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Jan 31, 7-9 pmish DEMAND BUSH STEP DOWN!!

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Tigress DEM Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-31-06 03:48 AM
Original message
Jan 31, 7-9 pmish DEMAND BUSH STEP DOWN!!
Are you pissed about Alito? Who is REALLY responsible for this mess? Our DEM Senators or the nut job who appointed him? Probably a little bit of both, but who has REALLY GOT TO GO? That liar in the White House is going to go out and flap his jaws again. Let's MAKE SOME NOISE and let Him KNOW --- WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BUSHIT.

************ For a protest in your area, see below.

Sorry for the late notice. There is something Feb 4th too.

Check out

Jan. 31, on The Night of President Bushs State of the Union Address:

Bring the Noise!

Drown Out Bushs Lies!

In large cities and small towns all across the country, join in rallies one hour before Bushs address as we make our determination to Drive Out the Bush Regime the political message of the day.

At 9:00 PM EST, just as Bush starts to speak, everywhere we will BRING THE NOISE. In a cacophony of sound, we will drown out his address with music: from drums to violins, from hip hop and classical; and with noise: banging pots and ringing church bells, sound car horns and lifting our voices.

To organize a rally in your area, email


-Check back here for the latest info, as new protest locations are announced daily. -Email with your plans.

-All rallies begin at 8pm EST unless otherwise noted.

Bisbee: Gore Park, at mouth of Brewery Gulch

Phoenix: 4-8pm, 24th St. & Camelback Rd.

Tucson: University of Arizona Alumni Plaza.
Noon-2: Rally at U of A
Afternoon: People (particularly HS students) are encouraged to go to Skrappys to pick up material and get out WCWs message downtown and elsewhere.
4:00 - 7:00 : WCW caravan with big banners and signs, driving around Tucson.
7;00 - 10:00 : Cultural event at Skrappys (201 E. Broadway, downtown)
e-mail us at:

Berkeley: Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley
11:00 am - 4:00 pm, All-day rally UC Berkeley
5:00 pm - Then mobilize to Union Square in S.F.

Los Angeles:

Intersection of Hollywood and Highland
5:00 PM - Gather together
6:00 PM - Bring the NOISE March
7:00 pm - Rally in front of CNN news station at Sunset and Cahuenga

Speakers Include:

Blase Bonpane (Office of the Americas, KPFK)
Rev. Richard Meri Ka Ra Byrd (KRST Unity Center)
Jane Bright (Gold Star Families for Peace)
Rev. Louis Chase
Bianca Jagger
Jim Lafferty (Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, L.A.)
Jan Lundberg (environmentalist, oil industry analyst, founder of Auto-Free Times)
Lucia Marano (actor)
Steve Rohde (civil liberties lawyer and past president of the ACLU of Southern
Dwight Trible (Jazz Vocalist)
Student from Occidental College
Dolly Veale (Revolutionary Communist Party)
Gore Vidal

Fresno: Fresno Center for Non-Violence (located at southeast corner of Van Ness & McKinley Ave)
5:00 pm - Peace Fresno members and friends will gather to let the world hear us as we symbolically drown out Bush's lies with our own noise - drums, pots and pans, musical instruments, and our voices.

Let horns blare and, bells ring, as we bring our own state of the union message: BUSH STEP DOWN!

For more information contact the Fresno Center for Nonviolence at or (559) 237-3223

San Diego: Horton Plaza Fountain. Fourth and Broadway. 4:30pm


State Capital Building
5:00 pm Rally on the sidewalk at West Side of State Capital Building
6:00 pm Bring the Noise, Drown out Bush's Lies. Bring drums, pots, pans, etc!
7:00 pm Ribbon cutting, signifying the beginning of the end for the Bush Regime

For More Information contact us at

Intersection of 16th Broadway
5:00 pm - Gather at intersection of 16th and Broadway.
6:00 pm - Bring the Noise! Drown Out Bush's Lies!
Bring drums, pots and pans, musical instruments, signs, banners, & your voice!

For more information email

San Francisco:

Union Square
5:00 pm (PST) in San Franciscos Union Square be a part of the Nation wide demand that Bush Step Down!!
6:00 pm Drown Out Bushs Lies
7:00 pm Topple the Statue of Bush (30 ft tall paper mache statue)

State of the Union - STATE OF EMERGENCY!!!
Demand: "Bush Step Down! And take your program with you!"

You can still participate in this historic mobilization
You can make it happen by joining up with these teams now:
Monitors (Security) Team
Sound Trucks Team
Logistics Trucks Team
The Mother of All Banners - BUSH STEP DOWN on Freeway overpasses Team
High Schools Mobilization Teams
University Mobilization Teams
Leaflet and Postering Teams
The 30 foot, Topple the Statue of Bush Construction Team
Media Team
Phone Banking Team
Organization outreach Teams
San Francisco Office Team

To Volunteer Call 415-864-5153 or e-mail
Or go to 2940 16th St. Ste 200-6 near 16th & Mission, SF

* Work/Pizza parties:
7:00 pm til were tired, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at our office.

San Jos: 4th & San Fernando (in front of library, free parking @ parking garage across the street)
6:00 7:00 p.m. - At the start of Bushs "State of the Union" address, we will shout, honk, whistle, clap, beat drums, blare horns, make music, bang pots.make noise to drown out Bushs lies! Then we will SPEAK OUT with our ideas for what we can do to end the war in Iraq and restore democracy in our country.

Sponsored by South Bay Mobilization,, 408-998-8504

Speak Out Against Bush! Drown Out His Lies! Make Your Voice Heard

San Luis Obispo: Government Center Plaza at 1055 Monterey St.
4:00 - 7:00 pm. Music, merriment, speakers and spoofers.
Music by Craig Nuttycombe, Monty Ellman, Joe Rank and YOU!!!

Many local activists groups will have their booths there. Fundraiser/raffle of political art by local artists Mark Bryan and Joe Rank. Much gratitude is owed Sandra Marshall of Information Press for sponsoring this event.

Bring drums, rattles, bells--whatever--to symbolically drown out the the Pose-ident's spooch! (Later in the evening, we will have a drum circle where we will visualize the new world of peace, sanity and compassion that we intend to create once justice is served on this bush crime family.)
Bring signs and chairs or blankets to sit on.

For more info and if interested in having a table, contact Shawn at 805-772-3056.

Santa Rosa: Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa Ave (btw 3rd & 4th)
5:00 - 7:00 pm
Bring drums, buckets, pots, pans, noisemakers, candles, flashlights, signs, banners, boom boxes and your voice!
Info: (707) 774-1960

Sonoma: At the Plaza by the Mission Bell
5:00 to 6:00 PM

Denver: 6pm West steps of state capitol -downtown!!!

Date: Sun, January 29, 2006 7:37 pm

Danbury: Main Street at the Danbury Library
8:00 pm - Rally to DROWN OUT THE LIES
Bring your voices, pots, pans, drums, music, horns, etc.
For more information contact Stephen Bickford,

Hartford: Corner of Capitol Ave and Broad Street
8:00 pm - Rally to DROWN OUT THE LIES
Bring your voices, pots, pans, drums, music, horns, etc.
For more information contact Stephen Bickford,

New Haven: corner of Elm and York street
8:00pm - Gather at Street theater for the reading of the STATE OF EMERGENCY Statement
9:00pm - Car caravan honking horns through the streets of New Haven
for more information, contact:, or call (203) 498-8185

Westerly: Dixon Square
7:30 pm - Leafleting, Music, Street theater and Poetry.
9:00 pm - Our own "State of the Union".

For more information, contact:

Washington DC: West Side of the Capitol on the National Mall
In DC, we will gather as close as we can to the scene of the impending lies:
We will be on the west side of the Capitol, around and in front of the reflecting pool. The Press will be parked along 3rd Street and along the South Side of the Capitol (Independence).

8:00 pm - Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright will speak; they will be followed by other speakers (the Rev. Yearwood and Doug Nelson, an Vietnam War vet).
9:00 pm - The main event will begin:

Picture a marching band/brass ensemble, a drum circle, a choir, tap dancers, a rock ensemble, hip-hop poetry, other spoken word, hootenany, African, Asian, Irish glorious soaring rhythmic, each beginning and doing a few minutes in sequence, followed by overlapping moments, followed by at least 30 minutes of jazz-like improv, call and response, followed by one fully stunning long-held harmonious wall of sound that rises to the heavens.

The whole main event lasts 50 minutes, from 9-9:50. Its possible the media might be roused from their hypnotic stance to report on it.

If you are interested in either helping with logistics or performing, or can help us get great performers, please email Karen Bradley at or call 202-669-3927.

Breakdown of Speakers

8-9 PM:
Cindy Sheehan
Ann Wright
Doug Nelson, Vets for Peace
Rev. Lennox Yearwood, the HipHop Caucus
Rev. Deborah Lake

9-10 PM Performers:
Chris Chandler
Joe Jencks
Guerilla Poets
Rhythm Workers Union
Rabbi David Schneyer
rock bands, tap dancers, choirs drum, circles noisemakers, and YOU!

Also, short segments by performers, jam session, and WALL OF SOUND

BRING: warm clothes, instruments, noisemakers & FLASH LIGHTS to illuminate truth over lies!

Visit us @ or contact us @ (202)536-4313


Ft Lauderdale: Broward Blvd and NE 3rd Ave.
5:00 pm Gather at the Federal Building

9:00 pm March during SOU

8:00 pm: Meet at University & Main
March to Harry's Restaurant, bring drums, pots, pans, noismakers....
110 SE 1st Street
Downtown Gainesville
Contact: 352-335-0771

Orlando: Orange Ave & South St
8:00 pm - Rally in front of City Hall, where we will bring the noise with pots & pans, noisemakers, and instruments.
Speak out against Bush, then march down South Street to ABC TV studios to coincide with the 9PM State of the Union address.



Atlanta: Downtown Atlanta (Marietta St. and Olympic Park Blvd.)
8:00 PM 0 Gather @ the CNN Center


Honolulu: State Capitol (Punchbowl and Beretania Streets)
2:15 pm - UH Manoa, pick-up and caravan to the rally
3:00 pm - Rally at the State Capitol
4:00 pm - As Bush begins to speak we'll begin marching through the streets of downtown Honolulu towarads the Federal Building.
5:00 pm - Converge at the Federal Building
Bring pots, pans, whistles, trumpets, and every kind of noise machine.

Chicago: Daley Plaza (Dearborn & Washington)
5:00 pm - Gather to Drown out Bush!
High School STUDENTS: Come right after school! (3pm)

Speakers include:
Dr. Quentin Young
Timuel Black
Rev. Willie Barrow
Paul Vogel, Military Families Speak Out
Thomas Walker, Columbia College student
Ann Joseph, Congo Square (reading the Houston bus driver's testimony from Bush commission)

7:30 PM - Bring the noise to the neighborhoods: Hyde Park, Wicker Park, Evanston, Oak Park, Rogers Park, Pilsen

For information on the neighborhood drown-outs, check

Oak Park: Harlem Ave. and Lake Street in Oak Park/ River Force
5:00 pm - Be at the Chicago rally.
7:00 pm - Drown out Bush's SOU!

Peoria: Peoria Riverfront Liberty Park
7:30 pm CST - Gather at the foot of Liberty and Water Streets, where the little brick stage is - by the Saturday Market parking lot.
8:00 pm - We will make some noise!

Bring an instrument, a drum, garbage can lids, pots and pans, your voice - whatever you want to make some noise with.

Email to sign up today!

Hammond: 2200 173rd St. Library
7:00 pm - Purdue University Calumet Campus

For more information contact

Northampton: City Hall
8:00 - 9:30 pm - State of the Union Protest, Bring The Noise
For more information contact Ellen @

Somerville: Davis Square
8:30 pm - Band (The Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society) will play. Contact

Worcester: Elm Park (corner of Highland Street & Park Avenue)
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm - State of the Union Protest
Bring your voices, pots, pans, drums, music, horns, BRING THE NOISE!
For more information contact kirk,

Ann Arbor: State St. and N. University
8:00 pm - Bring your energy and bring the noise!

Detroit: Fourth and Main, Royal Oak, MI

Kalamazoo: Ravenwood Coffee, 773 W. Michigan Ave
8:00 pm - State of the Emergency Concert and Rally.

-We have 5 local bands, along with 2 speakers--one is a local world can't wait leader and the other is a minister and peace activist. We will have a multimedia slide show depicting images of the Bush regime and its crimes.
-We will show the 13 minute World Can't Wait video of Nov 2 demos.
-We will have a 50/50 raffle to raise funds for D.C. We will have kazoos and whistles to bring in the noise when Bush speaks at 9 pm.

Tickets are $5 and can be bought at the door. Yardsigns, stickers, T-shirts and bus tickets to D.C. will be sold.

Minneapolis: Minneapolis Federal Building, 300 S. 4th St., Minneapolis, MN 55415.
7:30 pm - We'll be meeting on the side of the building with the grassy mounds.

BRING: We're encouraging people to bring signs as well as percussive instruments, other noisemakers and like minded friends to the event.

Visit us online at . To view our poster go to

Oxford: 107 Courthouse Square, Oxford MS 38655.
8:00 pm - Gather at the Square Courthouse.

Springfield: Corner of Chestnut Expressway & Booneville Ave - across from City Hall.
5pm - 6:30pm - Honks For Truth - The theme for signs will be America is Broken, with specific references to Patriot Act, Iraq War, Domestic Spying, Tax Cuts for Rich, and other things that have broken America.

6:30pm - 8:00 pm - Noise making party during Bush's speech. - bring drums, pots, pans, and other noise makers.

St. Louis: University City Loop in the Market Plaza off Delmar Blvd. between Leland and Kingsland across from the St. Louis Bread Company
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM - The World Can't Wait and Code Pink are calling on St. Louisans to come join us.

It's time Bush got a loud ass message from St. Louis-BUSH STEP DOWN!
Bring anything you can to make noise and drown out Bush's State of the Address! (We have a permit, all is legal, so come on down!)


New Hampshire
Nashua:City Hall
8:45 pm - Gather to DROWN OUT THE NOISE.
Bring drums, trumpets, party noisemakers, kazoos: anything you like to protest the lies in the State of the Union address.

For more information, contact Annie Tanyeri,

Peterborough: In front of the Town Hall on Grove and Main

8:45 pm - Meet at with your drums, your music, your voices, your song, your desire for change NOW.

Calling all students and their parents and anyone else. Let's drown out his noise. We can't listen anymore.

For more information contact Claudia Chase, Representative, New Hampshire House at

Portsmouth: Market Square
Joining a nation-wide demonstration on The Night of President Bush's State of the Union Address to Bring the Noise! Drown Out Bush's Lies!
8:30 pm: Seacoast residents will gather in for a rally, some brief speeches, and music by members of the Leftist Marching Band.
9:00 pm: We will join in the South American tradition of protest, using pot banging and other noises to drown out Bush's lies.

For more information about the local action contact Burt Cohen at .

New Jersey:
Bergen County: 8pm: Van Neste Square in Ridgewood.

Judy Andreas, 9/11 truth;
Nathalie Chica, President of Bergen County National.
Jean Blum, from American Liberty And Freedom For All (A.L.A.F.F.A.)

More speakers to come.

New Mexico:

Albuquerque: KOAT TV station located at the corner of Carlisle and Comanche
5:30pm, Rally to bring the noise during Bush's SOU.
Bring drums, pots, pans, noisemakers, signs, banners and your voice.

Contact: Dana Leach, or 505-897-1990

WHEN:Bush begins the State of the Union address;
Demonstrate - Bring the Noise and Drown out Bush's lies.
WHERE:On the Plaza next to Rubio's on Main Street
WHEN: Tuesday evening, Jan 31.
Meet no later than 6:45 pm.
Start making noise for 1/2 hour from 7 - 7:30 PM when Bush starts his State of the Union address.

Yell, honk your horn, bang pots pans and drums, raise your voices and BRING THE NOISE!
AFTERWARDS: dinner at Boon's.

For more information contact the San Juan Peace Network

Santa Fe:St. Francisca Dr and Cerrillos Rd
6:00 pm - Gather at the intersection of the two most Major Streets in town.
Drums Bells and loud music until 8PM MST.

New York:

240 Fair Street (Ulster County Office Building)
3:30 - 5:00 pm, The Citizens State of the Union Rally will feature signs, music and other colorful touches all geared toward expressing the reasons why George Bush should be impeached. The Iraq war. Phony intelligence. Contempt for civil liberties. Torture. Rendition. Surveillance of anti-war groups. Take your pick ? and bring signs that fit the theme!

For More Information, contact:

79 Hurley Ave
Outside the Daily Freeman Newspaper Building (across from the Adirondack Trailways bus station)

THE KING OF HEARTS PARADE Led by performance artist Eeo Stubblefield and musical visionary Fre Atlast and The Birds Of A Feather Ensemble.


8:30 pm - Gather, Mingle, Arrive, hang by the sides and from there we will begin our parade weaving through the sidewalks of Kingston, NY.
9:00 pm - Parade (well, it's like a parade) begins, goes for one hour; during Bush's State of The Union Address. (Who wants to listen to that crap?) The Coalition of the willing, that means ALL are welcomed, gather everyone who WILL Spread the word, by phone, by e-mail, by horse or word of mouth. Be determined to get three people and recruit them, then they must in turn call three more, this is the only way to get a small army...

BRING: Something to make noise, music or sound with: Drums, saxophones, pots & pans, flutes, fiddles, guitars, trombones, banjos, trumpets, shakers, whistles, bag pipes, music blasters, Elvis, bull horns, harmonicas, kazoos, choirs, and we need tambourines and people who talk in tongues, anything that sings, rings or dings... you can chat, chatter, chant or shout! This is going to be one wild parade! THINK - King of Hearts and don't forget to bring the kids; they'll love it.


For more info or questions call Eeo at 845-679-7943 or e-mail or Fre at

Long Island:Mitchell Park, Greenport, NY (Next to Post Office)
8:30 pm - we're going to lead off with an amazing native american drumming circle and contemporary percussionists and then, well, all hell should break loose:
Questions? Contact Melanie or Nick,, phone 631-477-3671, or visit us online @

New York City:

Jan. 31: The night of the State of the Union: DROWN OUT BUSH's LIES, ARROGANGE, AND PUTRID WAR-MONGERING.

8pm, Times Square, 42nd and Broadway

7:45 pm - Begin to GATHER at 7:45 in Times Square, and warm your spirit and toes with the rebel music of Outernational.

8:00 PM - join a broad host of speakers who will channel all our outrage, and non-compliance with all that Bush has done, and demand that he step down. Imagine respected religious leaders, politicians, people of conscience, and beloved artists.

9:00 PM - as NYC traffic blares their horns and church bells ring in resistance nationwide, we will drown Bush out in a swirl of music, noise and yelling - so bring your friends, co-workers, noisemakers, whistles, musical instruments and voice! Come prepared to buy bus tickets for you and your friends to go to DC on SAT FEB 4.

To volunteer MONDAY and TUESDAY, call: 212.969.0772 or email:

Speakers/Performers List In Formation:
Kathleen Chalfant, actress
Rev. Al Sharpton
Attorney Lynne Stewart
Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid
Congressional Candidate Chris Owens
Queers for Economic Justice
Sunsara Taylor, a World Can't Wait initiator
Billionaires for Bush
Carl Dix, Spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party
Rabbi Michael Fienberg
Speaker from Tepeyac
Elaine Brower
Missy Comley Beattie, Gold Star Families for Peace
Outernational (*will begin around 7:45, as people begin to stream in)
Mista Ruddy
Billionaires for Bush
(more to be announced!)

NOTE: The Jan. 31st rally WILL happen and it WILL be permitted. But we are demanding it happen in the most prominent, visible place this moment demands. (read below for more info).

NYC Organizing Center:
St. Paul ST Andrews Church
3rd floor
Corner of W. 86th and West end Ave.
Open from 9am to 10pm.
All organizers meeting 1/30 at 6:30pm
Participate in phone banking for 1/31 2/4 actions!
Work out logistics for 1/31, sign up to take up specific tasks such as donation collecting and bus ticket selling.
Guantnamo, GET the truth behind the headlines!
SEE excerpt of play based on interviews with released detainees
Q&A with Center for Constitutional Rights attorney, Michael Ratner
Free event open to public
Between 12th & 13th (4,5,6,N,R,Q trains to Union Square)
4:00 - 7:00 PM
For more information contact: Edget Betru, or 212-614-6477

North Carolina:
Greensboro: 604 S. Elm St.The Scene on South Elm

Bring the Noise, Drown Out Bush's Lies! Music, speakers, video, and more.
7:30pm - Pre-SOU Speeches & Rally
8:00pm - We will then march during the speech, with some observers left to observe the speech to count specific times he uses specific words as a fundraiser.
We will then give our state of the union rebuttal from The Scene.

After the speech, we're going to hit the streets of Downtown Greensboro and make some noise!
Don't stay home and cuss at your TV, Come Cuss with Us!
This is a movement to be seen AND heard! Bring noisemakers, musical instruments, and your voice!

For further Details visit our local World Cant Wait website:

Cleveland: Peabody's Concert Club, 2083 E. 21st St.
Bring the Noise! Bush Step Down!
7:00 pm - Doors open. All Ages Welcome, free to the public (good will donations appreciated)
9:00 pm - The tv's will turn on as Bush's starts to speak... and the drummers from EarthRhythm will begin to "bring the noise!"

We are asking people to bring noise makers with them, but we will also have some there which we will pass out . You can go to 2nd hand stores to get pots and pans, and party stores to get discounted New Years Eve noisemakers.

We also want people to dress in costume! WCW has an Abu Graib outfit, orange jumpsuits, and a coffin we used for our New Orleans Jazz Funeral in the summer. But people can also wear bloody dresses (ie Roe v Wade) or however they want to express their outrage at the Bush Regime and the direction he is taking this country.

We will then march down Euclid to E. 30th (where channel 5 is located, also the state Board of Elections which helped steal Ohio for Bush in '04), and march back to Peabody's on Prospect where the music will continue till 11:00pm.

Performing Live:
*Music: Carlos Jones; Modern Gemorrah; drumming by EarthRhythm
*Poetry: Journey
*Speaking on why Bush must step down: Bert Jennings, producer/host Carl Stokes Forum; Bob Fitrakis, Editor of the Columbus Free Press; Daniel Montoly, professor and poet from the Dominican Republic; local immigrant activist group; and more...


DAY OF ACTION - Ohio Statehouse
11:00 AM - Meet at the Ohio Statehouse (High St,)where people will be encouraged to walk to various downtown locations in unison, and present a clear message to our elected officials, and the community at large.
12:15 PM THE FEDERAL BUILDING. (High and Spring Sts.)

Bring noisemakers, signs, and friends.

State Of Union Protest: Victorian's Midnight Cafe, 251 Neil Avenue (5th & Neil)
The People's State of the Union Address
7:00 pm Activities start.
Join local activists, musicians, speakers and concerned citizens.

Music by:The Ukulele Man,Victoria Parks, Connie Harris

For more information call: 614-299-2295


Oklahoma City: World Can't Wait/AntiWarFair Coalition Rally 5-6pm
BackDoor Coffee Shop
3214 N. Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK

Tulsa: Rally in front of KJRH Channel 2;
3701 South Peoria
7:30 pm Rally
8:00 pm Protest

There is plenty of parking just south of Ch 2 in the Old Village Cleaners parking lot.

Newport: Courthouse
6:00 pm, Bring noise maker!
For more information contact

Portland: Pioneer Courthouse Square

4:00 PM: Portlanders will gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square. There will be no more than two speakers, and music by The Sandpeople, a local hip-hop band.

5:00 PM, simultaneously, there will be parties held in neighborhoods throughout Portland with open mics, discussions, and relevant festivities.

5:30 PM: The March Leaders will go to their designated spots in Pioneer Square, and everyone will be asked to find the March Leader for their section of town. (Portland is divided into quadrants)

6:00 PM: These events will turn into neighborhood marches, and the marches will meet up with the parties as they go through town, growing in size and volume Bringing the Noise to Drown out Bush's Lies.

7:00 PM: The marches will end at a destination to be announced, where people will celebrate having just participated in a significant demonstration, and will discuss plans for FEB 4.

For more information, contact Portland Can't Wait at or call us at
(206) 666 - BUSH No, seriously; that's the number.


Philadelphia: Gathering at 8pm at the corner of 12th and Market Sts. Bring your noise; pots and pans, music, horns, whistles, bells, signs and banners and at 9pm we will "Drown Out Bush's State Of The Union Address. We will not allow Bush to set the agenda for our future as we demand BUSH STEP DOWN and Take Your Whole Agenda With You!!!
e-mail us at call us at 267-408-6286

Pittsburgh:Outside the William Pitt Student Union on the corner of Forbes and Bigelow.
8pm - Join Codepink and WCW Pgh-chapter as we gather and show our version of the state of the union over the past years under the Bush administration.
9pm, we will telecast Bush's State of the Union address, and welcome you to Bring The Noise, music, drums, pots, pans, horns, and your voice to drown him out.
Help us make a bold statement by saying no more lying, no more spying.
Bring signs calling attention to the State of Emergency in this broken country: Iraq, Katrina, Medicare, surveillance state, etc.
Contact Francine 412-389-3216 or Bret 412-401-2069. email

Rhode Island:
Westerley: March and demonstration downtown

South Dakota:
Sioux Falls: Holiday Inn City Center
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm State of the Union Uncensored Event
For more information contact S. Flynn

Abilene: Everyman Park North 1st St.
Drown Out Bush's Lies
7:30 PM - Rally during the State of the Union
Contact Roger @, or call 325-691-9141 to confirm

Austin: Austin City Hall (downtown, wher S. 1st St. Bridge meets Cesar Chavez)
7:00 pm, Rally with speakers:
8:00 pm Drown Out Event - (Real time-State of the Union Address)
Bring Tha Noise! Pots and Pans * Drums * Music
Performing along side Austin Musicians, to drown out the lies are Eliza Gilkyson, Alejandro Escovedo & Funk Shui, a jazz band.

CALLING ON ALL AUSTIN BANDS - Be a part of these historic national events-Contribute your talents to Drowning Out Bush's Lies!

*Get your tickets for the buses to D.C. Saturday, Feb 4, we will Demand that Bush Step Down! and Take your Program With You!

**Contact Us at:

Houston: Corner of Clay & Taft
Bringin' The Noise In Houston!
Join us as we attempt to wake the South up and Drown Out Bush's Lies.
6:15 pm - The rock band, Sense of Reason, will play.
7:00 pm - We have spoken word artist, Jerome Washington, of Starving Poets perform.

Great speakers that will indict this administration are as follows:
Sissy Farenthold,
Randall Kallinen, attorney;
George Reiter, physics professor; and
Larry Jones

7:30 pm - We march to our local CBS affiliate, channel 11, (1945 Allen Parkway) and when Bush speaks, We Drown Him Out. Bring any musical instruments, noisemakers, boomboxes, pots & pans, kazoos-whatever! Come on Texas, Let's Get R Done!

San Antonio: 7pm Corner of S. Alamo and Commerce

Lyndonville: 8:00pm., Bandstand Park at the town green. Email:

Please bring signs, noise makers and flashlights.

Springfield: VT Town Square, on the Green near the movie theatre and across from the recruiting center

Help Symbolically Drown Out the Lies! Peace & Justice Events!
8:00 pm - Rally on the Green
9:00 pm - Concert begins as President Bush delivers his State of the Union Address

Bring your drums, singing bowls, chimes, harmonicas, and other musical instruments, make your own instruments; a kitchen pot can be a drum or bring your voice, a sign and take a stand for your country and it's future. WorldCantWait is organizing events in cities and town squares across the U.S. It's time to send a message and peacefully demand that our elected officials represent the people, instead of their own and special interests.
It's Time To Stop Listening to the Lies

For more information contact

NOTE: In the event of extreme weather, any changes will be announced on http://www/ and WCFR, 1480 AM


Kingston Library/Community Center
11212 St. Highway 104
01/31/06 5:00 till 7:00
My email
Phone 360-297-4391
Posters available on line

Seattle :Denny Way and Broad Street.
5:00 pm - Rally for State of the Union Address
6:00 pm - We will bring the noise and drown out Bush's Lies outside Fisher Plaza, home of TV and radio media. Take the day off work and hook up with us after school to do visible outreach
throughout the city calling on people to join us that night!

Madison: Escape Coffee House/Art Gallery 916 Williamson St

Two activites co-sponsered by World Can't Wait and Madison Bring Our Troops Home Now Referendum Coalition.
4:00 pm - Sign-making session: at 2022 Rusk St(one block from rally site).
4:30 - 6:00 pm. Rally during rush hour. Along Eastwood Dr. near Division St. Eastwood Dr. is a two block-long bike path, outbound traffic lane and greenway running between the Yahara River at Williamson St and Atwood Ave. Division St is closer to Atwood Ave.
8:00 pm - Let's do the State of the Union Address - Rocky Horror Picture Show Style

Come early, BRING THE NOISE- plenty of room and lively discussion of our possible futures.

Wisconsin Rapids: East End of the Riverview Expressway bridge.
7:00 PM - Drain the Swamp Drive out Bush rally.
For more information, contact: Tom OBrien, or call (715)423-1964.

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