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Freeper comments on Robert Downey Jr's drug problem

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Fuzz Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-03 07:38 PM
Original message
Freeper comments on Robert Downey Jr's drug problem
There were quite a few libertarian types who did speak up against the 'war on drugs', but here are some choice quotes.

The judge could have saved the taxpayers alot of time and money if he had done this in the first place. Downey, Jr. would be clean by now.

When will our courts understand that playing games with criminals is wasteful and counter-productive.

I wonder how many chances some guy from East LA would have gotten...

4 Posted on 08/05/1999 12:51:01 PDT by blake6900

"He did the crime, let him do his time."

11 Posted on 08/05/1999 13:11:18 PDT by curmudgeonII

Isn't this the guy who played Charlie Chaplin? Alas, I have very little sympathy for any of these wayward Hollywood types.

14 Posted on 08/05/1999 14:43:15 PDT by tacis


I love the smell of burnt Liberalism in the morning!

Suffer Downey, you loser!

He was probably taking drugs before the interview, and laughing at all the dupes who believed him.

I hope they put him UNDER the jail this time, and hopefully that STUPID show will be cancelled.

34 Posted on 11/26/2000 10:47:41 PST by innocentbystander

Obviously, Robert Downey Jr. has demons that propell him to self-medicate. He will never be a " normal " person until he digs to the bottom of his well and understands why he is the way he is. Something inside him just can't handle looking at the world unless it's in a drugged stupor. What a shame that some people who have everything just can't handle it. I pity him, he'll just become another Hollywood statistic sooner or later.

42 Posted on 11/26/2000 11:00:00 PST by Rainmist

Cant deny that he is a great actor.

However, he is a Liberal, which makes him my enemy.

He cant claim poverty, racism, parents, the environment, global warming, Rush Limbaugh, Dubya, or anything else for his problem.

He can only blame himself.

I'll bet he'll now claim that he took drugs to hide from the pain of prison rape?

Embrace the horror, Robert.

43 Posted on 11/26/2000 11:03:41 PST by innocentbystander

Amen Ralph,some broken people can only repair themselves,many expire before the true problem is realized.Some folks need the intimidation of incarceration to regain control, but what does that do for folks who use drugs and don't screw up? Are they required to be held accountable for those who do in fact cause harm?

47 Posted on 11/26/2000 11:10:46 PST by heavyd

With all due respect MHG, Downey is a loser,any man that cannot face his own child without being high will get no compassion from me,indeed an asswhuppin is more likely.Until we stop trying to excuse these people by tranfering the responsibility for their actions, make 'em sink or swim on their own without telling them that its the nasty drug's fault that they are in the condition they find themselves in .They will only continue to find no reason to correct the root cause of their tribulations.

72 Posted on 11/26/2000 11:46:04 PST by heavyd

What a dumb ass Downey is. Frigging lock him up and throw away the key. Better yet, leave a rope in his cell and see if he does anything with it. Individuals like Downey only do this crap for attention. It is called, being self centered.


30 Posted on 11/26/2000 13:13:22 PST by rambo316

To state that drug users and alcoholics are just people with medical problems is to say that murder's are just people with an 'Anger Management' problem. It's the only 'disease' known to man that you have to actively pursue, that requires you to abuse yourself financially, emotionally, professionally and legally. Cancer, viral, fungal and bacterial infections and such are medical problems. To elevate drug addiction and alcoholism to this level is to legitimize them. Drunks don't just happen, it requires that the person actively pursue this status.

Not having the self control and intelligence to prevent yourself from poisoning yourself are not medical conditions, they are indicative of a weak will, an unintelligent mind, and a lack of moral fiber.

37 Posted on 11/26/2000 13:27:09 PST by Hodar

Who cares? This guy had a self-destruct mode from the start. Granted, he ain't hurtin' nobody but himself, but why should the rest of the world care whether he or others of his type lives or dies? His contribution to society is a dubious ability to amuse and entertain the rest of us; now he can't even do that, unless the warden has a liberal day pass policy. I by no means advocate hunting drug users down and destroying them, but I find it extremely difficult to harbor any sympathy for someone of his ilk, that had a good thing going for himself, yet couldn't control his weakness and insisted on a continuing path to self-destruction, in spite of the rehab and everything else. His loss, definitely not mine.

40 Posted on 11/26/2000 13:31:05 PST by OldSmaj

The way to get rid of AMORAL and SOCIALLY DELINQUENT ROLE MODELS like STRAWBERRY & DOWNEY JR & the DRUG ADDICT that stars in FRAZIER is to STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCT. When Downey Jr. comes into your living room SWITCH or TURN OFF the TV. Don't buy tickets to his movies or rent movies that he is in. Our POWER to regain AMERICA is in HOW WE SPEND OUR MONEY.

58 Posted on 11/26/2000 14:39:30 PST by metromedia

Tell me Gregory, how did he catch this illness? Was he involved in some sort of Germ and Viral research? Was he exposed to a carrier while filming? Did he neglect to wash his hands after using the bathroom? Or did he VOLUNTARILY shoot poisonous junk into his veins and snort the same crap up his nose? If it is the latter, he has made a conscious decision to do this and, since he is an adult, he has no one to blame but himself.Sorry, I'll save my sympathy for people who are not the cause of their own "illnesses"!

73 Posted on 11/26/2000 15:50:45 PST by albee

Ad the above to Clintons legacy.

Talented young actor my ass, the kid is a druggie. He knows the law and the rules, he put himself in this position, if he can't help himself put him away.

4 Posted on 11/29/2000 01:17:35 PST by Sicario

Robert Downey Jr. is a Democrat shill and an utter jerk. I for one am shedding no tears that his own actions have sent him to prison. Good riddance to bad rubbish - Mr. Whitehead could have made his point using a far more sympathetic character in my view.

6 Posted on 11/29/2000 01:33:25 PST by MadIvan

All of your claims are completely erronious. I have seen, at least a 100 times, in this forum, Libertarians claim that dope, speciffically pot, but also other forms of dope, are not harmful. You are either sufferring from a band memory, or are just willfully lying. What we should do is increase the spending, on the WoD, and build more jails ! Remove ALL felons's voting rights forever ! If you want do engage in illegal activities, then don't whinge about it, but take your punishment.

22 Posted on 11/29/2000 14:33:34 PST by nopardons

Throw the book at him! Give him life! He endangered himself and every ant he may have unintentionally stepped on!! He's a danger to himself, society and a drain on our social services!!! I'm willing to pay more in taxes to build more jails to house thugs like him!

21 Posted on 04/24/2001 14:15:22 PDT by HennepinPrisoner

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bahrbearian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-03 07:42 PM
Response to Original message
1. Good Digging
can we send this to Rush's Judge if he ever see's one.
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Rabrrrrrr Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-03 07:42 PM
Response to Original message
2. So,. Downey should be executed
Edited on Sun Oct-12-03 07:44 PM by Rabrrrrrr
But Rush Limpdick should get, apparently, nothing but our compassion and understanding, and certainly should not get jail time or anything, becuase the system is automatically biased against the rich, white, conservative males.

I especially love this one: Not having the self control and intelligence to prevent yourself from poisoning yourself are not medical conditions, they are indicative of a weak will, an unintelligent mind, and a lack of moral fiber
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caledesi Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-03 07:56 PM
Response to Original message
3. Oh, this is great! Thanks. nt
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arcane1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-03 08:00 PM
Response to Original message
4. now we know why RimJob is pulling all the posts..
that are critical of Rush

squirm freepers!!! :evilgrin:
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Swede Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-03 08:37 PM
Response to Original message
5. Sweet!
Dittocrits must be cringing in there mom's basements across the country.
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Fuzz Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-13-03 09:10 AM
Response to Original message
6. I'm going to bump this.
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