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Bush Military History Project #36 The Timeline, short version

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exlrrp Donating Member (598 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-16-06 07:25 PM
Original message
Bush Military History Project #36 The Timeline, short version
This is a timeline I have developed to show the pertinent documents relating to the fraud in george Bush's military papers, to show the mesh of the CBS Memos in his paper trail and to show the crimes and conspiracy Bush'superiors engaged in to keep him listed and paid as a pilot for 14 months after he was suspensded from flying. He was fraudulently paid and listed as a pilot for 14 months although the evidence is ironclad he never showed up for the duty he was paid for and was not on the records of the units he was supposd to be serving in. Bush was paid as a pilot for pilot's duty when he was on ther rolls of no unit.

The fraud and falsification in Bush's documennts is extensive and this is not a comprehensive time line of it, only enough to prove the outlines of the fraud. This timeline is derived from a 20 page timeline that has ALL documents on it. I will post this in parts when it comes back from the kind Constat Reader that has volunteered to edit it.

When Bush refused to take his required physical, instead of discplining him and reassigning him, as they were required to do, his superiorsy helped him try to illegally transfer from their unit. They told him to hide, to "ghost," to skedaddle and that they wold take care of the opaperwork for him.
The list of crimes committed by Bush and his superiors is extensive, including, dereliction of duty, fraud (both monetary and statutory,) embezzlement of federal money, falsification of officialm military documents, fraudulent discharge and failure to follow proper procedures. Some of these, like fraudulent discharge, have no statute of limitations.

The Basic points I hope to prove with this timeline are:
> that the CBS documents represent federal documents, part of Bush's offical Paper trail.
> That the CBS papers, if real, are very incriminating to Bush.
>That BUsh and his aides know right now and have always known whether the CBS papers are real or not.
> BUsh's paper trail has been "cleansed" and there are many missing documents. If the physical and suspension orders are real, someone removed them from Bush's files illegally.
> The CBS suspension document represents a document that WAS written by Killian, dated the same day and passsed up the chain of command--and is missing from Bush's files.

Timeline, the short version

>Spring 1972(KM) (page 2) Bush has a physical problem. His superiors learn of his problem. Shortly after this, Bush goes back to flying a 2 seat trainer and on the simulator untill the end of his flying career

>Sometime in Apr-May 1972-- Bush goes off the books of the 111th, never to return. This is extremely important to understand in order to decipher the plot. After this, until his discharge, all intercourse between Bush and his superiors are off the record, outside normal channels. This is not news either, not at all, Lukasiaks had it all up on his website for years, and its never been disputed. Just another huge item that has been totally blown off by Bush and his enablers.

This is a huge fraud and abnormality existing right here: the difference between his units records and his pay records and the way his superiors get him an honorable discharge when they know full well he never participated in any trainings after Apr 1972. These are some corrupt people and part of a culture of corruption. The TXANG is the most corrupt American military organization I have ever studied, theres no oversight at all. Figure a lot of TXANG people must know about the corruption of Bushs record, its too obvious.

Bushs superiors participated together in defrauding the government, i.e. a conspiracy, and, if real, thats what the CBS papers help to prove. They fill in some important gaps. Theyre Killians first person account of this, saved to Cover His Ass, just like he says, in case any of the falsification he did is discovered. Its also why theres a lot of unsigned documents in Bushs files, stamped signed. This is for a deniability factor, but they cant deny enough, theres too much there in black and white so they stonewall.

It is entirely possible that Bush himself never signed many of his signatures, someone else did it for him. This was before the days of faxes and some of his documents are signed on days he was provably elsewhere, like his request for discharge. Major Rufus Martin, the personnel officer, may have signed some for him. There is evidence that he did (see: ) and that would mesh with the fact that Bush was never seen in the 111th after Apr 1972. (For more anomalies in Bushs paperwork see: .)

Bush is never seen in the 111th again after Apr 1972, according to the 111ths records and the memories of all the people in the unit. No morning reports, flight logs, meal rosters, nada! Theres a more than $50,000 reward for anyone able to vouch for Bushs attendance in this unit after Apr 1972 and no takers yet. Yet Bush is paid and listed continuously as a pilot in this unit, supposedly for pilot work done in this unit, until his discharge. An ANG pilot is a member of a team, not a solitary fire watcher-it is impossible for Bush to work by himself. How can he get paid when he is not in any of the 111ths records (daily reports, meal rosters, duty lists, etc) after Apr 1972 and no one remembers him? Who is authorizing the payments and for doing what where?

The answer is: Bushs superiors told him to skedaddle, to ghost, to not show up and theyd take care of the paperwork for him, and thats what the records show happened. If Bush is ever confronted with this, hell say he was only following his superiors instructions (the good ol Eichmann Defense) but he had to know signing paychecks for work he didnt do was illegal. I mean, youd think he would but George Bush has always had a skewed vision of his place in the world and taking money from the federal government is a Bush family tradition.

>May 4th,1972(KM) Killian orders Bush to take the physical no later than May 14th. The order includes reference to a Flight Board being convened (IAW AFM35-13 )Its ridiculous to think Bush doesnt know if this is real or not. He knows whether he was ordered to take the physical but has only ducked the question. (see: 2d to bottom line in a lengthy article, where CBS buried it)

>Bush does NOT take the physical after being directly ordered to do so.

>May 19,1972 (KM) Bush calls Killian to explain his refusal to obey Killians order. Face it, America, Bush HAD to tell Killian at some time that he was just not going to take the physical or just plain run away and never come backnot really an option for GWB. This is Killian telling you what he said and he wrote it down because he, as Bushs commander, would have needed it in the Flight Review Board he calls for in the physical and suspension orders (IAW AFM35-13)

>May 24, 1972-- /(72-05-24)trans_application.pdf Instead of taking the required physical as ordered, Bush applies for a transfer to a nonflying job. Instead of disciplining Bush for refusing to take the physical and disobeying a written, direct order (a major military offense) Killian, Hodges and Martin help him apply for an illegal transfer. This is dereliction of duty on their parts and conspiracy to defraud, obviously done for political gain. Bush fluffs this request, falsely stating his AFSC as an obsolete F86 pilot and giving a PO Box in Alabama for his home address. Although this transfer request is obviously illegal, all of Bushs superiors approve it immediately. The Personnel officer, then-Major Rufus Martin, who may have filled it out and signed it for Bush is later quoted as saying: It was worth a try.

>Summer 1972. (Date inexact) Bush moves to Alabama with no orders at all to transfer anywhere. But every square inch of Alabama is closer to Ellington AFB than El Paso and Bush could have still attended there one weekend a month without trying too hardhis dad owned and flew an airplane, which may have been used in the Blount campaign. He made no effort to attend training at all as records, or lack of records, show.

( An important note here: when it is said that There are no records showing him there it means the same as the records show he wasnt there or the whole purpose of record keeping for attendance is defeated.)

>June 1972-- /(72-07-31)trans_rejection.pdf The first transfer request is rejected by ARPC wherein they state in essence that Bush must keep flying at Ellington and that he has a Military Service Obligation until May 26, 1974. Regardless of this, his superiors continued to approve his requests for transfer and discharged him 8 months before this date.

>August 1st, 1972 (KM) --Killian suspends Bush for failure to take the physical and failure to keep TXANG standards. This order, which HAD to be written, which two confirmation orders confirm, is missing from Bushs files. At this time Bush has not participated in Training for over 3 months, which Killian notes, there are no orders transferring him, but there is nothing in the paperwork from his superiors demanding attendance. They are colluding to keep him listed and paid as a pilot. Killian again calls for a Flight Review Board in accordance with AFM35-13. This is a direct, formal, signed request for a flight review board from Bushs immediate company grade commander. and evidently none ever took place. This is dereliction of duty on the part of Killians superiors and Killian for being a part of it. And they all knew itthats why Killian felt the need to Cover His Ass.

It is ridiculous to think Bush doesnt know if this is the real order that Killian read to him and discussed with him but they have managed to put this pretense across.

>Sep 5, 1972-- /(72-09-05)187th_request.pdf Bush applies for transfer a 2d time. As of this date he has not participated in the 111ths training since April, even skipping the mandatory 2 week drill in August. Yet his superiors make no mention of this in ANY correspondence, memos or orders. His superiors are corresponding with Bush and approving his transfer requests while Bush is illegally not showing up for duty in their units. This is a huge dereliction of duty on all their parts, in addition to fraud and other crimes. It is definite collusion and/or conspiracy to defraud the government.

Also on this date, Hodges and Martin approve Killians suspension of Bush /(72-09-05)flight_status_order.pdf and forward Killians original order up the chain of command. (the one the CBS memo purports to be but is missing) By acknowledging AFM 35-13, para 2-29m, they are confirming Killians call for a Flight Review Board in his two previous orders, both of which refer to this regulation. (see it at: )

>Sep 6, 1972 /(72-09-06)187th_killian_hodges.pdf His superiors approve his 2d request for transfer, Killian on the 6th, Hodges on the 8th. This is a smoking gun for Killian and Hodges, because it proves, with their signatures, that Bush was under their command until at least this time. In their hurry to get Bush out of their unit they approve the transfer before the Alabama unit agrees.

Sep 15,1972 /(72-09-15)187th_alabama_approval.pdf --The Alabama Permission to train with them specifies 4 days in Oct and Nov. His pay records, the only existing indication of his attendance there other than the falsified OETR show he did not show up for these days but was paid for 6 other days not specified here in this order, including days when the unit was not training. (see pay records, ) It is important to understand that Bush never signed into that unit which means they never authorized pay for him. They deny he was there to this day. No one has ever explained how Bush got paid for 6 days while in Alabama when they have always denied he was there.

>Sep 29th 1972. ARPCs confirmation of Killians original order, stating that Killian gave the order verbally, as the CBS memo says, confirming the call for a Flight Review Board. They still have Bush in the 111th/147th so they werent informed of Bushs transfer to Alabama.

Bush is ordered to sign the suspension papers (off will comply with para 2-10 regulations, ibid) and there is no evidence he ever did. This is another refusal to obey a direct order.
>A Spectacular Non-Event: The Flight Review Board evidently never happened although bushs whole chain of command called for it.. Hodges was the one responsible for convening it so he would know why it never happened. . This is dereliction of duty and failure to follow prescribed procedures on his part (and others as well) As far as can be told, he has never been asked or given an explanation. George Bush and Rufus Martin also know why it didnt happen.

This has never been explained although the AP spent quite a while investigating it. Thats right, just left unexplained, like so much of the rest of this story. Youre reading about it here first, last and only. Not uncoincidently, the media has shown as much of a propensity to run away from this story as the Bush administration has.

>Jan 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,10, 1973(Pay records, ibid.)Bush is paid for 6 days of pilots duty for which no orders exist at all. By this time he has been suspended from flying for 5 months, hasnt flown for 8 months and is on the records of no unit, neither the 111th, nor the 187th. Bush has only a partially filled out dentists report to justify 6 days of pilots pay when he was suspended from flying and was on the records of no unit. He could NOT have been paid on the authorization of the 187th ever, because he never signed into that unit. And the commander of the 111th, Col Killian, states in several places that he was not training with the 111th the whole year. How was Bush paid for this? Some of these days are counted towards his discharge on his statement of points as are days in Oct and Nov 72 and Apr 73. If they are fraudulent, his discharge is fraudulent

>April 7,8, 1973 (Pay records, ibid.) Bush is paid for 2 more unauthorized days for pilots duty which he is suspended from doing, when he is on the records of no unit at all. When he signed paychecks for work he didnt do, that he knew he didnt do, that he was suspended from doing, on fraudulent days, then George W Bush committed embezzlement of federal money. And the evidence shows conclusively that he did. Rufus Martin later credits him for 56 points this year for being a pilot on-fly. This is misrepresentation and fraud.

>Apr 23, 1973 /(73-04-23)special_order_198.pdf A Special Order to Bush to attend nine days of training beginning May 1st on 2 weekends. Bush is paid, as a pilot for pilots duty, for 14 days this month, starting May 1 and on many weekdays and most of the time when there was no unit training going on at all. He still is not on the records of the 111th as participating.
> To reiterate here once again: Pay records show that Bush was paid for 47 days as a pilot for performing pilots duties after he was suspended from flying. He is ONLY listed as a pilot and that is the only thing he could be paid for doing. Yet he was suspended from flying and COULDNT have done it, certainly not on the days he claims to be there when there was no unit training. He is not shown in either of the 2 units that he could possibly have been attending. This is fraud and embezzlement--and the USAF, the TXANG and the rest of the federal government, G Bush commanding, have to know this too.

There is no authorization for pay for any of the days Bush claims to have been there after Apr 1972 (see Lechliters report) And the commanders of both of the only two units he could have been in state emphatically, and their records show, that Bush did not attend training. When questioned about the fact that the Alabama unit denies he was there, the only answer Bush had was to counter this with unsworn testimony of his ex girlfriend, one Emily Marksthis was enough to satisfy the media. Ummmm, attendance at military events is NEVER officially verified by ones girlfriend-??!! Hope thats not news to you, America, but it appears to be. (Ask me how I know this! )

> dated May 2, 1973 (but obviously written later) /(73-05-02)oetr_not_observed.pdf Bushs commander states in the OETR that Bush was not in the 111th unit this whole year, and the records show it. Bush has only countered this by saying: Hes wrong and that satisfied the media. Sorta defeats the whole purpose of a command structure and record keeping doesnt it? This is ridiculous but the media eats it up: Bush said he was there in spite of the record and Killians clear statements and that makes everything all right. Americayouve been HAD! By Bush AND the media!

If Killian is right and Bush did not attend his unit the whole yearas records showthen, because the Alabama unit also denies he was there, Bush was certainly paid fraudulently for any work he allegedly did this year. Both of the units he could have been in, and their commanders, say emphatically that Bush wasnt in their units. As these fraudulently credited days applied to his discharge, it is entirely fraudulent also.

Neither Killian or Harris signed this like they had the previous two OETRs and theres no confirmation from Hodges either. The reason is that almost every word on it is false: the day he left the unit, his job in the unit, the unverified Alabama claim, the certain fact that he was under the command of Killian and Hodges until 4 months after they state he left.
So how did Bush get paid for this whole year when both units say he wasnt there and their records show it? Then-Major Rufus Martin, the personnel officer of the 147th who handled all the paperwork, would know that. He is the one who certified that Bush earned 56 points this year as a pilot on-fly when his commanders say he wasnt even there. Did You know that Rufus retired as a full Colonel?

This OETR is the only thing Bush has that places him in Alabama in this yearand the AL unit denies he was ever there. Its as phony as a $3 bill with Nixons picture on it. Killian vouches for him being in AL when the AL unit wonta HUGE anomaly.

>June 29 1973 (KM) Killian writes an official memo, with letterhead of the 111th and his signature to Hodges (best and only conceivable guess) asking what to do about Bush. He reiterates here what he says on the OETR: Bush was not there the whole year. This memo was undoubtedly written by Killian to implicate his superior in the falsification. The answer to this was probably verbal, see April 18th: Harris took the call from Grp. (Grp=Hodges)

>June 29, 1973 /(73-06-29)oetr_notice.pdf ARPC sends a demand for correction to the falsified OETR. In it they state: Officer should have been reassigned in May 1972 since he is no longer training in his AFSC or his unit of assignment. That states the case exactly: If the suspension was legitimate, Bush should have been reassigned to another AFSC and position and done the training in that AFSC, which would have been recorded. Instead of disciplining and/or reassigning him as they were required to do , his superiors falsely kept him listed and paid as a pilot paid until they could get him an early out. And this document proves it.

Then-Major R Martin delayed the response to this until Nov 12, 4 months after it was sent and over a month after Bush had been discharged. I mentioned Rufus retired as a full bird Colonel in the TXANG, didnt I? Its only surprising he didnt make general.

>August 1973. After being paid an incredible 19 days in July for performing work he had been suspended from doing a year previously, on many days when there was no training at all, George Bush moved to Massachusets with no orders at all discharging him or in any way relieving him of his duties at Ellington. As he then started attending classes there, it can be assumed he had no intention of returning. At this point, George Bush can be said to have officially deserted the TXANG. There is no word from his superiors that he was authorized to do this or in any way had their permission, official or otherwise. There is no word at all about HBS in any of his records up till Sep 5. George Bush made the decision to go there, moved there and started attending classes completely disregarding his Military Service Obligation until May 26, 1974.. How could he know his early out discharge would be approved when he hadnt even requested it yet.?

>August 18, 1973 (KM). Killian writes a CYA note explaining what he was asked to do, what he agreed to do and who was involved in the decision to falsify the OETR, implicating himself, Harris, Hodges and Staudt (and Bush). In it he admits to a federal crime: falsifying official documents I will back date but not rateHarris agrees...Harris took the call from Grp This is a conspiracy to defraud and everyone named in it is in the conspiracy. If this document is real all the people named have committed crimes. Killian wrote this to incriminate his superiors and it does

>September 5, 1973 /(73-09-05)discharge_request_2.pdf George Bush applies for his discharge AFTER he moves to Mass and starts attending classes. This is absolute evidence that he asked to be discharged before his full term was up and it was granted after he left to attend Harvard Bushiness School, not before. The day his discharge was applied for at Ellington, Bush was sitting in class in Cambridge. Note Killians approval signature is stamped.
This is the first time Harvard Business School ever enters GWBs paperworkand by this time hes already in it.

>Sep 18, 1973 /(73-09-18)discharge_hodges_indorse.pdf Hodges approves his discharge. Hodges lists him as Duty title and AFSC: Pilot, ftr intcp, 1125D which proves that he was kept listed, and paid, as a pilot for over a year after he had been suspended from flying and almost 18 months after his last flight. This is a smoking gun for Hodges. Bush is completely unqualified to be listed as a pilot, did not finish his career as a pilot and has not attended trainings for 18 months and Hodges knows it. Bush could never have been fraudulently listed and paid as a pilot for that long after his suspension and given an honorable discharge without the criminal collusion of Killian, Hodges, Martin and others. Bush committed embezzlement when he cashed the checks for pilots duty when he knew he had been suspended from doing exactly that. Hodges falsely lists Bushs Home Of Record as Harvard Business School, no address.

>Oct 1st, 1973 Bush s discharge. He didnt show up to sign this discharge and there is evidence that this has been altered. Bush is listed as a pilot with no qualifications at all. This proves that that he was listed and paid as a pilot right up to his discharge although he had lost ALL of his qualifications. No reason is given officially on this discharge for the 8 month early out, which completely contravenes the fact that Bush had a commitment until May 26, 1974. It states that Officer has a 6 year commitment and has finished 5 years 4 months and 5 days which is a clear statement he didnt finish his commitment.
Bushs discharge plainly states that he was completely unqualified to do anything in the military when discharged, shows no medals at all and plainly states he didnt finish his commitment. This is a Kiss of Death discharge. It may be printed on the Honorable form but theres nothing honorable about what it shows.

Bushs discharge is one of the most falsified documents in his record.

this will be further discussed the next installment of the Bush Military History Project

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1. Forgot one 1972 Drug testing started for AG
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Response to Original message
2. Ahhhhhhhhh...
one of my favorite subjects.
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