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When Daniel E. Teodoru posted this at the DNC blog in 2005, he said he was old and dying.

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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-15-08 11:29 PM
Original message
When Daniel E. Teodoru posted this at the DNC blog in 2005, he said he was old and dying.
I found this tonight, and it moved me so greatly. It was in the comments at the DNC blog, and it was a treasure to just happen upon. I posted at another forum where I used to post in 2005, and I ran across it today. I got a few tears as I read it.

I was told it was okay to post all of it as it was in the comments section and meant to be shared. This man's feelings were overflowing.

I must mention beforehand that the name of a certain chairman is mentioned by him. I know, I know. I said I wouldn't, but I'm not. He is. I need to be careful because two right wing websites that make fun of DU folks are targeting me everytime I they can use this against me. Have fun, guys. They think I don't know. I know, and I don't care. Heh Heh.

Back to Daniel E. Teodoru. I hope he is still with us and still speaking his mind. God bless him.

Did I mention he is/was a Republican?

What the Hell?

What the Hell?

That's what a Republican Senator friend of mine had to say when he read my call for a Democrat majority in Congress-- or at least in one of the two Houses-- in 2006. However, I feel, that were he to look at how absolute power corrupts absolutely-- case in point Speaker DeLay-- perhaps we Republicans ought to be more careful in what we wish for, given the blight our wishes brought upon us. After all, before DeLay we had Gingrich. And though he walked out after getting caught without making too much of a fuss, he couldn't resist that "call" inside his brainstem-- more to ego than "to serve" myth-- and is now embarrassing us all bucking for the presidency and introduced on FOX-TV as if he speaks for all of us Republicans.

How I miss the days when the Democrats had one side of the Congress, the Senate, and the Republicans just swept the House right from under Bill (is is) Clinton. In adversity, Bill Clinton showed us that he not only has "cahones" (though a bit overactive) but also a cerebral cortex to more than match his pituitary. He devours writ en words as if they were feminine parts and processes issues as if thinking brought him orgasms.

Clinton was at his best after taking a severe body blow from us Republicans, who for decades were so outraged, for example, by the WELFARE EMPIRE devouring urban America. It was composed of a massive bureaucracy that both kept clients down, insuring sloth on their part and rewarded irresponsible reproduction. One might say its motto was: "WE REWARD REPRODUCERS WHO DON'T PRODUCE WITH CASH." I recall my outrage upon learning, however, that the welfare clients were not the problem; for example, in New York, they got only 17 cents out of every welfare dollar while the bureaucracy ate up the other 83 cents. Ron Reagan tried to dent the bureaucracy of welfare. However, when he couldn't he just went after the most vulnerable in order to get some results: the disabled, who could not protect themselves. It was Bill Clinton who hopped into bed with the Republican Congress and together created the most revolutionary welfare reform in American history. That's what the Founding Fathers told us to do "persevere and compromise relentlessly" to produce bipartisan legislation in the people's service.

Personally, in 2000 I looked into GW Bush's soul-- so I thought-- and saw humble, candid, compassionate conservatism from a man who hit rock bottom and crawled his way out, Bible in hand. Alas, I failed to check how much gray matter was left after a life of coke and booze. We thus got a president, unfortunately, whom no one yet has described as well as his former Sec. of the Treasury, O'Neill: a blind man talking to the deaf.

When crisis hit on 9/11, Evil Dick Cheney and carnivorous Rumsfeld got together with the Devil's Disciples, the neocons-- and did exactly what they used to practice doing back in the Reagan years. Back then, Cheney and Rumsfeld, though private citizens with no official authority, would go to the depths of a mountain cave to form an "alternate US Govt," in case the White House was nuked by the Soviets. Asked why they don't take members of Congress, given the succession rules in the Constitution, they insisted that such an alternative government had to be decisive and Congressmen would slow them down. Well, come 9/11, Evil Dick sent President GW Bush on Air Force One to circle around the Midwest while he took over the government. It was then that the Iraq War was hatched out. But, when meeting with Cheney and the neocon cabal at Camp David, Bush had to shut them down, insisting that we WILL attack Afghanistan, not Iraq, as they demanded.

Yet, Evil Dick dicked us all by beating at Bush until he went along with an Iraq War. Since Bush reads nothing, has a limited attention span and little memory, he couldn't argue; all he could finally do was accept the Cheney-Rumsfeld-neocon demand for war in principle in order to delay the war until Saddam Hussein is-- he hoped-- deposed by his own people, thus avoiding war. However, when the cabal threatened to expose Bush's indecisiveness, he relented and gave the "Saddam, ya got 48 hrs, ta git outa Baaagghdaaad!" speech. From that point on, Bush focused on the DECISIVE WAR PRESIDENT myth weaved by court scribe Woodward, the ahistoric picture of "Bush's War."

Finally, after re-election, Bush grew Clintonesque cohones too and he threw out all the neocons, locked Cheney down in the basement and took over the Administration. Cabinet status was based on two criteria: (1) never bring GW bad news; (2) be loyal no matter what, just like the tree monkeys that see, hear nor speak evil. Alas, cahones ain't no substitute for gray matter of the cerebral kind. And so Bush focused exclusively on paying off the robber barons that payed for his campaign by giving America over to them, piece by piece.

Noting that the White House had no foreign policy, no economic policy, no environmental policy, just engaged in the great give away at taxpayer's expense and the failing war in Iraq, Republican legislators became nervous-- especially Republican Congressmen, for there's no one more accountable to the public than Congressmen, and they will face a hostile public, per the polls, in 2006. Rove, however, assured them that he would pull off another miracle as he did in 2002 and 2004. Considering himself the Pied Piper of the Christian Yahoos, he insists that he will deliver votes galore.

Unfortunately, a funny thing happened to Rove on the way to the Forum. Diverting attention of the Plame investigation (the exposing of a CIA covert operative in order to punish her husband for NOT proving Cheney's WMDs lies true) onto himself, a political operative, away from Cheney's neocon parallel NSC of Middle East fanatics, who did have clearance and appropriate legal responsibility, he lost all his seeming impenetrable glow. The more Bush came to his defense, the more he stepped in his own doodoo.

Now Republican legislators are coming to realize that they are Republicans, not Rove trolls. They realize that the balding little guy does not put them into office with his campaign magic, but the voters do with confidence. They realize that, like the Democrat Party, the Republican Party is a party of the people, not of Evil Dick and Dumb George. THAT IS INDEED A REVOLUTION, in every way as important as the Welfare Revolution because now the Republican Congressmen that Rove thought he controls like trained seals realize that their words must reflect the thinking of the voters, not of Rove.

And, for the first time, all those Americans who shut closed their minds when first presented the CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE of GW Bush and the CRIMINAL INTENT of Evil Dick Cheney during the first term, are given another chance to revisit how we as a nation got into such a mess in less than five years. However Rove cajoles, intimidates and tries to buy off Republican legislators, truth is, everyone realizes that he is a moral midget instead of a frightening ogre. Consequently, when he rants his usual bravado: I'll kill him, tear him limb from limb; I'll squeeze him until he stops breathing; I'll get this s.o.b. and shake him till he can suffer no more, etc., Rove is seen as a puny little pain in the butt, just like like the Wizard of Oz.

All this forebodes a great prospect for the Democrats. But not so if Mrs. Clinton on her way to presidential candidacy accepts to embrace the neocons in return for lots of seed money for her campaign. Already, watching her on MEET THE PRESS from Baghdad, it was impossible to know which, she or Sen. McCain, sitting next to her, was answering the questions-- BOTH were spouting identical BUSHIT!

I don't know if there's any connection between Bill's bad mixing of sex and politics and Hilary's political prostitution, but it ain't gonna work. Americans in the last election chose not to know because they didn't want to know how we got stuck in Iraq-- they were still to frightened by 9/11. After all, most people suffered then from the "ain't my kid going to Iraq" syndrome. But now they have a chance to review what they sent soldiers into by voting for Bush. This time they can't escape the fact that if you don't consider every soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan as "MY KID," you are nothing but a Bushit American. Real Americans will save their souls and this time will want to know why and how. As a result, we enter the 2006 Campaign again debating history. But this time, we won't be debating the Vietnam War of 30 years ago, as in 2004, but the Iraq War, begun three years ago by Evil Dick, Avaricious Rummy and the nutty neocons.

If the Democrats will not get over their awe of Rove, and will seek to emulate him in order to win elections, we will soon know. With Dr. Howard Dean on call as Chief of the DNC, Democrats are all being inoculated with polar positions that leave a wide space between Rove and Democrat principles. For that, Dr. Dean is cursed by all the Rove-copy cats. Hilary's bonding with the neocons, pretending that they are the returned prodigal sons, won't hold water when they are examined by Dr. Dean. Dr. Dean knows very well the difference between the patient and the cancer. He will not permit the metastasis to spread on.

Yet, we little people who only get to vote once in a while for one or the other candidate that the two parties put before us, know full well that politicians-- Democrat or Republicans-- are whores. Thus, neocons prowling dark corners with big bucks in hand will seem irresistible. But remember, once Democrats catch VD from the neocons, all these Democrat candidates will have no place else to go but to Dr. Dean for treatment. Then we will all know where you've been and what you did.

What Bush is made of is evident from the Pentagon's leak of a British document and then the admission that, yes, next year a lot of troops will be pulled out of Iraq. But so desperate are the Rovites that instead of bringing them home for Christmas, the Rovites are waiting until just before the 2006 election to bring them back. Don't you all get angry at the assumption that you are so dumb?

As a dying and disgusted old man, I can only thank God that in their disgust with politics my children chose to fight back rather than roll over and play dead for the likes of Evil Dick Cheney and the robber barons. That means that from now on politicians will be punished for prostitution ABOVE the belt, not just below. OUR kids will look at everything we chose not to see, instead passing on the burden to them. They will not waste time cursing us. Instead they will make us see what we should have done before we close our eyes forever. Thanks kids-- kick ass-- daddy loves ya! "

Daniel E. Teodoru
Posted by Danielet on July 24, 2005 at 02:27 PM

(Come back to the blog, Mr. Teodoru, we need more like you.)

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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-15-08 11:35 PM
Response to Original message
1. This is a tribute to that man, wherever he is now. He is real patriot.
A :toast: to Daniel E. Teodoru.
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Doremus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 01:01 AM
Response to Original message
2. I enjoyed reading that.
Have you googled him? It looks like he was posting online as recently as last January, assuming there are no other intellectual conservative RW critics with that exact name. ;) You might also want to google RVCC.
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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 01:15 AM
Response to Reply #2
5. I did find this about him.
Dr. Daniel Teodoru (Bronx VA Hospital, retired)

What is RVCC?
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Doremus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 01:17 AM
Response to Reply #5
6. Raritan Valley Community College
Apparently he does some teaching there. A seminar last April "Brain Vs. Mind."
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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 12:19 PM
Response to Reply #6
9. Thanks...I was thinking it was a Republican group or something.
Appreciate the clarification.
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SwampG8r Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 01:05 AM
Response to Original message
3. this should be
required reading by those who always assert the GOPs lack of a soul
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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 01:11 AM
Response to Reply #3
4. Most of my family are Republicans. He sounds like them.
Not like the extremists. I was raised around Republicans who were never ever like the ones Bush has brought out of the woodwork. They got fooled for a while early on but they caught on fast.
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SwampG8r Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 02:02 AM
Response to Reply #4
8. me too
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Shiver Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 02:20 PM
Response to Reply #3
11. So, naturally, many here will ignore it.
Kicking and recommending. There are republicans that can be worked with.
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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 02:26 PM
Response to Reply #11
12. Yes, you are exactly right.
Many are more moderate about abortion and gays than some of our lately elected Democrats.

A family member, retired military, Catholic...after a brief period of being fooled by Bush is disgusted at all of it.

They think abortion is a wedge issue, just like we do. They think gays should have the right to marry. They despise Rovian politics. Unfortunately that kind of politics is in play now at our Democratic forums.

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juajen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 01:50 AM
Response to Original message
7. K & R
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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-16-08 02:08 PM
Response to Original message
10. He has a blog at the Obama website. I found this from January this year.
Edited on Tue Dec-16-08 02:27 PM by madfloridian
What a great post, and how this Republican appreciates Obama. The post is very long and compares Rove and Obama...and of course finds out there is no comparison at all. Lovely.

"Rove is a psychopath who cannot live outside the "architect's world" he created in his own political mechanic mind. He is a sociopath who could care less about the pain and death he causes. He is not shaken up, he is not sorry. He is only enraged by his failure to control. This is the mechanic serving the RNC entrepreneurial carnivores. This is the kind of YAFers I came to know decades ago-- now all grown up, they too became Rove's mechanics....NOT REAGAN'S DISCIPLES, FOR REAGAN WAS A COMPASSIONATE MAN WHO CARED ABOUT PEOPLE AND, EVEN AS PRESIDENT, NEVER THOUGHT HIMSELF ABOVE ANYONE. Before my dad died he said: "Reagan made me a pauper, but I love that man." Though they never met, after my dad died, Reagan sent my mom a long personal letter of condolences. SO ROVE IS NO REAGANITE, HE IS ***TOTAL BUSHIT***. BUT WHILE BUSH IS A SPOILED BRAT WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND REAL WORLD SUFFERING AND CAN'T SEE BEYOND HIS OWN REFLECTION IN THE WHITE HOUSE MIRRORS, ROVE IS A MAN WHO SEES ALL THE SUFFERING AND ALL THE PAIN AND SAIS: SO WHAT, I STILL CAN DUPE THEM ENOUGH TO PULL OFF ANOTHER ELECTORAL COUP...IT'S ALL HEARTLESS MECHANICS AND WE ARE ALL QUANTIFIABLE PARTICLES! That's not Reagan, that's not compassionate conservatism. That's sociopathic schizophrenia, like all the "mechanics" bred and raised by College Republicans!

In contrast, Obama spoke, not just like Martin Luther King, but like Jesus Christ; for he called for FORGIVING each other so we can see each other instead of blindly blaming each other. That's the PREREQUISITE, said Obama, to UNITY and REAL Compassionate Conservatism-- the real-- DEMOCRAT TYPE-- compassionate conservatism that the Founding Fathers used to create America; that America was fueled by in absorbing the wretched tired and poor that washed full of HOPE upon its shores, people like me. It's no accident that my "American Father" was a black man in Harlem. Instead of hate for "whitey" he felt compassion for a poor wretched foreigner that washed upon HIS shores. Obama is asking for no less. And in disciplined Christianity-- no, he is not a Muslim as FOXNEWS tried to insinuate to generate hate against him-- he tells us that TOGETHER we can crash the walls of despair that have grown around us, just as TOGETHER, led my Martin Luther King, we crumbled the walls that enslaved black Americans for so long.

So, Republican or Democrat, whenever you rise to take a stand in the course of this 2008 electoral campaign, the first and most important question you must answer is: ARE YOU A PREDATORY SOCIOPATHIC MECHANIC LIKE ROVE-- seeking to polarize us into a 51%-49% wedge majority of frightened entrepreneurial predators-- OR A COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE LIKE OBAMA-- seeking to unite us in a common struggle to save America's tradition of saving ALL Americans?

I weep tears of hope, particularly on this day devoted to Martin Luther King, because Obama has liberated me from tears of despair forced on me by Rove's RNC mechanics and the Democrat Rove wanna-bes, indeed in both parties. God bless you Obama, you did an old man good today. Thank you.

Daniel E. Teodoru"

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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-17-08 01:49 AM
Response to Reply #10
13. At another blog he tells a delightful story.
I would love to meet this guy.

"Name: Daniel E. Teodoru Date: Jan 09, 2007
Bush's new Iraq solution reminds me of the story about a Brooklyn family that got all the members to pitch in to buy a truck. They drove the truck to Florida in that Summer and filled it with watermelons which they bought at $5 each. Then they drove it back to Brooklyn and sold the watermelons in the street at $3 each. Business was fantastic! But after two months of repeated trips they realized that they were not making any money. Soon they began to quarrel, accusing each other of stealing the profits. Finally, to settle matters, they called a massive family council. After hours of debate, the family patriarch rose and called for quiet; He had found a solution: "We gotta get a bigger truck!"

GW Bush has sold short every American investment in blood and treasure made in Iraq so that now we are in severe deficit. To cover up his administration's criminal negligence and malpractice he lied us into a state of total confusion. Finally, as Jack Vallenti once said about popular support for the Vietnam War: "People grow tired of a confusion whose end they cannot see." The recent election proves that point. But not for Bush; his signings that shred the Bill of Rights prove that the "What, me worry?" kid is both dumb and nasty.

There is only one solution: (a) people must take to the street to "in your face" with the horror of this war the mass of Americans who suffer from the "ain't my kid going to Iraq" disconnect syndrome and (b) a Congressional move to impeach and remove first Cheney for evil and corruption and then Bush for incompetence and criminal negligence. Even if this is achieved on the last day they are in office it would be good because it would send a message that these United States of America will no longer tolerate an irresponsible moron with an ego the size of a hot air balloon, surrounded by totally evil and corrupt loyalists."

His post is in the comments.

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