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Noni Juice for Dogs

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jenmarie Donating Member (258 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-08-07 10:57 PM
Original message
Noni Juice for Dogs
Hi. I just wanted to share this with all the dog-lovers because of the amazing results on my girl.

She has had arthritis for most of her life, very soft bones, and a history of joint problems. At 9-years-old she is in better shape than she has been her entire life. Seriously.

I apologize for the length, but I feel if you see what we've been through, you'll be as amazed as I am at the results after one month on Canine Senior Essentials, which is the name of the Noni Juice I give her.

Zephyr is a 9-year-old German Shepherd mix, pound puppy. She came with multiple problems, having been abandoned way too early -- she had been at the pound 3 weeks when I got her, and was only 3 months old when I took her home.

She's had arthritis since about 2 years old, (started in her left elbow) and as a result has walked with a limp most of her life.

At 6 years old she blew out her right knee and had surgery (TPLO) which went horribly bad, resulting in a deep infection that put her in the emergency vet for a week, with heavy duty antibiotics, and having the incision drained daily. She recovered from that surgery, but the front leg limp persisted, and x-rays showed she also had arthritis in her knee, ankles, hips, and lower back.

Zephyr is about 85lbs. -- a bulky girl with long skinny legs. In addition to the front leg limp, she has always walked sort of stiff legged.

Last summer she blew out her other knee. By now we had moved and went to a new vet. And this is the vet who told me about the Noni juice for dogs.

The knee surgery again went screwy -- when I took her back after 10 days to have the post surgery x-ray, her fibula was broken in the leg that had the surgery. My poor girl had been strugging around for 10 days post knee surgery, with a broken fibula! I was heartsick to say the least. Luckily I had been taking her out with a towel/sling under her belly, so she hadn't been putting hardly any weight on that leg during that time. But STILL.

The Dr. was horrified as well, and kept her that very day to go back in, put an internal brace, a bone graft, and an external brace that was screwed in through her skin into the bone. Turns out she has the softest bones the Dr. had ever seen and he had to make sure there was enough stability for the knee and fibula to heal.

By the time we were done with Dr.visits and all the internal and external braces removed -- it actually took almost the entire summer -- Dr. Ailes implored me to put her on this Canine Noni juice. I had never heard of noni juice and was skeptical. He gave me the name and phone number of a distributor. I ordered a bottle and was to give her 2 oz./day -- one a.m., one p.m. Well, she HATED the stuff, but Dr. Ailes was very insistent and gave me a big syringe to essentially shove it down her throat. I hated doing it, but he and the Noni guy both assured me after a couple weeks she'd develop a taste for it, and said most dogs do.

Well, they were right. After a couple weeks, when she'd hear me shake the bottle of Noni, she'd start barking for joy, and run into the kitchen. LOL!! I figured, oh, she likes it now, and put it in a little bowl. Nope. She'd have nothing to do with it. So back into the syringe and squeeze it into her mouth. But she didn't fight it AT ALL. And she'd be wagging her tail the entire time. It was as if she just knew it was helping her or something.

Anyways, after about a month on the Noni we were walking one day and I noticed she wasn't limping on her front leg! I thought I might be imagining it, so I actually asked someone I ran into on the trail -- "does my dog look like she's limping to you?" Nope. They couldn't see a limp, either.

This is after 7 years, at least, of this girl walking with a dipping down of her left front shoulder with every step. I couldn't believe it.

I have one more piece of this story.

See, at the same time as I started her on the Noni Juice I started her on GlycoFlex III. We had tried I think every arthritis supplement on the market by this point, and had never seen a change in her limp. (Dr. Ailes had recommended the GlycoFlex III, as well as the Noni.) So really, I didn't know if the change was the Noni or the GlycoFlex.

A few weeks ago we went on a camping trip, and since we were going to be out in pretty remote places, I didn't want to bother with cleaning a syringe, etc. So I didn't take the Noni with. I did take the GlycoFlex III and she got that everyday, as usual. We were gone for 6 days. The day after we got home, we went for our walk, and there was that damn front leg limp!!! I didn't know if we had done too much on the trip, or what, but I had put her back on the Noni juice the day we got home.

I had to call the distributor guy to order more and I mentioned to him what had happened. He said, in about 3 days the limp will probably go away. AND IT DID. I kid you not.

So, if anyone has actually read this entire saga and has a doggie that suffers from arthritis that none of the arthritis supplements have helped -- or your dog has bone or joint problems in general -- I can verify without a doubt that Canine Noni Juice is so worth it.

It isn't cheap, but a bottle lasts almost a month, giving 2 oz./day. I pay $86. for 2 bottles and that includes shipping. So $43./bottle and it lasts close to a month.

I get it through a distributor, but you can order directly through the company, although I think you pay more. There's a member rewards program that I think you pay a fee and qualify for discounts -- sorry I really haven't checked that part of it out as I just call my guy and he sends it to me.

I think anyone can become a distributor.

There are other Noni companies, but Dr. Ailes was very adamant that I use this particular one -- I guess there are some companies that make a lesser quality. I also have read that it is a total scam and does nothing. Well, I am so amazed at the results I've seen with my Zephyr, that last week I ordered people Noni Juice for me! LOL!! I've only taken it 5 days now, so haven't felt any changes/results, yet.

Here is the website:

There is a link on the left "Animal Nutrition," then choose "Canine Essentials" -- There's "original," "senior," and "puppy."

I hope this helps someone. Our animals depend on us and in return we get to experience the clearest example of unconditional love there is.

Peace out.
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melnjones Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-12-07 10:38 PM
Response to Original message
1. Wow...
I used to sell this stuff, and the canine line is new since I was a distributor. I'll have to check it out!
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jenmarie Donating Member (258 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-13-07 06:01 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. My distributor
told me they're about to come out with feline Noni, soon! A good friend of mine who's witnessed the change in my dog will be putting his cat on it as soon as it's available! Like I said, I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but now I'm taking it, too! Only for 1 1/2 weeks, so haven't felt any changes yet.
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melnjones Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-13-07 09:06 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. I took it myself for quite awhile
and never felt any difference, although I know many people have had great results with it. I wonder if I have to re-sign up to be a distributor again...I had a helluva time selling the stuff to people, but I can sell anything to animal lovers if it's good for their babies. Funny how we humans operate sometimes :-)
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