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Help Us! Helip!.. Helip! Does this look familiar? They are neocons.

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applegrove Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-13-05 10:35 PM
Original message
Help Us! Helip!.. Helip! Does this look familiar? They are neocons.
The Fraser Institute is a right-wing think tank in Canada. Obviously they have decided to roll out the band wagon and try the same stuff your nutjobs are up to in the USA.

A few points to remember about the document that starts after the italics:

1) 'Critical Surgery for Health Care:' Our health care system is not broken and already allows private markets in industries where it makes sense. Private companies want in because there are millions to be made. Costs will go up. The system will break down. Universal Health Care is the model chosen by every Western nation, except the USA, because preventive health care saves money (and chronic illness which frustrated pharmaceuticals to no end).

2) 'More Wealth in the Hands of Canadians:' Canada's distribution of wealth is great. The rich have not taken off and run away to other countries. The quality of life and equality of our society make Canada a nice place to live. The people with the big salaries, who don't want to pay taxes, have already left for jobs in the USA. Many, many have come back to Canada because they miss the equality, the cities that still work, the shared health care (running a business is cheaper if you do not have to fork out health care). Most Canadian are topping off their retirement savings with our version of 401Ks. The government has had a decade of surpluses. Nobody wants to see health care go. We are a resource rich country and the 4 emerging markets (middle classes) of China, India, Russian, and Brazil will need resources when together (in 40 years) they make up a market 10 times the size of all western nations today. There will be much to go around if only we keep our tax laws the same and our sovereignty.

3) 'strengthening democratic governance' is a euphemism for creating tribal society. If you get your government local, you can bet your local priest or mayor has very little power. No multinational corporate leader is going to have to listen to a local leader. You will have no national government left to say boo to anyone. None of the elites have to pay any attention to the poor when you have localized (tribalized) governance. Tribalism made for easy colonies when the British used it. Tribalism worked great in Saudi Arabia to keep the elites in power and the poor in Islamic schools. Tribalism is about taking the national politics (the democracy) out of your life altogether.

4)'Trade and Security Through a Canada-US Customs Union' means we loose complete independence. Alberta's Oil will not belong to Albertans. For a long time Albertans were part of the elites that got the oil revenue. When there is a customs union (which means more than NAFTA I can tell from the title) then all trade issues are erased. The American elites will be the beneficiaries of resource wealth in Canada. And you can bet we will never see a dime in taxes from those suckers. Not like we do now where our rich folk pay higher taxes. In the USA the rich have purposely slipped out of paying taxes and Bush gives any revenues from tariffs to corporations. Bush is purposely bankrupting the government of the USA. The plan is to make the dwindling Middle Class in the USA pay for all social programs until they demand a reduction in generosity of governance and learn to be tribal themselves.

"A Canada Strong and Free
Publication Date: April 2005
Publication Format: Books

The Hon. Mike Harris, Former Premier, Government of Ontario,

E. Preston Manning, Former Leader of the Opposition,

Executive Summary: In A Canada Strong and Free, Mike Harris and Preston Manning present a vision to make our country the best democratic federation in the world, offering its citizens the highest quality of life and economic performance, and setting a new standard of international citizenship and leadership. This vision expands freedom of choice and acceptance of personal responsibility in every area of national life and calls for a rebalancing of national priorities.

Critical Surgery for Health Care: Canada is currently under-performing virtually all industrialized nations offering universal health coverage. Harris and Manning propose eliminating the federal role in health care management and financing, strengthening health care financing by granting the provinces the tax room vacated by the federal government, eliminating barriers to private delivery and financing of health services, giving Canadians freedom to choose their health care providers, and giving those providers the freedom and incentive to provide faster access to better care at lower cost.

More Wealth in the Hands of Canadians: Canadas productivity and standard of living are in decline relative to many other industrialized countries. Harris and Manning propose a shift of $80 billion in national income over the next six years from the hands of politicians and bureaucrats into the hands of citizens, families, businesses, and civil society. This shift aimed at increasing the incomes and opportunities of Canadians is to be achieved through constraining growth in total government spending to 3.1% per year and passing the tax savings on to Canadians.

Strengthening Democratic Governance: Harris and Manning contend that smaller governments, closer to the people they serve, can be held more democratically accountable than large, distant, and centralized governments. While supporting institutional and electoral system reform, they insist that such measures will succeed in reducing Canadas democratic deficit only if the size of government itself is constrained and the functions of government are decentralized and localized as much as possible.

Trade and Security Through a Canada-US Customs Union:

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mmonk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-13-05 10:54 PM
Response to Original message
1. They seem similar to conservatives
with maybe some supply side stuff thrown in. Not neocons though. The neocons seek global dominance through an empire of bases and force of violence.
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applegrove Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-13-05 11:03 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. They could not put the empire stuff in the Canadian documents -
because unless it said: "Global Canadian Dominance of the World & Space" nobody would go for it. You dig?

Our neocons had to leave the part about America Dominating us out. It is in between the lines.

I'm guessing that it does not go so well.

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