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Entheogenic Uses: The Secret Sacred History of Drug Use

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Wizard777 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-22-05 01:38 PM
Original message
Entheogenic Uses: The Secret Sacred History of Drug Use
I'll begin by answering the inevitable question of, what is entheogenic use? It's Sacramental use. An Entheogen is a Sacrament. A toxin that used in religious ritual or rite. They range from the wine used by christians in communion to the marijuana used by Rastifarians, Pagans, and Zoroastrian sects in prayer. Entheogens tend to have either narcotic or halucinogenic properties. The alcohol in the wine would make it a narcotic (it's phyically addictive and your brain processes and reacts to it like it was an opiate)and the marijuana is a halucinogenic. The purpose of an entheogen is to bring a person closer to God. To lift the viels between the physical world and the spiritual world. LSD actually does this. It defeats the brains elaborate filtration system and allows information that is normally discarded a useless to pass through to concious and subconcious mind. LSD doesn't create the bright colorful lights. They are always there. It simply allows you to see them. It allows you to see the world unfiltered as it actually is. These "drugs" are secrets that have been known to ancient religions such as the Zoroastrian Magi for thousands of years.
This is why many of the names of and terms associated with todays Drugs are religious in their origin. Lets begin the modern word "Drug." It comes from the ancient avestan word Druj. It means Lie. Where our Government is concerned they have stayed true to the original meaning. They diseminated many lies about Gods creation. It is not evil but their prohibition of it is. The modern word halucinogenic comes from latin halogen. It means allowing the halo's to be seen. The word Psychedelic comes from greek word Psche (mind/soul) Delos (evident). It means soul evident or revealing the soul. The only translation of marijuana I have ever heard that makes any sence is this. It's spanish compound word Mari{e }(Mary) Huana (dung). So It would translate to Mary's Dung. That would also conform to an little known ancient legened that while Mary was pregnant with Jesus. Some of the thing that consumed but did not ingest inherited the same gifts God bestowed upon Jesus. That Mary ate kanehbosm (Canabis)just before God gave Jesus the ability to turn water to wine. The undigested seeds within her also received that ability. Even to this day in some places and cultures marijuana is called "The Stoney Virgin." Even Christ himself used the narcotic Gilead to balm his feet to soothe the ravages of the hot desert sand.
The war on drugs is not only an attack upon our nations poor. It's also an attack upon religion. One of the complaints against drug use by psychiatrists is that it establishes "ritualistic behavior with an associated mythos." If that's not a religion then I don't know what is. The Psychiatrists could just as easily be called the High Priests of Psyche. That bring us to the true enemy in the war on drugs. The ancient greek demon Sobrius. His name is the root of our modern word Sobriety. It means living by the accords of the demon Sobrius. It is his accord that mankind should be held to great labors and suffering in service of the (fallen)Angels. This goes back to the rebellion and war in Heaven. God created man and Lucipher said that man should serve the Angels and God said, No the angels shall serve man.
Now before you say Wiz your Freakin Nutz! The Federal Government is not deceiving America into offering tribute and tithings to an ancient greek demon. A person who was a driving force behind this war on drugs and took it to new unconstitutional heights. Is George Bush Sr. who is a memeber of Skull & Bones. Dress in a black hooded robe to meet in a mausoleum to do _________ in great secrecy. Do what? Reep billions deceiving people into declaring war against God's creation in the service of a demon that demands labor and suffering? So before you laugh at my robes. Take a real good look at your former Presidents robes first. There is one thing Skull & Bones didn't count on. The Magi leaving our sanctuaries to stand against them.

"There is nothing that entering into a man that will dephile him. It is those thing that come from the man. It is they that dephile him."
Jesus Christ
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Dogmudgeon Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-22-05 02:49 PM
Response to Original message
1. Wiz ...
... you have some seriously wrong information there. And I am not saying this to one-up you.

Nope, Wiz, you're not freakin' nuts. It was a good post. So I'll offer what information I have for your reading enjoyment :)

1. The term "Entheogen" was coined by Jonathan Ott around 1980. It comes from Greek, and means "creating the god within".

2. Entheogens do NOT include narcotics or wine. They are the "major psychedelics" like LSD, psilocybin, 2-CB, mescaline, etc. Ecstasy -- MDMA -- isn't even an entheogen. It's an entactogen. The need for new words was discovered because so many new psychedelics were discovered or invented in the 1970s, and they all had very unique effects.

3. With all due respect to the Zoroastrians, entheogenic drug use long predates them. The Zoroastrians started about a millenium before Christianity, but a good case can be made for pre-Sapiens drug use, a million years ago or more. North-central Asia, one of the central "homelands" of the early humans who migrated from Africa, has been a major growing area for hallucinogenic amanita mushrooms.

4. Alcohol and opiates have little in common except that they sedate users. They are also addictive, but in very different ways.

5. Gilead wasn't a narcotic, it was a place name. Jesus went looking for balm in Gilead -- that is probably what you were thinking about.

6. The word sober comes directly from Latin sine ebrium, or "without drunkenness". The name of a deity would have been a secondary use after the word was coined.

7. Excellent find on Marijuana = "Mary's Dung". A little-known fact. I think the actual word in Qechua is huanu, which is also the root for the word guano, or "bat shit".

8. The origin of the word "drug" is more recent: "1327, from O.Fr. drouge, perhaps from M.Du. or M.L.G. droge-vate "dry barrels," with first element mistaken as word for the contents (see dry goods), or because medicines mostly consisted of dried herbs. Application to "narcotics and opiates" is 1883, though association with "poisons" is 1500s. The verb is from 1605." (Online Etymological Dictionary, )

9. "Hallucinogen" does not derive from "Halogen". "Halogen" is from Greek and means "Salt Maker", since you add sodium to the halogen Chlorine to make table salt (NaCl). "Hallucinogen" means "Hallucination Maker".

Again, according to the Online Etymological Dictionary: "1604, "deceive," from L. alucinatus, later hallucinatus, pp. of alucinari "wander (in the mind), dream," probably from Gk. alyein, Attic halyein "be distraught," probably related to alasthai "wander about." The L. ending probably was influenced by vaticinari "to prophecy," also "to rave." Sense of "to have illusions" is from 1652. Hallucination in the pathological/psychological sense of "seeing or hearing something which is not there" is first recorded 1646; distinct from illusion in not necessarily involving a false belief. Hallucinogen "drug which induces hallucinations" is first recorded 1954; hallucinogenic (adj.) in this sense is from 1952."

10. The word Cannabis comes directly from Greek kanabis. There has been some dispute over the Aramaic kahn(e)bosm but I think the evidence is solid enough to accept it.

Keeping people ignorant of their history is one of the best-known ways to keep them weak and confused. I hope at least some of this has been enlightening.

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Wizard777 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-22-05 05:58 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. Enjoyable but not entirely correct
1. You don't get any closer to God that having Him exist withing you. I take exception to the created part. It was God that created man not vice versa. It doesn't create God with in you. It allows him to manifest with in you.

2. Entheogens are sacraments. To which halucinogenics are just one type. The wine used in communion is just about universally accepted by the Magi as an entheogen. There has been progress amd advancements in magic. I think you are looking at the science where I'm looking at the religion. They are different points of view but entirely reconsilable under alchemy.

3. At least we agree that that drugs were in the craddle of humanity. Ritualistic uses go back into paganism and the elusian mysteries and even into aztec and incan civilation. As for Zoroastrianism. I frequently tell people that we are so old no one can remember when we were founded. We're just sure that it was before recorded history. Otherwise we would have a record of it. The current arguement of our inception is 700 bc or 7000 bc. Then it's by who's calandar. We are currently in the year 1375 by the Zoroastrian calander.

4. Actually your brain distinguish the difference between the enzymes created by alcohol and opiates. This os proven by the theory of transferance of addiction. Alcohol can be used to ease or halt opiate withdrawl and opiates can be used to ease or halt alcolhol withdrawl. Your brain sees them as being the same and so do we.

5. They balmed his feet with Gilead. Gilead is also a plant that grows in the Middle East. Many americans are unaware of that because it is illegal to import Gilead into the United States because it is classified as a narcotic. Jesus used Gilead. But you can't if you are American.

6. What are Italians doing coining Greek words and a diety comming second? I don't think so. Much of latin is derived from the preexisting greek. They copied more than thier pantheon. The greek root of the latin sine ebrium would be Sobrius. Without rest or comfort. In those days little difference was seen between laziness or drunkeness. Either way you weren't working and that was all that mattered. In those days work brought suffering. But you did remind me of one I forgot. The word Morphine is derived from Morpheus. The greek God of sleep and creator of the dream world. He was the Hero that saved mankind from Sobrius.

7. Thank you. It's a little something I picked up in South America. juana/huana/guana/guano it's all shit to me. But both Huana and Guano and it variants simply mean dung or "shit" as you so aptly put it. Bat guano is highly prized by gardeners and they will simply refer to it as Guano. That way they can tell you thier secret of gardening without actually telling you their secret of gardening. They have told you that they use guano/shit but not what kind. You can fertilize with cow guano all day long but you won't get their results until you use bat guano. The only other translation I have heard is meri juana happy shit. But that shit don't float.

8. I disagree with drouge vate simply because it calls for mistakes to be made before it works. Make no mistake about druj. It also complies with what doctors attempt to do with drugs. Fool the body or mind. Like a person with pain causing injuries being fooled into not feeling the pain with a druj (lie)or as we now call them a drug. Also Ancient Persia is known to have had an elaborate system of apothecary shops or pharmacies as we know call them. Avestan was one of the lanfuages spoken in ancient persia. I'm sticking with druj. It works well without anyone having to make mistakes. I never have been a big fan of the our poor stupid ancestors line of thought. They were all stupid enough to get us to where we are today. That's a pretty amazing place even by our standards.

9. Halogen in the first sence is salt maker but in it's second sence it's light maker. Both halo and halogen come from the greek halos (salt) But that's not a ring of salt pictured around the heads of Jesus and the saints. But I do have to thank you for jogging my memory. The arguement I was thinking of, and not very well I might add, was not hallicinogen being derived from halogen. But what was the cause of the colorful lights seen while using LSD and what to call them. Halogen or Hallucinogen. To which I have to say niether would be correct. LSD doesn't form the light so halogen would be incorrect. The lights are actually there in all reality so they are not hallucination. There is still a need to coin a proper word. But I conceed to your point.

10. I don't disgree any of this. Kahnebosm is hebrew kahnbosom would be aramaic. They are about as simular as spanish an mexican. I like my very first attempt at translating it. Canna (where Jesus turned water to wine) bis (musical term meaning once again.) Ah maybe in Jesus Christ Superstar. LOL
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Dark Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-01-05 09:15 PM
Response to Original message
3. Divide your writing into paragraphs. It's almost impossible to read. n/t
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