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Sean Hannity comes out of the closet!

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ej510 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-06-08 02:10 PM
Original message
Sean Hannity comes out of the closet!

It had to come, and it had to come from Sarah Palin. The McCain Campaign is starting its final desperate offensive. Its own Battle of the Bulge. General Palin is the last Good German.

In December 1944, Hitler ordered one last gasp strike at the overwhelming Allies in the Ardennes forest. The comparison is noteworthy, because at the time, anyone in Germany with an ability to reason knew the war was lost, knew their cause was bankrupt, knew the end was near. Indeed, by that time in the war, most of the 'thinking' military commanders had been fired or killed off by Der Fuehrer. In his last desparate gamble, he had to call on his most fanatical believers.....those who refused to acknowledge the futility of their effort, but still could be counted on for making the pointless excursion as violent and savage as possible.

The Hockey Mom sits atop her own panzer now, launching a desperate propaganda effort against Barack Obama.

Over the weekend she fired a few rounds in the widely discredited and tired linking of Obama and 60s radical activist William Ayers. Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was active in The Weather Underground and they barely know each other according to ALL legitimate news sources.

This line of attack was the work of ONE sick Right Wing Talk Show Host, Sean Sanity who pelts these ridiculous charges at Obamas head daily. No one took it seriously because Ayers is a respected University Professor now, and of course it would force Obama to recall McCains associations. McCain has been in bed with Right Wing radical think tanks like The US Council for World Freedom a gathering place for anti Semites, extremists and radicals, PNAC who planned the Iraq war in 1998, Iran Contra figures like Oliver North and convicted felon G. Gordon LIddy who plotted to kill a journalist, broke into the Democratic National Committee Headquarter and told people on his radio show to shoot ATF agents, by aiming at the head and of course, theres the Keating Five Scandal which has been left alone until now.

But now McCain is completely desperate and turning to Palin for campaign advice. Palin and Hannity have bonded over their mindless hatred of Obama and their obsession with winning an election that IS LOST. America is hurting and McCain couldnt care less.

For 9 straight months this country has hemorrhaged jobs, banks failed, Insurance companies failed, prices are soaring, wages are way down, we are watching a severe foreclosure crisis 10,000 people a week are losing their homes and there are 2 wars raging. John McCain and Middle Class Palin want to talk about the 60s?

Palin will lead the right wing into this new incursion and there will be an Obama Offensive that exposes her war of choice as the stupidest last gasp battle since The Battle of the Bulge" /
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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