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GOP RIP [1854-2006}

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Eye See You Donating Member (115 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-30-04 02:36 PM
Original message
GOP RIP [1854-2006}
Saturday, August 30, 2003

The rise and fall of The Republican Party (1854 to 2006)
A commentary.
By Eye See You.

The spectator can, only misconstrue invincibility, or the appearance of invincibility. However, when the object of invincibility is deluded by delusions of grandeur, then the process of death is inevitable. What I am saying is, that when you give someone the impression that they are powerful, they are. The Republican Party is a paper tiger. They stand for nothing. They do not have any ideology, nor do they have a philosophy-- unlike the Communist Party or Libertarian Party. Neither does the Democratic Party, for that matter. Both parties were born out of emotional outbursts. The Grand Old Party (Republican) is not a conservative, liberal, or centrist party; it is a party in name only. The analogy here is that the two parties are like empty buildings: any tenant can occupy them and give them personality; otherwise, each is just an empty edifice. There is no such thing as Republicism. A republic can be any type of state. The Peoples Republic of China, for example. Representative Democracy is not a Conservative idea--its an American idea. The two-party system was never mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It was the print media of the 19th century that made it a norm. As a matter of fact, political parties are just by-products of American activism. A political party did not found this nation; it was born out of spontaneous combustion. There is no official political ideology in the Constitution. The terms liberal and conservative are just positions of various issues. The fact of the matter is that, during the American Revolution, the British were referred to as Tories, which was an 18th century colloquial term for Conservative. That term is still used to this very day in Great Britain to describe Conservatives. So, Americas first adversaries were Conservatives.
Originally, both major parties were one entity, which was called the Democratic-Republic Party until 1854. That party was a response to the Federalist Party and it was known originally as the Anti-Federalist Party. There was a short-lived 19th century party called The National Republican Party--no relationship to the GOP. It was the Civil War that split the party into two. There was a faction in 1835 called the Locofocos. This was 19th Century slang for match and their symbol was a burning match. This faction was opposed to monopolies and they supported the use of hard money, or Gold Standard. Funny, but that is what some right wing nuts advocate to this very day. They also advocated election by direct popular vote, direct taxes and free trade. They became the Democratic Party. In 1854, the Republic Party was founded by a coalition of political groups. Some members of the fallen Whig party helped found this party, called Cotton Whigs. They were pro-slavery. And there was the Free Soil Party. This group was opposed to slavery in the north, but it didnt care if it existed in the south. Also, there was the Know Nothings, otherwise known as Nativists. They were a White Protestant group opposed to non-Aryan people immigrating to the U.S.A.--a precursor to the K.K.K. In other words, White power!!!!

The Party of Lincoln?

Not really. Welltechnically he was, I suppose. He wanted to run against pro-slavery Senator, Stephen Douglas, who was a Democrat. In order to oppose him, Lincoln affiliated himself with the Republican Partyhe was Republican by proxy. Originally, he was a member of The Whig Party. He was indifferent to his political party--he cared more about the American people. A lot of party functionaries to this very day dont want you to know that Lincolns favorite pen pal was Karl Marx!

Civil War

Today, we hear a lot of Neo-Cons on the radio talk about America being in another civil war. There is a reason for that. Back during the Civil War, Republicans exploited the patriotic fever in the north. They denounced the Democrats as traitors and friends of The Confederacy. Sound familiar? Today, Democrats are referred to as traitors and friends of Arab Terrorists. The notion that the Democratic Party was pro-slavery is not true. There was a rouge faction in the south that was pro-slavery. They would later be known as Dixiecrats. It was the heyday of GOP power and now, 21st Century Republicans want to revive those days. Good luck, knuckleheads!

Industrial Revolution

In the beginning, the party represented low class White trash. Then the rich Aryans took over. First, the GOP was about White Supremacy, Jingoism and a strong federal government. Originally, the GOP wanted more government--unlike what the propagandists would have you believe today! Then came the Industrial Revolution. The GOP at the time was alarmed of all the Eastern European and Irish immigrants flooding into the USA. They were on a high xenophobic alert! However, the rich WASPs running the party needed the unwashed masses to work in their factories. So, the Central Committee voted to kick the Nativists out of the party. They toned down the bigotry and became minority-friendly. Today, the party is no longer talking about the Illegal Alien problem. They need cheap labor to work in the fields, factories, and service industries. Only the far Right whines about illegal border crossings. So, the rich WASPs do control the party. The only issue they complain about is taxes. Like the Nativists, todays Republican party, finds the Religious Right more a detraction than an attraction. They are trying to faze the latter out. They mitigate their rhetoric by using a few empty slogans. Spewing out Christo-favored slogans like Judeo-Christian values or Traditional Family values does not make you The Party of God! The GOP is just the party of Aryan big business. Giving a tepid nod to Christianity will not assuage the fundamentalist Christains! They will eventually faze themselves out and marginalize themselves. Godless Capitalism and religion do not mix. The Republicans God is money, not Jesus.

World War 1

The only time the Republicans are in power is during times of war. It was during this time that they introduced The Sedition Act, which was the first Patriot Act. In legal jargon, anybody that disagreed with the GOP was un-American. They worded the Act like it was protecting the security of the USA, when it actually was to protect the party against any opposition. What was WWI about? You tell me.

World War 2

During the early stages of our current war with Iraq, the Neo-Cons argued, What if we never fought Hitler and just negotiated with him? That was the argument to get rid of Saddam, the dictator that the U.S. government put in power in the first place. Well, guess what gang? The Republican Party was opposed to fighting Hitler in WW2. Only it was when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor they got supportive, but fighting fellow Aryans in Germany? Forget about it!

I could go on and on about American history, but the above was to illustrate my main historical points about why the GOP will self-destruct in a couple of years. One: the 43rd president. When the hard evidence is substantiated, President Bush will become Americas most corrupt leader--not only in this nation, but in the history of the world! Two: The American people will finally catch on that this party is nothing but a party of rich, male, Aryan elitists, whose only interests are to make a shit of money and to hold on to their power. Third: Neo-Cons are nothing more but Baby-Boomer ex-leftists who screwed up their movement in the 60s and will do the same thing for the Conservative movement in the 21st Century. And finally: The majority of mainstream Americans are moderate Democrats. Look it up if you dont believe me! Americans by nature are fair-minded people who want to help other needy Americans, and yet want a strong national defense. Americans do not like criminals, and Shrub is a criminal. Democrats will have a 30-year reign and the GOP will fade into the garbage dump of history. Then, America will get sick of the Democrats and replace them with the multi-party democracy. Who knows? You see, the Republican Party is no longer the compulsive liar they present themselves to be. They have transformed themselves into pathological liars. When someone chronically lies, then they have to lie to cover up the first lie, then layer on another lie about the cover up lie, until the publics credulity simply dissipates. Bush will kill the GOP, not some rich Jewish Liberals. Bush is more like Al Capone than Adolph Hitler. Law enforcement couldnt nail Capone on anything. Everybody knew hed orchestrated the Saint Valentines Day massacre, but there were no evidence to prove it. Well, they ultimately got Capone on tax evasion! Now, some people believe that Bush was behind the terrorist attacks on 9-11, 2001. But, there is no hard evidence to prove that. He covered up his tracks real good! People will think you nuts if you say that. Just remember, Al Capone was Mister Citizen back in the day! He was what you might calla compassionate gangster! Compassionate Conservatism? I dont think so--do you?
Join my group. /

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Frank Rose Donating Member (108 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-30-04 11:00 PM
Response to Original message
1. You should send that as an essay to
USA Today, or The NY Times, very good knowledge and interpretation of history!
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