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Skyway Aircraft investors (6/5 Madcow Update on the 5.5T Bust)

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Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-10-06 11:33 PM
Original message
Skyway Aircraft investors (6/5 Madcow Update on the 5.5T Bust)
Edited on Sat Jun-10-06 11:34 PM by Old and In the Way
FAA still can't seem to tell us who bought the plane and the last owner alledged buyer's broker doesn't appear legit. Guess that be a $500MM hot potato.

This caught my eye with regards to the investors in the company that painted the plane to look like an official US aircraft-

"But before engaging in the popular sport of blaming the Jews it might be useful to recall that we've already seen Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi's involvement. Oddly enough, fifteen of SkyWay Aircraft's biggest investors are from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. One of them even appears to be the head of the Kuwaiti National Guard."
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mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-11-06 11:41 AM
Response to Original message
1. More intrigue,thanks OaItW
an online documentary I saw called "Who Killed John O'Neill" takes Hopsicker's information about drugs and planes one step furthur claiming that Al Qaeda was a drug running operation and Atta a drug runner who replaced Barry Seal. Good way for bin laden and the CIA to make extra dough . - Afghanistan - Germany - Malaysia - Florida - Oklahoma (Instead of Mena?), all corners of the US, what was the point of that? and airports, how convenient...
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Americus Donating Member (279 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-11-06 12:04 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. Also a good way to demonize OBL, Atta et al. and Al Qaeda, too.

By demonizing AQ, OBL, and the rest, with the spectre of (illegal) narcotics trafficing, that alone could have been used as a justification for invading Afghanistan and declaring perpetual war on that rogue element of the intelligence community aka Al Qaeda.

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mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-11-06 12:21 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. I just started The Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast
and he wrote that OBL is not a spokesman for the poor and downtrodden of Islam at all. He's interested in protecting ME oil and that is pretty much all. The ideology is all pretty much a lie, in as far as his reason for alleged terrorism. That is what he was after in the Sudan, too.
What is interesting is in 1997 "al qaeda" released a demand that said they wanted the infidels (us) out of the holy places (these are only in Saudi Arabia) In 2003 Rumsfeld gave into terrorist demands and extricated the troops from these places,a highly unusual move (considering the "hijackers" were from Saudi Arabia) so the fight against terrorism should be over! but it's not, is it? It's obviously been used as a cover for other activities.
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newspeak Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-11-06 03:44 PM
Response to Reply #3
101. I read one thing that purportedly was said by OBL
and my first thought was Capitalist, corporatist big time. I don't believe he's a man for the downtrodden, but he makes an excellent front.
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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-13-06 10:03 AM
Response to Original message
4. The original (first) owner of Skyway is interesting too
Edited on Tue Jun-13-06 10:16 AM by DrDebug


In 1980, James R. Bath was named company president of Cotopax Investments, registered in the Cayman Islands. The name was changed to Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd. The company board then resigned en masse, leaving Bath as a sole director. The company acted as a supplier of large passenger and air cargo jets. At one point, it leased a $10 million Gulfstream II jet to the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., which was controlled by Sheikh Zayed, the late first president of the United Arab Emirates.


In case you don't remember who James R. Bath is, a quick biography:

James R. Bath moved to Houston in 1965 to join the Texas Air National Guard where he meets George W. Bush and the two become friends (1). During this period Bath gets introduced to George H.W. Bush (4).

In 1972 he goes missing from the National Guard and was suspended on September 29, 1972 (2) together with his buddy George W. Bush for failing to undergo a physical (3).

In 1974 Bath helped to finance George W. Bush campaign.

In 1976 Bath purchased the Houston Gulf Airport on behalf of Salem bin Laden, a Saudi sheik. Bath was the representative of Salem bin Laden (5). When bin Laden died in 1988, his interest in the airfield passed to Khalid bin Mahfouz.

Later Bath bought into two of Bush's companies, Arbusto 79 Ltd and Arbusto 80 Ltd, affiliates of the Arbusto Energy oil exploration company founded by George W. Bush.

2. For declassified source documents. See:
4. id. page 3
5. (because it's a large scan)

Nota bene:
1. Khalid Bin Mahfouz has made it very clear that he is not connected to Osama bin Laden, terrorists or many scandals. gives an overview of all the things he didn't do.

2. There is no indication that James R. Bath is connected to the current owners of Skyway and the relation with George W. Bush is even more indirect.

Edit: Arbusto 79 is 1979 of course etc. + decorative picture added
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Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-13-06 12:53 PM
Response to Original message
5. Fascinating, all of these intersections with the Bush family.
Just one long 33 year run of coincidences......
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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-13-06 01:03 PM
Response to Reply #5
6. And 30 years of bin Laden family coincidences as well
Edited on Tue Jun-13-06 01:07 PM by DrDebug
:tinfoilhat: Maybe there is even a connection between 9/11 and Osama bin Laden after all... :tinfoilhat:

Where were George H.W. Bush, the father of the Dubya and Shafig bin Laden, Osama's brother on 9/11?
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-28-06 03:00 PM
Response to Reply #5
84. With all DU respect, Not-So, 43 years...
What Poppy told the FBI an hour after President Kennedy was assassinated:

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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-14-06 04:51 PM
Response to Original message
7. Skyway's 2 tons in Paris in 1999


On May 16, 1999, Prince Nayif (bin Fawwaz al-Shaalan al-Saud) 's Skyways Boeing 727 touched down at LeBourget Airport outside of Paris ( this is the same airport that received the Bin Laden family flight from the United States following the 9/11 attacks ).

Also on board the plane were a number of Saudi princes and princesses. Two tons of cocaine, smuggled on to the aircraft in Caracas, were transported as one large diplomatic pouch by two waiting Saudi vans. The cocaine was transported to Noissy-le-Sec, a Paris suburb. A French-US law enforcement case against Nayif and his entourage, complete with evidence and confidential informants soon collapsed.

Wayne Madsen has come into possession of a "Confidential Diplomatic" cable from the French embassy in Saudi Arabia to Paris warning that Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef had warned that if France pursued the case against the Saudi prince, a lucrative $7 billion radar defense contract, Project SBGDP (Garde Frontiere), with the French firm Thales would be canceled.

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mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-14-06 11:59 PM
Response to Reply #7
8. Sounds like it's all a guise for drug smuggling
Edited on Thu Jun-15-06 12:00 AM by mirandapriestly
I wonder what the annual profits on the drug trade are? I guess there can only be educated guesses since it's not offical.
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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-15-06 01:57 AM
Response to Reply #8
9. Globalresearch has the UN figures
Edited on Thu Jun-15-06 02:31 AM by DrDebug
It's all estimates and guesstimates, however The Spoils of War has the following UN figures which is probably most reliable source (2004):

Total market: $400-500 billion
Afghanistan: $50 billion
Afghanistan trafficking: $1.3 billion

Which means that if al-Qaeda, Afghanistan exist to hide its real function as a cartel, it will have direct income of about a billion each year.

And that's just one part, because there are plenty of other advantage as well, the main being the enormous destabilizing effect of Poppy. Iran had to admit that it had over a million heroin addicts as a result of the attempt to get a slice of the market. The relative effects in Afghanistan are many times bigger. Not to mention the consumer market.

Maybe Ruppert should his butt of peak oil because we've found some coke next to the 9/11 planes and he is a former South Central investigator ( )

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mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-15-06 03:21 AM
Response to Reply #9
10. Yeah I saw a documentary on Iranian heroin addicts
I also read that Iraq now has heroin addiction as a severe problem and before the "Awful Shock" they never had a heroin problem. Those kind of figures look like it's well worth somebodies time & effort. Yeah, I'm not sure about the peak oil either it sounds like it's an excuse for high oil prices which are being manipulated for other reasons, Mike Ruppert is better at the drug connections, I wish his book had focused more on that, but he believes the peak oil is tied in, so...
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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-15-06 04:26 AM
Response to Reply #10
11. It's all about GOD
Guns, Oil and Drugs.

  • Afghanistan: Guns (check), Oil (pipeline check), Drugs (check)
  • Iraq: Guns (check), Oil (check), Drugs (finally check. Rotten Saddam!)

    Since for some unknown coincidence I wrote "enormous destabilizing effect of Poppy." I couldn't help to look up a document which sadly remained a fantasy :(

    Can we get a second chance with Jr?


    The following is adapted from a draft indictment of George Bush prepared by former DEA agent Celerino Castillo and the editors of Executive Intelligence Review. All the evidence contained in this draft indictment has been thoroughly documented. Most of it has been taken either from the Kerry Report of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, or the Final Report on Iran-Contra.






    Racketeering 18 USC 1961et seq. Conspiracy to Import Narcotics 21 USC 952 & 963 Continuing Criminal Enterprise 21 USC 848 Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice 18 USC 1503 Conspiracy To Obstruct Congress 18 USC 1505


    1. At all times relevant to this Indictment, there existed an Enterprise, within the meaning of Title 18, USC, Section 1961 (4), that is, a group of individuals associated in fact which utilized the official positions of defendant GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH in the Government of the United States of American to facilitate the transfer, importation, and distribution of large quantities of illegal narcotics within the United States.


    5. On Jan. 28, 1982, Bush was put in charge of the South Florida Task Force on drugs.


    Venice is on the northern edge of South Florida. So is there more information about that?

    George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
    Chapter 20: The Phony War on Drugs
    by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

    Tout le monde me prend pour un homme de bien; Mais la vrit pure est que je ne vaux rien.
    Moliere, Le Tartuffe


    Indeed, Bush has an impressive resume of bureaucratic titles to back up his claim to be America's top anti-drug fighter. On January 28, 1982, Reagan created the South Florida Task Force under Bush's high-profile leadership to coordinate the efforts of the various federal agencies to stem the tide of narcotics into Bush's old family bailiwick.


    Bush's war on drugs was a rhetorical and public relations success for a time. On February 16, 1982, in a speech on his own turf in Miami, Florida, Bush promised to use sophisticated military aircraft to track the airplanes used by smugglers. Several days later, Bush ordered the US Navy to send in its E2C surveillance aircraft for this purpose. If these were not available in sufficient numbers, said Bush, he was determined to bring in the larger and more sophisticated AWACS early warning aircraft to do the job. But Bush's skills as an interagency expediter left something to be desired: by May, two of the four E2C aircraft that originally had been in Florida were transferred out of the state. By June, airborne surveillance time was running a mere 40 hours per month, not the 360 hours promised by Bush, prompting Rep. Glenn English to call hearings on this topic. By October, 1982 the General Accounting Office issued an opinion in which it found "it is doubtful whether the task force can have any substantial long-term impact on drug availability."
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-15-06 11:32 AM
    Response to Reply #11
    12. I always knew there was a reason Jeb was in florida
    this would be a good thread. That indictment is encroyable!
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-15-06 12:29 PM
    Response to Reply #12
    13. Celerino Castillo was a hero
    Celerino was a real patriot :patriot: and good cop. He tried everything he could to stop the cocaine and he wasn't allowed to do anything about it and then he made a draft indictment against George sr. and Executive Intelligence Review may not be the nicest group, they made sure it was perfect document. Like so many other things it wasn't meant to be, however the document still exists and you can check all the facts on there is lots of detailed information of the web about it.

    This is an oldie. By Ruppert when he was writing the good stuff:

    Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler Barry Seal's Airplane?
    Daniel Hopsicker and Michael C. Ruppert

    Any story, originally published in From The Wilderness, more than thirty days old may be reprinted in its entirety, non-commercially, if, and only if, the author's name remains attached and the following statement appears:

    "Reprinted with permission, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications,, P.O. Box 6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91413. 818-788-8791. FTW is published monthly, annual subscriptions are $50 per year."

    N6308F. Barry Seal's favorite plane. Later used by George W. Bush

    It has all the makings of a major box office thriller: Texas Governor and Republican Presidential contender George W. Bush and his brother Jeb, allegedly caught on videotape in 1985 picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport in a DEA sting set up by Barry Seal.

    An ensuing murderous cover-up featuring Seal's public assassination less than a year later by a hit team - the members of which, when caught, reveal to their attorneys during trial that their actions were being directed by then, National Security Council (NSC) staffer - Lt. Colonel Oliver North

    And a private turboprop King Air 200 supposedly caught on tape in the sting with FAA ownership records leading directly to the CIA and some of the perpetrators of the most notorious (and never punished) major financial frauds of the '80s. Greek shippers paying bribes to obtain loans from American companies that would never be repaid. An American executive snatching the charred remains of a $10,000 payoff check from an ashtray in an Athens restaurant - Swiss police finding bank accounts used for kickbacks and bribes

    Add to this mix the now irrefutable proof, some of it from the CIA itself, that then Vice President George H.W. Bush was a decision maker in illegal Contra support operations connected to the "unusual" acquisition of aircraft and that his staff participated in key financial, operational and political decisions.

    All these events lead inexorably to one unanswered question: How did this one plane go from being controlled by Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, to becoming, according to state officials, a favored airplane of Texas Governor George W. Bush?


    Everybody Will Be There.
    The "boys" were getting ready to go to war in the Spring of 1982:

    -- CIA agent Dewey Clarridge put a proposition to Contra leader Eden Pastora. "He would become the star of the second revolution as he had been the star of the first,"

    -- John Hull, whom Congressional sources said worked for the CIA since at least the early 1970s, rented a Contra safe house in San Jose, Coast Rica at CIA request.

    -- Retired Air Force Major General Richard Secord began managing an operation in which Israel shipped weapons captured in Lebanon to a CIA arms depot in San Antonio, Texas, for re-shipment to the Contras.

    -- Felix Rodriguez drew on his Vietnam experience and wrote a five-page proposal for the creation of an elite mobile strike force, called the Tactical Task Force (TTF), that would "be ideal for the pacification efforts in El Salvador and Guatemala."

    -- And at this exact same time, in the Spring of 1982, Barry Seal began flying private planes into a then-obscure airport in the secluded mountains of western Arkansas known as Mena. He moved his base of operations from Louisiana to hook up with the CIA, which was anxious to use Seal's fleet of planes to ferry both legal and illegal supplies to Contra camps in Honduras and Costa Rica.


    The convoluted, pretzel-like paper history of the airplane that once belonged to Barry Seal and is today used by Texas Governor George W. Bush begins when the title to the brand new aircraft was first recorded by Portland, Oregon dealer Flightcraft, Inc.


    Notice that Louisiana was previously used by the ex-Cubans during the Bay of Pigs, however J. Edgar Hoover messed that up. The Barry Seal affair meant that Mena was no longer suitable either, so maybe Venice is/was the replacement. Guess they need a new place now as well.

    For those who forgot where Barry Seal came from:

    This photograph was taken in a nightclub in Mexico City on 22nd January, 1963. It is believed that the men in the photograph are all members of Operation 40. Closest to the camera on the left is Felix Rodriguez. Next to him is Porter Goss and Barry Seal. Others in the picture are Alberto 'Loco' Blanco (3rd right) and Jorgo Robreno (4th right). The guy hiding his face is Tosh Plumlee according to John Simkin and Octafish. (Hopsicker probably made a wrong identification).

    Parts of the team was originally assembled for the Cuban operations, however lots of members were later used in a huge number of operations. The group was presided over by Richard Nixon. George H.W. Bush was connected to the group as well according to James Files ( )

    A much more detailed story at:
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-17-06 01:25 AM
    Response to Reply #13
    22. and the "hijacker's" lifestyle
    Edited on Sat Jun-17-06 01:52 AM by mirandapriestly
    looked similar to those agents. I can't believe that about the plane.
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-17-06 07:21 AM
    Response to Reply #22
    25. Their lifestyle is very much the same
    Edited on Sat Jun-17-06 07:57 AM by DrDebug
    George will probably use the excuse that he didn't know, however why are all the companies George worked for or owned, set up in similar merky schemes as this Skyway thing.

    Let's focus on Mohammed Atta.

    1995: Germans Investigate Atta for Petty Drug Crimes

    According Jurgen Roth, in this year (1995) the BKA investigates Mohamed Atta for petty drug crimes and falsifying phone cards whilst he is a student at the Technical University at Hamburg-Harburg.

    Jrgen Roth, Netzwerke des Terrors, ISBN 320381529X,

    Mohamed Atta loved pork chops, and 49 other things you may not know
    by Minstrel Boy

    I just finished Daniel Hopsicker's Welcome to Terrorland. He exposes the cover story of the Florida flight schools, and the ongoing cover-up. The whole thing stinks of Iran/Contra and CIA drugs. It's the same, bloody game.


    11. Atta, (Amanda) Keller, a stripper named Linda and two Germans, Peter and Johan, partied for three days in Key West. Atta paid for everything. Rented three rooms, one just for the mens luggage, which Keller says contained drugs

    12. Atta was already a licensed pilot when he arrived in the US. Licenses from many different countries. He had the privileges of an instructor while he was at Huffman Aviation, and may have helped pilot South American drug runs.

    30. Less than three weeks after Atta and Marwan Al-Shehi began flying lessons at Huffman Aviation, a Lear jet owned by its financier, Wally Hilliard, carrying 43 pounds of heroin was seized by the DEA. Authorities called it the biggest seizure of heroin ever in central Florida.

    36. Hilliard had got his Lear jet from World Jet Inc, owned by drug smuggling brothers Don and Bill Whittington, who had supplied the plane to CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal.

    42. In the days following 9/11, a number of Saudis fled the country from Florida after the attacks. They flew on Wally Hilliers charter aircraft to private fields of military contractor Raytheon, and departed on a 747.

    48. Most of Atta's closest associates in Venice were not Arabs, but Europeans with connection to the drug trade.

    So there are many drug links. I even remember reading somewhere that Dekkers and Atta sometimes shared a line.

    What does Hillard's heroin bust, the 2 tons in Paris, the 5.5 tons in Venezuela have in common? The same as the story below from last year:


    COCAINE with an estimated street value of 150million has been seized in Holland in one of the biggest busts ever in Europe.

    Thousands of brown bags of the drug, weighing 4,600kg, were found hidden in 12ft reels of steel cable at Rotterdam port.

    They were in two shipping containers sent from Venezuela and bound for Iraq via Belgium.


    Another suspect, a 45-year-old Colombian, died after falling from the window of a flat in Amsterdam during a raid, police said.

    BTW That one was solved though, because the kingpin fell out of the window :wtf:

    However I thought that there was a little war in Iraq, however it seems you can just ship 4.6 tons of cocaine from Venezuela to Iraq... Weird that only The Mirror mentioned the destination of that ship. The rest of the MSM missed that "detail."

    Now, here is the weird thing. How come Atta with a history of cocaine dealing comes to the US via the "Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft."

    All The News That Fits...Under The Rug

    News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of the elite international program surfaced in a curious way just a month after the 9/11 attack: a brief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Oct. 18, 2001, under the headline ATTA WAS TUTOR FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS.

    The story quoted spokesmen for Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, described as a German international further education organisation, as having admitted paying Hamburg cadre principal Atta as a scholarship holder and tutor, between 1995 and 1997.

    But what makes the story curious is that the German paper concealed the shocking implications of their story-that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of a joint U.S.-German government program-through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft was merely a private entity set up to administer the "exchange" initiative of the two governments.

    So what joint U.S.-Saudi-German program was Mohammed Atta part of? :tinfoilhat: Is that al-Cokeda? :tinfoilhat:
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-18-06 07:01 PM
    Response to Reply #25
    35. Oryx Investments - Wallace Hilliard and the Lear Jet
    Edited on Sun Jun-18-06 07:19 PM by DrDebug
    In 1974 in Sharjah, United American Emirate, (1) Sheik Kamal Adham, director of Saudi intelligence, and Adnan Khashoggi started Oryx Investments, however the Sheik's bonds with Khashoggi and the CIA were forged decades earlier, with the incorporation of Barrick.

    The companys seed investors were Saudis with Agency ties, including Shiek Kamal Adham, Adnan Khashoggi, and Prince Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz (a major investor in Barrick, codenamed Tumbleweed by his CIA contacts). (2) By 1978, Adham was worth roughly $134 million. (3)

    Myron Du Bain
    Together with Wallace Hilliard they bought Huffman Aviation in 1999 and hired Rudi Dekkers to run it. (3) Sander Hickes, a reporter for the Long Island Press found that Hilliard also did business with Myron Du Bain, who worked alongside late ex-CIA director John McCone on the boards of several banks.

    Du Bain was chairman of the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company in 1981 when the company announced plans to acquire Employers Health, an insurance company co-founded by Hilliard. (10)

    In July of 2000 a Lear Jet (N351WB) was busted at the Orlando Executive Airport with over 43 lbs of heroin. It is funny that Jeb Bush also used the jet once for free of course (7). The plane was owned by Wallace J. Hilliard (6)

    N351WB (5)
    The Orlando Sentinel hailed the bust as "the largest seizure in Central Florida's history." However the bust had been an accident, carried out by low-level DEA operatives who didn't understand it. According to Hopsicker this wasn't the only time Hilliard's name came up in connection with narcotics trafficking. (8)

    Hilliard bought his Learjet from World Jet Inc. which was owned by the notorious drug smuggling Whittington brothers of Fort Lauderdale, Florida who sold later sold it to Barry Seal. (9) After the heroin bust the jet was sold to Wagner and Brown, big George W. Bush donors ($115,000).

    Sources and notes:
    1. Kenneth G. Crowe, America for Sale
    2. Jay Taylor, Jay Taylor: J. Taylor's Gold and Technology Stocks (Volume 22 No. 15), January 3 2004
    4. Sander Hicks, No Easy Answer - Heroin, Al Qaeda And The Florida Flight School, Long Island Press, February 19, 2004.

    See also:
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-19-06 07:49 AM
    Response to Reply #35
    36. Miscellaneous and weird stuff
    Edited on Mon Jun-19-06 07:57 AM by DrDebug
    Florida Air and Krause
    Dekkers bragged in an interview that he wanted to start Florida Air as well and Dale Krause would become the general manager with a staff of 160 employees (1). This never happened of course.

    Dale Krause had several airlines known as Krause Aviation, KRS Aviation and Venice Jet.

    During the hearing of Dekkers, he was asked about the Warrior (N555HA) from Huffman Aviation which Mohammed Atta and Alshehhi abandoned in Miami on December 24, 2000. (2) Currently that airplane is registered to Krause Avaition.

    Britannia and Caribe Air are interesting as well. They keep on changing companies, airplanes. It is one huge pile of planes going back and forth among the same players under different names.

    The continuous saga of Khashoggi
    Hopsicker says that N900SA a.k.a. Cocaine One was once owned by Genesis Aviation. Can't find a verification, however it was owned by Ramy El-Batrawi (4), who was running Genesis Intermedia for Khashoggi as well.

    The Khashoggi links:
    1. Fact: Khashoggi was connected to Huffman Aviation.
    2. Fact: Khashoggi was connected to Genesis Intermedia.
    3. Fact: Genesis Intermedia was making lots of money on 9/11.
    4. Fact: Khashoggi was involved in BCCI.
    5. Fact: Khashoggi was involved in Iran/Contra and a partner of Oliver North.
    6. Indirect: Khashoggi is a possible client of Red Sea Management.
    7. Indirect: Khashoggi is connected to Pastrana's scams.
    8. Unknown: Genesis Aviation owned N900SA.
    9. Unknown: Genesis Aviation was a proxy of Khashoggi.

    Open question: Did Genesis Aviation own N900SA before it was transfered to Skyway via the non-existing DuPont Investment?

    Skyway - Royal Sons
    The sister plane did get transfered from Skyway to Royal Sons on January 13, 2005 (5):

    Levine-Texar and the Lear Jet

    The things you find in old shoes

    Diego Levine-Texar was the pilot of the Lear Jet. It turns out that he is pilot for the equivalent of Air Force One of Venezuela. A Swiss website (sadly unsourced) alledges that Mike Brassington, the co-pilot during the heroin bust, was also working part-time for as a DEA-Agent. (6)

    The inconsistency of the amounts on various website is because 35 pounds was discovered, however another 8 pounds was found stuffed in old shoes in the airplane. (7) Both pilots and the owner were not charged because of "lack of evidence."

    The same Swiss site also mentions that even though it was mainly Arabs at Huffmann aviation, there was also a group of Russian and Israeli art students who alledgely are connected to the Ecstasy trade.(7)

    The other flight schools
    There is far less in known about Florida Flight Training operated by Arne Kruithof. According to Amanda Keller, Atta's girlfriend, it was their stash. The two flight school owners enjoyed to talk in private and usually went inside a plane if they had something to say with one-another. (8) Sadly this one of things which only single sourced.

    The FBI immediately knew what flight schools were involved with the terrorists and managed to get to scene within a few hours after the attacks, because "they got lucky" (8)

    It is equally cool that Jeb Bush even though he is the Governor of Florida still can find the time to help the federal agents seize the records from Huffman Aviation in the middle of the night following the attacks of September 11th and load them onto a C-130 (10)

    The INS case into Rudi Dekkers being an illegal alien and subject to deportation (13) was canceled, because it is alledged that he is convicted for fraud and drug running and possibly connected to sexual harrassment and another fraud case (6), and he was a great help in Venice. Mind you, this really needs source documents. Amanda Keller, Atta's girlfriend, did call him an "old pervert." (14)

    Sibel Edmonds
    Intelligence is also gathered by certain semi-legitimate organizations - to be used for their activities. It really does not boil down to countries anymore.... When you have activities involving a lot of money, you have people from different nations involved.... It can be categorized under organized crime, but in a very large scale.... (12)

    There are certain points..., where you have your drug related activities combined with money laundering and information laundering, converging with your terrorist activities (12)

    Way does this sound so familiar?

    9/11 Commission Ben-Veniste
    Ben-Veniste who defended Barry Seal during the Mena drug running (Iran/Contra) was part of the 9/11 Commission. (9)


    N911UN in Greece

    Willy Hilliard used to own the Falcon N911UN as well. Hopsicker called it very peculiar because of the UN (United Nations) extension (7), however I liked the 911 part as well.

    The Falcon was bought from Sky Bus Inc. and is currently owned by Freedom Flotilla aviation. I love that name as well, since on March 28, 1980 Fidel Castro unleashed spies and thugs against America and that event was called Freedom Flotilla. (11)

    Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela. Everywhere you see the same country appearing over and over again and yet Colombia is hardly ever mentioned anywhere. There are four possibilities:

    1. It is the blame Venezuela game.
    2. It is a Venezuela-Contra game as well.
    3. It is a coincidence.
    4. They are allies. During Iran-Contra, Israel and Iran were allies as well even though they pretended to be arch-enemies to the outside world.
    5. Move on. There is nothing to see here.

    5. (Source document)
    7. (Source document)
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    Response to Reply #36
    38. Guantanamo Bay, Rum Cay and CIA Rendition Flights
    Edited on Mon Jun-19-06 08:00 PM by DrDebug
    Willy Hilliard's N35NK airplane was used for flights to Rum Cay, 375 miles to southeast of Fort Lauderdale in the remote southeastern Bahamas and once served as a refuge for pirates, was a center of gun-running during the American Civil War and grew to full prominence during Prohibition as a port used for boot-legging. (2)

    Coincidently after Hilliard started flying to that remote location, there were strange new headlines in the newspaper like:
    Bahamian and U.S. drug-enforcement officials confiscated $50 million in cocaine that was being smuggled aboard an unlicensed catamaran in Bahamian waters, officials said. Acting on police intelligence, authorities seized the 2,190 pounds of the drug aboard an unnamed 44-foot catamaran less than two miles off Rum Cay. (2)

    N35NK in Santa Maria, PT (Feb 17, 2005)
    airport used for rendition (4)
    In April 2004 the plane made a flight to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and numerous flight to numerous small islands before being sold in June 2004 to Aircraft Guaranty Corporation for the infamous CIA rendition flights.

    Despite operating for the CIA now, the plane still regularly flew to known drugs transfer points like Venice, Florida, Bahamas Treasure Cay, Bahamas San Salvador, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Netherlands Antilles St. Maarten, Toluca, Mexico (3), Antigua and Barbuda Antigua, Bermuda etc. (1)

    I hope that they clean the drugs out of the planes during those rendition flights...

    1. (June 10, 2006)
    3. You know, the destination of the 5.5 tons cocaine flight.
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    Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-19-06 08:10 PM
    Response to Reply #38
    39. Great compilations, Doc!
    I'm glad to see that you are developing this post as a repository for the complete picture on the CIA-GOD-BFEE big picture. Who knows? Maybe someday, a mainstream investigative reporter will use this thread to write the next story that finally brings these bastards to justice.
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    Response to Reply #39
    41. This thing can be solved
    I am hoping that it will be discovered one day and the missing pieces filled in. There must be reporters out there who want scoops like this and Hopsicker's work is brilliant, however it lacks sourcing.

    And some things are weird like flying planes to Guatamano Bay even though he was busted with heroin and was training terrorists. And then using the airplane for extradition flights and still it is continously flying between the tiny islands and US / South America.

    I doubt whether there is a real link between Bush/Sauds in here, however Adnan Khashoggi just depends on a couple of links and then you have him on the cocaine stuff, insider trading on 9/11 and being the guy behind the flight schools. It is so clear that he is Oliver North II.
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    Response to Reply #41
    61. Errata: strike South America. Different ways of transport
    The small planes tend to travel between the US and the Bahamas / Caribean.
    The middle sized planes like DC-9 are used for the US - South America connection.

    There is probably a similar link between South-America and the Bahamas/Caribean.

    Intercontinental transport is generally done by ship. The Iraq destination is a new addition, since it is very hard to control big harbors given their scale, so if you send a shipment to Iraq, you can make sure that it gets "Special Security," ie. it is being "checked" by your own people.

    Remember the port deal. That was probably a trick to ensure that the major harbors were under control by the drug dealers:

    Bush faces pressure to block port deal
    Lawmakers voice concerns about takeover by Dubai-based firm
    Monday, February 20, 2006; Posted: 11:58 p.m. EST (04:58 GMT)

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush on Monday faced political pressure to block a deal that would give a United Arab Emirates-based company management of six major U.S. seaports.

    The Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security panel said the deal should not go through without a complete investigation.

    "I would urge the president to freeze the contract, hold this contract, until a full and thorough and complete investigation can be conducted," said New York Rep. Peter King, who has been briefed on the transaction.

    He said Americans can't have faith in the company involved because "there was never a thorough investigation done of Dubai Ports."

    The deal -- which will affect the ports of New York and New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Miami, Florida; and New Orleans, Louisiana -- has triggered security concerns among some members of Congress and the public.

    Was this related to ensuring that the major harbors were under control?
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    Response to Reply #25
    56. but the Congress-Bundestag Program sounds legit
    Edited on Tue Jun-20-06 11:50 PM by mirandapriestly
    They have a web site and applications for high school kids, etc...I don't get it, why use a kids exchange program as a cover..air travel?
    I feel like contacting them saying I want my kid to apply and seeing what happens.
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    Response to Reply #56
    57. It's a legit student transfer program
    The weird thing is that Mohammed Atta participated even though he never went to college in the United States, because that's the idea. Instead he took flying lessons.

    The same applies to Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali who went to New Zealand to study English and never bothered to study English and went to a flight school. The story is complete bullshit, because you can study English in Saudi Arabia as well and he has been taking flying lessons for five years now, so he is probably a great pilot already. It's just lies...

    So how is that possible? I mean, Atta was in the US for quite a long time and nobody bothered about his student exchange program.
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    Response to Reply #8
    18. You've probably seen this before.
    But here is Catherine Austin Fitts' work on drug laundering.
    The Department of Justice says that we launder $500 billion -$ 1 trillion. Multiply those times a BIG PERCENTAGE cash flow profit margin. Now figure how much of that "income" gets run through the income statement of publicly traded banks and companies and multiply that number by the multiple of income at which their stocks trade.

    Ruppert says $600 billion.

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    Response to Reply #18
    19. The problem with amounts is that they vary
    The UN would have been the mostlikely group to supply a conservative estimate unlike Ruppert (because he has to sell a story) or the Department of Justice (because they need to sell a policy).

    Either way it doesn't matter that much. It's a lot of money. And a lot of it can be used for all kinds of other things as well. The whole black ops stuff functions on drug trade, money laundering, billions which happened to go missing in Iraq or the Pentagon etc. etc. So most of that still exists, however it can be used for themselves and to fund black operations and a lot ends up white in the end.
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    Response to Reply #18
    23. With those numbers,
    why bother with oil?
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    Response to Reply #23
    26. You need white and black
    Because the prism of power will turn it into a rainbow with all colors.

    White: Oil - controls normal economy - controls normal government
    Black: Drugs - controls shadow economy - controls shadow government

    If you manage to control both the normal government(s) and the shadow government(s), you'll control everything. The only thing you need to add to the mix is Guns and some wars because that hides the shadow part.
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    Response to Original message
    14. What does everyone think of Hopsicker?
    Edited on Thu Jun-15-06 01:40 PM by Bushwick Bill
    I used to eat up all of this stuff and armed myself with his info to tell people the official line on the terrorists is garbage and they were likely drug runners/useful idiots/patsies/etc. I hate to throw out the dumb disinfo label, but citizenspook's May 26 post and this thread
    got me thinking we are getting the runaround on this stuff. Either that, Hopsicker just can't/won't connect the dots with all of his great work, or he is being fed by bad information by the cast of Florida characters.

    9/11 Truf can be so confusing.
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    Response to Reply #14
    15. Always evaluate the source
    In case of somebody raising disinformation or red flags, it's Hopsicker -> Citizenspook. His red flags means that you first have to look at Citizenspook instead of Hopsicker.

    Check out Hopsicker's stories. Try to double check it and be surprised, because they are well researched. His style is of course a bit like a tabloid, however the facts tend to check out unlike Citizenspook.

    The coke story will stand. See above. Citizenspook doesn't.
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    Response to Reply #14
    16. In case of this story
    Edited on Thu Jun-15-06 02:10 PM by DrDebug
    Download the John O'Neill video and watch it, because it uses the same theme with al-Qaeda as a drug cartel. If you add the story from Bill White ( ) where he alledges that the Saudi and the BFEE have a quid pro quo agreement, it means that you can solve 9/11 by solving the 5,5 ton drug bust.

    The drug bust can also be solved if you find a good link between the old Skyways and the current Skyways however that's really hard because it will have changed hands (and names) many times, however it still consists of four companies with lots of Saudi elite.

    Why is there a disinformation campaign against Hopsicker? Because if he can make those links (and currently it is just Hopsicker and Wayne Madsen who are/have looked at this) it'll mean that Osama bin Laden = George W. Bush and al-Qaeda = BFEE and therefore MIHOP has been proven without even going into physical evidence.

    Of course even he makes the connection, it'll be like Castillo. It'll never go anywhere, however at least the dots have been connected. So 9/11 could be similar to Iran-Contra with one exception: 3,000 died that day!
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-17-06 01:30 AM
    Response to Reply #14
    24. Well the info about the planes and the cocaine was from AP
    shocking that the corporate media didn't pick it up, but not really , they are all part of the few who control everything.
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    Response to Reply #14
    85. Who is "citizenspook" to make any claims against Hopsicker?
    Hopsicker's great worth is he examines things in miniature, on the scene in Florida. He's much less valuable when he attempts, albeit rarely, to speculate about the bigger picture.

    Citizenspook has written much that has not borne out. That he made this wild accusation against Hopsicker makes me wonder about him.
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    Response to Original message
    17. Continuing: The Skyway timeline (1980-1999; unk-5,5 tons)
    Edited on Thu Jun-15-06 03:00 PM by DrDebug
    On July 2, 1980, Bath was named company president of Cotopax Investments, registered in the Cayman Islands. On July 24, 1980, the name was changed to Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd. The company board then resigned en masse, leaving Bath as a sole director. On April 26, 1985, two of the three previous owners, Cayhaven Corporate Services and Bird, formed I.C., Inc. which Oliver North used to supply money to the Contras (1).

    The company acted as a supplier of large passenger and air cargo jets. At one point, it leased a $10 million Gulfstream II jet to the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., which was controlled by Sheikh Zayed, the late first president of the United Arab Emirates (2). In 1986 Skyway changed hands to Caledonian Bank and Trust. After a Washington Post report about I.C. Inc. on March 7, 1987 it was renamed Skyways International and was handed over to the Saudis. (1)

    It is not clear which Saudis it was handed to, however it was probably more or less parked to rest after Iran-Contra and the story picks up again when the Skyways get busted with 2 tons in Paris in May 16, 1999 (3)

    After that little problem, it is probably parked again to let it cool off and probably changes hands a couple of times until when the Hopsicker story gets added.

    Skyway later gets $7m from duPont investment (4) and therefore Lantax (5), a venture capital firm buys Skyway. The point is that duPont investment doesn't exists and therefore it gets terminated (6).

    Of course Lantax doesn't seem to exists either except for their problems with Skyway, so that's a bogus company of wealthy foreign investers supplying venture capital. It's probably only existed to get rid of Skyway. And then we have the OP.

    Wayne Madsen (7) alledges that there is a link between 1999 and the current Skyway, however he doesn't supply references. If those references exists then there is a direct line from the original James Bath construction via Iran Contra via the Saudis to Mohammed Atta and Huffman Aviation and from there to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and 9/11.

    1. The Mafia, CIA and George Bush by Pete Brewton,
    2. (mentioned on other sites as well)
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    Response to Reply #17
    20. Two years ago, Judge Glenn called this case "murky. (Madcow Jun 5 2006)
    I'm probably talking to myself, however let's continue the timeline because Hopsicker's latest news report is paranoia about Abramob.

    Let's recap why Skyway is important:

    The two DC9s (Cocaine One and the sister plane) were purchased several years ago by a still-unexplained partnership between Frederic Geffons Royal Sons LLC and SkyWay Aircraft.

    SkyWay was responsible for painting two DC9's to look like they belong to the US Dept of Homeland Security. (3)

    Royal Sons are the major players, however they are also the least visible, since it might be connected to dudes like Prince Nayif bin Fawwaz al-Shaalan al-Saud. (4)

    Skyway turns out to be some scammers and even though they cannot be called petty, they do not appear to be that important except for all those Saudis and the previous company used to have ties with Khashoggi (1) who previously worked Oliver North to sell arms to Iran via Iran Contra Inc. (2)

    In the timeline above we noticed that at the same time when Oliver North's Iran Contra Inc. was getting exposed, the kingpin (5) behind Oliver North made sure that they weren't involved in Skyway anymore.

    So what happened to Skyway:
    On May 2004 Lantex Ltd. entered into an agreement with the Titan Corporation who did a lot of work for Dept. of Homeland Security (6) and were behind the Abu Ghraib scandal (14), however that contract was canceled on December 15, 2004 since neither Lantex nor Skyway has provided any services under the contract (7).

    On November 15, 2004, Lantex Ltd. filed a press release: "Lantax Prepared To Fund SkyWay Communications Holding Corp. With $24 Million." (8)

    And Skyway would have become really big, because on November 17, 2004 the following press release was filed: "The duPont Investment Fund 57289, Inc. Satisfies $7 Million Funding Agreement with SkyWay Communications Holding Corp." (9)

    Here is where the DC-9 fits in
    The terms of the original duPont Investment Fund agreement have been revised to provide for an asset transfer of a 1966 McDonald Douglas DC9 aircraft serial #45775 and associated FAA Part 125 certificate number Q3GB807J. The aircraft is to be provided to Skyway in exchange for 28,000,000 shares of common stock valued at $5,880,000 (7).

    And the DC-9 turns out to be N120NE which is owned by Royal Sons Motor Yacht Sales, Inc. (12)

    On December 15,2004 Titan bails out and the next day on December 16, 2004, Skyway signed a Loan Agreement with Lantex which provides up to $24 million. (7)

    And then it turned out that duPont Investment Fund didn't exist, so the whole Skyway - Lantax - duPont Investment - Titan deal was over and Lantex looted Skyway in revenge.

    So who is Lantex Ltd?

    Papa Williams, CEO Lantax, Ltd
    Lantax, Ltd. is a private international venture capital group dedicated to finding and investing in early stage companies that are the most advanced and effective at combating security threats to private, commercial, national and international governments. The heightened threat of terrorism has brought newfound attention to corporate, governmental, and private surveillance systems. However, few organizations have the capabilities necessary to integrate their surveillance operation into their core IT infrastructure. Rather than becoming a target for start up ventures, Lantax, Ltd. chooses to operate as an anonymous entity, which allows them to seek out developing companies that meet their investment criteria. They desire to invest alongside the management of developmental stage, anti-terrorist security companies, which seem to have the greatest potential to develop into significant economic contributors.

    Whole lotta bullshit and of course there is no trace of Lantex except for the Skyway deal. No address or names are known except for Dr. Thabo Stephens (10) and the only other place where we find that name is in a Nigerian e-mail scam called Papa Williams (11). Regardless of who Thabo Stephens or whatever it is an alias, he is definitely not a big player.

    What other companies are closely connected to Skyway?

  • Southeast Airlines, a small charter airline located in Largo, Florida.
  • Executive Charter Inc. a Clearwater Florida based executive jet charter service.

    Executive Charter doesn't appear to be very interesting at first sight, so let's look at Southeast Airlines, because on December 2, 2004 there was the abrupt shutdown of Southeast Airlines (13) and that was same month Skyway disappeared as well...

    So who was Southeast Airlines
    Southeast started out as Sun Jet International and carried some interesting passengers: prisoners in custody of the U.S. Marshals Service, the White House press corps and as Casino AirLink gamblers headed for Atlantic City and Biloxi (15)

    In 1998 Thomas Kolfenbach buys Sun Jet and renames it to Southeast Airlines and as a discount airline often going as low as $59. Of course it wasn't meant to last... (15) The sister company Casino AirLink wasn't affected for some weird reason...

    Confused already? Judge Glenn called this case "murky."

    7. (no longer online)
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    Response to Reply #20
    21. Skyway, Red Sea Management and Pastrani's Vanish on Demand
    Edited on Fri Jun-16-06 03:08 PM by DrDebug
    At least the story will be sourced now...

    Mel Martinez endorsed Skyway
    Who were in Skyway:
    Skyway's investors consisted of 24 Kuwaiti and Saudi nationals, and a group of 90 shareholders in Kentucky who thought that Skyway would protect airplanes from terrorism (1). The Kuwaiti want $100 million for Skyway as an additional bonus and they were brought into the scheme by Nazar Talib, an Arkansas securities dealer (2)

    Skyway had political support from ex-Cuban Senator Mel Martinez (Florida, Republican) who was the previous Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George W. Bush. (13)
    The political support from Tom Delay was mainly words and I agree with Cannonfire that it was more a political speech and I can't find a direct connection. (11)

    Skyway have been in "secret" talks with Corban Networks (14) to start again since Feb. 14, 2005 and Ray Powers from Corban Networks joined to company on April 24th (5)

    On Nov. 28, 2005 Kovar was talking with original Arab investors, and "the end result is it's going well." (1)

    The actual Skyway Booth
    What was in Skyway:
  • One 1989 Cessna 172 (4)
  • Two 1966 MD-DC-9s (4)
  • A fleet (number unknown) of Humvees (3)
  • Some fake displays (6)

    Red Sea Management
    The non-existing DuPont investment was registered on the same address as Red Sea Management (5) and even though they didn't exist, they gratiously donated a plane to Skyway (7).

    Red Sea Management is a dubious off-shore specialist which is operated by David Ricci. He only operates by referal and doesn't do anything for clients with less than a quarter of a million to spend. (9)

    They are engaged in the business of setting up off-shore asset protection structures. At the same address 21 accounts where opened by Stephen Taub and David Ricci was one of the three people who could trade with it. Stephen Taub referred also Rakesh Saxena to Red Sea Management. (7, 8)

    Uri Geller and Khashoggi

    Stephen Taub was under investigation for a lot of inside market manipulator (8) for big players like David Ricci, Rakesh Saxena, Rafi Khan and Amador Pastrana. (7)

    Rafi Khan was making a lot of money with Khashoggi's GenesisIntermedia on 9/11 (12)

    Pastrani's collapsible companies
    Pastrina is a strange guy since he works with collapsible companies.

    Indeed, Pastrana, who is said to head a global network of "collapsible" companies that hype nearly worthless stocks to gullible investors and then just suddenly close shop months later, remains free to enjoy the billions of dollars he is reported to have earned in the few years that he has been in business. (10)

    Citing an FBI dossier, the reports said the "perpetrators" of the scam were "Manila- and Los Angeles-based Amador A. Pastrana, the 'mastermind of the operations' and US citizens Regis Possino and Sherman Mazur," as well as prominent Saudi arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi. (10)

    Does this proof that Khashoggi is involved?
    No, because this is a very indirect link, however duPont investment and Lantex seemed to have worked together and duPont investment was a collapsible company. Just like the kind of companies which Pastrani seems trade in.

    5. (no longer online)
    6. (no longer online)
    8. (official document)
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    Response to Reply #21
    27. Flight N900SA
    Edited on Sat Jun-17-06 01:33 PM by DrDebug
    Flight track to Simon Bolivar, int.

    Not the entire flight was tracked, however this is the flight from Clearwater to Simon Bolivar. (1)

    N900SA left Clearwater International in St. Petersburg, Florida on 12:17 EDT. The time of arrival at Simn Bolvar International, Caracas, Venuzuela is unknown, however it was supposed to arrive at 07:13PM GMT, so I assume that it probably arrived at around 02:43PM EDT. (Verification of calculation is appreciated) (1)

    The aircraft departed Simn Bolvar International Airport in Caracas, Venezuela on the afternoon of April 11, 2006. (2) The plane roused suspicions with Mexican officials almost immediately after takeoff according to General Carlos Gaytan. (3)

    At around 6:30 according to Santiago Vasconcelos, assistant Mexican attorney general (3), it reportedly returned to the airport and refueled before resuming its flight to Toluca, Mexico. However, some time into the flight they made an emergency landing at the Ciudad del Carmen airport, claiming hydraulic problems with the landing gear. (2)

    "Upon the airplane's landing, there appeared to be an effort to block the troops' work, where several airport officials began to make hand signals to indicate it would be dangerous for them to approach the airplane because it had an oil leak, and we all know that oil doesn't explode," Gaytan said at the news conference. (3)

    "They also mentioned that it wasn't necessary to search the airplane, since it was only going to check its flight plan and then make a return flight. There was a lot of resistance, and it appeared that they were trying to block a search of the plane." (3)

    The pilot reportedly left the area at this time and was never caught nor identified. (2)

    A Falcon tried to bribe them
    Another plane, a Falcon corporate jet (XB-IYK) with two Mexican pilots aboard, had also landed at the airport and aroused more suspicions by arranging to pay the exit fees for the DC-9, Santiago Vasconcelos said. (3)

    The Mexican police approached the aircraft with drug-sniffing dogs The dogs identified the presence of drugs and the police entered the aircraft, arresting the co-pilot, Miguel Vicente Vzquez Guerra. (2)

    According to the pilots' flight plans, they were heading to Toluca, in the state of Mexico, just outside Mexico City, but Santiago Vasconcelos said officials think the cocaine was destined for points farther north: "We feel that most of these drugs were heading to the United States, and another part would stay behind for internal consumption." (3)

    There are some reports that say Mexican soldiers patrolling the airport observed a Falcon arriving several days before the DC-9's arrival. The two Mexican pilots were seen in the area throughout the next few days and reportedly attempted to pay for the DC-9 to make an emergency landing after the airport closed. It is unknown if this is the same aircraft and crew that was arrested. (2)

    The plane and the owners

    Kenny leased from HW Aviation
    Originally manufactured in 1966 for Trans-World Airlines as N1061T, the aircraft has had a long career flying for various individuals and companies, including Tracinda Investment (N241TC), Kenny Rogers (N9KR), Southmark Corporation (N89SM), the Seattle Seahawks (N40SH), Aircraft 45775, Inc, and HW Aviation. (2, 11)

    The plane was registered to Royal Sons Motor Yacht Sales, Inc. (4) On April 13, 2006, the aircraft was deregistered and sold to an unknown customer in Venezuela. (2)

    One of the main owners was HW Aviation of Dunedin, Florida who leased the plane to people like Seattle Seahawks and Kenny Rogers. HW Aviation went into bankruptcy on February 2004. (10) Aero Flight, a German charter airline that went out of business in November 2005, also owned the plane. (5)

    It is unclear whether there is a connection between HW Aviation and Executive Charter Inc., a Clearwater Florida based executive jet charter service, who was in the same kind of business and also closely related to Skyway.

    Previously we saw that on November 17, 2004 N900SA got dumped into SkyWay Communications Holding by DuPont Investment Fund 57289, Inc., a non-existing company registered in Costa Rica. (6)

    The other player Lantax Holding Gmbh, LLC from Vienna, Austria appears on a list of ready-made companies - and some have names similar to existing companies - from an Estonian off-shore company provider. (12) DuPont investment was probably created - and disappeared - in a similar way.

    It is unclear how it got to Royal Sons and it is equally unclear why United Flite (7), located at the same address, is selling the aircraft. (2) It is also unclear why the DC-9 was photographed with the Skyway logo on March 29, 2004 and April 21, 2004. (8)

    Michael Carter, an airplane spotter, made a very interesting remark when he spotted the plane at Santa Ana, California on March 29, 2004: "N900SA (cn 45775/71) Del 12/20/1966 to Trans World Airlines as N1061T, made a very rare appearence at SNA operating for the (Transportation Security Administration (TSA)." (8) He was probably confused by the seal.

    Companies in proximity to Royal Sons:

    Under The Royal Rug
  • Royal Sons, LLC
  • Royal Flying Club, Inc.
  • Royal Rug Cleaner, Inc.
  • Royal Sons Motor Yacht Sales, Inc.
  • Huffman Aviation (Share same hangar)
  • Express One International
  • Genesis Aviation
  • United Flite Inc.
  • Ambassador Airways
  • SkyWay Communications Holding

    Note: Not all of the above are necessarily related.

    The other airplane:
    Until October 18, 2004 Royal Sons Inc. owned a Beech BC-37 with registration number N391SA and serial number #51104021

    The other airplane with false registration (15)
    This King Air, the former 76-22560 of the US Army, but now owned by Sky Way Aircraft disappeared during a flight with three persons on board from Despegue del Aeropuerto Caracas to Aeropuerto Santiago Mario near Margarita in Venezuela. One day later the machine was found in Nicaragua with fake registration N168D (the real N168D is a CN235-300). The Beech is confiscated because there were strong indications it was used for a drugs transport. The crew disappeared without a trace. (13, 14)

    All text from wikipedia available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License ( )
    6. (No longer online)
    11. &hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1 (No longer online)
    12. (Historical record)
    13. (Original link)
    14. (Translation)
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    Response to Reply #27
    72. A Framework for cia-drugs - N900SA and other 9/11 relateds
    Hi Dr. DeBug,

    I have read through most of the messages posted in response to your coverage of the 5.5 ton cocain bust in Ciudad del Carmen eve of April 10. I want you to know that I am the person who used to provide research to Ruppert as "Goddess of Research," I am the one who asked Daniel Hopsicker to go to Venice, and investigate the flight schools; I am the one who provided information on DuBain and other matters for Sander Hicks. I worked for DuBain in the 1970s.

    I want to offer you a framework -- while a lot of this "started a long time ago," an excellent year to select for institutionalized dealings is 1973. This is when the Saudis had us over the barrel, with huge debt and high oil prices, and Team B was formed under the Nixon administration (includes Kissinger, Brzezenski, Carlucci, and the usual suspects) followed by creation of JECOR (Joint Economic Commission) about which both John Perkins ("Confessions of an Economic Hitman") and Gerald Posner ("Secrets of the Kingdom") comment. JECOR. This Commission oversaw the distribution of interest from the billions upon billions in U.S. Treasury notes purchased by the Saudis. Since the Saudis could not accept interest (Faisal was king at the time), the money was kept in the U.S. and given without bids to various corporations for the development of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. The biggest contractors, who received awards without bids, were Bechtel, Brown & Root, Kellogg, Haliburton (under Cheney, Haliburton acquired Brown & Root and Kellogg), Allied Waste Management, Vinnell, Fluor, and even Kaiser Permanente for a health care system. After JECOR, it was George H.W. Bush as DCIA, without the knowledge and consent of President Ford, who in 1976 created "The Safari Club" (former intelligence agents of U.S., France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, until the Shah was overthrown in 1979 and beheaded Nasser Moghadam, head of SAVAK). This was a scheme to envelope and involve the wealth of the Saudis in action plans of Team B, rogue operations. In 1976, Joe Bonanno decided to go into cocaine "big time" and nurtured along the Cali to rival the Medellin, though operations of the rogue "Company" led by Ted Shackley were underway earlier. But having Joe on board is what it took for the guns/drugs end of our present woes. Organized crime began to include the Saudis in much of what they did. Also, 1973 is when James A. Baker III's family bank, Texas Commerce Bancshares needed to be bailed out, so Khaled Abdullah, a brother-in-law of Fahd, provided the capital.

    You have to acquaint yourself with "The Safari Club" and there are two writers who cover this -- most recently, Joe Trento in his "Prelude to Terror" (about the first 115 pages), 2005, and John K. Cooley in "Unholy Wars" (release about 1999). Please contact me for more depth on the subject N900SA
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    Response to Reply #72
    73. Welcome

    Now that is some information. I know a bit of the Safari Club, since the group was mentioned in Le Cercle or Pinay Circle, an international group of spooks which almost has to play a role in al-Cokeda. So it was their subsidiary Safari Club.

    I didn't know that George H.W. Bush created it. They gave the credit to somebody else and hid his name a bit.

    The Safari Club

    A secret intelligence group that is often named in one breath with the Pinay Circle is the Safari Club. Some people claim this group was the precursor to the Pinay Circle, but this cannot be true. As far as we know, the Safari Club was created in 1976 in Paris by Pinay Circle members Alexandre de Marenches and Kermit Roosevelt. Marenches was head of the French foreign intelligence service SDECE from 1970 to 1981. The Safari Club seemed to have had largely the same role as the Pinay Circle (keeping the communists at bay at all costs) and among its members were the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hoessein of Iraq, Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Ashraf Marwan of the Egyptian intelligence, and Kamal Adham of the BCCI scandal). After the Shah was kicked out of Iran documents surfaced revealing the existence of the Club. After this revelation, Chirac, mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995, is said to have disbanded it.

    It was exposed by the Ayatollah. So it was George H.W. Bush who started the outsourced Arab branch as part of the quid pro quo deal he had with Saudi Arabia and a favor for a favor is just as bad as an eye for an eye...

    I've found some reading and sound files and it's interesting: Edwin Wilson and A.Q. Khan

    Eventually, the Safari Club relationship set the stage for the development of the Islamic bomb by the A.Q. Khan network. The role of the Safari Club milieu in the development of the Khan network will be discussed at greater length in FTR#524. For more about the A.Q. Khan network, use the Spitfire search function.

    In 1975, the royal family was approached by Pakistans government for help in financing a pan-Islamic nuclear weapon. Adham and his advisers had simultaneously reached the conclusion that the royal family could not survive if they let the Israeli nuclear-weapons program stand unchallenged.

    Robert Paulsen already said that he found a serpetine link between A.Q. Khan's Nuclear Walmart and the steel of 9/11.

    A.Q. Khan's Nuclear Walmart:
    Dick Cheney exposed Valerie Plame to cover up his association with A.Q. Khan's Nuclear Walmart. Read about it here:
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    Response to Reply #72
    74. Adnan Khashoggi, the CIA & American Support of Middle Eastern Terrorism
    Edited on Wed Jul-12-06 12:32 PM by DrDebug
    P.S. Your Private Message is disabled. You can contact me privately by pressing that icon next to my name...

    And with the Safari Club le Cercle is back to Adnan again.

    Adnan Khashoggi, the CIA & American Support of Middle Eastern Terrorism

    Part I

    Adnan Khashoggi, the CIA & an American Pinay Circle

    "... experienced C.I.A. operative was similarly skeptical about the rival agency's ability to transform itself. 'They're cops,' he said of the F.B.I. agents. 'They spent their careers trying to catch bank robbers while we spent ours trying to rob banks...'"
    -- Seymour Hersh, Chain of Command

    Adnan Khashoggi's mercenary army of global corporate criminals lives in Mafia mansions, basks in the political limelight, enjoys privileges of royalty in tyrannical desert dystopias, sips vodka in the shadow of gleaming Moscow spires. They are kings, Pentagon officials, priests, S&L thieves, assassins, prostitutes, nazis, Big Oil executives, metals merchants, New Age cultists, drug barons, boiler-room con artists, mobsters, dictators by the horde. And terrorists, of course.

    Khashoggi is a Turkoman, the son of a doctor who tended to Abdul al-Aziz Ibn Saud. The Khashoggi brothers were classmates of the future King Hussein and several sons of the bin Ladens. (1) His career as an international "connector" began in the 1950s, while still an undergraduate at Chico State College. His purchase of fifty Kenworth trucks for resale to Saudi Arabia's bin Laden Group demonstrated his business savvy, and provided him the capital to launch his career as world-class death merchant.


    The laundering scheme unraveled after the 1972 election, when a check drawn at a Mexican bank (2) - the subsidiary of a Houston corporation controlled by associates of Bush the elder - surfaced in the Miami bank account of a Watergate plumber. (3)

    Saudi shiekhs and domestic oil barons struck up alliances. Shiekh Kamal Adham and a circle of cohorts founded Arabian Shield Development Co. in Texas. (since re-named the Arabian American Development Company).

    Sheikh Mohammad Salem Ben Mahfouz at National Commercial Bank was an Arabian Shield investor. (4) "During the 1980's," reports Martin J. Rivers of the Center for Research on Globalization, "Sheikh Mahfouz's syndicate performed major CIA-inspired banking operations for such former CIA assets as Osama bin Laden ... Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and other drug dealing generals. George W. Bush, for his part, had important business relationships ... with a total of nine prominent individuals central to Mahfouz's financial empire." (5)
    The early 1970s also brought Saudis recruited by the CIA to train at American military bases, including Prince Bandar bin Sultan. (6)

    Political researcher Lois Battuello: "The Safari Club was a grouping that followed the pattern of Europe's Pinay Circle - intelligence agents, politicians, businessmen from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran."
    Terrorism was a natural by-product of this alliance.

    1. Roland Jacquard, In the Name of Osama Bin Laden, Duke University Press, 2002,
    2. Linda Minor, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road: From Harvard to Enron,",30,02,harvardtoenronpt4.htm
    3. Same money man used for Iran-Contra. Alex Jones, JFK II, (180 Mb / save target as)
    4. Lois Battuello, e-mail exchange with author, October 2, 2004.
    5. Martin J. Rivers, "A Wolf in Sheikh's Clothing: Bush Business Deals with Nine Partners of bin Laden's Banker,", March 15, 2004,
    6. Anonymous, "Bandar bin Sultan, a CIA Agent," House of Saud web site,
    6b. Note that Mohammed Atta was also seen at US military base.

    Part V deals with the 1999 Moscow Bombings. And Alpha Firms is part of Marsh nowadays and merged with Kroll prior to 9/11. There are similarities between 9/11 and Moscow 1999 and it stands to reason that all the top team have been gathered together for 9/11. This document hints at a relationship Adnan Khashoggi - Moscow 1999 and there is already Adnan Khashoggi - Iran Contra, Adnan Khashoggi - Al Cokeda, Adnan Khashoggi - Safari Club and Adnan Khashoggi - Greenberg family.

    It would make more sense to have the terror team under Adnan's command since he is not an American, a known outlaw and is connected to the heart of 9/11.

    Part V

    Adnan Khashoggi, Alexander Voloshin & The 1999 Moscow Bombing

    Two years before the towers in Manhattan crumbled under the weight of global political corruption, a spate of bombings in Russia left relatives and victims, as CNN reported on September 10, 1999, "searching for answers."

    (...) So who was behind the bombing rampage? (...)

    Still, there were the inevitable skeptics and conspiracy theorists. Viktor Ilyukhin, a Communist leader, dismissed the bombings as provocateur actions: "Political hysteria is being fanned artificially, including by way of explosions to cancel parliamentary and presidential elections through a state of emergency." (1)
    Day by day, the true, sordid details emerged in Versiya, Novaya Gazeta and UK's Independent to erode Yeltsin's credibility. It emerged that there was more to the bomb plot than the government had revealed, that its true origins lay not in the insurrection but in a meeting of conspirators held at the flat of Saudi entrepreneur Adnan Khashoggi.

    "It is clear that apartment explosions in Moscow would not have happened if somebody in the Russian political elite did not want them," Novaya Gazeta opined on January 24, 2000. "One by one, pieces of puzzle were put together. But there were a few details that were lacking. They began to clear in January - and at the same time, some of the participants started to tell their version of events. In the Versiya newspaper, there was an article about the meeting of (Alexander) Voloshin with (Shamil) Basayev in France." Basayev was the radical Muslim leader who planned the violence in Dagestan. "This did not happen in Paris, as some of the newspapers reported later, but on the villa of Adnan Khashoggi, Arabic millionaire, on the Mediterranean."

    French intelligence agents monitored the meeting and details surfaced in the public print. Khashoggi denied that he had attended the meeting in his own home, but his denial is irrelevant given the Turkoman's redundant role in acts of terrorism worldwide. The meeting's main participants - Anton Surikov, "formerly" of Army special forces, and Aleksandr Voloshin, Yeltsin's Chief of Staff offered no comment. When reporters asked Surikov, he claimed that he hadn't travelled abroad in years, and certainly not to France. This did not quite square with the public record, however, Just a few months before, he was in Washington, D.C. to meet with Yuri Maslukov, Russia's deputy prime minister, and Michel Camdessus, managing director of the IMF. Surikov had also flown to France on a couple of occasions, once in December 1994 and again in the summer of 1999. Surikov was lying. He had departed on June 23 aboard an Aeroflot bound for Paris, in fact, and returned from Nice on July 21, nearly a month later. (2)


    1. Jill Dougherty, "At least 90 dead in Moscow apartment blast," CNN report, September 10, 1999.
    2. Boris Kagarlitsky, 'We Dont Talk To Terrorists. But We Help Them?' Novaya Gazeta, (translation by Olga Kryazheva, research intern, Center for Defense Information, Washington DC), January 24, 2000.

    See also:
    Fifth bomb discovered in Ryazan and those responsible for placing it turned out to be agents of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB).
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    Response to Reply #72
    75. To get a sense of what Safari Club was

    The Safari Club actually existed as an extraordinary and very exclusive Afro-French club in Paris. It had a ground floor restaurant and bar, but there was a proper club underneath which was very exclusive. By chance in London I met a man who, when he was a student, had worked there as a bus boy. The club itself no longer exists, but then it was decked out exotically with such things as elephant feet as stools. The whole place resembled a safari tent and people met by the flickering light of kerosene lamps.

    My friend worked mainly in the restaurant above, but also sometimes acted as a relief in the club itself. He said: "It was entirely eccentric in a sinister sort of way. I knew for sure that it was ultra-right wing, and it was always heavily conspiratorial. I was told never to recognise any of the patrons and they would literally huddle and talk in whispers. They always stopped talking if I was in earshot. It was an eerie place but at the time I needed the money. I didnt really know the significance of it all until much later when I read that Chirac had had it closed down. I didnt really actually recognise anyone, but some of them looked familiar and they were multi-national".


    In the seventies, when all this was being formulated under the auspices of the Safari Club, Marwan and co. were most active. The club had originated as a consortium formed between the secret police forces of the Shah of Iran (SAVAK), Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Anwar Sadat of Egypt (The Marwan connection), and the Saudi Intelligence Service headed by Kamal Adham (later of BCCI fame). It was expressly formed to support regimes that were actively anti-Communist and to try and put down regimes that were not. In this second category it arranged coup detats in Central Africa, Congo, Nigeria and Mali. Because of its nature, the group was heavily into the supply of arms. When billion dollar contracts for arms are floating about, the Establishment is amazingly tolerant and it was during this time that Marwan became a very rich young man.

    "Le Cercle" eventually spread its tentacles throughout the Western World, but it started in France, as a cogent force, during the Premiership of Antoine Pinay in 1951. Pinay attended the notorious Bilderberg meeting in Oosterbeek, Holland in May 1954. Here he identified others of his extreme political ilk and with the active co-operation of Jean Violet of the then SDECE and Otto von Hapsburg, heir to the Austrian throne, he formed the club. By the sixties their covert membership was truly astonishing. The "inner circle" included, among many others, Nicholas Elliot, a department head at MI6; William Colby, former controversial director of the CIA; Colonel Botta, of Swiss Military Intelligence; Stefano Della Chiaie, a leading member of the Italian Secret Service; Giullo Andreotti, former Italian Prime Minister and member of P2, who, it was later proved, gave the Italian Mafia presidential protection; General Antonio de Spinola, leader of the Portuguese Putschists; Silva Munoz, former Franco minister and a senior member of Opus Dei; Franz Josef Strauss, the German Defence Minister, and Monsignor Brunello, BNG agent in the Vatican.

    While the Circle itself was clandestine, they soon formed open and genuine fronts. In America it was the Washington-based, CIA-backed, Heritage Foundation ** which was to eventually donate some 5 million to the Conservative Party coffers in support of the Thatcher government, on condition that they put some of their own people into the CCO HQ. This included Dr. Julian Lewis, an arch enemy of Scallywags for some years now. In turn, these people were sponsored by the British Freedom Association, run by Norris McWhirter, scourge of the CND, who is also founding editor of the Guinness Book of Records. Fringe members were The World anti-Communist League; Western Goals, the Bilderbergers, the Opus Dei; Propaganda Duo (P2) and the Jonathan Institute. Attaching themselves somewhere along the line was also the Moonies.

    ** See Paul Bremer

    Who says they closed it down? Maybe it changed names and locations and reopened again...
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    Response to Reply #75
    76. al-Cokeda, 9/11, Safari Club, Heritage Foundation, Le Cercle
    Edited on Wed Jul-12-06 02:29 PM by DrDebug

    Because this is deep politics. What they used to call "CIA" is too limited in scope for al-Cokeda and 9/11, since it is a project involving at least a dozen intelligence bureaus on a global scale. So what you need is a United Nations of Spooks. Le Cercle which started out as a French organization in 1954 rapidly transformed itself into a North American-European spook organization for the coordination of international intelligence. As mentioned above all the other intelligence bureaus immediately saw the benefits of this club and joined the Circle including our friends Poppy Bush and Henry K. Le Cercle can be thought of as a clandestine NATO for black operations.

    The Safari Club was an Arab-American/European child of Le Cercle with a similar structure setup to include the Arab world and especially Saudi Arabia in the Grand Chessboard.

    According to the previous post it is the Heritage Foundation which is the US front for Le Cercle and the Heritage Foundation created the Department of Homeland Defense and has Paul Bremer as one of their most important members. Paul Bremer as we have seen in previous posts ( ) is the most likely candidate as the chief architect of 9/11.

    The Terror Inc. team needs leadership as well and even though lots of parts can be hidden in Marsh/Kroll which is alleged to be a private CIA, it still needs a COO. The CEO can be Paul Bremer however the COO must have a more hands-on approach and is more likely to be a Saudi since they are equal partners with the Americans in the Grand Chessboard. And Adnan Khashoggi has all the connections.

    Interlinked thread about 5.5 tons the laundry structure needed for al-Cokeda:
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    Response to Reply #72
    86. N900SA
    My name is Howard Altman. I am an editor with The Tampa Tribune. My paper has been covering this story and would appreciate any information you have to offer.
    Thanks in advance.
    Howard Altman
    Courts and Cops Editor
    The Tampa Tribune
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    Response to Reply #20
    40. You're not talking to yourself
    I love it. There are just so many distractions on this forum.
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    Response to Original message
    28. Any guess about why none of the OCT'ers have responded to this?

    I think I know why, but I'll wait a bit before saying.
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    Response to Reply #28
    29. Doesn't matter. The story is about done. ( + disclaimer )
    Edited on Sat Jun-17-06 04:58 PM by DrDebug
    This story was not in their standard debunking manual.

    Because most of the stuff has been connected together and since I can only use secondary sources - and I think I've seen most them already - it will not become that much larger.

    For further study, please visit:

    Much thanks to Daniel Hopsicker for his brilliant research.

    Disclaimer / Copyright
    Applies to all my posts in this thread:
    All text taken from wikipedia is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License ( ). This post contains copyrighted material in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 ( )

    You are free to copy this post within 'fair use', if you wish to use the copyrighted material from this post for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owners (see links). Full permission for whatever purpose is granted for these compositions.

    None of the contributors or anyone else in any way whatsoever can be held responsible for the appearance of any inaccurate or libelous information or for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages. No guarantees are made, in any way whatsoever, about the validity of the information found here. Any information found on this page can be incomplete, outdated, incorrect and it is upto the user to check the validity of any information found here.

    No consequential damages can be sought for this post, as it is a voluntary developed freely to create various online educational, cultural and informational resources. This information is being given to you gratuitously and there is no agreement or understanding between you and the author.
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    Response to Reply #29
    30. Fascinating compilation Doc!
    You just know that the drug trafficing, Saudi's, Atta, BFEE, Venice/Hoffman, and 9/11 are connected. Question to me is, why was this transaction going to buy? $500MM Large is a lot of money.....was it going to finance the purchase of 200,000 AK-47's to destabilize Venezuala or provide the seed money for another 9/11 style event?

    The fact that there are so many virtual companies that are involved tells me that this must have a very high level of government complicity. So why has the mainstream media totally made this story untouchable?

    Anyone reading this thread really has to wonder if the OCT of 9/11 is the mother of all lies....

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    Response to Reply #30
    31. Iran-Contra for dummies
    Edited on Sun Jun-18-06 06:11 AM by DrDebug
    To answer your question what Coke can buy, we have to look at Iran-Contra which appears to be very similar to this thing and there are even interlinking players and companies.

    Simpilified overview on the inner working

    October Surprise X-Files (Part 7): Bush & a CIA Power Play
    By Robert Parry

    (...) at 2:12 p.m., Oct. 27, 1980, George Bush called Richard Allen, a senior Reagan foreign policy adviser who was keeping tabs on Carter's hostage progress. Bush ordered Allen to find out what he could about Connally's tip. Allen's notes, which I discovered many years later in an obscure Capitol Hill storage room, made clear that Bush was in charge.

    "Geo Bush," Allen's notes began, "JBC -- already made deal. Israelis delivered last wk spare pts. via Amsterdam. Hostages out this wk. Moderate Arabs upset. French have given spares to Iraq and know of JC deal w/Iran. JBC unsure what we should do. RVA to act if true or not."

    Codes used:
    Geo Bush = George H.W. Bush
    JBC = John Connally
    Spare pts / spares = Weapons
    RVA = Richard Allen
    JC = Jimmy Carter
    JC deal = October Surprise, ie. keeping the hostages until after the election of Ronald Reagan.

    That little game was totally financed with drugs money and it paid for:
  • The kick starter: President Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush
  • Guerrilla warfare in Central and South America
  • A war between Iraq and Iran

    Was the Ayatollah working with Bush against Carter? According to this document they had a deal as well:

    How our covert wars have created enemies across the Middle East and brought terror to America.
    by Mark Zepezauer
    Common Courage Press, 2003, paper

    (...) Khomeini was indeed willing to bargain for military equipment. But unfortunately for the Carter administration, according to investigative journalist Robert Parry, the bargain was made with a group of ex-CIA officers who supported the Reagan-Bush presidential campaign. Abolhassan Bani-Sadr was the civilian president of Iran in the first year of the revolution. In his memoirs, he explained that Khomeini's anti-American rhetoric was just show business for the masses, and that behind the scenes the Ayatollah had no problems dealing with the "Great Satan." For instance, in 1983 the U.S. secretly provided lists of leftist infiltrators in the Iranian government, which Khomeini used for mass roundups and executions.

    According to numerous witnesses, representatives of the mullahs met in Paris with William Casey (later named CIA director) and other Reagan campaign officials in October 1980. This was done behind Carter's back and also behind Bani-Sadr's back, and though both caught wind of what was happening, they were unable to stop it. Iran agreed to keep the hostages until Carter was defeated for reelection, in return for $40 million in military equipment. Shipments of U.S. arms through Israel commenced shortly (5 minutes) after Reagan was inaugurated. About the same time Bani Sadr was forced from office and fled Iran under threat of assassination. The nationalist fervor surrounding the embassy seizure allowed Khomeini and the mullahs to purge centrists from the government; soon clerics controlled both the judiciary and the military. (...)

    Atta's trip to Canada

    The Official Conspiracy Theory is one huge pile of lies. And that it was drug running operation in Florida just got covered up as well, because maybe the Venice Atta team needed to be dissolved and they agreed to be the patsies for 9/11, because that cleared them from the real deal. So Atta made his appearance in Portland just before leaving the US and was in Canada before the airplane hit the WTC. Some of the other names - many of which are still alive - are just random names picked from a bag, however they needed some other guys with a story, like Atta.
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    Response to Reply #31
    32. Interesting speculation about Atta flying to Canada.
    Seems to me that it would be a huge risk to let Atta go free. Given his recent history (pre-9/11) running drugs and his probable connections to the CIA, I don't know why they'd risk this guy showing up someplace else...that would really blow the OCT. I figured Atta was in on the 9/11 hijacking, but perhaps as a role playing terrorist. If UA11 was part of the Vigilent Warrior exercise going on that day, he could have signed on as a pretend hijacker, someone to add realism to a simulated hijacking event.....or he might simply have been a passenger who was on his way to LA for some other assignment. Either way, he provides a face for the OCT and his services are terminated permanently.

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    Response to Reply #32
    33. My speculation is about Atta just showing his face
    Edited on Sun Jun-18-06 09:44 AM by DrDebug
    and then taking a car to Canada, because Maine is close to the border and there is no evidence whatsoever that he even got on a plane. 9/11 had to financed and what better to finance that massive black op than with coke money. So who supplied that?

    Maybe the Venice Coke Inc. supplied the money to carry out the 9/11 black ops. So what to do we need to do with the guys who did the drug running? Get them out of the country and give them a new identity ( here is where John Doe's doubles can become very interesting )

    Mind you, these things are all speculation, however the Portland-Boston-New York connection doesn't make sense. Especially since there is evidence suggesting that Atta travelled from New York to Boston to Portland the day before.

    If Atta was a major drug runner then he wouldn't talk about it and is living la vida loca somewhere on a nice Caribean island or wherever. He earned because he made it happen.
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    Response to Reply #33
    34. To keep everything together. The Doubles thread
    Cui bono:

    Look what we swept under the rug
    By Andre II

    The detailed timelines of John Doe II about the 19 alleged hijackers show in some cases clear (eg Atta) in some cases very strong or strong indications of the alleged hijackers having doubles:

    See summary here:


    Which are false and which are correct?
    Mohamed Atta, the ring leader, had 12 addresses, two places he lived and 10 safe houses, under the names Mohamed Atta, Mohammed J. Atta, J. Atta, and his middle initial spelled out.
    (Fortune, 2/9/04)
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    Response to Reply #34
    45. recently Hani Hanfour's former partner(?) was found
    in New Zealand taking "flying lessons". Now why the hell does he need to go to New Zealand to take flying lessons? What caught my eye is that he had been arrested or detained for some activity that they wouldn't reveal... Like something drug related?
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    Response to Reply #45
    47. I'm guessing...
    That because NZ isn't involved on the "War on Sanity", it was picked as a good place to brush up on English and flying for whatever reason, while staying (ahem) under the radar. Presumably, he's didn't know that the NZ SIS shares data with the CIA and MI6.

    He was picked up just on the grounds that he's shifty character with possible terrorist links: Almost as shifty as the way the NZ Govt handled it, in fact.

    Assorted background googled from Scoop here, but good luck try to work what really happened. :)
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    Response to Reply #47
    49. It's a very interesting story
    Edited on Tue Jun-20-06 06:33 AM by DrDebug
    Because just like all the stories, it seems unlikely that it was to brush up on his English skills. Also he missed his English exams which were the primary reason for going to New Zealand.

    Some highlights:

    Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali was taking flying lessons when he was arrested on May 30.

    Mr Ali initially settled in Auckland but moved to the town of Palmerston North in May, where he took lessons at the Manawatu Aero Club, reported the Weekend Herald newspaper.

    Captain Ravindra Singh, the chief flying officer at the Palmerston North flying club, told the newspaper Mr Ali was "quite intelligent and a moderate person... I'm 99% sure he was genuine."

    He wanted to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam so he could return home to train for his commercial pilot's licence.

    When he returned to Palmerston North, he told Captain Singh he had missed an application deadline and been unable to sit the IELTS exam in Auckland.

    He was deported to Saudi Arabia even though he had a passport from Yemen. The other time section 72 was used was for the 1991 deportation of Soviet spy Anvar Kadyrov

    Compiled from:

    It is unknown why he was arrested. The only thing I can find is that they didn't have "enough evidence". Sounds a lot like the heroin bust of Williard. The 2 tons in Paris. etc.

    Also notice the part that he was deported using a weird law only used for a spy.
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    althecat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-28-06 05:34 AM
    Response to Reply #49
    71. Hi...
    This is what I know and guess...

    Officially he was deported because he was named in the 911 commission report as Hanjour's flatmate. The NZ Govt claimed that they were surprised he was here and launched an inquiry into how he got through the borders.

    Unofficially it seems more than likely that he was identified as he arrived, surveilled for a few months by the SIS and then deported. I would suggest that he was deported and not charged or something else because he didn't do anything.

    It looks like the news of all this only went public because somehow it leaked to the NZ Herald newspaper after the deportation. The news emerged after he was already long gone so this was no staged publicity stunt.

    God knows what he was doing here though - as you point out his story has more than a few holes in it.

    And the irony of the fact that he was free to travel around the US but not NZ was not missed.

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    Response to Reply #33
    43. That would explain why his dad turned
    on his story and started going along with the OCT. Atta had a new id and he could stay alive if his dad would go along with the lie. What parent wouldn't? I wonder about the Mossad comment, though...
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    Response to Reply #32
    37. Khashoggi as Oliver North, Wargames and Rummie on Sept 10
    I can't help wondering whether Adnan Khashoggi is the Oliver North in this story.

    Objectives of Iran-Contra:
    1. October Surprise: President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush
    2. Guerrilla warfare in Central and South America
    3. A war between Iraq and Iran

    Objectives of al-Cokeda aka. Iran-Contra II: The Sequel
    1. Madame Butterfly disenfranchisement: President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney
    2. Guerrilla warfare in Venezuela (and Lebanon?)
    3. A war with Afghanistan

    Bonuses (W. tries to double H.W.)
    4. A war with Iraq
    Not in the original plan, however on September 12, 2001, George W. Bush told Richard A. Cheney: "Go back over everything, everything. See if Saddam did this. See if he's linked in any way"
    This is the reason why Germany, France and Canada bailed out, because they had given approval for Afghanistan and at least Germany played a part in the Venice scheme.

    5. If you can rig one election, might as well take the next one also.
    6: Iran? (option or coming soon...)

    Did Adnan Khashoggi Throw the Election to Dubya?

    Khashoggi and Five Trust and Voter Fraud

    Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi?

    Why the Pentagon had to be included as well

    By Minstrel Boy

    They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to Italy.
    She inherited a million bucks and when she died it came to me.
    I can't help it if I'm lucky. - Bob Dylan

    (...) At least among those with a mind for such things, it's fairly well- remembered that on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld made the shocking announcement that the Pentagon "couldn't track" $2.3 trillion of its transactions. "Iroquois" observes, "What's interesting to me is that he made his press release on a Monday. In DC, I always see bad news given on a Friday, usually late in the afternoon on Friday. The exception, of course, would be when someone happens to know that there is a far bigger story coming out."

    And we know that Flight 77, allegedly piloted by an incompetent, made an aerobatic, spiralling descent over Washington, effecting a 270-degree turn to strike the Pentagon from a western approach at ground level. The side struck was the only one with an exterior wall hardened against attack, and was relatively empty while renovation continued. (...)



    So this makes for at least eight wargames on the day:
    1. the NRO plane-into-building drill by the CIA,

    2-5. the four NORAD wargames under the titles Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Vigilant Guardian, and Vigilant Warrior (recently admitted by Myers under questioning from McKinney)

    6. the Justice Dept. wargame mentioned recently by Myers in his testimony to McKinney (this may be a mistake on his part)

    7. the preparation for Tripod II in NYC,

    8. Timely Alert II at Ft. Monmouth,

    and yet another assuming the Ft. Monmouth guys were at the Pentagon for some form of exercise

    And we didn't even have to talk about physical evidence...
    And most of it was hidden in plain/plane sight...
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    Response to Reply #37
    44. Al Cokeda, heheheh,
    what do you mean by Madame Butterfly disenfranchisement? I know the MB story, but I don't get the metaphor.

    YES, I totally think the story at the Pentagon is that the budget analysts and financial directors were "taken out", they even used it as an excuse for not handing over 2001 financial statements! I posted about it and not one person replied, though, (but I think Jack Riddler had researched it a long time ago) I always add that to my repertoire of coinkidinks when I'm trying to convince people that 911 was an inside job.

    Your work is excellent! When I read Hopsicker I think "okay that's weird" and "that's weird" but what does it mean? You have a good way of putting things together (with pictures!)
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    Response to Reply #44
    48. Election 2000 / LIHOP vs MIHOP
    I used the term as a combination of Vote disenfranchisement and the Butterfly ballots. Madame Butterfly spoilage had such an awful ring to it ;) Even though Jeb Bush was the main person behind the Election 2000 fraud, it was Khashoggi who helped him. It sounds like one of those infamous "quid pro quo" BFEE-Saudi deals.

    If you can find the original research on the Pentagon and post a link to it, it'll be much appreciated.

    I found a great post by Jack Riddler about how LIHOP has to be solved first.

    Why it is important to solve LIHOP first

    (...) Nico's slogan was "first prove LIHOP, then SETUP." (...)

    Unfortunately, much time is now wasted among 9/11 skeptics in arguing LIHOP v. MIHOP. This is a completely irrelevant debate, an attempt to construct a split where there is none. It misses the point of coining these terms in the first place, which was to convince the majority who still simply believe in the Official Conspiracy Theory.

    Nowadays "MIHOP" is raised as a banner by some who wish to appear more radical, more courageous than others whom they claim are too wimpy or too accomodating of official accounts. Many a MIHOPer promptly accuses all other skeptics of being "gatekeepers." It is a rhetorical device for gaining the apparent moral high ground.

    Lost in all this is the simple fact that LIHOP already amounts to treason. (...)

    And that brings us to the al-Cokeda, cocaine flight training schools. Because if the Official Conspiracy Theory is a cover for massive drug trafficking, it will amount to treason as well because it was covered up by a terrorist attack (I have no problem whatsoever calling cocaine dealers terrosts; It describes them well)

    The story gets even worse, because it seemed that the drugs just kept flowing after 9/11 and they weren't even bothered to stop using Venice as one of their transfer hubs. And the final insult is that the guy who seems behind it, Khashoggi has committed inside trading on 9/11 and used the death of 3,000 people to make outrageous amounts of money. All with full BFEE approval and complicity in the cover-up. This amounts to massive treason which is even bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra.

    I had a lot of faith in Hopsicker after I dissected his Stratford story once. ( ) I always tried to keep away from 9/11 a bit, however I liked that story and nobody wrote about it and it checked out. Hopsicker's conclusion was a bit over the top of course (Just like Tom Delay can't be proven because he only made a speech), however just like this story, it was based on solid fact and these are not things which can be easily found. Which exactly why they try to keep these stories down, because the more it gets copied and researched, the more people will know about it.
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    Response to Reply #48
    54. But MSM never reported that the intelligence agencies were running drugs
    The funny thing is that everything is official congressional records and you can just look it up. Of course those reports never got much attention in the media and it is scattered on some librul websites.

    The Contras and Cocaine
    Selections from the Senate Committee Report on Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy
    chaired by Senator John F. Kerry

    Sure they did...

    British Media Exposes CIA-Cocaine Links
    By Norman Solomon

    Shock waves should have jolted America when the news broke in England a few weeks ago (early in 1997): "The CIA actively encouraged drug-trafficking in order to fund right-wing contra rebels in Nicaragua during the 1980s, and a CIA agent in Nicaragua was employed to ensure the money went to the contras and not into the pockets of drug barons."

    That's how a London-based daily newspaper, The Independent, summarized the conclusions of investigative journalists working for Britain's ITV television network. Their findings aired Dec. 12 on a highly regarded program called "The Big Story."

    It certainly was a big story -- on that side of the Atlantic. But on this side, it was no story at all.

    The British news reports included statements by Carlos Cabezas, who was a pilot for the Nicaraguan Air Force before the Sandinistas came to power in 1979. During the early 1980s, Cabezas transported cocaine from Central America to California. He ended up spending six years in prison after the 1983 seizure of 430 pounds of cocaine in the San Francisco Bay.

    Interviewed for the ITV documentary, Cabezas said that he delivered cocaine proceeds to contra leaders in Miami and Costa Rica. Cabezas told the journalists that in Costa Rica he met CIA agent Ivan Gomez, who was responsible for overseeing the transfer of drug profits to the contras.

    You might think that news media in the United States would be quick to report on ITV's scoop. No such luck.

    Video - Crack The CIA
    Crack The CIA video
    by Guerrila News Networks
    Winner of the Sundance Festival 2001

    Tracking the covert history of CIA drug smuggling from Nicaragua to Arkansas and South Central Los Angeles, GNN sheds light on the darkest secret of the Agency's operational directorate. Cut to the ambient Hip Hop loops of DJ Trek-e, Crack The CIA features explosive footage of Mike Ruppert's historical televised confrontation with CIA Director John Deutch. (free download)

    The BBC said on Dec 27, 2001 that with the invasion of Afghanistan, it was once again Poppy as usual. And it only took them two months...

    Thursday, 27 December, 2001, 23:01 GMT
    Poppy season opens in Afghanistan

    For many years, the Taleban financed their armed forces with funds raised from heroin sales.

    However, when Taleban leader Mullah Omar was pressed by the international community to ban poppy cultivation, the number of plantations was almost halved.

    Nowadays the old bans and controls are no longer in force.

    Know your BFEE selection:
    Know your BFEE: A Crime Line of Treason

    Know your BFEE: A Short History of Conspiracy Theory

    Know your BFEE: BFEE is more than capable of bombing their own countrymen

    Know your BFEE: George W Bush Knew 9-11 Was Coming and Did NOTHING!

    Know your BFEE: Iran Contra

    Know your BFEE: Oliver North, Drug Dealer

    Know your BFEE: War Profiteers

    Additional links:
    Promotion for the brains
    How one of the two brains behind the Iran-Contra scandal this week became one of America's most powerful men,3858,4358017-103680,00.html

    The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-up

    Inside the Iran-Contra Cover-up

    Iran-Contra gangsters resurface in Bush administration

    Who Killed John O'Neill
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    Response to Reply #44
    50. Found the Riddler link
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-21-06 02:18 AM
    Response to Reply #50
    60. No, that was after mine
    Mine was
    I figured it must have been posted a longtime ago, "old news" , since no one acknowledged my post, although it ended up elsewhere.
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    Response to Reply #31
    42. wow.nt
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    Response to Reply #31
    89. Madcowprod: 'Cocaine One' Bust Lifts Veil on Global Narcotics Car
    If only his writings weren't so hard to read, more people might understand...

    'Cocaine One' Bust Lifts Veil on Global Narcotics Cartel


    Meet the Masters of the Universe

    What local officials blundered into at a remote airport in the farthest corner of Mexicos Yucatan may have earth-shaking reverberations felt around the world if the true story of what happened there becomes widely known...

    The seizure in Ciudad del Carmen has exposed the links of a global narcotics cartel that may be the most powerful political force on the planet.

    Based on court documents, SEC filings, records of incorporation, and interviews with eyewitnesses, the elements which comprise this global narcotics cartelall of which will be named and covered in this seriesinclude the following:

    Rogue U.S. defense contractor Titan Corp in San Diego; CIA proprietary airlines; fugitive Saudi billionaires, Gulf States Sheiks and financiers; the Israeli Mossad and right wing Israeli political parties identified with Jewish settler interests; retired officers of the CIA and U.S. military intelligence; Texas Republican kingmakers and private investment banks; member of U.S. organized crime...

    Also... stock swindlers in Vancouver, Canada responsible for multi-billion dollar financial fraud; officials from the party of Mexican President Vicente Fox; Colombian and Mexican drug cartels; Florida air charter companies which enjoyas did the Florida aviation companies associated with the terrorist hijackersapparent official immunity from prosecution; and Lebanese industrialists in Mexico known to the Mexican press as the Narco-Pederastas, for their penchant for molesting children, with apparent immunity from prosecution, both boys and girls, as young as four.


    By Moon, things are getting very interesting.

    How come this hasn't been covered in The New York Times?
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    Response to Reply #89
    90. It hasn't been covered since we are dealing with the Octopus
    That so-called fictional beast with ten thousand tentacles. What they forgot to tell the world that it is a real beast lurking in governments, intelligence agencies, banks, insurance agencies, NGOs and many more caves and holes...

    Well, we've got a reporter from Tampa, Florida interested, so at least that's something...
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    Response to Reply #28
    46. I'd like to know what you think
    there is an organized effort to undermine this forum (and others on DU). For some reason they stay away from stuff like this, I think it might be because they don't want to attract attention to it. When real posters see them posting they want to go there and defend the topic, look at most of the threads they are only long because of the fake drawn out dialogs, they will try to keep you going forever over nothing, but they don't want people looking more into this so they stay away from it. What do you think? Like Killtown started a thread on the witness he interviewed and it was a blockbuster (I exchanged email with her, man was that something)not only did none of them post on that thread but they started posting on "distraction" threads in order to sink it. They try like mad to sink certain threads (probably our tax dollars at work, just like 9-11)
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    Response to Reply #46
    52. Odd that none of the usual suspects haven't commented on this.
    I guess they can't insult us about another "loony conspiracy theory". My point is, if there is a high level support for moving and distributing 11,000 lbs of cocaine on a plane that is dressed up to look like an official US aircraft....why wouldn't these same people be capable of creating a "New Pearl Harbor" event? It's not like this whole guns-drugs-BlackOps is new to us. This is a repeat performance; sort of a 'best of' Guns-for-Hostages and BCCI combined. Same players, same agenda. Who has benefited from 9/11? I can think of one person, in particular.

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    Response to Reply #52
    53. 9/11 benefited many.
    The biggest culprits are Richard Cheney and King al-Saud.
    The biggest political culprit is George Walker Bush.
    The luckiest man is Donald Rumsfeld.

    However those four are as close to untouchable as they come. Like Henry Kissinger they get away with everything.

    So the biggest fish which can be caught is Adnan Khashoggi and he is more like a whale, because he is bigger than Howard Hughes and running the same games.

    The History of the United States

    Operation Northwoods - September 11

    The Military Industrial Complex Made It Happen

    By Mack White ( )

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    Response to Reply #53
    58. What a great toon......I never heard about this party that Johnson
    attended....that really blows my mind.

    This is a very powerful narrative and would make a great project to seed this on the net. I think, given our collective limited attention span, effective political education requires something this succint and effective in framing the 'big picture'. Thanks for posting it...
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    Response to Reply #58
    59. I've checked out the JFK part
    Edited on Wed Jun-21-06 01:59 AM by DrDebug
    It was a bit like what I'm doing here. It was about a year, so it was time to take a closer look at September 11.

    My John F. Kennedy research:

    Excellent film about JFK: (Save target as... 180 Mb)

    Lyndon Johnson's meeting:

    Madeleine Brown (Johnson's mistress)
    Interviewed on the television programme, A Current Affair
    24th February, 1992

    On Thursday night, Nov. 21, 1963, the last evening prior to Camelot's demise, I attended a social at Clint Murchison's home. It was my understanding that the event was scheduled as a tribute honoring his long time friend, J. Edgar Hoover (whom Murchison had first met decades earlier through President William Howard Taft), and his companion, Clyde Tolson. Val Imm, the society editor for the now-defunct Dallas Times Herald, unwittingly documented one of the most significant gatherings in American history.

    The impressive guest list included John McCloy, Richard Nixon, George Brown, R. L. Thornton, H. L. Hunt and a host of others from the 8F group. The jovial party was just breaking up when Lyndon made an unscheduled visit. I was the most surprised by his appearance since Jesse had not mentioned anything about Lyndon's coming to Clint's. With Lyndon's hectic schedule, I never dreamed he could attend the big party. After all, he had arrived in Dallas on Tuesday to attend the Pepsi-Cola convention.

    Tension filled the room upon his arrival. The group immediately went behind closed doors. A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared I knew how secretly Lyndon operated.

    Therefore I said nothing... not even that I was happy to see him. Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: "After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise."

    1 President; 58,000 US citizens; 1,700,000 Vietnamese citizens

    Hey, Journalists! Wanna get a Pulitzer Prize, just feel free to steal this stuff! I don't mind!

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    Response to Reply #53
    66. I didn't know about Madeline Brown"
    or that she said johnson had said that. wowsers
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    Response to Original message
    51. Afghanistan (Drugs) History 1978-2004

    Mohammed Dauod Khan
    End of Monarchy
    On 27 April 1978, a coup staged by the People's Democratic Party (PDP) overthrew the government of Mohammad Daoud Kahn. Daoud, five years earlier, had overthrown the monarchy and established a republic, although he himself was a member of the royal family(12) and a descendent of Ghensis Khan. When the Daoud regime had a PDP leader killed, arrested the rest of the leadership, and purged hundreds of suspected party sympathizers from government posts, the PDP, aided by its supporters in the army, revolted and took power. (1)

    US eyes Afghanistan
    When the Shah of Iran was overthrown in January 1979, the United States lost its chief ally and outpost in the Soviet-border region, as well as its military installations and electronic monitoring stations aimed at the Soviet Union. Washington's cold warriors could only eye Afghanistan even more covetously than before.(1) On July 3 President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the Mujahideen, opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. (2)

    US want Regime Change
    According to admissions by Zbigniew Brzezinski and former CIA director Bill Casey, efforts were being made to destabilize the country. (7)

    "According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahideen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan on 24 Decempber 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise. Indeed, it was July 3, 1979, that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the President in which I explained to him that in my opinion, this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention."

    We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would. (7)

    Osama bin Bush
    In September 1979 Noor Mohammed Taraki was ousted and replaced Hafizullah Amin. Amin tried to gain Pakistani or American support and refused to take Soviet advice. (3)

    Soviets don't like the new regime
    The Kremlin was unhappy with Amin, who personally insisted that Moscow replace its ambassador. (4) The Soviets repeatedly referred to Amin as a "CIA agent", a charge which was greeted with great skepticism in the United States, (5) however enough circumstantial evidence supporting the charge exists so that it perhaps should not be dismissed entirely out of hand. (1)

    Osama bin Laden was selected for the head Al Qaeda by Turki al-Faisal al-Saud, head of Saudi intelligence 1977-2001, currently Saudi ambassador to the UK. Osama bin Laden and al-Faisal have reportedly maintained close ties to this day. The CIA / ISI had requested a Saudi prince, but al-Faisal couldn't find any that was willing. (8)

    Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
    The Soviet Union invaded in September 24, 1979 and assassinated Amin. (1)

    Heroin for Guns
    Prior to the Soviet-Afghan war, opium production in Afghanistan and Pakistan was directed to regional markets. There was no local production of heroin. (10) In this regard, McCoy's study confirms that within two years of the onslaught of the CIA operation in Afghanistan, "the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands became the world's top heroin producer, supplying 60 percent of U.S. demand. In Pakistan, the heroin-addict population went from near zero in 1979... to 1.2 million by 1985 - a much steeper rise than in any other nation" (9)

    Poppy in Afghanistan
    CIA assets controlled this heroin trade. As the Mujahideen guerrillas seized territory inside Afghanistan, they ordered peasants to plant opium as a revolutionary tax. Across the border in Pakistan, Afghan leaders and local syndicates under the protection of ISI (Pakistan Intelligence) operated hundreds of heroin laboratories. During this decade of wide-open drug-dealing, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in Islamabad failed to instigate major seizures or arrests. (9)

    U.S. officials had refused to investigate charges of heroin dealing by its Afghan allies 'because U.S. narcotics policy in Afghanistan has been subordinated to the war against Soviet influence there.' In 1995, the former CIA director of the Afghan operation, Charles Cogan, admitted the CIA had indeed sacrificed the drug war to fight the Cold War. (9)

    Bye Bye Soviets
    The Soviets was forced to withdraw 10 years later by anti-Communist mujahidin forces supplied and trained by the US, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, and others. The Communist regime in Kabul fought on until collapsing in 1992. (2)

    Rise of the Taliban
    Fighting subsequently continued among the various mujahidin factions. This eventually gave rise to a state of warlordism. The chaos and corruption involved in warlordism in turn spawned the rise of the Taliban in reaction. The most serious of this fighting occurred in 1994, when 10,000 people were killed from factions fighting in the Kabul area. Backed by Pakistan and her strategic allies, the Taliban developed as a political/religious force and eventually seized power in 1996. The Taliban were able to capture 90% of the country, aside from Northern Alliance strongholds primarily in the northeast. The Taliban sought to impose a strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. The Taliban gave safe haven and assistance to individuals and organizations that engaged in terrorism, especially Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda. (3) Since 1999 the Taliban started to restrict Opium trade which fell from 4,600 tons in 1999 to 185 tons in 2001. (11)

    September 11, 2001

    Taliban leave Afghanistan
    US invasion of Afghanistan
    On October 7, 2001 (within one month after September 11) the United States and allies take military action in support of the opposition. In late 2001, major leaders from the Afghan opposition groups and diaspora met in Bonn and agreed on a plan for the formulation of a new government structure that resulted in the inauguration of Hamid Karzai as Chairman of the Afghan Interim Authority (AIA) on December 2001. After a nationwide Loya Jirga in 2002, Karzai was elected President. (6) In 2002, Opium production was back to a pre-war level of 3,400 tons. (11)

    National elections were held on October 9, 2004. Over 10 million Afghans were registered to vote. Most of the 17 candidates opposing Karzai boycotted the election, charging fraud; an independent commission found evidence of fraud, but ruled that it did not affect the outcome of the poll. Hamid Karzai won 55.4% of the vote. He was inaugurated as president on December 7. It was the country's first national election since 1969, when parliamentary elections were last held. (6)

    4. Selig Harrison, "Did Moscow Fear An Afghan Tito?", New York Times, 13 January 1980, p. E23.
    5. New York Times, 15 January 1980, p. 6. The newspaper stated that the CIA- accusations appeared to have been dropped by the Soviets at this time, perhaps because they were embarrassed by the incredulous reaction to it from around the world. But it was soon picked up again, conceivably in reaction to the Times' story.
    10. Alfred McCoy, Drug fallout: the CIA's Forty Year Complicity in the Narcotics Trade. The Progressive; 1 August 1997.
    11. (PDF document)
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    Response to Reply #51
    55. Errata, since I can't edit it anymore
    Edited on Tue Jun-20-06 11:49 PM by DrDebug
    "engaged in terrorism, especially Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda."
    should read:
    "engaged in drug trade, especially Osama bin Laden's Al-Cokeda."

    And two different date formats close to one-another isn't pretty either..
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-22-06 02:54 AM
    Response to Original message
    62. Last piece of the puzzle
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-23-06 06:02 PM
    Response to Original message
    63. FAA refuses to release record on airplane (6/22/2006 upd.)
    Edited on Fri Jun-23-06 06:06 PM by DrDebug
    Two months and eleven days after the firms American-registered DC9 was caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Campeche, Mexico destined for distribution in the U.S., the FAA is still stonewalling requests for the release of what areby statuepublic records of the registration and ownership of the plane.

    In a twisted perversion of the U.S. Governments so- called War on Drugs, the FAA is Just Saying No to the American people, who are not allowed to know if an American Drug Lord may have been responsible for the last doomed flight of Cocaine One.

    We're not cleared for that information.

    Well, we can make a pretty good guess who the owner was...

    Don't forget to check this one. There was exactly 16 seizures of 5.5 tons...
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    Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-23-06 09:10 PM
    Response to Reply #63
    64. "exactly 16 seizures of 5.5 tons"
    Edited on Fri Jun-23-06 09:12 PM by Old and In the Way
    Is that wierd, or what? I'd be interested in the details of those other busts. I wonder if they were also packaged in identicial suitcases. This really sounds like the top of the chain, master distributor level business. Funny how I've never heard about these other 16 busts.....I wonder why? If the War on Drugs is so damn important, why don't these mega busts ever get reported?

    On edit: I also read about 9/11 Truth article...kind of depresssing. He also disses Mike Ruppert pretty bad, too.

    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-23-06 09:34 PM
    Response to Reply #64
    65. Some of the stories are pretty old though
    Edited on Fri Jun-23-06 09:36 PM by DrDebug
    But indeed most probably don't get reported or as a byline. I think that the FAA part makes it clear that they don't want to solve those cases and that sadly more or less proves that the major transfers are authorized and if a stupid rookie cop accidentily stumbles on the drugs, it just makes a single headline without being solved.

    JFK is more or less solved nowadays. You can get a pretty good idea what happened, however it ain't gonna change anything. You simply know. So we know that the 5.5 tons in Mexico was al-Cokeda.

    Hopsicker shouldn't go diss people. He is our man in Venice. He probably doesn't know that he was responsible for the major clues for solving 9/11. And after we solved 9/11, we are going to say that we know. period.

    C'est la vie...
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    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-24-06 01:16 AM
    Response to Reply #65
    68. Well Ruppert pushes the Peak Oil stuff
    He also talks about that really bad writer, the one who said that Barbara Olson was in Italy, in his book he mentions him as a stand up guy.
    He was screwed by Pacifica radio who put a debater in at the last minute without warning him first and for awhile I thought it was because pacifica had been taken over by conservatives, but now I wonder if they had heard the rumors about him being a disinformationist? I remember reading early on that this would happen, that you wouldn't know who to trust because some would be working for the "other side", but it has become really bad.
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-24-06 04:47 AM
    Response to Reply #68
    69. I know
    Edited on Sat Jun-24-06 04:59 AM by DrDebug
    It is just like the FAA who suddenly can't answer that question about the plane.

    Still like Ruppert's old work back when he was copvcia because those stories were genuine IMO.

    Just want to say that it is not the time to diss anybody especially since they have all perform an essential part of the analysis into what happened at 9/11 and it is sad that people like Michael Ruppert are not on the big story anymore, because he is an excellent detective.

    So maybe it is not the time to diss 9/11 truth, Michael Ruppert, Alex Jones (crazy motherfucker), Daniel Hopsicker etc. because even though they aren't perfect they Made It Solved.
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-24-06 01:06 AM
    Response to Reply #63
    67. Don't they HAVE to tell us who the owner is?nt
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-24-06 11:35 AM
    Response to Reply #63
    70. Interesting market valuations.
    The 5.5T bust in March '06 in Vienna was valued at $556MM, the April shipment on the DC-9 was valued at $100MM. hmmmmm, I've always thought that these busts which always estimate the value of the drugs, helps set the street price. So I have to wonder why the big change in valuation. Maybe one is valued at wholesale, the other at retail?

    Or maybe they want to lower the profile of the DC-9 bust?

    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-12-06 07:12 PM
    Response to Original message
    77. Database Technologies owner involved drugs smuggling
    Edited on Wed Jul-12-06 07:14 PM by DrDebug

    DEA, FBI Suspend Database Deal with DBT
    Posted by FoM on July 05, 1999 at 09:47:23 PT
    Source: CBS Market Watch

    The Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI suspended their contracts with a major law enforcement database company partly because of the reputation of the company's founder and major stockholder, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

    DBT Online, based in Boca Raton, compiles public records worldwide and provides dossiers on investigative targets for about 1,500 police agencies.

    The DEA and FBI halted their contracts with the company in May, partly over concern that founder Henry Edward Asher was suspected in the early 1980s of flying illegal drugs to the United States from the Bahamas.

    The agencies also were concerned that the company could monitor investigations, the newspaper said.

    However, no evidence has been found that any cases have been compromised and DBT executives say such a prospect is impossible because of its intricate security measures.

    Asher, 49, has never been arrested or charged with any crime.

    That report was related to Database Technologies going into (anti)Terrorism

    State contracts with company founded by man linked to smuggling
    Sunday, August 3, 2003
    Associated Press

    TALLAHASSEE A man implicated two decades ago in a Bahamian drug smuggling ring has been hired by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to help create a 13-state anti-terrorism network being launched with $4 million in Justice Department funding.

    Millionaire Hank Asher of Boca Raton, a friend of recently retired FDLE director James "Tim" Moore and a major political contributor, was never charged with drug smuggling. He served as an informant and witness in several trials, and was identified by other FDLE informants as someone who provided police protection for smuggling operations.

    Interim FDLE head Daryl McLaughlin called Friday for complete assessment of Asher's background, saying previous checks were inadequate.

    "You have told me stuff we didn't know," McLaughlin told the St. Petersburg Times for its Saturday editions. "We should know more about a company we are doing business with."

    Asher's first company, DBT Online Inc., bought him out for $147 million in 1999 after the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration suspended its contracts over Asher's past and concerns that the company could potentially monitor targets of investigations.

    To put it into the perspective of our 9/11 story again:

    ChoicePoint purchased Database Technologies (...)

    Greg Palast, with Katherine Harris's e-mails and financial documents in hand, reported on the causes of the 2000 election after the event. Recall the chaos in Florida when ChoicePoint, inadvertently or not, "glitched" the votes: "Recent studies say nearly one-quarter to 31 percent of black men in Florida cannot vote... The state's voter-purge project has critics doubting both the accuracy and the motives of the state's contractor, Database Technologies

    And of course:

    ChoicePoint-Kroll merger was cancelled on August 8, 1997
    ChoicePoint at the scene of Ground Zero almost immediately and got the no-bid contract for the victim identification on September 12

    ChoicePoint and Khalid Almihdhar

    Very good for a company with a history of heroin running to the Bahamas. Who had a history of heroin running to the Bahamas as well? Willy Hilliard?? :tinfoilhat:
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-25-06 01:01 PM
    Response to Original message
    78. so why...
    isn't this being investigated in the public venue? If this is true, then how much more is going on?
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-25-06 01:51 PM
    Response to Reply #78
    79. It's not investigated because black ops and secret services run on drugs
    Edited on Tue Jul-25-06 01:51 PM by DrDebug
    There is much more going on than just Venice and it seems to be pretty much the standard operating procedure all over the world.

    Do you remember Iran Contra? The drugs for secret service was first discovered during Iran Contra. Did you read about it in the newspapers? Did anybody talk about that part? No, they all ignored it and the drugs for black ops continued ever since.
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    cyberpj Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-28-06 11:53 AM
    Response to Original message
    80. If bloggers and DUers can find this stuff and put it together....
    why can't SOME ONE with National attention?

    Are we to understand that either every one is afriad of Bush Family or that no one cares or that ther is absolutely positively no true investigative reporting on a national media level any more?

    Are you also telling me there are NO LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE INVESTORS interested in buying into media or creating a new national network to start telling some truth?

    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-28-06 12:12 PM
    Response to Reply #80
    82. I have a feeling it's because
    the media is owned basically by the same people,just a few own the whole ball of wax, or those with the same interests. There is an effort to discredit independent media even on DU. There are a lot of sites we are only "allowed" to post in the 911 forum because they are "conspiracy" sites, unfortunately they are the only sites that have the real story. But also a few of them are disreputable so all are included in that meme.
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-28-06 12:36 PM
    Response to Reply #80
    83. Because the MSM companies are extremely large
    The six companies who control most of the media:

    1. AOL/Time Warner (~$44B / year)
    2. Disney (~$32B /year)
    3. Vivendi/Universal (E23B / year)
    4. News Corporation ($24B / year)
    5. Bertelsmann (E17B / year) (wants to merge with Sony as well adding a whopping $64B / year)
    6. Viacom ($10B / year)

    Those companies are incredibly big and therefore equally powerful and have many connections to politicians. They also tend to be pretty corrupt, especially AOL and Vivendi who had massive scandals back in 2001. Another point is that they are not really competitors either since each one mainly focuses on a certain group or a certain geographical area and therefore tend to function as one and make sure that no competitor can join their ranks and the smallest kid on the block is $10,000,000,000. Competition is mainly about who is #1, #2 etc.

    The only alternative is media like BBC and ARD who are reasonable independent even though they are state television. However we have seen that the BBC is lot less powerful nowadays and even has some censorship after the David Kelly affair where they were wrongly blamed as an excuse to impose censorship. So the only alternative is national media with a guarantee that they cannot be censored by the government and nobody wants that anymore and prefers the commercial outlets where you have lobby groups going both ways, ie. the government adjusts the media and the media adjust the government.
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    cyberpj Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-28-06 11:54 AM
    Response to Original message
    81. If bloggers and DUers can find this stuff and put it together....
    why can't SOME ONE with National attention?

    Are we to understand that either every one is afriad of Bush Family or that no one cares or that ther is absolutely positively no true investigative reporting on a national media level any more?

    Are you also telling me there are NO LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE INVESTORS interested in buying into media or creating a new national network to start telling some truth?

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    Sinti Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-17-06 01:47 AM
    Response to Reply #81
    91. Are you also telling me there are NO LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE INVESTORS
    interested in buying into media or creating a new national network to start telling some truth?

    In short: Yes, that seems to be the case. All your media is owned by a handful of companies who have a vested interest in not telling these kinds of stories. They are not necessarily afraid of anything more than having their bank accounts slip a bit.
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-01-06 06:07 PM
    Response to Original message
    87. This definitely needs a kick!
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-08-06 03:14 PM
    Response to Original message
    88. Bada...

    This thread is so enlightening.
    Able Danger should be fully investigated to where ever it leads!
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-19-06 02:47 PM
    Response to Original message
    92. and definitely this...
    needs a kick too!

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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-21-06 02:41 PM
    Response to Original message
    93. kick
    No one's disputing Hopsicker's research so far?
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-21-06 03:32 PM
    Response to Reply #93
    94. Maybe it is because it is true...
    But hey what do I know. I think that 9/11 is solved...
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    Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-21-06 04:45 PM
    Response to Reply #93
    95. I had a post deleted because madcowprod was deemed an "unrelaible"
    source. I wonder if Fox News is considered reliable?

    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-14-06 11:13 PM
    Response to Reply #95
    103. Oh, the irony.eom
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    flyarm Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-22-06 02:45 AM
    Response to Original message
    96. look into this..
    mad cow..jan 2005 the connection of supervisor of elections pinellas fla

    and she just happens to be the lady who found the votes to pass gambling intitive in fl in 2004 election
    see what it says about her husband and connections with Adnan Kassoggi

    i believe its the jan 18th audio..( i haven't listened to it in a very long time)

    January 18, 2005: FTR #494: "Another Interview with Daniel Hopsicker about Electoral Fraud" | Listen

    January 11, 2005: FTR #493 Interview w/Daniel Hopsicker about Electoral Fraud | Listen

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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-30-06 03:29 AM
    Response to Original message
    97. This needs a kick as well n/t
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-07-06 04:17 PM
    Response to Original message
    98. Kick
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-07-06 09:32 PM
    Response to Original message
    99. A must...
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-11-06 12:09 AM
    Response to Original message
    100. 9/11 CIA drugs kick n/t
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-14-06 10:44 PM
    Response to Original message
    102. Must...
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-23-06 02:15 AM
    Response to Original message
    104. June, July, August, September. The story still stands... n/t
    Edited on Sat Sep-23-06 02:16 AM by DrDebug
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-24-06 03:42 PM
    Response to Original message
    105. War on Drugs is intended against the competitors of the CIA
    Edited on Sun Sep-24-06 03:45 PM by DrDebug
    It is clear that the 5.5 tons in Mexico was a drug cartel protected by the CIA which was sharing facilities with Huffman Aviation which was a CIA front as well. This topic is about an event which happened on April 11, 2006 and nobody has been able to find faults in the investigation except for Citizenspook who made an ad hominem attack which only showed for whom he was working. The complete silent treatment it has received only makes it clear that the U.S. government fully approved of the 5.5 tons - most of which was intended to cause havoc in U.S. cities - and even though the guilty parties are known and have been identified, it is ignored.

    Sometimes you read that a group was indicted and that gives the impression that they sometimes do something. I strongly suspected that it was mainly to get rid off any competition. The following except is from Michael Levine, a DEA agent for 25 years, and he testifies that all successful drugs bust are simply to get rid off the competition, because lots of stupid people don't understand that drugs is the monopoly of intelligence agencies.

    The Chang Mai factory the CIA prevented me from destroying was the source of massive amounts of heroin being smuggled into the US in the bodies and body bags of GIs killed in Vietnam. (p. 165)

    My unit, the Hard Narcotics Smuggling Squad, was charged with investigating all heroin and cocaine smuggling through the Port of New York. My unit became involved in investigating every major smuggling operation known to law enforcement. We could not avoid witnessing the CIA protecting major drug dealers. Not a single important source in Southeast Asia was ever indicted by US law enforcement. This was no accident. Case after case was killed by CIA and State Department intervention and there wasnt a damned thing we could do about it. CIA-owned airlines like Air America were being used to ferry drugs throughout Southeast Asia, allegedly to support our allies. CIA banking operations were used to launder drug money. (pp. 165, 166)

    In 1972, I was assigned to assist in a major international drug case involving top Panamanian government officials who were using diplomatic passports to smuggle large quantities of heroin and other drugs into the US. The name Manuel Noriega surfaced prominently in the investigation. Surfacing right behind Noriega was the CIA to protect him from US law enforcement. As head of the CIA, Bush authorized a salary for Manuel Noriega as a CIA asset, while the dictator was listed in as many as 40 DEA computer files as a drug dealer. (pp. 166, 167)

    The CIA and the Department of State were protecting more and more politically powerful drug traffickers around the world: the Mujihadeen in Afghanistan, the Bolivian cocaine cartels, the top levels of Mexican government, Nicaraguan Contras, Colombian drug dealers and politicians, and others. Medias duties, as I experienced firsthand, were twofold: first, to keep quiet about the gush of drugs that was allowed to flow unimpeded into the US; second, to divert the publics attention by shilling them into believing the drug war was legitimate by falsely presenting the few trickles we were permitted to indict as though they were major victories, when in fact we were doing nothing more than getting rid of the inefficient competitors of CIA assets. (pp. 166, 167)

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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-25-06 03:19 PM
    Response to Original message
    106. Afghanistan: Record harvest of 6,100 tons of opium
    This year's record harvest of 6,100 tons of opium will generate more than $3 billion in illicit revenue -- equivalent to almost half of Afghanistan's gross domestic product. Profits for drug traffickers downstream will be almost 20 times that amount.

    Merry Christmas, It doesn't SNOW here, but it seems that BROWN SUGAR is doing great in Afghanistan.
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    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-25-06 05:25 PM
    Response to Reply #106
    107. It was all worth it, wasn't it.
    Edited on Mon Dec-25-06 05:25 PM by DrDebug

    Norman Lamont (Santa or Satan?)
    Chairman Le Cercle

    3,000 killed in New York.
    100,000s Afghani killed in a war which doesn't seem to end
    1,000,000s in inner cities perishing in the gutter from heroin(TM) addiction.
    No improvement to the life of ordinary Afghani whatsoever.

    9/11 provided $60,000,000,000.00 of untraceable money this year for the Intelligence Agencies in Le Cercle to be used for their illegal operations.

    God rest ye merry, gentlemen
    Let nothing you dismay
    Remember, Christ, our Saviour
    Was born on Christmas day
    To save us all from Le Cercle's power
    When we were gone astray
    O tidings of comfort and joy,
    Comfort and joy
    O tidings of comfort and joy
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    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-26-06 07:58 PM
    Response to Reply #107
    109. Doctor ,Doctor...
    keep on keepin on. Excellent research. This is all verifiable. Yet no one utters a word on the tube or in the papers! WTF!
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    BrokenBeyondRepair Donating Member (642 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-26-06 03:17 PM
    Response to Original message
    108. kick
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 04:21 PM
    Response to Original message
    110. we just can't....
    let this slip into oblivion can we? Kick!
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    BrokenBeyondRepair Donating Member (642 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-02-07 01:23 PM
    Response to Reply #110
    111. nope; we can't
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-14-07 12:37 AM
    Response to Original message
    112. kick!
    Edited on Fri Sep-14-07 12:37 AM by wildbilln864
    lest we forget.
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-28-07 03:10 AM
    Response to Original message
    113. Another SA plane crashed with coke on board in Mexico

    MEXICO CITY — U.S. authorities are assisting the Mexican government in the investigation of an American business jet that crashed in Cancun this week with four tons of cocaine on board, officials said Thursday.

    Some news reports have linked the plane to the transport of terrorist suspects to the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but those reports cite logs that indicate only that the plane flew twice between Washington, D.C., and Guantanamo and once between Oxford, Conn. (Bush's home town), and Guantanamo. No terrorist suspects are known to have been transferred to Guantanamo directly from the United States.

    The jet, carrying the tail number N987SA, changed hands twice in recent weeks. But how it ended up in the hands of suspected drug traffickers remains a mystery.

    The Mexican attorney general's office said the blue and white Gulfstream II crashed on Monday in a remote jungle area on the Yucatan Peninsula. Authorities seized 132 bags of cocaine weighing four tons. Two men were arrested and jailed on drug trafficking charges in Merida, officials said. They declined to identify the men, however.

    McClatchy is withholding the names of the alleged new owners of the plane because they couldn't be reached for confirmation.

    And once again it has SA as its suffix (Skyway Aircraft?)
    Printer Friendly | Permalink |  | Top
    DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-10-08 12:53 AM
    Response to Reply #113
    114. Let's answer my own question + 2 year anniversary kick
    SA in that plane stood for Stein/Achenbaum Holding LLC a.k.a. Hotel Gansevoort, New York.

    The whole story is here:

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