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John Kerry - The Worker And Achiever So Many Don't Know And Need To

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angrydemocrat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-29-04 11:45 PM
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John Kerry - The Worker And Achiever So Many Don't Know And Need To
John Kerry has proven time and time again to be more than just your average everyday worker. Kerry is a member of several Senate committees and the ranking member of at least three Senate committees. But yet time and time again people ask what has John Kerry done? Why has he not done more than he has in his duties as the junior senator of Massachusetts? Well first off when asked that question you ought to challenge the very people doing the talking to answer your questions as well. You should be asking them: Will you tell me any and I do many senator that does more than John Kerry and how or why do you think that? Can you tell me what you truly know about Kerry and all he has achieved? Or are you just truly blowing hot air here? Because the John Kerry I and many others in this country is what most in the general public call a workaholic.

Kerry had a 98% attendance record in all his duties even though he had far more than most senators have, until he was running for president. And he still managed to keep up with his senate duties while he was on the road. None of the committee's he was a member of and the ranking member of ever suffered from him running for president. Anytime there was important legislation on the senate floor or any other important duties that his staff couldn't do he would make sure he was there. Sure he missed some votes but you tell me a senator that don't miss several votes regardless for what reasons everyone of them do. But the fact is even though he was working his butt of on the campaign trail, was recovering from surgery from having prostate cancer, got very little rest, when duty called he was there. And he was always there for the issues that he felt were extremely important and couldn't be missed.

Now how many senators could keep up that kind of work load and schedule and still be going strong as if he they never were sick and had all the rest in the world? Well I can tell you not to many at all to be quite honest there is no way that alot of the senators could carry the workload that Kerry has and does everyday. And if you ask the senators personally most will tell you they couldn't. And as far as what he has done in his career well let me say it is time to lay it all out to where even a kid understands all this man has accomplished in his life and career. It is time there can no longer be any doubt how hard this man has worked all his life and will continue to work for America and the American people.

So his life history has already been layed out pretty well for all to see and understand. There will be more added even to his life history in due time but for now it is time to start laying out his senate career and what he has done for his home state of Massachusetts, America, and the American people. This will take some time and effort but mind you it will be done and there can no longer be any doubt of what Kerry has done. It will be set up to where all you have to do is go to one location, click a button, and read. The links to government agencies will be included for you to check out and verify the information for yourself. Another words it can't be said that the information being provided is not true. The source of information will be provided.

John Kerry is a intelligent hard working man that so many don't know but yet they choose to pass judgment without knowing the facts. So once it is all layed out for you and you have seen and learned what Kerry has done in his career then you make your judgments. Until then you might want to reserve passing judgment on a man you truly know nothing about. It is time this man gets the credit and respect he so rightfully deserves for all he has done for all of America and its people.
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