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conserving?? What? the GOP?

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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-08-06 10:16 AM
Original message
conserving?? What? the GOP?
What exactly do Conservatives 'conserve'?
Their own power. The party of aristocracy,and might makes right hiding under moral values and fiscal responsibility is what they ALWAYS were.
Reagan sold the people a lie with his"trickle down economics" And It just got uglier.. These thugs were out to destroy this country,kill its freedoms so they could rule with full spectrum domination,THEY were they tyrants,doing a slow generational coup by appealing to the publics mose BASE desires,power without restraint .greed without giving back ,prestige without substance,selfishness without shame,security without freedom and hypocrisy without being seen as being a liar...A psychopaths' haven under a cloak of patriotism, morality and public service, a haven from the accountability to,scrutiny of,the people of conscience(the real WE the people) that is what the "Conservatives" seek/sought. This is why the founders had an answer to tyranny: Abolish their sick shadowy "government" and Hang them.


What do Conservatives 'conserve' anyway? To answer this you must ask what is the real meaning of "Conservative"? Where did this 'ideology' come from? Who made it up? And Why?

When I hear some snotty elitist speak of "ordered liberty," I can't help but ask,

Liberties come in which order?

And whose liberty is the most important and first here?

Could this two-faced social Darwinism crap really be the true unspoken origins of Conservatism in America?

Yes, Virginia, it is.

After all, when you look at what they say vs how what they say pans out in the real world, you'll find out what exactly these elitists calling themselves conservative are conserving. They are conserving their own power, wealth, and social domination within their own ranks... and all the talk goes to those sickening same old self-interested ends.

The central idea of The Conservative Mind, upon which American conservatism is essentially based, is this idea called "ordered liberty."

But when I hear some snotty elitist speak of "ordered liberty," I can't help but ask, Liberties come in which order? And whose liberty is the most important and first here? And order implies a hierarchy -- where you are located at on said hierarchy is very relevant to how "free" you are in this "order of liberties."

In the "conservative" way of blending the sometimes contending requirements of the community and the individual, of individual freedom and individual responsibility, of limited government and unlimited markets, it always favors the most powerful and their interests first. Their "order" makes sure they are first in line for everything but work, submission, responsibility and deprivation.

The order is switched around rhetorically when it is most convenient to these elites getting theirs. When big uncreative corporations can't deal with the upstart competition of creative people from below outdoing them, then the markets are "too free" and they get limited in the favor of the big gorillas (to preserve the top-down divine order). If markets make big gorilla monopolies that ruthlessly plunder the people, well, then the big gorillas are just the divine working order of the market.

There are six basic "canons" or principles of conservatism. After each, I will observe how those six canons of conservatism seem to pan out in reality.

#1 A divine intent, as well as personal conscience, rules society.

Un-Spun that is another way of saying, The Divine right of kings. If by divinity they mean Christian it is a theocracy. If there is one God, one creator, then one king is divinely appointed, well it must be God's chosen ruler on top, if society is run hierarchically by divine order.

#2 Traditional life is filled with variety and mystery while most radical systems are characterized by a narrowing uniformity ...
Their "order" makes sure they are first in line for everything but work, submission, responsibility and deprivation.

Tell that shit about "variety and mystery" to a housewife in the 1950's. Sometimes women back then were in such awe of the mysteries of church, taking care of house and husband and kids and seeking life we never had, they took Valium to sleep it away. Tell that to a factory worker who hates his job, or some cubicle slave. Oh, and never forget the great invisible hand -- divinity? -- of the market.

... while most radical systems are characterized by a narrowing uniformity.

Radicals all must agree with the basics of conservative ideology, or be ruthlessly stomped by the state if they do not uphold this notion of elitism couched as "divine order." That is why conservatives hate Anarchy: Because the radicals directly undermine the conservatives' bullshit about "divine mandates" they feel God gives them. They think God gave them their privilege to rule others, and exploit and manipulate them.

#3 Civilized society requires orders and classes.

Stratification creates poverty. When times are hard, it is no longer the entire group that suffers: The elite takes what it thinks it is 'entitled' to take, and the underclass does without.

This is why classes exist (hence "divine order," or more accurately an institutionalized excuse for systemic exploitation of others by the most powerful). God is used as the ultimate "permission giver" for the elites, excusing their plundering, enslaving, and domination of the masses.

Beliefs like ...

Gays are unnatural; not in the order of nature as God made it to be male and female, together...

Atheists are evil because they don't see God as a king...

And anyone is evil if they don't see "family values" when a man is head of the household and owns a little kingdom and his wife and kids are his property serve to keep the social status quo unequal, unjust, unfair and oppressive.

Ancient Rome and Nazis also had this "nuclear family" model, The wife and kids were property of male head of household. This is the same crap the Christian Conservatives are spouting these days -- they want to go back to home feudalism. And if feudalism is a 'normal' lifestyle at home, then society will reflect it as "normal."

In Rome, fathers could beat, rape, kill their uppity wives and disobedient kids because the "right" of the 'dick-head of the household' to dominate the weaker was couched as "divine order." It was master and slave, morality deified.

But there is nothing divine about "divine order." The class ism, elitism, and social hierarchy that conservatives tout as the "special" "glue" or bedrock of 'civilization' means they rely on maintaining a master/slaves morality to keep their own power stable. Basically, conservatism echoes the divine right of kings, and insists that the proper place for the "lower classes" is a life of poverty, desperation, xenophobia, ignorance, religion, and being bound in servitude. That is their 'divine order', and this self serving ugly, evil ideology is what conservatives believe holds civilizations together.

It is the supreme insult to humanity. All this lie does is concentrate power and keep the elites on top of this "divine order." Slavery is a natural part of divinity for these thuggish, entitled, well-off people. It's all part of the elites' plan, which they call "God's plan."

#4 Property and freedom are inseparably connected.

Basically this says, If you own it, you can do whatever you want with it. Other people who don't own it have no say in what you do with your property, lest their objections interfere with owners' or plunderers' property owners "freedom."

Beating and raping slaves, for example, is a divine right of an owner, when human beings are seen as "property." That is part of the owners' "freedom" and "property rights." Even today, human trafficking and certain industries create and reinforce the idea a human being is an object that can be used owned and sold (porn) as property of the 'owner'.

Remember it was not long ago (still is this way in some countries) when women were seen as property of their husbands/buyers. In those days and places, husbands had a right to beat their wives for not submitting, or for not cooking dinner on time. The wedding band is a symbolic remnant of this marriage bondage, and according to sociologist Stephanie Coontz, 'family' was a word that once meant a band of slaves.

"A wife is property that one acquires by contract, she is transferable, because possession of her requires title; in fact, woman is, so to speak, only mans appendage; consequently, slice, cut, clip her, you have all rights to her."
Honor De Balzac

"No written law has ever been more binding than unwritten custom supported by popular opinion."
Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947), in a speech at the Senate hearing on woman's suffrage, February 13, 1900

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Solly Mack Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-08-06 01:31 PM
Response to Original message
1. The Carrie Chapman Catt quote
"No written law has ever been more binding than unwritten custom supported by popular opinion."

Just think of the kinds of things that became unwritten "custom"...and even those unwritten customs that became laws...laws meant to control others and to protect the status quo

Think of all the actions and words that stem from and prop up:
Men superior to women
White superior to everything else under the rainbow
Poor people are criminal, dirty, lazy

- add your own

How those attitudes still linger...still trying to control...still meant to protect the status quo...the "order" of things...the "natural" order of things...deemed thusly by those who benefit from such an order

Lot of food for thought,undergroundpanther.

Like any good feast... to savor and digest slowly.

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