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The GOP is a bad brand

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goofticket Donating Member (250 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-01-08 08:55 PM
Original message
The GOP is a bad brand
Most of the right wing pundits, and columnists are all talking about re-branding the GOP.
They distance themselves from Bush 43, like they did from Hoover, and Nixon and Bush 41.
They have a brand that just isn't good.
The GOP says many things, but talk is cheap as talk radio and cable news.

They destroyed the brand again. This time, they may have succeeded in committing suicide, along with a drop in market share. They are not good at promoting positive human behaviors.
The Republicans are letting the party die.
Republicans are not too loyal to the values Lincoln had.

I can't see how they can repair or replace the 'brand', in 2008.
How does one Re-brand a political party?

What is that..a 'new & improved' form of neoconservatism?

You can change a party platform, like an issue, but not the identity of the party.
Like a human, an identity is created over time, from experiences and actions.
The GOP started out OK, with great values, back in 1854...but they hold none of those values today.
They sold out, or betrayed each other, or something...but the end result is a party that is not trusted or repsected, as a brand.

Morals and social values that are Anti-gay/black/yellow/orange/brown/science, anti-'think-about-it-first' is outright stupidity.

Most are insulting to most Americans.

Using religion to sell a political brand is really insulting, to the core American value of protecting religion from politics. The GOP has decided that was a great target audience to sell the Kool-Aid to.

TV Evangelical theme park law schools, just doesn't seem like a viable, and permanent political arm.

Claim VoterID is a bad idea..and you get the 'other white meat'. Hate, innuendo and 1,000 hours on FoxNews.

The GOP has failed to effectively sell it's post-FDR, Goldwater/Reagan brand. What they did was thrive on instilling doubt. Doubt in each other. Doubt in how we recovered from a GOP caused Depression, and a GOP resisted World War.

The brand was creating doubt that other Americans even had any moral values. At least the correct values.

What a stupid concept. Values are not found in airport bathrooms, free enterprise is not supported with no-bid contracts or Presidential pardons to cover-up crimes that put national security at risk.

Or having the moral authority to demonize a personal choice of lifestyle.

The GOP brand is behavior doubt.

If you buy a Prius, for a logical reason to save some money on gas, you are labeled a San Fransico liberal.

If your son acts in the school plays, instead of taking steroids to play football, you are an elitist college educated liberal, who allows gays to have sex on your dinner table.

You are less than patriotic, if you support the arts instead of getting a bigger flag for your porch, or a brighter flag pin for your lapel. Wearing flag pins is performing arts.

The GOP succeeded in showing how the stupidity, of past political failures, can be revived over and over.

The Soviets went broke, and Reagan had nothing to do with it. The people in Russia still do the same thing we Americans do. Get up, feed the kids, get them off to school, come home and eat dinner and spend time wih our families; as do the Iranians, Venezualians and the Sudanese.

The GOP branded itself, with some devine authority to decide what those choices would be for your family,...but only after, you agreed to a loyalty oath and met acceptable standards. I wonder what an eleitiest really is today.

If you were a good Republican family, with a stay at home, keep-her-mouth-shut wife, your kid could get it's picture on the packaging! Look Bush has twin girls! How cute. Until they showed up underage and drunk. Just like dear old dad.

The Grand Old Party committed political suicide, all by themselves, and no drugs were involved.

After a century and a hald, the GOP has been consistient in one thing. Angry denial and finger pointing.

They sold the brand that would make you better than "them".

"Them" not being an actual or contrived enemy...but better than your liberal un-American next door neighbor.

I know of no American, that actually believes this values claim, or moral authority crap.

After decades of being Number 2, they got their chance in 1995. They took out a Soprano's style COntract on America. Then they screwed up, they didn't vett Newt Gingrich. After 84 ethics charges and cheating on a dying wife, the newt pushed an investigation into a Presidential impeachment. But he screwed up and had to leave before that lynching party ended. How bad is the brand, when you can't even last long enough to see it go on the store's shelf?

Then they really screwed up. They forgot to look at the intelligence, and people started dying in large numbers.

They blamed Americans for everything that failed, especially the media, for Saddam attacking, with the French Fries on 9/11. The TV news was running us like Manchurian Candidates, and the GOP made sure we felt guilty for questioning a President, or a party that branded moral values. You had no morals if you questioned a President, a Republican President. A Democratic President was OK to question.

Things got bad, and the bad got worse.

Like Katrina. They screwed up, but it was the gay pride parades fault. So beacuse of that, the GOP didn't have to do anything. This week the last 648 families were kicked out of the FEMA trailers, yet the homes they had to leave are still full of flood remnants, mainlt mold and rot. Don't even mention the formaldehyde filled trailers they were forced to live in...that would also be questioning a sitting President. Loyalty is on the Nutrional label on the GOP's box.

But the Katrina refugees, that weren't dressed like Rudy Guliani for the gay pride parade, surely had to be illegal immigrants, drug dealers or worse. Why should Republicans take care of those people anyhow? They aren't real Americans. So they sent them to Texas, where the death penalty is tailor made for the less-than-Republican non-white. It's a brand feature they love in Utah and Idaho.

The brand of fear mongering. The Dems will take away your guns. This one always made me laugh to the point of liberating my bladder. Yep, laughing till I peed.
Finding 600 Million guns, in a door-to-door search and seizure, in the still of the so bizarre, so incredulous, that even a five year old knows, nobody could come and take all the cookies in all the cookie jars, in all the houses in America. I wondered how many people would have to be hired to collect all those guns, in the Krystalnacht scenario of the NRA, but a real effort...say in a one year period?
I figured it would take about 50 Million people.

The claim of physically removing all the guns, is a pretty stupid concept. But stupid sells the brand.

And the more stupid you are, the better the brand looks. It's even shinier and sparkly then.

The GOP had a good brand, in 1854. That ended with it's first President, and never returned.
After Lincoln, the GOP successor did everything he could to recind all the rights the Civil War had won.

Free and equal black people? What's next, women's rights? Education standards?
That lasted all but a few years, then Jim Crow took over. It wasn't the Southern Dems who kept racism alive, it was the brand, and those who bought it.

It took another 100 years to get back to the concept of equality for all people. And the GOP still thinks it's just a frivilous lawsuit by the ACLU, or pot smoking Woodstock hippies. The brand thinks you should earn equality, pay for a right, with a nice fat donation to the Committe to Re-Elect. Like the Catholic indulgences of romantic middle ages.

The brand would call that chivalry.

The GOP still hates blacks, they are suspicious of Obama. Not because he is an African-American people, but to keep the promotion campaign of discrimination going. Obama looks like an illegal immigrant, or a terrorist or wait few minutes, they'll think of something to label him with.

Today it's anyone and everyone that is not in lockstep with neocon mandated intolerances.
Most people laugh those hot button issues as pretty stupid, Which they are.

Apathy is another feature of the brand. Be so overwhelmingly obnoxious about an issue, and people just want it to go away. Hopefully someone else will take care of it.

The circus side show aspects of politics, has become the norm for Republican ideology.
If it can make one group look bad, then it is good for Republicans.

Joe McCarthy is making his comeback, he was a great selling feature for living in 1954. They got that "under god" thing to scare those damn commies into submission in 1954. It took another 30 years to scare the Ruble into suicide by default.

Bush, Hoover, Nixon are the legacy of the brand. It failed every time.

Americans are tired of the GOP brand.
They traded in the Reagan's Philco B&W TV for a new iPod.

We are cancelling Leave it To Beaver, we are afraid he'll get molested by the 'good' Senators.

We have moral values, and they are ours to choose, personally and internally, not by that Committee to Re-Elect.

We like the idea of this saying, "Keep Your God out of My God's Face and we'll get along just fine."

We are not afraid of our gay sons and daughters, in fact, we admire them a great deal.

Dick Cheney does, he just can't say it in public. A very strange moral. One that has to be hidden.

The GOP brand is in the Clearance Aisle in 2008.

We have found a brand, that doesn't leave such a bad aftertaste.
We no longer want the tainted faith-based dog food.
We stopped buying the Contract with America, we went with kids health care.

The GOP got hijacked by itself, in a desperate move offensive that told us, we were less than patriotic, less than hard working, less than the highest standards.

And we got to see those morals in action, in airport bathrooms and a hooker carrying a package of diapers.

The GOP's 1995-2008 Era will, like all other GOP periods, be a model of what not to do, what not to allow and what not to support. We voters learn from our mistakes, the GOP does not. The same old brand is still for sale.

Republicans think they are terrified of gays, and immigrants and voter frauds, but the truth is that Republicans live in fear of their own.

They live like Joe McCarthy lives next door, ready to call in the FBI because you ordered take out Chinese food.

You communist-appeaser tree-hugging college-educated questioners of authority!

Republicans have committed suicide, and what is really amazing, is that they continue to do this every time they gain power.

They never leave control, except after they completely screwed everything up. Scorched Earth Policy.

Eisenhower gave a stern warning about the military industrial complex, and all the GOP did was slap a new label on the box.

Only Lincoln, left the nation in better shape, and the Americans united.

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goofticket Donating Member (250 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-06-08 08:49 AM
Response to Original message
1. Apology for multiple postings
I was informed that this post should not have been posted in the several forums.
I apologize to those in charge, and understand that such multi-postings are automatically tagged for spam.
This was not my intention, and do hope the content is not lost, in that error.
I cannot edit or remove the posts, from the states listings, as it is beyond the time limits for editing.

Thank You.
The original post is in the Editorial and Opinon forum.
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