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Can anyone recommend a spell to identify enemies?

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BlueIris Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-21-06 04:56 AM
Original message
Can anyone recommend a spell to identify enemies?
No, not neutralize or defend against known enemies, a spell to help one recognize the er, good (or helpful) witches from the baaaad witches, especially with regard to the big picture of our lives. Just asking as the usual 'net searching didn't really turn up much. Take your collective time.
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Metta Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-23-06 03:40 PM
Response to Original message
1. The foundation of stability.
Here's a grounding visualization I've used to great effect. It'll take you longer to read through than to do, especially initially. Once you're grounded and can maintain focus, you can reflect any external situation or question onto it and get a true answer especially if you have a concrete sense of yes/no, right/wrong, true/false which you can get merely by asking for it and seeing what results manifest.

This is best started in one's meditative or most relaxing space. With repeated practice, you'll be able to do this anywhere under any circumstances which is the goal.

So, sit comfortably and in a balanced position, hands apart, feet flat on the floor or ross legged, whatever's comfortable. Take a few deep breaths. Relax your body. Stretch, if you need to. Focus your attention on what you're doing. If you want to add a measure of heart energy, place one or both hands over your heart.

See yourself sitting somewhere warm and comfortable, perhaps out of doors on a sunny day. It is high noon, and the sun is directly overhead. Visualize the sun coming straight down from waaaay up above. Shining directly on the top of your head. Relax into this image 'til you can feel the sun warming the top of your head, physically or in your mind's eye.

When you feel the warmth, imagine that the top of your head is a thousand petalled flower. The flower opens to the warmth and draws the sunlight, flowing, down inside you and filling an oval from your collarbone to your pelvis.

Fill the space with bright sparkling radiant light. Make it as bright as you can imagine. Brighter. Brighter. Brilliant as the sunrise reflecting off the ocean, bright like an arc welders torch.

Notice the inner container has a hole in the bottom and the light streams from the bottom of the oval, down through your feet, down ..., down ..., down ..., down..., to the very center of the earth, the heart of the earth which looks like a brilliant, fiery crystal.

When the beam hits the center, it sparks an explosion down there like a volcano of light roaring back up from the fiery heart like a volcano that comes rushing up ..., up ..., up, roaring back up into your feet, (Do you feel them tingle?) exploding the reservoir of light in your center and growing brighter and larger into an oval bigger than you and shooting out the top of your head like an umbrella shaped fountain, above you and below you making it an egg shaped sphere.

Some of the light keeps going up, waaaay up ..., up to where it came from. The light above responds with more light, like soft warm rain falling inside you and all around you.

Your center, fed and charged by the light flowing down and up through you increases in brilliance, bigger and brighter, anchoring you on a beam of light from the sun above through to the center of the earth below filling the whole egg of your combined energy bodies completely. Energy flowing both ways, through you and around you. Your egg is complete and sealed against all harm. With practice, it's also an indicator which you can use to check any information you come in contact with.

When you can hold this image clearly, (as bright and clear as you can make it) make an internal request for it to stay that way and lock it in place with a key word or phrase.

Now you're grounded. You can ask your favorite deity or your unconscious to maintain the light circuit while you do other things. When you return, you may notice the information/energy/ sense of the space has changed somewhat. We like to think of that as a gift from the universe.

Notice that you're feeling relaxed and have a sense of well being. Notice the tingling of the soles of your feet and fingertips, like they have had a massage. You may notice energy shifting in parts of your body. Notice your lightness of being, your sense of being fully present. These are the signs of being grounded into Universal Source, your identity, your birthright, your legacy. You can return to this anytime by remembering your key word or phrase.

Relax and breathe normally in this space for a minute or so, if youre in the world or longer if youre on a roll, doing an extended meditation and can maintain feeling the flow of energy youve created. When youre done, lock in your results by repeating your key word or phrase and come out slowly, refreshed and relaxed, when you're ready.

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