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GOP Sex Scandal Scorecard and THE LIST from Mike Rogers' - rec pls.

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Dems Will Win Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-20-06 10:59 PM
Original message
GOP Sex Scandal Scorecard and THE LIST from Mike Rogers' - rec pls.
This is a quick list to show your conservative-fundie friends and family! The first list are all the GOP elected Reps that have been in the news for one sex scandal/coverup or another. The Second list is THE LIST from Mike Rogers' Blogactive.

GOP Sex Scandal/Coverup/Outed Velvet Mafia LIST

House Reps

Mark Foley R - No introduction needed!

Jim Kolbe R Took Pages on camping trips while still in the closet

Don Sherwood R The Choker, is accused by admitted mistress of attempted strangulation.

Jerry Weller R Accused of having sex with underage female page

Dennis Hastert R Witnesses say he knew of Foley but did nothing/covered up

Tom Reynolds R - Witnesses say he knew of Foley but did nothing/covered up. Chief of Staff Fordham resigned over helping Foley.

John Boehner R - Admits he knew of Foley but did nothing/covered up

Sue Kelly R Was on Page Board when Republican gay staffers warned pages about Foley. Recently took money from Foleys PROM Committee.

Heather Wilson R Used her brand-new government position in NM bureau to deep-six file on her husbands inappropriate behavior with a minor. Also served on Page Board 2001

Duke Cunningham R Played in Brent Wilkes-funded Poker games at the Watergate Hotel where he was not only allowed to always win by reverse shills (thus laundering large amounts of undeclared cash), prostitutes would strip as various hands were won, and at the end of the game all retired with their choice.

Porter Goss R Also played in the Brent Wilkes-funded Poker-Prostitute games at the Watergate Hotel.

There's a list going around. Those disseminating it call it "The List." It's a roster of top-level Republican congressional aides who are gay.

On CBS News on Tuesday, correspondent Gloria Borger reported that there's anger among House Republicans at what an unidentified House GOPer called a "network of gay staffers and gay members who protect each other and did the Speaker a disservice." The implication is that these gay Republicans somehow helped page-pursuing Mark Foley before his ugly (and possibly illegal) conduct was exposed. The List--drawn up by gay politicos--is a partial accounting of who on Capitol Hill might be in that network. ...

... What's interesting about The List--which includes nine chiefs of staffs, two press secretaries, and two directors of communications--is that (if it's acucurate) it shows that some of the religious right's favorite representatives and senators have gay staffers helping them advance their political careers and agendas. ...

... Let's be clear about one thing: the Mark Foley scandal is not about homosexuality. Some family value conservatives are suggesting it is. But anytime a gay Republican is outed by events, a dicey issue is raised: what about those GOPers who are gay and who serve a party that is anti-gay? Are they hypocrites, opportunists, or just confused individuals? Is it possible to support a party because you adhere to most of its tenets--even if that party refuses to recognize you as a full citizen? The men on The List might want to think hard about these questions--as they probably already have--for if I have a copy of The List, there's a good chance it will be appearing soon on a website near everyone.

Here also is THE LIST from Mike Rogers Blogactive site, at least those who are the closeted gay Republicans who push an anti-gay agenda for show.

US Representatives
Rep. Ed Schrock (VA)
Rep. David Drier (CA)
Rep. James McCrery (LA)
Rep. Mark Foley (FL)

US Senators
Sen Larry Craig (ID) According to Mike Rogers, there is proof Craig often had sex with men in Union Station yet pushes an anti-gay agenda.

Senior GOP Staff
Jay Timmons, NRSC
Dan Gurley, RNC
Jay Banning, RNC

Senior Senate Staffers
Robert Traynham, Santorum
Jonathan Tolman, Inhofe
Kirk Fordham, Martinez
Dirk Smith, Lott
John Reid, Allen
Paul Unger, Allen
Linus Catignani, Frist

Senior House Staffers
Scott Palmer, Hastert
Jim Conzelman, Oxley
Lee Cohen, Hart
Robert O'Conner, King
Pete Meachum, Brown-Waite

Bush Staff
Israel Hernandez
Jeff Berkowitz

Former Clerk of the House
Jeff Trandahl

Do you think Mike Rogers is right to have published The List and outed all these anti-gay gay Republicans from Foley to Craig? (I updated Rogers' List for him as he added a few just in the last week)
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Tandalayo_Scheisskopf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-20-06 11:15 PM
Response to Original message
1. Yes, I think it was wrong to publish at this time.
Edited on Fri Oct-20-06 11:16 PM by Tandalayo_Scheisskop
Because there ain't a lot of Repuke party mucky-mucks on that list who likely should be.

All in all, I am no fan of outing. If someone wants to live their life in the closet, so be it. It's their life. That said, these are unique times and those above, and so many more, have made a lot of political hay by attacking people just like them.

The repuke party has been taken over by the most extreme right wing elements on the American political scene. People with views and plans that 15 years ago, would have been recognized for the cranks that they are and investigated by the FBI in perpetuity. In some cases, rightly so. These people come from the world of militias, Christian Identity, neo-nazi groups, white supremecist groups...the whole ugly panapoly of the fringiest of the fringe. The repukes, these people above among them, embraced the slugs in a naked grab for money and power. Nothing more and nothing less.

Nah, outing sucks. It shouldn't happen. Sadly, I guess it has to, nonetheless. After all, what other tactics are left for exposing the base hypocrisy and fundamental malign intent of the repukes?

These people are Straussian/Randian Royalists. They must be exposed for what and who they are, so others can be what and who they are.

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Dems Will Win Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-21-06 08:27 AM
Response to Original message
2. kick
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