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Long Island Serial killer

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jan-27-11 01:45 PM
Original message
Long Island Serial killer
seems to be a bit of a mirroring effect of the suffolk strangler 12/06 in the UK. Gary Ridgway and the Green river killings as well. The clusters in a location where the scumbag can drive by or park his car and walk down the beach to revisit the crimes. Doesn't seem to be any information out there about the method the killer used.

A frequent craigslist surfer and uses other pornographic web sites too. Perhaps a arsonist over 30 revenge motivated addicted to phone sex and identity theft and credit card fraud crimes, who progressed to murder through the stages. Maybe a text book sociopath who was turned down by the NYPD and NYFD. Murder by fire is a way for the revenge arsonist over thirty to work his or her way up to doing the murder. In other words more of a planned copy cat.

Perhaps views himself as a Brooklyn thug from Long island.
Living out his fantasies.Add in identity theft and the scumbag is always somebody else.

Just a thought .

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jan-27-11 04:25 PM
Response to Original message
1. The UK Suffolk strangler seemed to have gone on a all out killing spree
Edited on Thu Jan-27-11 04:43 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
killing five prostitutes all in a very short time frame in December of 06. his history was traced back 20 years same as Gary Ridgway's but no connection to other murderers were made public in th UK. The profiler the Uk authorities used was a university PHD that referenced the hillside Strangler case in L.A. California and a lesser sever comparison in the Uk's serial killer history. Where as actually it was more of a likeness to the Green River serial Killer Gary Ridgway and the lesser known 60's UK serial killer never caught called Bible John. Wright the Suffolk murderer as it turned out, the Ridgway and Bible John cases were much closer to the truth as Wright later displayed prior to addressing the court as was related by the jailers to press.Wright the murderer was very concerned about his appearence, his shirt,his tie his attire all had to seem perfect-about like Bible John according to whitness accounts by those who survived. . Still he was convicted of the five killings, imprisoned and it was all put to bed as far as the public goes.

So the idea was put out there that the Suffolk murderer just suddenly went full blown out of the clear blue.
Of course the UK couldn't possibly have the same kind of scumbags that we do ,or they sure wouldn't want their public to be aware of it.

Looking at one of the FBI's web sites I see that the Revenge motivated arsonist over 30 years of age and the incurable child molester and lumped into a very separate category all it's own. Distinct comparisons are drawn around the progressive phases those two types of scumbags pass through reaching the full blown state or completely out of control .

Could very well be this is a x generation scumbag that want to be the worst of the worst,everything all rolled into one.
I think
Fire Island is significant to the scumbag ,it means something .Not necessarily the island itself but it's name.

A investigator mentioned on a CNN report the other day the scumbag may have done the same thing some place else. The reporter was directing the question toward the scumbag taunting the police. If the scumbag wants to be viewed as the worst of the worst in revenge motivation ,than it may be a series of other crimes committed elsewhere leading up to going full blown. After all identity theft and credit card fraud are and have been out of control and rarely investigated in depth.

Since anything little thing can set that kind of scumbag off,it would stand to reason such a scumbag cannot spend too much time in any one place. So holding down a job would be impossible. So the scumbag would move around a lot find temporary work,change jobs a lot ,change residency al lot and change hunting grounds a lot as they hunt close to where they live or stay like sharks do.

The murders therefore could be the end result of the scumbag having progressed through the phases and having lost his fear thus having become society worst nightmare the serial killer on the loose.
That being the case close to home the scumbag will no doubt have something back there in adolescents history related to both robbery and arson no doubt back in Long Island perhaps the arson happened in the Bronk's or Brooklyn.

What is it 60 collage credits are now required to become eligible for the police and fire academe ? May be the place to start hunting down into.From there other crimes committed in other places unrelated to murder but in connection to by way of the scumbag passing through the progressive phases. Of course they rob as much as they can never knowing how long they will hold out in any one place or hunting ground.

Same as arsonists, the serial killers like to revisit the crime scene or in this case the scumbags collective.
Electrical fires are hard to prove arson and can be a prolonged gratifying experience for the scumbag revenge motivated arsonist. Inhanced fantasies.

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-30-11 05:02 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. All the victims were persons at the five foot height or under exception to
Melissa Barthelemy from Erie county or the Erie/Niagara region. As of yet information is scant and there is no information available by way of the media on the subject of the scumbags need to taunt the families of his victims. Or The Buffalo/Niagara region is significant or it means something to the scumbag. Perhaps the scumbag was or is a frequent visitor to the western end of New York-perhaps relatives are from the area.and perhaps the taunting of Melissa's family was more of prized taunting -the scumbag may have gained tremendous revenge motivated gratification out of taunting Melissa Barthelemy's family.

The prostitutes to the scumbag are his mother no doubt.The scumbags want to destroy as many lives as they can starting with their own families and from there ,anyone the predator comes in contact with.

Apparently authorities tried to keep the lid of this one as long as they could.
The scale of evil knows no bounds.

No doubt the scumbag thinks he is smarter than the law and thinks he is quite sure he knows all in's and out's.
Ted Bundy thought so too.

Wright the UK's Suffolk strangler ,Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, John Wane Gacy ,, Son Of Sam I think worked for the post office -all of those scumbags held permanent jobs-,exception to Ted Bundy.Wright was a pub owner,Ridgway was a auto body & frame man, ,John Wane Gacy was a contractor.

So none of the above mentioned except perhaps Bundy had to rob and steal identities and do credit card fraud to get their hands on money or items to sell to get the money.

So Richard Ramirez -the devil worshiper serial killer comes to mind. He broke in and entered through bathroom windows ,or cracked open windows to do the rape ,robberies and murders.The example of the thieving scumbag as a full time occupation who progressed to rape and than murder to cover up the rape/robbery ,through the murder to cover up the rape robbery does the murder and discovers murder is the thrill the thrill seeker seeks. After having done one,by a seeming accidental/incidental happening as is viewed by the scumbag,all fear of becoming the murdering scumbag is lost. The last shred of conscience ,if there ever was any fades away thus the terrorist progress's through to full blown.The final stage.
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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-31-11 10:22 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. How would scumbag looser get the money to support habits ?
Edited on Mon Jan-31-11 10:44 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
That is how Richard Ramirez the L.A Night Stalker was described by a downtown L.A. corner store proprietor . kind of a scrawny faced skinny guy that is the spitting image of looser in every way. Everything about his presence displayed a total looser. Slightly dark complected.Carried the look of a typical low life thief.A Looser. Ramirez lived in downtown L.A. hotels when he wasn't out stalking and moved around the streets of downtown L.A.

Perhaps the long Island scumbag is the opposite,about 5'8" 210 lbs. tall enough and big enough around to easily over power a woman 4' 8 or 9 or 5'2 or 3. Knock her out with his fist or strangulation .
A total looser with a serious anger management problem because the scumbag is filled with hate.The kind nobody wants around for very long.

Must have habits to support,porn flicks cost money,phone sex cost 69 cents a minute and even with the best western motel gold card ,motel rates cost too.

How would a scumbag like that-that nobody wants around very long get the money and find victims to rob bank info from ?

Well ,look no further than craigslist.

Here is a service add -no licensee -no insurance -no bond.

rate 30 per hour-please Pay In cash
min. 2 hours-$60.00

specializing in ikea assembly along with other flat packed furniture -home depot.
and exercise equipment.
Installing window air conditioners
Installing shelves and cabinetry
basic house hold repairs-minor electrical
(changing plugs-fixtures -etc.)

The number receives texts
Feel free to contact by that method.

To do that little and know that little such a dude can carry all the tools it takes in back pack or some such thing and ride the train or the bus right up to yer door.If he uses a car and of course most likely does would park it somewhere cheap and commute.

The kind some contractor would hire on the temp to get through a job and get rid of fast because those kind have their own agenda and the last thing you would do as a contractor is send what that is out there ,or turn it loose on society.Aside from that they are useless and cost more than they can possibly be worth.That is not to say they are all serial killers -but to a contractor ,some hired laborer who cost' more than they can possibly be worth in the equivalent is a terrorist on the job.

In the fishing industry they go out on those processors for 30- 60 or 90 days on a run. All a scumbag has to do is get through a run and than change company's as there are a number of those. Never too long in one place.They hire bodies and only require a drug test-no experience necessary. Even a short fuse scumbag can work the freezer.

So I think the scumbag is more of a looser like Richard Ramirez the night stalker, but appears moreso clean cut,maybe even shaves his head bald. Stalky bald headed guy. Looks like he'd make a good laborer.Maybe sees himself as a gambler.

And of course if yer were to set him off as anything can when he's in yer wiring -there is always a staged electrical fire that is hard to prove, as a revenge motivated scam.

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-01-11 02:10 PM
Response to Reply #3
4. The Commercial Fishing Game Is Seasonal
Edited on Tue Feb-01-11 02:25 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
and about as close to temporary work as can be. In between season staying fit is a must. It's hard work 24/7 and one must be able to meet the requirements. All those months in between with little to do.It's always a good way to pick up 5-7 or 10 thousand dollars in a short amount of time if yer fit enough.A good deck hand can make a lot more than that but, one would have to be able to work with other people and learn -it that take a investment of time ,one cannot just become a first rate deck hand over night. 2nd. best just isn't good enough and way down there in the freezer why, thats bottom.

So as it gets closer to to season the exercise is stepped up to get in shape for the run.And than when it's time,all the exercise equipment is disassembled , packed up and put away and out comes the fishing gear.Clearly that add on craigslist caught my eye. But like fish in the sea there are many of those.

The point being in between seasons there is much time on the fisherman's hands and making money is what it's all about, especially where it comes down to sporting habits or addictions ,fixations and all.

And for a short fused scumbag who really can't stay the course working with other people , that leaves the big cooperations ,the Processors -the vessels that the process the fisherman's
catch -pack it and deliver it to port. Those are the companies that hire bodies. And lots of accidents happen,on deck is no place for a gold digger or one who is a accident waiting to happen, -but they do somehow slip in every now and again as cooperate records would indeed show. Those dots. Like police agencies ,cooperations don't necessarily share information on time-or if they do -it may be be better to squash it for that little amount of of money. The insurance injury claims.

And when members of the hard working crew are sleeping-freezer boy can pick into their pockets and rob banking information ,account numbers -ssi numbers ,address's ,after all they are the one's that make the big bucks and scumbag seek revenge for that, that and the 69 cents a minute for his phone sex addiction.And all the other scumbag stuff a scumbag would pay for over the phone using other peoples numbers.

Of course such a scumbag would hop flights from coast to coast doing the interstate flight thing.After all it's all about what's in yer wallet or yer purse.Just like it say's in the credit card commercial right? What's in your wallet ?

So yes the scumbags fixate and they covet and fallow a strict repeated pattern.
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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-01-11 04:05 PM
Response to Reply #4
5. The theory here is simple really
Edited on Tue Feb-01-11 04:09 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
If you were to imagine the killings in Jersey and in Florida are somehow connected to the killings in Long Island ,than there must be common denominator because if it's always the stupid mistakes that they make ,there is no complicated equation at all. It takes money to get anywhere and do anything . So, the fishing industry offers a good sum of money to be made in short amount of time. And a scumbag the same as any person would go wherever the work is, be it Florida or Jersey or Long Island or Texas or Seattle or San Francisco ,anywhere the fish bite. Life is like a traveling carnival to scumbags-the lights ,the hype and the money -everything is for the taking.Everything.

Those six phone calls,fixated- that scumbag must have left a trail that he figures will take forever for the authorities to connect up all the dots.And at the same time knows that sooner or later they will. But predators live in the now,nothing else matters -nothing. Other than destroying peoples lives by any and all means starting with their own family. Mother ,Father brother, sister -aunts,uncles anybody anywhere the predator goes.

A scumbag filled with all that hate and revenge and self pity could never be in any one place for very long working or getting along with other people. Not with what the scumbag carry's . Anything can set them off, like pooring a little gas on a fire pit to get the fire started ka poof instant explosive fire. Revenge motivation -.Perhaps revenge for having been born.
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dem3550 Donating Member (50 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-25-11 08:28 PM
Response to Reply #1
23.  +10
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TheWraith Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-02-11 12:33 AM
Response to Original message
6. Is that based on an FBI profile?
Despite popular mythology, those FBI profiles aren't actually all that insightful--mostly they're a combination of simple, relatively obvious deductions based on the methods of past crimes. For instance, if the victims are all or primarily white then the killer is likely white as well. Most serial killers are male, between the ages of 20 and 40. Etcetera.

More speculative efforts on their part have usually been no better or worse than guesses or personal theories. Don't count too much on those profiles.
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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-02-11 04:16 AM
Response to Reply #6
7. The progressive phases are based on what is known
Edited on Wed Feb-02-11 04:38 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
about sex offenders/child molesters and the same rate of progression can also apply to the arsonist ,in particular the revenge motivated arsonist over thirty years of age -you can extend that to the serial killer and the urban terrorist as well as the suicide bombers. When does the serial killer identify with him or her self as being a cold killer? At what age ? Some molesters say they knew at age ten that something about them was very different..Research will back that. When you look at the hard core molesters how it comes down through the rate of progression leading up to serial killer, it starts out touch/feel leading to rape /molestation and from there murder to cover up the rape and murder becomes the greater thrill. This is in short and is quite disgusting .

The fantasies play a major roll in the thinking of a scumbag. Be it a molester,a arsonist,or a serial killer.They replay the events of the crimes over and over again in their heads like a movie..Joe Duncan,.he did a blog called the fifth nail -it is disgusting ,but the scumbag tells about it if you have the stomach to read it.

It all comes down to the incurable sociopath/psychopath unless of course you would hold out for hope.Truth is ,they can't stop and they won't stop until they are stopped. Just this week end in Washington state a female prison guard was murdered ,perhaps raped by one of those scumbags -a chronic repeat offender,a rapist and molester of the strike three catagory..And so clearly you can see that prison does not stop them either.They can't stop and they won't stop until they are stopped.

Call it a workable theory and let's see where it goes.

My hunch is the scumbag sees himself as being unstoppable like Ted Bundy thought.This bastard loves to taunt. Maybe thinks he is more like Bundy. But I think the scumbag is much lower than that, more like Richard Ramirez the night stalker. .2nd best is never good enough coming in 2nd is never good enough -it has to 1st.

Just a loser.

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-02-11 03:19 PM
Response to Reply #7
8. Melissa Bartholemy was a promising young up coming
Edited on Wed Feb-02-11 03:42 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
hair stylist as it so says in the write up's who had long term plans to one day own her own business .Maybe buy a shop or a house that seconds as a beauty shop. She had dreams that were realistically reachable and time was on her side.

In the same way the loser thought time was on his side when the loser was in his 20's.The self pity thing.The scumbag by now is no doubt pushing closer to 40 and see's that life passed him it's all about revenge.

Melissa who was a pretty smart gal who had positive obtainable goals, probably saw through the scumbags inflated ego that is used to compensate the scumbags short comings ,and put it to the narcissist in a way that penetrated deep into the scumbags internal world, which is the whole world to a scumbag.Melissa no doubt could spot a total loser from a mile away.But the loser in question is also a serial killer. That she did not see.But she got that scumbag, She got that scumbag to latch on to something and fixate and he did,he couldn't let go of the phone. That voice. Perhaps it is recorded about like those phone sex lines are recorded in case the scumbag is using a false identity and
using other peoples bank information. The collection agencies have all that evidence,

It would seem, since the feds. are being brought into the investigation that it shouldn't be all that complicated for the feds to pluck through that very very long back log of identity theft credit card fraud which has gone out of control since 2001.

So Melissa got that scumbag. It cost her family considerable additional grief ,but in the long run she must have known they want that scumbag caught and captured. She got that scumbag.

Imagine a narcissist telling you a story about a incident that occurred in a pub where he is mouthing off to a woman he's been hitting on and ignored his advances politely ,the scumbag see's her politeness as her being susceptible to his advances-the thing in scumbags mind is ongoing-she even hires the scumbag to paint her house. She see's that the scumbag lacks people skills and is not equal to a relationship with a woman , she gifts the scumbag with a book about how to have a relationship. The scumbag goes off on that and sees it as a insult to his manhood ,his mouth is out of control and this is in a pub. Jesus H. she says yer a god damned narcissist ,you need to seek help. So three big guys have to put out the scumbags fire .

The scumbag is a periodic drunk and knows that.

So later the same week the scumbag knows he did wrong although maintains it was she who lead him on.But she said something that really pissed him off more than anything, she called me a narcissist, what's narcissist mean? What is a narcissist ? That was the scumbags question.

So, how would you tell a scumbag narcissist you are about to send packing what a narcissist is ? Well, you say the answer to that question takes up about one full block at New York's library ,you better leave it sit.Those books are real thick too.real thick.

So, the scumbag knows it means something,but the scumbags mind don't know what it means,but the scumbag does. Go figure ?
Anything can set them off,and some things blow out their nuclear fuse and it all pours out.

It was not the booze.

Some scumbags say it was a entity -joe duncan on his fifth nail blog referred to the entity or his demon. Bundy in the end tried that. some say they don't know what happened ,they just blacked out,some say they become zombie like and something else takes over.

It's never them.

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-04-11 01:27 PM
Response to Reply #8
9. Like Alaska's Joe Miller
Edited on Fri Feb-04-11 02:05 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Scumbags like to use other peoples computers for their illegal doings and other peoples identities too.
What goes on the mind of a scumbag- always looking for a fix .

pers-133180373@craigslist a drinking companion-26 -----------2/11/06----pop3
hay you ,my name is matt seattle firefighter ,34. and single living in fremont ,play rugby in seattle league love a good pint where were you last night -went out to friends bar -i wish i could have contacted you email mrdnyc2004@yahoo default for matt--------------2-21-06 8:30 pm
hi my name is matt ----- my acct#0-- -- ---- i received a letter stating that my loan is in default and that my monthly payment is $260.00. this is the first letter that i have received in seattle wa where i reside. i have been out of the state of ny since june of 2002 . my mail was not getting to me. i am on public assistance due to the fact i was deemed by the state that right now due to my mental health i cannot work i receive public assistance for which is my only means of survival . it's $339.00 a month I can pay $30.00 to show good faith and reestablish a minimal payment plan. if you can look into this i appreciate.
matt -----


sale-142855219@crigslist... wanted your old quest phone 3/18/2006 5:44 pm pop3

Have quest phone for sale -$30.00- SCP-8100 smart camera phone. with charger and battery.

pers-145232262@craigslist... straight to the point -w4m-29 3/25/06 6:21 pm pop3

very interested matt-206 336-17-- i can give you all the fucking you need!

pers-146690839@craigslist... pretty inside and out -38 3/30/2006 10:40 pm

am very interested matt.

oh, here's freezer boys application form for
Ocean Peace Inc.
Ocean Alaska ,Lp

another\Creek Water & Sewer District

dos on this one.

Strip Tease pps file, I wonder whats in there ?

Hua, Seattle Police application.

NYC police application

NYC fire fighter application

Seattle fire Department.

State gov. apps.

The scumbag is focused .

Searching for the reported stolen car -Olympic shores- apparently stolen at a hotel parking lot.

Freezer boy fled the state of Washington in oct./nov. 2007 due to having been confronted by the Seattle Police and the collection agencies for identity theft over his phone sex addiction ,buying and selling stolen goods and being a general all around scumbag. The case/case's are ongoing. Cold due to lack of resources.

The scumbag was instructed by police to render himself available for further investigative questioning. Merandized. He wasn't sure what it meant by he did know they did not take him away in leg iron's . He was told they can come and get him anywhere ,anytime for any reason and drag him off to jail .

He may have actually gotten himself a job with the state gov. . so he ran.
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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-04-11 06:57 PM
Response to Reply #9
10. Clearly, I've got get a micro soft engineer
Edited on Fri Feb-04-11 07:01 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
to pull the scumbags information up .

Freezer boy it seems according to notes ,was sent to a school by the state having to do with his job training . The school was down Olympia way close to ocean shores,a beach area . Most likely a scumbag lie. The scumbag made a hotel reservation and apparently stayed in the hotel over a week end. Odd,scumbag parks his silver car in a area of the parking lot -so he says,where the security cameras are not functioning. And because he may have left an extra set of keys in the glove box,according to scumbag,that would be how the car thieves made off with car. He did return to Seattle car less and remained car less for about a week. freezer boy said, it says here ,the cops located his car and the stolen tools he hand in his trunk were all stolen out of his trunk.

I really didn't think that old computer was still around.If you would wonder what goes on in the minds of scumbags or how they think -or the sociopath-theres a clue.

His mental issues prevent him from working and than suddenly they are cured. Freezer boy was ready to make the leap from the ocean freezers on board those processors to cop or firefighter. The things that go on in the minds of those sociopaths.

The guys that knew freezer boy as freezer boy used to like to see him pop off when they called by his title-Freezer Boy. Indeed ,the fisherman called him freezer boy. And freezer boy who sees himself as being a thug from the Bronx would say ,I'll knock you out, ya,he'd go off on all the ways he was going to give them all a good fuck'en. Straight off the boat folks. He'll fuck them up good.

I think freezer boy was three for three on accidenting out -out on the water-three insurance claims-three different companies. According to freezer boy not a one was intentional. Shit just happens.His reverse approach is the boy who always looks out for the other guy, be careful there and all that-like he's got yer back.

Yep, 5'8 or 5'9' -210-or 220 -a girl 4'10 or so would be no match for freezer boy.

The thing about those socio's, they all seem to think of themselves as being original-like the original mold, as though it's not all been said and done before. Those secrets.
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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Feb-06-11 02:45 AM
Response to Reply #10
11. Freezer Boy Did Indeed Book a Reservation At A Luxury Resort Hotel
Edited on Sun Feb-06-11 02:51 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
The place is certainly no Best Western motel ,matt was traveling first class, yep mrdnyc -nothing but the best.
Lot's and lots craigslist activity ,all kinds of it. All over it too.Somebody had gifted the scumbag with a car so the scumbag could commute back and forth to work,apparently that somebody knew the scumbags Foreman and his Foreman does indeed work for the state. So now the scumbag no longer has to try to barrow wheels or rent- now the scumbag can check out other hunting grounds at will.two bumper stickers on the rear bumper of his late 80's silver Honda Acura - with sun roof,-on the right (Eat Fish) and on the left( a 911 NY FD) decal, the scumbag said he bought off the internet.With that and his police PBA card he carried in his wallet ,
his wheels were on and he was ready to roll.I believe he referred to that PBA card as his get out of jail free card, yep,his bro is the job.He had a partner in crime here too,he referred to him as his boy from up on Wall street.-up on Wall. Fantasy or fact? Can you believe a word a sociopath says?

So, one would figure given the scumbag says his car was stolen and the circumstances were odd to say the least,
a form of logic would tell you given you know the scumbag is a binge drinker and out of his small little hunting grounds -more so out in the open seas, he most likely did a hit and run than abandoned his car ,went back to the hotel and reported it stolen. That is a possible scenario that would add up .The craigslist hook up's is still the scumbags secret.Thing of it is , the collection agencies were on to the scumbag by this time and scumbag did not know that yet. The collection agencies were waiting on the voice comparison's. They had been tracking the scumbags doings all over the country. But it's like the nice lady that works for the collection agency says-try and get a police agency to listen or the f-b-i.,- nobody wants a identity theft -bank fraud case.all the resources are tapped out,- don't you know-since 911. If there is such a thing as a nice lady that works for a collection she say's- But look here ,until the tapes come back confirmed-why don't you get the cops to listen and get a case number ,than get back to me with it.-, than I'll quit bugging yer's.-' They won't even talk to me.Of course they were collecting for business's such as cockslutcom. hot 1800-hot-talk at 1800-414-4444 -there is some gym equipment in here ,-rebecca read v icon fitness inc.-some books too and other hot items.thing of it is, it was the same voice-fifty different people.This item here is mrdnyc's Best Western gold crown club international gold elite. the thing there is where it says elite.mrdnyc.

The scumbag is indeed a shoe freak-another oddity about the scumbag. A compulsive clean freak too -had a thing about the vacuum cleaner- almost a romance.Breaks everything he touches-it is always it's fault.It's either too old or too cheap.

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-09-11 01:05 AM
Response to Reply #11
12. This one up on Kiro's web site
Edited on Wed Feb-09-11 01:11 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Dated 1-30-11
calls himself slate4
joined the same day too.

1-30-2011 4:40 PM PST.
Being a retired Police Sargent in Suffolk county NY I would like to see the Warden and all Department Heads thrown into this facility. This individual should have been in solitary or put to death long ago.The jail guard was set up to die-are you kidding me? This is sick and all who put her in this position should pay.All Supervisors should be charged. The guys rape sheet is disgusting. When will this country stop wasting tax payers money on this type of scum and putting our law enforcement peoples lives on the line.
this is tragic!
end slate4.

The exclamation mark is part of his calling card. Be he mrdnyc or madmatty or slate4, whoever what ever he thinks he is at the time. He gets his jollies or gratification out of that (!)

Like a kid doing prank phone calls- 12 maybe 15 years old at 39. Apparently slate4 keeps up on the news related to murders back there on Long Island. The retired suffolk police Sargent that knew suffolk's top cop back when the top cop first made Sargent 30 years or so ago.

Don't they just love to taunt .
Is he kidding anybody ?
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Response to Reply #12
13. Apparently all the cat houses have closed in DC
That or craigslist has some type of attractive mystique that lure's the wondering hearts. Craigslist is no bathroom stall now is it ? I don't think Christopher Lee R. N.Y. thinks so at the moment. I imagine those back there in western New York don't think so right about now either.That old mirror effect.And there's a storm coming.

Chance and chance worthy ,but was it worth it ? As they say-circumstances and events can make or break the politician. May have seemed like nothing more than a little harmless fun . But it turned to a resignation didn't it ?
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Response to Reply #13
14. Mad Matty's Dream Of Becoming A Cop Or Firefighter
a job he had been in grooming for all his life at a point in his early 20's came crashing down, you might say he crashed and than burned out.-Civil service-good pay -good benefits -respectable -and unlimited opportunity . But mad matty thought he saw a way to redeem himself through 60 college credits -something to do with former mayor 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 's minimal requirements to get on the force or the fire squad.his loan default.

In his fantasies he was a cop or a firefighter ,in those fantasies he always was,which of course means in his mind he was before he was . That's the one where you cannot tell them anything because they think they already know. The instant gratification thing.

What would a scumbag see in the mirror ? That picture of former congressman Lee R. New York in front of that old mirror the day he resigned brought that thought to mind.

His 9/11 2001 NYFD decal on his driver's side rear bumper is or was authentic and in fact he was pulled over by a roving patrol officer of the law who came to seattle from NYC to work as a cop here rather than there,And of course he questioned that decal and mad matty too when he pulled mad matty over. But mad matty was covered -he had his police PBA card and the other stories too for definitive back up.Mad matty never scraped the decal off so apparently his cover story worked that time.

Thing of it is those two decals mean something to mad matty in the very same way the vacuum cleaner did, the vacuum cleaner he seemed to be having a romance with several times a day. 69 cents a minute hot talk over the phone was several times a day at a pop too.

But it was his pet snake -and his undying love of that pet snake -his snake that provided him with a tremendous instant gratification at feeding time when the scumbag would feed his snake live baby mice. Look look ,look at that snaky swallows the baby mice whole and those mice slowly do down. That snake was his one true companion, and the love of his life.such a power thrill the scumbag got out his snake. If he had only had a mirror so he could look upon his own face to see what his face showed all who looked upon it.

The South Carolina woman who murdered her children-Susan Smith-how it is on camera her words said something and her face told a very different story all it's not just the television camera what brings that out. Yes, what the scumbag was saying about it was very different from what the scumbags face told about it.There scumbags have no clue what so ever. If you saw Susan Smith that day on national television telling her story ,than you also saw how obvious it was at that time she was lying.

So the gratification mrdnyc got out of that snake was more in line with his ongoing romance with a vacuum cleaner and those two decals on the back bumper of his automobile are a part of all that.His vacuum cleaner romance was a thing long before he found his companion snake. the two got along ok too. the vacuum cleaner and the snake-those two things could do no wrong in the eyes of mrdnyc.

And of course when mrdnyc did his inter state flight thing-his snake was the one thing in his life that truely mattered. mrdnyc made the great escape with his snake in hand.This time on the radar.

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Response to Reply #14
15. N.Y. Stabbing Suspect Say's- I'm A victim Of A Set Up
What goes on in the minds of those socio's ? Consumed with self pity perhaps ?

Lets take a look at mrdnyc Sr. it says here-, Apparently according to what it says here, mrdnyc wrote a letter to his bank having to do with his credit card activities and proclaimed he is a victim of identity theft. This thing is dated 8/5/2010. mrdnyc returned to N.Y.C. in Nov. 2007. So summer time in 2010 mrdnyc was still beating back or running from those issues.

There was a episode here in July o7,that was the hotel incident out there at Olympic Shores
July 06 -about the time he got wheels -there were several incidents .July 4 ,there was a fire on a pier, electrical cables-mrdnyc was at a park just across the water from that fire. Back in Feb. 06 the scumbag was lashing out at everyone and anyone for no apparent reason .

Thing is between July and Aug. 06 and 07 mrdnycs strange behavior took considerable elevation.Those two months July and August, the two hot months.
In Feb. 06 his living lie was all about getting into the NYC Police Academe ., so N.Y.C cops would know more about any truth to that period in the scumbags life. At any rate those two months are significant and mean something to the scumbag.

Since scumbags do not just suddenly out of the clear blue become a full blown scumbags,it would be safe to assume the July ,August thing traces back to and through the scumbags adolescence.

Some of those sociopaths make very good lier's, probably because they can convince themselves of most anything.They become the lie and live the lie. This one is a periodic drunk -so they run from the lies too.Odd but true. When the lie dies the scumbag creates a whole new living lie to live or relive.

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Response to Reply #15
16. Markism Gelman The 28 Hour Stabbing Suspects
delusional romance and his explosive outbursts and stalking of the woman he had placed a claim on and who rejected his advances ,refused to answer his repeated phone calls - all of that defines mrdnyc. two modes for those scumbags -HOT_COLD. Cold is nicy nice -seemingly laid back or easy going-positive intentions laced with plenty of goody goodness.That would be how the 28 hour stabber talked the girl into being at the pool party.NY Times article today.And when the situation does not meet the expectations procreated in the scumbags delusional plan , Well they pop off likeness to a explosion ,everything gets blown up far far away from any from of logic to the point of non reality. That is because the scumbags internal world is in truth the scumbags whole world . So they struggle to control their surroundings and everything and everybody in those surroundings.

Anything can set them off .

Back in late spring early summer 2010 I would think the collection agencies and credit rating agencies caught up with mrdnyc. That would no doubt set the scumbag off. That's the little thing that will cause the scumbag to jettison into full predator mode. At that point it is pure evil. Those scumbags are not sick ,they are evil.

Point being there is no original mold and the only thing those scumbags have to hide is their secrets . The 28 hour stabber was still being mothered. Whereas mrdnyc shoved off on his own so he could become everything he wanted to be without guilt. Without having to hide himself , without his mother endlessly trying to keep him on the straight and narrow path. Free to become the worst of the worst in revenge motivation-free to destroy as many lives as he can starting with his own family. The worst of the worst in the eyes of fire fighter is a revenge motivated arsonist murder intent. But the worst of the worst just has to be far more than just that .

So staging a fire is just a way to work his way to murder.The next step is doing one with his hand on,both methods working at the same time and that's craiglist.

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Response to Reply #16
17. Correction to mrdnyc's time line
Edited on Wed Feb-16-11 03:56 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
mrdnys got his wheels in july of 05., working back from there to March of 04. Mrdnyc was being what people from Arizona call a snowbird. To his ego what you call a jet setter. He would Jet Blue back to N.Y.C. in between scams. That means he never really left New York City. Snowbirds live in Arizona during the winter months and return to wherever in the spring summer months. Although they tend to want to hang out in Arizona in the spring-, Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale/Massa- because the climate is what you call ideal in the spring time. The ideal thing applies to fishing season and working those processors.,those cooperations with deep pockets to pick. By 2006 mrdnyc became hesitant to fly back to N.Y.C. for reasons, apparently a number of those.A family member ,a aunt or uncle back there western N.Y. became ill and mdnys,s mother wanted madmatty to return to N.Y.C. to help he make the 500 mile trip back there to the old homestead.

Mrdnyc became infuriated after the call. Those people back there are nothing but trouble said madmatty. Every time I get things going for myself something happens to ruin it.( Boy was he hot. )Actually consumed with self pity.
Those people were out to ruin madmatty in his view. those lessors back there in western N.Y. in his view-the insignificant ones. Madmatty was here to be free of all that and them ,free to become the worst of the worst. Free to make his insane fantasies our living nightmares,
The other odd thing in 06 ,the scumbag did not jet blue back to the city for Christmas. it was bad enough that the scumbag had to steel as much as he could in a short amount of time to cover the cost of Christmas goods ,being a uncle and all there were three toddlers and four adults to buy for. Quite the expense.

There were other revenge motivated issues too, all of which of course is very dark.

Gambling issues - pulling the stuff out of hard drive is no easy task,but it looks as though the scumbag also has a faddish with casino's.

To go into that , one must also go into the scumbags secret. One casino is the place where there was a incident having to do with the former mayors son who was involved in scam when working as a dealer.
Remember in mrdnys's fantasies he thinks he is a cop some of the time-or a fire fighter like his dad was.
But his map quest activities show he mapped out all the going casino's.all of those.

The scumbags secret is that he thinks he has extra special investigative psychic powers . But ah, he just can't seem to figure out why it does not bring him winnings at the card tables.

It seems to guide him into favorable situations -the luck you know, but never does it bring him favors at the card tables-And there the scumbag feels cheated. It never really brought him a true to life girl friend either if you can imagine.

Isn't it odd how evil works ,or is it?

Fer the life in him I'll bet the scumbag can't figure why it does not bring him luck at the card tables.Wouldn't you just wonder where a scumbag would go with that complaint (?) Wouldn't you now.

Another oddity is his outrageous tattoo center back side of his arm about midway. It's a over sized Caltic cross.

Hard to miss in the summer time.

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Response to Reply #17
18. MadMatty could not believe his mother had the audacity
Edited on Sat Feb-19-11 01:16 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
to ask such a favor of him. His poor sick mother who suffers from cancer asked her youngest son to fly back to NYC so that he may assist his mother making the 500 mile trip across the state to visit a sick dying relative back in western N.Y. MADMATTY -,second best is never good enough ,first rate all the way -,fly across the country to go there -,Western N.Y. ? Back when Nixon asked Nelson Rockefeller to be his V.P., Nelson said ,I am not the vice presidential type,- now I know you all know what I'm talking about here. So for madmatty ,his mother asking such a thing of him was to him more of a insult in the same way Nixon's bail himself out of the Agnew thing at the time struck a cord with Rockefeller. I mean jumping Jack Frost ,Nixon asking Nelson to take a second position -? You would imagine Nelson thought if Nixon had any good sense left in him, he will have offered to hand over the presidency to Nelson Rockefeller and will have considered himself fortunate if he were to except it.
But ah, he had a change of heart didn't he? Nelson did I mean for reasons.There was no difference for Nelson,after all he was accustomed to running his affairs and protecting his interest's from behind the scenes -better to be the puppeteer, pulling those strings is after all-, all power.Nixon did become very rich in the end ,but it did not turn his blood blue ,did it? Old Rocky.Rocky in the end was collecting paintings wasn't he? In fact he died in the middle of negotiations with the Soviet government trading for Russian art. The New York State police -the state snoopers that could not be prosecuted -they were allowed to make a total mockery of LAW by order of Nelson himself as governor.Only in the empire.

Second best is never good enough for those that see themselves being N.Y elite.mrdnyc. Every state has their fair share of those. We know people are people .

So, what would make a sociopath -a scumbag narcissist think he is smarter than all cops or above all cops ?
I would go back in New York state history a ways and look at the un prosecutable New york State Police and at that point research all the bad apples thereof. After all, there are bad apples in every barrel isn't that true ? And when cops are above the law,than bad apples come out from under those rocks ,don't they? Yes ,New York has it's dark side.

madmattey retained his New York state drivers license up until july of 05.,at that point he officially became a Washington resident. Therefore he never really left the state of New York-so he was more of a snowbird. The law since 02 requires picture I. D.

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Response to Reply #18
19. The New York State Police /corruption within back to the 70's 80's
Edited on Sun Feb-20-11 01:07 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
To find out how much corruption or how bad it got as a result of Nelson Rockefeller placing that state agency above the law and all who serve, one would start by researching court cases throughout New York state ,involving the doings of N.Y. state police . One thing you would look for is cases thrown out because of the total lack of police addressing the court telling that end of what went down.So that means even if the cop was dead wrong ,that cop was not held accountable and further was not required by law to show in court. The victims in such cases will have shown multiple times until a judge was forced to throw the case out. And even though the victim won in court,by New York's law at the time the victim still lost because tickets did at one time exist and never go away. That's New York with no such thing as civil liberties and or human rights.There was a cap on civil suits against the state of New York- the most the state could have been sued for was $5,000 . Hardly worth the time and legal expense. That's Rocky.

To the point here , you must look at the tremendous gratification a slim ball hiding behind a badge would get out of essentially being above the judges and the courts. But to contemplate that ,you will indeed further contemplate all slim balls. They all hide behind something and all have a secret .The last thing a thief will want to do is lead you believe the thief is a thief. The last thing a child molester would want you know is that the molester is a molester -, unless it is you who is being molested and or raped. The molester or the thief does it leaving you to know full well because ,the scumbag will be sure there is nothing you can or will do about that in-so far a proving it. That by the way is just what a slim ball scumbag is.And that is all about power.
Old man Rockefeller made a lot of million airs in his day didn't he ? Nelson made a lot of something too and it too was all about power on the dark side.

So, the secret thing is vital to survival for the slim ball scumbags. Everybody hates the thief. everybody hates the child molester. Everybody hates a criminal cop.Expose the secret ,and what have you than ?
A child molester for example is the very reverse of the natural order.The molester/rapist will have slightly more to fear upon exposure than the thief or corrupt cop although all three scumbags of separate categories are in it for the power ,which means they all share the same secret. There is no line to cross because there is no conscience. The corrupt cop same as the thief or molester will tell you all about the system being corrupt on every level and everywhere. The thief will say about the same thing. The molester thinks society has it all backward ,they see no wrong about the way they are.Scum is indeed all connected.

So if you were try to research your way into just how many corrupt N.Y.S .patrol officer 's were created in those dark years of the states history ,your research would be endless and much of court documentation would be unobtainable or lost never to be found.

OK; so there and in all that is just where the calculating serial killing scumbag wants everything to be for as long as it can be. Lost never to be found-or never can a full picture be pieced together. Never will all the Pieces to the puzzle be located. That's what a scumbag will think.Even if we look there,we will never see it or find it. That's how they think. They figure they can figure everything that can be figured,and from there cover their tracks ='s shoe freak.

It's no wonder the scumbag has a shoe faddish.disposable shoes.

Heres a question, if a scumbag has a higher power ,what is the scumbags higher power ? It's a problematic question.

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Response to Reply #19
20. 346 East 29 Th. Street Avenue D mrdnyc 2004
Edited on Tue Feb-22-11 04:25 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
As they say a hunch can live or die and even if it dies it can be resurrected.No doubt there is a mrdnyc 2002 too.
3& 1 no doubt. MrDNYC is indeed a odd fellow,he dwelled in unit 6 and received his mail in box 8 . Interesting numbers too 4207-6--8. sometimes everything is numbers. A lady about mrdnyc's age lived in unit 3 below mrdnyc. Mr.D.NYC dwelled in my office and was free at night time.The lady in 3 left a note on my door about a tennant problem and mrdnyc knocked on her door to inquire,3 told mrnyc to buzz off you don't know anything. Mrdnyc told 3 ,I can build a house on a match stick if I want to. So 3 told mrdnyc to flame off than. This girl is classy and educated !

Mrdnyc was doing some labor painting one evening and as usual he cost more than he is worth.Yes he flubbed it up. He was standing outside the door on a welcome mat, and I walked up behind mrdnyc after having viewed all his flaws and I thought huh, MATT A DOOR. The Bull In The China Store.

Mrdnyc became frustrated with tennant issues which goes with the territory -leave those notes on the door or get yer ass out. But he was too deep in his identity theft crimes.He had to cover all bases. He had to trump incoming calls from collection agencies. His past deeds in his world of crime were hot on his trail.He had to find or figure a way to shift the blame-to throw off all suspicion. But he just could not figure out How To Do that.
Not in a way that would work.

Matt just didn't care if the building went up in flames and everybody in it. The pressure of imminent exposure causes those scumbags to express themselves out loud. And of course nobody would take that expression literally. You are to assume that is a figurative statement,he didn't really mean that.Or they figure you will figure it that way.

Could he have done it? Oh yes,without a doubt. But mrdnyc is just one in 10,000.000 now.
Yes mrdnys2004 is what you call a text book sociopath/psychopath. But like many who have studied those scumbags in great length say, nothing can prepare you for the kind of things those scumbags are capable of doing or the lies they can tell and how those lies effect you and everybody else. Oh yes those voice transcripts confirmed his identity.

But the scumbag says it is he who was set up.

The week end fire's are tragic to say the least.
To say the very least.

Will we ever really know if it was accident or arson ? Time will tell, it always does.

The lady in 3 later gave an account of mrdnyc's strange acquaintances -,perhaps one of mrdnyc's craigslist friends. That incident brought the fire department to the building . MrDNYc's bathtub caper. Water flowing down through the ceiling.Weird noises and other such nonsense. But according to mrdnyc he simply fell asleep in the bathtub. It was the medicine the doctors prescribed for his injured hand,thats what did it.
Mr.D's insurance claim.and of course he did not hear the fire department knocking on the door. And of course
tennants don't know nothing about nothing according to mrdnyc from his angle on it.

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Response to Reply #20
21. The Cop That Got Son Of Sam - David Berkowitz -Passed Away
Edited on Thu Feb-24-11 03:11 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
There was a very nice write up about the man,Edward Zigo. What is interesting is how it is numbers can seem to speak or even seem to direct in strange or un-understandable ways.Sometimes as I said everything is numbers, Edward Zigo had a hunch about a ticketed car .He had to work his hunch up the chain of command and at a point they got the go ahead to check it out. Officer Zigo and his partner got to go down to the motor pool and pick up a car. The number assigned to that particular car was 316 ,what you call a random per chance perfect match.The military is quite notorious for that sort of thing. Zigo at that time found it somewhat perplexing because the address they were heading to was 316 Warburton to question Berkowitz. As chance would have it that car was called you might say for that particular .or you can say it happened to be available as chance would have it.It began there with a hunch .. Later on the way to 316 Warburton there was a stop and Zigo and his partner assisted in saving a life-car no. 316 did not get any credit for that. But later en route to 316 Warburton zigo inadvertently made a wrong turn thinking he were heading down Warburton but actually they were on a street called Wicker just a few blocks from Warburton. Upon realization of the street name not being
Warburton, Zigo said today is going to be a good day. Wicker is a word that Berkowitz used repeatedly in letters to the police. The word wicker baffled the cops all during the investigation. At that point in it Zigo said We Got Him.

They knocked on the door and Zigo said hi,I'm Ed Zigo NY PD and Berkowitz said hi Ed, I'm Son Of Sam,
I guess this is it.

The lesson there is all about how it is everything fell into alignment and that included the in route emergency stop which saved a life.After all that was the job,that's what it's all about.

The first 911 call on the fire came in at 6:41P.M. Reports seem to indicate the fire started on the 4 th. floor and worked it's up to the top killing a retired school teacher on the 6 th. floor. A left open apartment door and a 50 M.P.H.wind factor created the blow torch effect in the first critical minutes.

According to mrdnyc ,his mother is a retired school teacher who enjoys traveling. Places like sunny Portugal.

As you recall when you were a young student the teacher's summertime travels became a fun part of class room studies. No doubt mrdnyc felt he got cheated or gypped there too.In fact I am sure of it.
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Response to Original message
22. interesting
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Response to Reply #22
24. Voodoo & zombie style sex ritual involving candles round the bed
Edited on Sun Feb-27-11 02:15 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
as it seems according to articles is the cause of the apartment building fire .The evil alignment. Mrdnyc is in to witchy books and other such odd reading along the lines of rituals to bring luck. Since losers can't rob luck somehow, they have to find ways of acquiring it. Although his books were acquired through his identity theft activities. Scum is indeed all connected.
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Response to Reply #24
25. It looks as though they are putting out some profile information.
Edited on Tue Apr-12-11 04:05 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
It could even be a cop or x cop. Or a civil servant ,or a building inspector or a fire fighter and on and so on.
Could be a city worker or a city ditch digger what you call road maintenance. A social person perhaps who appears to be normal.,Surrounded by family and friends ,one who is from the area and knows it well. Not necessarily the stereo typical loaner.

It all touches the bases of the life of madmatty or mrdnyc and of course the abuse in the background. What the painted picture is in the information put out there, is all typical of sociopathic behavior patterns. They hunt in small areas they know close to home, or home base, same as sharks do.But the killer is being painted as a local fixture-rather than a wonderer. Sharks change locations but hunt in small areas-territorial.What science recently came to understand about the sharks actually does explain quite a bit about the serial murderer,arsonist-rapist,terrorist's of a feather.The study comes out of the U.K. for shrink reference.The findings and comparisons were published about a year ago related to the hunting patterns of the serial killer.The shark and the serial killer seem to hunt the very same way.small areas.

The first four victims were strangled as they say- the power thrill-power over life and death.Back to sharks.
Sharks move on to different areas when the food source runs out.Criminal predators move on when when the heat gets turned up. Sharks are known to return to old hunting grounds -naturally the food sources build back up. Serial killers will return to hunting grounds when the heat is turned down. But there is a time factor involved-or in this case a thing called missing time.

If the serial killer is a permanent fixture in the Long Island-Staten Island -NYC area you can easily include New Jersey-but why stop there ? Florida is a vacation spot for New Yorkers too,everybody in N.Y. knows that.

That being a given,heading west for a temporary stay or hunt would not be too far fetched ,would it ?
Not in theory anyway.

Gary Ridgeway fit's the very profile put up there along the lines of having been or being at current a permanent fixture. Ridgeway was a auto body and frame man always around the shop.

Another factor to look at is the killer could also be a impersonator who fronts a convincing presence.
Someone like mrdnyc who sometimes thinks he's a cop or a fire fighter -or could appear to be a state worker or a city maintenance worker, or a county inspector or some such thing. you know a 5'8 0r 9 stalky guy about 220 in weight-maybe it's 190 or so with the food shortage, And has the shortest crew cut you can get -would look like a fire fighter or even a cop or a inspector of some kind or other. Would seem to convey a professional presence.-Almost as if he were groomed for it all his life . Such as the offspring of a civil servant; the son of a cop or fire fighter with a strict upbringing. Maybe his father had to take the scumbag back behind the old wood shed a number of times to bring the militant little bastard closer to Jesus. But they call that abuse.

Are sociopaths born that way ?
Some are some are not.
One thing is for certain and that is there is no cure for the incurable sociopath.So you can't blame the father for having to take the the God damned bastard back behind the wood shed fer a little teach'en.
If they can't cure it, something must. That something is the fear of consequences.
Consequences are what jails and prisons are all about.

So in the end-the scumbag ends up where the whippings were supposed to have done some kind of good.
The scumbag lost his fear along the way.

You know the story-father was a fire fighter-uncle was a cop-sibling a cop and all the civil service connections- the brethren. The police record.

From that position to it-the scumbag is not above average intelligence-he simply out foxed the entire extended family everywhere he went or goes.

Perhaps they still have no clue.Or maybe they do.

At the very least madmatty or mrdnyc gave a puzzle to piece together with lots of dots to connect. And is without a doubt a craigslist stalker . As he said in response to a craigslist add,-he'll give them all the fucking they need.

After all phone sex is just phone sex-mrdnyc would have to prove his manhood to himself by seeking the company of prostitutes. And of course a scumbag such as mrdnyc would view prostitutes as worthless trash.
And of course real sex in real time could not possibly give such a low life scumbag the necessary gratification the scumbag would be seeking through his twisted fantasies. And from there the scumbag would have a reaction. And that reaction would most likely turn violent. Or it could or would lead to strangulation which would translate to instant gratification. Better is instant gratification to the scumbag than waiting out a staged fire.Murder by fire is murder or the act of murder. If the fire is say a staged electrical fire than there is a time element. The scumbags fantasies are enhanced during the waiting period. Thats the fantasy of the building going up completely killing as many people as possible.But it is time delayed-so the scumbag has self administered a time release fun pill . The fantasies about all the different ways the fire can go down. to the normal that scene in a dream would be a nightmare-, but to the scumbag that nightmare offers tremendous gratification and thrills.The son of a fire fighter who is a arsonist would be interested to know all about fire arson investigation. But the scumbag most likely gathered the data sporadicly over time in the early teen years. The fascination with death and fire.So the scumbag would choose a method that is the most difficult to prove or investigate.

Is mrdnyc capable of committing such crimes? Indeed he is.He is also capable of giving a in depth look at the criminal sociopath. It's never them-'it's always somebody else.

To look at him,all they have to do is look in their own back yard. It looks like they are beginning to consider that very fact .

What is they say about a good garden soup ? You throw in a little bit of everything and the left overs-all but the kitchen sink.

What the hell throw that in too. That might even be where they will nab him-under the sink which of course will be located in their own back yard. The Brethren

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Response to Reply #25
26. In addition
Edited on Tue Apr-12-11 11:43 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
What caught my eye in the profile picture being presented is that it is thought that the killer acts alone rather than two of them working in tandem. Prostitutes,pimps and hotels. Seems that is a lot for one scumbag to case out or keep track of. Surely a cop or x cop may apply skills in that area,but two murdering scumbags working in tandem would also be a factor to consider. No scumbag wants AnyBody to get the drop on them. So a scumbag pedophile grooming another pedophile comes to mind. The smart one ,the not so smart one. Scumbags as it will seem ,-seem to have a built in radar which gives one scumbag the ability to realize knowing the other doesn't know it yet. One will act as a guide -,guiding the other through the progressive phases.

The above average caught my eye . One who may have functional people skills and holds down a good job,may even be married and has children. Has a faddish about meticulous planning with a flair that is a reflection of expertise. So he may not be a blue collar worker according to that particular going theory. Santa Clause-making a list and checking it twice- planning every step of the way keeping a check on every step.So doing the math.

Mrdnyc who considers himself a Bronx hood - don't screw with mrD from NYC he's from the Bronx-but actually over there on the island. Maybe lived in the Bronx early on in adolescence as a young up coming punk scumbag-or perhaps listens to too much of the rap hood music.
Mrdnyc's reference to his Boy from up on Wall Street. The stock trading guy what ripped off all his clients than took flight- perhaps Mr.dnyc was part of his baggage. Of course the not so smart one would see himself as smarter than the smart one once enough experience is gained.The showing of the ropes.

Early on in the UK's Suffolk murder investigation a suspect was arrested and held for questioning. The suspect worked in a supermarket-a type of stock boy and drove cab part time and considered himself a pimp or protector of prostitutes as he described himself-a bicyclist too as I recall the fit as a whistle thing.Actually the first suspect had a running history with Steven Wright the man convicted of the five UK Suffolk murders. The history goes back to when the two worked at a vacation cruise line- some two hundred miles from the crime area in Suffolk. The first suspect was excused and his name was removed ,his name escapes me at the moment but his history doesn't. It's all on file. Odd that it says his name was never mentioned to the press-but it was indeed- he complained later after having threatening to go to the tabloids that the press ruined his life.Imagine a self proclaimed pimp -cab driver- supermarket stock boy with such a complaint. So the information he had about the case was also damaging to the case investigation or what parts of it are untold.
The trade off thing.

A theory about that first suspect was that he may have or could have been in black market films-creating film footage of the killings to sell to the low life scumbag perverts about the planet that get their gratification out of watching such stuff. Same as pedophiles do .
But the first suspect was excused so that theory does not hold water. But it did for a short time. The first suspect was actually big big news and his name and places of work were all over the media. But for some reason-, it has all been removed.So he mysteriously became person x.

MrDnyc's boy from up on wall. The stock trading boy.

Mr D NYC's favorite tv show by the way was the one where Hulk Hogan drove the speed boat and was according to script a x navy seal. MrD didn't know that Hulk Hogan was never really a X Navy Seal- that can't be true. So mrdnyc sees himself as a real bush bunny -the rugged sort who can crawl with those snakes in places nobody can go. A real bush bunny.

This is all to say it is quite possible that there is two of them working in tandem -the smart one-the not so smart one. The muse.

Perhaps the theory isn't dead after all. Scumbags all over the world that get off on murder would certainly get off on watching real time murders on dvd's.or any such method.Hard porn-kiddie porn all the stuff scumbags get off on and will pay to have.

The smart one would see that avenue -but they are partners in crime.

Some scumbag tried sell me the idea of buying stock in motorola cell phones- thats the way to go. Sounded to me like the bastard was so desperate he was about to hook up the hose to the exhaust and do himself in. Mrdnyc's boy from up on wall heading up the Oregon trail.Mrdnyc heard the thing go down on speaker phone. mrdnyc thought the same thing about the hose-but his face told a very different story.

Two in Tandem. The smart one-the not so smart one.

It is quite possible.

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Response to Reply #26
27. The reverse of talking a mile a minute
as the saying goes,the run on of the mouth, would be fronting a mild mannerism lay ed back voice over the phone. Easy going lay ed back whilst running his taunting scam to the families over the phone in fast moving pace places such as Time's Square or Penn Central station.the calm approach over the phone as he taunts. Reversing his norm in the act of impersonation would indeed bring gratification to such a excitable scumbag. They learn by way of watching actions and reactions of other people about like a actors do.They try to as-simulate that which they admire into their own. Holding up the act brings the scumbag thrills. Each phone call under three minutes means the scumbag had to sustain the act for a short period keeping himself from popping off .
he really wants to go off into his fast talking shit for talk- but knows if he does he leaves the big clue .But he has to taunt over that phone-he cannot stop himself from doing that. it is part of his addictive personality.

Could be phone sex- could be stealing little things in plain sight- could be filling out job apps. -could be drinks at the pub -or compulsive shopping or hooking up with hookers or gambling or collecting ,or even the vacuum cleaner or feeding live mice to a snake.They endlessly try to keep themselves in check only to fail time and time again because they cannot stop and will not stop until they are stopped. For them it is like all the way or no way- once they start into something they cannot back out of it. Take the looser at the crap tables at a casino for example that keeps on loosing yet keeps on rolling the dice until everything is gone. Or black jack at the tables or playing the ponies. That same compulsivity is in everything that they do.

And so you can see why it is sustaining the act even for under three minutes would bring such a scumbag tremendous gratification.
Mrdnyc's phone sex addiction for example ,a compulsive thing that he cannot stop doing-but after a length in time passes in that addiction the scumbag must prove his manhood to himself-so the addiction shifts to seeking the companionship of prostitutes, But real sex in real time can never satisfy the looser.And so consequently the looser must gain gratification from what ever source available- taunting is a source.Stealing is Another. Identity theft another ,murder another or the big thrill.

There was no mention of course of possible suspects having been rejected from either police or fire academe.

Burlap bags and large contractor sized construction clean up bags comes to mind.
plastic bags is a easy one- burlap thats a little tricky. Construction sites-ya burlap bags can hold weight like chains or stakes heave metal ., party tent stakes and chains a company the sets up your party tent or furnace cleaning equipment -there is plenty of industrial uses for burlap.There is always burlap bags in construction super trailers -and maybe even something in those bags worth stealing.

The thinker the doer-tandem-two.
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Response to Reply #27
28. The Bodies Having Been Placed So Close Together
Edited on Fri Apr-15-11 12:06 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
is unusual or unique says one expert. But isn't it odd that the UK's Suffolk Strangler Steven Wright formed a cluster with his victims similar to Gary Ridgeway's way about it in the end? The cluster or the arrangement of the bodies close together is the scumbags prize collective. The scumbag can simply drive by the collective and grain gratification by making frequent visitations -the drive by enhances the replaying of the crimes over and over again as it all goes down in their minds.So this is to say it progresses past simply keeping trophy's such as a shoe-or jewelry or any small item a scumbag will keep in a collective to help enhance the replaying of the events in their minds-movies or sports events cannot give them the same gratification . As far as we know it will appear the killer thus far has eight murders to replay over and over again as it all goes down in their minds.Some people watch reruns of their favorite television program over and over again for years on end over end.Or even a life time.

And so given the arrangement of the bodies isn't really unusual or unique since it has all been done before,what is unusual or unique about it is the under brush-the killers was sure the elements would clean up his mess over a long length in time-thus giving the killer plenty of time to revisit his collective. Just driving by it is enough of a gain to sustain the killer for a length in time.

But this killer is also a obsessive compulsive with knowledge of police procedure. So this one most likely is compelled to keep a visual watch over his collective.Watching as he drives by for anything unusual. Other visitors or any little thing seeming out of place. That part of the thrill is over now that the killers collective has been exposed-so the scumbag is off on all the publicity now.

And so the arrangement of the bodies or victims will appear to be another progressive phase for the serial scumbag to pass through. OK so, collecting little things does not bring enough gratification and it progresses to keeping the the bodies or arranging the bodies in a collective.John Wane Gacy-another example. And the scumbags pick locations that make it easy to drive by visiting the collective or cluster. There the scumbag would most likely be a local or former local ,or one who visits family and would be a frequent traveler down that particular road.

If the scumbag felt the compulsive urge to stop and breath the air close to the collective-why the scumbag could just put on the emergency signal lights open the trunk and place a jack along side the car making it look like a flat tire or mechanical trouble.The object is the feeling of being a little closer to the collective with-out getting too close.

That same irresistible urge to the scumbag would also apply to the taunting phone calls the scumbag placed back there in western New York and no doubt for a unique and unusual reason. 6 of those.
So the scumbag has a obsessive compulsive personality and no doubt has family connections in western New York or the Buffalo area for some reason is highly significant to the scumbag.As it says in the news, those phone calls may be the best evidence they got or will get.Not just a lead-but evidence.

So the arrangement of the bodies in a cluster choicely located is a progressive phase or perhaps what it all comes down to for the serial killer-molester/rapist-revenge motivated arsonist -terrorist on and so on.In the progressive phases in some cases that may be the final phase-But you still have to look at john Wane Gacy's cluster or collective-,we know where it end's ,but do we know where it began ?

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Response to Reply #28
29. 7 taunting phone calls -not 6.
Edited on Fri Apr-15-11 03:38 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
The lucky number 7. Amanda Barthelemy made brief mention of the impression she got out of those taunting phone calls that it seemed to her as though the killer was trying to finalize something. Finalize as in closure.
Perhaps not something but a number of things in revenge motivation. If that number was a lucky number to the killer ,than Melissa Barthelemy was a prize find on craigslist.To the gambler like black jack or 21. To the bingo player -like the grand connection. In part finalization could be the death of his father who was born and raised back there in Western New York. His father who had little and no choice but to teach the militant bastard respect and restraint through the way about it known as tough love. The killers father could not and would not have any offspring of his out there in the streets or the school yard throwing his weight around. And if he were caught being a thug given his size and weight ,his father would whip the piss out the bastard to show him what it is.
So in a grain of salt the bastard wasn't abused- tough love is the last resort-or reform school.Administered properly it works or it don't and if don't ,than there is no hope. There is no cure for the incurable psychopath/sociopath.

And mrdnyc is indeed certified, but a potential serial killer cannot be committed or imprisoned for being a certified criminal psychopath who most likely will become a serial killer.Now you see the big crack.

All that to a given and it stands to reason there must be other relatives back there in western N.Y. the killer has issues with.speculation of course but it seems at current the Barthelemy's were specifically targeted for cell phone taunting. So there must specific reasoning for that .They hunt in small areas and are always looking for the big catch.-like sharks do. All the other food sources sustain the appetite.Remember the killer is animal not human.but to that animals brain the chance happening is bingo-black jack -my ponies came in .The scumbag is flying so high he can't keep himself contained. Remember i mentioned the scumbag has luck-but the luck is never there at the card tables or his bet across the bar over the Mets. But the scumbag knows he has luck because the big bingo is also part of his pattern. And that pattern of course is evil itself.

The way those scumbags happen into those what you call chance happenings, that would also be why the scumbag once thought he would make a good cop or fire fighter like his dad was.But after a certain age -life passed him by which is all the more reason for a scumbag such as he to seek even more revenge.

The scumbag desire to convince others they are good people.
How it is they view their selves as being the hub surrounded by the tire and everything revolves around the scumbag- the introvert ,the narcissist.

The savage desire to control their surroundings and yours.

All the tell tail signs. But they are also masters of deception which is learned or developed and they learn by mistakes along the way. And regarding his not being a dope-at the stage of progression the scumbag is in which is the final stages, he applies everything he learned along the way every step of the way from as far back as his mind can take him to the present. They know what works and what don't work.

What is it they say about a drunken run on of the mouth- isn't that it all comes out ? So yes he is a dope.About as dumb as they come.

Never let a scumbag calculate yer moves because what they don't know ,can hurt them.And that is just what scares a scumbag. So total power and control is what they seek.Power over life and death.

He'll knock you out ,he'll be all over you,and most of all he will run that scumbag mouth to no end in sight.
And he wears gloves to keep his baby hands from catching splinters or things that hurt. and if you keep a first aid kit on hand-he will use everything all up fighting off all the ouches. But he wouldn't mind losing a hand or a arm in a fish grinder or fish net boat equipment as a trade off for the big bingo-the insurance claim.

So he is both a wussy and a wimp who sees himself more like Hulk Hogan the former Navy seal according to the script.

And the script by the way is the key.
I have no doubt Hulk Hogan's tv show is out in dvd classified as an oldie but goodie.
If you want a look into what ever would influence a flipp'ied sociopathic scumbag,even if he is a calculating thinker.calculating anyway-,after all what is his student loan about.

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Response to Reply #29
30. The Thicket & the Thorns
Edited on Sun Apr-17-11 09:52 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
It is interesting how it is expert opinions differ in attempts to connect enough of those dots to form some kind descriptive picture of the scumbag murderer. Could he be a landscaper or a fisherman -or a contractor or a x cop , a inspector or postal worker and on and so on.

Out of a April 17 th. article it says here -, Investigators wonder whether the killer who appears to be versed in law enforcement techniques could have been one of their own.

Jack levin co- director of the Brundnic of the center on violence and conflict at northern university and an expert on serial and mass murder ,dismissed that theory.

I doubt this is a cop,said Levin, -more likely this is a police groupie or wannabe cop.
They live in uniforms -have short wave radios in their cars,- they watch law & Order on tv & Criminal Minds to pick up ideas.

*You would specifically note*-,( they pick up ideas)- but they pick up ideas all along the path walk in life form every source or contact along the way. Simply put- from people-places and things. It is a collective and collecting is not confined to the material trophy such as a shoe or a piece of jewelry so on. They collect ideas ,the places they go, the things that they see ,the people they come into contact with.The predator never rests and the hunt is second to nothing.It either has happened or is going to happen and in pursuit nothing else matters or consequences.

Back to Levin- sometimes the serial killers change patterns- 0ne may start with one kind of prey and change to another for variety-* same as sharks do on the hunt*.
Levin sited a example -The Boston Strangler (1962) who started with elderly woman than shifted to young woman.

killers change their modus operandi ,he said they get bored.

In a different part of the same article it talks about the terrain- the thicket and the thorns.

This is not a place you would walk your dog. The searchers were wearing padded clothing walking four abreast. If you were to walk ten feet into the thicket,you would be torn apart.

So you can see somebody who is a Landscaper would seem to know something about manipulating the thicket & the thorns.Or a city -county road crew worker or even a city or inspector who would have sneak access to city or county equipment- It is a reasonable assumption.

But lets look at the predator ,the scumbag that picks up ideas along the way- people-places & things. The collecting of experience & ideas.-the opportunists.

Such a scumbag would not mind doing some landscape work -you know for a change-they get bored with their scumbag routine. The fresh air all that.

Well,the scumbag sees how the pro's handle the thicket and the thorns.The tools that they use ,the techniques that they apply and in landscaping the tricks that they use- one being-you would surprised what you can hide.
People like perfect in relation to their garden or lawn- well there is no such thing. Landscaping is about defying nature and of course the thicket and the thorns isn't. So beautifying the rough is about hiding things such as rocks or rough areas, Everything pretty. And in some cases the art of deception clearly applies.

So you can see the predators interest would be focused until the scumbags gets out of it what the scumbag wants out of it .

They ask a lot of questions seemingly related to a particular job or the job in particular. But the predator has the predators own agenda in mind always-first and foremost. But those questions always seem honest and in passing.( the idea)- now look at the shark consuming the live prey or the snake for that matter.Devour or consume the idea. See it ?

In a different experience-job function-, the scumbag learns about battery operated tools. The scumbag becomes fascinated with those tools. All you do is keep the batteries changed-and you can charge those batteries in your car cigarette lighter with a adapter. And those tools all come in a carrying case- a skill saw- a jig saw,a drill and a saws all plus a free flash light and two 18 volt batteries .And it all can be easily carried in the trunk of your car.All neatly kept in what will seem like a over sized brief case. And the predator can operate out of a car. Now,- you got a predator with portable power- and there you see where the predator would get a little gratification -jollies, out of the* idea*- portable power. Think of all the things a scumbag would think to do with portable power.

What would a scumbag be able to do in the thicket and the thorns with those battery operated tools? Think about that.
So all this means it may be a waste of time trying to assign a profession to that scumbag.Simply put, the scumbag is a scumbag and nothing more.

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Response to Reply #30
31. Hulk Hogan- Thunder In Paradise
The imagery - it is easy to see how it is a sociopath would take all that in about like a high power vacuum cleaner will suck up the dirt in your carpet.That's the drug. The sound track -the rap music.
His boy from up on wall street. The thicket and the thorns ,and all the obstacles are there. Hulk Hogan in costume -The jungle warfare costume complete with machete. Lot's of brute force and some strangulation.

It's all there ,every bit of it.

The thing about those sociopaths is how it is when you tell the to do something a certain way ,they have to do it the very way you told them not to do it-so it has to play out in reverse.

It is not necessarily the opposite way about it ,but the reverse of what you say to do.

Save is kill ,capture and protect is kidnap and control. It is a continuous mix up of how the script plays out.
And those *ideas*
It's all there. If you want to get a mind wrap around how a sick twisted scumbag will look at it- it's all there.

Thunder In Paradise - Hulk Hogan.

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Response to Reply #31
32. The Audience & The Script
Edited on Tue Apr-19-11 01:06 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
As we know New York is the theater capital in America. But the theater does not draw enough of the public in to suit the star power the scumbag in this theory is seeking to gain.I mean really,- small write ups in the society pages of the Times and in the entertainment section or the theater section is second best -not enough of a draw really.

Scumbag is a super star in the world which revolves around him and everybody else too ,two as in second best.. Only the best or 1st. will be good enough for a super star. And the scumbag has an international audience now.But the gem in the scumbags action is the New York audience-,The cradle of the scumbags revenge motivation. If you fear a savage scumbag is running around on the loose with blood dripping down off his machete, than for all the bad hands he were Dealt in the game of cards in this world -now you know how it feels -see-nobody is safe-,that's how the scumbag thinks. And he wants that fear to remain within you for as long as possible. At the same time the scumbag knows eventually it goes away in the same way he lost all his fear.mdnyc once blurted out if he could sing,he would have a lot of girl friends. Wikipedia -Hulk Hogan -it looks like Hulk Hogan is a bit of a musician according to his credits.

And of course when serial killers sing- there are plenty enough sickos in this world that want to marry serial scumbags in those prisons. No real point in sighting examples- but The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez will do for one. But that is at the end of the script- the star like movie goers that do not want the movie too end -you know-the good captivating flick- where the viewer wants it to go on and on.It is the same thing for the star. But all things must end.So the scumbag will eventually sing and will get his wish. If he ever really wanted girl friends.

The arrangement of the victims bodies in such a way that the scumbag can simply drive by and revisit his murderous doings. So they must feel close to the evil deeds they have done. John Wane Gacy may have passed into a progressive phase where he could not bear to part with his victims and kept them close to hand.Do we really know how many people he killed over his years of killing ,or where all his victims are ? The only way to track the progressive phases scumbags pass through is to have that data.

It is thought the scumbag fled the New York area and is now someplace else . It is a reasonable assumption.

But the scumbag would be running away from a ten million people audience plus tourists and the rest of the world through the media. The scumbag has instilled fear from as far away as Buffalo -and as the saying goes in the theater which is only second best as the scumbag sees it -the show must go on.The thunder must play out in paradise.And the star must take his bow. He has to show at curtain call -and he would not miss that for everything else in the world that revolves around him and that is because everything else ,everywhere else and everyone else is second best and for the scumbag only the best,- he must be 1st. Second best simply will not do.

It is a reasonable assumption in theory of course the scumbag remains in New York looking forward to his curtain call. Because for the star-that is the finale-that is the fireworks display of all fireworks.It is the grand finale. That's the tax.The out there people are just yahoo's to the scumbag-outside of NYC that is-just a bunch of yahoo's.The scumbag wants the New York audience all to himself. And if he has an accomplice-that's the one that ran.But in the end there can be only one star anyway.After all co stars are just fill in yahoos . It's really all about the super star.
It's his show and he's on. And he's not about to give it up. It took him his life time to reach it, to reach having become the very worst of the worst in revenge motivation.

And This Is It.

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Response to Reply #32
33. Three things to consider about the scumbags final act
Edited on Wed Apr-20-11 02:21 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
As we know scenes are changed or rewritten in both plays and movies to create a more desirable outcome.and in some cases the audience reaction to a particular scene or ending can be the deciding factor in the decision to make the change.

And so the scumbag is continuously rearranging the script as it all goes down in his mind.He is the writer,producer, director and the star.
If for example the scumbag contemplates being caught and captured -and fear sets in, you know-,the things that happen to homophobics in those prisons or jails- you know- fresh meat-, so the scumbag gains gratification out of rearranging the final act in his mind by creating different scenarios. Suicide which would occur to the scumbag doesn't offer enough of bang out it as it all goes down in his mind- at the same time becoming fresh meat in the prison isn't the least bit entertaining to him.And so the scumbag no doubt is in the process of writing the final act out or playing out different scenarios in his mind.Because the script is always better than his thoughts catching up to him about the end of his rain of terror.

And at his bow at curtain call is his point to it. He wants to tell you that you are the reason it happened.He wants to tell you that every tax dollar you payed did not cover one single crack that scumbag slipped through.And he wants you to look at what you get and what you paid for.He wants you to the see the price tag in full.
Because he is a loser ,everybody must lose. So he is the expendable income of the tax dollar.And in his thoughts about that-he gains much gratification.

In his mind it is a thing about being caught or captured either dead or alive and in the script he must decide.Joe Duncan in his fifth nail blog contemplated suicide-but ruled it out or copped out it. They all do.
A hostage scenario with is machete waving through the air ruthlessly would be a satisfying scenario in the scumbags mind, televised of course.The capture sean in the scumbags script is most important at current.

And those taunting phone calls the dirt bag placed back in Buffalo ,when he seemed to leave a glimmer of hope that Malissa Barthelemy -might still be alive. Amanda Barthelemy made mention that it almost seemed as though the scumbag was trying to finalize something. Well he was trying to do just that. The scumbag gained gratification in multi perspectives making those taunting phone calls, but the finalizing of something-that is the script -the capture and the trial- or should he be dead.

He really is far too much of a coward to off himself- I mean he loves death but not enough to kill himself.Still it remains an option in the script. Should he live or should he die-that is the scumbags question .That is where the scumbag seeks finality according to script which is the key to everything that has gone down.But nobody will ever figure that out-only the scumbag himself knows what goes down in his mind from the way he sees it.
And so the hope he seemed to extend in his taunting phone calls to Amanda Barthelemy came of his own self pity. If there is hope to be had -he wants it for himself.So the scumbag was looking for something -information-reaction and of course the instilled fear and any other damages the scumbag can pack in there. Destroying life is after all the scumbags mission in life. And murder of the mind is murder indeed.And permanent psychological damage inflicted is like candy to the scumbag-he sucks it up.But he wants his victims to suck it in.

And so the scumbag has many details to figure out-decide upon and factor into the script -the next scene is all and important. Should he live or should he die-that is the scumbags question -but he is a coward -so he will choose to live. So his point will be brought to you -the entire audience at curtain call -the capture.And new beginnings-the next phase of the scumbags life- and of course his fans are waiting-and the fan mail will come.

It stands to reason -if the scumbag is well versed in police techniques-than he is also well versed and has always been interested in serial killers and how they get along in those prisons. The fan mail and those faithful followers. There are even cults . And so the scumbag sees there is life after capture. The scumbags starlight can continue to shine . He can see himself as an icon.

But he also sees there is a problem- he is nameless- mrdnyc has no name. He is not known as the Long Island Stalker ,or The Mad Strangler of Long Island. He's just another craigslist killer.

That is not even second best. Again the scumbag was cheated, he was dealt a raw hand. And for that he must seek his revenge. And so he is running for something ,not away form something.He is NYC criminal number one. He is The Most Wanted -not of the most wanted but the most sought after super star out there.
He will not except a RAW DEAL this time- and he will light the fire on them all.

The scumbag has his trump card. Or he thinks he does.

So should he live or should he die is one thing

How will he seek out revenge for having become nameless or just another craiglist killer is two.

And three is the big one-and that is his appearance-how it is he will appear to the
to his audience when he is caught and captured.

His uniform- his costume- his star like profile- thus far only his victims have seen how he appears- but now he must prepare for the audience.

Not having a name is as bad as being referred to as just another copy cat and to the killer ,that simply will not do.
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Response to Reply #33
34. Bright, Careful and Sadistic : Profiling not A Exact Science
Edited on Fri Apr-22-11 11:11 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
The New York Times article April 21-11, takes off at white male in his mid 20's to mid 40's. It begins within the old bracket which compares to the artist establishing lines marking end zones on the sketch paper or painting so the artist does not run on and on. Or staying inside the area.

From the Time's article: He is most likely a white male in his mid- 20's to 40's.He is married or has a girlfriend. He is well educated and well spoken.He is financially secure ,has a job and owns a expensive car or truck.He may have sought treatment for poison ivy infection. As part of his job or interests ,he has access to a stock pile of burlap sacks.

And he lives or used to live on or near ocean Parkway or on the south shore of Ocean Parkway,where police have found as many as 10 sets of human remains.He is known in law enforcement jargon only as USUB,or unknown subject. No arrests have been made.

Cut it short; - This is someone who can walk into a room and seem like your average Joe-,
he has to be persuasive enough and rational enough t- that he is able to convince these woman to meet on these terms.He has demonstrated social skills. He may even be charming.

It goes on about the killers selective process regarding the dumping grounds indicating the killer knows the area well-turf- and therefore must be or have been a local. So on-
( intimate knowledge.)

Of course he loves the smell of the kill- in every detail. The article does offer a little insight into modern day profiling.
Back in the old days profilers were psychics known professionally as psychologist's. Hitler was profiled by early profilers commissioned by the Army and the federal government dating back to the rise,- four in total at various stages of WW2, most of which was declassified in the late 60's.

What I'm going to do is flip this.

The dirt bag scumbag killer is a groomer and uses his personality front as a means to gain trust of individuals who may become providers. As a predator disguising himself that is part of pursuit.
The killer conveys himself as a straight up stand up guy -honest- decent upbringing - all that, and would be willing to wash yer expensive truck or car's ,polish your golf clubs ,wash ,wax or paint your sail boat ,cut your grass ,be your all around guy who has many talents and is willing to learn and would like to earn $30.00 dollars per hour but will negotiate finances. He will gladly drive your expensive vehicle in to have it serviced for you ,wait on it or bus back and pick it up when ready. He bills himself as your all around guy.
cash under the table is best.

The scumbag as a groomer will seek well off married couples as victims-for example -two professionals such as lawyers As a predator the scumbags pursuit is to gain trust enough to be of a position to borrow one of several vehicles not used very often such as a pick up truck or SUV what's main usage is towing a recreational item, such as a pleasure boat or hauling in relation to yard work or home repair- or things such as assembling wine racks or installing window air conditioners and other flat packed assembly furniture -like it says in the craigslist add. The add I used for reference by the way is out of the NYC listings.

And so ,of course, the scumbag would fancy himself being the boy with the toys.

The scumbags victims- the married couple ,-the well off professionals, would or will have no clue what that scumbags doings are or would-be with those expensive vehicles seemingly in and of the scumbags possession's.

The scumbag would most likely try to make acquaintance with bar tenders who work in high end jobs such as the club at the golf course back at the old homestead or dumping ground.word of mouth after all is the best advertising method you can the scumbag seeks a optimal modus operandi as part of the predators pursuit. In fact his fantasies are geared in that direction.

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Response to Reply #34
35. The scumbag is a scumbag and nothing more
Edited on Sun Apr-24-11 04:49 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Age range 20 to 40 -perhaps, but along with the time line throw the rest out.

For example the first victim reported missing July of 07. -,it is not uncommon in the world of prostitution for a prostitute to go underground avoiding a pimp who seeks revenge for having been short changed.Or finding a pimp and provider of drugs. So missing time has to be factored in -it simply must be.

The scumbag being viewed as a professional and financially secure- that would indicate the scumbag is above being a ordinary thief of a scumbag. But the scumbag having latched on to a cell phone says something different.
Or it's just a little thing. But it's not ,to a common thief that is a expression of power over another human being. Be it a cell phone-a radio, a wallet ,a purse or what ever it is.And there you have a common denominator.Such a scumbag thief will take things of no particular interest in the process of doing a residential burglary -little things in drawers that would mean something -whatever it means to the victim-,but because it means something personal to the victim-the scumbag must have it even if the scumbag sees no profit to gain by it.So it's the power trip- of the psychological damages .

Now, the cell phone hoist no doubt has it's roots right there.And that stack of burlap in the N.Y. Times profile-if it was there-, could also have it,s roots in the very same place.But when you categorize that scumbag as secure financially ,than you are saying the scumbag stands in separate category other than general all around thieving low life scumbag murderer.

Now,to a common scumbag thief ,that cell phone may have contained personal information about banking-or a lead to locating such information.
or associates in the world of prostitution -or contacts for black male ,on and so on.also a potential USUB to set up as a USUb -unknown subject to reverse the blame into.
Go back to the thief doing a residential burgle going through drawers -taunting is very much part of the thrill the thrill seeking scumbag seeks.

Ok so, picture a stack of burlap bags . Imagine the murdering scumbag walking along the beach and happening into a stack a burlap bags. Imagine the scumbag knowing that those burlap bags have very much to do with a fisherman's livelihood. And simply imagine that scumbag hoisting those bags knowing a poor fisherman will be at a total loss. That's the power thrill the scumbag is always seeking.

No brainier here- yer at the beach-you have yer spot,you have your camera and other items with you. You walk away from your spot for just a minute,Maybe to get your child away from danger or greet friends you noticed at a distance ,or perhaps to buy a hot dog-,you return to your spot and the your possessions are gone-a thief was lurking. At the bottom line you say ,it's just a camera ,that can be replaced-but some things are indeed irreplaceable. To the scumbag those things are what you call a prize catch.

According to the source of the taunting phone calls the scumbag is not well spoken but used the language of the scumbag -or disgusting -dirty filth language. That ear witness account discredits the well spoken part of the New York Times profile. Again-no brainier.

But the part about the ear witness account of what went down over the phone reminds me of that under ware bomber at the Detroit airport. The scumbag terrorist that thought he was on his way to greet 72 virgins and drink honey tea with his pal the Army doctor, You know the one .

When the under ware bomber was caught and captured he seemed elated-calm and comfortable in his skin as the saying goes. Well he had been preparing to meet 72 virgins in his imaginary paradise -and had prepared himself to die.The authorities at the Detroit airport must have seemed somewhat strange to that scumbag . That is not even what 72 virgins and paradise is supposed to look like.

What does add up is two murders in the same month factoring into the scumbags rate of progression.closer to completely out of control. Steven Wright known as the UK's Suffolk strangler -all five victims bodies were discovered in December .All in the same place and clustered.

The scumbag lost his fear and became the full blown scumbag that he is and always was.And so of course the scumbag was elated during those taunting phone calls and at the same time gaining tremendous gratification in doing it-the thrill. The scumbag found his way into his version of paradise. But now it is real.

Simply put ,if you want to connect all the dots ,you really have to want to connect all the dots. The shortest distance between two points is of course a straight line. And no scumbag is going to give up that particular connection.

And so it's this way- when you view the scumbag outside of the fact that the scumbag is a scumbag and nothing more,than you rule out all the things that scumbags do and are. It is never one thing.A car thief isn't just a car thief , stealing cars is but one aspect of the thief's modus operandi. Again-a no brainier.

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Response to Reply #35
36. Good morning New York
Edited on Mon Apr-25-11 11:05 AM by Wash. state Desk Jet
It seems the expert's & skeptics are forever in attempt to debunk the psychic's go at it. Vaguely is a word used regarding the NY Post article about a psychic who was hired out of Buffalo to assist. The expert shattered the psychics say. A logical approach to the world being black and white -everything is explainable. Tell that to a New Yorker.

I Googled a article titled Psychics Weigh In dated 2/7/11 and found it to be interesting in relation to the theory I am working here. I mentioned early on the scumbag has serious anger management problems and showed you something about that by the scumbags own words. And I mentioned his mother issues which are deep.And it is a game to the scumbag-clearly you can see that. Remember the craigslist response- Hay you- matt here seattle firefighter -where were you last night-wish we could have hooked up.

Psychics Weigh In 02/07/11

Mary Rose -a Babylon based psychic with 25 years experience in police profiling believes the killer lives among us hiding in plain sight. He commutes on the Long Island railroad . He has hazel or light color eyes . He is charming but- (he hates his mother with a passion)

He has serious anger management problems -she thinks- he could be a strangler -she said she sees womans necks-he goes for the jugular.Mary Rose thinks he has a cocaine issue

Dawn Joly- a psychic from Smithtown-
It's a game to him-He's outgoing but (I get a chemical imbalance] * could sense about like a cocaine issue. The manic high.* (He travels around but he is from New York) * Freezer Boy * Dawn Joly went on to say- I believe he is on Long Island.

J. Pelligrino a seer from Huntington- He's hostile and does not respect woman.He has serious mommy issues.

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Response to Reply #36
37. Measurements In The Wake Of The Incidents
Edited on Sun May-01-11 01:14 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
There is as it seems a practical joker in every crowd or clique,everybody seems to know one or know of one.In fact such people are often a topic of conversation. Than there is the narcissist who sees him or herself as being the practical joker and they love to talk about their selves as being the practical joker. What better way can there be in the world of the narcissist to encompass the planet .
It was so funny -they were so funny -they just loved it. Those raving reviews.The juice of the party.

The victims bodies were positioned some odd 500 feet apart in somewhat of a straight line. Did you ever notice a decal on the back of a fire truck that reads -keep 500 Feet Back ? But nobody does right ? What's a mile ,5,280 feet right ? But whats the taunting joke to the scumbag ? Whats the punch line ?

Clearly the scumbag has a obsessive compulsive thing about taunting over the phone, not just by voice but by text too. And the scumbag loves to intimidate - that has to be clear as a bell or a sarine-kind of goes along with the flashy lights and the adrenaline flow-the hype all that.

So-the scumbag spent a little time with the measuring tape out there on the sand. And no doubt getting off on it every step of the way. The scumbag must have used visual markings rather than markers or broken twigs as in x marks the spot. You know- you drive down this or that road and make a right at Home Depot or k Mart or some such point to bearing. It's a civil service issue to the scumbag.Could have been-would have been ,wannabe,should have been. It's a public service issue as it all goes down in the scumbags mind.

You know that craigslist add in January out of the NYC service directory- assembling flat packed furniture and window air conditioners ,hello- getting ready for July- August -cooling off. It reads to me like a guy with weak skills pandering to the public disguising himself as a guy with many unadvertised skills.
But installing window air conditioners in January-a bit odd to say the least.Or maybe just planning ahead.

The point being -the scumbag loves to taunt and the telephone is but one outlet in that scumbags taunting modus operandi.

The next time you see a fire truck in traffic -take a look at the decal on the back bumper-Stay 500 Feet Back.
But nobody seems to get it.

The other thing is the den of thieves- like in the old westerns- the hide out.

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Response to Reply #37
38. Lot's of ideas floating in blogs about those burlap sacks.
Edited on Thu May-12-11 01:03 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
A long island resident from the area made mention of two things -one is potato farms and the other clam sacks. I don't know about burlap sacks being used for potato's - although there are uses for burlap in agriculture.For example you buy a tree at a tree farm and it's roots and dirt are wrapped in burlap. Certainly the notion offers a possible place or places where there may be a stock pile of burlap stored even if it is no longer used.And if it is not so easy to come by ,That would be all the more reason to keep it around.

And the resident made mention of seeing clamers using burlap bags to collect up the clams- commonly seen .
Can't imagine the scumbag being a farm hand although it is possible-but I can imagine the scumbag stealing burlap bags from a fisherman or clamer thinking it to be a good way of directing suspicion . Or leading police investigators into a wild goose chase.

It is indeed true you can grow almost anything in New York -it is in fact a fruit belt state.And there is certainly no lack of storage area/areas on farms is there ?

But than you have the old clam sack. A sack would be a person gathering clams ,sacks in pile would be one who is in the business of selling those clams at fish market. And since one would carry one bag at a time -you can figure there would be a pile of those bags stashed close by or kept on the back of a pick up truck or suv of some type or other-or just stashed in pile . Easy pick-ens for a common flounder thief/arsonist turned serial killer.Get the cops to bag a fisherman/clamer. Such a scumbag would gain very much gratification out of that thought or notion.

And given the scumbag is most likely a local or perhaps grew up on Long Island- Staten Island,imagine the scumbag always was just a common flounder thief & pyromaniac turned revenge motivated arsonist over thirty and progressed into serial killer. Imagine that same scumbag out there on the beach with a stolen tape measure ,measuring off five hundred feet- or maybe he measured his foot and taught himself to walk a foot at a time one foot in front of the other making himself a tape measure as he walks. Call that walking along the beach.

So where I am going with this is straight to the television set imagining the scumbag rubbing his hands together in glee watching the search activities as it all goes down -fire trucks -fireman-NYC Cops- NYS Troopers the F-B-I ,news cameras ,reporters and wide spread fear.The writer-producer-director and the star of the show. To such a scumbag that would have to be even better than anything his imagination ever imagined.The scumbag doesn't have to revisit the scene -all he has to do is turn on the tube or u tube and watch it -sometimes live. But he can watch the reruns any dam time he wants to reliving every moment of every crime and killing he committed.

It may have come as a surprise to the scumbag the discovery of the bodies as it were in December-of course the scumbag wanted it to last for as long as possible. But the scumbag is long since past the fear and shock of his doings having been discovered and has passed into another phase and living in the moment to the fullest, now ='s yesterday and tomorrow -so he;s living in that kind now- it is all about him- everything is all about him. As far as tomorrow equaling being caught and captured -to the scumbags mind tomorrow never comes even though he knows it eventually will,and when it does come ,he will not believe it came.

Internet child molester police stings show something about that kind of denial. The scumbag knows it is a set up-but the thing is too good of a thing for the scumbag to pass up -so the scumbag walks into the arranged meeting ,the idea being to arrange to meet with a child for sale for sex or the child selling sex and is arrested in the sting. The scumbag might say I knew it-,the cop might say than why did you walk into it? The scumbag might say I don't believe this is real-I mean yer not really going to arrest me for this right? I didn't actually do it. So the scumbag is carted off to jail and the scumbag tells his public defender or lawyer it was all a set up and he actually did nothing wrong. It was all just a set up. So they believe it and yet they don't at the same time.Cops report that scenario is very odd to say the least. Or that brand of denial is.So what do you do-instruct a child molester to man up ?

So the killers fantasies and reality are intertwined about like that -he knows he has to go down eventually and at the same time he lives in the now and tomorrow never comes . Seem weird ?

Well the killer is weird in just that way. They live in the moment ,nothing else matters. And this is the longest moment the killer has ever known.The show has been running in continuous since December.The killers wildest imagination could never have offered so much as a clue to what kind of gratification the phase he is in now brings him. The thrills and chills are almost more than he can sustain right now. Even the fear of capture must be a thrilling thought to the scumbag.

Or maybe he vowed to himself they will never take him alive. Suicide by cop.
But he is not sure how that will go over in his fan base. Those who get off on serial killers.-His fans.

He is pegged as being methodical- plans in detail- it would stand to reason those burlap sacks were used in method as a means to throw off the investigation -leading it to point in a very specific direction. The scumbag no doubt gains much gratification out of it- as it all goes down in his mind.

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Response to Reply #38
39. With The Top Cop Who Is Living His Dream On The Job
letting the public in on his latest request to grant sex workers immunity -protection in relation to the wheels of justice in that prostitution is a crime and coming forward with information that may be vital to the investigation can or will make one subject to being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. So asking sex workers to come forward with any information to the tune of please- is kind of like saying and we will do what we can to keep you out of jail . Help us they are saying and we will do what we can to keep you from being prosecuted for your ongoing crimes.

Cops & prosecutors have their differences of opinions as the wheels of justice turn. So as far as the investigation goes the cops have a serious obstacle to get over in so far as getting sex workers to come forward with information that may provide leads .

And of course that obstacle may explain why a certain someone is nowhere to be found.The fear of criminal prosecution. But Shannon- if it were not for her the victims would still be undiscovered .curious.

Could it have been a drug related experience that propelled Shannon Gilbert off in the direction of the thicket and the thorns. She feared for life this is known- but what don't we know? What we do know is that a sex worker never really knows what they are going to walk into or run into. Because of her a serial killer is being tracked or hunted down. She could be alive and well living half way across the country,- living underground in the world of prostitution. At the very least knowing -a predator is now the one being hunted down.the tables were completely turned over on the killer.

That scenario would equate to perhaps, a drug induced chance happening. She lead the police to the killers trail as chance will have it.

For some reason the killer taunted only one family back in Buffalo- perhaps Malissa was a per chance happening for the killer- her roots in Buffalo being of a certain significance to the killer.

Charming is a word used to describe the killers method of attracting his victims -charming-.

Remember Hoss on Bonanza the big harmless nice guy pussy cat ?
Well-imagine Hoss Cartwright as a date/john . Not Hoss of-course,but imagine a scumbag who comes across about like Hoss Cartwright - you know-more of a pussy cat . A pussy cat that uses money sums in larger dominations to sweeten the deal. Not charming- but more like Hoss -a pussy cat type. What you call a screen shielder.Behind the mask or vail hides the black sheep or the brown bear.The Grizzly-
Out there in wild those bears do appear to be playful -care free- curious-even harmless-get too close and suddenly grizzly goes into full attack mode and kills.

But as the Foresters say you should have obeyed the warnings- do not feed the bears-keep a safe distance.
Imagine the killer taunting his victims telling them they should have known better. The things that go down in the minds of scumbags.

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Response to Reply #39
40. Two NYC Cops Make Suspect List
Edited on Sun May-15-11 12:36 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
One forced off the job the other permanent assign-meant to desk duty as a paper pusher.Certainly would seem to be a logical place to take a look -after all as the saying goes there is a bad apple in every bunch. I don't know what sargent Friday would have to say about it- but where it comes down to throwing out the old drag net you take what you rake in. And if it's a bad cop-well so-be -it.Be it. Bad cop-bad prosecutor-bad city consul member -bad mayor-bad congressman- hell or even bad governor. By the way- remember the old phone taps Sargent Friday conducted on the television series Drag Net ? The old reel to reel tape recording machines ? Indeed that was many many hats ago. Hats do forever change . So they are looking at two brown bears in the bunch -no doubt there are plenty more mixed in with the majority of white bears-the good guy bears.

But of course police internal affairs is at their service.No doubt the said dirty cop on duty will suffer emotional set back problems and have to medically retire as a result of internal affairs breathing down the back of his neck.

Which brings us to the politics in it. Early on one the experts ruled out a cop or cops and said it is no cop-it is a wannabe- you know-family -friends and buddy's. Did you ever wonder how many police PBA cards-police brethren association cards are floating around in NYC or in the hands or wallets of non civil servants -like family members or friends-or wannabes ? Think about it-tracking that would tie up internal affairs for years on end-wouldn't it? Such a investigation would also create very many legal problems within N.Y.'s police department too. That would come down to harassing family members of New Yorks finest.

At the same time if you are going to search for bad apples-you really must go there too.Logic would tell you there are a few of those in the mix. But that is very complicated.No doubt they are heading in the right direction but they are on the wrong track.Good a place as any to look though-I am sure Sargent Friday would agree.

Think about it-how many police PBA cards are out there in the hands and wallets of non civil servants ? And in the total of that number ,how many bad apples might there be ? Because in there, in that number is just where the bad guy may very well be-a wannabe.

It's just a thought.

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Response to Reply #40
41. The Killer and Dominique Strauss Kahn
Edited on Fri May-20-11 01:39 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
May have a similar problem-no place to go. In todays news Kahn's wife seems to be having difficulty locating a place that will have him. The killer may be hiding under his mothers wing-his mother who he hates so much.

The killer is out of control and cannot stop and will not stop until he is stopped. The obsessive /possessive /compulsive personality. If he ran away once already and could not survive in the out there world-outside of NYC ,than he is stuck.

The scumbag of mention -the subject who is the stuff of this profile, early on up thread I made mention the scumbags brother is NYPD ,but I did not mention assigned to desk duty. According to the scumbags story that assignment was do to his mothers influence as a result of a death in the family.

But the scumbag had another story about his car having been stolen in a hotel parking lot in Olympic Shores -no doubt it was a planned hook up with a hooker that went sour. But his story was odd to say the least-take a look.

The scumbag said he parked his car in between two cop cars that happened to be in the parking lot-an area of the hotel parking lot that as it so happened the security cameras were inoperable(.Casing hotels/motels and knowing the security camera layout would be avenues a scumbag killer would want to know before the crime goes down by the way) -,The other thing about that craigslist service add was the part about installation of flat screen tv's on walls and hooking up the thing-,the cables.(He knows what he can do and what he can't do-get in -get out and get yer money fast. ) Two to four hours on the job plus travel time makes the day.Or it could turn to a all day sucker.

This is June July 07. So the scumbag according to the scumbag just happened to park his car in a area of a hotel parking lot where the security cameras don't work between two parked police cars-that's his story.
He (might have )according to scumbag left an extra set of keys in the glove box which may have accounted for how the crook or crooks made off with his car -should they find it undamaged or ignition in tact. The scumbag was car- less for just over a week and he did get his car back in tact. Not certain about his having actually stayed in that particular Olympic Shores hotel. Which is to say he could have taken flight and parked his car on a public street figuring it would be fine ,but it was towed away. If that were the case-it would take a week or more just to locate the towing company storage yard.The tow plus storage fees .

The things that go down in the minds of those scumbags. At the time the most logical sequence of events seemed to point in the direction of a hit & run driving intoxicated. The scumbag drove off-abandoned his car ,returned to the hotel ,than reported his car stolen. Of course with his police PBA card in hand his story would no doubt hold up. But that's just a scenario one might figure -scumbags have many thieving scenarios.

The case pointing to a former cop and cop on duty as possible suspects also points to leading cops on a wild goose chase. The scumbag would figure beforehand-in the event of the bodies being located -it will point to a specific direction-or will point to likely suspects
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Response to Reply #41
42. The Positioning Of The Victims Bodies
Edited on Sun May-22-11 07:40 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
wrapped in burlap spaced approximately 500 feet apart is of a particular oddity mentioned by investigators- the alignment .Early on the method the killer uses was kept under a tight lid,but now it is known the killer is a strangler. mrdnyc or freezer boy fit that modus operandi -a guy that goes through the contents of a construction first aid kit in record time would not be the least bit interested in confronting much in a struggle for survival,- so intimidate and strangulate would be the method of choice for a coward scumbag such as he. So hight is a critical issue in the scumbags selective choice.It's his mother every time his sister too,-that has much to do with the killers search on craigslist.-There in regards to the certain similarities between each victim-not just size and hight-but facial similarities. It is also the power over powerlessness that the killer craves. The killer has been rendered powerless many times in his life by his mother and father both from the start. But at 18 he was free.After all the endless partying over there on fire island or some such island-free to join the Navy- get out and become a fire fighter-NYFD.

But that was never meant to be.
Mdnyc scrapped around-delivered pizza after the Navy ,set up party tents for an outfit as a job -some manual labor -some delivery jobs-mostly menial task work. Nothing to stroke his ego over.What you call a spotty work history which means from 22 to 34 years of age - not much of anything to put on a formal job application. And outside of NYC ,there was nobody to lie for him which meant either find victims to lie on his behalf or find a way to lie on paper for himself using the identity of someone other. Identity theft-credit card fraud -crimes that go un investigated because the resources on the federal end are funneled into the war on terrorism -remember Bush's words-better to be fighting it over there than here.Well-if yer identity had been stolen and yer credit cards run up into the sky -you just have very different views about that-or isn't that terrorism too ?
The criminals know the chance of an investigation going very far is slim to none. The fed passes it down to the states and the state passes it down to the localities and everywhere there is back log in the sky. A lot of chop shops have sprung up in the past ten years too-those car crooks.

These are the kinds of things a scumbag on the run would know all about.Most of those crimes down the avenues of identity theft are done over the phone.Throw away phones too or any phone will do.People that live in low rent housing projects that want to get the hell away from all that by way of work will find sanction at labor pools some of which are charity based.Cases for instance where identity theft rings hire welfare mothers to steal mail out mail box's for the information-bills-checks- anything with the info. on it. Some of the mothers even bring little kids into the scam. Hard to imagine isn't it?

Out there in labor pools is where freezer boy wound up hustling for work to get the money to continue on with his scams.

At a charity labor pool the scumbag got a job working on a sail boat-a rather high end ocean going sail boat. The kind of sail boat you would sail around in the world- not the scumbag of course but the owners of the sail boat. The scumbag was a hired hand -a to do guy with a to do list of task work to complete.My guess would be the scumbag has some or a little experience back there on Long Island-Staten Island working around the boats. And even if it were in his adolescence ,that would be experience. The ship yards for the fishing boats hire grunts to do grunt work all the time-sanding the barnacles off the bottom and sides of the fishing boats or ocean going vessels. That sort of grunt work.
His phone sex addiction cost him 69c. a minute or who's ever indentity he was stealing at the time.
But the scumbag got into it using his own credit card. Thats where the collection agency traced him back. Some of those phone sex calls were over 120 minutes -what sick & twisted puppy.Sick and twisted in such a way that the scumbag would become compelled to prove his manhood to his own sick self from time to time. But-, meeting with sex workers could not equal his sick twisted fantasies in real time.He never had a real girl friend either.He has absolutely no clue what a relationship is- other than the relationship with his mother who he hates so much. And of course homophobic too.

The Burlap Sacks. Scumbag or freezer boy did some labor on a tile job back in Jan. Feb. 06 ,it was a very bad time in the scumbags life-he had received some bad news about his condition back in Dec. of 05. And the craigslist connection -the one where someone was looking for a drinking companion -well ,thats all she wanted. The scumbag thought he had himself a girl friend -but the scumbag as per usual struck out. She let him down easy and the scumbag took it hard. The application frenzy he went on started at about that period-most likely out of revenge.- The NYPD application. He knew he did not stand a chance in hell of getting in.But in the same way the shark strikes-so did he.He hit those applications hard. The thing is in his somewhat adopted locality-he didn't know anybody-had a spotty work history and nobody knew him or wanted to. What you call a pity case or charity case or basket case.A basket case with serious anger management issues.

But he managed to find humor in all his troubles. The tile saw throws up water when you cut the tile. The scumbag took great pride in what he called his very own invention- it was a water shield worn about like a mexican surwrappy made out of a black garbage bag. He cut himself a hole fer his head and his arms and he thought the world of his idea. In fact he was off on it. The construction garbage bags are always there and the idea is a no brainier -but the scumbag actually thought he was the originator of that thought. He really thought that was something-caught him looking at himself in mirror- a strange piece of work that scumbag is.

But as simple as that is-that is how scumbags collect ideas- or make themselves believe they are the originators of ideas or original thought.
Never would a scumbag know or want to know that it has all been done before. It starts to rain-yer working outside -you got no coat -there is a bag there for clean up-you grab the bag and create a make shift coat to keep from getting wet -you load up yer truck and get the hell out of there.No brainier.

Well-soon the ice will clear the lakes and river back there in western New York if it hasn't already. About time for swimming and boating.

The killers plans have drastically changed that is for sure.Now the killer is being hunted down.

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Response to Reply #42
43. Analyzing The Mind Of A Monster
Edited on Wed Jun-01-11 06:35 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Two articles of reference on this one- the Long Island Serial Killer -analyzing the mind of a monster www daily news (


MrDNYC or freezer boy- and this is about the two decals on his back bumper. To the left facing the bumper or drivers side a 911 NYFD decal.And on the passenger side or facing the bumper to the right a Eat Fish decal. Eat Fish was a black and white oval shaped decal displaying a skeletal fish shape Eat over the top and fish on bottom white in a black background.The NYFD decal as you might figure was additional to freezer boy's police PBA card his brother gave him-what mrdnyc laughingly referred to as his get out of jail free card. Or what you might call a talk himself out of a jam id card. Hay guy's'really I'm one of you,it's all good right. (!) view the exclamation mark as a sign of what goes down in the mind of the scumbag talking himself out of a jam- a family guy. What you call the slippery snake.

But the eat fish decal- that is the scumbags expression both consciously and subconsciously.Scumbag killers never give up all the killings they have done. They take much or most of it with them to the grave.And they feed of it every living day.Of course both decals made some kind of sense in the world of the everyday. Freezer boy fantasized
being a real fisherman- but in truth he was not even close to being a deck hand. He was just freezer boy-he worked the freezers by himself because nobody could or would tolerate him for much in a length in time.
So -you know that and you know the scumbag will never become a able body deck hand and yer looking at those two decals knowing the scumbag is a fake phony -yet something about those decals repeatedly catches your eye .

That is until it occurs to you -both of those decals mean something twice -always twice- like it is always twice as much as it is. They make twice as much money as they really make- always twice.The bull shit-those lies - but 2 x's is the key.

Albert Fish -who's rain of terror began at some point in 1890. Fish and freezer boy are the same in many ways.Albert Fish of course was executed long ago but his profile lives on.Fish was a child molester /rapist and cannibal who loved to torture his victims.He was a groomer,just like freezer boy. But all the similarities are very much there including taunting the family of one of his victims,which happens to be why Fish got taken down. Albert Fish taunted the family of one of his victims by letters. So Fish & Freezer boy are what you call sadistic torturers that gain tremendous sexual gratification out of the act of torture.

Freezer boy liked to think of himself as being a practical joker. You know fun boy at the party.He liked to tell the story about his picking up a used needle of the street and sneaking up on one of his bro's and pricking his bro with a safety pin,than hide the pin and show his bro the used street needle-say man-I just pricked you with this needle I picked up of the street in the gutter. The joke was supposed to be about the look on the his bro's face.That's the sad-do masochist. In telling that story the scumbag seemed to get off on telling it.- Almost as if it were a bit of a ritual telling it.

His threating demeanor when under the influence of alcohol -I'll knock you out so on and on- seemed to be ritualistic or trance like as if it were rehearsed or much like a recital. He caught himself in the act one time and backed out of it quick-for some reason.

Albert Fish-that's the matching profile. Freezer boy may not be a child molester but he is a revenge motivated arsonist over thirty yrs. of age.
The killer molester and the revenge motivated arsonist are in the same very separate category -same mo's. Modus operandi.
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Response to Reply #43
44. The recent search came up dry
And the investigation seems to be at a stand still.
Amber Lyn Costello -the last victim or the most recent and the one of the four that does not fall into the scumbag killers preference in relation to size and hight. Amber offers some insight into the scumbags modus operandi- throw out the charmer -that's bunk- the scumbag uses money in larger sums to motivate his victims .And of course she never saw a cent of it. Wine and dine is out too-logic would tell you such a scumbag would not run the risk of being remembered in a public setting.

Amber Lyn didn't meet the scumbags hight requirements-that indicates the killer had a very different reason for going after Amber Lyn. Four phone calls in pursuit and $1,500 as bate.So the scumbag comes across like he's got money burning a hole in his pocket.,thats the charm.Face it, it's the old carrot on the string.

Why would the scumbag break away from his personal preferences in the predators selective process ?
Well, the killer found his drug of choice-that drug is murder-and the scumbag knows drugs go hand in hand in the world of prostitution. $1,500 - thats a tidy sum.
It's all pretty much a no brainier except for the scumbag breaking away from personal preferences in the selective process.

Amber Lyn Costello is the one that doesn't fit the pattern.Like a piece to a very different puzzle.It belongs ,but it doesn't fit.

Did Amber Lyn happen to look too much like somebody close to the scumbag-a family member-sister- mother ,somebody like that? What you call the spitting image. For example if it's the scumbags sister Amber Lyn happened to look like- that would have most certainly infuriated the killer -in fact sent him off into a fit of rage of such that he will have taken immediate action.Just like the fire truck goes off in pursuit of the fire.This one set off all alarms.

That could have been what set him off- anything can set them off- but that would really send such a scumbag completely off. The unconditional love of a sister to the younger brother-a special thing ,even though the scumbag actually hates all woman. But there are a very few a scumbag will see as being saintly.

It was all about the drug-the kill-the scumbag had to have his fix- but something set him off in such a way that he broke away from his pattern.

That something may have been about the unconditional love between a sister and a younger brother.Never would she think the very worst about that psychopath.

The sinner-the saint.

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Response to Reply #44
45. Those taunting phone calls.
Edited on Mon Jul-04-11 11:21 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Weather report says 87 high cloudy with over cast, Not what you call optimal for the old cook out. How it is the heat seems to sustain the lunacy.

The killer in one of those taunting phone calls said to Melissa Bartholemy's sister two things ,
The killer said-are you going to be a whore like your sister-and he said you're a half breed aren't you ,-or something to that effect.

It is easy to think of that or those two things the scumbag said as simply a way the scumbag were able to taunt her and he must have gained gratification out of saying that. Just a twisted scumbag. He is that but somehow I suspect there is a bit more to that. More like the scumbag himself is not nor has he ever been comfortable in his own skin. Those two decal's on the rear bumper of freezer boys car- Eat Fish & 911 NY FD-the 911 in reference to Sept. 11 2001. The 9-11 NY FD -well, there's yer police /fire groupie. And the Eat Fish. what you call a couple of tell tail signs, More like tattoos,such as the rather large Celtic Cross Freezer boy/mr nyc has on the inside of his right arm. The identity thing.But his mother is not Irish or of Irish decent.Irish are known to be expert fishermen as are some of the people in Portugal ,where it is sunny and hot.Sunny Portugal.

So identity and tattoos and decal's which are likeness to tattoos to some people.So the tatto is both his identity and a reflection of his identity crisis. Although freezer boy's tatto is quite colorful.
How often a groupie would hear the words being said-are you going to be a cop or a fire fighter like somebody you know or are related to ,father -brother -some relative or other ,friend what have you?

And than the half breed thing he said- that , the scumbag just had to release that on somebody . The Long Island serial killing scumbag is a summer time killer -he comes out full blown when it's hot. Hot blooded and filled with hate.

Malissa's sister made mention that it was as if the scumbag was trying to finalize something.

And he hates his mother or has serious mommy issues-no respect for woman at all.

If it came down to suicide by cop the scumbag would figure he would than be with his father.
He hates who he is or half of what makes him who he is.What is known is that he is indeed consumed with hate and revenge.

Those two things the scumbag said are highly significant in that he gave up the truth about himself and the hate he is filled with.Which means he hates himself.
His hatred of himself could turn out to be the key to break him down bringing out his confession.That may be just wishful thinking,but maybe it;s not.

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Response to Reply #45
46. 8 taunting phone calls in total
Edited on Sun Jul-17-11 04:33 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Apparently the Long Island investigators managed to keep details about those taunting phone calls out of the media for quite some time.It was 6 than 7 now it's 8.So Melisa's family members were no doubt instructed to keep a lid on the detail's or the very nature of those taunting phone calls because, releasing information about the details may effect the investigation in such a way that the scumbag may slip away for years on end=about like Ridgeway .Four years now.

Melisa's mother answered one of those taunting phone calls and the scumbag killer identified himself as NY PD.
That information recent through 48 Hours Tuesday of last. The scumbag put on his wannabe would have been cop mind set and asked Melisa's mother if she filed a missing persons report or police report.
Freezer Boy's Craigslist response to a drinking companion add- hi ya, matt here Seattle firefighter.
Ah, but it's just the internet, people trump their-selves up all the time that way.Bazaar indeed.

But this is even more bazaar, the scumbag was read the Miranda than told to render himself available for further questioning. Freezer Boy fled the scene and rejoined his partner in crime -no doubt his boy from up on Wall St. on the run.
After a few days a call was placed to SPD to followup on the case being built or supposedly being built, and after having done through a buffer zone or two the detective assigned to the case received the call. You know says the cop I just talked to you a few hours ago. I said the hell you say and no you did not.No he said I am sure of that. I said look at yer called ID,what does it say?

Apparently Freezer Boy called the cops himself and got his scumbag partner in crime to say he was me and told the cops that freezer boy was still at the same address and was working out the details.The details were about his phone obsession /addiction to phone sex at 69 cents a minute / identity theft /bank fraud and credit card fraud and many other associated crimes.There's yer control freak ,The scumbag was dead bent on handling it himself-( Over the phone). Freezer boy is not nor was not very well versed in police procedure but did and does know quite a bit about how to manipulate through the in's and outs.Of course freezer Boy does have his source in New York's finest when he has a question of doubt.

That scenario was designed to buy a fews days in order to make the great escape.I just so happened to make a fallow-up call on the case on that particular day.Freezer Boy did make the great escape.what you call a weak case.It takes lots of time to track the doings of those scumbags.

Amber Lyn's boy friend who she shared living space with, made mention of the spell bind the scumbag killer must have had over Amber Lyn-regarding her having walked out the door without her cell phone or purse.
Amber lyn's boy friend said something to the effect of ,he must have got into her head in some kind of evil way.

Freezer boy liked to listen to music with his ear phones on, That song=breakfast at Tiffany's couldn't break the spell bind. That song would just about put Freezer Boy into a trance mode or did.Another song and this one brought out his aggressions-the anger within-the one where daughters become lovers and on and so on=something about fathers be kind to your daughters because daughters become lovers and mothers.
Music has transitioned a lot since stair way to heaven eh.Evolved.

This is about obsessive compulsive phone addiction and the control freak-the sociopath.
Yes,Freezer Boy was in to the occult seeking to find ways to make his fortune He bought books through mail order by way of the phone of course and identity theft.Freezer boy may be subject to psyching himself out.I recall getting a call from the scumbag one Saturday when the scumbag was out on one of his excursions =a motel involved and he left his wallet or so he said,he claimed to leave his keys in places. But he also used that as an excuse . There is indeed a thing called placing one's self in a hypnotic state of mind and the scumbag may be versed in hypnotic suggestion-that would or could explain multiple phone calls three in secession regarding Amber Lyn ,the last on the scumbags list of the first four.Calculating indeed.

The scumbag is a scumbag and nothing more. it just may be two working in tandem.The location of hotels and motels with inoperable security cameras has to be a factor to consider-it can't be pure coincidence.That's a lot of foot work for one scumbag.

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Response to Reply #46
47. A&E has a 2 hr. special 9PM ET/PT Dec. 5th L.I. Serial killer
Edited on Thu Dec-01-11 10:43 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
The program will no doubt generate public interest in the case both national and international .Just the other day the authorities heading up the investigation made public statements and the top cop Dohmer has reversed into a single killer theory for all ten victims located thus far. It;s a bit of a flip flop but with the A&E documentary coming on Dec. 5th. it will stand to reason the NY police department really must get out in front of national public interest the show will without a doubt generate.After all it's been a year now .The reversal from multiple killers to a singular killer in all ten murders seems to come out of recent inclusive findings although Dohmer the top cop seems to think or believe there are certain similarities that may connect all ten murders to one lone killer.Dohmer the top cop who will be retiring soon enough from his dream job did say in the bottom line the lone killer theory may change or revers again.

Can't say I do not suspect police public relations isn't behind the most recent press conference.

The case seems to remind people of the Green River killer by title Gary Ridgway who hid the bodies of his victims in clusters one in particular. Five by the count.

But over in the UK there is another Suffolk Strangler who's name is Steven Wright. It was just about Christmas time when the bodies of five victims were located in a cluster-shallow grave site .It was just about Christmas time. Actually just before Christmas and that is just before-,It didn't take long before the authorities had two suspects one being Steven Wright the Suffolk strangler the other as it turned out was a long time known associate from a distance according to that cab driving sometimes pimp and supermarket stock boy.Bicyclist too .All five victims were ,well you might say in the equivalent of escorts or street prostitutes in the language of the streets.

The thing of it is, Steven Wright the U.K.'s suffolk strangler has a history that will remind you of the doings of Gary Ridgway the green river killer . Ridgway as you know had a very very lengthy decades long run in his murderous activities. The folks of the Uk have no real knowledge given to them by the authorities about how long had Wright been killing or how many. Wright was convicted of five murders. The other suspect had a 20 year long history with Wright going back to working on a cruise line. Wright was a bar tender on a seedy street in the London area. A street frequented by working girls .

Interesting the prosecutor who prosecuted Steven Wright ,his name is Wright too. It was just a matter of a few short weeks catching that killer.

But this one just as stupid as the scumbag is just seems to be one god dammed illusive son of a bitch.
But is he though?
Probably hiding in plain sight,you know like a god dammed car thief that parks the stolen car direct cross street form the police station and it takes the cops one week to locate the stolen car.

You might call that a id io association ,but I think the scumbag is stupid in just that way.Stupid in that he figures even simplicity is too far over the top of the average cop.

The A&E documentary will no doubt be interesting to say the least.
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Response to Reply #47
48. This is a profile out of S.T.A.L.K inc.- tis interesting

Partial Profile Of Long Island NY Serial killer * note- the profile seems close to that of freezer boys mo.
exception ,his anger management issues prevent him from socializing well which has much to do with issues surrounding his being a periodic binge drinker.

This killer is a sexual sadist who obtains a high from seeing woman suffer and die. He enjoys watching violent pornography. He is very familiar with the Long Island area and his dump sites.He is between the ages of 34 and 50. He has had and is known for having a long time fascination with law enforcement and has acquired police paraphernalia over the years.He is very literate with computer and communications in general. Because of this he is probably very adept at computer generated sounds voices or phrases. He could be a collector of cell phones ,not only the ones belonging to the victims. He is above average intelligence- note- no big deal given 100 is about average.
He drives a enclosed vehicle,probably a van. He is a very organized person with a place for everything and everything in it's place-and the word controlling would be his middle name.
He hates woman and, historically ,probably physically abused them in relationships. He probably feels his mother didn't take care of him when he was a child and/or he has been betrayed by woman through lack of nurturing or through their infidelity.

He is a very auditory person who can be a charming talker who also socializes well. He is probably a major bragger about himself to others on what he believes are his accomplishments.He will probably not brag about the murders. He has a affinity to social networking sites ,especially craigslist to search for his victims from a pool of escort service providers.He has the luxury of being able to spend a lot of time on the phone qualifying his victims to find the right one of opportunity. He has a way of finding out which prostitutes don't have a driver, pimp or someone watching over them. Perhaps he uses a voice stress analyzer. The majority of woman he called have not met his criteria for him to make them victims because they were too much of a risk for him.somehow he knew through his conversation they had someone watching over them.

The phone is the predators thing for sure.He probably has a history of abusive demeaning phone sex ,sexual harassment or harassment in general,by phone; this harassment most likely took place against x girl friends,or any females who may have crossed him socially or in the work place.
phone harassment may also have taken place against men who he believes crossed him in some way.

This is not the same serial killer as in Atlantic City.
As soon as new information is available ,it will be posted.
If you have any question please call 1-800-244-tips
you can also contact us by email at if you are concerned about directly contacting police.

END Article S.T.A.L.K.INC.

Right down to the scumbags telephone addiction .
Pretty good.
Again ,thats if he ever really had a girl friend.

Close,real close.
Tomorrow is the 5 th. and the A&E 2 hour documentary may bring it even closer.

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Response to Reply #48
49. S.T.A.L.K Inc. also has a partial profile of the Atlantic City Serial Killer

and parts of it seem more-so interesting over here .> in New York.

To understand this serial killer ,is to look at the analogy between the terms of obsessive/compulsive behavior and the term addiction.Since we usually relate the term obsessive with the serial killer and the term addiction to the street prostitute -ie: drugs to prostitution as a means to obtain those drugs-, what actually is the difference?That answer is none.

The serial killer is constantly obsessing over his stimulating fantasy of power,control and sex on a daily basis *note* both pre payed phone sex and on line pre payed cyber sex included in that process*, he is addicted to this fantasizing which eventually propels him to hunt for a new victim. This fantasizing can eventually lead to murder. This self destructive process will also eventually lead to his own demise.

The interesting dynamic to review here is that the crack addict ed prostitute that he hunts is also addicted to a stimulating experience by using cocaine.That addiction propels her into the world of prostitution to hunt for finances to support her addiction.This is another self destructive process which will also lead to demise.
Both use the stimulating process to escape their torturous ,thought filled reality of low self-esteem,shame,anger ,despair and a hellish depression.

As the addicted prostitute builds up a tolerance to to the drug and needs to increase the dosage to achieve her high-, so does the serial killer build up a tolerance to the fantasy and needs to escalate or enhance by starting a hunt for a victim to achieve his high.

The egomaniac knows he cannot stop his his murderous ways.He is not in control of his behavior anymore,no matter how much power and control he has exhibited over his victims.He has lost confidence as a man in his relationships or at work.He realizes deep in his heart he is a failure.
His narcissism comes from being love and attention deprived in his childhood .
an emotional detachment from his father-be he alive or deceased, has left him to feel like he is the victim of a over critical and demeaning mother ,who's self destructing prophecy for him will ultimately fulfill.

He tries t kill his self defeating thoughts and feeling of inferiority through his murderous ways.*And so,they cannot destroy enough-steel enough or kill enough to fill what is a likeness to a giant hole with-in them that is a bottomless pit.

Unlike his victims he has only succeeded in temporarily burying them alive deep inside his mind.

Soon they will come back to haunt him in the form of mistakes and lead to his demise.

End profile S.T.A.L.K. INC.

Now, of course by now it is clear in my opinion freezer boy is as good a likely suspect as any.

Here is the way I see it through a experience freezer boy himself related.

Freezer boy was out on cooperate processor -a ocean going vessel that processes the fisherman's catch-you know the drag net operation. The product is transfered to the processor.Freezer boy was called up from the freezer where he worked it alone to assist in the product transfer for ship to ship.- you know-all bodies on deck -all hands,you know the drill.Freezer boy loved to stick those hands in the wrong places to catch himself an accident that would increase his own net take. .

But in this particular operation ,freezer boy spot-ed a tagged fish in the drop. The tag was put there by the oceanographic society for tracking purposes.
So the alarms sounded in freezer boys head and up comes the wannabe cop fireman to save the day-step back guys -be careful there tagged fish -very important -stop the operation .

So the fish was removed and photographed and placed back in the water and freezer boy got a letter of thank you for spotting that fish from the oceanographic society for having been a good deed doer and and outstanding fishy spotter.This of course would make freezer boy look good on all those applications he planned to fill out at a later date.You know the big fish needs a bigger pond.Even though deep in his mind all of that was a impossible fantasy he was chasing.

Right now freezer boy is wearing a tag. A tag he never believed would be attached to him.

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