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Bush Military History Project #33

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exlrrp Donating Member (598 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-12-06 10:41 AM
Original message
Bush Military History Project #33
Its been a while since you heard from me last (man does not live by allegedly forged documents alone) but the story continues. Thanks to all who have written or commented that they want more.
Today I start a recap thats gong to be clearer. here's a website wih all the documents in question, some in chronological order: /... scroll down to the documents of 1972 (starts with 72-05-24) Thats where the story really takes place, after that

It has now been 7 weeks since Senator Wyden's office called me and said that they had sent my demands for investigation of the CBS Memos to the military authorities that I specified: The Inspector Generals of the Department of Defense, the US Air Force, the National Guard Bureau and the Texas Air National Guard. (see BMHP's : #30,#31, 32). I have yet to hear from any of these agencies. I'm not expecting much but I want an answer from these people and will keep trying to get one.

Are the Memos real? Are they forged? That hasn't been settled yet in any real way. The CBS Investigation was a huge Dog and Pony Show that settled nothing but helped the government evade responsibility for them. No one but Bush and the Reopublicans gain from the nebulousness surrounding these documents. If certainty helped Bush, we would all be certain about this right now--thats why we're not.

This was my 4th written, formal demand for an investigation by these people of documents that purport to be theirs. If you look at the documents you will see that three of them have letterhead of a federal unit, a TXANG unit, the 111th FIS, that they purport to be official TXANG documents: orders and memos, and that they're apparently signed by the commander of the 111th in performance of his duties. Every word on these purports to be federal business and there is no word on them that does NOT purport to be official military business. That alone makes them indisputably federal documents that the military authorities are responsible for but there's more to it than that. At least one of them, the suspension memo, purports to be a memo that WAS written by Col Killian and passed up the chain of command and confirmed--and is missing from George Bush's records..

I refer to the original order that Killian DID write, dated 1Aug72 and passed up the chain of command as specified in this confirmation order: "Verbal Orders from the cmdr...suspending George W Bush...are confirmed.." Killian was required by regulation AFM 35-13 2-10b2 to have the suspension order ready for George Bush on 1st Aug72 and this order and the confirmation order signed by Hodges on 9/5/72 /(72-09-05)flight_status_order.pdf There was a written copy of this suspension order (it was only DELIVERED verbally)--its what the 2 confirmation documents are confirming. WHERE IS THAT ORDER AND WHAT DOES IT SAY?? It's missing from Bush's posted records. The 2 confirmation documents are there but not the order they're confirming.

The American Public was never told this by the media and least of all by Bush. But Bush HAD to see the original order that Killian delivered to him that day and he was required to sign for it. There's no proof he ever did, which means he disobeyed another direct written order.

Hodges had to see it too--he signed a confirmation of it. That's important to remember when we look at Hodges role in this. He doesn't mention it at all in the CBS "investigation," only says he had questions about the military terminology. Never says anything about having seen the real order. Look at his signature on the confimation document.

The conventional wisdom is that they are forged although that conclusion was reached in spite of the of considerable evidence that theyre real. The evidence that theyre real was completely pushed aside in the rush to conservative judgement. What happened was that, in spite of the clear and acknowledged fact that they represent federal military documents, the people who were responsible for these documents--the US military--evaded their duty to investigate and prosecute any wrongdoing.

Why did they do this? Why wouldn't the military authorities want to investigate the highest profile case of allegedly forged military papers in history, especially when their commander in chief's reputation was at stake? Why didn't George Bush himself insist on an investigation and prosecution of the forgers? If the papers are forged, they LIBEL George Bush and other former TXANG officers by falsifying his suspension orders, forging an order to take his physical and implicating him and his superiors in a conspiracy to defraud the government.

And conversely, if the papers are real, they incriminate Bush and his superiors in a plot to defraud the government, in crimes including embezzlement fraud, dereliction of duty and others. I wonder how many people would have changed their minds about these papers if they knew how incriminating they are to Bush? (and his former superiors.) That's why Bush and his people HAD to get these papers pronounced false without ANY investigation at all.

The reason they couldn't have an investigation is that ANY investigation of Bush's military documents reveals all the fraud and chicanery involved. Their problem is that this was done in the early 70s whenj no one would EVER suspect Bush wold someday be President so they made a lot off mistakes that can be seen later.

And the CBS papers are a big part of it--they illuminate the fraud. In one of them, the "CYA document" Killian implicates his commanders in a direct conspiracy to falsify Bush's papers. "I will backdate but I won't rate..." Col Jerry Killian. If this is true, then Killian is confessing to falsifying Bush's documents, specifically the OETR covering 1972-73.

The statement "George Bush gamed his way out of the service" isn't entirely accurate and is misleading. George Bush didn't game the system, his superiors did it for him. He could never have done it by himself and it never would have been done if he wasn't George Bush Jr. What the CBS Papers show is his superiors in a conspiracy to cover up his suspension and evade their duty of disciplining him for failing to take his physical. Its all there in the CYA document, its why Killian wrote it--to cover his ass in case all the falsification he did for George Bush was discovered.

What Bush's superiors did when he wouldn't take his physical, instead of convening the Flight Review Board called for by regulation AFM 35-13, was to tell him to take off and hide, to "ghost" and they'd take care of his paperwork for them. What they did is falsely keep him listed--and PAID--as a pilot until they could get him close enough to his discharge date that they could get him an "early out."

And that's what the paperwork shows. Any document that lists him as a pilot, or in AFSC 1125D or "on-fly" after 1Aug72 are fraudulent and guess what? Most of them do, including his discharge--look yourself at all the documents after thatdate where he's listed as a pilot.

Bush was suspended on 1Aug72, there's no question of that. So he COULDN't have done pilot's duty but he was still PAID as a pilot and those phony pilot days were counted towards his discharge. America: this is FRAUD! Bush committed embezzlement when he signed the checks for work that he COULDN'T have done--he was suspended from doing so. These fraudulent days are also counted towards his discharge, making it entirely fraudulent.

Bush's superiors scheme was to completely ignore his refusal to take his physical and keep him listed--and PAID-- as a pilot after he had lost all qualifications to be considered as such.

So what did he do for the 47 days of pilot pay he received during the 14 months between the time he was suspended and his discharge? Where was he and what was he doing?
All questions we investigate in the Bush Military History Project and you'll be getting more of it.

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BrotherBuzz Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-12-06 10:51 AM
Response to Original message
1. Has anyone seen, heard, or spoken to James Bath?
I suspect he could shed some light on this, but I won't hold my breath.
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