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"GLITCHES" 2004 -- kill this meme!

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nashville_brook Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 12:14 PM
Original message
"GLITCHES" 2004 -- kill this meme!
Edited on Mon Oct-30-06 12:56 PM by nashville_brook


42,841 problems nationwide CAN'T all be *innocent glitches.*
42,841 problems nationwide and what has CHANGED? we now have MORE E-Vote Machines! we now have less ability to conduct recounts!

if we let these problems pass as "glitches" they will be excused in this election. how much of a pass is reasonable? do we raise hell if we lose a few close races? OR must we lose everything before we demand change? at what point do we realize we've lost everything? if the DEMS take a beating or don't win as much as we're supposed to, the MSM is going to EMBRACE the surprise results... the stories will read... who'da thunk it! go back to sleep!

here's a list of "glitches" from our own Demopedia reported by the great TIA.


1.Florida Palm Beach Couple voted for Kerry -- when confirmed vote, came out Bush. Called in eleciton poll supervisor, who got same result. Continued to use machine.

2.Florida Miami-Dade Andrea called to pass on anecdotal information that this happened; she has no first-hand information...voter machines would select wrong candidate when voter selected J. Kerry - G. Bush would be selected.

3.Florida Miami-Dade When voter pushed button for Kerry, Bush came up on the screen.

4.Florida Miami-Dade In precinct 249 we are getting reports that voters are pushing Kerry button, but Bush keep's coming up.

5. Florida Miami-Dade Voter attempted to vote for Kerry and ballot showed vote for Bush instead; she left poll; she tried to clear it and it wouldn't clear; so she cast vote with Bush instead showing.

6 New Mexico Bernalillo Reported that voters tried to vote for Kerry and Peroutka's name was recorded.

7 Texas Travis Machines are confusing, if you straight Dem, then go back to review or change, a vote for Kerry is changed to a vote for Bush. But there is no paper receipt to verify the problem or if the vote was actually cast for Bush. Voter just received a warning from her precinct chair to that effect.

8 Florida Palm Beach County Woman went to vote and used electronic voting machine. The two presidential candidates' names came up on the screen, Bush was first and Kerry second. She said she carefully clicked on Kerry but the check mark appeared next to Bush's name. She called someone over to help her and that woman told her to check on the mistaken check mark and it would remove the check mark. Then she could try again and check on Kerry's name. She did and it worked the second time. She was concerned that it took her two times to get her vote right.

9 Texas Bear County Checked Kerry and it showed Bush as the person she voted for. Calling for her Aunt.

10 Washington Snohomish caller calling for sister. contact information is for sister who experienced problem. polling place uses automated voting machine. voter selected kerry on ballot and reviewed results; showed a vote for bush. repeated at least 3 times before reults reflected kerry vote. told poll worker who responded that it had been a common occurrence already that morning.

11 Florida MIami-Dade Voters selected Kerry and machine recorded Bush

12 Florida Miami-Dade Says brother told him he voted for Kerry on electronic machine and machine recorded vote for Bush.

13 Virginia Fairfax County Voter went to vote early (Sat.) at county office in Reston. Filled out absentee ballot application and then voted on-site. First time he received a summary report the machine said he voted for Bush. He had not. He voted for Kerry. States pretty anal guy and the buttons are not that close together. Told workers on-site of problem, but they were convinced it was his fault. He was able to correct the problem, but in doing so had to push the Kerry button several times. The new/final summary report showed he voted for Kerry and not Bush, but his concern is that there is a problem with the machine and is concerned about tabulation. Voter reports it was a 10th District machine.

14 Florida Dade caller, a volunteer poll watcher, reported that three people complained that their vote for Kerry, had shown as a vote for Bush, after they reviewed their ballots.

15 Pennsylvania Philadelphia One machine malfunctioning; could not vote for libraterian or constitutional party candidate, voted for kerry; machine taken out of service

16 New Mexico Bernalillo Voter pressed name box for Kerry/Edwards, Libertarian light came on. Reproducible problem, persistence by voter allowed correct vote; probably ballot misalignment. Machine Serial No. 010154

17 Florida Palm Beach Caller voted for a presidential candidate, but when recap showed up it showed the incorrect presidential vote (she voted for Kerry and it showed up as Bush). She got a volunteer to help her, but wanted to file a comlaint.

18 Texas Florida calling about woman in FL who was on CNN who says she voted for Kerry and other democrats but when she went to vote her ballot, votes had all switched to republican. She called in poll worker who told her to clear machine, which she refused to do. Attorney at poll called in and he suggested she be allowed to vote at another machine. He believes serial # of that machine should be recorded and that machine and all others like it need to be sequestered. Critical that machines be guarded.

19 New York erie kerry/edwards name partially covered - can only see Edwards name. heard on raio WBLK similiar problem reported (93.7 fm) didn't complain at site. becuase didn't think it was a problem until he heard on radio.

20 Ohio Mahoney Poland-- Review pages from Kerry to Bush and people may not notice.Person heard it on radio talk show.Alson in

21 PA. Mercer County, Shenago township heard thatv if I wanted to vote party ticket, machine would lock up.ran out of paper ballots, told people to go home and come back later.

22 Florida Palm Beach Person is reporting that someone he knows voted for Kerry using touch schrren machine but the summary of the vote showed that he voted for Bush.

23 Florida Brower Voter voted for Kerry; when she reviewed the ballot it showed that she voted for Bush. Poll worker said that has been happening to many others.

24 New York Queens Lever on machine for Kerry/Edwards does not work

25 Ohio Mahoning Mother woting on electronic machine-pressed Kerry then next page of ballot notices vote recorded for Bush. Has a pollworker reset machine and them voted again for Kerry.

26 Florida Lake Caller is concerned that voting machines are illegitimately discarding votes for Kerry. Believes electronic voting machines are rigged. Believes some initiatives are displayed along partisan favoritism. Entire development is pro-Kerry, landloards are all Bush supporters.

27 Ohio Mahoning Caller's father voted on touch screen cmahine - for kerry edwards - when he went to check his vote - the vote had recorded Bush cheney ... he had to try 3 times to get the vote to kerry edwards. He told teh poll worker whose response was simply that the machine was tempermental.

28 Florida Pinellas Voter selected Kerry and the voting machine showed that they had selected Bush - it took her many tried to correct.

29 Florida Broward - machines switching are switching vote kerry to bush -- this ahappens prior to confirmation screen.
other voters complaining about the same thing

30 Virginia Fairfax Kerry/Democratic vote became Republican. Tried to make it work all day; Mom & Dad went reopened; heard them say broken all day. Machines left to right - 1st machine on left - machine # 1175.

31 Texas Harris Caller said when she voted a straight democratic ticket, the vote did not register for the presidential (Kerry) vote

32 South Carolina Charleston Voted today, when pressed 1 party democratic choice Kerry did not light up, but others did on ticket. Did not report to anyone at polling place, but heard on radio that people were having problem.

33 South Carolina Richland Micro voting machine: hit independent; blinking lights started flashing; he could not change the vote; he ended up voting for Nader, but wanted to vote for Kerry.{cr}{newline}

34 Texas Tarrant Voted early around 10/14 electronically, had trouble with voting machine. First screen chose Democrat party, 2nd screen "Bush Edwards State Sen, John Kerry couldn't change or remove vote, then went to proposition, wants to know if her vote was accurately recorded.

35 Texas Harris Not sure she voted for Kerry, voted straight party ticket

36 Texas Harris Voter voted on the first early day to vote in Houston (october 18th) by electronic machine. Vother chose Kerry and when she checked her ballot she found that bush was selected. This happened one or two more times. By the third or fourth attempt kerry showed up as selected and voter submitted her vote.

37 New Jersey Unknown. Report of machine problems in San Antonio and Austin TX. Voters who voted for Kerry noticed that the machine reported a vote for Bush. When this problem was addressed by the pollworkers, the change toa vote for Kerry locked in a vot for the entire democratic ticket.

38 New Jersey Bergen Touch screen machine. When caller pressed screen for Kerry nothing happened. It was only after several attempts and after pressing screen for candidates in other races that pressing the Kerry section worked. After voting, the caller discussed with his wife and she had the same problem.

39 Illinois Cook Punched Kerry Edwards, things chad for Bush-Cheney was punched on the actual card. Punched Obama, and Obama was punched out.

40 Illinois Cook Voter went to vote (Punch Ballot) with wife. John Kerry is first punhc; GWB is second option. When looked at ticket, second was already pressed, tried to vote for JK. Wife had same experience (used a different machine)

41 Pennsylvania Philadelphia the light for Kerry did not light up whatsoever. Pressed #1 for all Democratic candidates and no light for Kerry went on, the lights underneath Kerry which may have been the rest of the Democratic candidates were blinking. The light by Kerry was not blinking. Then hit vote. Most voters did not speak English. Most Haitian Americans who only speak Creole. Did report problem to polling official.

42 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Machine was off when entered poll. The light for Kerry did not light up whatsoever. Pressed #1 for all Democratic candidates and no light for Kerry went on, the lights underneath Kerry which may have been the rest of the Democratic candidates were blinking. The light by Kerry was not blinking. Then hit vote. Most voters did not speak English. Most Haitian Americans who only speak Creole. Did report problem to polling official.

43 Pennsylvania Philadelphia The vote button was placed too low and difficult to see. All the instructions are at eye level, but the vote button is at the lowest right hand corner of the machine. {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}The candidate button for Kerry/Edwards-->the button to press is besides Edwards name not Kerry's name, so it's confusing.

44 California Sacramento Voter at polling place: Benvenito's Restaurant in Boynton Beach, FL, reported that electronic ballot erred in selecting Bush when she clicked Kerry. Advise election official who addressed issue. Evidently fixed.

45 Washington Snohomish Both caller and her husband said when they pulled up their electronic ballots, Bush was already checked. When they tried to switch it to vote for Kerry, had very difficult time unchecking the Bush box. Ultimately were successful.

46 Washington Snohomish Machine would enter incorrect candidates repeatedly. Kerry votes changed to Bush and others. Other voters reported similar problem.

47 Colorado Weld Caller voted on thursday at the Del Camino Center, Fredrick. Firestone CO. Voting was with touch screen Diebold machines. when voting for Kerry-Edwards, the electronic button did not light up and did not appear to register the vote. Caller's votes for other things did light up. Has called the newspapaers and TV stations about the problem. He has hired a lawyer but has not heard anything back from them about this. He demanded (and was given) a paper ballot. He is very upset about this and is alerting everyone he possibly can. {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}ADDENDUM --{cr}{newline}I called this caller back and let him know that we are having EFF attys look into the problem. He informed me that an attorney in Greeley CO is going to go to the polling place to take al ook at the machines, but he did not get her name. He also informed me that the machines did not give a summary screen at what was supposed to be the end of the voting process.

48 Florida Palm Beach Caller said when he went to vote, the ballot was repeatedly pre-selected for Kerry.

49 Georgia Clayton Upon filling out her ballot (on touch-screen system), voter selected "Kerry" as part of a straight-Democrat ticket, but it displayed "Bush" instead. She called poll worker over to look at it, who reset her ballot and had her re-do it entirely. This was successful. Upon hearing her make a commotion in line about it, another voter ahead of her reported the same problem.{cr}{newline}

50 Georgia Douglas Every time hit "John Kerry" name "x" would jump to "George Bush" happened two times

51 Georgia Douglas Pushed Kerry Edwards, the x went to Bush/Cheney, she tried this three times, went to next page, went back to Kerry page, then re-entered Kerry and the X went to Kerry. Also, message says need picture ID.

52 Georgia Liberty Voted Kerry -- pushed that button, jumped to Bush. Called for help; was able to remedy 2nd time also went to option above, not the one voter selected, but she was able to vote as she wanted in the end.

53 Kansas Johnson County pushed Kerry/Edwards and it selected Bush/Cheney

54 New York new york Jenny wanted to vote for Kerry under the working families party, not the democratic party, however row e of the voting machine (for working families party) was jammed. Instead of offering a paper ballot, the poll workers instructed Jenny to vote for Kerry under the democratic party, which she didn't want to do. Eventually, she was able to unjam the machine so that she could vote according to her preference, but her sister voted on the same machine and had the same problem, so she's afraid that it's going to jam again. Jenny said that a lot of the rows for the smaller parties seemed jammed or "tight."

55 New York queens The John Kerry chad was hard to punch. None of the other chads for the democratic party candidates were hard to punch.

56 New York New York County Volunteer for Kerry-Edwards was working outside handing out flyers and voters were leaving from this polling site complaining that the machines were not working. They are now having voters use paper ballots. Voters are leaving frustrated without voting.

57 Georgia Fulton He thinks that someone at church told his wife that voting machine entered vote for wrong candidate (tried to vote for Kerry, the machine registered a vote for Bush). He does not know any of the details or where the polling place is located.

58 Florida Broward Machine changed candidate he was voting for (3rd machine from right, precinct 17M) Kerry highlighted, on review saw Brown(?) for president. Asked poll worker for help and poll worker had him start over. Voted successfully 2nd time.

59 Florida Broward Voted for Kerry but machine showed Bush.

60 Florida Broward After voter voted for Kerry, and when they tried to move to the next screen, if heel of hand brushed against screen, which was apaprently happening, vote switched to Nader and got cast for Nader. Kerry Poll Watcher said some had been caught and corrected, but who knows about all. Poll worker not helpful to EP mobile attorney. Was iVotronic machine

61 Florida Palm Beach Co. Two voters, voting early, used electronic voting machine. They chose John Kerry for president but when they reviewed their choices before submitting their ballots, they found that George Bush was selected instead and they couldn't change the choice.

62 Florida Broward Co Two unrelated people (taxi driver & store clerk told our volunteer they had voted on touch screens this week and screen showed they had voted for Bush when they know they voted for Kerry -- they got someone to change it before their vote was filed.

63 Florida Broward At review screen, selection changed from Kerry to Bush "before my eyes" as voter pushed red button just before. Voter filed complaint with Kerry lawyer in polling place and told poll worker of problem, who said, "nothing could be done."

64 Florida Broward 3 or more women told person they voted "down the street" (precinct 39V) from the post office at 4429 Hollywood Blvd. They voted for Kerry but the name Bush came up on the sceen at the end, when they voted, when vote was processed

65 Florida Broward Voter pressed "Kerry" on machine, but another name was indicated on the summary page. Voter was able to review & change the vote satisfactorily.

66 Florida Broward I voted for Kerry and after the screen ask me to write in my vote. I ask a poll worker to assist me. The pollworker ask the repairman and I was allow to vote.

67 Florida Broward Upon reviewing her ballot before casting her vote, the voter noticed that "Bush/Cheney" appeared even though she had chosen "Kerry/Edwards".

68 Florida Palm Beach Caller has difficulty reading, so she invited me to accompanyher into the voting booth. Three times she touched the Kerry/Edwards frame on her screen and the machine did not highlight her selection. She was only able to correct this on the final screen that listed her selections. teh "change" directions were very small and easy to miss at the top of the screen. Caller was able to vote for Kerry/Edwards usiing this screen. Which directed her back to the original screen presidential vote screen. This time the machine accepted her selection.

69 Florida Palm Beach Went to vote for Kerry and Bush popped up immediately. I called for help. Woman/precinct worker told him to touch screen for Bush and it popped up again for Kerry. Successfully voted for Kerry on second time trying.

70 Florida Palm Beach Selected John Kerry/ green check came up in George Bush's name. Called over poll worker and they got creen to read John Kerry. She stated "it made me wonder if the machines are rigged."

71 Florida Palm Beach While voting for Presidential candidate Kerry - had problems with accessing his name. Bush's name kept popping and taking "priority". On the review however it showed Kerry so voter completed vote.

72 Florida Palm Beach Voter touched "Kerry" and Bush's name registered. I called poll worker and she told me how to erase Bush's name. We know of three today - maybe more!

73 Florida Palm Beach Went to vote for Kerry and Bush popped up. Immediately called for help. Woman/precinct worker told him to touch screen on Bush and it popped up again for Kerry. Sucessfully voted for Kerry on second time.

74 Florida W. Palm Beach Some people vote Bush instead of Kerry - concept of callabration - okay understand - works on second time. Democratic poll watcher inside aware of the prolbem.

75 Florida Broward Unknown name came up on review screen, Walter F. Browne - after Kerry selected. Asked for help from election's worker, who suggested he do it over. He retried, got same result, and finalized vote without accurate screen.

76 Ohio franklin machine not working for kerry monitors whispering
New Mexico Bernalillo When water hit one button another light came on. Was able to corect. Hit for Kerry and other candidate lit up (Green)

77 New Mexico Bernalillo I assisted William Jones who lives in asssisted living; he pressed the "Kerry" button and the red light lit up "Libertarian," several names down the screen

78 New Mexico Bernalillo Voter selection does not light up, other selections do. typically preside3ntial candidaTES from Kerry to 3rd party. Voter persistence seems to help

79 New Mexico Bernalillo Voting Kerry, Perotka (sp?) comes up. 2 reports made through moveon to hotline

80 Ohio Mahoning Pressed Kerry button, another candidate came up (not Bush)! Second try, it worked.

81 Ohio Mahoning Selected Kerry and Bush's name came up. Selected Kerry a second time and only then did it remain Kerry. Her sister also had the same problem, and once she selected Kerry the second time it stayed.

82 Ohio Mahoning Attempted vote for Kerry, responed as Bush/Cheney. Upon verification, went back and changed to Kerry/Edwards. Verified as OK, submitted.

83 Ohio Mahoning Voted Kerry and Bush came up.
Florida broward voter hit kerry button and check mark appeared next to bush. voter contacted poll worker to correct problem but the same thing happened whe she vote the rest of the ballot. she had help and was able to fix ballot before she left, but was concerned.

84 Florida Broward One machine; told by Kerry monitor that when people voting for Kerry push "summarize". Anaother candidate's anme shows up. Poll workers said, "didn't push hard enough." Said tech repairman has been dispatched.

85 Florida Broward A person informed me of a friend who voted. The completed screen (precinct unknown) on the "review ballot" page wrongly stated that the voter had voted for Bush when the voter had selected Kerry. The voter reported this to an election official who responded, "Yes, that machine has been doing that all day."

86 Florida Broward She had to select presidential choice 2x before correct choice was reflected. Got help from poll worker; successfully voted. Voted Bush, Kerry got highlighted. Can't remember which machine, maybe 2nd/3rd from right.

87 Pennsylvania philadelphia Part of 1 of 2 machines wasn't lighting up -- wasn't able to vote for Liberatarian or Constitutional party; election judge said voter complained but just voted for Kerry & left.....

88 Florida Broward Voter touched Kerry on screen, got Bush.{cr}{newline secondhand report from observer, no contact info for voter)

89 Florida Broward Tried repeatedly to vote for kerry, got candidate underneath. Was able to vote for Kerry by touching more toward the Bush button.{cr}{newline}machine against back wall, somewhere around the 4th or 5th from the right{cr}{newline}

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nashville_brook Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 12:28 PM
Response to Original message
1. Florida -- 5089 incidents -- lets drill down...

of those 5089 -- 1115 were in Miami-Dade and 1118 were in Broward county. in other words, the thickest population of DEMOCRATIC VOTERS by county experienced 44 percent of the so-called "glitches."

TWO COUNTIES out of the whole state of Florida, experienced 44 percent of the "glitches."
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nashville_brook Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 12:30 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. heavily Republican Duval county (Jacksonville)
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BootinUp Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 12:33 PM
Response to Original message
3. 4 glitches per every 10,000 votes
doesn't seem unusually excessive to me. In other words we need to do better, but this is probably normal for our state run non-uniform election system.
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nashville_brook Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 12:53 PM
Response to Reply #3
4. this is a local and specific issue... look at the districts
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nashville_brook Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-30-06 12:54 PM
Response to Reply #3
5. oh, and that association is waaaaaaaay misleading.
Edited on Mon Oct-30-06 01:06 PM by nashville_brook
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