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The ''Label'' BFEE...

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 01:41 AM
Original message
The ''Label'' BFEE...
Sen. Richard Nixon stands still and smiles as Prescott Bush adjusts his hat.

Regarding the BFEE, DUer yowzayowzayowza asked:

As this phenomenon is MUCH bigger then a hand full of people, doesn't referring to it as the BFEE really diminish and subvert an understanding of the scope of the problem?

The "label" BFEE...

... is just the call-sign, a mnemonic device. It is meant to act as the peg upon which all the many memories, acts of cruelty and criminality that have been caused by these traitors over the past 42 years can be called to mind.

Think about the one thing: the name, and the attributes and characteristics of the noun follow and are called to mind. One of those is the extent of the problem.

I try never to gloss over the criminality, the treason and the genocide perpetrated by what I label the "Bush Family Evil Empire." That moniker, BTW, I discovered at Bartcop. I wish I had it 42 years ago.

The Bush men --, and their Republican and Democratic counterparts in America and their associates around the world -- are but mere stooges and sub-stooges for ther masters, what can only be imagined as ruling global economic elite, capable of buying governments and nations.

So, yes, yowzayowazyowza: The criminality, the treason, the genocide perpetrated by this class of criminal can not be diminished. It must be recognized, however. Giving it a name makes it possible to remember later. For the indictments.

Were we to go after the BFEE for real with a full-court prosecutorial press, it's doubtful the current prison system would have the capacity for all the creeps they'd have to lock up. The Congress alone has several hundred, and the courts and the Pentagon and the rest of the madministration. There are a LOT of crooks. Their number is no excuse not to go after them.

Original DU thread:

Know Your BFEE: Poppys CIA Made Saddam Into the Butcher of Baghdad.

And that's why I use the term "BFEE."

For instance, please ask me about James R Bath.
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hfojvt Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 01:45 AM
Response to Original message
1. my grandmother had a picture of one of her first cousins
shaking hands with the Tricky One. That cousin had moved to California and become rich as a cement contractor.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 02:06 AM
Response to Reply #1
5. Lots of Nixon's friends did all right. His enemies, though...
Not that your grandmother's first cousin was among them.

Here's a bit on how Nixon felt about his enemies and how "W" stands for worse than Nixon:

Bush: Worse Than Nixon

The writer was on Richard Nixon's "enemies list," but Bush's power grab has him really worried.

by Morton H. Halperin

The Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping program may have shocked and surprised many Americans when it was revealed in December, but to me, it provoked a case of deja vu.

The Nixon administration bugged my home phone without a warrant beginning in 1973, when I was on the staff of the National Security Council, and kept the wiretap on for 21 months. Why? My boss, national security advisor Henry Kissinger, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover believed that I might have leaked some information to the New York Times. When I left the government a few months later and went to work on Edmund Muskie's presidential campaign (and began actively working to end the war in Vietnam), the FBI continued to listen in and made periodic reports on everything it heard to President Nixon and his closest associates in the White House.

Recent reports that the Bush administration is monitoring political opponents who belong to antiwar groups also sounded familiar to me. I was, after all, No. 8 on Nixon's "enemies list" a curious compilation of 20 people about whom the White House was unhappy because they had disagreed in some way with the administration.

The list, compiled by presidential aide Charles Colson, included union leaders, journalists, Democratic fundraisers and me, among others, and was part of a plan to "use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies," as presidential counsel John Dean explained it in a 1971 memo. I always suspected that I made the list because of my active opposition to the war, though no one ever said for sure (and I never understood what led Colson to write next to my name the provocative words, "a scandal would be helpful here").


The actual enemies list (note Congressman John Conyers):

Verbatim text of Colson's original memo (with his comments)

"Having studied the attached material and evaluated the recommendations for the discussed action, I believe you will find my list worthwhile for status. It is in priority order."

    Arnold M. Picker, United Artists Corp., New York; Top Muskie fund raiser. Success here could be both debilitating and very embarrassing to the Muskie machine. If effort looks promising, both Ruth and David Picker should be programmed and then a follow through with United Artists.

    Alexander E. Barkan, national director of A.F.L.-C.I.O.'s Committee on Political Education, Washington, D.C.: Without a doubt the most powerful political force programmed against us in 1968 ($10-million, 4.6 million votes, 115 million pamphlets, 176,000 workersall programmed by Barkan's says Teddy White in The Making of the President 1968). We can expect the same effort this time.

    Ed Guthman, managing editor, Los Angeles Times national editor: Guthman, former Kennedy aide, was a highly sophisticated hatchetman against us in '68. It is obvious he is the prime mover behind the current Key Biscayne effort. It is time to give him the message.

    Maxwell Dane, Doyle, Dane and Bernbach, New York: The top Democratic advertising firm they destroyed Goldwater in '64. They should be hit hard starting with Dane.

    Charles Dyson, Dyson-Kissner Corporation, New York: Dyson and Larry O'Brien were close business associates after '68. Dyson has huge business holdings and is presently deeply involved in the Businessmen's Educational Fund which bankrolls a national radio network of five-minute programs, anti-Nixon in character.

    Howard Stein, Dreyfus Corporation, New York: Heaviest contributor to McCarthy in '68. If McCarthy goes, will do the same in '72. If not, Lindsay or McGovern will receive the funds.

    Allard Lowenstein, Long Island, New York: Guiding force behind the 18-year-old "Dump Nixon" vote drive.

    Morton Halperin, leading executive at Common Cause: A scandal would be most helpful here. (A consultant for Common Cause in February-March 1971) (On staff of Brookings Institution)

    Leonard Woodcock, United Auto Workers, Detroit, Michigan: No comments necessary.

    S. Sterling Munro, Jr., Senator Henry M. Jackson's aide, Silver Spring, Maryland.: We should give him a try. Positive results would stick a pin in Jackson's white hat.

    Bernard T. Feld, president, Council for a Livable World: Heavy far left funding. They will program an "all court press" against us in '72.

    Sidney Davidoff, New York City, Lindsay's top personal aide: a first class S.O.B., wheeler-dealer and suspected bagman. Positive results would really shake the Lindsay camp and Lindsay's plans to capture youth vote. Davidoff in charge.

    John Conyers, congressman, Detroit: Coming on fast. Emerging as a leading black anti-Nixon spokesman. Has known weakness for white females.

    Samuel M. Lambert, president, National Education Association: Has taken us on vis-a-vis federal aid to parochial schools a '72 issue.

    Stewart Rawlings Mott, Mott Associates New York: Nothing but big money for radic-lib candidates.

    Ronald Dellums, congressman, California: Had extensive EMK-Tunney support in his election bid. Success might help in California next year.

    Daniel Schorr, Columbia Broadcasting System, Washington: A real media enemy.

    S. Harrison Dogole, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: President of Globe Security Systems fourth largest private detective agency in U.S. Heavy Humphrey contributor. Could program his agency against us.

    Paul Newman, California: Radic-lib causes. Heavy McCarthy involvement '68. Used effectively in nationwide T.V. commercials. '72 involvement certain.

    Mary McGrory, Washington columnist: Daily hate Nixon articles.


Like friends, you can tell a lot about a man by his enemies. Thanks for sharing that story, hfojvt.
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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 01:45 AM
Response to Original message
2. Please tell us a bed time story Mr. Fish
but don't make it too scary, I need to get some sleep!

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 02:21 AM
Response to Reply #2
6. Once upon a time, there was a great artist named Mark Lombardi...
He lived in New york City. Lombardi mapped the people and organizations making up the BFEE in what scientists today call "social network diagrams."

Here's one that describes the relationships of George W Bush, James R Bath and Osama bin Laden.

George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, c. 197990, 5th Version, 1999, by Mark Lombardi


Toward a Diagram of Mark Lombardi

by Frances Richard

Who is James R. Bath?


James R. Bath, it turns out, is a Texas businessman, a sometime aeronautics broker whose firm, Skyway Aircraft Leasing, LTD., was a Cayman Islands front amassing money for use by Oliver North in the Iran-Contra affair. Bath also served as an agent minding American interests for a quartet of Saudi Arabian billionaires, one of whom was Sheik Salim bin Laden, the oldest son and heir of Sheik Mohammed bin Laden, father of fifty-four children including Osama. According to reports by the Houston Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal, Time, and others, Bath did business in his own name but with the Saudis' money; tax records indicate that he collected a fee of 5% on their multimillion dollar American investments. In 1979, Bath contributed $50,000 to Arbusto Energy, a limited-partnership controlled by George W. Bush. As Bath had little capital of his own, oil insiders trace the funds to his silent partners, specifically Salim bin Laden. Such cash infusions from Bath's client sheiks and George H.W. Bush's cartel cronies could not, however, prop Arbusto up. The venture collapsed in 1981 and merged into the Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation. Spectrumstill with W. at the helmevolved through more near-failures and mergers into Harken Energy, which, in 1990, embarked upon a sweetheart deal to drill oil wells in Bahrainthis regardless of the fact that Harken had never drilled an overseas well, nor a marine well of any kind. Oil industry cognoscenti again assume that the Bahrain contract was orchestrated as a favor from the Saudis to the American chief executive and his family. The favor paid. On June 20, 1990, George W. Bush sold two-thirds of his Harken stock at $4 per share. Eight days later, Harken finished the second quarter with losses of $23 million; the stock promptly lost 75% of its value, finishing at just over $1 per share. Two months later, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and the Gulf War began. All these events are cited in Lombardi's drawing.

Meanwhile, another Bath associate, Sheik Khalid bin Mafouz, was involved in the collapse (in July, 1991) of the Bank of Credit and Commerce, International, better known as BCCI. Among the sins of the Pakistani-owned BCCI were money-laundering on behalf of Colombian druglords, arms brokering, bribery, and aid to terrorists; when this cabal came unglued, millions of investors in seventy-three countries lost their life-savings. Although Bath was not personally implicated in the BCCI fiasco, an estranged business partner claims that that he, Bath, had been recruited to the CIA in 1976-77 by George Bush, Sr., after serving in the Texas Air National Guard as the buddy of George Bush, Jr. (in 1972, the two young men narrowly escaped arrest for cocaine possession). Bath's putative CIA connections, the Agency's operations in the Middle East, and the adventures of BCCI thus compose a kind of symmetry. The byzantine saga of BCCI's demise is plotted in the drawing that is perhaps Lombardi's masterwork, BCCI-ICIC-FAB, c. 1972-1991, (4th Version), 1996-2000. Unveiled in the landmark P.S. 1 exhibition "Greater New York" in 2000, this piece signaled Lombardi's arrival at the cusp of art world fame; it is now in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum. A wall-size panel schematizing twenty years of suspect alliances amongst scores of players, BCCI-ICIC-FAB was the last major work the artist made before his death.

For those who followed the BCCI scandalor the Harken Energy/insider trading scandal, or the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro scandal, or the Lincoln Savings & Loan scandal, or any of Lombardi's pet juggernautsthese diagrams summarize rather than amend available knowledge. He was always careful to explain that he did not conduct primary investigations, but culled his information exclusively from the public record; a basic Internet search yields multiple references to the Bath/Bush/bin Laden connection. However, ferreting out and adding up in one's own head the myriad fragments scattered across the infotainment megascape is a very different experience from standing before Lombardi's rhythmic plots. In the strangely contemplative and yet galvanizing presence of these images, the graphic equilibrium with which he invests his subjects is transformative. To track these events in the context of the drawings is to experience their import freshly, to undergo a shock of mixed recognition and surprise.

It is also to enter into a subtly intimate dialogue with the mind that laid them out in this order. Palpably handmade and unencumbered by technological gadgetry of any kind, the drawings bespeak the individual effort of a single consciousness, a watchdog enthusiast profoundly engaged with matters most of us find impossible to manage. Filtering the dizzying spectrum of contemporary power relations through his idiosyncratic vision, Lombardi imposed upon the actions of these profligate VIPs a compositional harmony that in itself constitutes a critique. Like Diego Velasquez in the court of Las Meninas or Jan van Eyck in the home of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, the incisive social portraitist has quietly included his own observing presence in the picture.


Unfortunately, Mr. Lombardi did not live happily ever after. He was found, hanged, in his studio loft in the summer of 2000.
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Moochy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 03:06 AM
Response to Reply #6
9. Neat Image
Edited on Fri Dec-29-06 03:06 AM by Moochy
this site has some very large version of that same graph

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 05:26 PM
Response to Reply #9
24. Those are excellent. Thank you, Moochy. Lombardi was an enlightened being.
Mark Lombardi boiled thousands of books, articles, people and connections down into beautiful images that document the gross criminality commited by many who make up our nation and planet's ruling elite. Thanks to Lombardi's work, we can easily see their machinations.

The author of the following gives me hope that one day we may we use them as starting points for criminal prosecution.

Mark Lombardi: Global (Conspiracy) Networks

by Uri Dowbenko

Mapping criminal corporate-government connections is a dangerous occupation. Exposing the players and their front companies is even more hazardous. These are the subjects of Mark Lombardi's art -- the hidden global realities of money and power. His artwork, literally as well as figuratively, connects the dots of international high-level white-collar crime networks.

Lombardi's drawings are mandalas of conspiracy, flow charts of shady deals and shaky agents, and org charts of world-class con men, revealing the genealogy of wickedness in the highest places of corporate and government power.

"Mark Lombardi: Global Networks" is a traveling exhibition of 25 drawings, some as large as 4' x 12, organized by New York-based Independent Curators International (ICI) and curated by Robert Hobbs of Virginia Commonwealth University. In graphic terms, the drawings document the major financial and political frauds of the late 20th century. They are flow charts of illicit money and power, solid and dotted lines and curves as well as broken arrows denoting the flows of illicit financial operations and covert revenues.


One of the drawings called "George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, ca 1979-90" (1999) shows the connections of James Bath, a former CIA spook and business broker, front man for Saudi money who connected the Bush Family and Bin Laden Family (of the Osama bin Laden/ 9-11 legend) in shady deals in Texas and around the world.

Other drawings document the Savings and Loan (S&L) Frauds, IraqGate Fraud (illicit sales of nuclear and biological weapons to Iraqi kingpin Saddam Hussein with a $5 billion US Government-guaranteed phony agricultural loan through the Banca Nazionale de Lavoro), Iran Contra Fraud, and the Clinton/ Jackson Stephens Frauds.


Thanks for the excellent link, Moochy. Thanks also for giving a damn.
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mod mom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 12:19 AM
Response to Reply #9
33. WOW-over 10,000 notecards. The FBI even visited the Whitney to examine
his work after 9/11.
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mod mom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 10:17 AM
Response to Reply #9
40. His studio and work were flooded by a malfunctioning sprinkler system just
before his Whitney show. Hmmh... just bad luck?
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Karenina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 04:34 AM
Response to Reply #6
11. Nobody seen that Bath feller lately???
Wonder where he could be...
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ReadTomPaine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 04:56 AM
Response to Reply #6
39. While not as impressive as Mark Lombari's work, check out
It's an interactive, flash version of the type of diagramming Mark Lombardi created. It has a greater focus on corporate connections, but is quite revealing nevertheless.
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Moochy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 12:43 PM
Response to Reply #39
41. Kick for they rule dot net!!!
I thought that site was inspired by Mark Lombardi's diagrams.

Plus this site was way ahead of the "User generated content" trend. If you view the maps, most have been created by visitors to the site.

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Little Wing Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 01:48 AM
Response to Original message
3. It's already been posted here, in the video section of DU, watch and learn
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 02:29 AM
Response to Reply #3
7. Before there was video, there were words, read and learn.
Thanks for the heads-up, Little Wing. The following links cover some familiar ground for many and new stuff for too many.


Know your BFEE Log

Know your BFEE: Americas Ruling Gangster Class

Know your BFEE: Robert Gates did more than keep the doors open at BCCI

Know your BFEE: The Fellowship Preys for America

Sink the BFEE: Foley gives us Congress. Condi sends 'em to prison.

Beat the BFEE: Poppys CIA warned about terror plots and did not stop them

Know your BFEE: Los Amigos de Bush

Know your BFEE: Neil Bush hangs out with Russian Mafiya Godfather

Know your BFEE: Poppy Bush was in Dallas the day JFK was assassinated.

Know your BFEE: Nazis couldnt win WWII, so they backed Bushes.

Know your BFEE: At every turn, JFK was opposed by War Party

Know your BFEE: Lies Are the Currency of Their Realm

Know your BFEE: Cheney & Halliburton Sold Iran Nuke Technology

Know your BFEE: The Stench of Moussaoui Permeates the Octopus

Know your BFEE: Moussaoui Must Die for Bush and 'His' Government

Know your BFEE: Alito is just another word for Mussolini

What the heck, this belongs here, too:

BFEE Turd Daniel Pipes tied to DANISH CARTOONS

Know your BFEE: Like a NAZI

Know your BFEE: The China-Bush Axis

Know your BFEE: Bush and bin Laden Clans Together in Bed

Know your BFEE: Libby Is the First Big BFEE Turd to Go Down

Know your BFEE: WHIG (White House Iraq Group) made phony case for Iraq War

Know your BFEE: The Secret Government

Know your BFEE: Reinhard Gehlen

Know your BFEE: Poppy Bush Armed Saddam

Know your BFEE: Killer Businessmen who put Power and Profit before Country

Know your BFEE: Nixon Threatened to Nuke Vietnam

Know your BFEE: Corrupt Craftsmen Hoover and Dulles

Know your BFEE: Poppys CIA Made Saddam Into the Butcher of Baghdad

Know your BFEE: Hitlers Bankers Shaped Vietnam War

Know your BFEE: Merchants of Death

Know your BFEE: R. James Woolsey, Turd of War

Know your BFEE: Sneering Dick Cheney, Superturd-Superrich-Supercrook

Know your BFEE: Bush Lied America into War

Know your BFEE: James R Bath Bush bin Laden Link

Know your BFEE: War Profiteers

Know your BFEE: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Know your BFEE: Rev. Sun Myung Moon OWNS Poppy Bush

Know your BFEE: Homeland Czar & Petro-Turd Bernie Kerik

Know your BFEE: American Children Used in Radiation Experiments

Know your BFEE: Eugenics and the NAZIs - The California Connection

Know your BFEE: The Barreling Bushes

Know your BFEE: A Crime Line of Treason

Know your BFEE: How Smirko Got Rich

Know your BFEE: George W Bush did "community service" at Project P.U.L.L.

Know your BFEE: Vote Suppressor Supreme, the Turd Bill Rehnquist

Know your BFEE: George W Bush Knew 9-11 Was Coming and Did NOTHING!

Know your BFEE: Oliver North, Drug Dealer

Know your BFEE: Pat Robertson Incorporated a Gold Mine with a Terrorist

These arent labeled Know Your BFEE, but theyre meant in the same spirit:

Poppy Bush Involved in JFK Assassination -- BFEE's Spooked!

Vietnam and Iraq Wars Started by Same People

JFK Would NEVER Have Fallen for Phony INTEL!

Plame Affair makes clear: USA is run by TRAITORS.

BFEE Is More than Capable of Bombing Their Own Countrymen

A Short History of Conspiracy Theory

And for all DUers
at work shining light
on the BFEE:

Taming of Evil
2000, by Renata Pabulinkas
oil on canvas, 58 x 62-inches
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rman Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 08:38 AM
Response to Reply #3
16. "Power of Nighmares" is pretty good,
but the rabbit hole goes much deeper, as Octafish keeps pointing out.
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Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 01:49 AM
Response to Original message
4. Seems that can't get rid of their old business partner, Saddam Hussein, fast enough...

Just amazing...old Poppy is like a spider that sits in the middle of a complex web, waiting to exploit another financial opportunity that comes his way.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 02:48 AM
Response to Reply #4
8. Spider's Web is right.
With Poppy working the middle, sensing each bug, meal and vermin that lands on it.

This is a re-run for you, Not-So Old and In the Way but is news for most Americans, background on Skorzeny and The Spider:

Nazis and Bush family history:

Government investigated Bush family's financing of Hitler

By Carla Binion
December 21, 2000

This article on Nazis in the Republican party was originally published in Online Journal on 1/28/00. However, the following includes additional information regarding George H. W. Bush's father, Prescott, and his maternal grandfather, George Herbert (Bert) Walker, and the fact that the U. S. government investigated their financing of Adolf Hitler.

One book referenced here, Christopher Simpson's "Blowback," was praised by journalist Seymour Hersh as "the ultimate book about the worst kind of cold war thinking." Nora Levin, Director, Holocaust Archive, Gratz College, said "The full story of this country's shameful, cynical collaboration with Nazi criminals has not been told until now with the publication of Simpson's book." Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman said, 'Blowback' is a must read for anyone who wants to understand postwar policy on Nazi war criminals and the cold war."

In another Simpson book, "The Splendid Blonde Beast," the author wrote about George H. W. Bush's father, Prescott, and his maternal grandfather, George Herbert Walker. Both Bert Walker and Prescott Bush were powerful financial supporters of Adolf Hitler.

Walker was president of Union Banking Corporation, a firm that traded with Germany and helped German industrialists consolidate Hitler's political power. Simpson says Union Banking became a Nazi money-laundering machine.

Walker helped take over North American operations of Hamburg-Amerika Line, a shipping line and cover for I. G. Farben's Nazi espionage unit in the U. S. Hamburg-Amerika smuggled in German agents, and brought in money for bribing American politicians to support Hitler. A 1934 congressional investigation showed Hamburg-Amerika subsidized Nazi propaganda efforts in the U. S.


More details on these, um, fellow travelers:

Good Americans

By John Judge


But the fascist offensive failed at Stalingrad, though the cost had been enormous, with 22 million Soviet citizens dead. At this crucial turning point, they retreated and retrenched, adding to their ranks the embittered revanchists of Eastern Europe, the "cold warriors" and Klansmen of America, and even worse elements. From 1943 forward, plans began to escalate the "cold war" of propaganda and paramilitary spying into the nuclear exchange of World War III.<7> Still, no other goal was so important as the "recapture" of Mother Russia into monarchist and fascist hands. But now they had also added the perspective of the eugenicists and the "scientific" racists of the Third Reich, who saw most of the non-white world as expendable.<8> The term "useless eaters" was applied by the Nazi doctors to their concentration camp victims, and later by former CIA director William Colby to the peoples of Mexico.

Add to this international fascist cabal the following sources of power: Kameradenwerk, Die Spinne and Odessa -- the secret webs of Nazi SS men and mass murderers who escaped justice after the war and found a home in Europe, South America and the obliging United States.<9>


In a recent editorial in the Boston Globe, dated February 14, 1983, we can see the delayed reaction of the established press shortly after the extradition of Klaus Barbie, <38> the Nazi "Butcher of Lyons," from Bolivia to France:

    Barbie is only one of many notorious Nazi leaders who were welcomed like prodigal sons into service with Western intelligence agencies after the war. Their unspeakable crimes against humanity were implicitly forgiven and conveniently forgotten. They were paid and protected so that they could return to active duty in the anti-Communist crusade which their fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, had temporarily discredited with his extremism.

    Their names compose a rogue's gallery of fascist thuggery. Hitler's master spy, Reinhard Gehlen, was made chief of the Western German intelligence agency (BND) and shared his Nazi intelligence data with his protectors in the CIA. Otto Skorzeny, a Nazi specialist at organizing terror networks in occupied countries, was employed in the U.S. Army's historical division, which served as a way-station for former Nazis who would go on to serve in the Gehlen-CIA intelligence network. Skorzeny used his tacit immunity to shepherd old Nazi comrades out of Europe, working through cover organizations, known as Odessa, Kamaradenwerk, and Die Spinne.

    As the years went by, Gehlen, Skorzeny and their network of old-boy collaborators accumulated enormous influence both In Europe and Latin America. Skorzeny shuttled between Franco's Spain and Peron's Argentina, where he served the Argentine dictator as a gray eminence. His goal was to foster the growth of a fascist Fourth Reich centered in Latin America.

    He could count on such loyalist operatives as Josef Mengele in Paraguay, on Adolf Eichmann and Hans Ulrich Rudel in Argentina; on Walter Rauff in Chile; and on Klaus Barbie in Bolivia.

    Rauff, who is charged with sending 97, 000 Jews to their death, has served as a revered adviser to the fascist dictatorship imposed on Chile by Augusto Pinochet after the overthrow of Salvador Allende, and was instrumental in setting up the infamous Chilean secret police agency known as DINA. Barbie, in Bolivia, organized paramilitary death squads and drug smuggling networks for a succession of military r6gimes.

    To grasp the full meaning of Barbie's belated appointment with justice, his career may be seen as an emblem of the unchecked metastasis of fascism. It is particularly mortifying for Americans to be reminded that our government put Barbie on its payroll a few years after he worked for Hitler.


Of course, who helped start the CIA?

CIA's Worst-Kept Secret

By Martin A. Lee
May 16, 2001

"Honest and idealist ... enjoys good food and wine ... unprejudiced mind..."

That's how a 1952 Central Intelligence Agency assessment described Nazi ideologue Emil Augsburg, an officer at the infamous Wannsee Institute, the SS think tank involved in planning the Final Solution. Augsburg's SS unit performed "special duties," a euphemism for exterminating Jews and other "undesirables" during the Second World War.

Although he was wanted in Poland for war crimes, Augsburg managed to ingratiate himself with the U.S. CIA, which employed him in the late 1940s as an expert on Soviet affairs.

Recently released CIA records indicate that Augsburg was among a rogue's gallery of Nazi war criminals recruited by U.S. intelligence shortly after Germany surrendered to the Allies.

Pried loose by Congress, which passed the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act three years ago, a long-hidden trove of once-classified CIA documents confirms one of the worst-kept secrets of the Cold War the CIA's use of an extensive Nazi spy network to wage a clandestine campaign against the Soviet Union.

The CIA reports show that U.S. officials knew they were subsidizing numerous Third Reich veterans who had committed horrible crimes against humanity, but these atrocities were overlooked as the anti-Communist crusade acquired its own momentum. For Nazis who would otherwise have been charged with war crimes, signing on with American intelligence enabled them to avoid a prison term.

"The real winners of the Cold War were Nazi war criminals, many of whom were able to escape justice because the East and West became so rapidly focused after the war on challenging each other," says Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations and America's chief Nazi hunter.


These are "not just dry historical documents," insists former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, a member of the panel that examined the CIA files. As far as Holtzman is concerned, the CIA papers raise critical questions about American foreign policy and the origins of the Cold War.


Small world. And very, very bad.

Good to know there are so many good people working to make it better, You among them.
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ConsAreLiars Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 03:35 AM
Response to Original message
10. "mere stooges and sub-stooges for their masters"
You point out the most important thing that people don't usually see. These are operatives, hit-men, managers for "the powers that be."

Your full statement:
"The Bush men --, and their Republican and Democratic counterparts in America and their associates around the world -- are but mere stooges and sub-stooges for ther masters, what can only be imagined as ruling global economic elite, capable of buying governments and nations."

Exactly. If the PNACers and the BFEE had not been given the support of Big Money, Multinational Corporatism, The Bankers, the mega-super-ultra rich, or however those powers get named, that crime family would have never gained control over the state apparatus of the US. Those entities now seem to be pulling back their support, since it seems they got sold on a fool's errand, but it matters no more to them than a mere millionaire drawing a bad hand at penny poker.
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Response to Reply #10
17. They will be back
They leave the US with skin hanging from its bones but when the calf is fat again, they will return to suck its blood.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 06:01 PM
Response to Reply #10
25. Their masters think they're really 'Tops,' as in 'Master Race.'
They have a history, working with a certain class of citizen:

Bush Axis: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism


By Stefan Kuhl
Oxford University Press, New York,
1994, xviii + 166 pp.

Reviewed by
David Lethbridge


The central theme in Kuhl' s book is the intimate relations between American eugenicists and Nazi racial scientists during the period of classical fascism. Eugenics - a term invented by Francis Gaiton that refers to ensuring "the more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable" - had from its beginning in America, a political orientation. Wealthy individuals from within the highest levels of the American exploiting class funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into the eugenics movement. Laws were implemented in state legislatures to prevent the procreation of "inferior families:" At the federal level, legislation was passed to restrict immigration to largely "Nordic" populations. American scientists stated the racist position publicly. The eugenicist Charles Woodruff declared, "It is clear that the types of human beings from northwest Europe are our best citizens and have, therefore, to be conserved;" while the sociologist Edward Ross, in a phrase now used repeatedly by contemporary neo-Nazis, spoke of the "race suicide" that would result from "inferior" segments of the population gaining power. By the early 1930s, the American eugenics movement was the most influential and prestigious among those Western capitalist powers who were interested in genetic and racial manipulation. Nor was this fact lost on the rising Nazi movement; even Hitler, in "Mein Kampf", wrote admiringly of the US Immigration Restriction Act with its intended purpose of ranking "races" according to their genetic "suitability."

What Kuhl has succeeded in doing, in this masterful book, is to sketch in telling detail the cross-currents of influence between the American-dominated eugenics movement, and the rise and implementation of the Nazi racial program; In 1934, for example, some eighteen months after the Nazis came to power, Falk Ruttke, a member of both Hitler's elite SS and the Committee for Population and Race Policies, spoke at an international meeting of eugenicists in Zurich. Ruttke thoroughly outlined the steps the Nazis had already taken toward rebuilding Germany along racial lines. These included the infamous Law on Preventing Hereditarily Ill Progeny which allowed for the sterilization, and ultimately the gassing, of persons with mental or physical afflictions and the Decree for the Granting of Marriage Loans, which explicitly excluded Jews. The US Journal of Heredity appreciatively reported Ruttke' s speech as reflecting the eugenic foundation of the Nazi state. Even more to the point, Kuhl recounts how Clarence G. Campbell senior member of the American contingent at the 1935 eugenics conference in Berlin, praised Hitler's race policies in glowing terms, referring to them as "epochal in racial history", and as setting a pattern "which other nations and racial groups must follow." In Germany, his remarks were widely published as particularly valuable propaganda. Back in the US, Campbell busied himself drumming up support for the Nazi regime.

Throughout the pre-war period, there was considerable influence of American eugenics policy on Nazi racial policy. Kuhl notes that specific Nazi legislation on sterilization was based on similar American laws, or on model legislation proposed by Harry Laughlin of the Eugenics Record Office, and that US scientists were proud of their influence on the Hitler regime. German publishing houses eagerly reprinted American racial and eugenics books and articles, while American foundations such as the Pioneer Fund, underwrote the distribution of Nazi race propaganda films in the US. In an almost incestuous mutuality, the Nazis used the prestige of the American scientists and legislators to validate their own eugenics and racial policies, while American eugenicists used the ne6r Nazi eugenics laws as evidence that widespread human sterilization policies could be feasibly put into practice with a minimum of social resistance.

Even after World War II had begun, notable American eugenicists continued to visit Nazi Germany; such visits were virtual collaborations. Ellinger, a geneticist, met with Wolfgang Abel, a scientist and SS officer, who was active in sterilization programs involving both blacks and Jews.

Returning to the US, Ellinger wrote that the Nazi racial program had nothing to do with religious persecution, characterizing it instead as a "breeding project" designed to eliminate the "hereditary attributes of the Semitic race." At the same time, the anthropologist Lothrop Stoddard was meeting with both Himmler and Hitler. Stoddard himself was a thoroughgoing racist, and author of "The Rising Tide of Color Against White-Supremacy" and other works which are still today being sold by neo-Nazi publication houses. Not only were his writings cited in Nazi school books, but he won the praise of President Hoover during his testimony to the House Immigration Committee. Holocaust deniers, incidentally, should pay particular attention to Stoddard' s claim as early as 1940 - that the "Jews problem" would "soon be settled in fact by the physical elimination of the Jews themselves from the Third Reich." Was this mere wishful thinking on his part, or had he heard of this policy first hand from his meetings with Hitler's high command?


Agree 100-percent in regards to supporting the crazy monkey. It explains why Diebold only disagreed from the exit polls by 5-percent in '04.
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Response to Reply #25
28. one could say that those policies continue today
disguised as the "prison-industrial complex" and the "war on drugs"...

certainly Nixon's Southern Strategy was straight from the same thinking...
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Response to Original message
12. james bath..........
from my

Mystery man

Why the White House deleted the name of Bush pal and Saudi go-between James Bath from the president's military records is a tantalizing but unanswered question.

By Craig Unger

April 27, 2004 | Last month, before the 9/11 commission began its public hearings and Iraq exploded in renewed warfare, the White House tried to quell a gathering storm regarding President Bush's military service, releasing hundreds of documents about Bush's tenure in the Texas Air National Guard some 30 years ago. A close examination of the documents reveals that they not only fail to answer lingering questions about Bush's service but prompt a crucial new area of inquiry that could play a role in the presidential campaign -- a long and lucrative, but low-profile, relationship between Saudis and the Bush family that goes back 30 years.

The document that raises that question is dated Sept. 29, 1972, and notes that 1st Lt. George W. Bush was suspended from flying because of his "failure to accomplish annual medical examination." Since he had just received hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of training as a jet fighter pilot, the fact that Bush let his medical certification lapse raises a troubling matter. Why did he allow himself to become ineligible to fly when he still had two years of service left? Given that random drug testing by the military had just started, some have suggested that Bush had not yet given up his partying ways and may have begged off because he had a substance abuse problem.

The records released by the White House last month fail to answer that question, but they do add one compelling fact to the story -- namely, that Bush was not the only man in his unit to be suspended for failing to take the physical, and that someone else at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston was suspended for exactly the same reason at almost the same time. However, in the documents, the second man's name was inexplicably redacted -- raising new questions.

Throughout the reams of documents released by the administration, standard practice was to allow each National Guardsman's name to be printed in full. Why did the White House make an exception in this case? Why would the Bush administration want to make sure this name in particular did not make it into the public eye? The White House declined to answer these questions. However, the same document that was redacted by the White House had been the subject of a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Marty Heldt, who was investigating the story before the 2000 presidential election. In the same document that the White House selectively censored for release to the public, the name of the man who was also suspended with Bush is clearly printed . His name: James R. Bath.
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Response to Original message
13. * and bath..suspended from flying for refusing physical
Edited on Fri Dec-29-06 05:06 AM by flyarm
*suspension from flying,

right under Dubya is another familiar name...
James R. Bath. This is the guy that was an agent for the binLadens and invested in Dubya's oil company, "Arbusto". They were both suspended at the same time, both for refusing to take the physical.

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Response to Reply #13
26. Here's where Salem bin Laden makes James R Bath his U.S. 'business agent.'
That document of yours should've been on the front pages of The New York Times on September 12, 2001.

Here's one that should've been right next to it that day:

For those interested:

Know your BFEE: Bush and bin Laden Clans Together in Bed
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Response to Original message
14. I find your threads amusing and informative, Octy
I myself prefer the term "Bush Crime Family," because they really are just a bunch of low-down dirty gangsters. To call them an empire dignifies them more than they deserve.

Their time is coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. But they ain't the only corporate fascist game in town...and that's the real problem, is it not?
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Response to Reply #14
27. The Bush Family: A Continuing Criminal Enterprise? (GW Potter, Professor of Criminal Justice)
You're absolutely correct, Lilith Velkor: The Bush Crime Family has gone global. Plus, they've got control of the Pentagon's gun closet.

Still, you're absolutely correct, Lilith Velkor: They are nothing but a bunch of low-down dirty gangsters.

The Bush Family: A Continuing Criminal Enterprise?

Gary W. Potter, PhD.
Professor, Criminal Justice
Eastern Kentucky University

The S&Ls, the Mob and the Bushs

During the 1980's hundred of Savings and Loan Banks failed. Those bank failures cost U.S. taxpayers over $500 billion to cover federally insured losses, and much more to investigate the bank failures (Pizzo, Fricker, and Muolo, 1989; Brewton, 1992; Johnston, 1990). More than 75% of the Savings and Loan insolvencies where directly linked to serious and often criminal misconduct by senior financial insiders (Pizzo, Fricker and Muolo, 1989: 305). In fact, less than 10 percent of bank failures are related to economic conditions, the rest are caused by mismanagement or criminal conduct (Pizzo, Fricker and Muolo, 1989: 305).

A good example of the Savings and Loan failures can be found in the activities of Mario Renda, a Savings and Loan insider who often worked in close collaboration with organized crime (Pizzo, Fricker and Muolo, 1989: 123-126;302). Renda served as a middle man in arranging about $5 billion a year in deposits into 130 Savings and Loans, all of which failed (Kwitny, 1992: 27). Many of these deposits were made contingent on an agreement that the Savings and Loan involved would lend money to borrowers recommended by Renda, many of whom were organized crime figures or people entirely unknown to the banking institution involved (Kwitny, 1992: 27).

Equally good examples of financial misconduct in the Savings and Loan scandal is found in the activities of the Bush family. In some cases Bush family members helped skim Savings and Loan funds which were delivered to outsiders as a part of deals involving lucrative payoffs to bank directors. In other cases, members of the Bush family intervened to influence decisions involving highly speculative and unsound investments involving loans that would not be repaid if the venture was not profitable. And finally, the Bush familys political connection served to protect those guilty of misconduct in the Savings and Loan scandal (Kwitny, 1992: 24).

Neil Bush: Taking Down Silverado

In 1990 federal bank regulators filed a $200 million lawsuit against the officers of Silverado Banking, including Neil Bush, brother of the current President. The lawsuit accused them of gross negligence which resulted in a loss of $1 billion by Silverado and the banks ultimate collapse (Los Angeles Times, 1990). According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Our conclusion is that Silverado was the victim of sophisticated schemes and abuses by insiders and of gross negligence by its directors and outside professionals (Johnston, 1990). Neil Bush was reprimanded by the Office of Thrift Supervision for pervasive conflicts of interest while serving as a paid director of the bank Of particular concern was his role in a serious of loans totaling $132 million from the bank to two businessmen, Bill Walters and Kenneth Good (Los Angeles Times, 1990: 1; Isikoff, 1992: A1). Walters and Good, after securing the loans from Silverado, lent Neil Bush $100,000 and later forgave the loan entirely. In addition, Walters and Good owned a company which paid $550,000 in salaries to Neil Bush (Los Angeles Times, 1990: 1; Isikoff, 1992: A1). In the end Walters and Good lost a total of $330 million loaned to them by Silverado. They also received instructions from a member of Silrverados board of directors on the establishment of family trusts to prevent the government from seizing the money they owed the bank (Kwitny, 1992: 32). The shutdown of Silverado was postponed from October to December 1988 so that it would happen after President Bush, Sr.s election campaign had ended. Neil Bush had to pay only $50,000 to settle the federal lawsuit against him and he was able to avoid any legal costs because a senior banking industry lobbyist formed a legal defense fund to pay the legal costs (Fritz, 1992).

Neil Bush also profited enormously from another company on verge of bankruptcy. Apex Energy paid him over $2000,000 in salary and oil deed compensation payments while teetering on the edge of bankruptcy (Failing firm paid Neil Bush big salary, 1992).


PS: Thanks for the kind words. I aim to inform. On Them.
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Response to Original message
15. Professor Emeritus Octafish, DU School Of BFEE Studies
I suppose you've earned the authority to name the subject matter.

Thank you

All Ways
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Response to Reply #15
30. Rev. Moon wants to take the BFEE Universal
Neil Bush admires the view with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Messiah and leader of the Unification Church
and owner of The Washington Times and a lot o' land in Paraguay, among other things and people.

No Bush Left Behind

The President's brother Neil is making hay from school reform

Across the country, some teachers complain that President George W. Bush's makeover of public education promotes "teaching to the test." The President's younger brother Neil takes a different tack: He's selling to the test. The No Child Left Behind Act compels schools to prove students' mastery of certain facts by means of standardized exams. Pressure to perform has energized the $1.9 billion-a-year instructional software industry.

Now, after five years of development and backing by investors like Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and onetime junk-bond king Michael R. Milken, Neil Bush aims to roll his high-tech teacher's helpers into classrooms nationwide. He calls them "curriculum on wheels," or COWs. The $3,800 purple plug-and-play computer/projectors display lively videos and cartoons: the XYZ Affair of the late 1790s as operetta, the 1828 Tariff of Abominations as horror flick. The device plays songs that are supposed to aid the memorization of the 22 rivers of Texas or other facts that might crop up in state tests of "essential knowledge."

Bush's Ignite! Inc. has sold 1,700 COWs since 2005, mainly in Texas, where Bush lives and his brother was once governor. In August, Houston's school board authorized expenditures of up to $200,000 for COWs. The company expects 2006 revenue of $5 million. Says Bush about the impact of his name: "I'm not saying it hasn't opened any doors. It may have helped with some sales." (In September, the U.S. Education Dept.'s inspector general accused the agency of improperly favoring at least five publishers, including The McGraw-Hill Companies, which owns BusinessWeek. A company spokesman says: "Our reading programs have been successful in advancing student achievement for decades; that's why educators hold them in such high regard.")

The stars haven't always aligned for Bush, but at times financial support has. A foundation linked to the controversial Reverend Sun Myung Moon has donated $1 million for a COWs research project in Washington (D.C.)-area schools. In 2004 a Shanghai chip company agreed to give Bush stock then valued at $2 million for showing up at board meetings. (Bush says he received one-fifth of the shares.) In 1988 a Colorado savings and loan failed while he served on its board, making him a prominent symbol of the S&L scandal. Neil calls himself "the most politically damaged of the brothers."


Lots more on Rev Moon's "investments" with the Bushes here: /

Most importantly: Thank you for the kind words, Wiley50. While there's no curve, and I am retired, STS, I do give everybody who gives a damn an "A."
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Response to Original message
18. All due respect, Octafish, but...
the xEE would continue unabated in the absence of the BF. IMHO, the "BFEE" moniker fails to adequately identify the scope of the problem.
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Karenina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 12:40 PM
Response to Reply #18
22. Oh, you quibbler!
;-) The sheer volume of information one must digest to even begin to wrap the brain around the scope of the problem dictates the assignation. Ya gotta START somewhere recognizable. Ahmanson, Bradley, Christian Reconstructionism and Dyncorp, although A-B-C-D, are MUCH too MUCH for the uninitiated to digest in 100 sittings...
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Response to Reply #18
32. We used to call ''Them'' ''The Establishment.'' That wasn't good, er, bad enough, either.

I agree 100-percent with you, yowzayowzayowza. The problem is global and affiliating the "BF" deflects awareness from that fact. Would you agree that using such a term makes a useful and necessary first step in the process of building up a case for the whole bloody lot of "Them"?

After all, few in Corporate McPravda have feigned to say Word One about Them and what they do to We the People. W and his people launched an illegal war, for Goodness sake and ABCNNBCBSFauxNoiseNutwork continue to go along with it.

As you know, the Bush Family Evil Empire are merely the front men, albeit a corrupt group of people who use money to gain power and power to gain money, for the real powers-that-be. They are the people and organizations who profit from war, an unjust economic system and a rigged political process.

Regarding why I apply the term, the BFEE: BFEE makes a fine brand name for the corrupt systems, organizations and people. To get people's attention, we need a simple handle upon which we can hang the rest of the complicated cases against them.

For a somewhat more innocent example, nutritionists and pediatricians have reported that parents should not allow babies to associate their food with jar labels. They've found that many children who do, have come to believe their food can only be good if it comes from the jar with the babys smiling mug on it Gerber, say. These babies wont eat other foods. We see grown-ups do the same with their loyalties. (Buy GM for life has been replaced with buy Toyota and wont buy anything else except a Lexus some day.}

Ian Fleming never imagined their kind could hijack the government of the United States and use it for their own ends. I promise to make it clear in how it pertains to the larger problem of global criminality.

Thanks also for being the inspiration for this thread. Looking back at the OP, I see I should've made that clearer. I can't blame Bush for that one.
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yowzayowzayowza Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 04:41 AM
Response to Reply #32
38. If "BFEE" is sellin,
far be it for me to stand in the way of effective brand deployment. I just hope itz effect & shelf life exceed that of "The Establishment." The "Global Usurpers" ... er sum such ... certainly iznt gunna be as provocative.

Ian Fleming never imagined their kind could hijack the government of the United States and use it for their own ends.

Ludlum explored lotza that kinda territory.

Thx for reposting. I tinkz I mist yer reply. :blush:
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Me. Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 10:52 AM
Response to Original message
19. Like The Label
To me it represents a summation, of all the criminality and chicanery done by so many, and everywhere you look for decades upon decades there has been a branch of the * tree or one of their compadres lurking in the background, fingers in the pie, causing harm to untold depths on this country, people in general. Theirs has been a money pickin' assault upon the laws and mores of this country not to mention the constitution.
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Response to Reply #19
34. During World War I, an ancestor was called a ''Merchant of Death''
It must be genetic. The historical record shows these fellahs know how to make a buck off war, big time.

Samuel Prescott Bush

From SourceWatch

Father of Prescott Sheldon Bush, grandfather to George Herbert Walker Bush (Poppy), great-grandfather to George Walker Bush (Dubya).

Sam Bush was in his era to Remington Arms what Dick Cheney is to Halliburton in ours. Son of an Episcopal minister, he switched to a darker religion. Sam started out as low-management for railroads, where he made the connections needed to move over to Buckeye Steel Castings Company. Buckeye harbored railroad strike-breaker sentiment from the president on down. It's founder was member of the "Cleveland Gatling Gun Battery",<1> called a military and social organization, set up in 1878, the year after nationwide railroad strikes.

This guns and railroad connection returns for World War I, when Buckeye Steel produced gun barrels and shell casings, and Sam Bush was moved by his patrons into the position of chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board. Bush took national responsibility for government assistance to and relations with Remington and other weapons companies.<2> This was during the time that Buckeye Steel was casting gun barrels and Bush was president of Buckeye.

Preacher's son Bush looks innocent until you are informed that his patron, Percy Rockefeller took control of Remington Arms in 1914. Frank Rockefeller was president of Buckeye Steel for three years from 1905-1908, followed by Sam Bush from 1908-1927, throughout the WWI years and the gunbarrel sales era of Buckeye.<3> In 1915 a new Remington plant was constructed, operational by 1916 for the first world war, just in time to get a million rifle order from Russia.<4>, <5> 67% of all the ammunition used in WWI by the US, Britain and Russia was sold by "Merchants of Death" Remington. Somebody got a no-bid contract on gun barrels for their company.


Some things never change. Ask Mr. Viktor Bout, hired by the Bush "administration" for services in Iraq:

Dealing with the Merchant of Death

For the war effort in Iraq, the Bush administration has hired at least one company tied to the network of Victor Bout, one of the world's most notorious arms traffickers.

Michael Scherer
Mother Jones September 20 , 2004

The U.S. government has for years kept in its sights one of the worlds most notorious arms traffickers, Victor Bout. Known on both sides of the Atlantic as the "merchant of death," Bout has been implicated in running guns and missiles to combatants across the world, from the Taliban and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to the UNITA rebels of Angola and the teen-age army of Liberias former tyrant, Charles Taylor. He has been blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury from doing any business in the United States, faces an arrest warrant for money laundering in Belgium, and was aggressively pursued by the Clinton administration. "We were trying to take him out of business," says Witney Schneidman, an Africa expert who worked in the State Department at the time.

But now the Bush administration has hired at least one company tied to Bout's network for the war effort in Iraq. Records obtained by Mother Jones show that as recently as August, Air Bas, a company tied to Bout and his associates, was flying charter missions under contract with the U.S. military in Iraq. Air Bas is overseen by Victor Bouts brother, Serguei, and his long-time business manager, Richard Chichakli, an accountant living in Texas; in the past, payments for Air Bas have gone to a Kazakh company that the United Nations identifies as "a front for the leasing operations of Victor Bouts aircraft."

Concerns about Bouts work for the United States date back to May, when Senator Russ Feingold asked the Pentagon and the State Department to scour their files for any evidence of contracts with companies tied to Bout. An inquiry conducted by the State Department found, according to a State Department source, that "there were allegations that raised our concerns, and we shared those concerns with the Department of Defense." Months later, however, the Pentagon has yet to respond, and officials there would not say whether they are looking into the State Departments concerns.

Air Bas, meanwhile, has continued to fly U.S. military missions into Baghdad and the northern Iraqi air base of Balad, landing most recently on August 4, according to refueling records kept by the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC). The records make no mention of the specific Pentagon unit that employs Air Bas, though they confirm, according to the DESC, that the flights have been approved by military commanders for "official government purposes." Officials with the Army and Air Force said they knew of no contract with Air Bas; Central Command and the Marines did not return Mother Jones calls. "We deal solely with the prime ," says Cynthia Smith, an Army spokeswoman. "We dont have any control over who they get to subcontract."


Guns and death are so... patriotic, in an authoritarian kind of way.
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Response to Original message
20. Thanks for the links. Studying DU is like a post-graduate education in criminality.
There is a wealth of information here.

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-31-06 02:19 AM
Response to Reply #20
42. Poppy Bush in Dallas the day JFK assassinated.
In the hour of the death of President John F. Kennedy, Texas oilman George Herbert Walker Bush named a suspect to the FBI in a "confidential" phone call. He then added he was heading for Dallas. Skeptics need not take my word for it, that's what Poppy told the FBI:

Here's a transcript of the text:




At 1:45 p.m. Mr. GEORGE H. W. BUSH, President of the Zapata Off-Shore Drilling Company, Houston, Texas, residence 5525 Briar, Houston, telephonically furnished the following information to writer by long distance telephone call from Tyler, Texas.

BUSH stated that he wanted to be kept confidential but wanted to furnish hearsay that he recalled hearing in recent weeks, the day and source unknown. He stated that one JAMES PARROTT has been talking of killing the President when he comes to Houston.

BUSH stated that PARROTT is possibly a student at the University of Houston and is active in political matters in this area. He stated that he felt Mrs. FAWLEY, telephone number SU 2-5239, or ARLINE SMITH, telephone number JA 9-9194 of the Harris County Republican Party Headquarters would be able to furnish additional information regarding the identity of PARROTT.

BUSH stated that he was proceeding to Dallas, Texas, would remain in the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel and return to his residence on 11-23-63. His office telephone number is CA 2-0395.

# # #

Gee. Why was Poppy Bush in Dallas when JFK was assassinated?

Could it be, he was on official business? I suspect he was on Secret Government business. After all, his eldest son bragged during his Texas Air National Guard and Harvard grad school days that his daddy was CIA.

Moreover, why did he wait until AFTER President Kennedy was dead to warn the FBI he knew someone wanted to kill President Kennedy.

Here's an FBI document from the same week of the assassination in which FBI Director J Edgar Hoover briefed one "Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency." Some strange coincidence there, wot?

Here's a transcript of the above:

Date: November 29, 1963

To: Director
Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Department of State

From: John Edgar Hoover, Director

NOVEMBER 22, 1963

Our Miami, Florida, Office on November 23, 1963, advised that the Office of Coordinator of Cuban Affairs in Miami advised that the Department of State feels some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy might herald a change in U. S. policy, which is not true.

Our sources and informants familiar with Cuban matters in the Miami area advise that the general feeling in the anti-Castro Cuban community is one of stunned disbelief and, even among those who did not entirely agree with the President's policy concerning Cuba, the feeling is that the President's death represents a great loss not only to the U. S. but to all of Latin America. These sources know of no plans for unauthorized action against Cuba.

An informant who has furnished reliable information in the past and who is close to a small pro-Castro group in Miami has advised that these individuals are afraid that the assassination of the President may result in strong repressive measures being taken against them and, although pro-Castro in their feelings, regret the assassination.

The substance of the foregoing information was orally furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency and Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency on November 23, 1963, by Mr. W. T. Forsyth of this Bureau.

# # #

George Herbert Walker Bush was head of the CIA when the Church Committee was looking into the CIA assassination programs. He made things all friendly-like and turned what had been a serious hunt for truth under previous DCI William Colby into another dog-and-pony show that was big on show and light on facts.

Regarding Dallas: Now I don't know if Poppy was a trigger man, was only there to watch what happened or what just happened to be there. I do know Poppy Bush has never explained these memos. He's never even admitted where he was the day JFK was killed.

Seeing how he would go on to become President, as would his dim son, I believe it's vitally important that we learn the Truth.

Why? The United States and the world haven't been the same since November 22, 1963. And not a single major player in the nation's mass media have stepped up and demanded a real investigation. So, it's up to us, We the People.

Thanks for understanding what it's all about, Strictly Rockers.
Knowledge is Power.
And, as Firesign Theatre says, Power is Everybody's Business.
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bobthedrummer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 12:18 PM
Response to Original message
21. There are so many excellent BFEE threads-thanks again Octafish
here's one that still applies
Cheney and Halliburton sold Iran nuke technology

and a personal favorite of mine
"Hey RUMSFELD! Who's your NAZI?"

The year is almost up, Saddam will go in a manner that some of the traitors and war criminals in the BFEE should too, instead of making a killing as consultants and celebrities.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-31-06 02:33 AM
Response to Reply #21
43. Thank you for all the insight you've brought us, including the Bush-NAZI connections.
It's time for another Bush/Nazis thread

Know the enemy, and never forget.

And from 2003:

Rumsfeld, Iran/Contra, Iraqgate, shaking hands with Saddam

many more questions for those that remember their history, especially hidden history painted black by that broadest of brushes-national security.

I wonder what kind of election year show trial we'll see?

And from 2004, another example of DU Group Analysis, courtesy of bobthedrummer:

The crimes hidden behind "national security" must be prosecuted.

Thanks for everything, Bob!

The Truth means some people are in deep doo-doo,
and we ain't talking hypotheticals.
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johnfunk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 12:43 PM
Response to Original message
23. "Prescott Bush Formally Installs Richard M. Nixon As a BFEE Deputy"
Priceless photo
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-31-06 02:51 AM
Response to Reply #23
44. Prescott OWNED Tricky Dick.
It IS a beautiful photo, in a history of treachery kind of way. And another one...

Sitting between Vice President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State (and brother of Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles) John Foster Dulles, President Dwight D. Eisenhower may not have known that he was surrounded by liars and crooks.

How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

by Mae Brussell
(from The Realist, August 1972)


In August, 1945, a Committee of One Hundred Men located in California placed an advertisement in 26 newspapers:

WANTED -- Congressman candidate with no previous political experience to defeat a man who has represented the district in the House for ten years. Any young man, resident of district, preferably a veteran, fair education, no political strings or obligations and possessor of a few ideas for betterment of country at large may apply for the job. Applicants will be reviewed by 100 interested citizens who will guarantee support but will not obligate the candidate in any way. (26)

That ad was typical, a covert method of pretending this was an open contest for office. Richard Nixon, located in Maryland, still in the Navy, received a telephone call from Herman Perry. "Are you a republican and are you available?" were the two questions asked of Nixon.(27)

Herman Perry was vice president of Bank of America (28) -- which was soon on its way to becoming the largest private bank in the world. By 1960, one hundred top corporations were spending $21-billion for military goods. In California alone, fully half of all jobs related directly or indirectly on the continuance of the arms race.(29)


"When the President does it, that means that it's not illegal."

And to think, some wonder where Bush gets it.
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Jcrowley Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 11:01 PM
Response to Original message
29. Top-Notch
Mark Lombardi had a labyrinthine mind and could grasp the complexities and understood the deeper realities of the political matrix.

BFEE as reality and metaphor.

The real powerful folk do not come into view very often.

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fooj Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-29-06 11:19 PM
Response to Original message
31. I quote you often...
I hope you don't mind. B-) You are a wealth of information, Octafish. You have taught many of us well. :patriot:
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Left Is Write Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 12:41 AM
Response to Original message
35. That picture gives me a serious case of the creeps.
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mod mom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 12:43 AM
Response to Original message
36. I, too, want to thank you, Octafish, for your wealth of knowledge. I have learned
so much reading your posts and links. Would love this in book form! ;)
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me b zola Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-30-06 01:41 AM
Response to Original message
37. As always, Octafish...
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nolabels Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-31-06 03:09 AM
Response to Reply #37
45. Octafish is either a very good spinner of tales or ..............
Edited on Sun Dec-31-06 03:10 AM by nolabels
the people known as BFEE that he has been alluding to for so many years here are actuality very evil people.

After what has amounted to millions of lost lives and trillions of wasted dollars there should be no big debate about what BFEE is really all about, at least one would think :shrug:
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