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Olbermann Watch pats themselves on the back for getting Keith to show up last night!

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Berry Cool Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-15-08 10:50 AM
Original message
Olbermann Watch pats themselves on the back for getting Keith to show up last night!
Yes, just in case you were wondering why Keith bothered to appear on last night's Countdown at all, you cannot credit anything as logical as MSNBC asking him to do so thanks to a "candidate scandal" having reached peak media saturation, or thanks to having secured an agreement from said candidate to speak with them about it. Oh nooooo.

Naah, it's all thanks to Bob Cox and his Merry Band of Cox-Suckers.

To be fair, I didn't give their site another hit by actually going to it, but a tag on Google from last night's posting was all I needed to see to get the gist.

Apparently, the boys decided that the "Jeremiah Wright scandal" had made Keith's Chosen Candidate (as you can be assured they no doubt think Obama is) look soooooooo bad that Keith wasn't going to show up on last night's program to address it at all! Rather, he would do what the now-canceled-by-Fox John Gibson accused Keith of doing every time he didn't want to talk about Bill and Monica again back in the days of The Big Show: hide out at home in his bathtub and force someone else to do the show. (According to Gibby, he was usually the loyal substitute stand-in. Hence, Olbermann Watch's otherwise utterly cryptic favored Keith pejorative "Bathtub Boy.")

When they saw Keith appear on last night's show, what was their first thought? That Keith was doing what one would normally expect him to do on a Friday night after having done the show all week long, unless otherwise engaged? Nah. And when he left partway through the show, did they conclude that maybe he was ill or really had a vacation or other engagement planned, but stopped in only because the Obama "get" demanded his presence? Nah.

Their first thought: Bathtub Boy was going to hide out in his bathtub last night rather than face the "horror" that was the Jeremiah Wright story. Only, Olbermann Watch put so much pressure on him by yakking all day about how he would surely NOT appear, that they literally COMPELLED him to appear--for at least part of the show--after which he, of course, went slinking back to his bathtub and his rubber duckie!

Yep. That's the power of Bob Cox and his Cox-Suckers. They are the ones that truly pull Keith's strings. All they have to do is laugh at and make fun of him, and he is compelled to do something JUST TO PROVE THEM WRONG!

Make no mistake. Keith doesn't run MSNBC. Olbermann Watch runs MSNBC. The whole network literally quakes in its boots whenever Bob Cox (He Who Causes the Sun to Rise and Set From His Modest Home in New Rochelle) and his minions apply the pressure. All Hail The Mighty Citizen Journalist Blogger!

And look what great footsteps he follows in, too. Consider Chad Castagana. I mean, he may live in his mother's basement, but look what HE did. He got Keith to take his first decent shower in years! (Of course, as we all know, Keith usually hangs out in the bathtub, his favorite place to avoid scandals that make liberals look bad. And baths just don't do a good enough job of powering off the dirt.)

And then you have KarmaBites. Why, without women like her in his life, Keith would probably never bother to change his sheets!

When you think about it, KOEBers, we really do owe all of Keith's sworn enemies our eternal thanks. In short, we should LEAVE THEM ALONE! Without them, we'd be LUCKY HE EVEN DOES A SHOW FOR US BASTARDS!
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bleever Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-15-08 02:14 PM
Response to Original message
1. Delusions
of relevance.

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Patsy Stone Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-15-08 04:21 PM
Response to Original message
2. Wow
So you mean we just have to say he won't do something and it makes him do it?

Berry! There's your problem! Next time use reverse psychology: "Keith would NEVER go out with Berry! He's too much of a coward and probably doesn't even know how to talk to a girl!"

Good luck with that, Bob. It must feel really cool to be so important... :eyes:
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Berry Cool Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-15-08 09:11 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. That's it. I'm tellin' ya, Keith would never date me. Not in a million years.
Why should he, when he'd much rather hang out with his much-younger girlfriend in the bathtub at home? I mean, it's much safer doing things that way. He's such a little fraidy cat, I bet he'll stay in there till his fingers and toes shrivel. Ha!

No way would he ever venture out and give ME a call and ask ME to come to New York. Or even, say, call me and say "You know, ever since 1997 when I was working the World Series for NBC, I have missed seeing the old Cleveland tradition of baseball in the snow. What do you say I fly into town and swing by and pick you up and we head to an Indians game next month?"

It'll never happen. Why? Because he's a wimp and a wuss. That's why.

Now, if I can just get this posted on Olbermann phone will be ringing in seconds!!! (Of course, chances are it'll be the local mental health facility.)
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