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Surviving the Holidays with your Dog - Manners aren't just for kids...

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xultar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-14-04 04:49 PM
Original message
Surviving the Holidays with your Dog - Manners aren't just for kids...
An Article well worth reading @


If you don't know much about training, the first thing you should do is check into obedience classes. Most kennel or training clubs host highly affordable public obedience classes. They meet once a week and even though there's only a few weeks left before Christmas, you'll be able to learn some very useful basic techniques and commands like sit, down and stay. Your veterinarian or local humane society should be able to refer you to clubs in your area.


Jumping up on people is a dog's joyous way of greeting them. Unfortunately, most dogs don't understand it's not the way most people want to be greeted! Many methods of training a dog not to jump on people involve some kind of punishment for the behavior in other words, the dog is punished for showing his happiness. I prefer instead to teach the dog a more appropriate type of greeting sitting!

First you'll need to teach your dog the sit command. Most dogs learn sit very quickly especially if you use treats as a reward. Once he understands the command, you can substitute sitting as a greeting rather than jumping up. Start by telling him to sit whenever he approaches you. Reward him lavishly when he does! If he forgets and starts to jump up, tell him no, calmly take him by the collar and place him in a sitting position. Then praise and offer a treat. No rewards or praise should ever be given until the dog has his behind planted firmly on the floor.

In order to make this training really work, you have to train yourself and your family as well. Jumping up at any time should be discouraged, even in play substitute sit instead. Be sure to praise him and pet him for obeying the command. Before long, he'll automatically sit when he comes to you or meets you at the door. When visitors are due to arrive, have a few treats in your pocket. As they walk in, give the "sit" command and have your guests offer the treats as a reward. If his enthusiasm gets the better of him, calmly correct him and put him back into position. With practice, you'll soon have a dog that sits calmly when guests arrive, waiting for their praise, rather than jumping up and annoying them.

More @ the link above.
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