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More on the fake news front...

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Independent_Liberal Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-09-06 05:05 PM
Original message
More on the fake news front...
More satire from little old me, IndyLib.


The Independent Liberals News Desk

November 1, 2006

Edmonds v. DOJ and a new 9/11 investigation in New York

On January 19, 2005, the Public Citizen Public Interest Organization filed an amicus brief on behalf of 14 public interest and 9/11 family groups to have the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to hear the case of FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds against the U.S. Department of Justice. Edmonds has tried her case in the Supreme Court and other U.S. District Courts but all have turned her down. She was gag ordered by former Attorney General John Ashcroft under the claim of states secrets privileges for pointing out national security breaches in the months after the 9/11 attacks. Ms. Edmonds formed the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition ( ), an organization of whistleblowers who have worked in various government offices and intelligence agencies to help uncover corruption, waste, fraud, abuse and wrongdoing within the government. Ms. Edmonds has given testimony before the 9/11 Commission and the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary Committees. She has called for public hearings in the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on allegations of various illegal activities that have gone on in all three branches of the government. According to a recent article published on, these allegations include:
9/11 Related:
 Information omitted and covered-up regarding documented and confirmed case of a long-term FBI Informant & Asset who provided the FBI with specific information and warnings in April & June 2001 regarding 9/11 terrorist attacks.
 Information omitted & covered up regarding documented information in the procession of the FBI in July 2001 regarding blue prints and building composite information of Sky Scrapers being sent to certain groups in the Middle East by certain Middle-Eastern suspects in the State of Nevada.
 Information omitted & covered up regarding arrangements made between the State Department and certain countries to deport certain Middle-Eastern and Central Asian detainees from jails in New Jersey & New York off the record and without having them interrogated in November 2001. (Documents related to these suspects were forged at the FBI).
 Information omitted & covered up regarding nuclear related information illegally obtained by certain foreign entities and US persons (government officials) from several US labs being sold to a certain Middle-Eastern group in the United States in 1998-2000. The operation involved individuals with Diplomatic cover, foreign Ph.D. students, and US employees.
 Information omitted & covered up regarding money laundering & narcotics operations, some of which involved entities from the Middle East and the Balkans, in several US cities.
 Information omitted & covered up regarding certain Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)-related activities linked to the 9/11 attacks between August & October 2001.
 Certain terrorist related Counterintelligence/FISA information & investigations were prevented from being transferred to counterterrorism & criminal division by the Department of State and the Pentagon; "preserving sensitive diplomatic relations" and "protecting certain US foreign business relations (mainly involving weapons procurement)" were cited as reasons.
 Intentional mistranslation & blocking of foreign language intelligence of FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations.
Penetration of FBI, Department of State and Department of Defense:
 Melek Can Dickerson: FBI; formerly employed by the American Turkish Council (ATC) and American Turkish Association (ATA).
 Major Douglas Dickerson: Air Force, DIA; formerly worked with the American Turkish Council (ATC), had on going relationship with International Advisors Inc (IAI) principles who worked as lobbying arms for certain foreign nations and foreign non-state entities (some of whom were engaged in illegal activities in the United States and against US interests and national Security.)
 Cases reported by John M. Cole, Veteran FBI Counterintelligence Operations Manager, to the DOJ-IG & Congress involving Hadiya Roberts (ISI-Pakistan), and several other individuals.
 Documented cases under FBI counterintelligence surveillance between 1997 and 2002, involving US government officials from the Department of State, DOD, and certain elected officials who were recipients of regular payments made by state and non-state foreign entities, some involved in criminal operations against US interests & national security. These cases were prevented from being transferred to actionable criminal and/or counterterrorism divisions/investigations.
 A reported case of penetration of FBI New York Field Office by an Iranian rouge agent.
Corruption & illegal activities involving US persons:
 Illegal payments to several elected officials in Congress; on going (1997-2002).
 Joint illegal activities between certain foreign agents (state & non-state) and US lobbying firms, government officials (Pentagon and the Department of State) and several elected officials. These activities include obtaining and passing highly classified and sensitive DOD documents & bribery and/or coercion of US individuals.
 Nuclear black market related activities carried out by certain foreign groups/lobbying firms/businesses/individuals & US persons (former & current US government employees and officials).
FBI: incompetence:
(Refer to DOJ-IG report confirming all & more)
 Hiring unqualified translators based on nepotism & cronyism, some of these translators did not even pass elementary English proficiency tests; some were granted Top Secret Clearance despite their highly questionable background.
 Language specialists charging the United States government for hours not worked and/or services not rendered (Fraudulent invoices, etc.)
 much more; please refer to the DOJ-IG Report

After months of Edmonds, 9/11 family members, civil liberties groups and whistleblowers trying to get the Appeals Court to hear the case, the Court has finally decided to look at it. The ACLU and National Security Whistleblowers Coalition have publicly expressed how pleased they are that the Court is doing this.

In other news, after months of 9/11 family members in New York City trying to get New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to open an independent investigation into 9/11, the Attorney General and District Attorney of Manhattan have finally listened. An independent grand jury investigation into the events in New York will be opened tomorrow and an Independent Prosecutor will be appointed to investigate the allegations of criminal negligence by former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman by telling New Yorkers the air at ground zero was safe to breathe when it wasnt, insurance fraud and other unsolved crimes relating to the events. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of New York family members in a U.S. District Court in New York to force an investigation into the events. September 11th Families for a Peaceful Tomorrow, The 9/11 Family Steering Committee and Scholars for 9/11 Truth among other 9/11 groups have publicly expressed their pleasure with the Federal Court and Spitzer for finally looking into this. Its about time we had a new investigation, said Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst who has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the 9/11 Commission. Theres too many unanswered questions out there that the 9/11 Commission hasnt answered, he added.

The petition and complaint from reads:

with New York legislators, first responders, victim families, and millions of NY citizens calling for a new investigation of unsolved 9/11 crimes, and the full prosecution of those found responsible.

In memory and on behalf of:
the more than 2800 murdered in New York on September 11, 2001, including 343 firefighters and 75 police officers;
the hundreds of thousands of residents and workers variously harmed by the assault;
the equivalent numbers suffering dire health effects from attack-related pollution;
New York's collateral victims, human and institutional, who collectively lost billions of dollars in business, career and property damages; and
the millions of New York citizens who have lost precious freedoms, rights, family members and/or faith in government in the resulting so-called "War on Terror."
We the undersigned:

a) think that there is ample evidence and probable cause to believe that many grave and still unresolved crimes were committed by US officials prior to, during and after the events of 9/11;

b) observe that most of these apparent crimes, including but not limited to abetment of mass murder, criminal negligence, insider trading, and obstruction of justice, fall well within the jurisdiction of New York's top law enforcement officials, who thus become the People's last recourse when federal intervention yields no credible answers, relief or accountability;

c) therefore petition the Attorney General of the State of New York and the District Attorney of the Borough of Manhattan:
to open urgent new investigations into the most serious, incriminating,
and still largely unexplicated bodies of 9/11 evidence,
to expose and fully prosecute the perpetrators of all discovered crimes,
to restore damages, justice and honor to the state and people of New York, and thereby
to reclaim the public trust in government and our system of law.

It looks as though we may finally get some answers to these many unanswered questions about 9/11. For now we should wait and find out where this investigation takes us.


Let's see if we can make this article come true on that date.
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autorank Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-10-06 04:12 AM
Response to Original message
1. KR Hey I read this somewhere else. It's not really fake is it?
I'm all for this. Do we have to concentrate real hard ;) or does this require some real work.

I think the work piece is the ticket.

Will do my part. :hi:
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