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Looking in the Mirror

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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Mar-04-07 06:56 PM
Original message
Looking in the Mirror
Okay, Rock Garden, thanks to you I have done a ton of testing of people on looking in the mirror. This is pretty revealing..............most people test NEGATIVE to looking in the mirror at themselves (it weakens them). Only a few do not. Every single person that tests negative to looking in a mirror can be cleared of it--NOT by clearing looking in a mirror, but by clearing "hex" (don't think of a hex, actually, just bad) entities out of five energtic fields around the body--etheric, emotional, mental, astral and etheric template. It is actually a six step process with each "body", at least the way I do it.

Once those are clear, presto, abracadabra, when people look in the mirror they are STRONG (kinesiologically). So far this has worked great on something like sixteen people. So, when we are looking in the mirror, we are most likely subliminally seeing "entities" (remember I don't actually believe in entities, exactly) and reacting negatively to those.

I could not have put this together without Rock Garden and her post. Most energetic allergies go away, too, when one does that.

Also, get this, there are also levels of looking in mirrors. For instance even if people can look into one mirror and test strong, how about a mirrored reflection of a mirrored reflection of themselves? Whew, that is really rare. That actually tests entities around organs and cells. This is very cool.

How many people can look into infinite mirrors and test strong kinesiologically? It kind of makes me dizzy thinking about it.

Anyway, this can all go on infinitely, and also have different planes and dimensions to it. I can say this from what I have learned. Everyone who can look through three levels of mirrors (a mirrored reflection of a mirrored reflection of a mirrored reflection of one's face) keeps all chakras and acupuncture meridians in balance, no matter what circumstances. This is extremely beneficial for health. Beyond three mirrors I have not seen clear benefit, but I am experimenting now with various things.

Just thought I would let you guys know, because it was Rock Garden's one post here that sent me off in this direction, since it reminded me of my own "mirror" experience. I have spent countless hours on this in the past month, making diagrams for my radionics program, clearing friends and family, testing both with pendulum, finger muscle testing and deltoid arm muscle testing, using actual mirrors, virtual mirrors, everything. I want it to be a "theory of everything" but I have a ways to go to get there.
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Rock_Garden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-05-07 06:58 PM
Response to Original message
1. What, now, what, now, what, now, what?
I feel your keen passion for kinesiology, and you have more than made my day!

As far as the "theory of everything", I've read that Einstein looked for it, too. In fact, he was working on it during his last illness, flat on his back in a hospital bed. Something tells me that you will find yours, and it will be perfect for you.

I really like the infinite mirrors thing. It's all done with mirrors, anyway; you know that, don't you? The virtual mirrors sound especially interesting. Maybe you will be able to make a website where the virtual world can use your theories to make their lives better. I'll sure give it a try if you do.

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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 09:15 AM
Response to Reply #1
4. virtual mirrors
The real mirrors work "best" for muscle testing, but since I am experimenting on myself and don't exactly have a Fun House in one room of my house, I had to go with virtual mirrors past the fourth mirror level. In fact it took me about fifteen minutes just to configure the mirrors in such a way that I could test the fourth mirror level. So, after that I just made diagrams of various configurations of mirrors instead.

Yes, I can now look through infinite mirrors and muscle test positive!! That particular treatment resulted in mega brain wave changes that were a little strange!! That lasted about five days. Again, though, I don't see clear benefits past the third mirror. But now I am trying to work on different dimensions to see what happens. I have forgotten my high school calculus but some of what I am doing reminds me of what I *think* I remember about calculus.
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Morgana LaFey Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-05-07 10:21 PM
Response to Original message
2. How are you doing the clearing?
What method(s)?

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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 09:17 AM
Response to Reply #2
5. program
I have a cheap radionics program I bought off Ebay. The body will do what you tell it to do, energetically. The radionics program is a symbolic "Radionics box." One could do the same thing with focused intent, but I am a little too scattered for that.
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Morgana LaFey Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 10:25 PM
Response to Reply #5
11. And apparently a little too scattered
for what might pass as a HELPFUL reply.

But nevermind. I wouldn't want to bother you.
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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 11:27 PM
Response to Reply #11
12. it has to be individual
And based on your belief system. If you wanted to try this all you should have to do to try it is write a mantra or prayer instructing the hex entities to leave. First you would have to connect with them, then tell them to leave and go to a more appropriate place, then scramble the energy and then seal the auric field. Some people use sage, etc. But just instruct them on what to do while meditating. Some people invoke God, some people call on their spirit guides, some people use scientific language. But the language should be yours. Here are some examples that I got from a simple web search. But pick and choose the language that is appropriate for YOU. You will know if it works if you look in the mirror and the pendulum says yes. That's really the only thing that I can add to the standard web page on removing entities. The mirror kinesiology test is really the only thing of value I bring to this, and I had already posted about that. I just figured most people could find out about different methods to use to remove entities.

I haven't used this method since I have the computer program that I use. I see that some web pages suggest oils and baths and things. If you work with your mantra or prayer you could try each body separately........or all together--whichever works for you.

That is about as detailed as I can get here, but there are tons of web pages on removing entities by lots of different methods. Good luck.
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rumpel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 12:43 AM
Response to Original message
3. How fascinating!
How did this mirror thing transpire..just curious.

But what is a hex?
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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 09:34 AM
Response to Reply #3
7. hex
Like I said, I don't really believe in hex entities. Haha. The radionics book I bought has several terms in it that I tried out--"lower spirit entities" "female entities" "hex entities", etc. I even tried miasms. Hex entities seems to cover miasms and so forth--it is just a broader term. There is an energetic technique called Neuromodulation Technique that borrows off radionics but does it in person and changes the wording around to sound more scientific. So, he would call the same thing something like "perturbations in the field." Anyway, hex entity seemed to cover everything, including miasms, so that is what I used. Perturbations might work too. I haven't tried it.

This is all pretty standard radionics stuff, but what I got out of Rock Garden's original post about the mirror was the reminder that it was when I did all this on myself that I tested positive to looking in the mirror, and when I stopped reacting to wind. As far as I know, nobody has connected clearing of the energetic fields to kinesiology tests to looking in the mirror. It just kind of nudged me to explore this further. It was after that that I thought of mirror levels (mirror in a mirror image, etc.).

One thing Donna Eden left out of her book "Energetic Medicine" was something like "connecting the grid". She said it was too hard to cover in a book. I think it had to do with clearing out the energetic fields.

Interestingly, I heard a kind of pitiful caller on Coast to Coast the other night say that he has gotten rid of mirrors and all reflective surfaces in his apartment, including CDs, because every time he looks in them he sees horrible things. He has a beard. I bet the veil has just lifted in him and he is able to see his own "perturbations in the field."

Here is Rock Garden's post that sent me off in this direction

Anyway, one would think that looking in the mirror and having a kinesiological response would be a test for self esteem or something. But, alas, it doesn't seem to be. Instead it seems to be a test for hex entities in the energetic fields (perturbations).

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rumpel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 11:35 AM
Response to Reply #7
8. I totally missed Rock Garden's post

Wow - this goes right along the research of Rupert Sheldrake - Morphic Fields & Morphic Resonance. The imprints or memories in our fields. I think when you are ready you may want to contact him.

In any event that is quite interesting - I rarely look at myself in the mirror..perhaps I should :)

Thanks for the explanation.
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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 12:17 PM
Response to Reply #8
9. neuromodulation technique
My NAET practitioner was also trained in neuromodulation technique, which is *very* proprietary. However, since she used this on me I did figure out some things about it.

She said it was based partially on Rupert Sheldrake work on morphic fields. Now, this technique is not taught as a distance technique at all. Also, because this had been used on me a couple of times, I was actually more familiar with this than the traditional radionics type stuff.

So, once I started getting into some of the more traditional radionics type things, I thought, hmmmm, that sounds like NMT.

NMT uses a lot of wordy sentences and stimulation of backpoints (NAET things), but it goes through fields.

Naturally I have not been trained in NMT and I don't know their wordy sentences, which include things like "perturbations in morphic fields", etc., and I can't use them because they are proprietary, and only taught to licensed practitioners like acupuncturists, MDs, and chiropractors.

Radionics just goes with things like hex entities and "etheric template." He couldn't make that proprietary because that was already out in the public domain!!

Not saying that these are exactly the same. There are just some obvious big similarities.

As far as looking in the mirror goes, consciously I don't feel any different looking in the mirror now than I did. I still see wrinkles, and signs of aging that are annoying as all get out. But, I test and I am strong, and I don't react to wind, and, since the third mirror level, never need acupuncture protocols or chakra work. Unfortunately, to date that only solves problems in people whose ills are related to acupuncture meridians and chakras. I am thinking that this is at least a little bit of an energetic vaccination, though, since disturbances in the fields preceed physical body ailments. And, to actually turn things around in the physical body, it may take some time. So far some things are clearing up physically and emotionally with people, and other things are not affected. But I have miles to go to completely check this out.

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DemExpat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 09:23 AM
Response to Original message
6. I am intrigued!
Could you point me to Rock Garden's post as well?


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Rock_Garden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-06-07 06:37 PM
Response to Original message
10. I've smiled all day about this.
If you hadn't heard the mirror thing from me, I bet you would have heard it from someone else. Betcha.

It's like my grandma always told me, "You know, Pat, it's better to be good for something than good for nothing". :pals:
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Rock_Garden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-14-07 09:11 PM
Response to Original message
13. I hope you find this, Itsjust me!
Today at work I was washing my hands in the bathroom and happened to look in the mirror. Just for fun, I looked into my own eyes. All went well, and the pupils dilated slightly. And then, for no particular reason, I focused the gaze of both my eyes only on my left pupil.

Big surprise! It dilated almost to capacity. So, I repeated the process with my right eye, and the same thing happened. Then I repeated the experiment a number of times until I got so woozy I had to stop (ha).

For some unknown reason, gazing into one eye only with both eyes causes the one eye pupil to dilate almost all the way. Do you have any idea why this might be so?

I thought of you immediately and had to tell you.

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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-15-07 01:18 PM
Response to Reply #13
14. no idea!!
I do find it interesting. I don't really use the eye test as a kinesiology test. I just tried this. But my eyes are very dark brown and unless there is pretty bright light it is hard to tell what my pupils are doing, particularly if I don't focus on one eye. Bright light makes my pupils contract no matter what other circumstances are present. So, you can look at both eyes at the same time and tell what the pupils are doing? I can't do that. Anyway, the pupil test doesn't work for me, though I do know it is a kinesiology test. Do you use the test for other things, like "is this food good for me?" and things like that?

Instead I do muscle testing with my fingers, or, earlier, I used my body as a pendulum or I used an actual pendulum. What I get is strong for both eyes, or one eye, and no distinction really as to how strong it is. It could be that the each eye relates to different parts of the brain (??) I am not sure about this. So it could be that you are stronger for those two parts of the brain, but less strong for the combination (???) All this is conjecture because I am not used to using that test. You could try this though. Do the test first, and see what happens. Then, after that, do some marching in place to marching in place, with swinging arms, and body figure eights or something else to promote integration of both sides of the brain. Repeat the test and see if it is any different. The main thing, though, is that you are strong for looking in the mirror, whether it is one eye or two. So you couldn't really have much of a problem with left/right integration of brain. It just might be interesting to see if it made a difference.

Again, I would love to hear how else you use the test.

What I do relate to is the dizzy part of this. There is something about looking in the mirror that causes dizziness. Just thinking about looking into infinite mirrors made my head swim. When I finally cleared that it was even worse for a week or so. Now it doesn't bother me so much.

These mirror clearings have helped one daughter of mine a lot. She is pretty skeptical about all this, but she said her brain is working better now. She was always complaining about "her brain" before this. Chemically I think it was a sort of serotonin thing because when it got bad 5htp would just kick right in and calm her down. Now she says her brain feels normal--more normal than in a decade!! Really this is a brainwave thing. I noticed major brainwave changes in me (no telling what to what--alpha, beta, delta, theta, whatever) and after clearings for a few days I would do bizarre things like take a nap in the middle of the day, wake up groggy, and so forth. I bet that she was in almost constant beta before the treatments. So it has been a little bit like an energetic shock treatment. Unsurprisingly, some symptoms respond to these treatments and others don't!!
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Rock_Garden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-15-07 06:08 PM
Response to Reply #14
15. Wow, that's amazing about your daughter.
Every day I use the eye/mirror thing to give myself affirmations, usually when I'm "getting ready" (actually, I really was born ready) in the morning. It's a perfect time to say positive things to myself and set the tone for the day to come.

That's a really interesting concept about using it for personal divination. I bet it would work beautifully. As far as using body parts for divination, I do have pretty good luck with that. I call my body Critter, as a pet name for it. The older I get, the more likely Critter is to get agitated or nervous in the presence of people or things that are not good for me. When this happens, I have trouble thinking, so I've learned to pay attention to Critter's behavior. It could be in the form of a headache, tummyache, or just general agitation.

It's not that I think my body is a separate entity from me, although in reality it is also separate. It will stay here when I leave (if you get my drift). It's more that if I ask Critter questions directly, such as "Are you trying to tell me you don't want to eat that?" or "Are you uncomfortable with this person?" I get better results.

Hope that's not too weird.
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Celebration Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-15-07 10:48 PM
Response to Reply #15
16. affirmations
I was just reading a Louise Hay book that recommended doing affirmations while looking in the mirror. That may be why you are good to go for looking in a mirror. She didn't say anything about the kinesiology test.

Yes as we get older things that weaken us are more evident than when we are younger. I get sort of subtle clues even when I don't muscle test them. As an example I feel sort of a wave of slight numbness in my face sometimes. But muscle testing works a little better for me than relying on those clues.

I could probably benefit from doing affirmations in the mirror. I can easily invent an EFT exercise. "Even though I have these wrinkles on my face, I wholly and completely accept myself, etc. etc." Tap, tap, tap. Something about EFT--I am just not into it.

I don't think the idea of Critter is particularly weird. But there are so many weird things that end up being TRUE. It makes me laugh. Some of this stuff is like a big cosmic joke.......that's true.

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Rock_Garden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-16-07 04:40 AM
Response to Reply #16
17. If you can see the humor of the cosmic joke, you're ahead of the game.
The Critter thing helped me treat myself better. I used to be really bad about working to the point of exhaustion, eating junk food, and short-changing my sleep. One day I realized that I would never treat one of my pets that badly, and my body was really like a wonderful pet. Your studies listen to the body for clues, or observe, or measure the body.

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