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Cheney's January astro-forecast

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Dover Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-05-05 12:22 AM
Original message
Cheney's January astro-forecast
Last Call by Isabelle Ghaneh

January will be a very busy month for Dick Cheney astrologically; first, he has his Mars Return in the early morning of January 20th, then, he has his Inauguration chart later that same day, and then he has his Solar Return on January 30, 2005.

When you look at all his astrological aspects and portents, they paint a very compelling, somewhat dark and disturbing picture as to what is going on for the American version of Sauron, Tolkiens master of Mordor.

Since the first chart to be unveiled is his Mars Return let us take a look at that. A Return Chart is in action until a new return comes into being. It is based on the exact moment of time the planet in question is at the same position it was at the moment of the subjects birth.

In the case of the Sun thats a year, Mercury the same, Venus a little longer and Mars about 18 to 24 months, depending on how quickly the planet moves through the zodiac that particular cycle. Each Return Chart also deals exclusively with the qualities of the planet involved; Mercury the mind, Venus love (and money) and Mars action, initiative and accidents and illness. The Sun can and does encompass all the parts of the individuals life, since it is the main focus of being if you will, and the Solar Return chart gives us the most information on the year ahead.

Looking at Sauron the Seconds Mars Return for the early morning of January 20, the first thing I see is that the ascendant is in the last degree of, who else, the sign ruled by the dark lord Pluto, Scorpio. Now this is interesting in itself because the last degree is the ending of a cycle and should be thought of as such. The rulers of the chart are both Mars and Pluto, since Mars ruled Scorpio until the early 1930s when Pluto was discovered (coinciding with the rise of world-wide fascism).

Since this is a Mars Return the house Mars is placed in and the aspects it makes are of prime importance. Mars is conjoined to Pluto in the first house. Need I say more???? This is a chart Darth Vader would be proud of. Following up on the Scorpio motif to see if it is echoed throughout the chart, I find a great big yes to that question.

Scorpio rules both the 12th and 1st houses, since Sagittarius is intercepted. I can see that the 2nd house, the polar opposite of the 8th house, has a stellium of planets; namely, Venus, Mercury, Chiron and the Sun. The 8th house, Scorpios natural home, contains Saturn along with the Vertex, a fated position in a chart and the Part of Fortune, also a fated position, not a planet...cont'd

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