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"Vertigo and the Equinox...The Arrival of the New Energy" - Karen Bishop - September 22, 2009

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I Have A Dream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-22-09 08:36 PM
Original message
"Vertigo and the Equinox...The Arrival of the New Energy" - Karen Bishop - September 22, 2009
Vertigo and the Equinox...The Arrival of the New Energy
Karen Bishop
September 22, 2009


I had written in weeks past, that near the end of September and especially into October, we would begin to recapture that feeling of Gods grace, of miracles, of incredible light, and that things would be handed to us in miraculous ways.

This energy is now arriving through the equinox and will continue on.

With every equinox, there is an opportunity to move forward, and also an opportunity for great light and manifestation. Solstices always create the opportunities for going deep, for excavating, and for upheavals, as all things buried deep become unearthed and pushed out. I am beginning to almost dread the solstices at times, as they are getting to be so stressful, as they create so much upheaval for those around me!

The energies are getting ever more intensified, because we have finally reached the end of a long road. For the past two years or so, with each solstice and equinox, or even with planetary alignments and cosmic events, not much seemed to happen as one would expect. There is a reason for all of this.

We gave that extra two years so that enough souls would be given a chance to get on board. Thus, it was never time to move forward, as we seemed to continually be in waiting mode. This created high energy and lots of movement in regard to assisting energies in getting out of their old grooves (i.e. solstices), but not nearly as much in regard to moving forward. Hoping this all makes sense.

When the line was finally drawn in the sand, when it was finally and completely over in regard to any involvement on our parts with the old world or old reality, when we had finally made our decisions as to where we would now choose to be, then it was also finally time to move into greater light and into a much higher vibrating reality.

The recent equinox of September 22 has served to move us into our new reality and new spaces more than ever. As we are now ready and prepared for the new in all ways (even after all the twists and turns and the new restructuring of the hierarchies!), the equinox then, will greatly assist.

Moving forward will be the theme now, in profound and rapid ways.

Some manifestations of embodying the new light? Spinning and vertigo can be present once again, as our light bodies are literally spinning us into a new higher vibrating reality and experience. Heart racing and palpitations are ever present as well, as we are adjusting to much more light and need to embody this within. Sleeplessness and insomnia are also common, as there is so much energy moving now. A general weakness, a feeling of being very light and floating, are also common manifestations as we are really embodying the new light now.

Weeping and high emotions can also arrive once again, as the gratitude energy is here. Gratitude vibrates nearly as high as love does, and it is one of my favorite emotions. It has been one long haul and one long road for so many of us. Like sprinklings of angel dust, this new energy of love and light, will blanket us well into October, as we find ourselves walking on new land, having arrived in this very new reality, and we can now experience it with every sense and every fiber of our being.

Before we get to a higher level of vibrational space, we frequently experience some darkness. This is very common, but only lasts for a very brief period of time, and is simply part of the process. Several days ago, I awoke in a strange and uncomfortable place, and feeling vulnerable as well from having a bad dream the night before. I dreamed of ghosts and goblins taking over my space and home. My granddaughter had the same dream for two nights during this time as well.

When we bump up into a higher space, this is always the case. It may manifest differently for all of us, but it is basically the same in regard to unpleasant energies connecting with us, even thought this experience is always very brief.

The equinox has also served to create some wonderful things in the old world as well. As we pulled out all of our energy, the old world and reality is now completely on its own, except for those who ask for our services and who are ready to see us. Remember, we are now the new angels of the earth in many ways. The deep shake-ups created by the loss of our light (gee, arent we so wonderful and special? smile), and through the solstice of June, are finally creating some changes. Some of these lower vibrating energies are finding their own way now to some degree, are owning their own creations, and the equinox for them, is bringing in gifts of these changes. So then, we are not the only ones benefiting from the newly arriving energies of late. A great reprieve was certainly needed by everyone, no matter where we are all residing.

Natural disasters will continue to occur, epidemics will spread disease, disasters and destruction will continue on as well, but for those who are still residing in the old world and old reality, and who are now making needed changes within themselves, the equinoxes and other cosmic events in times to come, will assist them where necessary, and help them move into greater spaces of comfort, just as they did for us in times past during our residency there.

For those who have not yet chosen to expand and grow, greater shake-ups and severe discomfort will become their path until they chose a different way, or chose to leave the planet altogether.

As mentioned so many times in past WINGS posts, those of us who have finally and completely disconnected from the old reality in all ways, leaving so much behind, will have a very new experience than our prior experience of the first phase of the ascension processand really, all we have known up until now.

We are in very new territory now, with very new roles and purposes. Creating the new world and new reality will be our common goal and theme, as well as continuing to serve on the dimensional border through our store-fronts, as we will still need money in times to come until our new communities are very intact, which will eventually allow us to live without the need for money.

So then, our next steps involve connecting to those who we now find in our spaces, as we assist each other in creating the new. For those of us who were stripped clean, ready to cross over into the new land, we will have the gift and pleasure of really seeing each other and gleefully connecting to our brothers and sisters, as we know so much of higher ways, and know as well, from common experiences of the ascension process.

Those who cannot see us, are residing somewhere else for now, until they reach that dimensional border and are ready and willing to surrender, allow for our guidance to show them the way, and be ever so grateful for our assistance.

Our new focus then, will be on creating the new world on the other side, along with becoming clear about our store-fronts and how we will offer our services to those on the dimensional border. We will then reside completely on the other side, along with intermittent visits on the border, in order to continue with our services to those who are ready, as we create needed income until we no longer require it.

Things will now flow for us, we will be lovingly taken by the hand by beings who have been living in this new land for quite some time, and we will easily and effortlessly be guided into our very new roles and new places of residency. I tell you this, because it has been happening to me. I am in constant company of light beings now, and they are setting everything up, and whispering everything that I need to know in my ears on a daily basis. They sit in my car, stand by my side, and guide me through this new territory until I am completely situated and can take over on my own as I have done in the past. (If you do not have these same experiences the way that I do, know that you will be guided none-the-less, in ways that are perfect for who you are.) There is more love and support here than I could ever know. And this is what we will do for others as well, as the light continues on down the ascension rungs, one being helping another into very new spaces with love, kindness, assuredness, and special care.

Our path is very clear nowour new roles are sitting right in front of usour new destiny is at hand. And for those of you who desire that your clarity be validated and affirmed, I will continue with my role, my path, and my purpose, of providing this information to you, for as long as I am in a human body on this earthand loving every minute of it!

With much love and gratitude,

Universal Copyright 2008 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as the is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.

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I Have A Dream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-22-09 08:53 PM
Response to Original message
1. The following book excerpt accompanied the E-mail notification...
From Heaven's Gate:


" have finally left much of the old world behind, but you
still have to go back and interact with it in small ways. are
just beginning to leave the old world and old reality behind, and
are still interacting with it to a degree, but are feeling restless
and know that there must be something else out there that is much better.
Either way, you are approaching the dimensional border. As we
evolve and expand, we have absolutely no choice but to move onward
and upward into new and more highly vibrating realities and experiences.
We are greatly "encouraged" to move out of the old
reality by the simple fact that the old energies are highly
intolerable, dark, unnerving,and basically unpleasant to be around.

The same law of the universe applies over and over again: Higher
vibrating energies cannot stay in the same space as lower vibrating
energies for very long. There is a great mis-match and severe lack
of alignment, and this creates much unpleasantness. The old
energies are far too heavy. This unpleasantness can show up within
us as anger, frustration,defensiveness, fear,
tension, and of course, intolerance, and even aggression. We may
wonder how in the world we are moving up on the spiritual evolutionary
ladder when we are having such lower vibrating feelings and expressions!
And the higher we vibrate, the worse it actually becomes when we
interact with these lower vibrating and denser energies,
until we are completely free of them and only visiting them

So then, these lower vibrating energies and unpleasant experiences
are very succinctly telling us to get out, as we no longer belong
in that old reality. If we are not literally kicked out through
rude and unpleasant behavior from others, through a strong lack of
respect or reverence from others, by feeling invisible or unnoticed
by others, or simply experiencing one closed door after another,
then we also have the opportunity to leave on our own accord as we
come to realized that we have no desire to live in this very
unpleasant world. It eventually feels like hell. We simply cannot
be there for one more minute.

The more we may try to interact with these old energies, the more
unpleasant it becomes, until we are finally, and most assuredly,
ready to leave. We may continue to try and put a toe in, but over
and over again, we come to find that interactions with the
old reality simply no longer work. These energies had to be so
unpleasant, so that we would be willing to let go of any rationalizations
and reasons for staying around. And to even let go of our sense of
responsibility in some cases. When we finally decide to
leave it all behind, it is then that we must surrender, let go,
trust and trust some more.

When we finally decide to leave, we may feel as though we have just
jumped off a cliff with no net, but the other alternative is no
longer a viable option. It was intended that things become very
uncomfortable and intolerable. We no longer belong in that lower
vibrating dimension. It is no longer our home. It is OK to leave.
So then, we let it all go (either through choice or forced
circumstances). We go into our center, into the eye of the storm,
we stay home in our personal sanctuaries, and may
wonder how in the world we are supposed to survive.

Until we have set up a very new reality in this very new dimension,
where all our needs are always met through planned community,
blending with the stars and cosmos, living
naturally and in alignment with the land, and beginning the stages
of manifesting matter from air, we still need to spend some time on the
dimensional border. And this is how we will survive "financially."
But know as well, that the higher we vibrate, the
more we come to know that all our needs are always met as we always
have everything we need right now.

After we reach a certain stage in the ascension process, we will
come to find that we simply "know" that we have reached a new plateau
that we have never been on before in this lifetime. We will "know"
that we have earned this position, and thus, "know"
that all our needs will always be met. I can tell you this because
it happened to me after struggling for many years with little
income and great stress relating to how to take care
of myself, even though all my needs were usually met. Being able to
relax in this awareness of "knowing" greatly helps. If ever I begin
to panic and feel like a victim, I now know to go to that space
where none of it really matters anyway, and to that space
of "I am too tired to care anymore," or even to that space that
says, "no more."

If we were intended to be the forerunners and way-showers for this very
New Planet Earth, as well as being very much a part of the ascension
process by experiencing it through ourselves, then we most certainly
will be taken care of and supported so that we can carry out our
pre-destined duties.

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Fire Walk With Me Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-23-09 02:48 PM
Response to Original message
2. Yes yes yes.
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