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Asteroid Centaur Hylonome

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Shallah Kali Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-10-09 08:08 AM
Original message
Asteroid Centaur Hylonome
Edited on Fri Apr-10-09 08:42 AM by Shallah Kali
To find her add 10370 in the additional bodies thingy on & add 42975 to find the position of her soulmate Cyllarus.

I came across something the other day that got me curious about this celestial body. I know as a newbie I shouldn't be playing with asteroids but without knowing anything other than her name I did a chart and found Hylonome square Pluto (& both retrograde) in my natal chart. I am in the midst of shadow work so I take notice when something touches Pluto. Hylonome was a centaur who's beloved was killed in battle. She tried to stop him from dying after being stabbed in the heart with a javelin but could not save him and so promptly committed suicide throwing her self upon the same weapon. ouch. Eric Francis gives her the keyword self-inflicted and refers to a young woman he knew who was a cutter who had Hylonome square Sun. Well when I was a teen I was a cutter myself. I managed to stop but still haven't found a way to totally eliminate self-inflicted wounds moving up to IBS and an autoimmune disorder Celiac.

Currently Hylonome is resting upon my natal Moon conjunct Neptune both 9 degrees Sag. No wonder old stuff is rising up and me finally making the conscious connection between cutting and ibs/celiac. I did another chart going back a month to when some family STUFF hit the proverbial fan and Hylonome was still there. I need to go back further and see when she first started pressing there and see if I can recall anything significant there. And then go forward and see when she will be moving on so I can maybe deal with the power surge going on the next several years with Chiron Jupiter Neptune going in and out of natal Sun conjunct Jupiter (2 degree of exact).

Philip Sedgwick: "The Centaurs"

Hylonome asks, What value do you assign to yourself in relationships? Can you cope with change and/or loss? Does it alter your self esteem to be with a particular person? We can use Hylonome to shed grief, to let go of how we feel diminished. Also, we need to let go of the IDEA that we messed up somehow. Look to the Midheaven in your charts to aid you in how to become self-assertive and non-

Hylonome stations seem to indicate an increased desire for acceptance and to conform and/or criticalness of self and/or others, and an increased emotional gradient in a situation(s) according to whatever Hylonome stations upon in the chart.">Serennu: Hylonome Notes

Hylonomes orbit goes from Neptune to Uranus, and if you transport yourself into the myth and be her, you can feel exactly that transition:

A javelin (who threw it is unknown) came from the left and took you, Cyllarus, below the place where the chest swells to the neck. When the weapon was withdrawn the heart, though only slightly pierced, grew cold with the whole body. Immediately Hylonome clasped the dying limbs, sealed the wound with her hand, placed her mouth on his, and tried to prevent the passage of his spirit. Seeing he was dead, with words that the noise prevented from reaching my ears, she threw herself onto the spear that had pierced him, embracing her husband in dying.

Her response seems sudden, impulsive, erratic (Uranus), but we can understand where she was coming from, we can understand the overwhelming empathy and oneness with her loved one (Neptune). The theme of feeling other peoples pain and taking it on as your own, perhaps completely unconsciously, and the potential dangers of that, is in there. Astrologically you could say that if you pick up vibes from Neptune, which are by definition unconscious and possibly delusional, its pretty dangerous to let Uranus decide what to do with them. The result will probably be some kind of irrational reflex, which could be either tragic or utterly brilliant.


Hylonomes Uranian impulses seem to be directed more towards the self than at others, as if Uranus was retrograde. Mars is retrograde in Leo in the planets discovery chart, which could be expressed as self-attack, and which is also a picture of the arrow through the heart in the myth. Leo rules the heart, and in the myth we can see that Cyllaruss heart was pierced by the javelin, and that this was a mirror of how Hylonome felt emotionally. Her heart was pierced. The feeling is of a wound that energetically had already happened to her, which she then acted out by throwing herself on the javelin. In a sense she simply manifested the pierced heart energy she was experiencing, which was just too strong not to appear in the physical world. This need to physically touch the pain in your heart is something we can all recognise on a gut level by feeling that myth, hard as it might be to explain or express; we can feel that maybe Hylonome talks perfect sense in the wordless realm (and note that her words were inaudible in the myth).


It seems to me that Hylonome is deeply intuitive, picks up all the vibes around her and feels them in her body. I think Uranus is related to the energy body, as the go-between for the physical (Saturn) and pure being (Neptune). We need to be aware of Hylonomes process, and somehow learn to allow a thought gap between the feeling and the doing in any situation. It isnt easy, and so Hylonome may sometimes represent the pain you bring on yourself with emotional reflex actions that truly dont feel controllable, that you honestly dont understand, and that feel more as if they just happen to you, but which eventually cause enough heartache to force you to find a way to slow down and have some compassion for yourself. Then perhaps its possible to use Hylonomes potentially stunning combination of sensitivity and genius, to express yourself in other ways.
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