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From the anti-gay Bigots at Artcle 8 Coalition (Massachusetts)

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Ian David Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-20-05 11:42 AM
Original message
From the anti-gay Bigots at Artcle 8 Coalition (Massachusetts)
Edited on Wed Jul-20-05 11:52 AM by IanDB1

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URGENT: Stop Romney's veto of LGBT suicide-prevention programs
Topic started by IanDB1 on Jul-13-05 11:20 AM (9 replies)
Last modified by Heaven and Earth on Jul-14-05 04:04 PM

=== 1. UPDATE: Arrogant Ways & Means Chairman, Rep. Robert DeLeo still looking to push override of Romney's veto of gay school funding increase! DON'T let him get away with this! ===

The arrogance of this man, and his staff, is quite unbelieveable. He's a guy who has been considered "conservative", pro-life and even "pro-family" up until recent years But he's sided with the homosexual lobby on the gay marriage vote, and with Planned Parenthood on the Buffer Zone law. This is what happens when a guy is in office for 8 terms.

DeLeo is pushing hard so the homosexual lobby will get an additional $100,000 for their poisonous programs in your kids' public schools. He's sending the final part of this override to the legislature Thursday (or as early as Wednesday).

Read our report on the budget items, override, DeLeo, and what your money pays for.


Rep. Robert A. DeLeo

Chairman, House Ways & Means Committee

Room 243, State House, Boston

Office Phone: 617-722-2990 Fax: 617-626-0299


Home Phone: 617-846-xxxx

We're not taking this sitting down, either. We're calling people in his district on this issue, and getting some very good response! And we're actively looking for a candidate to run against DeLeo in next year's Democratic primary. We've identified at least one credible person over the last few days who may do it.

=== 3. A very chilling experience just how bad it is on Beacon Hill. ===

I got a call yesterday morning from James Eisenberg, chief of staff of Rep. Robert DeLeo, chairman of the powerful Ways & Means Committee of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

DeLeo is orchestrating an override of Gov. Romney's veto of a 70% increase of state funding for homosexual programs in the public schools. Parents across the state are livid, but DeLeo doesn't seem phased.

I asked Eisenberg why DeLeo was willing to take so much heat for something as bad as this - money for homosexual programs in the schools. I just can't understand it, I said. This money goes for such poisonous things. Is he familiar with the "Little Black Book", I asked.

Yes, he knows about "The Little Black Book", he told me. Then he said something that completely floored me.

He mentioned the part where it discusses urination, as an example. He said he has no problem with it, or any other part of that book, as long as it's "clinically correct."

Clinically correct? First of all, it's not clinically or medically correct at all, I said. We've posted a letter by a physician that describes in detail the massive mis-information this book contains.

But wait a minute. Urination? I reminded Eisenberg what we're talking about here: the book (given to kids) describes people urinating on each other, and cautions its readers to be careful not to accidentally drink any of it. There's nothing medically or clinically correct about this. It's depraved. The book should say that to people.

"We have a difference of opinion," was Eisenberg's reply.

He went on to say that these programs are about saving lives. The proponents (the homosexual lobby) report that when the funding for these programs goes down, gay teen suicides go up. That's why they need to give them more money, so suicides will go back down.

I was stunned. These are complete lies, I said. I asked him if he'd actually looked at the statistics, or examined what these programs actually are. No, he hadn't personally done that. This is completely bogus, I told him. This is simply an excuse to get into the schools by the homosexuals. The State of Massachusetts, in its suicide statistics and records, does not keep track of "reasons" why anyone commits suicide. And has he looked at the "Youth Risk Behavior Surveys" given out in the schools, which they use to for their claims, I asked? These surveys are completely phony, and they ask all kinds of leading questions to impressionable kids. Any actual statistician would laugh at these surveys.

But worse than that, I said, these programs are not run by anyone with any medical qualifications, or legitimate experience in suicide prevention, such as the Samaritans. It's just homosexual activists pushing programs to normalize homosexuality in the minds of kids. In fact, these programs can be very destructive emotionally to kids who are at a vulnerable time in their lives emotionally.

"Well, we have a difference of opinion," he said again.

Why don't you people look at any of this with a critical eye? You don't question anything they tell you. Why do you just hand them money? He didn't respond to that.

He said he lived in the same town I do, and he knew about me, and my activities on these issues. So what does he think about that, I asked him. You people act as if you're "under siege," he told me.

I asked him if he has kids in the schools. He said no, he doesn't. I talked to him about the homosexual programs in the local schools - the transgender assemblies, the pamphlets asking if kids "if they hadn't had same-gender sex, how do they know they wouldn't like it", and the counseling sessions I'd witnessed, telling kids that if they feel "different" maybe they're really gay. Has he seen our postings about this on our web site? Yes, he had. But beyond that he didn't have any comment, except "We have a difference of opinion."

He reiterated that this is his personal opinion, but that he definitely supported these programs. He admitted that Rep. DeLeo could stop the veto of the funding increase from being overridden if he wanted to. But he did not dispute the observation from the other aide that DeLeo "Is very, very, very supportive of these programs and sees a great deal of importance in them. So you can rest assured on that."

So there you have it. Whatever Rep. Robert DeLeo once was - pro-life, pro-family - this is the person he's chosen to have as his chief of staff. A man who has no trouble with the state funding a book about people urinating on each other for sexual pleasure.

And Eisenberg's not at all alone. From what we've been told, he's more the rule than the exception among Legislative staff on Beacon Hill. This is absolutely beyond belief, but in 2005 this is what is actually happening, the force behind our legal process.

This is why the we all have to do the hard work of taking back control of our government. That's what Article 8 Alliance is dedicated to. That's why we're here.

=== 3. Special Announcement: Article 8 Website will now be updated EVERY DAY with latest news, events, information, pictures. ===

You may not believe this, but our biggest problem has been that there's way too much material for us to keep up with on these emails. And while new things break every day, we're also literally months (in some cases, years) behind in posting other information you need to know about.

But this movement is moving pretty fast. And we hope you'll move with it!

So our plan is pretty ambitious: Starting Thursday New postings up every day at noon, Monday thru Friday. And, as they say on TV, "breaking news as it happens."

We still plan to send out these emails once or twice a week. These emails have great use, and can be easily forwarded to lists, which we want to have continue. But to really keep up with what's going on, check out the web site,, every day!!

Also, check out the MassResistance blog (for you red-meat activists)! /


If you are on this list by mistake, or do not want to get our email information alerts, please accept our apologies. Please call us at Parents Rights Coalition / Article 8 Alliance at 781-899-4905 or email us back, and well immediately take you off the list. Weve tried to only include people whove contacted us at some point or otherwise indicated they would like to hear from us.

Also, if this is being forwarded to you and you want to be on our primary list, please let us know!

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kbm8795 Donating Member (337 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-20-05 06:22 PM
Response to Original message
1. It never fails to amaze me how these fundies
suddenly, over the past two or three decades, have decided they are "experts" about everyone else's sexuality. Perhaps if they'd have some sex of their own, they'd be kept too busy thinking about their own satisfaction and spend much less time trying to bear false witness about others.
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TaleWgnDg Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-20-05 07:16 PM
Response to Original message
2. If DeLeo is attempting to fund the (MA) Governor's Commission on Gay . . .
Edited on Wed Jul-20-05 07:29 PM by TaleWgnDg

If DeLeo is attempting to fund the Massachusetts Governors Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth with at least $100,000 from the many 100s thousand dollars cut from its original funding, then three cheers for Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, (state) Representative Robert A. DeLeo (Democrat, Winthrop)!!

However, this may be due to political pressure from our new Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi (Democrat, Boston), and not from the political heart of DeLeo. After all, it's with DiMasi's approval that DeLeo sits as chair of the powerful Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee.

Take note that DeLeo is on record in the 2004 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention for voting AGAINST same-sex marriage. That is, DeLeo is for tossing out the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's (SJC's) opinion allowing same-sex marriage in the Goodridge opinion.

And that's not all.

DeLeo also has a very poor record on a women's right to choose (abortion related issues), a so-so labor record, a zero record on campaign finance reform, a warm-to-cold record on other women's issues, a so-so record on social services, and is a strong proponent of the death penalty. See, e.g., vote-smart (dot) org's voting record on DeLeo. In other words, DeLeo is a social conservative and not a true proponent of labor, although a Democrat.

All that being said, please do contact Chairman DeLeo and tell him to re-instate at least $100,000 to the Massachusetts Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth in all the great work that the Committee is doing throughout Massachusetts public schools to prevent LGBT youth discrimination and to prevent LGBT youth suicide, and to disseminate preventative health issues regarding our LGBT Massachusetts youth.

Massachusetts (state) Rep. Robert A. DeLeo
Chairman, House Ways & Means Committee
Room 243, State House, Boston

Office Phone: 617-722-2990
Fax: 617-626-0299

And, oh, yeah, this writer has eternal hope that people such as Brian Camenker (enter "Camenker" as last name in "search by an individual" and "type of search" select "exact match" then check box "search by an individual" and hit enter) will stop their hate, discontent and lies in attempts to destroy others as well as their attempts to make a living off the backs of others with homophobia. If you do look-up Camenker's many corporations, take note that merely b/c a corporation is listed as "non-profit" does not then mean that alleged "corporate purpose" costs including salaries etc cannot be "deducted."


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