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This seems like the best place to put this... it's long.

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sepia_steel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-28-05 06:56 PM
Original message
This seems like the best place to put this... it's long.
Edited on Wed Sep-28-05 07:02 PM by sepia_steel
As suggested by Cleita I'm putting it here. This is a nightmare I had and I wrote it down as a story because it was very intense and I didn't want to forget it (I hope montanacowboy's sister's dream will be posted in here as well).

It was a sunny day, present time. I had a very simple motorized bike, just chrome bars and a motor. Apparently this was how I got around. I think I had a job in the dream but I never saw what it was. I just liked to travel in the perfect weather from A to B on my trusty motor bike.

I cannot remember a lot of details, but I can remember a very strange thing... normally, at least for me, dreams tend to be a bit choppy. Info that is important to the 'story' is skipped, and things occur according to mixed up, impossible time-lines sometimes. You often 'know' things about what happened without dreaming about them specifically, so you can't explain these parts to people. You just 'know'. Well, this is one of the rare occasions that my dream didn't work that way. Some remarkable things happened, but they happened in a feasible time-line and unrealistic things happened in 'logical' way instead of just occurring. This could easily be a movie. It actually made sense as far as HOW it all happened. Very rare for me.

Back to the story.

I have forgotten a lot by now, but I'll go with what I still can remember.

I was riding along, over bike paths in parks, and nice grass, and across 'downtown-like" areas of town. I was gong everywhere, to work, to fun, to visiting friends. I seemed to know people everywhere I went. I lived here. The weather was beautiful and everyone was happy and things were normal. I cannot remember specifics anymore but this normal, happy period took place over a long time, maybe a couple of days or from morning to afternoon.

*skip, some parts I can't remember*

The animals were acting strange. Howling, pacing, even crying. I expected earthquakes, but first we got storms. BIG storms. A barrage of storms.

First, your typical rain. Sparse at first. Then harder. Then, winds. HOWLING winds. It became unsafe. Then HURRICANE-type winds. Definitely not safe. Terrifying. Any moment something would hit me in all this wind and strike me dead. Poles and trees bent. All turned ash green-grey. Huge objects flew and were swept away. I hung onto something for dear life.

Miraculously, I got through it with only cuts and bruises. The wind slowed and cooed. Things that could bend stood upright again.

It was a cruel taunt.

Things went dead silent. I knew that void noise. I'd been through this before. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. They were coming.

I looked into the haze of debris and there they were. Five of them, and that was just in my vicinity - who knew what was going on elsewhere.


All the people who'd been caught outside screamed. We all ran together. Any cover, any crevice - any mercy would do. We tried to think of each other but we just couldn't. We extended arms to each other but we clawed and fought for safety, too.

We watched the funnels shred through the park and the beautiful buildings near it. We felt the earth shake. We felt the sea rise around our ankles. We saw the ground become jagged puzzle pieces. We groped and clawed and screamed more. We watched some people become victims.

Some of us survived.

The sun came out but the puzzle pieces rumbled and seemed to threaten us. The crevices were huge. Some people tiptoed, not wanting to tempt the earth. Others bounded, thinking it was safer to hurry up than to tread softly.

I called my husband. I was alive. A horrible storm unlike I had ever seen had just happened. I had survived. The animals still mourned out loud.

He didn't quite understand what I was talking about. He was distracted and busy - must've been a milestone day. Frustration and confusion when he hung up. Did this mean it wasn't happening where he was? He said the weather was foul. Was it possible he was too busy to know how bad it was? At least he was safe. I didn't have time to wonder anymore; I needed to survive.

We all trekked along, one big mass of fear. We didn't know where we were going, exactly. Just looking for higher ground. What kind of disaster would happen next? We didn't know, so where should we be going? We saw the masts jutting out of the rich peoples' boats along the piers and yacht clubs... it was close; we guessed we would go there.

The sun had just set. Humankind was gathered in the boats, cooking BBQ on docks and wondering what to do next besides keeping each other close. It had ceased raining after that storm/earthquake/tornado blitz, but the water had steadily risen. In the end we had run, panicking our way onto the overpriced flotation devices, complete with hibachi spits. We were vocal again as rooftops were submerged. Was this the end? What was happening?

People ate. We cooked and sang and made confessions and said 'I love you' and 'see you on The Other Side'. Some had sex - many of us for the first time - nothing was certain anymore.

We prayed to whomever, many of us for the first time.

We wondered again what to do. Some just milled about, numb with relief and/or fear.

We felt a strange new wind, vacuous and cold. It sounded like the sky was emptying. We looked up and stared. We had chills. What was this? We knew, yet we could not fathom.

It became a howl unlike anything a human had ever heard. No one had never heard the stars speak before. And they sounded angry.

Suddenly, 3 stars began to spiral and hiss, like bottle rockets tied down by a string, spinning and straining around their nailed-to-the-ceiling axis. Then all together they broke free, shooting across the ENTIRE sky in a split-second in opposite directions. It was beautiful and unbelievable. We pointed and aahh'd, and became wary again. We kept watching.

We didn't have to wait long. Seconds later, the sound of the first 3 still in our ears, 3 more random stars, somewhat close in proximity, did it, too. But they were overlapped but yet more. In what seemed like only moments, there were no more gaps. They all started to go.

Some of us were too mesmerized, too paralyzed with fear and knowing and awe to move. The other half clawed and stampeded to get inside of anything.

Before we could process a thought, the Big Noise came.

Have you ever heard the Lucasfilms THX sound in a theater? Well, imagine that backwards, times infinity.

"Oh. My. God."

That sound. It was The Roar of the End.

The collective stomach of mankind sunk to our feet. We WERE on a giant roller-coaster. The sky WAS falling. The stars continued to shoot across to everywhere, burning away into nothing, their streaks forming an imperfect grid across every corner of Space we could see. Then we noticed a big, bright, white star, not orange-yellow like all of the others were from burning away...

Okay, so not a star. The moon. It was too far away. So THAT's where our stomachs had gone. We were no longer even part of the Galaxy, assuming there still was one.

It was over. This was the end of the world. Water surged upward. Black, burnt-out meteorites fell into it and crashed through boat decks. Everything collapsed upon itself. All we could do was scream and hope we met calm soon.

The sparkler show in the sky kept going, lasting both a moment and an eternity. Waves tossed us around like toys. We kept waiting.

Eventually only 3 stars remained, burning and spiraling orange sparks. Oddly they were at water level. Then we noticed solidarity emerge behind it. What was this?!?!

Curtains moved aside in the night. The sky... returned to normal? WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON!!!?? We heard the kind of music one might hear watching Miss USA on TV, being played by a live orchestra. The solidness we saw... was a stage??? (I am trying not to vomit at work as I write this, it's very emotional for me - I can't explain how sick I'm feeling right now, and this is the first chance I've had time to mull over every detail). What is this in front of the stage... seating and - a fucking audience?

Applause. Bemused, sympathetic laughter from the rows of seated people. Polite, TV-gala-style clapping. What, did we win an award for almost being obliterated?

The cheesy deejay announced something so awful that all we processed was his voice. Who was he presenting?

"What's that? We couldn't hear you," we thought.

More curtains part. Louder polite clapping. The silhouette of two people holding hands. They walked nearer and nearer the front of the stage as it was obvious they'd done millions of times before. The male grabbed the mic from the stand. The female just smiled like taxidermy.

It was George and Laura *.

A rush of silent fury spewed forth on the air, but George was oblivious. He laughed his I'm-in-Texas-and-I-just-farted evil cackle of a frat-boy, prankster laugh.

And we thought the wind had been knocked out of us before...

How did he do it? How many people died and how many billions were spent to make us believe the world was coming to its end? Why, and for what? What had he gotten out of it to deserve the last cackle?

I would tell you the collective thought running through our minds at that moment, but I don't fancy having the Secret Service pay me a visit.


So that's it. Thoughts?
edit: I had this dream around April 5th, 2005.
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Why Syzygy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-03-05 04:15 AM
Response to Original message
1. Thanks for posting
That sounds truly frightening. I have no immediate thoughts, but will think it over. My immediate thought is that is has something very personal to do with your life. Can you see that?
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LWolf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-03-05 06:50 AM
Response to Original message
2. That is one powerful dream.
That you've remembered it this clearly since April says that, and I can feel the impact reading them.

I don't know what it might "mean," but I will spend some time thinking about it. How could I not? Meanwhile, my initial reaction to the end was that it was like that Michael Douglas movie, "The Game." I saw that movie once, a long time ago, and haven't thought about it since. Bringing it forward from memory is surprising.
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