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Another important member of the CNP is Howard Ahmanson, Jr...

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AntiFascist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-06-06 05:48 PM
Original message
Another important member of the CNP is Howard Ahmanson, Jr...
a theocratic Dominionist and Reconstructionist who served on the board of the Chalcedon Foundation for over two decades.

His family also happens to have funded the founding executives of major voting machine companies:

In the early 1980s, brothers Bob and Todd Urosevich founded ES&Ss originator, Data Mark. The brothers Urosevich obtained financing from the far-Right Ahmanson family in 1984, which purchased a 68% ownership stake, according to the Omaha World Herald. After brothers William and Robert Ahmanson infused Data Mark with new capital, the name was changed to American Information Systems (AIS). California newspapers have long documented the Ahmanson familys ties to right-wing evangelical Christian and Republican circles.


The Ahmanson family sold their shares in American Information Systems to the McCarthy Group and the World Herald Company, Inc. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel disclosed in public documents that he was the Chairman of American Information Systems and claimed between a $1 to 5 million investment in the McCarthy Group. In 1997, American Information Systems purchased Business Records Corp. (BRC), formerly Texas-based election company Cronus Industries, to become ES&S. One of the BRC owners was Carolyn Hunt of the right-wing Hunt oil family, which supplied much of the original money for the Council on National Policy.

CNP members are also tied to Iran-Contra and other anti-Communist notables and, as I recall, a clique of CNP members surround Blackwell in the political machinations of Ohio.

According to Group Watch, in the 1980s Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. was a member of the highly secretive far-Right Council for National Policy, an organization that included Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, Major General John K. Singlaub and other Iran-Contra scandal notables, as well as former Klan members like Richard Shoff. Ahmanson, heir to a savings and loan fortune, is little reported on in the mainstream U.S. press. But, English papers like The Independent are a bit more forthcoming on Ahmansons politics.

On the right, figures such as Richard Mellon Scaife and Howard Ahmanson have given hundreds of millions of dollars over several decades to political projects both high (setting up the Heritage Foundation think-tank, the driving engine of the Reagan presidency) and low (bankrolling investigations into President Clintons sexual indiscretions and the suicide of the White House insider Vincent Foster), wrote The Independent last November.

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cosmicdot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-07-06 12:54 AM
Response to Original message
1. I'm leaning toward the CNP being home to the octopus's head
being secretive, it should lose any 501(c)(3) tax exempt status pronto

of course, CNP might just be 'the committee' for delegating money and effort ... the Octopus Danny Casolero was investigating could lead to the top of the BFEE

"We are no longer working to preserve the status quo. We are radicals, working to overturn the present power structure in this country." Paul Weyrich

Names, names, names

Jack Abramoff, Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Gary Aldrich, Richard V. Allen, Richard K. Armey, Gary Bauer, Morton Blackwell, John R. Bolton, Pat Boone, L. Brent Bozell, III, Anita Bryant, Dan Burton, Holland (Holly) Coors, Jeffrey Coors, Joseph Coors, Thomas D. DeLay, Rich DeVos Richard M. DeVos Jr., John T. (Terry) Dolan, Pierre S. du Pont, Jerry Falwell, J. Peter Grace, Jesse Helms, Bob Jones III, Jack Kemp, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Alan Keyes, Beverly LaHayem, Lee LaHaye, Dr. Timothy LaHaye, Trent Lott, Edwin Meese III, Senator Don Nickles, Grover Norquist, Dr. Gary North, Oliver North, George S. Patton III, Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Pat Robertson, Kathleen Teague , Rev. R. J. Rushdoony, Richard M. Scaife, Phyllis Schlafly, John H. Sununu, Richard Viguerie, James G. Watt, Diana Weyrich, Paul Weyrich.

Selected Organization/Media/Project (the tentacles; most all operating under tax exempt/tax deductible IRS regs)

With CNP Members who are involved/connected in some manner.

Accuracy in Media
Accuracy in Academia, Inc
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
Agency for International Development
American Center for Law and Justice
American Civil Rights Union
American Coalition for Traditional Values
American Conservative Union
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies
American Family Association, Inc.
American Freedom Coalition
American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD)
American Political Action Committee
Americans Against World Empire
American Security Council
American Sovereignty Action Project
American Spectator
Americans United for Life
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations
Aspen Global Change Institute
Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies - where "New Democrat/DLCer Simon Rosenberg was a "Fellow")
Ban the Soviet Coalition ~ Dr. David Balsiger
Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc./Training Center/etc.
Bohemian Club
Bott Radio Network
Brigham Young University/ Mormon/ THE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints
Brookings Institution
California Independent Business PAC
Campaign for Working Families
Campus Crusade for Christ Intl
Capitol Publishing Co
Capital Research Center
Capitol Resource Institute
Cato Institute
CAUSA (Confederation of Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas, Moon's multinational anti-communist and political organization. CAUSA served as the vehicle for Rev. Moon's funding of the New Right.)
Center for Futures Education
Center for Individual Rights
Center for Reform
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for the American Founding
Center for Peace and Freedom >
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), FBI or other Intelligence branch
Chalcedon Institute
Christian Action Council ~ Thomas Glessner
Christian Coalition
Christian Film & Television Commission
Christian Financial Concepts., Inc.
Christian Heritage Foundation (CHF) (Moon funded) (Falwell)
Christian Inquirer
Christian Solidarity International
"Christian Voice."
Church League of America
Churches Alive, International
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Citizens for America
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Citizens Intelligence Digest
Citizens United
Claremont Institute
Coalition for a Democratic Majority, > which was associated with the Committee on the Present Danger, The Coalition for Peace Through Strength and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) ~ H. L. "Bill" Richardson
Coalition for Freedom
Coalition for Peace through Strength
Coalition for Religious Freedom
Coalition on Revival (COR)
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Concerned Women for America Inc
Conservative Campaign Fund
Conservative Caucus or it's Leadership Council
Conservative Caucus Research and Education Foundation
Conservatives Against Liberal Legislation (CALL)
Conservative Digest
Council for Government Reform (CGR)
Council for Inter-American Security
Council for the Defense of Freedom
Council on Foreign Relations
Creation Research Society
Discovery Institute
Eagle Forum
Eagle Publishing
Empower America
English First
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Evangelicals and Catholics Together
Family Research Council
Federalist Society
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Focus on the Family
Free Congress Foundation
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation
Freedom Alliance
Freedom Council
Freedom House
Freedoms Foundation
Free Enterprise Institute
Free Market Foundation
Friends of the Americas
Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (PRODEMCA)
Gideons International
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Gospel Films/ Gospel Communications International (GCI)
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of California
Heritage Foundation
"High Frontier."
Hillsdale College
Home School Legal Defense Assoc.
Hoover Institution
Hudson Institute
Human Events
Institute for Creation Research
Ku Klux Klan (Conservative Citzen Council)
Landmark Legal Foundation
Legislative Studies Institute
Lehrman Institute
Liberty University
Luis Palau Crusade
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Media Research Center (Parents Television Council)
Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem
Mises Institute
Mont Pelerin Society
Moral Majority
National Advisory Board on International Education
National Association of Churches
National Association of Evangelicals
National Center for Policy Analysis
National Center for Privatization.(1983) which has since become the Council for Government Reform
National Center for Public Policy Research's
National Christian Action Coalition
National Congressional Club
National Conservative Political Action Committee
National Council of Churches, also called the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.
National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, NCBCPS
National Council on Education Research
National Defense Council Foundation
National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)
National Legal and Policy Center
National Legal Center for the Public Interest
National Pro-Life PAC
National Religious Broadcasters
National Review or National Review Online
National Rifle Association
National Right to Life Committee or Foundation
National Right To Work Organization/ Legal Defense Foundation
National Right To Work Committee
Nevada Policy Research Institute
Newcomen Society
Nicaraguan Freedom Fund
Outreach Working Group on Central America
Pepperdine University ~ Dr. James Dobson, H. Preston Hawkins, Howard Kaloogian, Richard A. Riddle, Richard M. Scaife
Philadelphia Society
Phillips Foundation
Pioneer Fund
Plymouth Rock Foundation
Promise Keepers
The Prophecy Club
Radio Free Europe or Radio Liberty ~ J. Peter Grace, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Frank Shakespeare
RAMBO Coalition~ Young Americans for Freedom, Students for America, Freedom's Friends, The Conservative Caucus, Alpha 66, American Coalition for Traditional Values, Alive and Free, National Young Vietnamese for Freedom, and Nemesis
Refugee Relief International
Religious Roundtable/ Council of 56
Republican National Coalition for Life
Restore a More Benevolent World Order (RAMBO)
Sacramento Union
Second Amendment Foundation
Soldier of Fortune magazine (SOF)
Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta
"Steeling the Mind of America"
"Strategies to Eliminate Poverty" (STEP) Program and Foundation
The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas
The Freemen Institute
The International Freedom Foundation (IFF) ~ Jack Abramoff, Senator Jesse Helms, Alan Keyes, Duncan Sellars
The Independent Institute
The Leadership Institute (where Gannon got his journalism degree in 24 hrs)
The Lincoln Review
The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty
The Radvanyi Chair in International Studies
The Reason Foundation
The Religious Heritage Freedom Foundation
The Rockford Institute
The Roe Foundation
The Rutherford Institute
The Viguerie Company ~ Richard Viguerie, Morton Blackwell, Carolyn Malenick
The Washington Times ~
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Transnational Association of Christian Schools
United Schools of America, Inc ~ Carlos Benitez
United States Global Strategy Council ~
United Students of America Foundation ~ Jack Abramoff
U.S. Council for World Freedom or it's pre-cursor, American Council for World Freedom
United States Taxpayers Party, now called The Constitution Party ~ Howard Phillips, Brig. General Albion W. Knight , Richard Viguerie, Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt
U.S. Youth Council, {CIA funded and parent of the International Youth Year Commission}
Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom ~ Howard Ahmanson, Jr.
Women of Our Hemisphere Achieving Together
Women's Federation For World Peace Conference ~ ~ Hon. Gary Bauer
World Anti-Communist League
World Business Council
World Council of Churches
World Vision
Wycliffe Bible Translators International
Young America's Foundation
Young Americans for Freedom >
Young Life
Young President's Organization
Young Republicans
Young Republican National Federation or Young Republican Federation of California
Youth For Christ

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AntiFascist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-07-06 04:12 AM
Response to Reply #1
2. The wealthy Richard M. Scaife might be one candidate...
who Steven R. Kangas was pursuing when he was mysteriously suicided. His mission was to "bring back the head of the Octopus"?

Painted by the media as a fringe lunatic and drunk, who had traveled from Las Vegas to Pittsburgh with the intention of killing Scaife, but wound up killing himself instead , Kangas's web site is well done, impressively researched--more like two doctoral theses--and reasonable, though there is some far-out stuff about the Knights of Malta, and he did think the CIA has extraordinary reach--a faith in conspiracy shared by Scaife, who had once run a CIA front: the World News Forum in London. One article on the growth of the underclass under Reagan contains 150-odd graphs and charts. Scaife is mentioned, but not prominently featured in the Website. Recent articles on the CIA's influence in creating the "overclass" are more extreme, though still scrupulously documented.


It's possible Kangas, a former Army intelligence specialist (Berlin and Central America Soviet eavesdropper/analyst) and proprietor of a comprehensive liberal Internet site: "Liberalism Resurgent" (, went to Scaife's Pittsburgh offices and committed suicide as a frustrated last ditch effort to start a serious investigation of Scaife (who is estranged from his own family-Carnegie/Mellon, and most former associates), a theory Kangas's father, conservative Christian Robert Esh espouses.

It is interesting that Scaife is also one of the principle funders of PNAC.

All kinds of CIA-related info on Scaife here, courtesy of Lyndon LaRouche who was pursued by Scaife:

Origins of the secret government

As the Iran-Contra scandals played out in televised Congressional hearings in 1987, many Americans began to get a glimpse of what some Congressmen called the ``parallel'' government, and others simply called the ``secret government.'' What most Americans didn't know, is the intellectual foundations were developed by Richard Mellon Scaife's hirelings.

Two Scaife-funded operations played central roles in preparing the way for the creation of this ``secret government'' machinery. The first was a series of national security seminars held during 1973-79 by the International Security Studies Program at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University--organized by Prof. Uri Ra'anan. The second was a series of seven conferences held during 1979-84 by the ``Consortium for the Study of Intelligence,'' organized by Roy Godson.


Scaife's network did not just provide the ``intellectual'' underpinnings for the ``secret government'' and offline intelligence operations. In a couple of instances, his operatives were caught directly laundering money for the drug-running Contras, and they almost found themselves indicted as a result of the Iran-Contra investigation.

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