influenced" the ones after him, it's that EACH of these WENT BACK individually to the Ancients. They want to live by the "strong" pre-Christian values of STRENGH, physical force/domination, PRIDE ("gloating") as opposed to the "weak" values of humility, mercy, turning the other cheek.

And it's NOT that NIEZCHE was a proto-Nazi. Richard WAGNER *was* one and NIETZSCHE broke with him. After he went into his mental helplessness his unintellectual sister took control of his body and dressed him as a prophet, literally, with people visiting to pay obeissance, which would have REPELLED him, and herself courted the proto-Nazis according to her own small understanding of him, or just for her self-interest.

CHEENEE did a little dance right before the Iraq attack, presenting Victor Davis HANSON to the media as his guru. This dude has been laying out the PNAC working plans for public consumption, the two-pronged thing of active war (preemptive/proactive) plus "noble goals" (forcing "democracy" on others). His role has been to dig up historical examples as precedents for what the PNAC-ers want to do anyway.

Here's a whimsical, but prescient, capturing of what goes on with the Classics types:


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Music: Stephen Sondheim Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim Book: Larry Gelbart + Burt Shevelove Film: 1966

"Bring Me My Bride" (I, Miles Gloriosus)

....Let haste be made,
I cannot be delayed!
There are lands to conquer,
Cities to loot
And people to degrade!

Look at those arms!
Look at that chest!
Look at them!

Not to mention the rest!
Even I am impressed. ....

Look at that foot!
Look at that heel!
Mark the magnificent muscles of steel!

I am my ideal! ....

I, Miles Gloriosus,
I, Paragon of virtues,
Him, Miles Gloriosus
Him, Paragon of virtues,

A man among men!
With sword and with pen!

I, in war the most admired,
In wit the most inspired,
In love the most desired,
In dress the best displayed,
I am a parade! ....

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ChairmanAgnostic Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 10:13 AM
Response to Reply #1
2. hanson the thinker. OUCH, that was a good one!
he is one of the "intelekchuwal forses" behind the whole moronic movement.
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