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"this is pure political exploitation of a private family conflict"

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jefferson_dem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-19-05 09:36 PM
Original message
"this is pure political exploitation of a private family conflict"
I'm sure not alone in becoming increasingly flabbergasted with the degree of "what the fuck" deserved of the Schiavo case. The sick bastards on the "right" have just about outdone themselves with this one, huh? ...One of the most disgusting self-serving acts of crude politicization I've ever seen...

Ed Kilgore, sitting in the "talking points memo" chair today, puts it in proper perspective -


Do DeLay, his supporters in Congress, and those Men of God so conspicuously on display down in Florida really propose to picket every intensive care unit, nursing home, and hospice in America to ensure that no family facing Schiavo's situation is allowed to let their loved one die? Is Congress really going to legislatively ban natural death so long as some theoretical means is available to continue it? Oh no, says James Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and DeLay's prime enabler in this weekend's grandstand play: the "emergency" legislation is "narrowly targeted" and not designed to set a precedent.

In other words, this is pure political exploitation of a private family conflict that's become a media sensation, even though it involves a very common, if, for the people involved, agonizing event.

As such, the GOP's Schiavo intervention is of a piece with other cynical efforts by Bush and his supporters to signal support for a "culture of life" without much regard for logic and consistency. It's a whole lot like the Bush position on human embryo research, as a matter of fact. Many thousands of human embryos are created each year in fertility clinics; it's only when it is proposed that these certain-to-be-discarded embryos be used for life-saving research that the Hammer comes down and Congress is asked to take a stand for life. Wouldn't want to inconvenience or embarass possible Republican voters utlilizing those fertility clinics, right?

But this time, I suspect the transparent cynicism of the we're-absolutists-on-life-if-it's-in-the-news posture of the GOP may backfire. It is very hard to pose as a pro-family, pro-states-rights, anti-Washington political party when you call Congress into an "emergency session" to interfere with the laws of Florida and the prerogatives of one poor husband trying to respect his wife's wishes. If, as we are told, George W. Bush is about to lend his authority and signature to this disgraceful exhibit of overweening government power, the persistant media idea that he's just a genial well-meaning man who happens to preside over a party of loony extremists and corrupt hacks needs to die a natural death

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sinkingfeeling Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-19-05 10:00 PM
Response to Original message
1. Excellent!!
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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-19-05 10:14 PM
Response to Original message
2. If the public OKs
Shiavos death and lets the congress decide who lives and dies' than all those brain dead veterans,the disabled people's families clamoring for health benefits from the bush cabal's corporate buddies will be starved to death.

If the courts and NOT the family decides Terry's fate,than it's a score for eugenics.
A ghoulish spectacle, yes and it has an even more ghoulish ulterior agenda.What you see here is depending on if you are an elite looking to screw unproductive' people, a religious nut drinking kool aid or a poor or disabled person.

All these views are emotional..

But really Is it the states job to be who decides who lives or dies in America? or not?
In Hitlers germany the government absolved families of guilt and a side effect was that genocide on certain people was ..'normalized'.

And what of the human fallout from all these bad risks the rich take with other's lives and the damage done to bodies and minds by profiteers and manipulators that insurance companies and the gubnint are trying to avoid paying for now?..Who got hurt the most in their rush for profits in schemes? It costs lives of mostly POOR people..and of Soldiers who now need help.Famlies clamoring for money to help the soldiers and kids.lives that these rich fucks don't want to pay for damaging..for people said rich fucks want to use and throw away?

Terry was anorexic, She was a victim of a for profit beauty industry marketing insecurity,A social fat phobia and abuse at home.Anorexia kills alot of women by a cultureal crime of taking away the right to have the body these women have..It's done by industr IMPOSING an unattainable ideal for women to persue,beauty for being worthy of love, they must conform to it or face shame or rejection and ridicule. I dispise this culture and the way it abuses people from cradle to grave for money.

The Abuse people endure in this culture is insidious and deadly sometimes especially when people are IGNORANT.

So,If the state decides and families can't legally decide the fate of their loved ones, and the law is written so state decides these things for them we are fucked...I don't trust the state,to be moral.To care about the issues,of weak , poor or disabled people and their families. I mean shit Bush wants to privatize social security ,put it up for gambling in markets that gave us Enron and a hundred other financial scams.

This time I fear it's a state grab to be allowed in effect to perform genocide .Torture already is happening.If this case starts a precedent that allows genocide of slow starvation for the"weak"..among us sanctioned by the state who holds life or death in their impersonal sadistic hands I can say we are FUCKED people..

Cases like the right to life or death for vulnerable people and their distraught families are so messy for people like Barbra Bush to waste her beautiful mind contemplating.Alot of people sadly are like her.Alot of people get tugged by emotions. There are far reaching implications for a case like this.And some of those implications are CHILLING. If we Let the state handle issues like this what does it say about US?..As for these bullshit elitists in Washington and the bully right to lifers ,they won't care who dies really unless they lose money or they are the ones to be starved next..

Do you trust the Bush administration,the right wing courts ,the Neocons,PNAC and the rich,to care,to hold the lives of your loved ones with respect,in their,greedy, grubby,hypocrite,fascist, piggy,selfish,lying, ghoulish hands?

Yes The War protests are important and this case is a circus...

Frankly what is happening to America with these sociopaths in control THAT is the real never ending circus.The corrupt make issues a circus,others get ignored,none get solved..they lie and spin the people ..Until people go blind and let them have more power .It's sad to see how narrow focused we are,so distracted the sheeple be

Is it true we Can't have many issues discussed on the table on DU because CNN is incapable of it must we too ignore one thing at the expense of another when so many issues are equally important?
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AWJackRWN Donating Member (7 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-19-05 11:09 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. I do believe...
That her situation is being abused but like i've said, there is no way we can starve a human to death and then punish those that starve their animals.
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jefferson_dem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-19-05 11:23 PM
Response to Reply #3
4. What a silly (talking pointish / devoid of logic) argument you make.
There can be absolutely NO legitimate comparison between respecting a human being's wish (i.e. RIGHT) to pass peacefully with the willfully *inhumane* mistreatment of an animal. In fact, the mere fact that you make such a crude illogical leap, which is a common TP of the wackos on the other side (see link), may lead one to question your true loyalties... Post #5, huh? WELCOME to DU??!!,DVXA:2005-0...
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