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Who Killed John O'Neill part III

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Original message
Who Killed John O'Neill part III
Thread is a continuation from:

Who Killed John O'Neill

Who needs a plane?
An Updated MIHOP

Who did 9/11? A question we all want to know answers to.
Meet the CIA of the 21st century. Privatized, independent and hidden from view.
  • AIG as Money Laundering Inc.
  • Marsh Crisis Consultancy as Terrorism Inc with Osama bin Laden played by Paul Bremer
  • Kroll as the privatized CIA Inc.
  • al-Cokeda as the drug dealers in the flight schools who are later called terrorists in the OCT.

  • Learn how they all work together.
  • Learn how they make fortunes on 9/11 with insider trading.
  • Learn how sophisticated psyops and black ops is.

  • Learn what the government and the OCTers don't want you to know


The video (it is better if you watch the video first)
Ty Rauber made it and it has one actor playing all the parts -a conspiracy theorist, a paranoid "they're after us" type, an OCTer, a philospher and they are all discussing 911-it's kind of like this forum. He ties Kroll, CIA, AIG together, speculated that Kroll is a sort of privatized CIA, running on drug money but able to do what the CIA can't because they aren't allowed. Some of this relates to the Hopsicker story.

Why are these Kroll types anti terrorism experts; where do they get the information? Then they show how people move between these corporations and CIA . Doesn't spend a lot of time on the hows and why's of the actual day, more about drugs insurance companies/ CIA and the piece de resistance -what Al Qaeda really is and what Mohammed Atta's function was, his opinion will make a lot of sense as to Atta's behavior.

This is all for the same video, I gave different links in case some didn't work:

Movie Downloads:


Iran-Contra II

How the 9/11 flight schools were being used for narcotics trafficing to finance black operations like 9/11 which was covered up by labeling the drug dealers, terrorists. The drug import just continued after 9/11 as if nothing happened and were involved in the biggest cocaine shipment ever...

Mohammed Atta's girlfriend

Learn about drug planes being used also for illegal CIA rendition, the (hidden) owner of the flight school committing insider trading on 9/11, scams with non-existing companies which miraculously produce DC-9s, and much more...

In dedication of the top anti-terrorism expert of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, John O'Neill


American International Group = Maurice "Hank" Greenberg
Marsh & McLennan = Jeffrey Greenberg
Ace = Evan Greenberg
Bear Stearns = Alan Greenberg

Kroll always had AIG as shareholder and is currently part of Marsh.
Greenberg-Traurig is now an "independent" law firm, but was started by Maurice.

Possible teams for 9/11:

October 11, 2001 Marsh established specialized terrorism team called Marsh Crisis Consultancy
The following teams were added to it: Control Risks Group, a British ex-SAS team and Versar, bio-terrorism and homeland defense team. The same group could have known each other from 9/11.

Kroll has military team in their company and merged with Armor Holdings on August 23rd thus adding Defence Systems Limited, another Private Military Corporation, to their operations, an ex-KGB team called Alpha Firm was earlier acquired by Defence Systems Limited.

That makes at least four teams which could have been used on 9/11.
Additional teams from the military could have been used as well.

They had the means to do this.
  • Marsh had full control on WTC1 where they occupied all floors.
  • Marsh had the top floor of the WTC2 "impact" and could have worked their way down, however the main occupant was Fuji bank with whom AIG did a lot of work and also featured in Iran-Contra and 78th floor had Baseline Financial who also did business with Rupert Murdoch.
  • WTC7 contained a CIA office and Kroll and AIG are very closely related to the CIA and it is very likely that Kroll is the privatized version of the CIA
  • The Pentagon was of course under their own control.
  • Mass Electric Construction Co, a company specializing in wiring, was on the 84th floor of WTC2.

    They had the opportunity to do this.

  • AIG/Kroll/Marsh are closely connected to the Bush administration, to Henry Kissinger.
  • AIG/Kroll/Marsh are also closely related to the Intelligence Community.
  • AIG/Kroll/Marsh capitalized on 9/11 and it was good for their business.
  • AIG was laundering drug money for al-Cokeda.
  • AIG was involved in the oil and gas line to Afghanistan
  • There is reason to believe that the Taliban either cut back on the drug trade or that they went into business for themselves. Either way the flow of heroin from Afghanistan was drastically limited.
  • Greenberg and Khasshogi had a business relation and benefited for the narcotics from Afghanistan and had interest in the oil and gas line as well
  • The Greenberg family and the Bush family are partners in fraud.
  • Greenberg-Traurig played a major role in both the Election Fraud 2000, Election Fraud 2004 and is the personal law firm for Jeb Bush.
  • The Office of Emergency Management was needed according to Rudolph Giuliani, so it could have been used for other purposes.

    They had motive to do this.

    There are main objectives to 9/11 and additional subgoals persuded that day. The main objectives are:
    1. Enabling the war in Afghanistan for oil and drugs.
    2. Bush administration gets an enormous popularity gain.
    3. Enabling Homeland security.
    4. Passing the Patriot Act.
    5. Massive insurance fraud.
    6. The missing trillions of the Pentagon.
    7. Added later: War in Iraq (not part of the original plan)

    Sub goals:
    1. Elimination of competitors: Better position for Silverstream and Marsh in risk management by inviting all experts over the whole world to Windows of the World and eliminating some competitors in WTC.
    2. Downsizing of Cantor/eSpeed.
    3. Solve some "minor" problems for companies either in WTC or by inside trading.
    4. Massive destruction of evidence in the Enron scandal, price inflation fraud for Silverstream, WorldCom, Global Crossing and many other scandals.

    9/11 and Iran-Contra
    There are many similarities between 9/11 and Iran-Contra. One could even say that the same blue print was used and the terror event added as a quick justification of their goals

    Objectives of Iran-Contra:
    1. October Surprise: President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush
    2. Guerrilla warfare in Central and South America
    3. A war between Iraq and Iran

    Objectives of 9/11:
    1. Butterfly ballots, Vote spoilage, Greenberg-Traurig: President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney
    2. A war with Afghanistan
    3. Guerrilla warfare in Venezuela and Lebanon?

    Bonuses (W. tries to double H.W.)
    4. A war with Iraq
    Not in the original plan, however on September 12, 2001, George W. Bush told Richard A. Clarke: "Go back over everything, everything. See if Saddam did this. See if he's linked in any way"
    This is the probably reason why Germany, France and Canada bailed out, because they had given approval for Afghanistan and at least Germany played a part in the Venice scheme.

    5. If you can rig one election, might as well take the next one also.
    6. Iran? (option or coming soon...)

    Why the Pentagon had to be included as well

    By Minstrel Boy

    They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to Italy.
    She inherited a million bucks and when she died it came to me.
    I can't help it if I'm lucky. - Bob Dylan

    (...) At least among those with a mind for such things, it's fairly well- remembered that on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld made the shocking announcement that the Pentagon "couldn't track" $2.3 trillion of its transactions. "Iroquois" observes, "What's interesting to me is that he made his press release on a Monday. In DC, I always see bad news given on a Friday, usually late in the afternoon on Friday. The exception, of course, would be when someone happens to know that there is a far bigger story coming out."

    And we know that Flight 77, allegedly piloted by an incompetent, made an aerobatic, spiralling descent over Washington, effecting a 270-degree turn to strike the Pentagon from a western approach at ground level. The side struck was the only one with an exterior wall hardened against attack, and was relatively empty while renovation continued. (...)

    WTC building insurance and ownership
    What were the 3 companies who insured the WTC?

    AIG, Marsh and ACE. All run by Greenbergs at the time.

    They then sold stakes of the original contract to their competition, a process called reinsuring. Once the towers came down, the reinsurers got caught holding the bag.

    Who mortgaged the WTC? The Blackstone Group, headed by Peter J. Peterson, current head of the CFR. The Blackstone Group bought into Kroll in 1993 at the same time as AIG took majority control. Henry Kissinger sits on the board of the Blackstone Group.

    On July 24, 2001, 6 weeks prior to 9/11 Silverstein took control of the lease of all the WTC buildings following the Port Authority decision on April 26. Silverstein owned all the buildings. Later he wanted to collect twice on $3.6 billion of policies because it were two seperate events. Only ACE, XL Reach - strategic partners of AIG and currently owned by AIG - included a WilProp in their clauses, so Silverstein "only" got $5 billion.

    Larry Silverstein

    Larry "Pull It" Silverstein

    "I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

    - World Trade Center lease holder, Larry Silverstein, commenting on the collapse of Building 7 in the PBS documentary "America Rebuilds" that aired in September of 2002.

    Or watch a video clip of them here:

  • Victims and Survivors
    There are some strange victims and survivors in WTC. It makes sense that the lower floors survived, but the top floors have some anomalies as well.

  • Alliance Consulting Group (unknown yet)
  • AON Corporation (risk management)
  • Cantor Fitzgerald Securities + eSpeed (literally downsizing)
    CARR Futures (risk management)
  • Euro Brokers (risk competitor. the four survivors even got the advice not to go down)

    Windows on the World
  • Hotel and Restaurant Employees International (union)
  • Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (unknown)
  • Sandler O'Neill and Partners (investor in eSpeed)
  • Windows on the World (Risk meeting and only a restaurant)

  • American Bureau of Shipping (destruction of evidence. Little affair with Spanish government)
  • Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones Sud America (unknown)
  • Bank of America (inside trading)
  • Deutsche Bank (inside trading)
  • Dun & Bradstreet (their buddy in risk)
  • Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (used to be owned by Myron Du Bain ties to Huffman Aviation)
  • Fuji Bank (doesn't make sense, since they were right on the impact area)
  • Lehman Brothers (inside trading)
  • Morgan Stanley (inside trading)
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (84/3000, however 37 were cops so that leaves 47 including the executive director Neil D. Levin)
  • Raytheon Company (only lost four on the "planes")
  • Seabury and Smith (part of Marsh)
  • ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company] (decided to move out one week earlier)


    Pre-9/11 inside traders

    Did they know about those planes?
  • American Airlines (involved in the planes)
  • American Express Corp (in WTC7)
  • American International Group (involved in Kroll/Marsh/CIA)
  • AMR Corporation (I think I see an indirect link to the DCI here)
  • Axa SA (owner American Airlines. #2 global insurer)
  • Bank of America Corp (in WTC1)
  • Bank of New York Corp
  • Bank One Corp
  • Bear Stearns (Alan Greenberg was former CEO. Always tied up with the Bush family)
  • Boeing (involved in the planes)
  • Cigna Group
  • Citigroup Inc. (owns Salomon Smith Barney; did scam in Brazil with Kroll)
  • CNA Financial
  • Carnival Corp
  • Chubb Group
  • Continental Airlines
  • Dean Witter & Co. (See Morgan Stanley)
  • Deutsche Bank (CIA's favorite bank, since DB bought Alex Brown. Their building got partially destroyed as well. Biggest inside trader of them all)
  • General Motors
  • Genesis Intermedia (Adnan Khashoggi owner Huffman Aviation)
  • John Hancock Financial Services
  • Hercules Inc
  • L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.
  • Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. (In WTC1 and WTC3. Links up with Blackstone group)
  • Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Lone Star Technologies
  • LTV Corporation
  • Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. (In WTC1 as well as WTC2. Prime suspect.)
  • Martin Progressive (in WTC1)
  • MetLife (in WTC1)
  • Morgan Stanley (In WTC2)
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Progressive Corp.
  • Raytheon (In WTC2. Everybody in the building survived despite being above impact)
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
  • Royal & Sun Alliance (Another AIG buddy)
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines (In the planes)
  • US Airways
  • Vornado Reality Trust
  • W.R. Grace
  • XL Capital Ltd. (Part of AIG.)


    Index of previous discussions

    The Greenberg Family Cartel
  • Kroll (privatized CIA)
  • - CIA privatization (Independent, lawless, unrestricted. And they didn't even tell us)

  • Marsh (scene of the crime)

  • - Marsh Crisis Consultancy (terror group lead by Paul Bremer)

  • - Marsh Victims

  • American International Group (Mother of all fraud)

  • Risk management (How to become market leader by eliminating competition)
  • - Silverstream Fraud Class Action June 20, 2001

  • Greenberg cartel (A family that preys together, stays together)

    Hilliard's heroin plane
  • Al-Cokeda (Drugs for black ops)
  • - Venice (The new Mena?)

  • Ace Limited (Another family member in insurance and 9/11)
  • Alpha Firm (KGB enemies? Hell no, their former top team can joined us)
  • Armor Holding (Two more teams for 9/11)
  • Bear Stearns (Bush's best buddy: Harken Energy, Texas Rangers, Trilateral Investment and Clear Channel)
  • Defence Systems Limited (The UK top team was there as well)
  • Greenberg-Traurig (Election 2000 Fraud and Election 2004 Fraud)
  • XL Insurance (WilProp for Larry)

    Reinsurance/ownership of the World Trade Center:
  • Blackstone Group (Let the competitor of AIG pay for the damage)

  • Larry Silverstein / Port Authority (Make billions by blowing up WTC)

  • Chubb / Allianz / AXA / Swiss Re (AIG's competition)

  • Ace / XL (owned by AIG) + WilProp (It's almost like they knew in advance)

    Key people
  • Mohammed Atta (Terrorist or drug dealer?)

  • David Boren (George Tenet, AMR Corporation, Moussaoui and Nick Berg :wow:)

  • Paul Bremer (Links to Marsh, Bush administration and HenryKissinger. Spider in the web)

  • Bush family (Partners of Greenberg family. They can't possibly be involved, right?)

  • Michael Cherkasky (Small cop at DA, WTC93, BCCI, Kroll and now CEO Marsh)

  • Rudy Giulani (The mayor who knew everything in advance. Even London)

  • Greenberg family (Maurice, Jeffrey, Evan and of course The Ace)

  • Jerome Hauer (The man who appointed John O'Neill)

  • Willy Hilliard (CIA and drugs?)

  • Adnan Khashoggi (Oliver North II)

  • Henry K. (King Henry, the butcher of Cambodia)

  • John O'Neill (We don't want an investigation into 9/11)

  • Thomas Pickard (The temporary director when everything was being planned)

  • Sanford Weill (Sandy seems to know everybody as well)

  • Marsh & Kroll management (Thomas E. Constance, Oscar Fanjul, Michael A. Petrullo, Michael Shmerling and J. Arthur Urciuoli)

    Sibel Edmonds
  • Sibel Edmonds (Overheard Turkish intelligence talking about 9/11)

  • Richard Grove (Silverstream)

  • Indira Sangh (Windows on the World meeting)

    Twin Tower Corporation Index

    This is an overview of the companies with links to the different pages. Companies with were considered of little or no relevance are not listed. And the lower floors of both buildings were considered less relevant. The same applied to very small companies. A listing here does in no way imply that the company was involved in 9/11.

    The index has been created from various sources and there does not seem to be an official and concise overview of the Twin Towers.

    Bold = Inside trader
    Italic = Victim
    ?? = Interesting, but too little is known.

    Main companies in WTC1

    Floor # - Company (tot/vict) - Comment
    107 - World Trade Club = Windows on the World (75/66) - Owned several bars/restaurants
    107 - Hotel and Restaurant Employees International (277/77)
    106 - Windows on the World (75/66)
    106 - Hotel and Restaurant Employees International (277/77)
    105 - Genuity = L-3 Communications (10/1)
    105 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    104 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    103 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    102 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    102 - Alliance Consulting Group (22/7) ??
    101 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    100 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     99 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     98 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     97 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     96 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     95 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     94 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     93 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     93 - Fred Alger Management (36/36) - Used eSpeed
     92 - CARR Futures (141/69)
     91 - American Bureau of Shipping (22/0)
     90 - Dun & Bradstreet (80/0) - Silverstream
     89 - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (52/2) - Inside trader
     89 - Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones Sud America (20/0) ??
     86 - Trading Technologies (7/0) - Deutsche Bank
     83 - Global Crossing Holdings - Destruction of evidence
     81 - Bank of America (400/2)
     79 - Virtual suite 7967 with for example Buttonwood
     78 - Korea Local Government Center (8/0) - Must have told South-Korea. Just imagine the scandal if they didn't
     77 - Martin Progressive (80/0)
     65 - Boeing
     62 - CARR Futures (see above. This lower floor survived)
     59 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     58 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     57 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     56 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     54 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     53 - AIG Aviation Brokerage part of AIG
     53 - French Embassy Financial Services - See South-Korea
     50 - Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (unk/0) ??
     49 - Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (unk/0) ??
     48 - Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (unk/0) ??
     40 - Lehman Brothers (618/1)
     39 - Lehman Brothers (618/1)
     38 - Lehman Brothers (618/1)
     37 - Government of Thailand (>9/0) - See South-Korea
     36 - Kemper Insurance Companies part of Marsh
     35 - Kemper Insurance Companies part of Marsh
     34 - Royal Thai Embassy Office - See South-Korea
     34 - Port Authority 3000/74)
     33 - China Daily Distribution Corporation - Nothing is known about the company ??
     32 - Cantor Fitzgerald - See above
     31 - Port Authority - See above
     31 - Empire Blue (1914/5) - Sad story of Abe Zelmanowitz who stayed behind with his friend in the wheel chair.
     29 - ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company - Moved out Sept 4. Left some equipment though
     28 - Port Authority
     28 - Empire Blue
     27 - Empire Blue
     26 - Garban Intercapital (675/1) - ??
     25 - Garban Intercapital (675/1)
     24 - Port Authority - See above
     24 - Empire Health Choice = Empire Blue
     23 - Empire Health Choice
     22 - Virtual suite 2201
     20 - Empire Health Choice
     19 - Empire Health Choice
     19 - Port Authority
     17 - Empire Health Choice
     17 - ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company
     16 - ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company
     14 - Dun & Bradstreet
     14 - Port Authority
     11 - Bank of America
     10 - Bank of America
      9 - Bank of America
      3 - Port Authority

    Main companies in WTC2

    Floor # - Company (tot/vict) - Comment
    104 - Sandler O'Neill and Partners (180/63) - Owned several bars/restaurants
    101 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
    100 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
     99 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
     97 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     96 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     95 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     94 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     93 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
     91 - Raytheon Company (unk/4 on planes)
     90 - Washington Group International Inc (190/13) - ??
     89 - Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (171/63) - ??
     88 - Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (171/63) - ??
     87 - NY Department of Taxation and Finance (224/39) - ??
     87 - Corporation Service Company (100/0) - ??
     86 - NY Department of Taxation and Finance (224/39) - ??
     86 - Marsh USA (1900/295 in WTC1)
     85 - Marsh USA (1900/295 in WTC1)
     85 - Harris Beach (113/5) - Represented Gov. Carey
     85 - Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (171/63) - ??
     84 - Euro Brokers (285/61 survivors on lower floor)
     84 - Mass Electric Construction Co - Mystery wire expert
     83 - IQ Financial Systems (110/3)
     82 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     81 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     80 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     79 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     78 - First Commercial Bank (27/1) - Note: small office of a small bank. Most likely unrelated
     78 - Baseline Financial (175/3)
     77 - Baseline Financial (175/3)
     74 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     73 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     72 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     71 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     70 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     69 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     68 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     67 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     66 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     65 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     64 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     63 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     62 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     61 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     60 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     59 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     58 - Dow Jones (900/0)
     57 - Dow Jones (900/0)
     56 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     55 - Garban Intercapital (675/1) ??
     54 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     53 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     52 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     51 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     50 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     49 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     49 - Seabury and Smith = Marsh
     48 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     48 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     47 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     46 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     45 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     44 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     43 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     40 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0) - ??
     39 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0)
     38 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0)
     36 - Frenkel and Company (180/0) - ??
     35 - Frenkel and Company (180/0)
     34 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0) = Massachusetts Mutual and not Oppenheimer & Company
     33 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0)
     32 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0)
     31 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0)
     30 - Hartford Steam Boiler = ITT
     29 - Weatherly Securities Corp (60/0) - ??
     23 - SCOR U.S. Corporation (120/0) - ??
     22 - Mancini Duffy (150/0) - ??
     20 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0)
     20 - NY Shipping Association (140/0)
     19 - NY Shipping Association (140/0)
     18 - 4 U Services Inc (25/0)
     17 - N.Y. Institution of Finance (65/0)
     16 - National Development and Research Institute (130/0)
     15 - Mancini Duffy (150/0)
     12 - Verizon Communications (400/2) - See: Thomas Kean
     12 - Euro Brokers (285/61 survivors on lower floor)
     11 - Verizon Communications (400/2)
     10 - Verizon Communications (400/2)
      9 - Verizon Communications (400/2)

    Other subjects
  • 2 tons of coke in Paris (al-Cokeda as well?)
  • 5.5 tons of coke in Mexico (Something's rotten in the town of Venice)
  • 9/11 Encyclopedia
  • 9/11 Commission (Independent Commission? LMAO!)

  • Afghanistan (History)
  • Airlines (cartel / inside traitors)
  • Airman Flight School (Baker/Hughes why does that name sound familiar?)
  • Salvador Allende (The other 9/11. Some players are the same ?!)
  • Khalid Almihdhar (The terrorists who wasn't in the database)
  • American Express (Warren Buffett or Vernon Jordan or both??)
  • Anthrax (Add some bio terrorism as well)
  • American Bureau of Shipping (destruction of evidence)
  • AMR Corporation (Senator David Boren and George Tenet??)
  • AON Corporation (Risk management victim)

  • Bank of America (The partner of BCCI)
  • Baseline Financial (Did business with Rupert Murdoch. Need I say more?)
  • James R. Bath (Bush's former buddy. Strange that the name of his company was similar)
  • BEA Systems (Risk management victim)
  • Nick Berg (False flag?)
  • Warren Buffett (Happened to invite a CEO at Bush's hide out)
  • Buttonwood, the company that didn't exist

  • Cantor/eSpeed (Major reorganization during 9/11) (Story removed from site - Just contains excerpt)
  • Carnival/Carnivore Corporation (Also did a scam during Katrina)
  • CARR Futures (Risk management victim)
  • ChoicePoint (Wanted to merge with Kroll. The guys who purged the voter roles in 2000 and were at the scene at 9/11 for DNA identification of the victims)
  • CIA rendition (How to use drug planes for other illegal things as well)
  • Cigna group (Sold insurance part to Ace Ltd part of AIG and did inside trading)
  • Citigroup (Did we really sponsor Palestinian
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    1. Continued
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  • Citigroup (Did we really sponsor Palestinian terrorists?)
  • CNA Financial (Doesn't this CEO write extremely conservative columns as well?)
  • Controlled Demolition (How come there were two companies at the scene who also specialize in controlled demolition)
  • Convar (How to buy a company to stop investigation into inside trading)
  • Credit Suisse (Managing director had a meeting at the wrong time)

  • Deutsche Bank (They may sound German, but they are very buddy buddy with the CIA)
  • Doubles (How many Atta's were there?)

  • Electrical Contractors (There are many thing you can wire)
  • Enron (Destruction of evidence. Involvement of AIG)
  • E-Systems (Virtually indistinguishable from the spy agencies they serve)
  • Euro Brokers (Risk management victim)

  • Fiduciary Trust (Thomas Kean and Ann Tatlock but lost 76)
  • Fireman's Fund (Another CIA front?)
  • First Commercial Bank (Pretty much unknown. Were at impact area)
  • Louis Freeh (We don't want a FBI director who wants to investigate)
  • Fuji Bank (Mena and right in the middle of WTC2)

  • Genesis Intermedia (How come Adnan was behind Venice?)
  • Global Crossing (Destruction of evidence)
  • Guatanamo Bay (Heroin dealers and terrorist flight school owners are allowed to fly to Guatanamo Bay)

  • Harken Energy (How to scam with Alan "Ace" Greenberg's money and he didn't even mind)
  • Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (we don't want unions)

  • Insurance cartel (Oil cartel, airline cartel and insurance cartel?)
  • Interview with Ty Rauber by Culhavoc
  • Investcorp Investment Holdings Corp (The BCCI of Investment firms)
  • IQ Financial Systems (Deutsche Bank helping Fuji bank helping 9/11??)
  • Iran-Contra (Almost the same script)

    Bernie and Rudy
  • ITT Hartford (JFK, Allende and 9/11)

  • JFK (A history of treason)
  • JM/WAVE (The old terror team and what the effects were on South Florida)

  • Bernard Kerik (Octafish: Homeland Czar & Petro-Turd Bernie Kerik)

  • L-3 Communications (What is General Jay M. Garner doing there?)
  • Lehman Brothers (Dollar, Pounds, Euros we own them all)
  • Neil D. Levin (Executive Director Port Authority)
  • Lockheed Martin (Fox living in the Hen house)
  • LTV Corporation (One of its last actions was pre-9/11 inside trading)

  • Martin Progressive (A happy survivor)

    Wire specialist on 84th?
  • Mass. Electric Construction (A hidden wire specialist on the 84th floor?)
  • Mena (The predecessor of Venice)
  • MIHOP (Some physical evidence sites and info)
  • Morgan Stanley (Made a huge plan what to do if an airplane struck WTC)
  • Moussaoui (What is Senator David Boren doing there?)
  • Robert Mueller (He did a marvellous job covering up Panama and BCCI. Let him to 9/11 as well)

  • No planers (Optional. Are planes really necessary?)

  • Office of Emergency Management (Control center for terrorist attack)
  • OKC (Another terror event which doesn't make sense)
  • Operation 40 (The first team of the shadow government and all the presidents it spawned)
  • Operation Northwoods (Similar to 9/11. Even though it was decades earlier)

  • Pentagon (The other building with a mystery plane)
  • Promis (Are Saddam and Osama enemies?)

  • Raytheon Company (All survived despite being above impact)
  • Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali (New Zealand deports a spy)
  • Remote Controlled Detonation (How to blow up WTC while in OEM)
  • Rick Resola (Tried to save everybody, but his story is weird)

    Romance of the Seas
    Oil spills, 9/11, Abramoff
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises (Corporate Criminals of the 90s: #21 Royal Caribbean and in the 00s: 9/11 as well)
  • Royal & Sun Alliance (Another AIG buddy)

  • Sander O'Neill (Risk management victim)
  • Skyways (9/11 didn't change anything. Lots of drug dealing in Venice)
  • Standard Charter Bank (Terrorists and WTC7)
  • Stewart Airport (The weird detour of the planes)

  • Texas Rangers (Started with the Harken scam and solved when Junior was governor. The Greenbergs helped out of course)
  • Trilateral Investment (George W. Bush and AIG. Partners in fraud)

  • UAE Port deal (Port deal related to drug dealing)

  • Vornado Realty Trust (The failed WTC - Port Authority deal. Didn't stop them from inside trading)

    The Twin Towers before the Bush administration
  • WorldCom (Destruction of evidence by shredding WTC 7)
  • W. R. Grace and Company (Asbestos Inc. A mere 250,000 lawsuits thus far)
  • WTC 1993 (Prior history)
  • WTC 1 and 2 (Corporation index)
  • WTC 5 (Raging fires but did not collapse)
  • WTC 7 (Small fire, big collapse or was it related to what was inside of WTC7?)
  • WTC Security (Let's put a Bush in charge of security and see what happens)

    Thanks to:
    Ty Rauber, Richard Grove, Sibel Edmonds, Daniel Hopsicker, Wayne Madsen, Michael Ruppert, Al Martin, Miranda Priestly, the-catbird-seat and many more...

    Disclaimer / Copyright
    Applies to all my posts in this thread:
    All text taken from wikipedia and sourcewatch is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License ( ). This post contains copyrighted material in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 ( )

    You are free to copy this post within 'fair use', if you wish to use the copyrighted material from this post for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owners (see links). Full permission for whatever purpose is granted for these compilations.

    None of the contributors or anyone else in any way whatsoever can be held responsible for the appearance of any inaccurate or libelous information or for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages. No guarantees are made, in any way whatsoever, about the validity of the information found here. Any information found on this page can be incomplete, outdated, incorrect and it is upto the user to check the validity of any information found here.

    No consequential damages can be sought for this post, as it is a voluntary developed freely to create various online educational, cultural and informational resources. This information is being given to you gratuitously and there is no agreement or understanding between you and the author.
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    Response to Reply #1
    2. Posting multi-part threads is a habit you share with another DD. n/t
    Edited on Wed Jul-05-06 12:14 PM by boloboffin
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    Response to Reply #2
    113. This thread contains amazing research and insight. Is THAT why it's
    ignored by OCT'ers, except for the incredibly astute observation (and implied insult) about "mult-part threads"?

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    Response to Reply #1
    3. Showing the big picture and fine detail simultaneously
    DrDebug: On behalf of EveryReader, I'm going to ask that you work on a two-tiered message.

    You've got to simultaneously engage those who can pick up on where you are going, and can add their perspectives and research. Yet you also have to slow it down, draw out some of your telegraphic ideas so that they have narrative, for those of us who for whatever reason -- no time, no background in deciphering the culture of corporate and government politics, inability to see the big picture made of these little dots -- are having a hard time following you. The "for dummies" version. Without too many acronyms, catchphrases, and otherwise non-objective filler.

    It's really hard integrating all the raw data, while telling it as a story that will make sense. But it's going to have to be done.

    I'd suggest, for example, that somewhere you have a version with all the links (as above) that have the links separated into the labeled categories as you have, but which also give a thread title or description so that the links can be differentiated from each other. People are much more likely to choose to click on a link when they have an idea that it will be relevant to them, and they to be able to remember where they saw something that they want to retrieve.

    I'm not yelling at you. :) I think this a really interesting new direction you are taking this, and I think it's going to be fruitful. I want to see where you can bridge the gap between this and the war games (that other area where nobody has broken silence either), because that's where the sparks will really fly.

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    Response to Reply #3
    4. It needs a good summary
    But the most important part was to index and document the different player in 9/11 and most have been identified.

    We do need a dummied down version, but I'm not really the person for that. A good writer is needed as well and that's not me either. I'm a researcher and tend to talk deep politics.

    I prefer to leave that to others. Ty Rauber made an excellent video and I wanted to know how correct it was and the story still stands and has even become a lot bigger and more complex.

    I personally that most of the validation of the story has ben done right now, so I'm hoping that somebody can make a nice story. Maybe somebody can write a book about or whatever... I'm a mere investigator LOL
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    Response to Reply #3
    5. About the war games part, OEM. Start a little summary
    Because the "impacts" on both WTC1 and WTC2 were in control of the "Greenberg family" cartel especially WTC1 which was under full control by Marsh, there is the question whether planes are necessary. So I prefer the no-plane option, however they could have installed a plane magnet or a homing beacon at their offices to ensure a perfect hit (personally I think that there never were any planes)

    Either way you need to convince people that there were hijacked planes and you need to keep the fast majority occupied and that is where the war games are very useful. Not only does it give the "blimps" on the radar screen, it will allow a small group to engage in 9/11 while the fast majority is playing games which will later add to the confusion of trying to resolve 9/11. 9/11 was also far more extensive than just WTC and the Pentagon. Many things needed to be setup that day, so there would have been flights going back and forth and you nameit.

    The same with Ground Zero. The fast majority of people there engaged in the actual disaster, however the OEM was not being used and was by far the best place to coordinate WTC, because it was a bunker high up in the air, so not only did they have a perfect sight on Ground Zero, they were also in a safe place in case a piece of WTC would fall on WTC 7. That place could withstand anything.

    The main team at WTC would have comprised of Kroll and Marsh and since those companies have a privatized CIA inside, all kinds of spooks could have been added to the mix. The same could be true for Raytheon which also has an overlap, however EVERYTHING was probably privatized, so no government agencies, since that would endanger deniability.

    We can see that Marsh, Kroll, AIG, Raytheon and maybe Citigroup, Fuji Bank and Deutsche Bank were at the heart of the operations. None of those organization can be directly traced back to any government agencies or official and even in their own organization they are just tiny compared to the remainder of those enormous companies, so the corporation also have plausible deniability.

    One thing which you would also need for top team. Kroll has several of those in their own organization which are used in Iraq as well. They merged with Armor Holding just before 9/11 and that gave them a top UK team and the best KGB team (remember that was the team during the Cold War. Alpha were the experts). Also within Marsh you two very good teams, so those guys could had the ability to wire all the buildings and set up everything so they could coordinate everything from OEM on 9/11 (because that's the best place).

    It makes sense to start with WTC1, because that was their own territory and if that failed, it could be called a weird accident and that's it. WTC2 and the Pentagon were next. Pentagon will be a lot harder to comprehend, because that's an entirely secret organization.

    Rudy must have known and was in charge of the Pier 92 that way together with people like Jerome Hauer and many many more. Most of the people on the ground would have had no idea.

    I think that that is a plausible scenario.

    There are quite a number of corporation where inside trading has occured. The fast majority were insurance companies and a lot of airliners as well, so within these companies there were some people in the higher echelons who knew about it. We'll probably never know who they are because there hasn't been any investigation and all we have is a list.

    The number of inside traders was enormous and global, so it wasn't just a couple. Especially Deutsche Bank was the biggest and since the US CEO is also the #3 man at the CIA, it would have been the intelligence community itself who used their own bank because they would never say who was doing it. Many of the others never collected though, so some of the CEOs thought that it was pretty hot. Either way it is one of the few pieces of hard evidence.

    The relationship between the companies is that most either knew AIG or Citigroup very well. A lot of companies were not that clean before either and had many scandals. Some didn't though like American Express so in that case it would probably be somebody at the top who acted upon himself and it would not be a board decision.

    The part of the Election 2000. That'll be an enormous story as well. The preparation clearly started way before the elections and they needed Bush and his cronies in the White House so the election fraud was very important and the links are there via Greenberg-Traurig who helped a lot during 2000 and later during 2004.

    As far as the Bush administration goes, it is clear that many played a part in the cover-up and quite a number would have known from the start. As always most would not have a complete picture of 9/11. Bush didn't. Cheney probably did. Kissinger didn't. Bremer probably did. Most CEO only knew that 9/11 was planned and that's it. As far as government go, it stands to reason that a lot of them knew as well and some participated, some warned, but there were so many warnings before 9/11 that it was not failure of Intelligence. This was an Intelligence success story.

    As far as the al-Qaeda terrorists goes, it were the drug dealers in their own organizations who were Arabs so they could be used. The reason why some many are still alive (or maybe all) is because they were drug dealers, so they just have to get used to it...
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    Response to Original message
    6. Here's some links for ya DrDebug

    Family of Beheaded U.S. Man Releases Statement

    Body found on Baghdad overpass identified as that of

    CNN Transcript On Nick Berg Murder

    FBI Saw Berg During Iraq Police Detention

    Pa. family angry with American government over son's brutal death

    Parents blame Bush for son's execution

    Body found on Baghdad overpass identified as that of American

    Arab media disagree on story of beheading

    Reporter says Berg held in custody entire time by US authorities

    Bush Condemns Execution of Berg in Iraq

    Beheaded hostage 'had been warned to leave Iraq'

    FBI Saw Berg Before Beheading

    Berg worked at night on a Abu Ghraib tower

    CBS: Bizarre New Link in Berg Murder (Berg and Moussaoui)

    CNN: Was Berg in U.S. custody? Answers conflict

    Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in Custody

    E-mails from U.S. consulate to Bergs

    Spokesman Says Berg Never Held by Forces

    The victim: More than work drew him to Iraq

    Diplomat's e-mails show Berg in custody

    Berg died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'sins' - father

    U.S.Iraq Consular Officer Payne)Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in US custody

    Al-Zarqawi Murdered Berg, CIA Concludes

    FBI told police to hold Berg

    Beheading not linked to Iraq prison scandal: White House

    Berg beheading: No way, say more medical experts

    CNN Breaking: 4 arrested in the Berg Murder (2 released)...

    Beheaded man named on Free Republic's "Enemies List"

    Bush: Berg's killers must be found

    Last days of Nick Berg a mystery

    US Gov't Disavows E-Mails About Berg's Detention


    BERG MET WITH SHADY IRAQI (Berg's business partner was a Chalabi wannabe)
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    Response to Reply #6
    7. Thanks
    It'll fit perfectly in the mother of all threads.
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    Response to Original message
    8. "Exact spots where they gave way"
    according to NIST these are the exact spots where the towers gave way:

    "The report, released yesterday by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo., includes detailed photographs that identify, for the first time, the exact spots where the exterior steel columns gave way. These critical zones were around the 81st floor in the south tower, near the offices of Fuji Bank, and near the 96th floor of the north tower, where Marsh & McLennan was based.

    For 7 to 10 minutes before the towers fell, the photographs show exterior columns bowing inward, almost like pieces of cooked spaghetti, a sign that they are about to give way."
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    Response to Original message
    9. al-Cokeda / Skyways - Martinez and Election fraud mentioned

    James Kent (President of SkyWay) is a real strong Republican with a lot of connections in Washington, like U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, the former SkyWay employee told us. And hes also in tight with a lot of politicians in Tallahassee, like (Republican gubernatorial candidate) Charlie Christ.

    He was a mole for military intelligence during the Vietnam war. He was with Air America over there, and I guess he told some people he worked for the CIA.

    According to SkyWay SEC filings (1), Kent served in various government contract management positions supporting projects of the Department of Defense, National Security Agency, and Department of the Navy.

    Kent also runs a company, Online Satellite Communication, which uses an address in Las Vegas (2) which also houses Voters Outreach of America (3), a Republican Party operation accused of illegal activity and electoral dirty tricks (4), including destroying thousands of Democratic registration forms, during the 2004 Presidential election.


    Excerpted from:

    Linked discussion:

    Mel Martinez:
    Melquiades Rafael "Mel" Martinez (born October 23, 1946) is a Cuban-born American politician, currently a United States Senator from Florida. Previously, Martinez served as the 12th Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George W. Bush. Sen. Martinez is a Republican and a Roman Catholic.

    Before becoming Secretary of HUD, Martinez was the elected Chairman of Orange County, Florida, and served on the Governor's Growth Management Study Commission. He previously served as President of the Orlando Utilities Commission, on the board of directors of a community bank, and as Chairman of the Orlando Housing Authority.

    Serving as co-chairman of George W. Bush's 2000 presidential election campaign in Florida, Martinez was a leading fundraiser. He was one of the 25 electors from Florida, which voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 election.

    UnAnswered Questions for Mel Martinez

    As a Republican Candidate for Senate in 2004 you will need to convince Florida voters that you are fiscally responsible and can be trusted to represent them and their families. The following questions are intended to help illuminate your performance by "following the money trail" through key areas of your personal responsibility:

    1. Who made money from the improper "cleansing" of 57,000 legitimate voters from the Florida voting rolls in 2000?

    2. Who got the money that Florida state pensions "lost" on Enron after Enron helped finance the Florida 2000 Presidential election and recount?

    3. What was the total financing, soft money and other "support" received by the Bush Florida Campaign from Lockheed Martin, Northrup, GE and other significant beneficiaries of the War on Terrorism as well as from their media subsidiaries and affiliates?
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    Response to Original message
    10. Giuliani ships Twin Towers on a slow boat to China
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 05:23 AM by DrDebug
    Rudy Giuliani brought in Controlled Demolition, the same highly suspect firm which had finished the demolition of the Murragh Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, and which had disposed of the evidence there in the process. This contract was let surreptitiously just eleven days after 9/11, and empowered Controlled Demolition to recycle the steel of the World Trade Center. Giuliani has not a word to say about this in his memoirs. (1)

    New York City's Department of Design and Construction (DDC) issued contracts to four contractors, called Construction Managers (CM), who were responsible for debris removal. According to an USACE website, each CM was assigned a zone or section of the debris removal, and was controlled and monitored by a three- person DDC team. 5 The four CMs were:

    * Tully Construction = Controlled Demolition, Sacramento District
    * Bovis Lend Lease International, Mobile District
    * AMEC Construction Management = Kingstar, Portland District
    * Turner Construction, Baltimore District (8)

    The firemen, we must remember, were those who knew most about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, and they were also the group most likely to tell what they knew. In this sense, the firemen posed perhaps the greatest immediate threat to the 9/11 myth upon which the oligarchy had staked so much.

    On October 31, Halloween, Giuliani decreed without any meaningful consultation that there would be an upper limit of 25 firefighters on each shift at the WTC pile, along with 25 New York City policemen and 25 Port Authority patrolmen. Soon the rescue workers were up in arms. Stories went around that we had simply given up on finding bodies; that the mayor wanted to speed the cleanup so it would be finished before he left office; that we had recovered gold from the trade center and didnt care about anything else.Union officials started telling the workers we were haphazardly trucking everything to Fresh Kills a scoop and dump operation. (2, 1)

    Giulianis rush to eradicate the crime scene without regard to the preservation of human remains thus served two important goals. He was able to destroy much pertinent evidence, and he succeeded in throwing the firefighters on the defensive and playing them off against the police, the construction workers, and other groups. He was able to split the firefighters themselves. (3, 1)

    Neu Schnitzer East and Metals Management were among the firms taking steel from the huge project to clear Ground Zero. Metals Management says it has bought 70,000 tons of scrap from the ruined twin towers. Some of the scrap has been shipped across the Pacific to Asian, including China and India. Among the consignments of scrap are the "very dense" steel girders from Ground Zero, which could finally yield 250,000 to 400,000 tons of scrap for recycling." The beams were so dense that a full load would probably break through the bottom of the ship, so they would have to sail as part cargoes. (4)

    In total about 1,176,000 tons of debris, including about 285,000 tons of steel were being shipped off on a slow boat to China without any investigation. (5) Forensic investigators including FEMAs Building Assessment Performance Team were not allowed access to the structural steel nor allowed to take photos of Ground Zero to ascertain the real cause of the Towers collapse. (6)

    So what happened to the steel. Northrop Grumman is building warships for the U.S. Navy with the melted steel like the USS Arlington named after the section of the Pentagon that was alledgely hit by an airliner on September 11 and USS Somerset, in memory of United Flight 93, which alledgely crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, on the same day as passengers alledgely struggled with al-Cokeda hijackers. (7)

    See also:
    Serpetine link between A.Q. Khan's nuclear Walmart and the WTC steel

    1. Tarpley, 9/11 Synthetic Terror ( )
    2. Van Essen p. 265
    3. Divide and Conquer. Delphi Strategy
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    Response to Original message
    11. Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones (Bladex)
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 08:18 AM by DrDebug
    Even though it is a very small office. They were pretty high up in WTC1 and all 22 employees survived 9/11.

    Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones (Bladex) is a bankers' bank that operates in Latin America and the Caribbean region. The bank makes loans primarily to commercial banks - but sometimes direct to corporations, as well - for the purpose of financing trade. The company's primary sources of funds include interbank deposits placed by the region's central banks, as well as borrowed funds. Bladex is based in Panama and has representative offices throughout Latin America. (1)

    Created under Panamanian initiative, the Latin American Export Bank (Bladex) located in Panama and owned by central banks of the Latin American region, both state and private banks, and also of the main extra-regional banks and international shareholders, is a significant underpinning for financing the international trade of Latin American countries. In addition, many of the banks located in Panama increasingly participate in the financing of the regions international trade. (2)

    In May 1975, Dr. Nicols Ardito Barleta, Minister of Planning and Economics and President of the Panama's Banking Commission, created a multinational organization to finance the Region's exports at the Twentieth Annual Meeting of Latin American Central Bank Governors. (3)

    The Bank was organized in 1977 constituted in 1978 as a corporation pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Panama, and initiated official operations on January 2, 1979 with its corporate headquarters located in Panama. (3)

    The decision to establish the Bank in the Republic of Panama was based on the following: (3)

  • Off shore banking center and free transfer of capital
  • U.S. Dollar-based economy
  • Absence of exchange controls
  • Central geographic location
  • Strong communication network and infrastructure


    Even though it is not clear what the relationship between Bladex and the rest is, the off shore part and the all those central banks would be enough incentive to ensure that Bladex was a survivor. The company predates Noriega and was established during the reign of Omar Torrijos, so it was not one of Noriega's ideas.
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    Response to Original message
    12. Port Authority was 68% liable for WTC '93
    I seem to have missed this jewel, so there is hope for 9/11 as well...

    January 1, 2006
    Lessons Learned
    The five verdicts of 2005 that are reshaping corporate defense strategies.
    By Sheryl Fred


  • The Case: In Re: World Trade Center Bombing Litigation
  • The Damage: Potentially $1.8 billion
  • The Lesson: Failing to minimize the risk of a terrorist attack is not merely unwise, its a major liability.

    Most people did a double-take in October 2005 when they learned that a jury had found the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey the owner and operator of the Twin Towers 68 percent liable for the Feb. 26, 1993, World Trade Center bombing that killed six and injured 1,000. The defendants attorney, Marc Kasowitz, was no exception.

    The plaintiffs argument centered on a 1985 report from the Port Authoritys office of special planning, a taskforce meant to address potential terrorist threats to the World Trade Center. In its assessment the taskforce concluded, A time-bomb-laden vehicle could be driven into the W.T.C. and parked in the public parking area. The driver would then exit via elevator into the W.T.C. and proceed with his business unnoticed. At a predetermined time, the bomb could be exploded in the basement. The amount of explosives used will determine the severity of damage to that area.

    The report also made several recommendations about how to guard against such an attack, including closing off the garage altogether. Plaintiffs counsel argued the Port Authoritys failure to put these protective measures in place constituted negligence. The jury agreed.

    Although both sides were expressly prohibited from mentioning the September 11 terrorist attack, Hanly predicts this verdict will have a profound effect on September 11 suits.

    It strongly suggests that a jury may well assess liability for the failure ... to remedy the known defective fireproofing on the structural steel, to enlarge and reinforce the means of egress and to implement a coordinated exit strategy of the entire complex, thereby affording more tenants precious additional time to escape, he says. The failure to take these steps before and after 93 led, in a not insignificant way, to the extent of loss on 9/11.

  • So 2001+12 = 2013... It'll take quite awhile, but there is a sparkle of hope. Maybe also for Larry and Rudy.
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    Response to Reply #12
    15. Their policy to to tell people to stay in the building
    and we know that it was a policy from reading about Rescorla, it wasn't just random. Also, there was no rescue strategy, it was outrageous, the door was locked to the roof and hundreds had been rescued from the roof in 93.
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    Response to Original message
    13. Madrid 11-M also known as 3/11
    Seemslikeadream requested that I dump some 3/11 stuff here as well and she found out the Riggs bank connection. I haven't read it yet, so it's still working in progress, however John Cleary talked about this story.

    ---+---+---+--- ---+---+---+--- ---+---+---+--- ---+---+---+---

    The 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings (also known as 11/3, 3/11, M-11 and 11-M) were a series of coordinated terrorist bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid, Spain on the morning of 11 March 2004, which killed 191 people and wounded 1,460. (1)

    On March 10, 2004, President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea announced that there was a complex plot to overthrow him that involved the intelligence services of the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. Shortly after 15 people were arrested in Equatorial Guinea in connection with a possible coup attempt, an airplane landed in Harare, Zimbabwe and was promptly detained by authorities. (2)

    The aircraft was carrying armed mercenaries who were heading to Equatorial Guinea with the aim of toppling Obiang's government. President Obiang charges that various Western governments wanted to install the head of Equatorial Guinea's government-in-exile, Severo Moto Ns, as president. A man that Equatoguinean media identified as the leader of the mercenaries, Nick du Toit, said he had not intended to kill Obiang, but had hoped to force him into exile. (2)

    Links have been discovered between senior American military officials and the failed coup plot in Equatorial Guinea that has left Sir Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret, facing trial in South Africa. Theresa Whelan, a member of the Bush administration in charge of African affairs at the Pentagon, twice met a London-based businessman, Greg Wales, in Washington before the coup attempt. Mr Wales has been accused of being one of its organisers, but has denied any involvement. (3)


    The South African police recovered a list of the financiers (the "wonga list"). Among the names found on the list are: (4)

  • Jeffrey Archer
    Best-selling cheap thriller author and disgraced former deputy chairman of Britain's Conservative party. Thanks to John Cleary. Named in several British newspapers as allegedly having paid tens of thousands of pounds to Simon Mann.

  • Ely Calil
    A London-based oil tycoon of Lebanese origin, Calil reportedly introduced Simon Mann to Equatorial Guinean opposition leader Severo Moto, asking him to accompany Moto back to Malabo during a planned coup attempt

  • James Kershaw
    The 24-year-old South African computer expert and alleged coup accountant reportedly handed the so-called "Wonga list" - of wealthy individuals who bankrolled the coup plot - to South African authorities.

  • Peter Mandelson, Britain's European Commissioner
    Enormously long biography...

  • Simon Mann
    Alleged mastermind of the coup plot. Educated at one of Britain's top private schools and a former member of the crack SAS military unit, Mann was convicted Friday in Zimbabwe of trying to buy weapons for the alleged coup plot (...) Mann and Nick du Toit, held as a co-conspirator in Equatorial Guinea, were members of a now-defunct mercenary group in Sierra Leone and Angola.

  • Severo Moto
    Accused by the government in Malabo of being the instigator of the alleged coup. Denies involvement. Moto is president of the self-proclaimed Equatorial Guinean government-in-exile based in Spain, the former colonial power. Media reports say he was flown to neighbouring Mali on the eve of the planned coup, in preparation for his unveiling as Equatorial Guinea's new leader.

  • Sir Mark Thatcher
    The son of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been found guilty in South Africa and fled the country. He is a friend and Cape Town neighbour of Simon Mann. He is moved in with his mother. (4)

    France Checkmated NATO
    The Oil Dispute in Equatorial Guinea
    France Checkmated NATO

    The spectacular arrest of Mark Thatcher (British Iron Ladys son) in South Africa and the confessions of his accomplices in Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea clarified completely the fail coup against this country. The operation was not organized by adventurers or mercenaries paid by international financiers, but by NATO. The U.S. had mobilized the British and Spanish services to overthrow President Teodoro Obiang and take control of the country to build the largest gas-liquefying station of the world. By doing this, the U.S. would have taken the French oil company Total out of the market thus favoring Spanish Repsol. But France knew about the operation and made it fail. (...)

    Airline Triple A Aviation was linked to Thatchers activities for it seemed that Sir Thatcher used it to transfer some $275 000 of the operation funds. It seemed that the airline signed on January 2004 an agreement on aviation services with Logo Logistics, Simon Manns company. The bank records proved that $100,000 were transferred to Logos account on March 2,2004; only two days before the fail coup. Although South Africa rejected the Iron Ladys son extradition to Equatorial Guinea, investigators could question him in South African territory. Sir Thatcher was prepared to leave South Africa, where he has lived since 1996, to avoid a tax investigation. His residency was already on sale for 4.5 million dollars and his familys airline tickets for the U.S. were booked when he was arrested by the Scorpions. (...)

    NATO at the Service of the Oil Coalition

    But this was not the end of the story. Beyond Mark Thatchers personality, whos been the focus of attention, the true actors began to appear NATO and France waged a strategic battle that reminded people of the Iraqi situation, another country among those not very common anymore which offered solid perspectives regarding energy investment recovery (...) For instance, its been known that American oil company Marathon Oil was to invest 1,000 million dollars in a liquified gas terminal project in Equatorial Guinea. However, certain experts, who noticed that this was the largest project on the liquified gas field in the world, estimated that in real life the contract was a 3 000 million dollar deal.

    (...) At the moment in which the plan entered its final stage and mercenaries were ready to act, two Spanish warships suddenly set sail from a NATO base in Rota, with 500 elite soldiers on board. It seemed that only they knew what their destiny was and Spain had not sent any warship to Equatorial Guinea since the independence of this African country in 1968. The direction of the two ships was controlled by the Commander in Chief of the Command of the American forces in Europe and NATO Supreme commander, General James L. Jones.

    (...) On the other hand, French intelligence services had the chance of intervening by informing South African and/or Zimbabwes authorities at the right time thus allowing them to capture the mercenaries on their way to Malabo and, at the same time, protect the interests of the French oil company Total. Currently, it is a pleasure for Zapateros government to assist the South African justice. Thirty years ago, by following a Frederick Forsyth-styled plan, a few skillful and unscrupulous mercenaries could have guaranteed a nice retirement for themselves. Today, for a few more barrels it is NATO, on behalf of the very same oil coalition that invaded Iraq, the one that launched itself on an adventure pushed by the international financial institutions.


    March 7 Zimbabwe seizes a US-registered cargo plane carrying 64 suspected mercenaries and military equipment. Simon Mann and five others are arrested on the tarmac

    March 8 Fifteen suspected mercenaries are arrested in Equatorial Guinea, including the alleged leader of the advanced party Nick du Toit. Most of the suspects in both groups are South African

    March 10 President Teodoro Obiang thanks South Africa and Angola for warning him of the plot and says it was funded by "enemy powers" and multinational companies operating within Equatorial Guinea

    March 11 Bombs go off in Madrid

    March 16 Zimbabwe charges 70 suspected mercenaries with conspiring to murder President Obiang

    March 31 Simon Mann writes a letter pleading with associates, including Sir Mark Thatcher, to get him out of prison

    August 23 Nick du Toit and 13 other suspected mercenaries go on trial in Equatorial Guinea. The 15th member of the group, a German, had died, allegedly under torture

    August 25 South African police arrest Sir Mark Thatcher on suspicion of involvement in the coup plot. He is charged with breaking the country's strict anti-mercenary laws

    August 27 Zimbabwe acquits 66 of the suspected mercenaries of weapons offences charges but finds Mann guilty of attempting to possess dangerous weapons. He faces up to 10 years in jail,15013,1292658,00.html

    Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War

    Spain: Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War
    By Paul Mitchell
    29 December 2004

    Evidence presented to the commission investigating the train bombings on March 11 in Madrid in which 191 people died and 1,700 others were injured confirms that a conspiracy of lies was used to justify the Iraq war and deceive the Spanish people.

    The evidence emerged when current Prime Minister Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapatero testified at the Spanish Congressional Commission of Inquiry into the Madrid bombings. Zapatero confirmed allegations first published in the Spanish daily El Pais on December 13 that the former Popular Party (PP) government led by Jos Mara Aznar ordered the destruction of computer records dealing with the key period between the Madrid train bombings and the general election held three days later that it lost to Zapateros Socialist Workers Party (PSOE). El Pais reported that a specialist computer company was paid $12,000 to erase the computer records, including back-up security copies.

    Zapatero confirmed the allegations during questioning at the inquiry, In the prime ministers office we did not have a single document or any data on computer because the whole cabinet of the previous government carried out a massive erasure.

    That means we have nothing about what happened, information that might have been received, meetings or decisions that were taken from March 11 until March 14,he added.

    Since then, it has emerged that Aznar and his cabinet office in fact erased all records covering their eight years of government. According to the New York Times, a Spanish official said every file had been wiped out on the hundreds of computers at the presidential complex, known as the Moncloa Palace. Not a single trace of any files was left behind, the official said. Zero, nothing.



    Thanks to Seems, the following links can be added to the story as well:

    Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal

    NEW details of Thatcher coup plot: London Evening Standard

    SEC probes Marathon Oil payments in Equitorial Guinea (and HQ burns down)

    Du Toit admits meeting Thatcher

    Terrorist Stocks?

    'Petroleum lures dogs of war to Africa'

    BBC News: Thatcher charged

    Margaret Thatcher's Son Released on Coup Plot Charges

    Exiled leader in Spain denies any link to coup attempt

    Scorpions say have more info on Equatorial Guinea coup

    Financiers conspired to overthrow oil-flush African

    Mark Thatcher: The money trail

    Thatcher case twist as list of alleged coup backers vanishes

    Thatcher: Spain 'secretly backed coup by sending warships'

    WaPo: Allbritton Loses Riggs Bank (front page, day 3)

    E Guinea 'coup plot' verdict due + update/result

    I feel like a corpse in a river, says Mark Thatcher as he
    faces court...

    Thatcher to face coup questions

    Phone links Thatcher to alleged plot

    There was no coup plot, says Du Toit

    Thatcher to ask Britain to help halt extradition

    Thatcher charged over coup plot

    Thatcher to be tried in absentia

    Britain knew in advance of Equatorial Guinea coup plot:

    Tories Demand Answers on 'Coup Plot'

    Mandelson faces questioning over 'link' to coup plot

    Legal Woes Cut Into Bottom Line at Riggs

    Mugabe flies to Equatorial Guinea (coup plot latest)

    Despots, Deposits & Directors - Riggs Bank

    SABC asks to broadcast Thatcher court case

    Spain calls on EU to warn Equatorial Guinea - Riggs Bank

    Raids 'break up' 20m theft gang

    Thatcher coup plot: Mandelson, CIA & State Department named

    Archer 'link to coup plot'

    Britain accused of failing to investigate Africa coup

    Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot

    And there is more of course, because what if it was the same team as did 9/11 :tinfoilhat:

    You probably don't think it is possible, however who is a member of the board at Marsh:

    Oscar Fanjul
    Director since 2001

    Mr. Fanjul, age 56, is vice chairman and chief executive officer of Omega Capital, a private investment firm in Spain. Mr. Fanjul is honorary chairman of Repsol YPF, where he was chairman and chief executive officer from its inception in 1986 until 1996. He was chairman of Hidroelctrica del Cantbrico from 1999 to 2001 and chairman of NH Hoteles from 1997 until 1999. Mr. Fanjul is a director of Acerinox, the Lafarge Group, the London Stock Exchange, Unilever, Marsh S.A. and a member of MMC's International Advisory Board. He is a trustee of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation and the Amigos del Museo del Prado.

    Pure speculation:
    So what if the French were right and it was about the oil of Equatorial Guinea which was supposed to go to Repsol instead of Total. So who is a member of the board since 2001 (why that year?). And Oscar is by far the biggest guy at Marsh and his list of groups and companies also includes Carlyle, Trilateral, Goldman Sachs, etc. etc.

    So could a former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Repsol be involved in the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea as well and could it be there be an overlap between the team who did 9/11 and 11-M?

    Why aren't journalists interested...
    :hi: Look at all the stories and they can copy and use them all. Free research. C'mon, you guys!
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    Response to Reply #13
    14. The weird thing is that John Cleary even wrote them a letter
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 10:39 AM by DrDebug
    However it seems that they've ignored it.

    Letter from John Cleary BSc to Sr. Paulino Rivero, 11-M Commission
    11 September 2004

    Dear Mr Chairman,
    Greetings from the beautiful Canary Islands.

    You would be well advised to not rule out the possibility that the terrorist attacks of 11 March were carried out by Manchurian Candidates. And that the purpose of the attack was to divert attention away from the planned coup in Equatorial Guinea.

    For all the confusion created thus far by your commission, there are really only two questions that the people of Spain want answered. The first question is why there were connections between the terrorists and the Spanish secret services prior to the attacks on Atocha? The second question is whether and why did the Aznar regime lie about the identities of the probable authors of the attack? They also want to know if there was any cause and effect relationship between those two issues.

    Let us hypothesise that the terrorists had been primed by their Controller to strike a little earlier in March. On 7 March Nick du Toit and sixteen others were arrested in Malabo. Simon Mann and seventy others were arrested in Zimbabwe. Severo Moto was here in Las Palmas in the company of Greg Wales and David Tremain, was delayed by the car rally at the airport, and then received a warning text message in Mali on his way to Malabo. The coup was frustrated, so of course the terrorists received no orders from their Controller. Soldiers on a war footing get edgy and frustrated when the attack they have prepared is delayed. They waited a few days, and then decided for themselves to carry out the plan. Under this scenario the Aznar regime hung itself with desperate lies in panic and guilt not for the fact that Madrid had suffered a terrible attack, but for LOSING CONTROL OF THE OPERATION.

    And had the coup been successful? Once Severo Moto was in Malabo with du Toit and Mann the Controller would give the order to strike Madrid, a full six days before the General Election. The Spanish commandoes would be ashore in Malabo in force while a traumatised nation suffered through six days of Aznar attacking ZP as the terrorists friend. Aznar would assassinate the character of Rodriguez Zapatero, while Rajoy stood above the fray looking statesmanlike (straight out of the Karl Rove playbook). Rajoy would win by a landslide. And nobody would be in the least interested in the two Spanish warships and the 1000 Spanish troops taking control of a small country in the armpit of Africa. Mission Accomplished, and $5 Billion a year (and rising fast) to share out amongst the conspirators.


    Edit:hyperlink fixed
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    Response to Reply #13
    16. Iraq oil. Repsol?

    Iraqi oil flows again

    Iraq has concluded its first sale of crude oil since supplies were halted by the US-led invasion in mid-March.
    A tender to sell 10 million barrels of Iraqi oil was awarded on Thursday to six companies, including ChevronTexaco of the US.


    Fair deal

    The other five companies sharing in the tender were Repsol and Cepsa of Spain, Tupras of Turkey, France's Total, and Italian oil firm ENI.

    The even-handed distribution of contracts confounded expectations that US and UK firms would glean the lion's share of Iraq's first oil shipments, in recognition of the lead role that those countries played in toppling Saddam Hussein's regime.

    "One would have thought that would have awarded more to US and British companies," an oil trader told the Reuters news agency.

    One would have thought... but maybe Repsol played a more important part in the events leading upto the Iraq war.

    Repsol doesn't seem to participate in Afghanistan, however they are one of the biggest oil companies in Latin American and not the Middle East and especially a country called ... Venezuela.
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    Response to Reply #16
    17. Repsol needs a company profile as well
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 12:39 PM by DrDebug
    Repsol YPF is an integrated Spanish oil and gas company with operations in 29 countries, the bulk of its assets located in Spain and Argentina. The product of a 1999 takeover of Argentine energy firm YPF by the Spanish conglomerate Repsol S.A. within the controversial privatizations by president Carlos Menem, it is now one of the world's ten largest oil enterprises, employing over 30,000 people worldwide. (1)

    Formed in 1987 by the merger of state-controlled oil sector companies, Repsol is now more than 90 percent privatized thanks to four separate share offerings from 1989 to 1996. The company controls about 60 percent of the refining market in Spain and has a 45.5 percent stake in Gas Natural, which dominates the Spanish natural gas market. Repsol is Spain's first integrated international company in a national oil industry that, although dating back centuries, was relatively small and unimportant until recent times. (2)

    The company is a result of a double merger between not only Spain, but also Argentina which was carried out by Oscar who is from Chile and not from Spain. The main supplies of oil and gas come from Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Algeria. (3)

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    Response to Reply #17
    22. Some random thoughts about Repsol...
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 04:40 PM by DrDebug
    This is very interesting company / honorary member of the board / ex-CEO.

    Pure speculation:

    Oscar Fanjul basically created an eight sister out of many state owned companies from two countries at age 37 (!). That's an amazing achievement. Even more amazing that it is basically the largest "independent" oil company, because oil is dominated by the seven Sisters or the three R's (Rockefellers, Rothshields and Royals) and that team is extremely tight and allows people like the Bushes and many others to work for them and with them, but not the other way around.

    It's clear that Oscar has been stacking prominent positions ever since he has created Repsol and since 2001 the team includes Marsh(/Kroll), a company which appears to be a global privatized CIA / shadow government, and there is now even indications that maybe they have participated in 11-M as well.

    The point is that Repsol/Marsh is entirely different, because it is almost at the top already, yet it is still open for new people and ideas. Via Marsh it has access to the global drug market/ insurance/ banking/ politicians connections as well, so it allows for unlimited finance, laundry, governmental support and of course black ops. Via Repsol it has the extremely important oil connection. Most importantly it allows for massive corruption for the co-conspirators.

    The only thing they are lacking is countries where to get the oil from, because most of the world has been carved up decades ago by the Sisters. So it would benefit a lot from the oil from Iraq and has already managed to get hold of part of the oil fields.

    The most important part is that it will allow the co-conspirators to share in the rewards as in the Equatorial Guinea plan (which wasn't that big either - maybe 200 people in all with 500 soldiers). The same applies to Venezuela of course, because Repsol will benefit from a regime change and will probably allow the rest to share the rewards. And for Marsh Venezuela will be an opportunity to control the country's security. And for the co-conspirators it will allow privatization, fraud etc. Just like we have seen in Iraq.

    There are already lots of rumors about Venezuela and low intensity guerrilla actions, drug dealing and a failed coup, so if something happens in Venezuela then don't be surprised if Repsol becomes a lot bigger company...
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    Response to Reply #13
    40. Mercenaries EG-coup: Executive Outcome =Defence system limited =Kroll
    Edited on Sat Jul-08-06 10:45 AM by DrDebug
    They used the American spelling this time, however it is the same firm. So the mercanaries for the Equatorial Guinea coup were a subdivision of Kroll. It was a different branch, but still.

    Thursday, 13 January, 2005, 11:14 GMT
    Q&A: Equatorial Guinea 'coup plot'
    Sir Mark Thatcher has pleaded guilty in South Africa to being negligent in investing in an aircraft said to have been used by people allegedly plotting a coup in Equatorial Guinea.

    So who was behind the apparent plot?

    So far it remains unclear who was backing any plot.

    (Simon) Mann, the old Etonian and founder of the mercenary firm Executive Outcomes, has not been talking, although President Obiang has.

    He has accused the Spanish government and the son of the former UK prime minister, Sir Mark Thatcher, amongst others, of being behind the plot.

    Funny the BBC is not so good at searching either. Why so much focus on the UK / US and everybody overlooks Spain. Isn't it the other way around? Spain as most important country. US next because of Marathon Oil and UK are just co-conspirators who got their paws trapped in the cookie jar.

    Executive Outcomes = Defence Systems Limited

    But the similarity doesn't end there. Lord Westbury is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Defence Systems Limited (DSL), which, as we have already seen, is an integral member of the London network of the Palace Group (named so because of its close proximity to the royal family's official London residence, Buckingham Palace). 46 Moreover, Executive Outcomes has been described as "the advance guard for major business interests engaged in a latter-day scramble for the mineral wealth of Africa". 47

    This is a particularly incisive description, and readers of the first part of this series will recall that one aspect of Project Hammer apparently involved the disappearance of substantial quantities of gold reserves, as well as stocks of De Beers diamonds, just prior to the takeover of the Republic of South Africa in 1994 by Nelson Mandela and the ANC. This theft has become known as "apartheid's missing billions".

    Defence Systems Limited has a client list that comes straight from the top drawer and includes oil and gas companies like British Petroleum, Shell and British Gas of the UK and Amoco, Chevron, Exxon, Mobil and Texaco of the United States. Major mining and mineral extraction companies such as Canada's Cambior and De Beers and Anglo American of South Africa also feature, as does the giant US construction firm, Bechtel.

    A reminder who DSL was:

    Specialize in oil: (Repsol of Spain as well nowadays?)

    Set up in 1981 by Alastair Morrison, a former SAS officer, DSL, now employs 4000 people from 30 nations. Its most lucrative business is providing security for oil and mining companies including Broken Hill Proprietary Petroleum of AUSTRALIA, BP, Shell, and British Gas of the UNITED KINGDOM; Amoco, Chevron, Exxon, Mobil and Texico of the US, Cambior and Ranger of CANADA, and DeBeers of SOUTH AFRICA.

    No stranger to counterinsurgency training, DSL has provided security forces in SRI LANKA, PAPUA NG and Mozambique. It also contracts to embassies in countries torn by civil war such as the D.REP.of CONGO (formerly ZAIRE), where DSL officers guarded the US, Sth African and SWISS embassies, and in Angola where the company guarded the British, ITALIAN, Sth African,Swedish and US embassies. Retired British army Maj.Gen Carr-Smith says that DSL provides services in "about 30 or so different countries around the world. They are always the dodgy type of countries, the remote and the hostile - Angola, Mozambique, Colombia, Algeria, the former Soviet Union. Those sorts of countries where life is a bit tough at this stage."

    DSL is part of Armor Holding and Kroll merged with Armor Holdings

    So the circle is round again and it was Marsh/Kroll who was doing the coup in Equatorial Guinea with the Honorary Chairman and former-CEO of Repsol at their board. Very suspicious...

    P.S. So her majesty the Queen is being guarded by the former top KGB team and they are part of the privatized CIA. Who would have imagined that. Perestroika and glasnost sure have changed the world...
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    Response to Reply #40
    43. Errata. Not a direct link. There is a connection via DeBeers
    but that's not a direct link.

    There is are connections to Rakesh Saxena (1) (See: Red Sea Management / al-Cokeda / Adnan Khashoggi) and Sandline (2)

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    Response to Reply #40
    46. Amazing . The name changes fool everyone..nt
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    Response to Reply #13
    42. From 11-M conspiracy site
    Edited on Sat Jul-08-06 12:55 PM by DrDebug
    I guess most know that there was lots of confusion because Aznar immediately started to blame ETA and then told all kinds of lies and the attacks turned out to be different from the perpared script and they suddenly started to blame al-Qaeda. This was more or less the point that he completely blew his re-election and in a complete state of panic "cleaned" his office as mentioned above, since he probably had some 9/11, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, memos from his buddy Dubya and heaven knows what he had been doing in Spain which probably wasn't too kosher either lying around.

    My Spanish / Babelfish are not very good, so the translation might be a little bit off, but I get the general picture (and it's far better than those official lies at wikipedia):

    In the previous chapter we asked ourselves who contracted the mercenaries that died in Legans ... Why would Al-Qaeda want to change their modus operandus in Spain and not use suicide bombers? ... In Spain, unlike all the other attacks, the terrorists used Spaniards (the Asturian plot) to supply the explosives ...

    The number of Police informers, Civil Guard and intelligence services presumably implied in the plot is enormous: Antonio Toro, Carmen Toro, Surez Trashorras, Rafa Zouhier... Other informers are included who, without being implied in the plot, warned of preparations: Joe, the Lebanese money launderer, the iman (trans. magnet?) Cartagena ... The telephones which were supposedly used in the knapsacks pump were bought from a Spanish police officer of Syrian origin, Maussili Kalaji, that had (one of the many "coincidences" of 11-M) a relation with the members of the commando of Virgin of the Choir (?).

    How it is possible that small time crooks were used in Madrid for the attack. We know, for example, that El Chino was busted for drug dealing in December of 2003 ... In Spain, the terrorists acquired the explosives from local non-Muslim providers who were close to the security forces.

    The reason that we do not know anything of anything is that, as soon as the attacks took place, the Spanish government started a disinformation campaign about who they devised the massacre they had anticipated in minimum details ... Who devised the attack did not limit itself to plan the massacre, but also carefully created smoke screens that could form public opinion ... A form of disinformation techniques not used by Al-Qaeda, but by another group of elements for whom those techniques are part of their arsenal of daily tools.

    Hmm... drug dealers... always drug dealers/users... The usual patsies...

    So the attack was not according to the prepared plan. I guess this one was an intelligence failure. They used the wrong cars, wrong explosives, wrong false flag and Aznar kept on repeating the script despite an increasing number of stories that his script book was wrong...
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    Response to Reply #13
    44. February 2003. The Mbagne dispute between Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
    Edited on Sun Jul-09-06 09:38 AM by DrDebug

    Mbange island
    Equatorial Guinea currently is involved in a dispute with Gabon, over the ownership of the island of Mbagne in the Gulf of Guinea. (1) The dispute concerns Mbagne, Cocotiers and Congas, three small islands in Corisco Bay, just north of Libreville, near the maritime border between the two countries. The waters in the area are believed to be rich in oil reserves, and their possession could halt the decline in Gabonese oil production. An occupation of Mbagne Island by the Gabonese authorities in February 2003, a reassertion of their sovereignty, elicited a vigorous protest from the government of Equatorial Guinea. Both sides have sought the support of France in their dispute, and Equatorial Guineas claim to sovereignty over the islands is backed by its former colonial master, Spain. (2)

    If the oil rich island is explored and is part of Gabon, it will probably be done by Elf, who has many political connection in Gabon and Shell, because they have the majority of oil contracts in Gabon. Corsica Bay has the oil richest area which means that Repsol and Marathon Oil will have a hard time getting access to that market and Gabon wants to assert their sovereignty over that bay.

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    Response to Reply #13
    45. Most of the people indicted in the M-11 documents were small drug dealer
    I see a pattern here. 9/11: Drug dealers. M-11: Drug dealers. 7/7: Drug dealers.
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    Response to Reply #45
    47. Heh-heh, but do you think that was what Atta was/is?
    Could he have been more? After all, he was from a pretty well off family and was reasonably well educated. It seems he was involved in more, sort of like Barry Seal?
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    Response to Reply #47
    49. Guys like Hilliard and Dekkers are Barry Seals
    Mohammed Atta was less important because he was one of the group working for Hilliard and Dekkers. The last two are clearly untouchable, because it is irrelevant whether Dekkers is an illegal alien or Hilliard is busted with 47 pounds of heroin.

    Mohammed Atta is not a small dealer, because he was a pilot and clearly had a lot of privileges, but not on the level of Barry Seal.
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    Response to Reply #13
    50. My 11-M hypothesis + additional reading
    Edited on Mon Jul-10-06 09:29 AM by DrDebug
    I think that the conclusion is that too much is written in Spanish and it's too hard to digest for me. There are just a couple of summaries in English and German and that's it and even though with the help of Babelfish you can understand a lot of it, it is lacking the clarity you need.

    John Cleary's hypothesis has already been mentioned and he is the man responsible for busting and disgracing Jeffrey Archer, Maggie's best man and candidate for mayor of London. Therefore he has some credit with some people like me. (How come whistleblowers are extremely easy to talk to. You would think that they have a hero status, however they are all on the internet and you can just talk to them. Funny world...)

    Madrid 11-M hypothesis
    Recently oil has been discovered in Equatorial Guinea to the great delight of dictator Obiang of the empoverished nation and the big oil companies. The gentlemen decided to take full advantage of the oil of course. The inhabitants of Equatorial Guinea were of course less important or not important at all. Since the relationship with Spain is not very good, Repsol only got one small oil field. Marathon Oil of the US did manage to get good oil fields.

    Gabon, which does have some oil but not enough, became very interested as well. Especially since the oil richest area is Corsico Bay which is a disputed area with Equatorial Guinea, a country with hardly any military. Therefore Gabon grabbed Mbange island in February 2003 (some sources say 2002) and plans to let Elf/Total and Shell explore the oil, because those are Gabon's partners.

    Repsol, already frustrated, conspired with Marathon Oil, some people like Mark Thatcher, Jeffrey Archer, the UK government, the US government and the Spanish government to grab Equatorial Guinea and install Severo Moto as the new president.

    They hired a friendly team called Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone and Angola and send them to Equatorial Guinea to install Severo Moto as President. Two Spanish warships set sail to Equatorial Guinea to help guard the "peace" as a nice gesture and perhaps return Mbange to its previous owner. Severo Moto would thank them, give $1B of oil per year to Marathon Oil (US) and $4B of oil per year to Repsol (Spain) and special gifts to Mark Thatcher and all the others who made it happen.

    What they forgot that France has good intelligence as well and it was Total's oil, so the French set out to foil the coup d'etat by ratting the mercenaries out to Zimbabwe and South Africa who arrested the mercenaries on March 7, 2004. Friendly nations are not allowed to engage in war anymore, but proxy wars are still fine.

    The Spanish elections were due for March 14, 2004, so the Spanish government started to panic, because the coup d'etat could lead directly back to them and their Repsol. So Marsh, a partner of Repsol's Equatorial Guinea coup, was ordered to plan some diversions at the last possible moment and one of them was an ETA attack in Madrid (which was probably like an Operation Northwoods which they still had in their drawer).

    The problem was that Marsh is allegedly known for 9/11 and Iraqi style al-Qaeda attacks which involved multiple bombings and was far more professional then the ETA ever did. On March 10, 2004 President Obiang started to point the finger at US, UK and Spain. The media could keep it a bit silence because it's a dictator with a terrible human rights record, however they couldn't afford this coup to leak to the press prior to the elections, so the go ahead was given for 11-M.

    On the morning of 11-M Madrid was attacked by a series of train bombs killing 192 people as a divertion and a means to win the elections. Two things went wrong: The script was totally different from the ETA plan which Aznar had because it was all done at the last moment so the team used their al-Qaeda tactics. Also the people of Madrid who were already tired of hearing about Iraq started to revolt against Aznar.

    The amount of lies and lack of coordination made a re-election for Aznar completely impossible especially since they started to blame al-Qaeda next, however there were no suicide bombers in the original script since that was an ETA script and there were many more inconsistencies and lies.

    From March 12 onwards the streets of Madrid and many other cities were filled with massive protests. Aznar tried to ask King Juan Carlos to postpone the election however he refused to prevent a further escalation of tension since 11 million people had already taken to the streets. In a state of complete panic Aznar removed all traces of eight years in government.

    Zapatero was faced by a serious dilemma. On the one hand he won the elections, on the other hand 60% of his country's oil depended on Repsol and there were traces to his secret services, politicians, key people in the ministeries. He had no choice to cover it up. An 11-M commission was assigned to do a similar job as the 9/11 commission even though it is more detailed.

    The same script was used by blaming the terrorist attacks on the drug dealers working for the secret services and piling lie upon lie. The popularity of Zapatero has since then diminished to Bushian levels as well.

    That ends my hypothesis. This thing is not proven, it is just a plausible scenario.

    A couple of remarks for those who read this and want to investigate:
    1. Start with the drug dealers.
    2. The drug dealers need to launder their money, so next step is find the insurance company / bank who launders for them.
    3. Find traces for the team(s) used. This will be very hard, however it is probably privatized like 9/11 and probably includes Kroll/Marsh

    =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= Clippings =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=

    Some dates of interest from the investigation of March 11th 2004. 29 of the 34 persons now in prison accusated for the attacks are informers or controlled subjects of the spanish police or secret services.

    They are small drug-dealers and similars.

    After reading the public documents of Judge Juan del Olmo preparing the trial one sees the huge ammount of false testimonies and faked prooves used to incriminate those guys.

    The official version, Al-Queda or islamic radicals are authors of the Massaker is a giant hoax.

    The Massaker was necessarily executed with the help of members of the spanish security services.

    Putting this in context with the surrender of the spanish Government to the terrorists of ETA ,one has to think that ETA knows about the real authorship of the massaker and has prooves about it.

    The truth is terrible , spanish politicians of the actual government and black sheep in the police , possibly with collaboration of ETA are the murderers of 192 innocent spanish subjects.

    Marsh & Kroll in Spain
  • Correduria de Seguros (brokerage)
  • Kroll Associates Iberia, S.L. (intelligence)
  • Kroll Ontrack Iberia, S.L.U (data recovery unit which they had to buy because of the 9/11's inside trading ;) )
  • Marsh Privat, A.I.E. (private investigator)
  • Marsh Risk Consulting, S.L. (<- had some "interesting" seminars)
  • Marsh, S.A. Mediadores de Seguros (insurance mediators)
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Aon Gil y Carvajal (risk management, Insurance Agents, Brokers & Service)
  • U.T.E. Marsh - CCM
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Chang
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Disbrok
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Salvado
  • U.T.E. Marsh McLennan - Cobian & Cobian - La Coruna

    The Mystery of the Explosives

    Finally, on September 14th, eighteen months after the attacks, Luis del Pino, brought us back to the trains in a very successful way. He published in Libertad Digital the testimony of the provincial chief of the TEDAX (Technicians in Explosive Deactivation) in Madrid, that is included in the 3/11 Judicial Summary. This was the person in charge of coordinating the four units, one working in each attacked train, which searched for unexploded devices and began the investigation on March 11th.

    Surprisingly, this subordinate of Sanchez-Manzano, who unlike him is a real TEDAX promoted by experience, declared before the judge, on July 12th 2004, that:

    1) The visual inspection he carried out in arriving at Atocha station revealed that the damage in the trains could not be caused by dynamite, but by some type of military explosive, like C3 or C4.

    2) Nevertheless, the two deactivated rucksacks (one in Atocha and another one in El Pozo stations, numbers 11 and 12) contained some other type of explosive, because the procedures of deactivation anticipated for C3 or C4 failed. That is, the rucksacks found without exploding contained something different from the bombs that had exploded.

    3) The TEDAX gather samples and vestiges for a forensic analysis. Usually, says the inspector in his declaration, those samples and rests are taken to the office of the Provincial Group of the TEDAX. Nevertheless, that day, against the habitual procedure, the samples were taken to the central office of the TEDAX, directed by Sanchez-Manzano.

    4) Finally, this inspector of the TEDAX revealed to the judge the reason why the rucksack of Vallecas, the #13, had not exploded. It was because there were loose two wires and he informed him that that was known from March 12th, because before deactivating the device of Vallecas, a X-ray was performed to the rucksack.

    First, this information, that the bomb #13, the one that leaded the Police towards the Moroccans arrested just before the Elections, was not intended to explode, was hidden from the media and thus from the public at decisive moments.

    Second, we all were being told (tell a lie one thousand times and it will become a truth) that the terrorists used in the attacks dynamite Goma-2 ECO sourced in Asturias, that ended in the hands of a group of Islamic extremists that were being observed by security forces, easily cornered after the attack and forced to commit suicide.

    Much more at link:

    Strange Coincidences in Madrid

    Some very strange coincidences about the 3/11 bombings in Madrid have come to light. El Mundo, the Spanish-language daily, has been investigating the entire incident.

    The blogger Barcepundit has been translating some of thethe Spanish articles into English , and here is a good summary article from Frank Gaffney at NRO (hat-tip to Chrenkoff for all of these.)

    In an effort to completely blow out my bandwidth for the month, and to clearly depict the strange coincidences and relationships in the investigation, I've created the chart below. See an explanation of each number under the chart.

    See also:
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    Response to Reply #50
    51. i and i ketch them vampire DrDebug

    Obediah Obediah, Jah Jah sent us here to catch vampiyah
    Obediah Obediah, Jah Jah sent us here to catch vampiyah
    I have the chalice to light up Jah fiyah!
    When i and i ketch them vampire
    i and i a go set them a fiyah
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    Response to Reply #51
    52. Jah Nuh Dead! Jah Let I and I catch 9/11 and 11-M

    Throw Down Your Arms!

    They tried to fool the black (and white) population
    By telling them that jah jah dead
    And they tried to fool the black (and white) population
    By telling them that jah jah dead..
    I & i knows jah - jah no dead - jah no dead

    Jah no dead <5x>
    Oooh nooo - jah no dead

    My knowledge increase
    My memory reflect
    Marcus garvey did say

    A rumour rumour rumour rumour rumour
    Aah marcus say
    A rumour rumour rumour rumour rumour
    Aah marcus say - jah no dead
    Jah no dead

    It was I-man who say
    Green and gold, it's the rainbow

    Haile Selassie I

    The lion the lion decrowned the king
    The lion the lion decrowned the king
    Inna in adis abeba - aaafrica
    Jah no dead - jah no dead no dead - jah no dead

    Meet me at the bank of the beautiful river
    When your journey has end
    I & i will discuss about this matter
    Jah no dead, jah no dead, jah no dead

    Jah let I and I catch them vampire!
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    Response to Reply #50
    118. 11 open questions about 11-M
    1. Drug dealers.
    Are they muslim extremists or muslims in name only (specifically: alcohol, partying etc.)

    Story about the drug dealers chain smoking, drinking, playing football etc.

    The mystery of Madrid's prime suspect
    From The Sunday Times
    March 22, 2004

    Zougam's friends and family sounded just as indignant. Whatever unsavoury friends he might have made in the course of running a mobile phone shop, he was not an Islamic extremist, they said, but a fun-loving figure who liked discos, fast cars and drinking. (...)

    According to relatives in Morocco, Zougam, 30, returned from Spain every summer with his two sisters to holiday in Tangiers. A cousin said: "They went out to discos, to the beach and drank alcohol ? things you do not associate with the kind of people that carry out such attacks." (...)

    Mohamed Bekkali, another of the arrested Moroccans, seemed even less likely a candidate for the al-Qa'ida hall of infamy: a football fanatic (...)

    It mattered little to the judge that Chaoui had once had an English girlfriend and was, like the others, a playful, Westernised Muslim who had, according to friends, never expressed the slightest interest in smiting infidels and American lackeys. (...)

    "They are a charming family," said a Spanish man who lives in the same block of flats but did not want to be named. "Not at all fundamentalists. None of the women wore headscarves and the two sisters are ... attractive, modern women."

    2. Laundry
    The drug dealers need to launder their money, so next step is find the insurance company / bank who launders for them.

    3. Legans.
    Short history:

    An attempted bombing of the track of the high-speed AVE train took place on 2 April but was unsuccessful. (1) Shortly afterwards, police identified an apartment in Legans, as the base of operations. The suspected militants, headed by Jamal Zougam, Serhane Abdelmaji "the Tunisian" and Jamal Ahmidan "the Chinese", were trapped inside the apartment by a police raid on the evening of Saturday 3 April. At 9:03 pm, when the police started to assault the premises, the militants committed suicide by setting off explosives, killing themselves and one of the police officers. (2)


    They were nice enough to wait until the everybody else got out of the building and 5 to 8 suspects managed to escape as well.

    It's interesting to see with the explosives story how they might have operated:

    Explosives -> "Thieves" -> Drug dealers -> X -> Terrorists

    This means that almost everybody has their hands clean except for X and the number Xs would be very limited. Were Jamal Zougam, Serhane Abdelmaji "the Tunisian", Jamal Ahmidan "the Chinese" and the police officer who got killed the X in this story. The only four people who had been in direct contact with the terrorists.

    That would mean that Legans served two purposes:
    1. Firmly establish al-Qaeda (because the al-Qaeda evidence was very indirect and non-conclusive as well);
    2. No people in contact with the terrorists anymore.

    Did Zougam provide the safe house for the terrorists?

    They said that Zougam, who normally welcomed people into the basement of his shop to drink coffee, had, in the days before the bombings, discouraged people from dropping in. 0,5744,9036002%255E2703,00.html

    What is the importance of cell phones to the secret service. He probably worked for them, however why cell phones?

    4. Traces of the team(s) used. This will be very hard, however it is probably privatized like 9/11.

    Reuters even interviewed them re. Madrid:

    Kevin Rosser, terrorism expert at consultancy Control Risks Group (= Paul Bremer), said the Iraq war was "a convenient excuse". "We've got to get out of the mode of seeing individual attacks as being linked to individual policies," Rosser said. WireFeed&c=WireFeed&cid=1080804792191

    So the prime suspects of 9/11 say that it is not related to Iraq. Control Risks Group is one of the four teams to which Oscar Fanjul and Paul Bremer have access. Things which make you go hmm.

    5. Warnings prior to March 7

    No intelligence agency or information service whether police-based or otherwise had any data or suspicions that might have sounded a warning before the attack took place.

    Other agencies tend to warn. France, Israel (maybe Morocco as well) would have been the most likely to know about this and always warn. Might indeed indicate a last moment decision, because plans tend to leak.

    Heritage Foundation expressed dismay about not being involved in Spain and that they weren't sharing (,1282,-3876947,00.html ), so Le Cercle is not involved. If it is an inside job, it was Spain doing directly and not via the international link. Lots of countries started to shout European CIA (as if there aren't enough alphabet agencies already) as well, so they seemed mainly pissed that they didn't know.

    6. Was 11-M scheduled on March 8 (Cleary theory) and postponed because it was supposed to hide the coup d'etat and then re-scheduled to March 11.

    The reason is that the quick plan is possible IF the plan was ready. The team could have arrived in Madrid from Iraq by March 8 and they would have three days to plan and prepare. It would explain the miscommunication because they didn't have time to brief Aznar on what kind of a plan they performed that morning because they were already on the TGV to Paris. Indication that part of the team could have been setup as early as March 7 (maybe the local team; however March 7 is possible as a start date)

    7. Perfect organization
    11-M was much smoother and better organized than 9/11. Were there preparations for the rescue teams in the days prior to March 11?

    There was a blood donation bus parked near the station and it was parked there several days prior. How long was it parked there?

    Only the political part was total chaos, but the operation was almost without failures and the rescue efforts were extremely well organized.

    8. Mariano Rajoy, Aznar's successor, promised to be tough on Basque terrorism.

    9. Aznar's revenge for April 19, 1995 when the ETA tried to blow him up.

    10. Mystery TGV. There were no trains after the attack except for the TGVs from and to France from Chamartn. SCNF allegedly said that Spain requested that those trains continued. What would be the best way to leave Madrid? Car (no, because of Operacin Jaula = the whole city was closed off within 30 minutes, so it would have been almost impossible to leave the city); Airplane (definitely not); Boat (maybe); Train (likely, because it sounds so unlikely)

    There is a train from Madrid-Chamartin to Paris Montparnasse at 09:00

    It would have arrived at the border at Hendaye (17:07)
    Ultimate destination: Paris Montparnasse (23:15) (Did they take the whole train or was it wiser to just get to Hendaye)

    11. Destruction of evidence. RENFE (=train company) wanted to scrap the bombed carriages as soon as possible. ( ,

    Don't know whether it happened, but they wanted to get rid off the evidence on March 18 already.

    Known lies:
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    Response to Original message
    18. War in Iraq not part of the original plan?
    I doubt that. I think the PNAC papers indicate differently.
    And how much oil is there in Afghanistan compared to Iraq? For all i know Afghanistan is about a pipeline (and drugs).

    Also 'they' were after intel connecting Iraq to 9-11 right from the start. (see Office of Special Plans, there's been a hearing about it recently)
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    Response to Reply #18
    20. I don't mean PNAC, because it's bigger than just the PNAC
    The PNAC is just a small part. Afghanistan was pretty much accepted by everybody. Even Russia didn't mind. It was already a deal and everybody agreed about that invasion and the plans for Afghanistan were ready in detail.

    Iraq was entirely different. It still needed a lot of planning. There was very little international support. Big struggles within the Intelligence community, struggles within the corporations as well. Dissent with people like Clarke. I get the impression that a lot of people were not told that Iraq was part of the grand plan and that originally most assumed that Afghanistan was the country which everybody was going to invade and the reason is of course that it was a failed state already. I think that the PNAC team decided unilaterally to add Iraq which explains the complete chaos and very obvious lies. Afghanistan was a smooth ride from the start and technically it is not an illegal war either.

    Do you have a link for OSP, because if that predated 9/11 then it's interesting, however most things I've seen are past 9/11.
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    Response to Reply #20
    21. OSP does not predate 9-11:
    "With September 11 as his ideological backdrop, Rumsfeld decided in autumn 2001 to establish a new intelligence agency, independent of the CIA and the Pentagon, called the Office of Special Plans (OSP). He put his deputy, Wolfowitz, in charge. The pair were dissatisfied with the failure of the CIA among others to provide firm proof of both Saddam's alleged WMD arsenal and links to al-Qaeda." (June 2003)

    I see your point regarding Iraq no being part of the original plan.
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    Response to Original message
    19. some more on Clearstream and related activities
    WFMU "For The Record" #531
    Dave Emory
    Interview with Lucy Komisar about Offshore
    October 30, 2005
    (real audio, summary)

    Featuring the brilliant investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, this program highlights the use of Offshore entities to evade taxes, maximize corporate profits and finance a variety of criminal enterprises. Much of the first side of the program consists of analysis and discussion of insurance giant AIG and its prolific use of offshore scams. In addition to presenting AIGs pioneering devlopment of captive reinsurance companies to launder profits and evade taxes, the program highlights AIGs use of Coral Reinsurance for a variety of illegal gambits. It should be noted that AIGs illegal operations have been aided by a number of powerful and influential people. Much of the second side of the program consists of review of the pivotally important Clearstream network, and its use by intelligence agencies, corporations, criminal syndicates and terrorist organizations.

    Program Highlights Include: A working definition of Offshore; the links of AIG to the intelligence community; assistance given to AIGs scams by luminaries such as Henry Kissinger and former Secretary of the Treasury Richard Rubin; Clearstreams use of unregistered accounts; the role of the Clearstream network in the Banco Ambrosiano, October Surprise and BCCI scandals; the role of the Clearstream network in the financing of Al Qaeda and 9/11; the role of the Clearstream network in the machinations of the Russian criminal networks of Mikhail Khordokovsky; discussion of the Bermuda Inversion gambit; discussion of Transfer Pricing; discussion of an organization formed by Lucy Komisar that is working to eliminate corporate tax evasion through the use of offshore.


    In a 'corporate inversion, a U.S. company creates a new parent corporation based in a tax haven like Bermuda. The company and any foreign subsidiaries become subsidiaries of the new parentand the entire corporation then benefits from tax reporting and regulations that are often significantly less demanding and expensive than those in the United States. In the past few years, about two dozen publicly traded companies have reincorporated in Bermuda or announced they would do so. Among them are Tyco International, McDermott International, Ingersoll-Rand, Nabors Industries, a huge, Houston-based operator of oil-drilling rigs. Since they are now foreign corporations, they evade billions of dollars of US taxes. Shareholders - including pension funds - lose too. In Bermuda, corporate laws shift the balance of control from stockholders to a company's directors and severely limit investors' right to sue. There is no treaty with Bermuda guaranteeing the reciprocity of judgmentsmeaning stockholders may have a hard time ensuring American court orders are enforced. In addition, stockholders' ability to obtain information about Bermudan court decisions is limited: the island does not even maintain an official court reporter. Legislation to block the tax advantages of conversions was decimated by the Republicans, which applied only to future conversions.


    Offshore financial centers are, mostly, confidential and parallel financial systems segregated from the traditional banking structure of the jurisdiction and restricted to non-residents. There are more than 4000 offshore banks thought to exist in about 70 offshore jurisdictions. They lack the regulation and supervision of banks found in developed onshore jurisdictions. In many OFCs, a bank can be formed, registered and its ownership placed in the hands of nominee directors via the Internet. There are few, if any, disclosure requirements, bank transactions are free of exchange and interest rate restrictions, there are minimal or no capital reserve requirements, and transactions are mostly tax-free. Some OFCs permit the licensing and registration of shell banks that exist only on paper and do not have a physical presence. They generally have legal frameworks designed to obscure the identity of the beneficial owner. Some OFCs offer the ability to form and manage secretly a variety of international business companies (IBCs), trusts, investment funds and insurance companies, many with nominee - that is front -directors, nominee officeholders and nominee shareholders.


    9. Next, the program reviews Transfer Pricing. (For more about Transfer Pricing, see: DAVE: How about Transfer Pricing? LUCY Is a way of evading taxes by allocating profits for tax and other purposes among parts of a multinational corporate group or to secretly owned companies. These front companies are always offshore in tax havens. Offshore trading offices or companies handle imports and exports, buying a U.S. export from a company at a sharply reduced paper cost and selling it abroad for the real-world market value, so the exporting company makes no profit. That stays with the tax haven trading company.
    In the reverse, a company buys goods at a real price and sells to the U.S. firm at a grossly inflated one, so the U.S. firm has a huge cost to deduct when it uses the item in manufacture or resells it at a loss.
    Two US professors used customs data to examine the impact of over-invoiced imports and under-invoiced exports on U.S. federal income tax revenues for 2001. The findings were staggering. Would you buy plastic buckets from the Czech Republic for $973 each, tissues from China at $1,870 a pound, a cotton dishtowel from Pakistan for $154? U.S. companies, at least on paper, were getting very little for their exported products. If you were in business, would you sell bus and truck tires to Britain for $11.74 each, color video monitors to Pakistan for $21.90, and prefabricated buildings to Trinidad for $1.20 a unit? After all the deductions, the U.S. company has minimal profits. The offshore centers levy no taxes on profits claimed there. Comparing all the stated export and import prices to real-world prices, the professors figured the 2001 U.S. tax loss at $53.1 billion. (Idem.)


    LUCY: Following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the U.S. started focusing its investigation on the financial trail of Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda network. Like any other large, global operation, international terrorists need to move large sums of money across borders clandestinely. In November, U.S. authorities named some banks that had bin Laden accounts, and it put them on a blacklist. One was Al Taqwa-Fear of God-registered in the Bahamas with offices in Lugano, Switzerland. Al Taqwa had access to the Clearstream system through its correspondent account with the Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, which has a published Clearstream account No. 74381. But Bin Laden may have other access to the unpublished system. In what he calls a spectacular discovery, A series of 16 unpublished accounts had been opened under the name of the Saudi Investment Company, or SICO, the Geneva holding company of the bin laden family's Saudi Binladen Group it is run by Bin Laden's brother, Yeslam Binladen. SICO is associated with Dar AI-Maal-AI-lslami (DMI), an Islamic financial institution also based in Geneva and presided over by Saudi Prince Muhammed Al Faisal Al Saoud, and which directs millions a year to fundamentalist movements. DMI holds a share of the Al Shamal Islamic Bank of Sudan, which was set up in 1991 and partly financed by $50 million from Osama bin Laden. (For more specific documentation, see:;

    <much, much more, and then some>


    related links:

    tax justice network

    The Fall of a Titan by Lucy Komisar; AlterNet; 3/17/2005;

    Take the Money and Run Offshore by Lucy Komisar; AlterNet.)

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    Response to Original message
    23. Weatherly Securities Corporation

    Luanshya copper mine in Zambia

    Weatherly Securities Corporation, part of Weatherly International, was a London based brokage firm with 110 employees in total and 60 working in the New York branch. It had their offices on the 29th floor in WTC2. All employees survived.

    Garden City branch office (UK) of Weatherly Securities was terminated as of October 2001, since it had become the subject of a series of substantial arbitration demands from customers asserting compensatory and punitive damage claims. (1)

    The company received $300,000 from the Block Recovery Grant and an SBA load for $750,000 (2) however Weatherly Security was shut down in September 2002 like their UK branch.

    The parent company Weatherly International has been working to chart a new course in the acquiring and investing of African natural resources businesses. In late 2005, Weatherly International acquired Puku Minerals Limited, a company owning development rights in a Zambia copper mining project (3) in Luanshya. The Luanshya copper mine is the oldest copper mine in Zambia. (4)

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    Response to Original message
    24. Equally strange GKN Securities
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 06:44 PM by DrDebug
    Consider the case of GKN Securities, a stock brokerage firm.

    On Sept. 10, 2001, GKN formally notified the Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Association of Security Dealers that it had closed its doors more than a month earlier.

    "GKN is conducting no further business other than seeking to satisfy its remaining liabilities, which are substantially in excess of its remaining assets," the company wrote in an official filing.

    But the following year, GKN officials blamed the company's losses on the attacks.

    Empire State awarded the defunct company a $150,000 Business Recovery Grant and an additional $50,201 to a sister corporation, EarlyBird Capital.

    When The News called Firebrand Financial Group, which owned GKN and still owns EarlyBird, a secretary said GKN "has been out of business for years." David Nussbaum, former GKN president, who now works at EarlyBird, did not return numerous calls from The News.
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    Response to Reply #24
    38. Freaky.
    I tried to find some of those "businesses" that were listed and could not find anything except their mention as a tenant in the world trade center. You know what I think? I think they were part of the 911 "operation" and they closed shop around the time of 9-11. Maybe.
    I also read in a book I have on The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center that the PA rented out empty space to artists, but I never have actually heard of an artist who rented space there.
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    Response to Reply #38
    39. I think that many companies were virtual
    A lot were small, but a lot were never in the WTC except in name only. It is specific floors were you have many companies and you'll also notice that there is no or hardly any information about the company and not the number of employees working in WTC either. It's already clear that 2201 and 7967 don't exist.

    There are also pseudo virtual companies especially foreign companies who had an office in WTC which would be no more than a secretary and maybe one or two people, because that would enable them to say "Berlin - London - New York - Sydney - Tokyo" and use the WTC address for show and have a partnership somewhere in New Jersey for the US operations. Especially consulting firms have a habit of doing that, because the location is very important for those air heads.

    I don't think that all those knew, because things like that are pretty standard. On WTC1 you have 78th, 46th, 21st floor and on WTC2 18th floor which have too many companies.
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    Response to Original message
    25. Another weird company: Anderson Davids & Cooper
    Edited on Thu Jul-06-06 07:00 PM by DrDebug
    Anderson David & Cooper is a company which does not exist and was supposed to occupy Suite 2201 of WTC1. It claimed to have six employees and three of them died (1) The irony is that the missing are not listed anywhere.

    The name results in no google results: (2)

    There is no forwarding address except a phone# 212-213-4223 which is ... a hotel of course

    Hotel Stanford
    16 East 32nd St.
    212 213 4223

    Also featured in the same suite: Dragon Coach, Inc. and many more...

    See also: Suite 7967

    2. I wonder how long it will take google to index this (or the PDF)
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    Response to Reply #25
    48. Can't find a thing on 'em
    Edited on Mon Jul-10-06 12:03 AM by mirandapriestly
    which is unusual. Dragon Coach? Isn't that a low budget bus tour or something? Some of these businesses surprise me. I have speculated that they were having a really hard time leasing the space at the towers, which would be one incentive for getting rid of them. It also sounds, though, that no one wants to lease the new ones either, except those who "know" there is no danger of the same thing happening (although I think they airplane proofed them, but they were airplane proofed before)
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    Response to Original message
    26. One year ago: 7/7
    Edited on Fri Jul-07-06 03:41 AM by DrDebug

    July 7th Timeline of Events

    An introduction to the many and varied reports of what happened on July 7th. This is working document with regular updates.

    11 September 2001

    The Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, was organising a terror drill called Tripod II at New Yorks Pier 92.


    6th July 2005
    London awarded 2012 Olympics, leading to a mood of national jubilation G8 summit begins in Scotland, President Bush arrives at 3 pm. Mayor Giuliani, over from New York, spoke to UK councillors in Harrogate, Yorkshire, at a Local Government Association conference. He praised the war on terror being conducted by Bush and Blair and the importance of taking a tough stance on the matter. He then travelled down to London that evening, staying at a hotel at Liverpool Street near where the Aldgate tube bomb went off. The purpose of his visit remained undisclosed.

    The Day of July 7th

    Investigating the 7/7 attacks

    No al-Qaeda link (duh!)

    The official inquiry into the 7 July London bombings will say the attack was planned on a shoestring budget from information on the internet, that there was no 'fifth-bomber' and no direct support from al-Qaeda, although two of the bombers had visited Pakistan.

    The first forensic account of the atrocity that claimed the lives of 52 people, which will be published in the next few weeks, will say that attacks were the product of a 'simple and inexpensive' plot hatched by four British suicide bombers bent on martyrdom.

    Far from being the work of an international terror network, as originally suspected, the attack was carried out by four men who had scoured terror sites on the internet. Their knapsack bombs cost only a few hundred pounds, according to the first completed draft of the government's definitive report into the blasts.,,1750139,00.html

    I think it was an international terror network...

    77 unanswered questions concerning 7/7 :
    by John Doe II

    This list is not a conclusive judgement on the investigation as it is still ongoing but a list that will help measure the quality of the investigation. A real investigation should come up with answers to every single question. Presenting this list is also a way of documenting that the critical public follows the investigation very carefully and has all theses questions it wished to be answered. Contrary to most of the media who have apparently forgotten that asking questions was once the main aspect of investigative journalism.

    1. On 7/7 it was reported that the first blast happened at 8:51 (Liverpool Street), the second at 8:56 (King?s Cross/Russell Square)and the third at 9:17 (Edgware Road).

    Later this timeline was changed and it was said that the first three blasts happened within 50 seconds. The Metropolitan Police states: These timings are supported by software used by London Underground to monitor the lines.

    Why did it take 2 whole days to realize that the timeline was completely wrong ?

    2. On 7/7 it was noted 0924 British Transport Police say the incident was possibly caused by a collision between two trains, a power cut or a power cable exploding. Police report "walking wounded".

    3. The given explanation for the wrong timeline was: They attributed the discrepancy to the fact that no one phoned in the explosion at the Edgware Road station as a bomb until 9:17 a.m. -- some 25 minutes after it actually occurred.

    4. Taken for granted that in fact there was no possibility to inform anybody in the outside world then why was apparently the informing of the outside world possible immediately in the first blast, five minutes later for the second and 26 minutes for the third? Why the big discrepancies in this three cases?


    77. It is claimed that the UK received some warnings prior to 7/7

    And not to forget:
    Why does Premier Tony Blair rule out a bomb inquiry?

    7/7 and 9/11 : Too many parallels
    by John Doe II

    Every researcher of 911 must immediately have realized the many striking parallels between 9/11 and 7/7. Parallels not in the way the operation was done but striking parallels in many details that already for 911 raised suspicion.

    Here a short list of the parallels:
    (I won't give the sources for 911. They are well known. If anybody needs sources please let me know)

  • Exercises that took place before and show strong parallels to what actually happened:
  • Exercise taking place the same day:
  • One scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events.
  • Identification papers survive mysteriously:
  • Security Cameras that don't work:
  • Timeline disputes:
  • Return tickets:
  • Suspect was surveilled and then got lost:
  • Bomber was surveilled and then got lost:
  • Warnings:
  • No investigation:

  • Kingstar
    by The Antogonist

    Kingstar offer a number of other services, the most interesting of which, to the mind of The Antagonist, is that of "controlled demolition", more specifically:

    Kingstar a part of AMEC. See Pentagon. See "WTC" Controlled Cleanup.

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    Response to Reply #26
    28. Possible drugs connection to the patsies

    6. The four men thought they were going to be delivering drugs or money to various locations round London, but were deceived, set up and murdered along with the others on their tubes and bus when their back packs exploded.

    Many of the details people take to support the first three stories could also support this explanation. For example, the trips to Pakistan could have facilitated the setting up of drug deals. How were the Pakistan trips financed? Jamal Lindsays reported purchase of large amounts of perfume, the purchases of boxes and rucksacks all fit the drugs hypothesis, either to hide the smell or as a means of laundering money. Drugs are a common way for patsies to be drawn into position. Those who have analysed 9/11 believe that Mohammed Atta and co probably thought they were being trained to fly 'puddlejumpers' for the CIA in Afghanistan (see Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker)

    William Bowles was one of those who set out the drugs version in Dead Men Tell No Tales: Were the London Bombings A Set Up?

    Opinions differ as to whether such a rucksack delivery system for drugs is plausible (or would have seemed plausible to the four 'mules') - some say that you would drive round London with the stuff in the boot of your hired car. However, they may have set out to do just that; the Luton story and picture could be quite false (see hypothesis 8.) They may also have thought they were delivering money apparently not so unusual in some Asian networks. One analysis tending to support the 'duped' notion (version 6 or 7) is the following:

    Much more at:

    See also: al-Cokeda
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    Response to Reply #28
    41. That's right, they exposed the drug angle
    while the US hid it, although there are traces.
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    Response to Reply #26
    32. Reasonable and Rudy
    Edited on Fri Jul-07-06 06:24 AM by DrDebug


    Capable of reasoning; rational: a reasonable person.
    Governed by or being in accordance with reason or sound thinking: a reasonable solution to the problem.
    Being within the bounds of common sense: arrive home at a reasonable hour.
    Not excessive or extreme; fair: reasonable prices.

    Open question to Rudolph Giulani
    Mr. Giulani. Can you explain your presence in London on 7/7 with reasonable arguments. Because that is the most important word here. Your behavior during September 11 was such that the mayor can be considered a major suspect and I think that in this multi-part thread there is sufficient documentation. There are many unanswered questions with regards to 9/11 specifically the destruction of over one million tons of evidence in a crime against humanity and a bunker high up in the air which wasn't needed for its intended purpose. The key question is London, because that defies reasonable doubt IMO.
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    Response to Original message
    27. Anthrax and Versar
    Versar was founded in 1969 as an environmental services firm that provided "a variety of technical and scientific services to government and private industry. (1) It is currently owned by Marsh Crisis Consulting and operated by Paul Bremer.

    Versar Project Areas:
  • Homeland Defense Consulting Services
  • Secure Architecture and Facilities Engineering (SAFE) Design,
  • Construction and Operations Services
  • Chemical, Biological and Radiological Threat Support
  • Emergency Response and On-Site Incident Services

    Centech Group, Inc.
    Centech Group, Inc. is one of Versar subsidiaries.

    The Centech Group, Inc., founded in 1988 by Fernando V. Galaviz, counts itself "among the leading worldwide providers of government Information Technology (IT) systems and solutions for a wide range of military and civilian programs," with its "core competencies ... systems engineering and integration, network operations, knowledge management, data administration, integrated document management, software solutions and computer facilities operation and support."

    In the past fifteen years, Centech has served "government and corporate clients on more than 1,800 contracts ... within numerous government agencies and departments including the DOD, DOT, U.S. Treasury, State Department and Commerce Department, among others."

    CENTECH is the only approved manufacturer of a decontamination system for the United Sates Army. The M22 Decon Dragon 3000 is a high temperature, high-pressure (3000psi) or high-flow (40gpm) pressure washer designed for chemical, biological, and nuclear particulate decontamination. The M22 also has the ability to incorporate non-caustic chemicals into the spray for increased performance.

    CENTECH works with a team of suppliers who make the highest quality equipment in the industry and we can help you make the right decisions regarding the type of equipment needed to mitigate a weapons of mass destruction incident. Please contact us to discuss your acquisition of equipment to mitigate any CBRN incident.


    Linked Anthrax thread:
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    Response to Original message
    29. There are a big chunk of Chilean Oil related co's
    Chilean Government Trade Bureau (ProChile) 51 Suite 5151 2000 (year they signed lease)
    Chilean National Petroleum Company (Empresa Nacional del Petroleo - ENAP) 51 Suite 5151 2000
    Chilean Production Promotion Center (Corporacion de Fomento de la Produccion - CORFO) 51 Suite 5151 2000
    Chilean Trading Corporation 51 Suite 5151 1995

    Which relate to the Salvador Allende posts:

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    Response to Reply #29
    30. And our friend Oscar Fanjul who is also from Chile
    Edited on Fri Jul-07-06 05:38 AM by DrDebug

    European Investment Bank

    On a proposal from the President approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting on 3 March 2005, Mr Oscar Fanjul has been appointed Alternate Expert Member of the Board of Directors to succeed Mr Manuel Conthe following the latter's resignation. His term of office runs until the day of the Bank's Annual Meeting in 2008.

    Oscar Fanjul was born in Santiago de Chile in 1949. He holds a PhD in Economics and has been a full professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    He was the Founder Chairman and CEO of Repsol, S.A., from its creation in 1986 until 1996, and is currently Honorary Chairman of the Company. He has also held the post of Chairman of Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico. At present, he is Vice Chairman of Omega Capital.

    He is also a member of the Boards of Unilever (Advisory Director), the London Stock Exchange, Ericsson, S.A., the Marsh & McLennan Companies; Acerinox and Tecnicas Reunidas. He is on the International Advisory Boards of The Chubb Corporation and of the European Advisory Board of The Carlyle Group and Sviluppo Italia, as well as being an International Advisor to Goldman Sachs.

    He started his professional career at the industrial holding I.N.I. in 1972, and has also worked at the Confederacion Espanola Cajas de Ahorros. He served during 1983 and 1984 as Technical Secretary General and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

    He is a member of the Trilateral Commission and has been a member of the Competitiveness Advisory Group to the President of the European Commission.

    The Bilderberg wasn't mentioned were he was on the 58 May 2005 meeting. It seems that they did list the Trilateral.
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    Response to Original message
    31. fuji bank
    actually had different companies on each floor. Here is a brochure from 1999. There was a holding company, a leasing company, an investment company, not really banking per se, so I'm sure there is more to it than meets the eye. They also have an offshore company ,but not in the wtc.'Fuji%20JGB%20Investment%20Holdings'
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    Response to Original message
    33. It's also time to let others continue this investigation
    Edited on Fri Jul-07-06 06:44 AM by DrDebug
    Personally I think that most things have been documented. It's not perfect, but it's very strong and I think it gives a good overview of 9/11. Still needs summaries, additional material, references, however I am very pleased. Other events like 3/11 and 7/7 have mentioned as well. There is a theory about 3/11 which needs further study. 7/7 has many questions and it'll take time before we'll get to the stage where 9/11 is at this point, however I am very hopeful and didn't expect that we could have solved this to this level being mere amateurs.

    Everybody and every company mentioned here is innocent until proven guilty. There can be reasonable doubt for many of the players. In my humble opinion it is Rudy Giulani who has gone beyond reasonable doubt ( ).

    Let's hope that all this documentation will come to positive fruitation.

    In memoriam:
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    Response to Reply #33
    36. thank you DrDebug
    And mirandapriestly of course.
    I'm not exactly sure what i'll do with all this, but i've got it stored just in case.
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    Response to Original message
    34. self delete (hit post too soon)
    Edited on Sat Jul-08-06 01:21 AM by mirandapriestly
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    Response to Original message
    35. Avid Technologies, edit work on Atta tape & EMC
    Edited on Sat Jul-08-06 02:10 AM by mirandapriestly
    Avid Technologies does a lot of Defense work. They also helped make the image of Atta & Omari "more clear" in the Logan Airport Video, using software called dTective. I have looked at those images and thought that there was something strange about them & I would like to know just how "clear" they made the pictures. Did they basically superimpose the faces of Atta and Olmari over the heads of the figures? When I enlarged the picture it looked like masks were put over their faces, try it. And, coincidence, just like Raytheon, who also contracted to defense, they lost someone on a flight on 9-11, flight 175.

    Anyway, now we come full circle back to Andrew Grove. He talked about Legato as a criminal software company and their connection to Marsh. Legato was eventually was bought by EMC.
    Todd Beamer's father was a ceo for Legato bought by EMC which was involved in bank fraud relating to paying the terrorists. They signed their checks "let's roll"- So EMC also bought Avid.
    Quote from Grove-
    "One might also find it interesting that EMCs Founder, Richard Eagan, was Dick Cheneys largest fundraiser in 2000, and was appointed by G.W. Bush as Ambassador to Ireland in his first term. Coincidence? Only if you are missing the information which connects them all"
    Company helps 9/11 probe after losing one of its own
    By Denise Lavoie, Associated Press

    TEWKSBURY, Mass. Like many businesses, Avid Technology Inc. lost one of its own in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Douglas Gowell, the company's director of new business development, was traveling to Los Angeles to promote a new product when Flight 175 slammed into the World Trade Center.


    The company loaned the FBI digital editing equipment that allowed investigators to enhance and sharpen video images of two of the hijackers taken hours before the attacks.

    One of the images showed lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and another one of the hijackers, Abdulaziz Alomari, passing through a security checkpoint at the Portland, Maine, airport at 5:45 a.m. on Sept. 11. Hours later, they were at Logan International Airport in Boston.

    In the weeks after the attacks, the airport image of Atta was shown repeatedly on televisions around the world.

    Investigators used the enhanced images to retrace the hijackers' steps in Portland. Surveillance cameras filmed the pair at an automated teller machine, a gas station and a Wal-Mart store. The FBI released the images to the public, generating many tips from Portland residents who saw the pair the day before the attacks. ..."

    (I wonder if they worked on anything else that was shown repeatedly on televisions around the world?)
    Other defense work (basically spying on people) :

    "Today, there are several uses for VirtualPerimeter and LiveWave's technologies. Just a couple months ago LiveWave was selected by NBC News to put a camera, a broadcast camera system at Ground Zero in New York, our cameras being fed via fiber back to MSNBC and from there it is offered as a pool camera to several other cable networks and broadcast networks.
    ...We are also working with several municipal police departments, port authority, transit systems, military bases, that have requested pilot programs and other types of implementations to demonstrate the technology and work toward a large full-scale implementations."
    ..."The ability to access and control these cameras is critical, especially when monitoring assets that are spread out. We then take our core technology, being the software to control cameras and we coupled those third party complimentary hardware and software, in particular we are working with a company in Tewksbury, Massachusetts called Avid Technology, and Avid has developedthey are actually the pioneer in digital video, editing and video enhancement. They have been around for quite some time. And, taking their core technology for back-end video management and analysis and tying it into our front-end for controlling cameras and distributing video in real-time has created a very compelling system that we are calling VirtualPerimeter"
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    Response to Reply #35
    37. What are the odds
    Edited on Sat Jul-08-06 02:49 AM by mirandapriestly
    this many people would have died on planes on 9-11 who were working for Raytheon or defense contractors. There is also a common thread between the people who died in the Pentagon- most of them were accountants or budget analysts,(amidst the money scandal) a high ranking budget analyst for the Pentagon was on one of the planes, what are the odds? what's going on here?
    DOD #1 - Flight 77 (North Tower): Bryan Jack, of Alexandria, VA. He was a program head in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, where he had worked for 23 years and was a top budget analyst. If you look at who did in the Pentagon , you will see it is mostly budget/accountant people.

    DOD#2 - Raytheon #1- Flight 175 (Pentagon): Herb Homer, of Milford, Ma. A Raytheon appointee (corporate executive) working for Defense Contract Management Agency.

    Raytheon #2 - Flight 11 (South Tower): Kenneth Waldie of Meuthuen, MA., US Naval Officer, Ret., and worked for Raytheon as Senior Quality Control Engineer in Electronic Systems. He was not supposed to be on the flight, due to fly the following day. There is no public explanation why he pushed his flight forward a day, but it cost him his life

    Raytheon #3 - Flight 11: Peter Gay, of Tewksbury, MA, was VP of Operations for Electronic Systems Division of Raytheon in El Segundo. He should have been on a flight the day earlier, but postponed his trip one day. There is no explanation why, but it cost him his life. His wife saids he had been very upset about something.
    Raytheon #4 - Flight 11: David P. Kovalcin, Hudson N.H. He was a Senior Quality Control Engineer for Raytheon's Electronic Systems in Tewksbury.
    Raytheon #5 - Flight 77: Stanley Hall, of (Clifton, Va) Rancho Palos Verdes. He was a Program Director for Electronic Systems at Raytheon in Arlington, Va, described as Raytheon's 'dean of electronic warfare' by colleagues. Having two residences listed in various resources, and other anomalies in job descriptions and commentaries, suggest he may have been involved in intelligence matters.
    Veridian (Raytheon #6) - Flight 11: John Yamnicky, of Waldorf, Md. He was a former Naval officer of 30 years who worked for Veridian as an aeronautical engineer. Veridian is a producer of flight control modeling software for the military and civilian aerospace industry and is a subcontractor to Raytheon

    Boeing #1 - Flight 77: Chandler Keller, of Marina Del Rey (and El Segundo) worked for Boeing as a propulsion engineer or a satellite communications engineer, depending on which official version you accept. All three Boeing employees killed have suffered the same employment obscufication.
    Boeing #2 - Flight 77: Ruben Ornedo, of Los Angeles, also a propulsion engineer or satellite communications engineer, according to which story you accept

    Boeing #3 - Flight 77: Dong Lee, of Leesburg, Va also a propulsion engineer or satellite communications engineer, according to which story you accept

    Xontech #1 (Boeing #4) - Flight 11: John Sammartino, of Annandale, Va. near CIA's Langley and the Pentagon.) He was a Technical Manager for XonTech (Arlington), a defense contractor and Boeing subcontractor

    Xontech #1 (Boeing #5) - Flight 77: Leonard Taylor, Reston Va, near CIA's Langley and the Pentagon) Technical Group Manager for Xontech

    BAE Systems #1 (Boeing #6) (Raytheon #7) - Flight 11: Charles Jones, of Bedford, Ma., spent 24 years with the USAF and was qualified to fly the Space Shuttle. He worked for BAE's Information and Electronic Warfare Systems and Information Dominance Divisions as program manager, and was awarded the National Military Intelligence Award for services rendered. BAE Systems is a major military contractor and intelligence community contractor (a true multinational arms maker, originally British, partnering with Sweden's SAAB, Airbus, and eventually, Lockheed Martin) involved in unmanned flight control systems, specifically to include Global Hawk Research with Raytheon.
    BAE Systems #2 (Boeing #7) (Raytheon #8) - Flight 77): Robert Penninger, of Poway, Ca. He was an electrical engineer for BAE Systems, serving as Program Director for Missions Solutions in San Diego

    BAE Systems #3 (Boeing #8) (Raytheon #9) - Flight 175: Gerald Moran, of Rockville, Md., was working in the Pentagon on behalf of BAE's Applied Technologies when killed by the impact of Flight 77

    BAE Systems #4 (Boeing #9) (Raytheon #10) - Flight 93 (hero flight): Edward Porter Felt, of Matawan, N.J. , Kearfott Guidance and Navigation.) He worked for BAE Systems and had been ordered to fly to San Francisco on Business

    BTG # 1 (Boeing #10) (Raytheon #11) - Pentagon: Scott Powell, Silver Spring, Md, worked for BTG, Inc., a partner with Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, International Research Inc. (INRI), all of which have been involved in Global Hawk

    BTG #2 (Boeing #11) (Raytheon #12) - Pentagon: Edmond Young, Owings, Md, near CIA's Langley and the Pentagon) also worked for BTG

    Booze-Allen and Hamilton #1 (Pentagon): Gerald P. Fisher, Potomac Md, Worked at the Pentagon for CIA enmeshed Booze and Hamilton, a consulting firm involved in many projects for the military, intelligence community, and involving military contractors such as Boeing, Raytheon

    Booze-Allen and Hamilton #2 (Pentagon): Terence Lynch, Alexandria, Va, Worked at the Pentagon

    Booze-Allen and Hamilton #3 (Pentagon): Earnest Willcher, N. Potomac, Worked at the Pentagon

    General Electric/Honeywell - Flight 11: Janice Lasden, Peabody, Ma. She was and employee of defense contractor General Electric, who is merging with Honeywell (in Europe only), a subcontractor on Global Hawk

    Lockheed Martin #1 (Raytheon #13) - Flight 77: Robert L. Ploger III, of Annandale, Va. worked for 20 years at Lockheed Martin as a software engineer. Lockheed Martin is a subcontractor to Raytheon on Global Hawk responsible for the communications system which are at the heart of its navigational capabilities Avid Technologies (Lockheed Martin #2) (Raytheon #14) -
    Flight 93: Douglas Gowell, Methuen, Ma. worked for Avid Technologies, a defense contractor and subcontractor to Lockheed Martin and Raytheon

    MITRE - Flight 175: Carl Max Hammond, Jr., of Westford, Ma. A researcher at MIT and employed by MITRE, . MITRE is also very big in Homeland Defense and the Total Information Awareness project for the Pentagon, a very Big Brother company

    William E. Caswell was a third-generation physicist whose work at the Navy was so classified that his family knew very little about what he did each day.

    They don't even know exactly why he was headed to Los Angeles on the doomed American Airlines Flight 77.

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    Response to Reply #37
    59. DOD again lost a trillion in 2002
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 06:25 AM by DrDebug
    I think you said that maybe it was to hide the costs of 9/11, because the missing trillions are pretty standard.

    Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions
    Unacknowledged Special Access Programs


    A big questions that remains of course is how all these projects are funded. The official black budget of the DoD would be the most likely explanation, but there are 'indications' that the U.S. economy is being plundered for at least $1 trillion every year (yes, about 10% of GNP). Because no one is going to believe this without reading the full original sources, I cached all the mainstream news reports at the bottom of this article. I extracted the following numbers from these reports:

    Year Missing Sources (all cached at the bottom)
    1998 $3.4 trillion Washington Times
    1999 $2.3 trillion Congressional meeting
    2000 $1.1 trillion Congressional meeting; Insight Magazine
    2001 $2.3 trillion CBS quoting Rumsfeld
    2002 $1+ trillion San Francisco Chronicle; CBS

    References to the missing annual trillions (no typo) in the DOD and other government agencies:

    1. April 1, 1999, Washington Times, '$3,400,000,000,000 Of Taxpayers' Money Is Missing'
    2. November 6, 2000, Insight Magazine, 'Why Is $59 Billion Missing From HUD *?'
    3. June 25, 2001, Insight Magazine, 'THE CABINET - Inside HUD's * Financial Fiasco'
    4. September 3, 2001, Insight Magazine, 'Rumsfeld Inherits Financial Mess'
    5. September 28, 2001, Insight Magazine, 'Wasted Riches'
    6. January 29, 2002, CBS News, 'The War on Waste - Defense Department Cannot Account For 25% Of Funds $2.3 Trillion'
    7. April 29, 2002, Insight Magazine, 'Government Fails Fiscal Fitness Test'
    8. May 18, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, 'Military waste under fire $1 trillion missing -- Bush plan targets Pentagon accounting'
    9. May 19, 2003, CBS, 'Pentagon Fights For (Its) Freedom'
    10. May 22, 2003, The Guardian, 'So much for the peace dividend: Pentagon is winning the battle for a $400bn budget'
    11. June 28, 2003, NPR's Morning Edition, Congressman Dennis Kucinich mentions the missing trillions.
    12. April 6, 2004, USA Today, 'NASA costs can't be verified, GAO report says'
    13. March 2005, Senate Armed Services Committee, FY 2006 Defense Dept. Budget (congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asks some hard questions) [br />
    Excerpted from:

    * HUD was of course the responsibility our friend Mel Martinez whose name always comes up in Election 2000 Fraud, al Cokeda, Skyway's 5.5 tons of cocaine.

    Public Domain: Congressional Record

    Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asks questions about the missing trillions to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and DOD comptroller Tina Jonas.

    FY 2006 Defense Department Budget
    Senate Armed Services Committee
    March 2005
    Broadcasted by C-Span

    MCKINNEY: According to the Comptroller-General of the United States there are serious financial management problems at the Pentagon to which mr. Cooper alluded. Fiscal year 1999, 2.3 trillion missing; fiscal year 2000, 1.1 trillion missing. And the DOD is the number one reason why the government can't balance its checkbook.

    The Pentagon has claimed year after year that the reason it can't account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with each other. My second question, mr. secretary, is who has the contracts today to make those systems communicate with each other, how long have they had those contracts, and how much have the taxpayers paid for them?

    RUMSFELD: ... I forgot what the second question was.

    MCKINNEY: I think miss Jonas knowns it.

    JONAS: Thank you, mrs. McKinney, I appreciate the question, I appreciate your interest in our department's financial condition, and we are working very hard on that program. I just came back recently....

    MCKINNEY: I understand you're working hard on it, but my question was who has the contracts, how long have they had that contract, and how much money have we spent on it?

    JONAS: In general we spent about 20 billion dollars in the department on information technology systems. The accounting systems, or part of that, I can give you the exact number for the record of what we spent on our current, of what we call our legacy systems and those that we're moving toward.

    MCKINNEY: And who has the contracts?

    JONAS: There would be a multitude of individuals...

    MCKINNEY: Could you name some, please?

    JONAS: Well, uh, I think of the top of the, my head... well, I would rather not. I would rather provide that for the record.

    MCKINNEY: That's not privileged information, is it?

    JONAS: I'm sure it's not.

    MCKINNEY: Well, please. We still have time. So, please.

    JONAS: I would be glad to provide it for the record. I don't want to talk from the top of my head and be incorrect.

    Rumsfeld has of course forgotten the question again and Jonas never could find the answer.

    Now the Lord had commanded a great whale to swallow up Jonas
    Jonas 2:1
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    Response to Reply #59
    60. Pentagon finance manager resigns Dov Zakheim
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    Response to Reply #60
    61. Let's excerpt this part: Flight Termination System

    Comp-troll-er of missing trillions and controller of remote airplanes

    Dov Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corp and they make the Flight Termination System.

    System Planning Corporation's is proud to offer the Flight Termination System (FTS), a fully redundant turnkey range safety and test system for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles. The FTS consists of SPC's Command Transmitter System (CTS) and custom control, interface, and monitoring subsystems. The system is fully programmable and is flexible enough to meet the changing and challenging requirements of today's modern test ranges.
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    Response to Reply #61
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 10:13 AM by seemslikeadream


    Washington is unraveling.
    "What these revelations provide is a window into Babylon or the last stages of Rome," explains a source with knowledge of the multiple ongoing investigations.

    BANDULU: bandit, criminal, one living by guile
    BANDULU BIZNESS is a racket, a swindle

    Wires and Watchtowers

    How can the wicked smile while the world is burning
    How can they turn their eyes and walk away
    How can the blue bloods hide, while brothers killing brothers
    Why do they divide I and I for diamonds and gold

    The dreams of children they float to the sky
    And wires and watchtowers cant bring their demise
    Tell me why oh why are we so blind
    The treasures of love lay buried inside
    Tell me why oh why do we deny
    The chains of Babylon are all in our mind

    The murderers clouds cant keep the sun from shining
    The wind of Jah will scatter them away
    The murderers clouds cant keep the sun from shining
    Jah will scatter he who has no shame

    The dreams of children they float to the sky
    And wires and watchtowers cant bring their demise
    Tell me why oh why are we so blind
    The treasures of love lay buried inside
    Tell me why oh why do we deny
    The chains of Babylon are all in our mind

    Tell me why oh why are we so blind
    The treasures of love lay buried inside
    Tell me why oh why do we deny
    The chains of Babylon are all in our mind

    Thievery Corporation

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    Response to Reply #64
    65. Bandulas in Babylon. What Did You Do?
    Oklahoma City
    New York City

    Is This Babylon's Heritage Foundation?


    Babylon What Have You Done?

  • Afghanistan
  • Haiti
  • Iraq

    How Much Blood Has To Flow For Your Greed, Babylon?

    Rage Against The Machine

    Pull, pull
    Come on!
    Solo, I'm a soloist on a solo list
    Al live, never on a floppy disk
    Inka, inka, bottle of ink
    Paintings of rebellion
    Drawn up by the thoughts I think
    Come on!
    The militant poet in once again, check it
    It's set up like a deck of cards
    They're sending us to early graves
    For all the diamonds
    They'll use a pair of clubs to beat the
    With poetry I paint the pictures that hit
    More like the murals that fit
    Don't turn away
    Get in front of it
    Brotha, did ya forget ya name?
    Did ya lose it on the wall
    Playin' tic-tac-toe?
    Yo, check the diagonal
    Three brothers gone
    Come on
    Doesn't that make it three in a row?
    Anger is a gift
    Come on!
    Check that!
    Come on
    Brotha, did ya forget ya name?
    Did ya lose it on the wall
    Playin' tic-tac-toe?
    Yo, check the diagonal
    Three million gone
    Come on
    'Cause they're counting backwards to zero

    The environment exceeding on the level
    Of our unconciousness
    For example
    What does the billboard say
    Come and play, come and play
    Forget about the movement

    Anger is a gift
    freedom, freedom, yea right
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    Response to Reply #65
    66. How Much Blood Has To Flow For Your Greed, Babylon?
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 10:48 AM by seemslikeadream

























    thanks phil collins for the words
    my heart to the people of Haiti
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    Response to Reply #66
    70. GET UP, STAND UP
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 03:46 PM by DrDebug

    Get Up, Stand Up
    Bob Marley & Peter Tosh

    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight

    Preacher man don't tell me heaven is under the earth
    I know you don't know what life is really worth
    Is not all that glitters in gold and
    Half the story has never been told
    So now you see the light, aay
    Stand up for your right. Come on

    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight
    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight

    Most people think great God will come from the sky
    Take away ev'rything, and make ev'rybody feel high
    But if you know what life is worth
    You would look for yours on earth
    And now you see the light
    You stand up for your right, yeah!

    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight
    Get Up, Stand Up. Life is your right
    So we can't give up the fight
    Stand up for your right, Lord, Lord
    Get Up, Stand Up. Keep on struggling on
    Don't give up the fight

    We're sick and tired of your ism and skism game
    Die and go to heaven in Jesus' name, Lord
    We know when we understand
    Almighty God is a living man
    You can fool some people sometimes
    But you can't fool all the people all the time
    So now we see the light
    We gonna stand up for our right

    So you'd better get up, stand up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight
    Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
    Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight.

    Rise up for the people of Oklahoma City
    Rise up for the people of New York
    Rise up for the people of New Orleans
    Rise up for the people of Mumbai
    Rise up for the people of Moscow
    Rise up for the people of Madrid
    Rise up for the people of Lebanon
    Rise up for the people of Kuta
    Rise up for the people of Jordan
    Rise up for the people of Iraq
    Rise up for the people of Haiti
    Rise up for the people of Afghanistan
    Rise up for those you labelled terrorists

    Babylon, I say unto you
    What you did unto one of my brothers
    Even these least of my brothers
    You did unto me

    Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.
    Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.
    Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.
    From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

    Free at Last!
    Free at Last!
    Thank God Almighty, Free at Last!
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    Response to Reply #66
    83. Haiti 2004
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 08:37 AM by DrDebug
    Because they have been playing with Haiti a long time now. It was proxy coup like Equatorial Guinea mentioned above by the United States, Canada, France and the Dominican Republic.

    Timeline (All are proxy coups)
  • July 28, 1915: Woodrow Wilson invades Haiti
  • 1934: Military dictatorship
  • Sept 22, 1957: Papa Doc Duvalier becomes president and terrorizes the population.
  • 1971: Papa Doc's 19-year old son Baby Doc Duvalier is installed as an even worse dictator.
  • 1986: Baby Doc Duvalier is flown to safety by the US
  • Feb 6, 1986: Henry Namphy is elected after a CIA rigged election.
  • Feb 7, 1988: Leslie Manigat. First democratically elected leader.
  • June 20, 1988: Henri Namphy
  • Sept 17, 1988: Prosper Avril
  • March 10, 1990: Herard Abraham
  • March 13, 1990: Ertha Pascal-Trouillot
  • Feb 7, 1991: Jean-Bertrand Aristide becomes president. Second democratically elected leader
  • Sept 30, 1991: CIA backed coup deposes Jean-Bertrand Aristide
  • July 3, 1993: The chaos gets so bad that Aristide will be reinstated 30 October 1993
  • Oct 8, 1993: The peacekeepers immediately turn back after arriving in Haiti
  • July 29, 1994: The UN more or less forces action after months of inactivity.
  • Oct 15, 1994: Aristide is reinstated as president.
  • Feb 7, 1996: Ren Prval
  • Feb 7, 2001: Aristide II
  • Feb 5, 2004: Yet another coup d'etat in Haiti
  • Feb 29, 2004: Boniface Alexandre
  • May 7, 2006 - Ren Prval II does manage to get elected despite massive election fraud. ( )


    Guy Philippe, rebel leader and U.S. Special Forces

    On May 2003, a group of at least 20 paramilitary soldierstrained and funded by the US cross into Haiti from the neighboring Dominican Republic and attack a hydroelectric power plant on Haiti's central plateau. Shortly after the attack, Dominican authorities, arrest five men, including Guy Philippe (1) and Paul Arcelin, who they believe are plotting the overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's government.

    Also at this time, there is a US build-up along the Dominican border, where 900 US soldiers patrol jointly with the Dominican army, whom they have armed with 20,000 M16s. Ben Dupuy, general secretary of the left-wing party PPN, tells the left-wing Haiti Progres, There is no doubt these guys are true terrorists working with the CIA under Dominican protection. (2)


    Beginning in Gonaves with the capture of that city's police station on February 5, the rebellion quickly spread to the nearby port city of Saint-Marc (3). Rebels take over cities in northern Haiti and move towards Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, overrunning Aristide's local police forces and vowing to overthrow President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (4)

    Barbara Lee writes a letter to Colin Powell accusing the United States of intentionally subverting democracy in Haiti:

    I must say, Mr. Secretary, that our failure to support the democratic process and help restore order looks like a covert effort to help overthrow a government. There is a violent coup detat in the making, and it appears that the United States is aiding and abetting the attempt to violently topple the Aristide Government.

    On Feb 28, 2004 Jean-Bertrand Aristide informs Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson that he does not plan to resign (5). The security of Aristide is provided by the Steele Foundation. US officials delay a small group of additional bodyguards from the Steele Foundation on their way to Haiti. (6)


    On February 29, 2004 Aristide was kidnapped by U.S. soldiers escorted on a US-charted to Dominican Republic and then to the Central African Republic. (7)

    Colin Powell called the allegations absolutely baseless, absurd. Absolutely false, Luis Moreno, the U.S. Embassy official in Haiti who accompanied Aristide to the airport Sunday, told The Herald. (8). Luis Moreno came to Aristide's Palace to pick him up at 4 AM and Artistide knew why he was there (9). According to Joseph Pierre, a concierge at Aristide's residence, whose account is reported in the French newspaper Libration, Aristide is taken away early Sunday morning by US soldiers. (10)

    U.S. Invasion

    On March 1, 2004, US President George W. Bush announces that the US is sending US forces to Haiti to help stabilize the country. (11)

    CARICOM governments denounced the "removal" of Mr. Aristide from government. They also questioned the legality of subsequent American-backed maneouvers to install a new president. The Prime Minister of Jamaica, P.J. Patterson said that, the episode "sets a dangerous precedent for democratically elected governments anywhere and everywhere, as it promotes the removal of duly elected persons from office by the power of rebel forces." (12)

    As of April 2004, the United States, France, Canada and Chile have troops in Haiti as part of a force sanctioned by the United Nations.

    Rassoul Labuchin, poet, filmmaker and former mayor of Port-au-Prince


    See also:
    My 15,000 post "WEEP BELOVED HAITI"
    by Seemslikeadream

    Who's who of the Haiti Coup
    by Seemslikeadream

    Haiti and Drugs
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    Response to Reply #83
    84. Conclusive Evidence of U.S. Role in Kidnapping and Coup










    "The George W. Bush Legacy"


    sie ahnten nichts von mir
    von meiner wilden gier
    doch als du kamst zu mir
    da wurde ich ein tier
    kein gedanke an danach
    als ich dir die knochen brach

    tot tot tot ich mache dich tot
    tot tot tot von blut alles rot


    fuer mein naechstes leben
    schoepfe ich neue kraft
    ich bin dem toeten ergeben
    in der einzelhaft

    tot tot tot ich mache dich tot
    tot tot tot von blut alles rot
    tot tot tot ich mache dich tot
    tot tot tot von blut alles rot

    ein dahinsichen
    von gottes hand
    ich kann dich riechen
    und das denken verschwand

    tot tot tot tot tot tot tot ich mache dich tot
    tot tot tot von blut alles rot tot tot tot tot

    ich mache dich tot ich mache dich tot
    ich mache dich tot ich mache dich tot

    sag mir was du willst
    dass du meine sehnsucht stillst
    ich mache dich tot fuer immerdar
    von blut alles rot auf gottes altar

    tot tot tot ich mache dich tot
    tot tot tot von blut alles rot

    ich mache dich tot fuer immerdar
    ich mache dich tot glaub mir es ist wahr
    ich mache dich tot fuer immerdar
    ich mache dich tot auf gottes altar


    Wumpscut - Deadmaker

    They didn't expect me
    never expected my wild lust
    I turned into an animal
    No thought about afterwards
    When I broke your bones

    Dead, dead, dead I make you dead
    Dead, dead, dead stained from blood so red


    For my next life (life after death in the religious sense)
    I get the power I need
    Im a slave to the killing
    In solitary confinement

    ("einzelhaft" (solitary confinment) has become part of the german vocabulary after the terrorist attacks of the Red Army Fraction during the 70's. It's used for people in prison, who are put into complete isolation not just from other people, but from all kinds of information. It's what might be known in the US as "sensual deprivation", a kind of torture-technique to destroy people's self.)

    Dead, dead, dead I make you dead
    Dead, dead, dead stained from blood so red
    Dead, dead, dead I make you dead
    Dead, dead, dead stained from blood so red

    Wasting away
    By Gods hand
    I can smell you
    And my thought disappeared

    Dead, dead, dead I make you dead
    Dead, dead, dead stained from blood so red
    Dead, dead, dead, dead

    I make you dead I make you dead
    I make you dead I make you dead

    Tell me what you want
    That you fill my longing (that you satisfy my desire)
    I make you dead for evermore
    Gods altar stained from blood so red

    Dead, dead, dead I make you dead
    Dead, dead, dead stained from blood so red

    I make you dead for evermore
    I make you dead believe me its true
    I make you dead for evermore
    I make you dead on Gods altar

    Let America be America Again

    Let America be America again.
    Let it be the dream it used to be.
    Let it be the pioneer on the plain
    Seeking a home where he himself is free.

    (America never was America to me.)

    Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed--
    Let it be that great strong land of love
    Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme
    That any man be crushed by one above.

    (It never was America to me.)

    O, let my land be a land where Liberty
    Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath,
    But opportunity is real, and life is free,
    Equality is in the air we breathe.

    (There's never been equality for me,
    Nor freedom in this "homeland of the free.")

    Say, who are you that mumbles in the dark?
    And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?

    I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart,
    I am the Negro bearing slavery's scars.
    I am the red man driven from the land,
    I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek--
    And finding only the same old stupid plan
    Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak.

    I am the young man, full of strength and hope,
    Tangled in that ancient endless chain
    Of profit, power, gain, of grab the land!
    Of grab the gold! Of grab the ways of satisfying need!
    Of work the men! Of take the pay!
    Of owning everything for one's own greed!

    I am the farmer, bondsman to the soil.
    I am the worker sold to the machine.
    I am the Negro, servant to you all.
    I am the people, humble, hungry, mean--
    Hungry yet today despite the dream.
    Beaten yet today--O, Pioneers!
    I am the man who never got ahead,
    The poorest worker bartered through the years.

    Yet I'm the one who dreamt our basic dream
    In the Old World while still a serf of kings,
    Who dreamt a dream so strong, so brave, so true,
    That even yet its mighty daring sings
    In every brick and stone, in every furrow turned
    That's made America the land it has become.
    O, I'm the man who sailed those early seas
    In search of what I meant to be my home--
    For I'm the one who left dark Ireland's shore,
    And Poland's plain, and England's grassy lea,
    And torn from Black Africa's strand I came
    To build a "homeland of the free."

    The free?

    Who said the free? Not me?
    Surely not me? The millions on relief today?
    The millions shot down when we strike?
    The millions who have nothing for our pay?
    For all the dreams we've dreamed
    And all the songs we've sung
    And all the hopes we've held
    And all the flags we've hung,
    The millions who have nothing for our pay--
    Except the dream that's almost dead today.

    O, let America be America again--
    The land that never has been yet--
    And yet must be--the land where every man is free.
    The land that's mine--the poor man's, Indian's, Negro's, ME--
    Who made America,
    Whose sweat and blood, whose faith and pain,
    Whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain,
    Must bring back our mighty dream again.

    Sure, call me any ugly name you choose--
    The steel of freedom does not stain.
    From those who live like leeches on the people's lives,
    We must take back our land again,

    O, yes,
    I say it plain,
    America never was America to me,
    And yet I swear this oath--
    America will be!

    Out of the rack and ruin of our gangster death,
    The rape and rot of graft, and stealth, and lies,
    We, the people, must redeem
    The land, the mines, the plants, the rivers.
    The mountains and the endless plain--
    All, all the stretch of these great green states--
    And make America again!

    Langston Hughes

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    Response to Reply #84
    93. "America was never America to me"
    When I saw that Langston Hughes had written that I was surprised because it is so apt for today. Maybe those of us who have been relatively privileged are starting to get a taste of the "other" America now.

    While BushCo was removing Aristide and installing a more millionaire-friendly ruler, he was at the height of his "they hate us for our freedoms" propaganda and the lie about democracy in Iraq. He was going on and on about democracy and freedom while they were doing this. I just can't believe how so few can see it. The corporate media doesn't report the whole story there, so why do people believe what they write and say about 9-11? or anything for that matter. It's enough to drive a person mad.
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    Response to Reply #93
    94. The Corporate Media is the 21st century propaganda machine
    Edited on Sat Jul-15-06 07:14 AM by DrDebug
    "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
    - William Colby, former CIA Director

    "The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets."

    - Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Government Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities (April, 1976) pages 191-201


    Just SIX companies own almost the entire corporate media. And that isn't just newspapers and television, but covers the whole entertainment industry. And that's the most correct word for the Corporate Media.

    The names:
    1. AOL/Time Warner. AOL part dropped because of massive scandals. Books, music, internet, television, theme parks, cinemas.

    2. Disney. Speciality: children. Movie studios, music, sport, theme parks, television, newspapers.

    3. Bertelsmann. Soon: Sony/Bertelsmann because they want to become #1. Started as a Nazi publisher. Magazines, books, music, mobile phones, television.

    4. Viacom. Speciality: youth. Television, books, advertising.

    5. News Corporation. Rupert Murdoch. Newspapers, sport, television, books.

    6. Vivendi/Universal. Music, television, telecommunications, water, garbage, theme parks, internet.

    I think that this 9/11 investigation shows very clearly that it is not just the politicians who play these games, but that the corporations play a vital role and have blurred themselves into the political landscale.

    Argumentum ad nauseam: Uses tireless repetition. A lie once repeated enough times, is taken as the truth. Works best when media sources are limited and controlled by the propagator.

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    Response to Reply #93
    95. Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed-- seemslikeadream to me
    mirandapriestly, the struggle will never end. We are on a long long road. Langston knew that 70 years ago but i and i are on the side of jah, jah nuh dead. i and i know the right thing and do it.

    The dream is in your heart, mirandapriestly, you are jah blessed. Carry it with you always, NEVER GIVE UP. Think of the millions.

    The free?

    Who said the free? Not me?

    Surely not me? The millions on relief today?

    The millions shot down when we strike?

    The millions who have nothing for our pay?

    For all the dreams we've dreamed

    And all the songs we've sung

    And all the hopes we've held

    And all the flags we've hung,

    The millions who have nothing for our pay--

    Except the dream that's almost dead today.

    Originally published in Esquire and in the International Worker Order pamphlet A New Song (1938)

    He who knows the right thing
    And do it not
    Shall be spanked with many stripes

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    Response to Reply #84
    99. Know your BFEE

    The Bush family scandal list (far from complete...)
    There's three things to remember:
    Claim everything,
    Explain nothing,
    Deny everything.

    Senator "Granddad" Prescott Bush

  • 9/11
  • Abramoff
  • Abu Ghraib
  • Alaska International Industries and Project Jennifer
  • Al-Cokeda
  • Arbusto
  • Bay of Pigs
  • BCCI
  • Chile
  • CIA rendition flights
  • Coin Gate
  • Downing Street memo
  • El Salvador
  • Election 2000
  • Election 2004
  • Enron
    Jury of Conscience of the World Tribunal on Iraq
    III. Recommendations

    5. That there be an exhaustive investigation of those responsible for crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity in Iraq, beginning with George W. Bush, President of the United States of America; Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; and other government officials from the coalition of the willing;
  • Environmental Policy
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Eugenics
  • FuneralGate
  • Guatemala
  • Gulf War
  • Haiti 2004 Coup
  • Indian Gaming Scandal
  • INSLAW/Promis
  • Iran-contra
  • Iraq-gate
  • Iraq War
  • John F. Kennedy assassination
  • Katrina
  • October Surprise
  • Memogate
  • No-bid bonanza
  • Panama Invasion
  • Remington Arms Company
  • Ronald Reagan assassination

    The Real Cost of War
  • Savings & Loan
  • Silverado
  • Social Security
  • Stratford
  • Tax Cuts
  • Torture memo
  • United Fruit Company
  • Vietnam War
  • War on Drugs
  • Watergate
  • Paul Wellstone
  • Wilson
  • Wiretapping citizens and the United Nations
  • Zapata
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    Response to Reply #99
    Edited on Sat Jul-15-06 03:57 PM by seemslikeadream



    Why are there women here dancing on their own?
    Why is there this sadness in their eyes?
    Why are the soldiers here
    Their faces fixed like stone?
    I can't see what it is that they dispise
    They're dancing with the missing
    They're dancing with the dead
    They dance with the invisible ones
    Their anguish is unsaid
    They're dancing with their fathers
    They're dancing with their sons
    They're dancing with their husbands
    They dance alone They dance alone

    It's the only form of protest they're allowed
    I've seen their silent faces scream so loud
    If they were to speak these words they'd go missing too
    Another woman on a torture table what else can they do
    They're dancing with the missing
    They're dancing with the dead
    They dance with the invisible ones
    Their anguish is unsaid
    They're dancing with their fathers
    They're dancing with their sons
    They're dancing with their husbands
    They dance alone They dance alone

    One day we'll dance on their graves
    One day we'll sing our freedom
    One day we'll laugh in our joy
    And we'll dance
    One day we'll dance on their graves
    One day we'll sing our freedom
    One day we'll laugh in our joy
    And we'll dance

    Ellas danzan con los desaparecidos
    Ellas danzan con los muertos
    Ellas danzan con amores invisibles
    Ellas danzan con silenciosa angustia
    Danzan con sus pardres
    Danzan con sus hijos
    Danzan con sus esposos
    Ellas danzan solas
    Danzan solas

    Hey Mr. Pinochet
    You've sown a bitter crop
    It's foreign money that supports you
    One day the money's going to stop
    No wages for your torturers
    No budget for your guns

    Can you think of your own mother
    Dancin' with her invisible son
    They're dancing with the missing
    They're dancing with the dead
    They dance with the invisible ones
    They're anguish is unsaid
    They're dancing with their fathers
    They're dancing with their sons
    They're dancing with their husbands
    They dance alone


    Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal

    NEW details of Thatcher coup plot: London Evening Standard

    SEC probes Marathon Oil payments in Equitorial Guinea (and HQ burns down)

    Du Toit admits meeting Thatcher

    Terrorist Stocks?

    'Petroleum lures dogs of war to Africa'

    BBC News: Thatcher charged

    Margaret Thatcher's Son Released on Coup Plot Charges (Update2

    Exiled leader in Spain denies any link to coup attempt

    Scorpions say have more info on Equatorial Guinea coup

    Financiers conspired to overthrow oil-flush African government

    Mark Thatcher: The money trail

    Thatcher case twist as list of alleged coup backers vanishes

    Thatcher: Spain 'secretly backed coup by sending warships'

    WaPo: Allbritton Loses Riggs Bank (front page, day 3)

    E Guinea 'coup plot' verdict due + update/result

    I feel like a corpse in a river, says Mark Thatcher as he faces court...

    Thatcher to face coup questions

    Phone links Thatcher to alleged plot
    There was no coup plot, says Du Toit

    Thatcher to ask Britain to help halt extradition

    Thatcher charged over coup plot

    Thatcher to be tried in absentia

    Britain knew in advance of Equatorial Guinea coup plot: report

    Tories Demand Answers on 'Coup Plot'

    Mandelson faces questioning over 'link' to coup plot

    Legal Woes Cut Into Bottom Line at Riggs

    Mugabe flies to Equatorial Guinea (coup plot latest)

    Despots, Deposits & Directors - Riggs Bank

    SABC asks to broadcast Thatcher court case

    Spain calls on EU to warn Equatorial Guinea - Riggs Bank

    Raids 'break up' 20m theft gang

    Thatcher coup plot: Mandelson, CIA & State Department named

    Archer 'link to coup plot'

    Britain accused of failing to investigate Africa coup

    Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot
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    Response to Reply #65
    85. Countries participating in Afghanistan
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 09:37 AM by DrDebug
    Like I said in the OP: There is a direct link between 9/11 and Afghanistan and that link is very clear. Because it is usually a coalition nowadays like we have seen in Haiti and Equatorial Guinea, let's look at the countries involved in Afghanistan:

    Over 1,000 troops
    United States +/- 18,000 *
    France +/- 4,500 *
    Canada +/- 2,500 *
    Germany +/- 2,250 *
    United Kingdom +/- 1,800 *
    Netherlands +/- 1,500 *

    Less than 1,000 troops or unknown
    Australia +/- 300
    Bahrain vessels
    Croatia military police
    Czech Republic special forces
    Denmark special forces
    Italy warships
    Japan naval support
    Jordan mine clearing
    Lithuania 40
    Poland 93
    Portugal 152
    New Zealand +/- 50
    Northern Alliance
    Norway F16s
    Romania 25
    Spain +/- 400

    * Countries with citizens featured in the 9/11 investigation.

    Other countries who have seen thus far are: Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates playing a less important role, or more behind-the-scenes like Saudi Arabia and the Russians were probably hired because of previous experience.

    Is it a coincidence that the countries had at least several citizens playing a hands-on role, also committed more than 1,000 troops? Is this the Coalition of the Bloody. It does explain the pretty fierce dissent of Canada, France and Germany when they discovered that Iraq was also added to the wish list.
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    Response to Reply #64
    79. That picture of Cunningham is so
    wrong on so many levels.
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    Response to Reply #59
    77. Well, the reason I made the connection was
    because the excuse was giving for not having the 2001 financial statements that all the people and computers with that information were killed on 9-11. I have the exact quote somewhere, I'm not going to look it up right now. So, it's not so much the "missing trillions" as they were trying to hide expenditures for 2001, and since a trillion was missing, they must have been considerable. Maybe the cost of 9-11 was in those lost financial statements. Far and away the majority of Pentagon dead were budget analysts and accountants for the army. Then the navy had their central command there, supposedly one of them was getting ready to retaliate for the world trade center. Also Naval Intelligence had an office there, although Naval Intelligence has their headquarters elsewhere, not in the Pentagon. So a few of them died, and some defense contractors from booz hamilton and others.
    I think what they spent on maybe the global hawk technology might have been related to 9-11 operations and they did not want that looked at. Every one on that plane I've looked at, I'm not finished, had a connection to something in defense or the Pentagon, even National Geographic. The doctor, Paul Ambrose, I think, worked for Tommy Thompson, and Tommy Thompson had a meeting that was held in secret on October 12, 2001, with Bush. This could have been the anthrax or biological warfare related to 9-11. There is another doctor too, but he's weird for other reasons.
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    Response to Reply #77
    80. Deleted message
    Message removed by moderator. Click here to review the message board rules.
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    Response to Reply #80
    81. TrailBlazer
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 06:49 AM by DrDebug
    Let's just take the portions which can verified. I don't see a direct link to Titan yet, however this (sub)project is important.

    On September 19th, 2000, describes a never before seen level of cooperation between the FBI, the CIA, and the Pentagon, that is expected to be involved in Project Trailblazer, an initiative to develop a 21st-century signals intelligence system that can crack new encryption software, hard-to-tap fiber-optic cables, and cellular phone transmissions and able to fight terrorism, referring already to Bin Laden and his millennium plot ("Y2K terrorist operation"). (1)

    In 2001, the Trailblazer program was developed under the order of the NRO, with sub contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and took partly place in the wing of the Pentagon, which was later officially hit by Flight 77. (1)

    On August 8, 2001, two days after Bush received a new PDB with a clear warning on Bin Laden; Booz, Allen, & Hamilton employee named James R. Clapper as head of NIMA (the National Imagery and Mapping Agency - the 'eyes of America'). (1)

    Clapper, leads this project for the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), which at the same time not only develops new satellite capabilities (A NRO payload launched into space on September 8, 2001), but also worked on a terror drill for Sept 11th (9 AM), crashing planes into the headquarters, as later confirmed by NRO Officer John Fulton. (4)

    On September 11th, Booz Allen Hamilton lost 3 employees in the Pentagon: Gerald Fisher, Terence Lynch, and Ernest Willcher. They apparently worked for the government on Trailblazer 1

    Another original NSA-plan for Trailblazer was from 2 April 2001, then described as a program to develop analytic capabilities to meet the challenge of rapidly evolving, modern telecommunications" prime contracts were awarded to Booz Allen & Hamilton, Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation and TRW (5). (2)

    Trailblazer was much more than just an advanced spy and satellite program. Already in September 2000, SpaceNewsFeed revealed, that Trailblazer is part of the Trans Orbital Lunar Global Positioning Satellite Experiment. (3)

    The reason for its importance is that the PNAC (7) proposes to control the new international commons of space and cyberspace and pave the way for the creation of a new military service U.S. Space Forces with the mission of space control (6) and TrailBlazer can play a vital role in both.

    Launch was outsourced to Russia

    TrailBlazer will be launched on the Dnepr rocket, along with several other payloads. The Dnepr is produced by ISC Kosmotras, a joint cooperative venture between the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan, and several other countries. It is a conversion of the SS-18 ICBM (of the former USSR), the most powerful ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) ever built and can lift almost four metric tons into Low- Earth-Orbit. These missiles were scheduled for destruction under the START treaty, and under the treaty, 150 of the missiles can be converted into launch vehicles.

    The Dnepr is launched out of Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Republic of Khazakstan (see also the U.S. State Department brief). At the Cosmodrome, the warheads are removed from the SS-18 missiles and replaced by spaceheads containing the payloads, then the rocket is launched from a special silo that has been adapted for commercial launches.

    For further information on the Baikonur launch site, please visit Russian Space, a source of much information about the space program in Russia and the former USSR.

    5. TRW was acquired by the Blackstone AFTER 9/11 and only the Automative part was acquired.
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    Response to Reply #80
    82. Global Hawk

    The Northrop Grumman (formerly Ryan Aeronautical) RQ-4 Global Hawk (known as Tier II+ during development) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by the US Air Force as a surveillance aircraft. (1)

    On 18 Jun 1999 the Global Hawk - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle stays airborne for more than 27 hours (6)

    On June 2000 Global Hawk successfully completed a military utility assessment carried out at Eglin Air Force base, Florida. (7)

    On April 24, 2001 a Global Hawk flew non-stop from Edwards Air Force Base in the US to RAAF Base Edinburgh in Australia, making history by being the first pilotless aircraft to cross the Pacific Ocean. The flight took 22 hours. (3)

    Many people who died on the planes were indirectly connected to the Global Hawk project. (8)

    Global Hawk prototypes have been used in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. (1)

    There is photographic evidence to suggest that a Global Hawk could have been used at the Pentagon (4) This investigation is not about whether it was a plane, missile or explosives or a combination, however missiles like Global Hawk are a candidate for at least the Pentagon and WTC2.

    The velocity of the known models is bit less than the estimations given for the Pentagon and the WTC: 250 kilometers per hour (cruise speed) and a top speed of 636 kilometers per hour (1), however it can still fit the range.

    Different variants and Darkstar
    The Global Hawk comes in different variants. The Global Hawk is available in two major variants, the RQ-4A, which is the original variant, and the RQ-4B, which is somewhat larger, and has a 50% greater payload capacity. (1)

    The "R" is the Department of Defense designation for reconnaissance; "Q" means unmanned aircraft system. The "4" refers to it being the fourth of a series of purpose-built unmanned reconnaissance aircraft systems. "A" or "B" refers to these being the first and second revisions, respectively. (1)

    Global Hawk is complemented by the DarkStar system, a Uav with low-observable characteristics. DarkStar is for use in high- threat environments where ensured, survivable coverage is more important than range and endurance. The complementary nature of the two systems provides a flexible, cost-effective mix for military commanders. (5)

    The Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is provided by Raytheon and consists of a synthetic aperture radar (SAR), electro-optical (EO), and infrared (IR) sensors.

    Navigation is via inertial navigation with integrated Global Positioning System updates. Global Hawk is intended to operate autonomously and "untethered" using a satellite data link (2) (either Ku or UHF) for sending sensor data from the aircraft to the MCE. (1)

    2. TrailBlazer?
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    Response to Reply #77
    86. Something about the National Geographic: Prof LeBlanc in Flight 175
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 01:18 PM by DrDebug
    There was one more National Geographic member, however he was on Flight 175 and Robert LeBlanc has a pretty interesting career:

    In many ways, the trip that Ann Judge and Joe Ferguson were leading was the essence of the Geographic mission. They were escorting three teachers and three students from the Washington area to California to hook up with other participants in a marine biology field event in the Channel Islands, as part of our Sustainable Seas program.

    (...) Certainly, the D.C. School District has lost six extraordinary people. And we at the Society have lost two treasured colleagues:

    Robert G. LeBlanc, age 70, Professor Emeritus of Geography at the University of New Hampshire was a passenger on United Airlines 175 (...) On Tuesday he was on his way to attend the annual meeting of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (the Pacific Coast Division of the Association of American Geographers) in Santa Barbara, California.

    He was also going to Santa Barbara. He was extremely anti-war and was known for his opinions during Vietnam war.

    On his memorial one of the first posts is by Christoper Haskell, Armed Forces Radio & Television Network Navy journalist, who met him last

    by coincidence, by previous invitation, one day after the May 4, 1970, Kent State Massacre of students by the Ohio National Guard, Chicago Seven figures Abbie Hoffman et al spoke at U.N.H. Thus our student strike dialogue was poignant and scary.

    Why would somebody who is part of the army press and acted in movies make a posting about somebody who he last met 31 years previously? And was it a coincidence that he met Prof LeBlanc at the speech of Abbie Hoffman?

    Bob LeBlanc was a geography professor at the University of New Hampshire, and he loved to travel. Their tickets for India were on his desk the day he died.

    He was also a member of the American Canadian French Cultural Commission who have a student exchange program via Richelieu International. The Commission consists of 6 people, so it makes sense that Bob LeBlanc, a professor at the University, would be the person handling the student exchange.

    See: Mohammed Atta and the Carl Duisberg Society
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    Response to Reply #77
    90. National Geographic and NOAA
    The group on Flight 77 that seemed to have no connection to anything in the military or government was the group of 11 year olds, their teachers and the two NG program directors Ann Judge and Joe Ferguson. The National Geographic Geography Outreach Program is offered jointly by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Geographic. This program was going to take the children and students to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary which is where the Global Hawk takes mission flights out of Edwards Air Force base. This is not the military GH, but a different model which surveys the ocean and can fly above and monitor hurricanes.
    I'm focusing on the Global Hawk technology just because of all the Raytheon casualties. They don't make the Global Hawk, but they make the electrical components which I think could have been used with another aircraft OR perhaps knowledge of what kinds of plans there were for GH technology was the issue. Raytheon did the Global Positioning System , a synthetic aperture radar (SAR), electro-optical (EO), and infrared (IR) sensors and the UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,technology which was available in 1998.

    Here is a page which shows the Global Hawk which is being used by NOAA. You can see it has a mission flight to the Channel Islands from Edwards Air Force Base,. The Channel Islands is where the NG group was headed, there is an Air Guard Station there. The Altair can be used for monitoring hurricanes and environmental monitoring (oceans, whales, etc...)'global%20hawk%20channel%20islands

    "We will be pursuing the Global Hawk for additional science missions. Right now we're using AltAir as a lease aircraft. We're doing missions with NOAO that are exciting, including the Channel Islands that we're doing right now. We have plans to do some with the Forest Service also in Hawai'i.

    Then INSIDE the Pentagon, two meteorologists were killed. They both worked for The National Ice Center, an operational center run by the Defense and Transportation in partnership with NOAA I am not sure where their office should have been and if it was usually located in that part of the pentagon. They seem to be the only two who were with the Ice Center or NOAA from the US NAVY who died in the Pentagon. They both had forecasting abilities .

    Matthew Flocco, 21,had just changed his schedule from nights.

    Edward Earhart, 26, transferred to the National Ice Center as a meteorologist a few months earlier.
    He would go before the Joint Chiefs of Staff and help give a briefing on where the aircraft carriers would be. They had a sign in the office, Loose lips sink ships and so do icebergs."
    I'm wondering about the Loose lips sink ships" sign, I'm wondering if he (they) knew something...
    I'm thinking there are three groups, the contractor people who made the technology, the NOAA affiliated people who would know about weather control type things, maybe even global warming?, and then there is the doctor who worked with Tommy Thompson and I'm thinking anthrax or some other biological "terrorism".
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    Response to Reply #90
    91. Global Hawk Technology Capabilities
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 09:14 PM by mirandapriestly
    "The Global Hawk is the first UAV to be certified by the FAA to file its own flight plans and use civilian air corridors in the United States with no advance notice.<1> This potentially paves the way for a revolution in unmanned flight, including that of unmanned civil passenger airliners
    Global Hawk prototypes have been used in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.
    On April 24, 2001 a Global Hawk flew non-stop from Edwards Air Force Base in the US to RAAF Base Edinburgh in Australia, making history by being the first pilotless aircraft to cross the Pacific Ocean. The flight took 22 hours.<4>"...

    and, ;)

    "Raytheon Canada, Ltd. (Paris Air Show) Amazed visitors lingered near the image of an airplane projected in front of the display at the Raytheon booth. The illusion was a holographic stereogram--a hologram made from 35mm motion picture footage--depicting an aircraft guided by Raytheon's radar RAMP tower landing on a 10,000 ft. runway."...

    "The airfield stereogram, a meter square, was complemented by another 4'x3' hologram of a life-size air traffic controller seated at a Raytheon radar console"...

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    Response to Original message
    53. 9/11 Hypothesis
    In 1986 Paul Bremer was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism and started to develop all kinds of plans with possible terrorists events. Even though the plans appear to have been created to prevent terrorism there is also the likelyhood that they were created for false flag terrorist events. Paul Bremer has extensive connections to the neo-conversatives, Henry Kissinger and in 1999 he becomes chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism and also joins the board of directors at Marsh Inc.

    He describes his time at National Commission on Terrorism as follows in an interview at the Heritage foundation: "catastrophic terrorism ... in the event of a catastrophic attack ... tens of thousands of casualties, where the American people are going to be screaming for a response, that a President is going to want to consider using the military in some fashion ... the example we use is Pearl Harbor ..." Since Paul Bremer has made many similar remarks, there is reason to assume that he was one of the chief architects of 9/11.

    Jerome Hauer worked in 1999 at the SAIC's Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis. One of his task was the design of the Office of Emergency Management, an emergency command center, which Rudy Giuliani wanted to have build on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center (WTC7). Even though everybody around Rudy Giuliani and Jerome Hauer ridiculed the "bunker" on the 23rd floor, the decision was made to build it.

    Since this office has never been used for its intented purpose and a different command center was established and used at Pier 92, there is reason to believe that the Office of Emergency Management was used to coordinate the World Trade Center attacks since it could withstand anything and had a perfect view on both the towers and the area around World Trade Center. There is no better place and safer place to coordinate World Trade Center than the Office of Emergency Management.

    Later Jerome Hauer started to work for Kroll, a company closely linked to Marsh and at present a subsidiary. Kroll has been named at least twice as a CIA front organization or a privatized CIA.

    The most vital part in the 9/11 plan was getting the correct government. There are very close links between the Greenberg family (AIG, Kroll, Marsh etc.) and the Bush family and they have participated in companies like Harken Energy, Texas Rangers and Trilateral Investments among others. The Greenbergs had their own law firm called Greenberg-Traurig, currently independent but probably still has very close links.

    Greenberg-Traurig represents Governor Jeb Bush and has close links to Antonin Scalia, Jack Abramoff and they represented George W. Bush in the Bush-Gore 2000 Florida election vote recount which was vital in stopping the recount.

    Adnan Khashoggi is believed to be the hidden owner of Huffman Aviation and playing a major role behind the scenes in al-Cokeda, the drug running part of the intelligence community to finance black operations. Florida election official Theresa LePore was a private stewardess of Khashoggis private plane. Theresa LePore is the mastermind behind the butterfly ballot which presumably lead to thousands of votes from Al Gore to go to Pat Buchanan.

    ChoicePoint, the company which purged the Democratic posters from the voter role, wanted to merge with Kroll, however negotiations failed for unknown reasons. They were used in 9/11 as well for the identification of the victims and were at the scene almost instantly.

    One of the major goals of 9/11 was enabling the war in Afghanistan. The planning of the war had started in 2000 and was related to both an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan and a diminished heroin flow. Officially the restrict opium trade was blamed on the Taliban's strict interpretation of Islamic Shari. There are reasons to believe that Afghanistan didn't supply al-Cokeda any more and wanted to go into business for themselves. The Greenberg family and Adnan Khashoggi were also involved in both the oil and gas line in Afghanistan and the heroin from Afghanistan.

    The United States started secret negotiations in 2001 with Afghanistan to ensure the flow of heroin and for the development of an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan. The secret negotiations failed. In the summer of 2001 officials threatened war against Afghanistan and in July the BBC reported that if military action would take place, it would take place before the snows started falling in Afghanistan, by the middle of October at the latest.

    A lot of mergers and last moment preparations were taken place in New York. On July 24, 2001, 6 weeks prior to 9/11 Silverstein took control of the lease of all the WTC buildings following the Port Authority decision on April 26. Marvin Pierce Bush makes sure that he is no longer connected to the security of the World Trade Center.

    Kroll merged with Armor Holdings thus adding two more specialized teams to their company: Defence Systems Limited, a British Private Military Contractor who protects the British Queen among others and Alpha Firm, the former top-KGB team during the cold war. With that merger they had at least four teams in their company and probably the best teams as well. AIG international reinsured the WTC buildings and made sure that their competitors got most of the reinsurance.

    Louis Freeh, the director of the FBI at the time, is more or less forced out of his position and the same is done with John O'Neill, the former top anti-terrorist specialist, who gets offered a job at the World Trade Center security.

    A lot of companies move into the World Trade Center who have some scandals and some other companies move out of the World Trade Center at the last moment.

    Three weeks prior to 9/11 inside trading with put-options starts and is mainly focused on American Airlines, United Airlines, Marsh and numerous insurance agencies and companies with offices in the World Trade Center. From Thursday before 9/11 it reaches historic levels and is a global event.

    No investigation into inside trading is made even though it is solid evidence for 9/11 preknowledge. A Canadian list of 38 companies is published and lists many companies inside the World Trade Center, defense contractors, almost all major airlines and several other companies with connections to either AIG or Citigroup (WTC7 was mainly occupied by Salomon Smith Barney who is a part of Citigroup. Deutsche Bank was the biggest inside trader of the all and that is maybe because the US CEO, "Buzzy" Krongard, is also the #3 man at the CIA, it would have been the intelligence community itself who used their own bank because they would never say who was doing it.

    A wire specialist is discovered on the 84th floor of WTC2 - who is not listed on any official tenant listing and never mentions that they were there - and there are about 200 electric engineers working in the World Trade Center around the time. The Pentagon construction was performed by AMEC. Both AMEC and Tully Construction play a major role in the clean up of Ground Zero and both have specialized Controlled Demolition companies. No links to AIG have been discovered upto now.

    Several war games were being played during 9/11 including one by Mr. Fulton and his CIA team who were running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building.

    The main team at WTC would have comprised of Kroll and Marsh and since those companies have a privatized CIA inside, all kinds of spooks could have been added to the mix. The same could be true for Raytheon which also has an overlap, however EVERYTHING was probably privatized, so no government agencies, since that would endanger deniability.

    9/11 started at WTC1, because that was on Marsh's own territory and if that failed, it could be called a weird accident and that's it. Rudy Giulani and all the others establish an emergency center at Pier 92.

    In Rudy's own words for the 9/11 Commission: "The reason Pier 92 was selected as a command center was because on the next day, on September 12, Pier 92 was going to have a drill, it had hundreds of people here, from FEMA, from the Federal Government, from the State, from the State Emergency Management Office, and they were getting ready for a drill for biochemical attack. So that was gonna be the place they were going to have the drill. The equipment was already there, so we were able to establish a command center there, within three days, that was two and a half to three times bigger than the command center that we had lost at 7 World Trade Center."

    The next attacks were at WTC2 and the Pentagon since both were more difficult. Because the "impacts" on both WTC1 and WTC2 were in control of the Greenberg family especially WTC1 which was under full control by Marsh, there is the question whether planes are necessary. So I prefer the no-plane option, however they could have installed a plane magnet or a homing beacon at their offices to ensure a perfect hit (personally I think that there never were any planes). The 767/757 scenario is very unlike. Either there were no planes or it were Global Hawk-like missile with a specific homing beacon in WTC/ Pentagon.

    WTC1 and WTC2 were destroyed with a Controlled Demolition to hide any evidence and after the whole game had been played WTC7 was pulled also because it contained the command center for the attacks.

    Rudi Giulani and his team immediately set out to ship off all the debris without any investigation. The Bush administration immediately blaims al-Qaeda for the attacks and wants to implicate Saddam Hussein as well for another war in Iraq. The attack is blamed on the drug dealers working for their own organizations since they were Arabs and could be used as Muslim extremists. The Bush administration had no intention of investigating 9/11 since any investigation could turn up wrong doing.

    The bin Laden family and all the other Saudis were the only people allowed to fly out of the United States.

    Edwin Meese and Paul Bremer co-chaired the Heritage Foundation's Homeland Security Task Force, which created a blueprint for the Department of Homeland Security and a company associated with Paul Bremer offering privatized Homeland Security already registered the required domain prior to 9/11. The Bush administration immediately approves of their plans.

    The United States, with support from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Northern Alliance and many more nations, invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 as part of its War on Terra campaign. It should be noted that it is completely impossible to launch a full scale war with extremely detailed plans on such a short notice. In 2002, Opium production was back to a pre-war level of 3,400 tons and the construction of the oil and gas pipeline had started.

    Because of tremendous pressure to launch an investigation into 9/11, a commission headed by Henry Kissinger was proposed, however nobody trusts a guy for whom a case for Crimes against Humanity exists and who can't leave the United States anymore.

    A Kean Commission was used instead with close links to Condi Rice, Warren Buffett and Fiduciary Trust (one of the companies in WTC2). The commission piles lie upon lie and Dr. David Ray Griffin has found 115 lies. demonstrates with mathematical techniques that the official acccount on 9/11 is simply not true based on a limited of lies. Applying David Griffin's research would result in a probability of correctness which is astronomically small.

    On March 20, 2003 a war against Iraq was launched based on the 9/11 attacks without any evidence of wrong doing. Paul Bremer later became the Ambassador of Iraq and under his reign the insurgency started to spin out of control.

    This story is based on the investigation into 9/11 called Who Killed John O'Neill. Further reading and references are available on the thread below. This summary is about showing a plausible explanation of 9/11 based on the stories and facts discovered thus far.
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    Response to Reply #53
    54. Post scriptum: Who Killed John O'Neill
    Edited on Tue Jul-11-06 10:21 AM by DrDebug
    The basis of any investigation is asking questions, finding relationships, establishing means, motive and opportunity and formulating an alternative hypothesis which might explain the events.

    Enough questions have been asked, enough relationships have been determined, means, motive and opportunity have been established, objectives have been found and an alternative hypothesis has been formulated and the existing hypothesis has been proven wrong scientifically.

    These posts are not perfect proof and do not contain perfect evidence because that was not the intention of this investigation and that is left to the professionals, however the conclusion of this investigation is that the video Who Killed John O'Neill can be validated and its research extended leading to a plausible alternative hypothesis for the events of 9/11.

    This investigation is very lengthy and often extremely detailed, however I am personally convinced that it is close to the truth of what happened 9/11 and therefore I am satisfied. It is by no means perfect and some details will turn out differently and some things have probably been overlooked.

    As mentioned before do what ever you like with this information, extend it, write about it, talk about it and make sense of it.

    The truth is told and the truth will set you free
    Meet me at the bank of the beautiful river
    And I and I will discuss about this matter.
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    Response to Reply #54
    55. Prophesy fullfilled
    BANDULU: bandit, criminal, one living by guile
    BANDULU BIZNESS is a racket, a swindle


    Marcus Garvey's words come to pass,
    Marcus Garvey's words come to pass,

    Ain't got no food to eat,
    Ain't got no money to spend, wo-oo-oo
    Ain't got no food to eat,
    Ain't got no money to spend, woo-oo-oo

    Come, little one and let me do what i can do for you
    And you and you alone
    Come, little one, come wo-oo-oo
    Let me do all i can do for you and you alone, woo-oo-oo

    He who knows the right thing
    And do it not
    Shall be spanked with many stripes,

    Weeping and wailing and moaning,
    You've got yourself to blame, I tell you.
    Do right do right do right do right do right,
    Do right do right do right do right do right
    Tell ya to do right, woo-oo-oo
    Beg ya to do right, woo -oo- oo

    Where is bagawire, he's nowhere to be found
    He can't be found
    First betrayer who gave away Marcus Garvey
    Son of satan, first prophesy,
    hold 'em Marcus hold 'em
    prohey fulfilled
    Catch them, Garvey old

    Prophesy fullfilled
    Catch them Garvey, catch them woo-oo-oo
    Hold them Marcus, hold them woo-oo-oo
    Marcus garvey, marcus woo-oo-oo

    I sistren DrDebug

    One Love, jah bless

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    Response to Reply #55
    56. One Love. It was a racket indeed and Marcus Garvey's words come to pass
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    Response to Reply #53
    63. Historical Framework / Books / Websites / Videos
    Historical Framework
  • Loisbatt - Framework for CIA-drugs and 9/11
    Why the CIA became the world's biggest drug dealer

  • International intelligence organizations: Safari Club & Le Cercle (US front: Heritage Foundation)
    Why the CIA is too small for 9/11 and al-Cokeda
    Why the CIA privatized itself

  • History of Afghanistan

  • Secret negotiations with Afghanistan prior to 9/11

    Books: (alphabetic on author):
  • Paul D'Amato - U.S. Intervention in the Middle East: Blood for Oil

  • William Blum - Killing Hope
    U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II

  • Alexander Cockburn - Meet the Men Who Rule the World

  • Phil Gasper - Afghanistan, the CIA, bin Laden, and the Taliban

  • David Ray Griffin: The 9/11 Commission Report

  • David Hoffman - The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror

  • Daniel Hopsicker - Welcome to Terrorland

  • C.Wright Mills - The Power Elite

  • George Orwell - 1984

  • John Perkins - Confession of an Economic Hit Man

  • Michael Ruppert - Crossing the Rubicon

  • Webster G. Tarpley - 9/11 Synthetic Terror

  • Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin - George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

  • Joe Trento - Prelude to Terror (haven't got it yet, but like the excerpts. Remember the code words though)

  • Center for Cooperative Research

  • Center for Media and Democracy - Sourcewatch

  • From the Catbird Seat - Crime and Corruption in High Places

  • Daniel Hopsicker - Mad Cow Productions

  • Peter Kornbluh - National Security Archive

  • Michael Ruppert - From the Wilderness

  • John Simkin - Spartacus Educational website

  • Third World Traveler

  • WTC 7 - The hidden story of Building 7

    Videos: (alphabetic on title)
  • David Ray Griffin: The 9/11 Commission Report

  • GNN - AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11

  • GNN - Crack The CIA

  • Alex Jones - JFK II

  • Money Masters
  • Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11

  • BBC Panorama The War Party

  • Adam Curtis - The Power of Nightmares

  • Michael Ruppert The Truth and Lies of 9-11

  • BBC Four - The Trials of Henry Kissinger

  • War on Drugs
    Part I: Winners:
    Part II: Losers:

  • Who Killed John O'Neill
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    Response to Reply #63
    106. International organizations: Pilgrims Society
    Edited on Sun Jul-16-06 06:55 PM by DrDebug
    We've talked about spooky clubs like Le Cercle and Safari Club and who could have related to 9/11 and used to coordinate everything. Those groups consist mainly of politicians and directors of intelligence organizations etc.

    Since the corporations play such a major part in 9/11, you need a similar group there as well. Council on Foreign Relations has been probably been used, but I doubt whether that is exclusive enough, because its scale is broader is mainly related to foreign relations with the United States. There is one major club and that's the Pilgrims Society however I didn't see no Greenbergs as members ...

    I decided to contact the US Pilgrims Society secretary again, after having been ignored the last time, and kindly asked her if she could confirm the membership of John C.Whitehead and Maurice R. Greenberg, two other persons who's membership in the Pilgrims I would really like to have confirmed. To my surprise, she did, and it turns out that Whitehead is indeed a member of the Pilgrims, and is a vice president and member of the Executive Committee. Surprisingly, Greenberg hasn't been a member since 2002;

    So he was a member in 2001 and during 9/11 and that was exactly the answer to the $64,000 question.

    Project For The Exposure of Hidden Institutions
    Pilgrims Society


    Even today it's members consist of the wealthiest businessman and the most influential politicians. It was erected over a century ago and meets at least 2 or 3 times a year. Still, 99% of the world has never heard of it. We're talking about the Pilgrims Society. An aristocratic Anglo-American dining club who's members keep themselves informed by inviting politicians to make a speech. The primary purpose of this club is to keep the ties between the United States and Britain as strong as possible. (...)

    The members are from the City of London, City of New York, Washington City and a couple of members from Boston and Philidelphia and no other cities, so it's a very close community (...)

    As already stated, those who own or run the major banking houses, law firms, and insurance companies in the London and New York area will be invited to join, together with a few very specific government officials. This always includes the president of the United States, the U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain.

    Traditionally, the Chairman of the Board of (FED) Governors is elected Chairman and the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is elected Vice Chairman.

    About 75% of this list is American and 25% British (rough estimate)

    Function Amount
    CFR non-executive members 45
    CFR executive members 33
    Carnegie Institute executives 21
    FED executive positions 21
    J.P. Morgan executives 17
    Chase Bank executives 16
    Skull & Bones 11
    President World Bank 4 (of 10)

    Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are members as well of course. You can't have a secret club without them...

    Why is this club significant? It features many of the companies in the World Trade Center, it features many of the companies involved in 9/11 inside trading, it is the club for the insurance companies and the bankers. There are not many politicians in the club, only two: George W. Bush and Colin Powell.

    P.S. The Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institution is becoming very useful. Only one club is missing and his theory sounds about right.

    So where does the 1001 Club feature in 9/11. The weirdest club of them all. Still can't see the importance yet.
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    Response to Reply #106
    107. 1001 Club / WWF / Wildlife parks with Special Forces
    Edited on Sun Jul-16-06 08:38 PM by DrDebug
    I still fail to see why they were put at the top, but it's a very weird club and it's not just the corporations who have dual functions.

    The WWF is very close with National Geographic and there are quite a number of ecologists on the planes (see posts below)

    World Wide Fund for Nature: I'm getting serious doubts about this charity as well. Not only have they been named eco-terrorists, criminal organization, they have their own intelligence branch :wtf: , are supported by major oil companies, have plenty of spooks on board and there's the 1001 Club.

    Editorial remark: Slightly condensed

    In 1948, the IUCN was erected ... on September 11, 1961, Julian Huxley established the WWF, with Prince Bernhard and Prince Philip. Around 1971, WWF officials Anton Rupert, Prince Philip, and Prince Bernhard decided to form a club that would generate an independent source of income for the WWF. Anton Rupert and Charles de Haes approached individuals that would be invited to the 1001 Club. In 1974, all the members (1001) were recruited, each of them having paid the one-time contribution of $10,000. (...)

    An obvious difference between the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society is that members of the 1001 Club are recruited from all over the world. A common treat is that they are all controversial like Agha Abedi, Salem Bin Laden, Gyanendra Dev, Sadruddin Khan, Mortimer Bloomfield, Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, Mobuto Sese Seko, Meyer Lansky and of course Henry Kissinger.

    There are 2 types of parks: nature parks and strategic parks. The official purpose of the nature parks is the protection of nature. Often, these parks contain important minerals like diamond or uranium. Locals are encouraged to leave or simply chased away. Type 2 are the strategic parks. If you look carefully you'll find that these parks are either located on certain ridges useful for military observation, or they are border transcending parks like for example those in South-Africa and Mozambique... It is remarkable that corridors have been projected in such a way that they cleverly combine the preservation of nature with the gaining of a military advantage...

    It is known that in the past SAS units of the British army have been flown into South-Africa and were stationed on territory controlled by the WWF with the purpose of conducting military operations... Military units have been trained in these kinds of parks and were later brought in connection with murders in the South-African townships. In the Zambezi-Valley, members of the military wing of the ANC have been shot at from WWF helicopters. The Zambesi-Valley was the primary entrance into South-Africa. Under the cover of fighting poachers ANC members have been executed without any form of trial. I call that an undeclared war or genocide."

    These so called 'strategic parks' don't seem to be limited to Southern Africa. For instance, if you take a look at Pakistan, our 'ally' in the War on Terror, you'll see 5 major national parks in the north of the country. One is located at the border with India, another at the border with China, and yet another one at the border with Northern Afghanistan. The management of these parks is working closely together with the IUCN and the WWF. The Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) of 1001 Club member Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan is another partner in many of the same projects in that area. I don't know if these parks are used to conduct some type of military operations

    According to Lyndon LaRouche (don't know whether I can link him) the Pakistan nature parks are used by Special Forces for training as well.

    And this is not just limited to WWF, because Greenpeace is allegedly their "direct action" part and contains quite a number of "former" SAS members.

    1001 Club member and Canadian businessman David McTaggart was among the primary founders of Greenpeace in 1971 and became its chief spokesperson. From 1972 and on, he did everything he could to stop the French from conducting nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific. 'Former' SAS units have assisted Greenpeace in this effort, which seems to have given the French an extra reason to bomb the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand in 1985. McTaggart was chairman of Greenpeace International from 1979 until 1991. He died in a car accident on March 23, 2001 near his home in Italy.

    I don't think that they are the biggest players in these games, however this charity has interesting side projects.

    Back to Afghanistan. Are there any parks planned there?

    Afghanistan, United States Partner for Biodiversity Conservation

    Dr. Schaller's years of research has led to the project's plans to bring the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and China together in an effort to develop a four country transboundary park in the Pamirs to further protect the mountain ecosystem.

    Within Afghanistan, five areas are being considered by this project for protected area status.

    Three are located in the high Pamirs in an area called the Wakhan Corridor - the Pamir-I-Buzurg, Little Pamir, and the Waghjir Valley.

    Two candidate areas - Bande Amir and Ajar Valley - are located in the Central Plateau region.


    The project will be funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

    It's done by the Wildlife Conservation Society who are ... strategic partners of WWF.
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    Response to Reply #53
    78. and the opium production is at an all time high in Afghanistan
    up 64% since 2003. And the US military has a POLICY not to interfere with the opium because it will leave the growers without a livelihood. But since when did they care about that? Look at Iraq. They don't want to loose their cut.
    The overall conceptual idea I'm getting from 9-11 is a switch to a military industrial economy. Marsh even got the defense company along with Kroll.
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    Response to Original message
    57. E-Systems (PTEC) software sold to Saudi Arabia

    To make matters worse, the official continued, the CIA permitted U.S. Customs at Dulles Airport to overlook an illegal export of our most secret eavesdropping software to Saudi Arabia. The software, referred to as key word software, is a computer code developed for the National Security Agency by a company called E Systems. The software allows key words and phrases to be flagged by computers from targeted voice and other communications in real time.

    The problem with exporting the software is that any country getting it could use it to target U.S. interests and allies. It could even be used to track what U.S. law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies were doing.

    Lewis Sams, the man E Systems ordered to deliver the software to the Kingdom, said, I was very nervous when I got to the airport. I knew it was illegal to take it out of the country, but I was given the name of a Customs official at Dulles Airport and told if there were any problems to ask for him. . . . E Systems desire to do business with the royal family was why I thought they sent me.

    Sams said that E Systems, which had close ties to the White House, maintained the secret communications gear for Air Force One. As it turned out, E Systems did not get the contract for Saudi Intelligence, but the software was left with GID officials even so, according to Sams.

    Prelude to Terror; by Joseph Trento; Copyright 2005 by Joseph J. Trento; Carroll & Graf ; ISBN 0-7867-1464-6; p.340
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    Response to Reply #57
    58. Nationalize the U.S. Defense Industry
    Edited on Wed Jul-12-06 09:26 AM by seemslikeadream

    Corporate Watch is an invaluable tool for tracking the activities of the players in the DIB. The group reported on what, perhaps, is more frightening than the explosion of corruption in the U.S. national security arena: the commercialization of the uniformed military services to the point where distinguishing between corporate operative and uniformed government employee is impossible.
    One of Raytheon's more secretive subsidiaries is E-Systems, whose major clients have historically been the CIA and other spy agencies like the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. An unnamed Congressional aide told the Washington Post once that the company was 'virtually indistinguishable' from the agencies it serves. Congress will ask for a briefing from E- Systems and the (CIA) program manager shows up, the aide is quoted as saying. 'Sometimes he gives the briefing. They're interchangeable.''
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    Response to Original message
    62. Stephen Hatfield and Project Anthrax

    Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 911 Terrorists
    By Alex Constantine
    Part XXIV(A): Project Anthrax - SAIC, Stephen Hatfill & Bio Economic State Terrorism


    The true culprit - it emerged after Dr. Barbara Rosenberg of the Federation of American Scientists pestered the Bureau with facts and public exposure - was an obscure, right-wing biochemical warfare "counterterrorist," withal. The serial killer took his training at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland and other civilian-run, federal facilities, also a two-year fellowship from the National Research Council, the country's leading CBW defense lab. He moved on to the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases - USAMRIID - at Fort Detrick. He experimented with biological responses to filoviridae, the family of viruses that transmit Ebola. In September 1999 - as the Jerry Hauer-SAIC-Fort Detrick-USAMRIID West Nile Virus was taking hold in New York - the terrorist began working at the very same lab.

    By March of 2002, it was clear that the FBI was protecting him. Spokesmen for the Bureau were evasive about the source of the anthrax but it gradually emerged, by process of elimination and genetic analysis, that the culprit worked at the same classified USAMRIID facility in Maryland that employed Jerry "West Nile" Haurer. (1)


    Bedlington had fond memories of Hatfill, though he hadn't seen him for some time. They'd met at a Baltimore symposium on bioterrorism. Bedlington had spent six years bent over a senior analyst desk a the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center. Hatfill was a virologist at the U.S. Army-SAIC Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, "where he'd begun making a name for himself preaching the dangers of a bioterror attack. Soon they ran into each other again at Charley's Place in McLean, then a favorite hangout for the U.S. intelligence community." Hatfill "showed up there with men whom Bedlington recognized as bodyguards for Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan." (2) See Khashoggi, part II


    A peek at a few of those nooks and crannies are proof of Hatfill's guilt:
  • Bloodhounds found him of some interest after snuffling letter inside of envelope put there by Hatfill, preserved in a hermetically-sealed bag. The hounds responded to him alone.
  • A return address on one of the anthrax-bearing envelopes was Greendale, Rhodesia. Hatfill lived in Greendale.
  • The neo-fascist Selous Scouts in Rhodesia spread anthrax. Hatfill was a member of the Scouts at the time of the contagion's spread.
  • Hatfill had no fit alibi for the days of the anthrax mailings.
  • Hatfill's PhD was forged. He was caught lying on his resum.
  • He failed a CIA lie-detector test regarding his activities in Rhodesia before the anthrax attacks. He failed a lie detector test afterward concerning his involvement in them.


    1. See John O'Neill and the Office of Emergency Management
    2. David Tell, "The Hunting of Steven J. Hatfill: Why are so many people eager to believe that this man is the anthrax killer?' Evening Standard, vol. 8, no. 1, September 16, 2002.

    Much more at link below:

  • See also:
    The "911-Anthrax connection" Timeline
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    Response to Reply #62
    67. How was Kashoggi connected to 911?
    Just trying to figure this out. I certainly see the connection from Mafouz to Al Qaeda and Bin Laden's wife, and from Mafouz to Bush
    and Harken Energy.

    But how does Kashoggi fit in to 911? Other than the fact that he used Mafouz and BCCI
    for a loan during Iran contra? I realize this post is related to the anthrax story but I was intrigued by the
    title of the article. If Kashoggi can be tied directly to 911 that is really significant IMHO.

    Thanks for all your work DrDe. These threads are so content rich that I just have to pick one post and fire because it's hard to know
    where to start.

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    Response to Reply #67
    68. Adnan fits in many places
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 12:45 PM by DrDebug
    The stories by Alex Constantine is in four parts were he summarizes a lot of links.

    The following links to 9/11 related events exist.

    1. He connects with the Greenberg family which is AIG/ Kroll/ Marsh etc. ( )

    2. He fits in with Richard Perle and Henry Kissinger (The Seymour Hersh story about the visits of Perle to Khashoggi)

    3. He wanted to take a part in the pipeline through Enron and UNOCAL. It's just UNOCAL nowadays ( reg. req. )

    4. He has several indirect connections to Huffman Aviation ( )

    5. He is connected to Genesis Intermedia who made lots of money on 9/11 in inside trading.

    6. There was the BCCI and Oliver North/Iran Contra link in the past. There was also Tri-Lateral Investments were he had link with the Bush family.

    7. Khashoggi is a client of Red Sea Management and Red Sea Management plays a part in the DC-9 creation scam in Skyways International (indirect)

    8. Khashoggi is connected to Pastrana's scams which were also used in Skyways International. (indirect)

    9. Khashoggi was a member of The Safari Club, The Arab-American/European intelligence apparatus ( )

    10. There was a meeting before the Moscow 1999 bombings with Adnan Khashoggi and there is reason to believe that a part of that team was included in Kroll just before 9/11 because they had prior experience.

    11. Therese LePore (sp?) or Madame Butterfly during the 2000 elections who previously worked for Adnan

    12. And in the Five Star Trust he appears as well and that was a fund used by the Bush family during the Election 2004 fraud. ( )

    Even though some of those links are indirect, it is clear that he is link a spider in the web of 9/11. Probably in his old role as intermediate of the Saudi royal family and the Western world.
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    Response to Reply #67
    69. Adnan is not the type for direct links
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 01:39 PM by DrDebug
    He is always a couple of intermediates aways or works via meetings. He is too big to be directly involved in anything, but he is always connected to every event.

    Direct participation is for people like Stephen Hatfield who has so much evidence against him that it's absurd that he is still free. The same can be said for Rudy Giuliani who has many direct links with the cover up and many circumstancial evidence indicating pre-knowledge and lies and weird statements, that it is absurd that nobody has gone after Rudy Giuliani because you can do the same to him as to Henry Kissinger which is make a complete case and thus prevent Rudy from ever leaving the United States. Jerome Hauer might be possible as well, but that needs additional research. Those are the three where there is a clear case.

    Larry Silverstein as well, but that's for insurance fraud and the reinsurance companies didn't dare to do that...
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    Response to Reply #69
    71. Aside from Rudy being in London on 7/7
    which I will admit is suspicious but not necessarily nefarious -
    what other evidence against Rudy are you referring to. The WTC blueprints?
    Sorry if I missed it but I don't always have time to scour all of these posts.
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    Response to Reply #71
    72. Posts are all here.
    Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 04:12 PM by DrDebug
    So you can find them yourself. Destruction of evidence without investigation and keeping investigators off Ground Zero.

    If you are not bothered to spend time and effort then I'm not going to bother with you either. We are talking about an enormous investigation into an enormous crime. I'm not here to repeat myself or play fetch. I'm willing to answer serious question, but not to be kept entertained fetching stuff which has already been discussed and described.
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    pauldp Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-13-06 08:25 PM
    Response to Reply #72
    73. my apologies.
    I did not intend to waste your time.
    I had not seen anything directly linking Kashoggi to 911.
    Connecting Kashoggi to 911 is VERY important IMO, but
    as you say the links all seem to be indirect at this point. Thank you for the references.

    In your response you mentioned a complete case
    against Giuliani - My follow up I'll admit was probably more an effort to engage in
    conversation and to kick your important threads than anything. Sorry.
    I will put that information together as my time permits. Thanks for your efforts.

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    Response to Reply #73
    74. There are many weird people on this board
    The Guiliani stuff about the destruction of evidence is very hard evidence, because he literally blocked investigation, made sure that nobody was to come near Ground Zero and started to speed up operation. Combine that with dozens of weird remarks indicating pre-knowledge and lies like the FEMA at Pier 92.

    What we have here is some excerpts. The complete story of Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror has plenty of evidence already, so somebody with a legal background can build a very good case against Rudy Giuliani and it'll make things hard for Giuliani, because he wants to run for President. Mind you, no U.S. courts will dare to touch it, but that doesn't matter, since it worked for Henry Kissinger who had to sneak out of France because they had a big dilemma since he is wanted for Crimes against Humanity. And it'll work equally well for Rudy Giuliani.
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    BuddyYoung Donating Member (455 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-13-06 08:41 PM
    Response to Reply #74
    75. it's also weird that most of 'em avoid topics like this 1. Wonder why? nt
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    Response to Reply #62
    119. Errata: There is probable reason to believe that Stephen Hatfill is not behind Anthrax
    It could have been a possible cover story since the Anthrax trail lead to USAMRIID and a patsy was selected.

    There are a number of indications that the attacks could have originated from Lt. Col. Zack who also worked at USAMRIID.
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    Response to Original message
    76. Science Applications International Corporation
    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) was founded in 1969 by J. Robert Beyster "and a small group of scientists ... as a scientific consulting firm with a handful of government contracts for nuclear power and nuclear weapons effects study programs.... Over the years, the company has expanded into national and homeland security programs, non-nuclear energy studies, health care systems, environment-related businesses, information technologies, high-technology products, telecommunications, transportation and eSolutions services and products for commercial and government customers." (1)

    In 1990 SAIC was indicted and pled guilty to 10 felony counts of fraud on a Superfund site, called one of the largest (cases) of environmental fraud in Los Angeles history. (2)

    SAIC received 136 payments during 2001 by the Department of Defense ... which made them shooting star into the Top 20 contracts during same year. Most of these major contracts were received before 9/11, which was unusual at that time. (5)

    Personnel included:
  • Jerome Hauer, architect of the Office of Emergency Management which wasn't needed as Command Center during the 9/11 and who hired John O'Neill for the security of WTC who should have survived 9/11 but didn't.
  • David Kay, the former UN weapons inspector who was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency in June 2003 to head the effort to track down Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. (3)
  • Stephen Hatfill, prime suspect of the Anthrax project. (5)
  • Arnold L. Punaro 'Gordian World Conference' March 2001, Punaro was formerly working under Senator Sam Nunn, part of the June 2001 bio terror drill "Dark Winter". (6) The Gordian Conference was the military mind set pendant to PNAC's "pearl harbour" agenda). (5)
  • Admiral Bobby Inman, former NSA head and deputy director of the CIA;
  • Melvin Laird, Nixon's Defense Secretary
  • Retired General Max Thurman, commander of the Panama Invasion.

    Departed board members include Robert Gates, former CIA director; William Perry, former Secretary of Defense; and John Deutch, former CIA director. (5)

  • Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC: A joint venture between SAIC and Bechtel, Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC provides research, engineering and nuclear science capabilities to meet the unique challenge of science and engineering for the Yucca Mountain Project. (4)

  • Internic/Network Solutions: SAIC bought Internic/Network Solutions in March 1995 who is in charge of most important domain registrations. (5)

  • Satellite Monitor Systems in corp. with Raytheon: Ability to monitor every significant movement of uranium. (7)

    Much more at:

    6. See Rudy Giuliani.
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    Response to Reply #76
    101. Link To SAIC and election fraud
    Someone linked this on GD
    Investigative journalist, Lynn Landes, reports that SAIC (Science Applications International Corp., sometimes also referred to as Scientific Applications International Corp.), of San Diego, California, is described as, the shadow ruling class within the Pentagon, and as a behemoth military defense contractor with a shadowy, if not tarnished reputation, which maintains strong business ties to the military and intelligence communities, such as the NSA and CIA. Many of SAICs board members are formerly with the Pentagon and CIA.

    Behemoth military contractor SAIC and ChoicePoint, Inc., of Atlanta, Georgia, have developed a strategic alliance, teaming up as partners in data mining.

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    Response to Reply #76
    103. Old DU Post on SAIC/Hauer
    Hauer had a lot of inside knowledge about bio terror. I think that is part of this somehow.

    "Is Hauer LIHOP suspect No.1?

    He started to work for the NIH under Tommy Thompson on September 10, 2001 as an adviser on national security. On September 11th, he told the White House to take Cipro, the antibiotic that works against the anthrax virus, without bothering to reveal his warning to the American nation.


    This might have something to do with the FBI HQ (O'Neill complained about them), but also with Jerome Hauer - who is a friend of the current prime anthrax suspect, Stephen Hatfill, who was working for the military anthrax program USAMRIID at Fort Detrick and Battelle, a huge pharmacy company with many ties to the CIA. Hauer and Hatfill worked together at the SAIC's Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis in 1999. The SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corp) later received also a huge BioDefense budget in autumn 2001. - (Hauer) - (Hatfill)


    "In 1998, he started working at the OEM (Office for Emergency Management) in New York. In the same year, Hauer and anthrax suspect Hatfill both supported the CFR as experts in their respective fields. The CFR is an acronym for Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most important think-tanks advising the US government, as well as many other governments abroad. CFR members include the Pentagon's top advisers, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, ex-CIA chief James Woolsey, biosciences specialist Joshua Lederberg, and many others. On May 28, 1998, Hatfill and Hauer spoke together at the same CFR meeting about "Building a 'Biobomb': Terrorist Challenge."!102

    "Hauer seems to specialize in the art of holding down several different jobs at the same time. While he started to work for the NIH in September 2001, he remained a Managing Director at Kroll Associates - the official security and bodyguard company for all American presidents since World War II!"


    "Hauer's deep connection to disinformation circles for his own purpose are well known. In 1998, he convinced New York Mayor Rudi Guilliani to develop a vaccine against the West Nile virus - almost one year before this virus broke out in New York. To this end, Hauer introduced Col. Thomas Monath of Oravax (now Accambis) to Guliani and organised a business deal. Hauer also continued giving bioterror lectures and writing terror scenario scripts. He organized a July 26, 1999, conference in New York for journalists and "thought leaders," on bioterrorism and "Reporting on Weapons of Mass Destruction - Responsibility, Reliability, Readiness." At the same time, he was heading the West Nile spray operation in NYC. Bioterrorism and vaccines - a perfect payroll combination for Hauer?"


    "The Red Cross and the OEM under Jerome Hauer worked very closely together. Hauer's connections and insider information seem to be endless! He also helped with the construction of the New York OEM headquarters known as "the bunker," on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center."
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    Response to Reply #103
    104. Jerome is one of the top suspects. + SAIC's Wayne Downing
    Edited on Sun Jul-16-06 07:01 AM by DrDebug
    Jerome Hauer, suspect as the project leader of WTC. Jerome was involved with 9/11 related events from the very beginning.

    Guess who is a director at Science Applications International Corporation? Wayne A. Downing who is also very big in "counter-"terrorism at the Pentagon. I think he became a director of SAIC after 9/11 though. He was part of the National Commission on Terrorism (Paul Bremer Commission) between 1999-2000 so he could have been the Pentagon liason.

    Wayne A. Downing
    General Wayne A. Downing ... was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Special Operations Command. He commanded the special operations of all services during the 1989 invasion of Panama and commanded a joint special operations task force operating deep behind the Iraqi lines during Operation Desert Storm. Following retirement, General Downing was appointed by the President to assess the 1996 terrorist attack on the U.S. base at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and to make recommendations on how to protect Americans and U.S. facilities worldwide from terrorist attack. (4)

    From 1999-2000, General Downing served as member of the congressionally mandated National Commission on Terrorism (the Bremer Commission) charged with examining the terrorist threat to the US, evaluating America's laws, policies, and practices for preventing and punishing terrorism directed at US citizens, and recommending corrective actions. (4)

    Most recently, General Downing served in the White House as National Director and Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism (Department of Homeland Security). As the President's principal advisor on matters related to combating terrorism, he was responsible for coordinating, developing and executing a strategy that draws on and integrates all elements of national power. (4)

    Metal Storm Limited
    Wayne Allan Downing (1940- ) is a non-executive director of Metal Storm Limited: (1)

    Metal Storm Limited is "a research and development company based in Brisbane, Australia. The Company is capturing attention from defence organisations worldwide with its revolutionary 100% electronic ballistics technology, which has no known conventional equivalent. Metal Storm currently has approximately US$50 million in research and development funding in place to develop its technology from leading government defence-related agencies in Australia and the United States. Additionally, the company is well positioned to support the U.S. government's more urgent homeland defense needs. (2)

    War in Iraq
    'The Iraqis really have got plans prepared,' said retired US Gen. Wayne Downing, a former commander in chief of the US Special Operations Command, at a recent symposium on Iraq. 'They are ready to take the war ... overseas. They would use whatever means they have to attack us.' (1)

    Downing also cites the fact the Al Qaeda network believes it is entirely responsible for the economic downturn in the US. That view of its own power, he contends, as well as the US unleashing a military attack against another Muslim country, might lead other terrorist groups to join in. Those could include Hizbullah - the Lebanon-based anti-Israel group that's backed by Iran and Syria - and Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement in the Palestinian territories. (3)

    Iraqi National Congress
    According to research posted on the SourceWatch article for the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, "General Wayne Downing, U.S. Army (retired), has been a lobbyist for the Iraqi National Congress, the CIA-bankrolled opposition to Saddam Hussein.

    Downing plan for the invasion of Iraq
    General Downing was a voice of dissent which doesn't make sense, since he is clearly in the same circles as those who brought us 9/11 and Iraq, however it could be more related to his Iraq plan which got dismissed as a Bay of Goats.

    Following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, and the quick success of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, the INC plan was modified. The new plan was developed with the help of a retired four-star Army general, Wayne Downing (who ran a Special Forces command during the Gulf War), and former CIA officer Duane (Dewey) Clarridge, who have served as unpaid consultants to the INC. Clarridge ran the U.S.-backed contras who fought the leftist Sandanista regime in Nicaragua during the Reagan administration. Downing was appointed by President Bush in October 2001 to be the deputy national-security adviser for combatting terrorism. General Downing resigned in July 2002, reportedly frustrated by the administration's lack of action against Iraq.

    The new version included the INC establishing a firebase inside Iraq, from which it would announce the creation of a provisional Iraqi government (which the Bush Administration would recognize). The US would begin an intense bombing campaign, as it did in Afghanistan, and airlift thousands of Special Forces troops into southern Iraq. The United States Air Force would systematically bomb key Iraqi command-and- control facilities. Early versions of the plan did not call for a direct military assault on Baghdad, but proposed quick-strike attacks on military units in the north and primarily in the south. If all went as planned, dissent would break out in the Iraqi military, and Saddam Hussein would have to decide whether to send his forces south to attack the Americans or to keep his forces in Baghdad to guard against an invasion from the north. If Saddam's forces counter-attacked, they would be exposed to American air strikes and destroyed. The INC believed that any show of force would immediately trigger a revolt against Saddam within Iraq. According to Clarridge, the "idea from the beginning was to encourage defections of Iraqi units. You need to create a nucleus, something for people to defect to. If they could take Basra (Iraq's second-largest city and major port), it would all be over."

    In December 2001 Chalabi's revised plan, modified by a Pentagon planning group authorized by Paul Wolfowitz, was presented to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for evaluation. Anthony Zinni, the retired general who had served as head of Central Command responsible for US forces in the Middle East, had dismissed the plan as the "Bay of Goats."

    The Downing Plan and variations thereof is portrayed as an enlarged version of the operation in Afghanistan -- local forces, with American Special Forces and airpower. After the success in Afghanistan, a lot of people were saying this might be a new model that would be pursued: look for the opposition within a country, support them with air power, let them do the ground work. Afghanistan and Iraq are however very different. In Afghanistan, the government was little more than a weak coalition, and the opposition was relatively well armed. The Iraqi government is powerful and strongly entrenched, and the opposition is much weaker than even the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. Consequently, it seems unlikely that the Downing Plan would succeed against such odds, which is why some refer to it as the Bay of Goats (since the results would approximate the Bay of Pigs).

    Were the Downing Plan to succeed, it would do so largely through the force of arms of the Kurds and Shiites, who would demand their own states as a reward, and who would be strongly positioned -- morally and militarily -- to enforce this claim. They might break Iraq up into three largely autonomous governates (along Ottoman lines), that would be independent in everything but name. One gathers that this outcome is not desired by some states that would be essential to the military campaign, notably Turkey.

    Turkey was mentioned earlier in relation to Sibel Edmonds. Turkey is a very important, because nobody wants Turkey involved in Iraq and $6 to 10 billion in grants and up to $20 to 24 billion (5) in long-term aid loans have been given to keep them out of that war.

    The reason is that Turkey does not accept a free Kurdistan and has a military force of over 1 million troops and the potential for up to 13 million (6). As a NATO member Turkey has the most sophisticated weapons as well.

    Sourcewatch content is available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.
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    Response to Reply #103
    105. Tommy Thompson - Jerome M. Hauer

    Jerry Hauer
    the man who found John O'Neill the position at the World Trade Center, also was the man that "identified" John's body.

    Assistant Vice President, Science Applications International Corporation
    Associate Director, Center for Counterterrorism Technology & Analysis

    The Tommy Thompson/ Duer research anthrax investigation thread

    Hey DUer's-this is the Tommy Thompson thread!
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    Response to Reply #105
    108. Hauer looks evil
    Paul Ambrose, a flight 77 victim worked with Tommy Thompson. Ambrose was definitely a "do gooder" type. I wonder if he was privy to information.
    Thompson joined the board of directors of veri-chip after he left HHS, a company that implants id chips in your arm. (he failed to get one himself). What a racket!
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    Response to Original message
    87. 15 people in the wireless industry died. All on the planes + Beamer family
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 04:51 PM by DrDebug
    Flight numbers added by me

    Wireless Review expresses its deepest sympathy to the families, friends and associates of all who were lost in the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. The following individuals were related to the wireless industry:

  • Todd Beamer, 32, Oracle sales account manager (Flight 93)
  • Mark Bingham, 31, Bingham Group president (Flight 93)
  • Suzanne Calley, 42, Cisco strategic marketing executive (Flight 77)
  • Jeff Coombs, 42, Compaq technology consultant, global services division (Flight 11)
  • Edmund Glazer, 41, MRV vice president of finance and administration & CFO (Flight 11)
  • Jeremy Glick, 31, Vividence sales manager (Flight 93)
  • Peter Hanson, 32, TimeTrade vice president of sales (Flight 175)
  • Steven D. Jake Jacoby, 43, Metrocall COO (Flight 77)
  • Karen A. Kincaid, 40, Wiley Rein & Fielding attorney and a PCIA legal counsel (Flight 77)
  • Christopher Mello, 25, Alta Communications analyst (Flight 11)
  • Shawn Nassaney, 25, American Power Conversion sales team leader (Flight 175)
  • Barbara K. Olson, 45, Balch and Bingham partner and a NextWave consultant (Flight 77)
  • Jane Orth, 49, Lucent, retired (Flight 11)
  • David Retik, Alta Communications general partner (Flight 11)
  • Phil Rosenzweig, 47, Sun Microsystems software organization director (Flight 11)

  • Todd Beamer, Oracle Corporation, sales consultant for the wireless industry.

    Todd Beamer's father, David Beamer, has been linked to a previous no-bid contract with the Pentagon Reconstruction project - the same part of the Pentagon that was struck on 9-11.

    David Beamer was the CEO of Legato Systems, while Todd worked for Oracle. They both have ties to the government, and David Beamer was involved in a no-bid contract for the restoration of the Pentagon. That was the spot where the plane supposedly hit. I mean, everything is all tied together. Look at the names of these people that all start coming together. They're all interconnected somehow.

    Todd Beamer account manager FileTek. Prior to FileTek, Mr. Beamer was with Amdahl Corporation

    David Beamer's 'deceased' son was a Software Consultant, employed by Oracle - which is listed as a Strategic Alliance Partner for Legato Systems

    According to an October 13, 2004, article in the Chicago Daily Herald newspaper, David Beamer was still the COO of Legato Systems in October 2004. I discovered this article in the database known as Factiva, which is available in some public libraries.

    Legato received a $4.3 million Pentagon contract in 2003.

    And our friend Richard Grove talks about Legato...

    N.B. It might explain why they could talk on their mobile phones in an airplane. They all work for the wireless industry...
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    Response to Reply #87
    88. Another Oracle consultant: Jeff Simpson
    Edited on Fri Jul-14-06 04:57 PM by DrDebug
    We have seen previously that there were many Oracle consultants working for Marsh in WTC1. Todd Beamer was in Flight 93, however I came accross the followin the post and even though it's from the other side, it was a very strange post:

    I never met him, but I'm proud to work for the same company as Todd Beamer. I only wish the other 7 employees we at Oracle Corp. lost (6 consultants working in the WTC and another consultant working nearby, a trained EMT who went into WTC after the attack to help) had been given the chance to stand up to their murderers. God Bless them all and protect their families.

    That person is Jeff Simpson

    Jeff Simpson, Dumfries Volunteer EMT Triangle Rescue Squad,
    Link to Jeff's virtual memorial, More info HERE

    One of the victims of The World Trade Center disaster in New York. Jeff was in lower Manhattan on routine business on behalf of his employer, the Oracle Corporation, when the two jet airliners struck The World Trade Center.
    Jeff Simpson rushed to the scene to offer assistance when the collapse occurred.

    Its likely that when Jeff Simpson, 38, saw two planes hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, he rushed to the scene to help. A colleague from Simpsons office, located about three blocks away from Ground Zero, said the last time he saw Simpson, the certified emergency medical technician was heading in the direction of triage centers he saw near the smoldering buildings. No one knows what happened after that.

    However there are no other stories about Jeff Simpson other then that he happened to be near the World Trade Center on an assignment and left the office to help, however we don't know what happened to him.
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    Response to Reply #88
    102. that is interesting
    and odd. Some of the emt personnel seem sort of unlikely. Wonder what he was working on?
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    Response to Reply #87
    89. Thomas E. Burnett & Peter Kellogg
    Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38 from San Ramon, Calif. was the senior vice president and chief operating officer Thoratec Corp and on flight 93.

    Thomas E. Burnett switched flights. On the board of directors and as the top shareholder of Thoratec we find Peter Kellogg.

    Peter Kellogg is member of the New York and American stock exchanges, and sits on several boards including Goldman Sachs Advisory, Berkshire School, U.S. Olympic Ski Team and Nam Tai Electronics.

    Did Thomas discover the following game which was played prior to 9/11?

    The NASD complaint charged that between Aug. 1, 2001, and Aug. 13, 2001, Kellogg placed matched orders to buy and sell millions of shares of Thoratec Corp. common stock for four accounts he controlled, and in which he and his family had ownership interests. These trades resulted in minimal change of ownership in the shares of Thoratec, were executed at prices unrelated to market supply and demand, and created the false appearance of market activity in the stock. Kellogg indicated to NASD he directed these trades to recognize non-taxed capital gains in Thoratec stock held by I.A.T. Reinsurance Syndicate, Ltd., a Bermuda corporation owned by Kellogg's children, and Equity Holding, Inc., whose parent company, MCM, Inc., was owned in part by IAT. Kellogg also indicated that the trades were directed between accounts he controlled so that IAT and EH could recognize non- taxed gains while the accounts Kellogg controlled retained ownership of the Thoratec stock.

    On Aug. 1, 2001, Kellogg directed Equity Holding to sell 700,000 shares of Thoratec to IAT. Six days later, Kellogg directed IAT to sell 1 million, shares of Thoratec back to Equity Holding. On August 9, Kellogg directed IAT to sell 1 million shares of Thoratec, in two 500,000-share trades, to Kellogg's personal account and to MMK Reinsurance, a company owned by IAT. Four days later, Kellogg reversed those trades by directing the sale of the 1 million shares back to IAT. (..)

    The complaint alleges that Kellogg, through these series of wash and matched trades, violated the antifraud provisions of the NASD rules and federal securities laws, and the NASD rule prohibiting the publication of reports of non-bona fide securities transactions.

    Mr. Kellogg was a Senior Managing Director of Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, a registered broker-dealer in the United States and a specialist firm on the NYSE until the firm merged with Goldman Sachs in 2000

    June 2001

    The company's shares are listed on NASDAQ, and its largest shareholder is Peter R. Kellogg, senior managing director of Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, New York, with a reported stake of about 26%.

    In addition to North American iron ore and real estate interests, the company owns MFC Merchant Bank SA, Geneva.

    It acquired MFC Merchant Bank, then called Lehman Brothers (Suisse), in February 1997 for C$27.4 million. In September 1997, it acquired Bank Rinderknecht (then in liquidation) for C$9.6 million and merged the two operations. With Bank Rinderknecht, it obtained C$44 million of tax-loss carry- forwards.
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    Response to Reply #89
    109. Ooh, good one.nt
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    Response to Reply #87
    92. Flight 93
    + means that it was a couple

  • Todd Beamer 32 Cranbury, N.J. account manager Oracle Corp. *wireless*

  • Mark K. Bingham 31 San Francisco, Calif. owner The Bingham Group *wireless*

  • William Joseph Cashman 60 West New York, N.J. retired director Bell Communications Navy veteran *wireless*

  • Jane C. Folger 73 Bayonne, N.J. retiree +
  • Patricia Cushing 69 Bayonne, N.J. retiree (sales rep for Verizon Communications) *wireless*
    First flight. Never been outside the East Coast.
    Airplane phones were also routed to Verizon customer service center

  • Patrick Joseph Driscoll 70 Pt Pleasant Beach, N.J. retired research director Bell Communications *wireless*

  • Jeremy Glick 31 Hewlett, N.J. managing director Credit Suisse Boston *wireless*
    Flight for the day before was cancelled

    Environment group:

  • Alan Beaven 48 Hurleyville, N.Y. environmental lawyer
    Scotland Yard prosecutor
    Successful had some big cases Shell Oil (1992), Pacifica California (1997)
    Made arrangement to go to Mumbai, India to work for the Syda Foundation
    One last trip
    California Watershed Posse founder *environment*

  • Richard Jerry Guadagno 39 Eureka, Calif. manager Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge *environment*

  • Christine Anne Snyder 32 Kailua, Hawaii arborist Outdoor Circle
    changed her return flight three times before finally
    settling for Flight 93 (date of change unknown) *environment*

    Other reasons:

  • Thomas E. Burnett Jr. 38 San Ramon Calif. senior vice president and chief operating officer Thoratec Corp *inside trading*

  • Edward P. Felt 41 Matawan, N.J. technology director BEA Systems *risk management*

  • Andrew Garcia 62 Portola Valley, Calif. salesman Cinco Group
    Sells products related to the airline industry
    Air National Guard *airline*

  • Donald F. Greene 47 Greenwich, Conn. executive vice president Safe Flight Instrument Corp.
    EO and first vice president of an aviation company called Safe-Flight in White Plains, N.Y. *airline*

  • Olga Kristin Gould White 65 New York, N.Y. freelance medical journalist
    White embarked on a career as a freelance writer, specializing in medical issues for such publications as Medical World News, Environmental Health Perspectives and the Journal of Women's Health. An equal opportunity freelancer, she even penned stories under a pseudonym for the National Enquirer tabloid. *tabloid*

    Should not have been on the flight:
  • Georgine Rose Corrigan 56 Honolulu, Hawaii antiques and collectibles dealer
    She was not scheduled to take flight 93 but decided to leave early to return for a trade show.

  • Lauren Grandcolas 38 San Rafael, Calif. sales worker Good Housekeeping magazine
    flew standby on United Flight 93

  • Toshiya Kuge 20 Nishimidoriguoska, Japan student, Japanese

  • Nicole Miller 21 San Jose, Calif. student West Valley College
    Flight for the day before was cancelled

    Special cases:
  • Christian Adams 37 Biebelsheim, Germany foreign sales manager German Wine Fund (Deutscher Weinfond)
    Christian was in the US specifically for the two first tasting of wine. NY Sept 10 and SF Sept 13
    GWI is guided by the German Wine Fund Administrative Council (composed of industry and consumer representatives)

  • Deora Frances Bodley 20 San Diego, Calif. university student Santa Clara (Calif.) University
    Missed the flight the week earlier
    Father: Derrill Bodley from Peaceful Tomorrows. Died on 60th birthday in a motorcycle accident
    Music professor at the University of the Pacific in Stockton and Sacramento City College, California

  • Mark Rothenberg 52 Scotch Plains, N.J. owner MDR Global Resources
    On his way to Taiwan
    Import business. Middleman between manufacturers in Asia and buyers in the United States.

  • John Talignani 74 New York, N.Y. retired and bar tender
    Claim the body of his stepson, Alan Zykofsky, who died in a head-on car crash on his honeymoon in California with Valerie Barlow.
    Other stepson, Mitch Zykofsky is a sergeant with the NYPD.
    A retired bartender who schmoozed with the likes of Donald Trump and Dick Clark during his 20 years at a Tony Manhattan steakhouse, Talignani just couldn't resist the pitches on QVC.

  • Marion Britton 53 New York, N.Y. assistant regional director U.S. Census Bureau +
  • Waleska Martinez Rivera 37 Jersey City, N.J. automation specialist U.S. Census Bureau

  • Joseph Deluca 52 Ledgewood, N.J. systems business consultant Pfizer Inc. +
  • Linda Gronlund 46 Greenwood Lake, N.Y. environmental compliance BMW
    Celebrate in wine country

  • Colleen Laura Fraser 51 Elizabeth, N.J. chairwoman New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council
    Advocate for disabled

  • Jean Hoadley Peterson 55 Spring Lake, N.J. retired nurse +
  • Donald Arthur Peterson 66 Spring Lake, N.J. retired president Continental Electric Co.
    got to the Newark airport early, and their original flight was late and crowded.
    Worked on a Christian missionary
    former member of the New Jersey Board of Education

    Completely unknown:
  • Louis J. Nacke 42 New Hope, Pa. distribution center director Kay-Bee Toys
    For business wasn't much of a flier

  • Hilda Marcin 79 Budd Lake, N.J. retired teacher's aide

  • Honor Elizabeth Wainio 27 Baltimore, Md. district manager Discovery Channel stores
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    Response to Reply #87
    97. Flight 11
    Edited on Sat Jul-15-06 11:26 AM by DrDebug

    + is a couple

    Global Hawk = Raytheon et al. possible connection to Global Hawk project
    Wireless = Working in the wireless industry or other communications
    Investment = Investment firms/Stock exchange etc.
    TJX = People working for TJX
    IT Guru = Very big player in IT / Internet

    TJX Companies parent of T.J. Maxx and Marshall
    Seven employees were on American Airlines Flight 11 when it crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

    Removed from wikipedia, but in history:

  • Edwards-Angell, Mary Lynn - 52 - Pasadena , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
  • Angell, David Lawrence - 54 - Pasadena , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Pentagon*
    Creator and executive producer of the hit NBC sitcom "Frasier."

    Angell, who co-created "Frasier and "Wings with partners Peter Casey and David Lee, was had joined "Cheers in 1983 as a staff writer; he'd been with Paramount Network Television ever since. Angell hooked up with Casey and Lee in 1985 and the trio became supervising producers on the hit comedy. Angell, Casey and Lee then formed Grub Street Prods., which created "Wings, the NBC comedy that spent seven years on the network. After "Cheers ended its run in 1993, the trio were tapped to create and executive produce "Frasier.

  • Aoyama, Seima - 48 - Culver City , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
    Accountant. on business
  • Zarba Jr., Christopher Rudolph - 47 - Hopkinton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    Software engineer at Concord Communications, a communications firm

  • Barbuto, Christine - 32 - Brookline , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    University of Rhode Island (6 alumni)

  • Wahlstrom, Mary Alice - 75 - Kaysville , UT - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
    retired loan officer
  • Beug, Carolyn - 48 - Santa Monica , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *media*
    filmmaker and video producer won an award for the Van Halen video "Right Now."
    At the time of her death Carolyn Beug was working on a children's book about Noah's Ark which was to be told from Noah's wife's point of view.
    Husband is John Beug, a senior vice president in charge of filmed production for Warner Bros

  • Bouchard, Carol Marie - 43 - Warwick , RI - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
    Newell , Renee Lucille - 37 - Cranston , RI - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *airline*
    customer service agent for American Airlines, had a business meeting
    Kent County Hospital emergency room secretary

  • Casey, Neilie Anne Heffernan - 32 - Wellesley , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Merchandise planning manager for TJX Cos.
    She was flying to Los Angeles for business meetings as a planning manager of the TJX Cos.

  • Creamer, Tara Kathleen - 30 - Worcester , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Merchandise planning manager for TJX Cos

  • Coombs, Jeffrey W. - 42 - Abington , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    Compaq Computer who traveled to stock exchanges around the world
    He started less than a year ago after working at Fidelity Investments for years Northeastern University

  • Currivan, Patrick - 52 - Winchester , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *IT Guru*
    Currivan also lived in Paris, where he was vice president of the information technology firm AtosEuronext.
    He also visited China before joining AtosEuronext in 2000.
    He worked with Groupe Bull in Paris, France for 20 years before moving to Boston.
    He had a airline ticket from Paris to LA. However he changed his ticket so that he could break his journey and visit old friends in Boston.

  • Dale, Brian Paul - 43 - Warren , NJ - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Investment firm*
    That's where he was supposed to have flown Monday night. But the Warren, N.J., man instead opted to fly out Tuesday morning.
    The 43-year-old father of three was traveling on business, something he did often as a founder of a New York City-based investment firm, Blue Capital Management.

  • Dominguez, Alberto - 66 - Lidcombe N.S.W., Australia , Outside US - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *airline*
    baggage handler for Qantas Airways in Sydney, Australia

  • el-Hachem, Peter - 40 - Tewksbury , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *wireless*
    business trip Tuesday morning. He had worked for Teradyne Inc who make automatic test equipment for the electronics and telecommunications industries

  • Filipov, Alexander Milan - 70 - Concord , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *codeword*
    Electrical engineer from Concord, Massachusetts.

    Son works on the Moscow bureau chief for the Boston Globe and uses the suspected codeword m.u.r.k.y.

    Alexander Filipov, father of David Filipov, the Globe's Moscow bureau chief, was on Flight 11, but wasn't supposed to be. Alexander Filipov had a ticket for a Delta flight, but he changed it at the last minute.

  • Gay, Peter Alan - 54 - Tewksbury , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Global Hawk*
    Northeastern University
    Raytheon Co. vice president of operations for electronic systems

  • George, Linda M. - 27 - Westboro , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Buyer for TJX Cos

  • Glazer, Edmund - 41 - Wellesley , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    Chief financial officer and vice president of finance and administration of MRV Communications
    Manufacturer of optical network components and systems

  • Gordenstein, Lisa Reinhart Fenn - 41 - Needham , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Assistant vice president, merchandise manager, for TJX Cos

  • Humber Jr., John Nicholas - 60 - Newton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Enron*
    owner of Brae Burn Management.
    an executive for Enron Wind Corporation who spent nearly his entire adult life working on environmental issues.
    He was an adviser to the World Bank and evaluated projects for fuel-cell technology.

  • Kovalcin, David P. - 42 - Hudson , NH - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Global Hawk*
    Raytheon Co. senior mechanical engineer for electronic systems
    He left a note for his wife of five years and their daughters -- ages 4 and 1 -- telling the three how much he would miss them while he was away

  • Iskandar, Waleed Joseph - 34 - London, England , Outside US - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Came from London, England
    Chief of digital strategy for Europe, Monitor Group
    Waleed was born in Beirut, Lebanon.
    Waleed was a US citizen residing in London England, when he passed away.
    Harvard Business School, where he was designated a Baker Scholar.

    Waleed worked extensively in the United States, in Korea, and throughout Europe. He established Monitor Groups Istanbul office and co-led development of Monitors Central/Eastern European and Middle East operations. Most recently, he was living in London and was head of Europe for Monitors digital strategy unit.

    Highlight from biography:
    Waleed was born in Beirut, Lebanon on August 25 1967. Brought up in Kuwait. Educated in Stanford, Harvard
    After taking assignments in all over the world, Korea, Europe, the Middle East, he chose to stay in Istanbul Turkey and establish the Monitor office there.
    1999 went to London

  • Jones, Charles Edward - 48 - Bedford , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Global Hawk*
    computer programmer
    retired Air Force colonel and program manager for BAE Systems
    master's in aeronautics and astronomics from MIT, and an undergraduate degree in astronomical engineering from the Air Force Academy.
    Jones was a fully qualified shuttle mission payload specialist, who was scheduled to fly the mission immediately following the Challenger, a flight that was canceled when the Challenger exploded.

  • Kaplan, Robin Lynne - 33 - Westborough , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Senior Equipment Specialist, TJX Co.

  • Lasden, Natalie Janis - 46 - Peabody , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Global Hawk*
    General Electric
    leader of e-materials at the nearby Lynn product test center

  • Lewin, Daniel C. - 31 - Charlestown , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *IT Guru*
    A math guru, entrepreneur, and PhD candidate at MIT, the 31-year-old was a founder of Akamai Technologies Inc. in Cambridge. He was a husband and father of two young boys, and once served as a soldier in Israel's Defense Forces.

    According to news reports of a phone call from flight attendant Betty Ann Ong, to Amy Sweeny at Logan International Airport, as Sweeny reported in turn to her manager, Michael Woodward, Lewin was sitting in seat 9B, and had his throat cut by the passenger in seat 10B at approximately 8:20. That passenger in 10B was later identified as Satam M. A. Al Suqami.

    He founded Akamai in 1998 with scientist Tom Leighton and a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists and business professionals. Lewin was responsible for the company's research and development strategy.

    Akamai was the leading internet advertising provider at the time.

  • MacKay, Susan A. - 44 - Wellesley , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *TJX*
    Assistant vice president of merchandise planning and allocation
    "I believe she was the wife of one of my co-workers in Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center"

  • Green, Andrew Peter Charles Curry - 34 - Santa Monica , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
    Northeastern University
    Director of business development for eLogic, a Venice, California-based Internet company
  • Mladenik , Jeffrey Peter - 43 - Hinsdale , IL - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    interim president at E-Logic.
    Cahners Publishing in Des Plaines for four years. In the past month, he became an interim president of a new Cahners subsidiary, eLogic.

  • Morabito , Laura Lee - 34 - Framingham , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *airline*
    Qantas Airways national sales manager for Qantas Airways
    Woke up early Tuesday morning to catch a flight from Boston to Los Angeles, there was no guarantee she would be able to board the plane. Morabito, 34, arrived with a coupon to fly standby, so the Qantas Airways account sales manager was among the last people to board the plane.

  • Orth, Jane M. - 49 - Haverhill , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    retired from Lucent Technology.
    on her way to Australia because she was thinking about moving there

  • Pecorelli, Thomas Nicholas - 30 - Topanga , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *media*
    cameraman for Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television.

  • Perkins, Berinthia "Berry" Berenson - 53 - Los Angeles , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *media*
    Actress and photographer, who appeared in such movies as "Cat People, "Winter Kills and "Remember My Name. She was the widow of actor Anthony Perkins and sister of actress Marisa Berenson.
    wife of the late actor, Anthony Perkins

  • Retik, David E. - 33 - Needham , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless* +
    General partner and founding member of Alta Communications, a Boston-based investment firm specializing in communication industries
    Mello , Christopher D. - 25 - Boston , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    Alta Communications
    Venture capitalists. telecom and media investment group

  • Rosenzweig, Philip Martin - 47 - Acton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    Executive with Sun Microsystems
    Computer networking patents

  • Salie, Rahma - 28 - Boston , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
    computer consultant, was fluent in Japanese
    Theodoridis , Michael - 32 - Boston , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    A consultant with a Cambridge, Mass., technology firm eXcelon Corporation
    Rahma was 7 months pregnant

  • Smith, Heather Lee - 30 - Boston , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *investment*
    Beacon Capital Partners
    Los Angeles to evaluate a property

  • Vamsikrishna, Pendyala - 30 - Los Angeles , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *wireless*
    Software engineer and project manager for DTI Technologies

    Pendyala missed his scheduled flight on Monday due to the finalization of a project for a client in Boston.
    His wife, Kalahasthi Prasanna, committed suicide a month later.

  • Waldie, Kenneth E. - 46 - Methuen , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Global Hawk*
    wasn't even supposed to be on the flight, but his itinerary was changed

  • Wenckus, John Joseph - 46 - Torrance , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *aerospace*
    Successful mechanical engineer, working in the aerospace industry for more than 20 years.
    General manager and vice president of Lockhart Industries in Paramount, Calif.

    Also a story about John being tax consultant in partnership with Philip Califano of Califano Financial Group ( )

  • Zarba Jr., Christopher Rudolph - 47 - Hopkinton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) *Wireless*
    Zarba was headed to Los Angeles to work on a computer system there for Concord Communications

  • Allison, Anna Williams - 49 - Stoneham , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    software consultant. client in California
    founder of A2 Software Solutions
    Northeastern University

  • Aronson, Myra Joy - 50 - Charleston , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    press-analyst relations manager for Compuware

  • Booms, Kelly Ann - 24 - Brookline , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)

  • DiMeglio, David - 22 - Wakefield , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    working toward starting a computer service business.
    Father: John DiMeglio (same as the other John DiMeglio??)

  • DiTullio , Donald Americo - 49 - Peabody , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Smith & Nephew
    Northeastern University
    Respected member of the biomedical industry

    Two students 20-year-old business major Candace Lee Williams and 42-year-old University College enrollee Donald DiTullio and eight alumni are known to have perished aboard the two planes (Similar story University of Rhode Island)

  • Ruth McCourt Flight 175 +
  • Juliana McCourt Flight 175 +
  • Farley-Hackel , Paige Marie - 46 - Newton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    coach in the Debbie Ford Shadow Process
    The couple couldn't get seats on the same plane. (Even though the planes were mainly empty)
    David McCourt, her husband, was owner of a construction business

  • Flyzik, Carol Ann - 40 - Plaistow , NH - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Meditech, which sells computer software to hospitals
    agreed at the last minute to take this trip.
    demonstrator for Meditech

  • Fyfe, Karleton D.B. - 31 - Brookline , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    senior investment analyst for John Hancock.
    Nephew of Bill Tammeus Kansas City Star

  • Hayes, Robert Jay - 38 - Amesbury , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    spiritual adviser
    Vice president of sales and marketing for Netstal, a Devens Mass.- based manufacturer of machines used to make compact discs.

  • Friedman, Paul J. - 45 - Belmont , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
    management consultant at Emergence Consulting business meeting
  • Hennessy Jr., Edward R. "Ted" - 35 - Belmont , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management
    partner and principal of Emergence Consulting

    Prior to his association with Emergence, Mr. Hennessy was employed with InScribe, Inc., a software computerized calligraphy company, and as a management consultant with Corporate Decisions, Inc. and Renaissance Solutions.

    Three alumni from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management
    David S. Lee (Fiduciary Trust), Patrick Jude Murphy (Pentagon)

  • Holland, Cora Hidalgo - 52 - Sundbury , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Sudbury Food Pantry, an interdenominational program that assisted needy families, at Our Lady of Fatima Church.
    Dr. Stephen Holland watched the plane's flight path on the American Airlines' Web site. "It had been taken down, and it said, Please contact American,'

  • Jenkins, John Charles - 45 - Cambridge , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Corporate office services manager for Charles River Associates (now: CRA International)

  • Keating, Barbara A. - 72 - Palm Springs , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    widowed grandmother and mother of five grown children, was an active member of St. Theresa's Catholic Church.
    Mr. Keating, an engineer who worked on gyroscopes, died in 1983
    Mrs. Keating worked as executive director of the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, an organization for helping youth

  • Larocque , Judith Camilla - 50 - Framingham , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    founder and CEO of Market Perspectives, a research firm that offers online and on-site surveys. Before founding the company in 1993, she was the principal of Emergent Marketing, an executive marketing consulting firm.

  • Lee, Daniel John - 34 - Van Nuys , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    The roadie for the Backstreet Boys
    He traveled the world as a roadie for acts including Yanni, 'N Sync and Barbra Streisand

  • Montoya, Carlos Alberto - 36 - Bellmont , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Born in Bogota , Colombia son of a decorated Air Force pilot

  • Puopolo, Sonia Morales - 58 - Dover , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Retired ballet dancer
    Leading political activist, philanthropist and arts patron
    Traveling to Los Angeles for the Latin Grammy Awards

    Dominic Jr. successfully worked alongside German federal prosecutors along with his German legal team of Christian Weise, RA and Andreas Schulz, RA to successfully argue, before a tribunal of five German federal justices to convict Motassadeq in the year long retrial.

    Dominic Jr. previously went to Hamburg, Germany to testify during the 9/11 terrorist trial of Abdelghani Mzoudi on December 4, 2003.

    Sonia Morales Puopolo's daughter Sonia "Tita" Puopolo recently visited Saudi Arabia on the Saudi American Exchange program to better understand the country that some of the hijackers hailed from and to bridge the gap between the peoples of Saudi Arabia and America in order to prevent a recurrence of the horrific events of 9/11 borne of hatred and intolerance.

  • Ross, Richard Barry - 58 - Newton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    CEO Ross Group at the Prudential Tower
    He was frustrated, concerned about arriving in time for a business meeting in Los Angeles
    Ross Group, Boston is a management consulting firm (There are many Ross Groups)

  • Sachs, Jessica Leigh - 23 - Billerica , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Stone, Douglas Joel - 54 - Dover , NH - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    print shop owner
    Stone owned and operated Odyssey Press

  • Williams, Candace Lee - 20 - Danbury , CT - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Student Northeastern University
    Was an intern at Merrill Lynch in WTC

  • Cuccinello, Thelma - 71 - Wilmot Flat , NH - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    boarded Flight 11 with the intention of visiting the sister with whom she was particularly close.
    Her daughter, Cheryl O'Brien, is a travel agent who last month found her mother a good deal on a fare to Los Angeles.

  • Hofer, John A. - 45 - Bellflower , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Hofer owned and operated a modest business, John's Sharpening Center, which sharpended pet-grooming tools.

  • Naiman, Mildred Rose - 81 - Andover , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    She didn't want to miss her son Richard's 58th birthday that same day.

  • Neira, Laurie Ann - 48 - Los Angeles , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Transcriber, Your Office Genie

  • Norton, Jacqueline June - 61 - Lubec , ME - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) +
  • Norton, Robert Grant - 85 - Lubec , ME - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    wedding of Jacqueline's 38-year-old son, Jason Seymour, in Santa Barbara.
    retired engineer

  • Suarez, Xavier - 41 - Chino Hills , CA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Took his dog Rex with him

  • Trentini, Mary Barbara - 67 - Everett , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    retired teacher and assistant principal +
  • Trentini, James Anthony - 65 - Everett , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    retired secretary
    Visit their daughter

  • Valdes, Antonio Jesus Montoya - 46 - East Boston , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North)
    Born in Colombia. Worked in Boston Harbor Hotel
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 03:35 AM
    Response to Reply #97
    110. A2 Software Solutions
    the indymedia sites have someone posting saying she is still alive, but it is not very convincing. The reason there isn't a company any longer, I think, is because she was a consultant and she was the company. I think. But this is kind of interesting. The only other hit I got for A2 was one from 1999 that could be fake

    seems I looked before and found more on that. The wireless is interesting.
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    Response to Reply #110
    111. There are more of those stories like Loose Change, but I doubt that
    Edited on Mon Jul-17-06 05:25 AM by DrDebug
    Because there were lots of IT people, people working in the wireless industry, some maybe it was UTMS or TrailBlazer. There is the Global Hawk group. So they were either involved in a project or they were working on a competitive system.

    The A2 software is Risk Management again, so it was in the same field of business as Marsh and Silverstream and Risk management is people like Richard Grove and Indira Sangh for whom a meeting was arranged as well.

    There are couple of retired people as well who worked on guided missile projects etc. a couple of years earlier, so A2 could be more like that.

    It's highly unlikely that they are still alive and the risk of somebody talking afterwards is too big in those cases. There are quite a number who clearly didn't know about the flights. The Loose Change option that they were taken away somewhere and are now in a space base or an underground base is a nice SciFi story, however it is not proven and they were pretty ruthless on the World Trade Center where companies like Marsh and Cantor/eSpeed just killed off 295 and 810 of their own respectively and the top of both companies knew about 9/11, so the spared people story is comforting, however reality tends to be more brutal.
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    Response to Reply #87
    98. Flight 175 (+hyperlink to 77)
    Edited on Sat Jul-15-06 01:34 PM by DrDebug
    Analysis of Flight 77 can be found at:

  • Berkeley, Graham Andrew - 37 - Wellesley , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *wireless*
    Director of e-commerce solutions, Compuware Corp
    Software conference
    In a bizarre twist of fate, a colleague who was to have met Berkeley at the conference in Los Angeles was on American Airlines Flight 11, which was the first of the two jetliners that crashed into the WTC.

  • Bothe, Klaus - 31 - Linkenheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany , Outside US - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *aerospace* +
    was director of development at BCT Technology AG, a company specializing in software for the machinery, automobile, consumer goods and aerospace industries.
  • Kimmig, Heinrich - 43 - Willstaett, Germany , Outside US - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
    Heinrich Kimmig, 43, of Willstaett, Germany, was president and CEO of BCT Technology AG, a company specializing in software for the machinery, automobile, consumer goods and aerospace industries
  • Menzel, Wolfgang Peter - 59 - Willstaett, Germany , Outside US - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    director of human resources at BCT Technology AG, a company specializing in software for the machinery, automobile, consumer goods and aerospace industries.

  • Brandhorst, Daniel Raymond - 42 - Los Angeles , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) + *PricewaterhouseCoopers*
  • Brandhorst, David Reed Gamboa - 3 - Los Angeles , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
    Gamboa , Ronald - 33 - Los Angeles , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    Gamboa managed Gap stores in Los Angeles and Brandhorst was a lawyer
    David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst was the adopted son of Daniel Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa, a same-sex couple who had been together for 14 years.

  • Corcoran III, John J. - 43 - Norwell , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Container ship*
    en route from his home in Norwell, Mass., to sail out of the Port of Los Angeles on a container ship, officials with his union, the Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn
    worked on oceangoing cargo ships
    Corcoran's ship, the APL Thailand, was to sail today for Asia.

  • Fangman, Robert John - 33 - Claymont , DE - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Wireless*
    Worked for Verizon Wireless before taking a job with United Airlines in 2001.

  • Goodchild, Lynn Catherine - 25 - Attleboro , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Wireless*
    sales manager for American Power Conversion, uninterruptable power supplies and Enterprise Wireless LANs

  • Goodrich, Peter Morgan - 33 - Sudbury , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Wireless*
    Peter worked for several years at Software Emancipation Technology and at the time of his death was the Director of Product Development for MKS, its successor company.
    MKS work together with Verizon Wireless

  • Gowell , Douglas Alan - 52 - Methuen , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Avid Technologies*
    Avid Technologies

  • Grogan, Francis Edward - 76 - Easton , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Avid technologies*
    worked for Avid Technologies, a Massachusetts company specializing in digital effects and computer graphics.
    routine business trip to Los Angeles

  • Hammond Jr., Carl Max - 37 - Derry , NH - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Global Hawk*
    A researcher at MIT and employed by MITRE, . MITRE is also very big in Homeland Defense and the Total Information Awareness project for the Pentagon, a very Big Brother company
    Hammond had taken his MIT job earlier in 2001, after working at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the former Stanford Research Institute.

  • Hanson, Christine Lee - 2 - Groton , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
  • Hanson, Sue Jue Kim - 35 - Groton , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
  • Hanson, Peter Burton - 32 - Groton , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Wireless*
    TimeTrade vice president of sales software company
    first trip to Disneyland

  • Hardacre, Gerald Francis - 62 - Carlsbad , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *environment*
    environmental engineer and was a founding member of the San Diego Industrial Environmental Assn.

    priest for 46 years and was a well-liked superior at a retirement facility for priests in Dartmouth, Mass.
    headed to California to meet his sister for a vacation. He had been a standby passenger on a Delta flight

  • Hayden, James Edward - 47 - Westford , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Wireless*
    vice president and chief financial officer for Netegrity Inc., a Waltham, Mass.-based Internet software company.
    Before joining Netegrity in 1998, Hayden was vice president at Computervision Inc. in Bedford, Mass. He previously had worked as a certified public accountant in Boston.

  • Homer, Herbert Wilson - 48 - Milford , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Global Hawk*
    Department of Defense official overseeing Raytheon Co.'s operations in Burlington, Vt., was active with the Jaycees, a Special Olympics coach and his church.

  • Kinney, Brian K. - 28 - Lowell , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *PricewaterhouseCoopers*
    manager of audit practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • LeBlanc, Robert George - 70 - Lee , NH - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *student exchange*
    National Geographics. Professor
    He was also a member of the American Canadian French Cultural Commission who have a student exchange program via Richelieu International. The Commission consists of 6 people, so it makes sense that Bob LeBlanc, a professor at the University, would be the person handling the student exchange.

    See also:
    Mohammed Atta - Carl Duisberg Society ( )
    Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali in New Zealand ( )

  • Sanchez, Jesus - 45 - Hudson , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
    off-duty customer service representative for United Airlines
  • MacFarlane , Marianne - 34 - Revere , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *airline*
    passenger service representative for United Airlines and a generous aunt who doted on her niece and nephew.

    She was en route to Los Angeles with a friend and co-worker, Jesus Sanchez, 45, of Hudson, Mass., when United flight 175 was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center. MacFarlane's final destination was Las Vegas for a two-day vacation.

    MacFarlane and Sanchez took an earlier flight than most of a group of co-workers who were also making the trip.

  • Marchand, Alfred Gilles Padre Joseph - 44 - Alamogordo , NM - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *airline*
    flight attendant less than a year when he worked United Airlines Flight 175 on Tuesday. At 44, he had just retired from his first career--as a police officer.

    After working his way up the ranks to lieutenant over 21 years with his hometown police department in New Mexico, Marchand was making vacation reservations when he happened upon a job posting for flight attendants late last year, his wife's best friend said.

  • McCourt, Juliana Valentine - 4 - New London , CT - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
  • McCourt, Ruth Magdaline - 45 - New London , CT - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
  • Farley-Hackel, Paige Marie - 46 - Newton , MA - On American Flt. 11 (WTC North) (see Flight 11)
    coach in the Debbie Ford Shadow Process
    The couple couldn't get seats on the same plane. (Even though the planes were mainly empty)
    David McCourt, her husband, was owner of a construction business

    McCourt's brother, Ronnie Clifford, was in one of the towers but managed to escape before it crumbled to the ground

  • Medwig, Deborah - 46 - Dedham , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
    director of business solutions at NStar Services Co., Massachusetts largest investor-owned electric and gas utility - computer information systems
    Philip Rosenzweig (flight 11) and Deborah Medwig were both alumni from RIT
  • Nassaney, Shawn M. - 25 - Pawtucket , RI - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Wireless*
    American Power Conversion sales team leader

  • Quigley IV, Patrick J. - 40 - Wellesley Hills , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *PricewaterhouseCoopers*
    consulting partner for PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Roux, James M. - 43 - Portland , ME - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *asbestos*
    Roux practiced law in Hartford and Portland, Maine, and was a litigator who helped recently with large settlements for several families affected by asbestos exposure and lead poisoning.

  • Shearer, Mary Kathleen - 61 - Dover , NH - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
    retired doll store owner
  • Shearer, Robert Michael - 63 - Dover , NH - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *guided missiles*
    retired engineer, building guided missile systems for the military.

  • Sweeney, Brian David - 38 - Barnstable , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *Flight school*
    Navy officer on F-14 fighter jets; flight school instructor

    He was a staff instructor at the Navy's prestigious Fighter Weapons School in Miramar, Calif., from 1995 to 1996, and a staff member for the Tomcat Strike Fighter Weapons School in 1993. He was also squadron avionics/weapons division officer from 1991 to 1993 and squadron weapons training/tactics development officer from 1993 to 1995.

    He worked for a variety of private- sector aeronautical companies in recent years, including Lockheed Martin Corp., Spectratek Corp. and Horizons Technology. Since March, he was a systems consultant for the Department of Defense and aeronautics industry at Brandes Associates in Los Angeles.

  • Weems, William Michael - 46 - Marblehead , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) *media*
    A freelance producer of TV commercials, William Weems was headed from Boston to Los Angeles aboard United Flight 175 when it crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center, said his wife, Lisa.

  • Abraham, Alona - 30 - Ashdod, Israel , Outside US - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    A 30-year-old resident of the Israeli port town of Ashdot, Alona Abraham was 11 days into her first vacation in the United States
    Abraham's family were Mumbai (Bombay) Jews who emigrated to Israel in the 1950s.

  • Bailey, Garnet Edward "Ace" - 54 - Lynnfield , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South) +
    director of pro scouting for the Los Angeles Kings
    Ace may not have been the greatest hockey player to play in the NHL but he taught many players how to win championships and more importantly, he was a winner as a person
    Bavis , Mark Lawrence - 31 - West Newton , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    Bavis and his twin brother, Mike, played for Boston University and Mark was drafted by the Rangers in 1989 but did not play in the NHL.

  • Bolourchi, Touran Hamzavi - 69 - Beverly Hills , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    not supposed to be aboard Flight 175, but she decided to stay a few extra days in Boston to visit her daughter and two grandchildren while her husband, Abkar, flew home to Los Angeles on the flight she, too, had originally planned to take.
    Touri Bolourchi was a retired nurse born in Tehran who moved to the United States with her daughter in 1979 following the Islamic revolution.

  • Cahill, John Brett - 56 - Wellesley , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    vice president of the systems group at Xerox.
    But he planned to retire at the end of the year to start his own consulting business. The name of it was MDI. His family knew what the initials stood for: Mad Dog Industries.

  • Carstanjen, Christoffer Mikael - 33 - Turners Falls , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    was a computer research specialist for the University of Massachusetts

  • Hartono, Eric Samadikan - 20 - Boston , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    His father is a vice president with Fuji Film, Indonesia. But a few years ago, he moved to the Boston area, where he attended classes. Just a few weeks ago, he began a move to the Los Angeles area.

    Related to R. Budi Hartono?

  • Kershaw, Ralph Francis - 52 - Manchester-by-the-Sea , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    Encyclopedic knowledge of boating, a business he learned from his dad and one that made him a worldwide traveler. Kershaw, 52, was on his way to Singapore to survey a 77-foot sailboat when he boarded United Airlines Flight 175 to Los Angeles.

  • Lopez, Maclovio "Joe" - 41 - Los Angeles , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    construction worker, was on temporary assignment in Boston, employed by a company that specializes in laying pipeline on water main projects.
    Spiniello Co

  • Mariani, Louis Neil - 59 - Derry , NH - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    Louis Neil Mariani, 59, of Derry, N.H., was on United Airlines Flight 175. His wife, Ellen, had taken a separate flight.

    Ellen Mariani v. United Air Lines, Inc.

    Ellen Mariani's RICO Suit against Bush et al.

    1. had knowledge/warnings of 911 and failed to warn or take steps to prevent;
    2. have been covering up the truth of 911; and
    3. have therefore violated the laws of the United States; and
    4. are being sued under the Civil RICO Act.

  • Pappalardo, Marie - 53 - Paramount , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    returning home after making her annual visit to New England for her daughter's birthday
    director of finance and production for ALA Foods in Long Beach, Calif., which distributes food to the Acapulco and El Torito restaurant chains.

    Her death prompted co-worker Steve Santoyo to reveal that the couple had been secretly married for two years. The couple kept their marriage private "because of our jobs," Santoyo told the Boston Herald.


  • DeAraujo, Dorothy Alma - 82 - Long Beach , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    was known as "our artist" because she captured the area's canals, boats, shops and homes in detailed, flashy water colors.

  • Frost, Lisa Ann - 22 - Rancho Santa Margarita , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    recent graduate of Boston University

  • Jalbert, Robert Adrien - 61 - Swampscott , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    sales manager for Rogers Foam Corp

  • Rimmele III, Frederick Charles - 32 - Marblehead , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    doctor at Beverly Hospital

  • Simpkin, Jane Louise - 36 - Wayland , MA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    The daughter of a man who traveled the world for a chemical company, Simpkin, 36, of Wayland, Mass., was raised all over the world, from England to Colombia.

  • Ward, Timothy Ray - 38 - San Diego , CA - On United Flt. 175 (WTC South)
    executive at Rubio's, the Carlsbad-based restaurant chain
    Ward had accompanied his girlfriend, Linda Brewton, who works for Cisco Systems in Northern California, to Boston, where she was attending a business meeting.
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    seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-15-06 10:58 AM
    Response to Original message
    96. DrDebug every minute of this life is a new home, where ever you are
    May the clouds of the Blessed One's spiritual powers,
    His unrivalled knowledge and boundless compassion,
    Pour down upon your house like a monsoon rain,
    Nurturing the roots of your wholesome qualities.

    May the Dhamma as doctrine, path, and fruition,
    As Nibbana the Deathless, the state beyond sorrow,
    Infuse your home with the glory of truth
    And make it an oasis for thirsty seekers.

    May the wavelike blessings of the Sangha-jewel,
    From Sariputta and Moggala to the present-day Order,
    Dispel all threats from the forces of darkness
    And envelop your home with the aura of purity.

    May the three discourses of protective might--
    The Metta, Ratana, and Mangala Suttas--
    Resound like a chorus of celestial angels,
    Bringing you success in all you undertake.

    May the Dhamma-protectors in all ten directions,
    The gods in the heavens and the nagas of the earth,
    Ward off all dangers, misfortunes, and hazards,
    And ensure you live happily in your new abode.

    May you dwell at home like monks in the forest,
    Delighting in meditation, devoted to good works.
    May your home shine brightly like a heavenly palace,
    A beacon of Dhamma giving solace to all beings.

    Thank you DrDebug for everything, you are a beacon of Dhamma
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 12:43 PM
    Response to Original message
    112. American Bureau of Shipping (repost)
    Edited on Mon Jul-17-06 01:01 PM by DrDebug
    American Bureau of Shipping had an office in WTC1 on the 91st floor - just below impact. All 22 employees of American Bureau of Shipping survived 9/11.

    ABS certified a ship which caused a massive oil spill and the Spanish government sued them for $700,000,000. ABS has had many more similar problems with certifying ships which weren't up to standard.

    Press release slanted towards ABS:

    07-07-03 The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has reacted aggressively to the $ 700 mm claim made against it in May by the Spanish Government over the Prestige sinking off Spain last November. Furthermore, in a second statement within a week, the US Classification Society said it was outraged by the Spanish government's announced intention to seek withdrawal of the European Union's recognition of ABS as an approved classification society within the EU, which was made in immediate response to ABS' counterclaim.
    The first development came when ABS announced it had instituted legal action against the Spanish Government seeking recovery for any claims made against ABS for damages arising from the Prestige casualty.

    The suit that was filed in an unspecified jurisdiction in Spain also challenged the authority of the Spanish and Basque provincial governments to have taken such action in violation of Spanish law and procedure. ABS claims that the extensive pollution that had occurred following the sinkingwas directly attributable to the "Spanish government's failure to properly activate and implement an effective oil spill contingency plan as required by Spanish law."
    The statement continued that ABS counterclaimed that the Kingdom of Spain must wholly indemnify the classification society and/or contribute to payment of any damages that may be assessed in any judgment, anywhere in the world that might arise out of the casualty.

    ABS also vehemently denied any fault in the casualty, as alleged by Spain, and it counterclaimed that the Spanish decision to deny the vessel access to a place of refuge was a clear violation of its legal duty and that the government acted recklessly, negligently and grossly negligently in its response to the casualty.
    Later, ABS reacted angrily to Spain's petition to the EU to no longer recognise ABS as an approved classification society. "This appears to be another tactical ploy to divert attention from Spain's own negligence in the manner in which it handled the Prestige incident," said ABS vice president, Stewart Wade.

    According to ABS, there is absolutely no factual basis for the Spanish petition under the relevant European Council Directive. The Directive clearly specifies the terms for both recognition and the withdrawal of such recognition by the EC.
    It explicitly states that the safety and pollution performance records of all ships within a society's classed fleet are to be considered to guard against the distortion created by any one incident. The Directive singles out data from the Paris MOU and other similar Port State Control schemes as being the principal indicators of a class society's performance.

    Wade also said that ABS had recently undergone assessment by the European Commission and that it was believed nothing more than routine findings were identified. ABS also voluntarily invited the EC to participate as an observer to the IACS ad-hoc audit of all its survey activities related to the Prestige, conducted in December 2002-January 2003. Unlike Spain, which was also invited to participate and elected not to, the EC participated fully in the audit and was strongly complimentary of ABS transparency.
    The Spanish government's latest announcement also immediately follows press reports of a new study, conducted by the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF), which is critical of the Spanish government's actions in denying the Prestige a place of refuge. The recently released draft European Parliament Transport Committee report on the casualty also levelled serious criticism against the Spanish government for its response to the casualty.
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 05:29 PM
    Response to Original message
    114. Costa Rica: 1985 Plot to bomb the American embassy

    The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror
    by David Hoffman

    Copyright 1998 David Hoffman

    Published online with the irrevocable permission of the author to republish with attribution on a non-profit basis.

    Chapter 14: A strategy of tension

    A similar government-orchestrated outrage-incident was the Octopus' 1985 plot to bomb the American embassy and presidential offices in Costa Rica as a pretext for a full-scale U.S. invasion of Nicaragua. The plan was an offshoot of Operation Pegasus, the CIA's program of political assassinations, similar to the Phoenix Program.

    The conspiracy was akin to the many American-engineered provocations of the past. The U.S. through the skullduggery of the CIA would bomb their own embassy, cleverly blaming it on the Sandinistas.

    Civilian Military Assistance (CMA) leader Tom Posey and his band of mercenaries Steven Carr, Robert Thompson, Rene Corvo, and Costa Rican-American land-owners John Hull and Bruce Jones arranged for a patriotic Cuban-American, Jesus Garcia, to take part in the plot. According to Leslie Cockburn (Out of Control) Posey showed Garcia the blueprints of the embassy. "They came to me with a plan to hit the American embassy in Costa Rica," recalls Garcia. "They had an idea this would start a war between Nicaragua and the United States."

    In addition to bombing the embassy, they were to "take out" the American ambassador, Lewis Tambs, a vocal opponent of the Colombian/Contra cocaine trade, and collect the $1 million reward that the Ochoa clan had placed on his head. The CIA-led group, which had been funding their covert operations through arms and drug trafficking, would solve the problem of an American official who had dared interfere with their profitable business, while at the same time, serving the lofty goals of U.S. foreign policy. (1)

    According to CMA mercenary Jack Terrell, the plan was to place C-4 in a light-box outside the embassy and detonate it. When Tambs ran outside, he would be shot. A Nicaraguan would then be killed and fake documents placed on his person to incriminate the Sandinistas. (2)

    While Garcia refused to participate in the plot, he recalled, "The embassy plan was blessed from the White House. There were too many big people involved in this. In order to hit a U.S. embassy even us Cubans who are here in Miami would normally out of courtesy notify the CIA."

    Considering the players involved, it appeared that the CIA knew fully well of the plot, as it drew members from Brigade 2506, Ted Shackley's old JM/WAVE anti-Castro Cuban mercenary group. (3)

    A second plot designed to draw the U.S. into the war involved the bombing of Los Chiles, a small town along the border of Costa Rica. The plan was to use a plane painted to look like a Sandinista craft to drop bombs on the unarmed townspeople. Terrell described it as a "continuous undercurrent of really terrorist activity to try to draw the United States Government into direct conflict with the Nicaraguans because they were to be made to look like they were committing overt acts against a neutral and unarmed country, Costa Rica." (4)

    Garcia later learned that another hit was planned, this time on the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Nicaragua. The plan was proposed to Garcia by Major Alan Saum, a confederate of Posey's and General Vernon Walters, U.S. ambassador to the UN and former Deputy Director of the CIA. As Garcia later testified in court, "Saum had come from the White House." Saum told Garcia the plan was "Vice-President Bush's baby."

    While neither plot was carried out, the Octopus did manage to successfully murder eight people, mostly reporters, at La Penca, Costa Rica on May 30, 1984. The target was Eden Pastora, a Contra leader who wasn't going along with the plan, and was about to announce his misgivings at a press conference. CIA Deputy Director Dewy Clarridge had recently relayed a message to Pastora through Alfonso Robelo (who had previously met with Bud McFarlane at the White House) that his story would be "stopped" if he did not acquiesce. (5)

    The bombing was carried out by Amac Galil, who posed as a photographer, carrying a bomb inside a camera case. CIA "hit-man" Felipe Vidal told Terrell that Galil was a Mossad agent. He allegedly received his explosives training from John Harper, and his C- 4 courtesy of John Hull. Vidal also told Terrell, "we put a bomb under him and it didn't work because of bad timing."

    As Terrell later stated: "if anything happens to these people, whether they were carrying out directly or indirectly any plan of our government, it's easy to be at arm's length and have this great big beautiful deniability factor." (6)

    Naturally, the Washington Post and New York Times blamed the bombing on the Sandinistas (7, 8)

    Sources and notes:
    1. Posey denied the allegations in an interview with the author. In an interview with the author, Federal Public Defender John Mattes felt the plot wasn't being seriously considered.
    2. Christic, Op Cit.; Jack Terrell, interview with author. (Also: See the Village Voice, 9/29/87, and 13/30/86.)
    3. Statements of Jesus Garcia to Federal Public Defender John Mattes; The plot is briefly mentioned in Jack Terrell's book, Disposable Patriot (Bethesda, MD, National Press Books, 1992), p. 321; Terrell also confirmed the plot in an interview on NBC nightly news; Peter Glibbery, a mercenary operating in Contra camps near Hull's ranch, recalled attempting to transport explosives from the ranch to Jones' ranch, and being told it was needed "for the embassy job."
    4. Jack Terrell, NBC transcript, quoted in Christic, Op Cit. The Octopus would attempt to silence Terrell by informing the FBI that he had threatened the life of the President.
    5. According to Jack Terrell, Contra leader Adolfo Calero complained that Pastora had described the FDN (Contras) as "homicidal, Somicista sons of bitches."
    6. Cockburn, Op Cit.
    7. Deposition of Gene Wheaton; Deposition of Eden Pastora; testimony of Jack Terrell, quoted in Christic, Op Cit.
    8. On June 22, 1984, Pastora met with Dewy Clarridge and Vince Cannistraro, who offered to help Pastora find the killers. (Sure.) Harper's explosives training was allegedly courtesy of John Singlaub and Robert K. Brown (publisher of Soldier of Fortune).
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    Response to Reply #114
    115. What does Oklahoma City have to do with anything?
    The Constitution Society?

    This Constitution Society?

    Since when was this place Libertarian Underground?
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    BuddyYoung Donating Member (455 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 06:06 PM
    Response to Reply #114
    116. Thanks. The state-sponsored Terror pattern goes way back & continues
    til today. So does individual and organized professional Disinformation Patterns.
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 06:23 PM
    Response to Reply #116
    117. Yes. It has a long history
    Edited on Mon Jul-17-06 06:34 PM by DrDebug
    Both of them. People who do not even bother to read the rules and the about which specifically mentions "We welcome Democrats of all stripes, along with other progressives who will work with us to achieve our shared goals."

    Yet they themselves defend Bush all the time!
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-31-06 07:41 PM
    Response to Original message
    120. Oppenheimer Funds was former Barings Bank
    As mentioned in the OP. Oppenheimer Funds was not Oppenheimer & Company but part of MassMutual. However the historically the full name was Oppenheimer Barings and during 9/11 full name was ING Oppenheimer.

    Barings Bank was among the oldest merchant banking companies in England, having been founded in 1762 as the 'John and Francis Baring Company' by Sir Francis Baring. (...)

    Barings had a long and storied history. In 1802, it helped finance the Louisiana Purchase, despite the fact that Britain was at war with France, and the sale had the effect of financing Napoleon's war effort. Technically the United States did not purchase Louisiana from Napoleon. Louisiana was purchased from the Baring brothers and Hope & Co. (...)

    Barings collapsed on February 26, 1995, due to the activities of one trader, Nick Leeson, who lost $1.4 billion by speculating on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange, primarily using futures contracts. Barings was purchased by the Dutch bank/insurance company ING after its collapse for the nominal sum of 1 and assuming all of Barings liabilities, and therefore no longer has a separate corporate existence. Its name lived on for a while, as Baring Asset Management. But BAM was split and sold by ING to MassMutual and Northern Trust in March 2005.

    ING is the #4 insurance company as far as scale goes and is mostlikely to become the largest insurance company, because it spend the last decade merging with everybody everywhere especially in South America and Eastern Europe.

    A weird deal is the Afghanistan International Bank which was founded after the invasion of Afghanistan and is THE bank for the United States Army, United Nations, NATO, NGOs, embassies, etc. The bank has an almost complete monopoly on the foreign trade with Afghanistan. Even though many shareholders are Afghani, the main shareholder is ING and they made a deal that until March 2007 it will be entirely managed by ING alone. ( )
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-03-06 03:06 PM
    Response to Original message
    121. Interesting development: Kroll pulls security team out of Iraq

    Kroll pulls security team out of Iraq

    Kroll withdrew its bodyguard teams from Iraq and Afghanistan after four
    workers died in Iraq.

    Published: November 1, 2006 - 1:44 pm

    (AP) Manhattan security company Kroll has withdrawn its bodyguard teams from Iraq and Afghanistan after it lost four workers in Iraq, its parent company said Wednesday.

    Michael Cherkasky, president and chief executive of Kroll owner Marsh & McLennan Cos., told The Associated Press that the business in the two countries wasn't worth risking the lives of their employees.

    In its third-quarter earnings statement issued Wednesday, Marsh & McLennan said that results for the security group reflected the orderly exit from high-risk international assignments that had limited profitability and no longer fit Kroll's business strategy.

    Mr. Cherkasky said Kroll will continue to advise our clients anywhere in the world about security measures.

    Marsh & McLennan, whose main business is insurance brokerage, did not disclose how many workers had been withdrawn from the two countries.

    That's an interesting development because it means that they don't even think it is worth it anymore. The house of cards is slowly but surely collapsing...

    The interesting question is whether it also applies to their subsidiary Defence System Limited, because that is THE security company for the big oil companies (Exxon, Shell, BP, Chevron, Texaco all use DSL for their security) and if they retreat it means that the big oil companies are no longer protected.
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-04-06 12:20 AM
    Response to Reply #121
    122. Sounds like they know something.
    Something good I hope, not that anything good can come out of Iraq and what has been done. I'd love to see these scammers & thugs out of business
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-04-06 12:20 PM
    Response to Original message
    123. this deserves...
    a kick!
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-15-06 01:08 AM
    Response to Original message
    124. August 17, 2001
    Edited on Wed Nov-15-06 01:10 AM by mirandapriestly
    3 Caught in a Sting Are Charged With Laundering $8 Million in Drug Money
    Published: August 17, 2001
    A brokerage house in the World Trade Center had earned a reputation for handling illicit transactions in a very businesslike manner. It would wire money to businesses and banks around the world, without generating receipts or filing transaction reports, as required by law.

    The sting operation, conceived by Ronald Rose, a retired lieutenant who was an organized-crime investigator for the Police Department, involved 10 government agencies. The busy, sophisticated and seemingly well-connected brokerage house, which the authorities declined to name, is staffed entirely by detectives and opened in May 1999 at the World Trade Center.

    Word quickly spread on the street that the brokers there would take cash from illicit transactions and wire it around the world without generating a paper trail.

    This is archived, so you probably can't see it. Another article is here:
    New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said: "This case hits the drug cartels from both ends: first, through our traditional narcotics enforcement we are removing drugs from our streets and secondly, we have targeted the proceeds, removing money from their accounts. We have infiltrated the networks that facilitate the drug trade and we will continues to seize the currency being laundered."

    So one of the brokerage houses was an undercover drug money laundering operation?
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-10-06 01:13 PM
    Response to Original message
    125. here's a kick...
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-11-06 12:11 PM
    Response to Original message
    126. kicking...
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