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Anti-gay candidate gets 8th place out of 8- Article 8 Alliance whines...

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Ian David Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-10-05 07:09 PM
Original message
Anti-gay candidate gets 8th place out of 8- Article 8 Alliance whines...
Article 8 Alliance - MassResistance - ** Nov. 9 Email Update **
It's gone too far: Get involved! Join the movement to take back our government in Massachusetts!
(Feel free to pass this along to others) Help by Donating!

In this email update:

1. How Tuesday's elections went: Bad, Bad, Good.

2. Maine ballot question on homosexual discrimination -- the story behind the story!

3. David Parker appearance on national live Fox "Dayside" TV show POSTPONED at last minute.

"The logical end to defensive warfare is surrender."
- Napoleon

=== 1. How Tuesday's elections went: Bad, Bad, Good ===

Ed Flynn: 8th out of 8 candidates for 4 at-large Boston City Council seats.
This really hurt. He was the only pro-marriage, pro-life candidate (and veteran) of that bunch. The rest all caved in, one way or another, to the gay agenda in Boston. We figured that the legacy of his father, former Boston mayor Ray Flynn, would help. But unfortunately, (1) he had an anemic, underfunded organization and (2) his campaign didn't get the pro-family forces involved until it was too late. (We made sure that 44,000 Boston voters got phone calls on the last day, but that was about it.) Click here for election results. /

Voters in Maine vote NOT to repeal radical homosexual law.
This past spring, the Maine Legislature passed the most radical homosexual "rights" law in the country. It makes it a crime to discriminate on "sexual identity or expression" (i.e., a man wearing a dress, etc.) in the whole range of public and private spheres of life, including the schools. This is one of the homosexual movement's huge goals. The Christian Civic League of Maine forced it on the ballot, but the repeal lost 209,126 to 171,446 (55% to 45%). The homosexual lobby's next goal in Maine: gay "marriage." (See analysis below.)

Texas overwhelmingly approves constitutional amendment banning gay "marriage".
There are still some places where sanity can be found. More than three-quarters of Texans who went to the polls Tuesday (76%-24%) voted to approve a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as only the union between a man and woman. See news article here.

=== 2. Maine ballot question on homosexual discrimination -- the story behind the story! ===

THIS IS A TEXTBOOK CASE in how the homosexual movement can and will change our society unless people like you get involved!!

Back in 1998, and again in 2000, the Maine legislature passed radical pro-homosexual legislation. Both times the Christian Civic League of Maine (CCLM), led by the incredible Michael Heath (and Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition) got the necessary 65,000 signatures to get it on the ballot -- and then WON both times in the subsequent elections. This past year the same thing happened, but they lost in the election 55% to 45%. What was the difference?

First of all, the homosexual lobby took full advantage of the pro-gay media and got tons of free publicity, while at the same time the CCLM got either no press coverage, or really bad writeups. (I saw some of it; Michael Heath was demonized at every turn, especially in the newspapers.) Second, the gays brought in about a million dollars, at least ten times what CCLM was able to spend. This was run like a presidential primary. Very slick, very professional, very thorough. And they had the manpower and organization to do a professional union-style "get out the vote" effort on election day (using union halls and college campuses), with busses to the polls for college students, many thousands of phone calls, rides to the polls -- the works.

The homosexual lobby definitely learned from their past mistakes. They brought in the big money and the big guns. And they did every dirty trick they could think of. As Concerned Women for America reported:

“Homosexual activists poured in resources from out of state, engaged in smear tactics and were aided by a media that routinely engaged in character assassination,” said Robert Knight, a Maine native and Director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute. “The pro-family people were outspent by more than 10 to 1, saw hundreds of yard signs ripped up, and generally were under siege. But having fought the good fight and done all they could, they can hold their heads high.

In their own words: here's from the Washington D.C. based homosexual group "Human Rights Campaign" (HRC) website:

To help defeat today’s ballot initiative that would have repealed the state non-discrimination law, HRC provided a large amount of on-the-ground staff, significant fundraising assistance, media assistance, strategic assistance, volunteer recruitment and more than $150,000 this year alone in financial contributions to Maine Won’t Discriminate, including financing their field efforts, early polling and seed money for early staffing...By Election Day, more than 25 HRC staff members had traveled to Maine to work directly with the campaign.

CCLM, on the other hand, had 1 person full-time and about 5 part-time people on payroll -- in all! They relied predominately on Evangelical Christian volunteers to spread the campaign wherever they could. And it was hard, because of the slick media campaign and heavy pro-gay PR campaign (accusing any opponents of being "bigots") they were up against.

In addition, all the major unions put out huge resources to stop the repeal, despite what their members might have wished. And all the major politicians took the pro-homosexual stand. And if that wasn't enough, the wording on the ballot was confusing enough that someone could easily vote NOT to repeal it by mistake.

Finally, the homosexual PR machine was able to portray the law as simply a "human rights" issue, that would have nothing to do with the public schools or peoples' businesses or personal lives. In fact, the opposite is true -- as Maine residents will soon find out!

The people of Maine really didn't know what hit them.

=== 3. David Parker appearance on national live Fox "Dayside" TV show POSTPONED at last minute. ===

Well, they brought David Parker their studios in New York for a 1 pm appearance on Fox's "Dayside" TV show. About noon we got a call from David. He was getting bumped for some breaking news. Apparently, a house blew up back in Lexington (not David's, thankfully!) that was already making national news. So that was that.

They said they'll bring him back down to do it again, maybe next week or the week afterwards.

Wasn't it a week ago that the same thing happened when David was scheduled for "The O'Reilly Factor"? Bumped for a hurricane. That's show biz. Stay tuned.

And don't forget to tune into the Voice of MassResistance on WTTT radio AM 1150 in Boston every Saturday morning at 10 am and Sunday evening at 7 pm!

Article 8 Alliance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454

Contact us if you want to get involved.


Also, check out the MassResistance blog (for you red-meat activists)! /


Also, if this is being forwarded to you and you want to be on our primary list, please let us know!
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