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My take on Obama's rejection of Public Campaign Financing (Per Request) - It's simple

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crankychatter Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-20-08 02:09 PM
Original message
My take on Obama's rejection of Public Campaign Financing (Per Request) - It's simple
It's simple.

Obama wouldn't take PAC or Lobbyist money, which his opponents on the Dem side, and GOP side did take.

John McCain wanted an early agreement with Obama to opt for Public Campaign Financing. He probably had an eye on the phenomenal online fundraising that the Obama camp was doing, like the campaign pioneered by Howard Dean. He only got a tentative, "willing to talk further about it from Obama.

McCain then got a loan, based upon expected public campaign dollars, for his campaign. That move was illegal, although it helped him overcome early deficiencies in his campaign. When he became the presumptive nominee, more money became available from PACs, lobbyists and the RNC. He then wanted to opt out of Public Campaign system for the bigger bucks from lobbyists.

They would NOT permit him to opt out, until he revealed the details of his loans. Then and ONLY THEN, did he start yarfing about Obama "breaking his promise," which of course, Obama never did.

McCain wanted to even the playing field at that time. The problem is, with a War Profiteer owned media, the playing field wouldn't really be level. It would've been imbalanced in his favor.

So now the media is picking this bullshit back up, with Obama's public declaration that he will not use the Federal Public Campaign Funding gsystem.

This is a FALSE ALLEGATION of hypocrisy and duplicity.

Public Campaign Financing only works at the State level in those few states where it exists. It works there for ONE reason only. If a State level campaign uses Public funds they must THEN, refuse corporate funds.

Public Campaign Financing hasn't worked at the Federal level, heretofore, because the Supreme Court has determined that campaign contributions are "speech," and protected under the First Ammendment.

State level systems, as in Arizona, have done an end run around that ruling, by making the USE OF PUBLIC DOLLARS, conditional upon refusing corporate dollars. The campaigns are not denied their "First Ammendment" rights, because they have the option of NOT taking Public monies.

Not precisely so, with the Federal system.

Obama HAS a publicly funded Campaign, through the internet. We've now achieved our own, "end run" around the system.

This may be our last opportunity. The reason that I say this, is that Net Neutrality is in jeopardy. If service providers are able to consolidate ownership further, and charge websites for bandwidth, non-profit fund raising will be severely curtailed.

Even if Obama becomes President, he will be dealing with a potentially hostile, PAC influenced Congress on BOTH sides of the aisle. It will be challenging. He's not running for Emperor. EVERYTHING, depends upon cooperation in Congress and public pressure (that means US).

So, this is not the end all and be all for getting government back in the hands of the people, but it's WAY COOL, that we're starting at the top.

The system I've contributed to, every time I pay my taxes, for decades now, IS BROKEN.

Obama ain't lyin'.

OK, there ya go.

crankster gangster's un-intellectual take on this matter, per your request
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