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Earthquake Weather

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La_Fourmi_Rouge Donating Member (878 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 06:32 PM
Original message
Earthquake Weather
Edited on Mon Oct-30-06 06:32 PM by La_Fourmi_Rouge
I was reading another post by H20man this morning, and as usual it sparked a lot of thoughts I always keep in the back of my mind that much of my attraction to older, wiser men stems from the fact that I lost my father to his second heart attack when he was 47 and I was only 6 years old. I am also painfully aware of the fact that there are many people in this world far more intelligent and articulate than myself. Yet I have been able to discern, over the course of 51 years, the way of the world. I have a voice a language and some form of self-expression,, and even though I cannot rise to the heights of eloquence of my esteemed peers, I can tell you what I think without intimidation or shame.

When I read, I do so obsessively I devour books until my appetite is sated, and then move on to other gratifications recently I read a book by Doris Lessing, called The Four-Gated City. The gist of the book is about the life experiences of a woman possessed of a profound intuition that great change was coming, yet she was unable to articulate the nature thereof.

Sometimes we only have a sense of what is to come without knowing the details. And this is what I feel like right now.

I remember when my brother-in-law and I went to see the 1989 World Series. We had company tickets to Game 3. We roamed the stadium for an hour or so and watched batting practice, then made our way to our seats. I stopped to buy a beer and looked out over Candlestick Point. The air was still, and the conversation around me was low-key. The grey atmosphere was charged with some unfathomably deep, ineffable energy, less than smoke, beyond vapor...

Looking back upon that experience now I realize that I and millions of others were in the grip of earthquake weather that moment in time when all is still and there is a palpable electricity in the air a potential that one is apt to miss if one is too much involved with the day-to-day inanities of life
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Joanne98 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 06:34 PM
Response to Original message
1. I used to get premonitions. They are leaving me alone the last decade.
But I have to admit, there is something in the air. I'm trying not to think about it.
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Annces Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 06:41 PM
Response to Original message
2. I drew an airplane (jumbo jet) and taped it on my refrigerator
a month or so before September 11. It was a reminder for me to quit some habit or other. But I never draw airplanes. When September 11 happened, I went "ah ha". I must have picked something up in the ether.

When you say earthquake, do you mean natural disaster?
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La_Fourmi_Rouge Donating Member (878 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 06:56 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. No.
I am thinking about human conciousness, and the individual, how our senses pick up more than the collateral data of everyday life, and how it can drive us "crazy".
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DawgHouse Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 06:59 PM
Response to Original message
4. You have a way with words.
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lovuian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 07:01 PM
Response to Original message
5. I think a bunch of us feels that there is something is
happening a momentous period in our time

are going into the Dark Ages ???
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Xithras Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 07:26 PM
Response to Original message
6. It's been studied to death.
I know a guy who swears by earthquake weather, and says something similar to what you're proposing about the 1989 quake. Of course, I know another guy who was reading a book at home with his cats, another guy who was having sex, two people who were getting drunk in rowdy sports bars, one who was driving and chatting with his brother, and countless others who were just going through the regular motions of life. None of them reported anything out of the ordinary. Me? I was goofing off with some friends and was looking for a TV to watch the game on...when the shaking started I thought it was a truck or a train.

The concept of "earthquake weather" and premonition has been studied to death by researchers around the world who really do want to be able to predict quakes. Nothing has panned out. The problem is that we humans are wrong 100 times for every time we're right, and yet it's in our nature to forget the times we were wrong and remember the times we were right. Time after time, examinations of people who claim to "feel" quakes coming, examinations of weather conditions at the time of quakes, and examinations of everything from news events to lunar phases has failed to turn up any conclusive links to anything. Hundreds of sensors at Parkfield and other active sections of the San Andreas have also measured everything from EM to electricity to sonic waves both before and after quakes looking for something to help in predicting quakes. While it IS possible that some people might become aware of a quake several seconds ahead of others as the first imperceptible high frequency vibrations pulse out of the epicenter, that kind of perception would give you no more than a second or two of warning.

Part of the psychological makeup of humans is that we like to impose order and routine...we don't like truly random events and actions. When faced with something that is terrifying and truly random, like quakes, we have varying ways of dealing with it. Many of us simply seal the information off and compartmentalize it until its needed later. These are the same idiots who build their houses on top of cliffs. Others prefer to mysticize it, as your post does. If you can't fathom a random event, you make it predictable. That way it isn't random anymore, and isn't as disturbing. In my book, religious mysticism has no place in the realm of science and scientific events like quakes. Scientifically, time doesn't's more of a state of being than a road we're traveling down. Nobody can forsee the future because the future doesn't exist yet.
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Jeroen Donating Member (608 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 07:28 PM
Response to Original message
He is an artist and his studio is just around the corner from where I live and work. We know each other since art academy, now 15 years ago. We have coffee almost on a daily basis. Anyway, we where in my kitchen and he started to talk about the strange atmosphere outside, in a sense related to the weather or gloomy sky, but of course beyond the weather itself. Hard to describe I guess, but I think earthquake weather is exactly what he was referring to. I felt the same thing and I can still feel it in a way.
I have great difficulties to focus on my work and to energize myself for future projects.

It reminds me also of what another friend told me recently. He knows an elder German women and she told him that she felt the same as before WWII in the late thirties. Some sort of presence, a thick silence, as if something is coming.

I wish I could express myself more clearly, but English is not my first language.
Thanks for your post, I enjoyed reading it.

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Karenina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 08:51 PM
Response to Reply #7
10. I feel the same way you do...
"I have great difficulties to focus on my work and to energize myself for future projects."

You express yourself quite clearly and your written English is admirable.

Welcome to DU!!! :toast:
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BeHereNow Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 08:14 PM
Response to Original message
8. You are not imagining it: Message from Lakota Chief Arvol Lookin Horse.
Edited on Mon Oct-30-06 08:14 PM by BeHereNow
"Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

2006-10-22 | Mitakuye (my relative),

I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and
Nakota Nation, ask you to understand an Indigenous
perspective on what has happened in America, what we
call "Turtle Island." My words seek to unite the global
Community through a message from our sacred
ceremonies to unite spiritually, each in our own ways of
beliefs in the Creator.

We have been warned from Ancient Prophecies of these
times we live in today, but have also been given a very
important message about a solution to turn these terrible
times around.

To understand the depth of this message you must
recognize the importance of
Sacred Sites and realize the interconnectedness of what is
happening today, in reflection of the continued massacres
that are occurring on other lands and our own Americas.

I have been learning about these important issues since the
age of 12, upon receiving the Sacred White Buffalo Calf
Pipe Bundle and its teachings. Our people have striven to
protect Sacred Sites from the beginning of time. These
places have been violated for centuries and have brought
us to the predicament
that we are in at the global level.

Look around you. Our Mother Earth is very ill from these
violations, and we are on the brink of destroying the
possibility of a healthy and nurturing survival for generations
to come, our children's children.

Our ancestors have been trying to protect our Sacred Site
called the Sacred Black Hills in South Dakota, "Heart of
Everything That Is," from continued violations. Our ancestors
never saw a satellite view of this site, but now that those
pictures are available, we see that it is in the shape of a
heart and, when fast-forwarded, it looks like a heart

The Dine have been protecting Big Mountain, calling it the
liver, and we are suffering and going to suffer more from
the extraction of the coal from there and the poison
processes used in doing so.

The Aborigines have warned of the contaminating effects
of global warming on the Coral Reefs, which they see as
Mother Earth's blood purifier.

The Indigenous people of the rainforest relay that the
rainforest are the lungs of the planet and need protection.

The Gwich'in Nation has had to face oil drilling in the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain, also known to the
Gwich'in as "Where life begins!"

The coastal plain is the birthplace of many life forms of the
Animal Nations. The death of these Animal Nations will
destroy Indigenous Nations in this territory.

As these destructive developments continue all over the
world, we will witness many more extinct Animal, Plant, and
Human Nations, because of mankind's misuse of power
and their lack of understanding of the "balance of life."

The Indigenous people warn that these destructive
developments will cause havoc globally. There are many,
many more Indigenous awarenesses and knowledge about
Mother Earth's Sacred Sites, her Chakras, connections to our
spirit that will surely affect our future generations.

There needs to be a fast move toward other forms of
energy that are safe for all Nations upon Mother Earth. We
need to understand the types of minds that are continuing
to destroy the spirit of our whole global community. Unless
we do this,
the powers of destruction will overwhelm us. Our Ancestors
foretold that water would someday be for sale. Back then,
this was hard to believe, since the water was so plentiful, so
pure, and so full of energy, nutrition, and spirit.

Today we have to buy pure water, and even then the
nutritional minerals have been taken out; it's just empty
liquid. Someday water will be like gold, too expensive to

Not everyone will have the right to drink safe water. We fail
to appreciate and honor our Sacred Sites, ripping out the
minerals and gifts that lay underneath them as if Mother
Earth were simply a resource, instead of the Source of Life

Attacking Nations and having to utilize more resources to
carry out destruction in the name of peace is not the
answer! We need to understand how all these decisions
affect the Global Nation; we will not be immune to its
repercussions. Allowing continual contamination of our food
and land is affecting the way we think.

A "disease of the mind" has set in world leaders and many
members of our global community, with their belief that a
solution of retaliation and destruction of peoples will bring

In our Prophecies it is told that we are now at the
crossroads: Either unite spiritually as a Global Nation, or be
faced with chaos, disasters, diseases, and tears from our
relatives' eyes.

We are the only species that is destroying the Source of Life,
meaning Mother Earth, in the name of power, mineral
resources, and ownership of land, using chemicals and
methods of warfare that are doing irreversible damage, as
Mother Earth is becoming tired and cannot sustain any
more impacts of war.

I ask you to join me on this endeavor. Our vision is for the
Peoples of all continents, regardless of their beliefs in the
Creator, to come together as one at their Sacred Sites to
pray and meditate and commune with one another, thus
promoting an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth and
achieve a universal consciousness toward attaining Peace.

As each day passes, I ask all Nations to begin a global
effort, and remember to give thanks for the Sacred Food
that has been gifted to us by our Mother Earth, so the
nutritional energy of medicine can be guided to heal our
minds and spirits.

This new millennium will usher in an age of harmony or it will
bring the end of life as we know it. Starvation, war, and
toxic waste have been the hallmark of the Great Myth of
Progress and Development that ruled the last millennium.

To us, as caretakers of the heart of Mother Earth, falls the
responsibility of turning back the powers of destruction. You
yourself are the one who must decide.

You alone - and only you - can make this crucial choice, to
walk in honor or to dishonor your relatives. On your decision
depends the fate of the entire World.

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to
personally decide the future of humankind.

Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary
people in a time of such terrible danger?

Know that you yourself are essential to this World. Believe
that! Understand both the blessing and the burden of that.
You yourself are desperately needed to save the soul of this
World. Did you think you were put here for something less?
In a Sacred Hoop of Life, there is no beginning and no

Chief Arvol Looking Horse"

You may also want to visit this site:

The Kogi Indians of Columbia tried
to warn us some time ago, as did the

If you do nothing else, find a copy of the Kogi
documentary. You can otain a copy by
donating to the Kogi trust, or checking your
local library. (some carry it, but not many)
You will not find it in any corporate commercial
rental stores.
They don't want you to know the message from the
"Elder Brothers," as the Kogi call themselves.
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Change has come Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 08:36 PM
Response to Reply #8
9. Thank you for sharing this message
This seems to make perfect sense to me.
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