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Do I sound like an apologist here? Some random thoughts on terrorism:

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Deja Q Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-07-05 01:14 PM
Original message
Do I sound like an apologist here? Some random thoughts on terrorism:
Will it be done unto Ken Lay what will be done to the London bombers of today? I mean, no money = no ability to live. No ability to live = no life. No life = death. And it's a death far more painful and lengthy than being blown up by some fundamentalistic maniac (and those creeps exist in the name of ANY religion, not just one - and if you care to know, I am a Christian and moreso than those who say they are and tell us all that Creationism is the only way...).

And given what Ken Lay did; he not only put thousands out of work and inflated energy prices that affected HUNDREDS of thousands that needed it, he stole his workers' retirement accounts and more in his little stock scandal just before conveniently declaring bankruptcy on his company. That slimeball scumbag is NO DIFFERENT from Osama Bin Laden! You heard me; that degenerate vermin that some US politicians said in 2002 no longer concerned them (the quotes are documented...), which was the ultimate insult to us as citizens in a country attacked who demanded justice... and the reason why nobody should have voted for them again, don't ask me why! They wouldn't know either; they're too STUPID. :mad:

I apologize for nobody; least of all those who would kill or do things that so vile that people die because of them. These terrorists WILL be caught and dealt with. And Osama, the moment somebody truly gives a darn about him again (yeah, right...), would be caught and hung by his goolies in front of a warmly applauding audience - and televised for the whole world to see (though that might enrage his followers; so many more have been MADE since 2002 that we're all beyond recriminations at this point anyway!). But I digress, hanging that worm make me happy given his involvement in 9/11/2001's attack on the US.

(to the British) My sincerest condolences to those hurt and killed in the attacks in Britain. I am confident that your government has the resources and competent people to apprehend and deal with the degenerate vermin who committed those unholy acts. Ours clearly doesn't and certainly hasn't proven otherwise; and yours is more likely to do things out of self-interest. It is now Tony Blair's turn to show us if he acts out of Britain's interests, or if he's no different than that damn fool inhabiting the Oval Office. Godspeed and give them the justice they deserve.

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