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Shocking testimony re CIA mind control

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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:25 PM
Original message
Shocking testimony re CIA mind control
Thought some people may be interested to see this.

Mind control survivor Claudia Mullen's testimony before a US presidential advisory committee investigating government radiation experiments after World War II, in 1995:

Good afternoon. Between the years 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in the government's game. Its ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy, all through the use of chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, electric shock, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I was exploited unwittingly for nearly three decades of my life and the only explanations given to me were "that the end justifies the means" and "I was serving my country in their bold effort to fight communism". I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused seven year old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief. The saddest part is, I know for a fact I was not alone. There were countless other children in my same situation and there was no one to help us until now. I have already submitted as much information as possible including conversations overheard at the agencies responsible. I am able to report all of this to you in such detail because of my photographic memory and the arrogance of the people involved. They were certain they would always control my mind. Although the process of recalling these atrocities is not an easy one, nor is it without some danger to myself and my family, I feel the risk is worth taking.

Dr. L. Wilson Greene, who received $50 million dollars from the Edgewood Chemical and Radiology Laboratory as part of the TSD, or Technical Science Division of the CIA, once described to Dr. Charles Brown that "children were used as subjects because they were more fun to work with and cheaper too. They needed lower profile subjects than soldiers and government people so only young willing females would do. Besides," he said, "I like scaring them. They in the Agency think I am a God, creating subjects in experiments for whatever deviant purposes Sid and James could think up" (Sid being Dr. Sidney Gottlieb; James is Dr. James Hamilton).

In 1958 they told me I was to be tested by some important doctors from the Society, or the Human Ecology Society and I was instructed to cooperate. I was told not to look at anyone's faces, and to try hard to ignore any names because this was a very secret project. I was told all these things to help me forget. Naturally, as most children do, I did the opposite and remembered as much as I could. A Dr. John Gittinger tested me, Dr. Cameron gave me the shock, and Dr. Greene the x-rays. Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb that "I was ripe for the big A" meaning ARTICHOKE. By the time I left to go home, just like every time from then on, I would remember only whatever explanations Dr. Robert G. Heath, of Tulane Medical University, gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head, fingers, and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to think otherwise. They had already begun to control my mind.

The next year I was sent to a lodge in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins to learn how to sexually please men. I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves. It was Richard Helms, who was Deputy Director of the CIA, Dr. Gottlieb, Capt. George White, Morris Allan who all planned on filling as many high government agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible so that later when the funding for mind control and radiation started to dwindle, projects would continue. I was used to entrap many unwitting men including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only nine years old when the sexual humiliation began. I overheard conversations about part of the Agency called ORD which I found out was Office of Research and Development. It was run by Dr. Greene, Dr. Steven Aldrich, Martin Orne and Morris Allan. Once a crude remark was made by Dr. Gottlieb about a certain possible leak in New Orelans involving a large group of retarded children who had been given massive doses of radiation. He asked why was Wilson so worried about a few retarded kids, after all they would be the least likely to spill the beans.


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poe Donating Member (554 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:35 PM
Response to Original message
1. To read more about radiation experiments
google "The Plutonium Files" by Eileen Wilsome. She won a Pulitzer prize for her series of articles on this macabre part of the great American nation. She wrote a book with the same title. Read this book. She was interviewed on Dem. Now several months ago so you might look at their archives for more info. There is no conspiracy you can cook up that is more diabolical than what your government is actually doing. Her award winning articles, sadly, came out the same week as the O.J. trial/sentencing was happening. Guess which one got the press.
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FogerRox Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:39 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. Heard of Dr Arne? Martin I think it is.
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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:41 PM
Response to Reply #1
3. Thanks, I'll look for that. n/t
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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:42 PM
Response to Reply #1
4. Plutonium Files

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans

Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3
Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream Read Transcript
Help Printer-friendly version Email to a friend Purchase Video/CD

Denver-based journalist Eileen Welsome reveals how as a reporter for the tiny Albuquerque Tribune (circulation 35,000) she uncovered one of the country's great Cold War secrets: the U.S. government had knowingly exposed thousands of human Guinea pigs with radiation poisoning including 18 Americans who had plutonium injected directly into their bloodstream.
In a Massachusetts school, seventy-three disabled children were spoon-fed oatmeal laced with radioactive isotopes.
In an upstate New York hospital, an eighteen-year-old woman believing she was being treated for a pituitary disorder, was injected with plutonium.

At a Tennessee clinic, 829 pregnant women were served "vitamin cocktails" containing radioactive iron, as part of their regular treatment.

No these are not acts of terrorism by common criminals.

These are just some of the secret human radiation experiments that the U.S. government conducted on unsuspecting Americans for decades as part of its atom bomb program.

In a gruesome plot that spanned 30 years, doctors and scientists working with the US atomic weapons program, exposed thousands of unwilling and unknowing Americans to radiation poisoning to study its effects.

For years, the experiments by the U.S. government and the identities of their human guinea pigs were covered up.

Then after a six-year investigation, investigative reporter Eileen Welsome uncovered the names of 18 people who were injected with plutonium in the 1940s without their knowledge by federal government scientists. In 1993, she published her finding in The Albuquerque Tribune and later received the Pulitzer Prize for her work.

Thanks poe :hi:
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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:22 PM
Response to Reply #1
17. I guess OJ, what do I win, LOL
From Democracy Now
Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans

At a Tennessee clinic, 829 pregnant women were served "vitamin cocktails" containing radioactive iron, as part of their regular treatment.

No these are not acts of terrorism by common criminals.

These are just some of the secret human radiation experiments that the U.S. government conducted on unsuspecting Americans for decades as part of its atom bomb program.

In a gruesome plot that spanned 30 years, doctors and scientists working with the US atomic weapons program, exposed thousands of unwilling and unknowing Americans to radiation poisoning to study its effects.
Scary stuff.
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poe Donating Member (554 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:39 PM
Response to Reply #17
18. much of what goes under the rubric "depleted uranium"
is actually "recharged" nuclear waste that packs a punch and solves the problem of what to do with that waste-dump in the balkans, in the afghan mtns., and on the heads and in the sands of the barbarians in the middle east. cost-effective.

these are hair-trigger times with well-manicured barbarians holding their finger on the buttons.
-phillip berrigan
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ElsewheresDaughter Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 11:55 AM
Response to Reply #17
59. Ocala State School for Girls 1967 a youth correctional facility
Edited on Sat Jan-29-05 12:48 PM by ElsewheresDaughter
in Florida.... experimenting with the radiation injections on the detented girls talk to a Mrs Nancy Gieger (if she is still alive)the facilities nurse...

i know of this 1st hand

and after reading this thread i googled " MKULTRA Ocala"
here's what came up

"There is abundant evidence in the public domain that non-lethal weapons research is ongoing and funded annually in the tens of millions of dollars, or more. Given the fact that chemical and biological weapons, mind control drugs and radiation have been tested on unwitting civilian populations, it is possible that non-lethal weapons have also been tested on unwitting citizens... To date, organized and academic medicine have acted as if non-lethal weapons do not exist."
- Dr. Colin A. Ross, Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists, p. 106. Click here for book review.

Dr. Antoine Redmond has demonstrated that... stimulation of the brain can be applied to the human without the help of a neurosurgeon; he is in his office without neurosurgical supervision. This means that anyone with the proper apparatus can carry this out on a person covertly, with no external signs that electrodes have been used on that person covertly. I feel that if this technique got into the hands of a security agency, they would have control over a human being and be able to change his beliefs extremely quickly, leaving little evidence of what they had done.
- Dr. John C. Lilly, p.151 of Mind Controllers, by Dr. Armen Victorian
Click here for an excerpt

"Non-lethal weapons is a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. Non-lethal weapons research has been conducted at universities in the United States on contract to the CIA, and has overlapped with research on hallucinogens and brain electrode implants. Funding of the experiments began in MKULTRA."
- Dr. Colin A. Ross, Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists, p. 103. Click here for book review.

Electronic harassment or e-harassment is a catch-all term used to describe a group of circumstances which a large number of people are currently experiencing in common. In general, this term refers to the use of electronic technology to view, track and/or harass a person from a distance. Whether this is done by satellite, land based systems or locally (i.e. by neighbours) is largely personal opinion. There is no definitive proof that would allow any of the present victims to launch a court case, but the numbers of victims and the commonality of experience speaks for itself.

The technology involves the use of electromagnetic waves of various frequencies to achieve different results. Some frequencies will make a person tired, while others may cause confusion or memory loss. With the rapid increase in cell phone usage, many experiments have been conducted on the detrimental effects of those particular frequencies on animals. The results indicate that the invisible em signals from cell towers can cause a wide range of physical ailments. If that is the case with the relatively narrow range of cell phone frequencies, it is even more likely the case with the frequencies which may be used to cause direct, intentional harm to a person.

There are other excellent websites which have gone into a lot more detail and effort in substantiating that such technology can exist, so I won't repeat it all here. See the links to other websites for additional information about the technology.

Electronic harassment is sometimes referred to as "psychotronics", but would more accurately be described as "criminal psychotronics". Psychotronics is a term which was coined to describe psi (psychic) research undertaken in Russia during the Cold War. According to some sources, the Russians are far ahead of the Americans in such research. According to Tim Rifat's book "Remote Viewing", the Russians explored the use of remote viewing for intelligence purposes, becoming adept at effecting all kinds of results on victims from a distance, including influencing decisions and causing illness. They also used electronic technology directly to affect the mental condition of their enemies (the Woodpecker signal is one such example, although the motives behind the signal remain debatable), as well as in conjunction with the psi experiments to enhance results. Whether or not the situation of e-harassment victims also includes psi weapons is a matter of opinion.

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ElsewheresDaughter Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 01:04 PM
Response to Reply #59
60. correction.... i know of this 1st hand RE: radiation injection experiment i am not crazy...although my children will disagree :7
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tom_paine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:46 PM
Response to Original message
5. This is pretty anecdotal, Minstrel Boy
Not that it isn't possible, and we all know the CIA has done mind control, but I can't just accept this at face value without something more concrete.
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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 04:50 PM
Response to Reply #5
6. I appreciate that. What grabbed my attention
Edited on Fri Jan-28-05 04:50 PM by Minstrel Boy
was the reference to "Dr Greene."

Read the "Greenbaum speech" and you'll know what I mean.

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leanin_green Donating Member (823 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 07:05 PM
Response to Reply #6
24. I just read the site and. . .
I find this fascinating and plausible. Especially the New World Order stuff. Remember Daddy Bush espousing this crap? Not to mention he was head of the CIA. Makes you wonder what is up with Jr. doesn't it? He would be a "bloodline." God, this conjures up all sorts of possibilities! Better get my foil hat! I eat this stuff up, ya know?
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Calvinist Basset Donating Member (318 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:02 PM
Response to Reply #5
7. What sort of hard proof do you mean?
I'm not trying to be snotty, it's a serious question. In situations like this, personal testimony is often the best or only proof we have because any paper trails have been destroyed or hidden.

Perhaps, if such material is missing, questions could be asked of the victims that would not be known by the general public but could be verified only by one who was present in those circumstances. Granted, that leads us back to the potential problem I mentioned in the prior paragraph.

Frankly, I'm not surprised if the stories are true. Disgusted and repulsed, yes--but not surprised.
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tom_paine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 08:13 PM
Response to Reply #7
27. But posted on the Internet unsupported, unattributed
I am not saying it's beyond the realm of possibility (quite the opposite, actually, it IS plausible on some levels) but this is not what I would call "personal testimony".

Now we could argue the nits and picks of what exactly constitutes proof like a Philosophy 101 class, I am just say it far underreaches my personal standard for buying it as gospel truth.
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H2O Man Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 10:19 PM
Response to Reply #27
31. I tend to agree with you.
I think it's an interesting subject. There is no question that groups within our government (and others) explored this area rather extensively. That is not in question.

The problem is that it can be hard to document, and most likely for the most obvious reasons. In cases where it is suggested, I like to see serious documentation. I've noted before a book by Robert Blair Kaiser, published by Dutton Press in 1970. It chronicles the assassination of RFK and the trial of Sirhan. Kaiser worker with the defense team, and his amazing story details the puzzle of Sirhan's flirtation with occultism, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and shadowy groups he was associated with.

Kaiser is an impressive source. As a young journalist, he spent time with the Navajo, and wrote a series of articles that resulted in some reform on their territory .... rare in that time. He won a Pulitzer Prize nomination for this, which led to his becoming a foreign correspondent for TIME. In Europe, he won an Overseas Press Club Award, and had #1 books in England and Ireland.

Kaiser studied for the Jesuit priesthood for a decade, and was a teacher in a Catholic high school, before marrying and raising a family. His interest in the RFK case resulted in the defense attorneys having him join their efforts to find out who Sirhan actually was.

I found it particularly interesting, because he includes some theories from mental health professionals. As I've mentioned on here before, I used to do some forensic work when I was employed as a psychiatric social worker. In that work, I learned that there were some experiences that people spoke of that were strange. For example, there were more than a half-dozen people, unrelated and who did not know each other, who lived in a relatively small rural area, who each would claim that they had been abducted by aliens at different times.

While some seemed clearly psychotic, and a couple were likely the victims of childhood abuse from adults, I was aware that a person who believes in UFOs would tend to believe the reported experiences, while someone who did not believe in UFOs would conclude the opposite. I had no need to believe one way or the other. But I do like when someone makes a fairly extreme claim, they have equally extreme evidence to support it. That's why I still think Kaiser's book is perhaps the most thought-provoking in this area.
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:09 PM
Response to Reply #7
37. How about physical proof like scars?
There would be some kind of marks left behind.

This could not have happened without anyone ever noticing. The parents or teachers would have blown the whistle early on. This whole thing just smacks of "Satanic panic" like the cases that ended in the wrongful convictions here in Washington State.

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Calvinist Basset Donating Member (318 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 09:54 AM
Response to Reply #37
55. Yes, scars might provide some indication of wrongdoing.
And, generally speaking, people who care about and for children would notice. But in my work I have witnessed some pretty bizarre things.

Suffice it to say, not everyone gets the help they need when they need it.
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whirlygigspin Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:30 PM
Response to Reply #5
12. some concrete to add to the mix,,2090-1313808,00...

The U.S. government reached a settlement in 1988, agreeing to pay Mac­donald and eight others who sued about $100,000
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ultraist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:55 PM
Response to Reply #5
21. It would be easy to verify these hearings and court decisions
In a Congressional subcommittee hearing in Washington, DC on September 28, 1994 it was revealed that up to 500,000 Americans were endangered by secret defense-related tests between 1940 and 1974 -- including covert experiments with radioactive materials, mustard gas, LSD, and biological agents. The General Accounting Office testified that between 1949 and 1969, the Army released radioactive compounds in 239 cities to study the effects.

In a decision dated April 16, 1985 Chief Justice Burger of the United States Court of Appeals delivered the opinion of the Court in the case of CIA v. SIMS, 471 U.S. 159. This case focused around the publics right under the Freedom of Information Act, to have declassified the grant proposals and contracts, and the names of the institutions and individuals who had performed research under the CIA financed research project, code-named MKULTRA. MKULTRA was established to counter soviet and Chinese advances in brainwashing and interrogation techniques and consisted of 149 subprojects contracted out to at least 80 institutions.
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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:56 PM
Response to Reply #5
22. That is a big assumption
You will be surprised who dosen't know about it. I guess you disagree with Amy Goodman, huh?
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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:12 PM
Response to Original message
8. That is just the tip of the ice berg
You how I previously posted that in the 40's Eli Lilly
pharmaceuticals oversaw MK Ultra experiments using mescaline and
LSD. Then George Bush became director of Eli Lilly as well as
director of the CIA at a time when much paperwork concerning MK
Ultra accidentally surfaced.

It has been said that officially MKULTRA was a CIA mind control project that lasted about 10 years, let's say from 1952 to 1962-63 But Before it started, there was ARTICHOKE AND BLUEBIRD those were other CIA mind control projects.

I think one of the reasons that this is such an important subject is
because we are looking at people here who have a certain attitude
about life itself, and these fuckers are in the government and they
are in important positions in the government.

I have a whole document on it.
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elepet Donating Member (316 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:16 PM
Response to Reply #8
9. where are these people now?
DR. Greene et all. Remember that the nazis did major experiments on children, and after the was these "doctors" were brought to the U.S.
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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:24 PM
Response to Reply #9
10. American corp. philanthropies found & fund eugenics of Hitler & Mengele

How American corporate philanthropies launched a national campaign of ethnic cleansing in the United States, helped found and fund the Nazi eugenics of Hitler and Mengele and then created the modern movement of "human genetics."

In the first three decades of the 20th Century, American corporate philanthropy combined with prestigious academic fraud to create the pseudoscience eugenics that institutionalized race politics as national policy. The goal: create a superior, white, Nordic race and obliterate the viability of everyone else.
How? By identifying so-called "defective" family trees and subjecting them to legislated segregation and sterilization programs. The victims: poor people, brown-haired white people, African Americans, immigrants, Indians, Eastern European Jews, the infirm and really anyone classified outside the superior genetic lines drawn up by American raceologists. The main culprits were the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune, in league with America's most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Harvard, Yale and Princeton, operating out of a complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. The eugenic network worked in tandem with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the State Department and numerous state governmental bodies and legislatures throughout the country, and even the U.S. Supreme Court. They were all bent on breeding a eugenically superior race, just as agronomists would breed better strains of corn. The plan was to wipe away the reproductive capability of the weak and inferior.

Ultimately, 60,000 Americans were coercively sterilized legally and extra-legally. Many never discovered the truth until decades later. Those who actively supported eugenics include America's most progressive figures: Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

American eugenic crusades proliferated into a worldwide campaign, and in the 1920s came to the attention of Adolf Hitler. Under the Nazis, American eugenic principles were applied without restraint, careening out of control into the Reich's infamous genocide. During the pre-War years, American eugenicists openly supported Germany's program. The Rockefeller Foundation financed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the work of its central racial scientists. Once WWII began, Nazi eugenics turned from mass sterilization and euthanasia to genocidal murder. One of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute doctors in the program financed by the Rockefeller Foundation was Josef Mengele who continued his research in Auschwitz, making daily eugenic reports on twins. After the world recoiled from Nazi atrocities, the American eugenics movement its institutions and leading scientists renamed and regrouped under the banner of an enlightened science called human genetics. /

Against the mongrelization of the submerged tenth, the eugenicists posed the purity of the Nordic races. Peoples of the north, they held, had forged their superiority over generations through the struggle to survive in severe environments. The weaker members had long been eliminated by natural selection. This was set out in texts like The Passing of a Great Race by American eugenicist Madison Grant, which Hitler read while imprisoned in the mid '20s for inciting mob violence. (The German translation was published by Hitler's co-conspirator Julius Lehman; Hitler even wrote Grant a fan letter declaring the book his "Bible.")

There can be no doubt, given the extensive documentation Black presents, that American eugenicists and their supporters were at least willing fellow travelers if not out-and-out collaborators in the German pursuit of racial purity. Rockefeller money was still going to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics and other Nazi research centers up to the eve of the invasion of Poland. The Eugenical News, official journal of the American Eugenics Research Association, openly praised Nazi Jewish policies even as blitzkrieg raged.

Lest anyone think it an isolated moment in American history, Black proposes that eugenics lives on in new forms. Instead of the term eugenics, with its incendiary associations, the preferred label is now the more neutral "human genetics." However, remnants of the eugenic philosophy can be discerned in practices like premarital blood testing, IQ and other standardized tests, and so-called free market solutions to social welfare. James Watson, co-discover of the DNA double helix and current head of the laboratory complex formerly occupied by Charles Davenport, has been quoted as saying 10 percent of the world's population suffers from irreversible genetic defects. The genetic code of the entire population of Iceland resides on an Internet database managed by IBM under the heading "Life Services--Nordic."
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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:24 PM
Response to Reply #9
11. Pretty sure they were
Probably work for Poppy at Elli Lily and the CIA
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ultraist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:52 PM
Response to Reply #9
20. Tuskegee experiments, radiation experiments on retarded children...
I wonder what they are doing now?
Some of the very same Nazi doctors who worked in mental institutions before WWII, deciding whether mentally deficient children should be sterilized or killed because of their defective genes, also perfomed horrendous experiments in the death camps. Their medical expertise, along with hundreds of Nazi scientists was considered so vital to the "Cold War" effort that they would be brought into the United States and Canada to work side by side with some of the greatest, but most perverse minds the 20th century would ever see. It is a story interwoven with incest and government mind control. It involves the use of drugs, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, and electric shock to gain control of these children's minds.

In light of so many abuses of power coming before the public in recent years, many adult survivors of these childhood experiments are stepping forward to be heard. The government has admitted wrong doing in the Tuskegee Experiments, where poor black man were allowed to go untreated for their syphilis so the government could study the effects. Best remembered are the atomic tests on 2584 military personnel in the Nevada desert in 1953. Less known were such experiments as the feeding of radioactive cereal in the 1940s and 1950s to young male science club members who were institutionalized at the Fernald School in Massachusetts. The researchers had little experience with radionuclides in humans; consequently this approach to medical investigation gave them that opportunity. The parents, as well as the children, were simply told they were being fed a diet rich in iron.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University conducted studies of hepatitis at the Willowbrook State School, an institution for the severely mentally retarded. To study the natural history, effects, and progression of the disease, Krugman and his staff systematically infected newly arrived children with strains of the virus. In October 1995 the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments reported that secret radiation experiments on indigent patients and mentally retarded children were not only done, but that these people were deceived about the nature of their treatments. Dr. William Silverman asserted that performing nontherapeutic experiments on childrenn without authorization from parents was part of a broader "ethos of the time" in which "everyone was a draftee" in a national war on disease.

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poe Donating Member (554 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:58 PM
Response to Reply #20
23. they are into electromagnetic-plasma-aerosol weaponry
absolutely read Amy Worthington's article on aerosol and electromagnetic weaponry at go that site search her name it'll come right up.

they are using low level "crowd control" weaponry from rooftops in Iraq at present read Microwaving Iraq:US Resorts to Electromagnetic Warfare;
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elepet Donating Member (316 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 08:34 PM
Response to Reply #23
28. I guess I mean
where are the actual people named? not the ideology. Has anyone traced their whereabouts?
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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 08:42 PM
Response to Reply #28
29. Sidney Gottlieb died in 1999:

I'll see what I can find on the others.
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Mika Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 09:35 AM
Response to Reply #23
54. Dr. Jose Delgado
"We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.
"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain."

Dr. Jose Delgado
MKULTRA experimenter
Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School
Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974

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Cats Against Frist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 01:51 PM
Response to Reply #54
63. That wouldn't be so different from what the neocons believe n/t
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tlcandie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 10:51 AM
Response to Reply #23
57. poe.... this is absolutely horrifying...
According to veteran combat cameraman Patrick Dillon and interview subject Majid al-Ghazali, the first US forces pushing into Baghdad also tested another electromagnetic super weapon.

Compelled to serve in the Iraqi National Guard for more than three decades, Majid is intimately acquainted with conventional weaponry. But on April 12th, 2003, Majid was sheltering with his family in their Baghdad home when he saw an odd-looking tank wheel into their street.

Suddenly a blinding stream of fire and lightning shot from the tank, engulfing a passenger bus and three cars. The big bus become semi-molten, sagging like a wet rag before shrinking to a twisted blob about the size of a VW bug, Majid says. Hundreds of soldiers and civilians were shriveled to the size of newborn babies amidst puddles of metal and fibers from melted tires.

There are no words for what has been created here!!! All within this thread is enough to make one want to commit suicide and say to hell with hope. How can anyone have hope after reading all of this?!?!? How does one fight against the darkness that dwells so deeply and profoundly under cover of secrecy with millions of dollars and people in high places promoting it?

How the hell can anyone do this to anyone or anything?!?!? :cry:
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Cats Against Frist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 01:48 PM
Response to Reply #20
62. It's not "eugenics," but THIS is what they are doing now:

During a nine month investigation, the BBC has uncovered the disturbing truth about the way authorities in New York City are conducting the fight against Aids.

HIV positive children - some only a few months old - are enrolled in toxic experiments without the consent of guardians or relatives.

In some cases where parents have refused to give children their medication, they have been placed in care.

The city's Administration of Children's Services (ACS) does not even require a court order to place HIV kids with foster parents or in children's homes, where they can continue to give them experimental drugs.

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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:30 PM
Response to Reply #8
13. More from what I have
The CIA, Mind Control & Children
Source: CKLN-FM Mind Control SeriesPart 10
A Talk by John Rappoport
CKLN FM 88.1
Ryerson Polytechnic University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
International Connection
Producer: Wayne Morris

This testimony was given before the Presidents Committee on Radiation on March 15, 1995. We had three people who went up there from New Orleans ... Valerie Wolf, a therapist and two of her clients, Claudia Mullen and Chris Denicola. God only knows how they got in and testified. I have heard the story from Valerie, and I still dont even believe it, but ... basically she told me the screener up there, the person who was screening applicants to speak about cruel and unusual radiation experiments on Americans ... she said, well I have clients and they are saying that some of these doctors who administered radiation, administered mind control to them so we want to talk. And they said okay. They testified, from what I can gather, for a very short period of time verbally. They submitted a lot of testimony to the Committee from other therapists and other patients, and they somehow got in ... nobody knows how ... but they got in and that opens a certain kind of door for us, because it puts it on th e record and it gives it a certain legitimacy and what these patients essentially said was, from the time they were 4 years old, 7 years old, they were tortured by the CIA and the military. You can call it something more sophisticated, but it really isnt. It involved electroshock, physical torture, lights, spinning tables, hallucinogenic drugs, sleep deprivation, isolation tanks, hypnosis, mind programming with commands, layers of trauma that induced buffer zones of amnesia between the traumas, and essentially thereby created multiple personalities. As one psychological theory has it, if you induce enough trauma, you get a split in the personality because the person cant face the pain, so they put that part out of it, and they come with a new personality. If you keep doing it, you invoke or create different personalities, and then if you are the CIA you try to program these sub-personalities to do different things like memorize information photographi cally and not remember it, do courier operations, assassinations, sex agents, blackmail operations, all of this.
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poe Donating Member (554 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:54 PM
Response to Reply #13
15. yes-yes do you know the tale of damascio lopez?
rather instructive to learn of his experience when he got involved as a whistle blower against the nuclear energy (read weapons) cartel in new Mexico. you can go to and find the radio show "unwelcomeguests" look in their archive and hear his tale. it is an amazing and well documented story. started rather innocently with a box of documents left on his doorstep in socorro, new mexico and ended up in the halls of power. he was pursuing a golf career at the time and while resting at his parents a few oddities occurred. another book to read is "acres of skin" which talks about experiments done on prisoners in the US penal colony. this is all real and no conspiracy theory is more diabolical than what the US gov't is doing on a daily basis here and abroad. too bad there are so many that are naive and ill-informed. stop living the lie that is america americans.
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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:46 PM
Response to Original message
14. And They Call Us Crazy
Tin Foil Hat Nuts. :tinfoilhat:

There is too much information out there to say this does not exist.
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poe Donating Member (554 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 05:59 PM
Response to Reply #14
16. if you want to learn how and where mkultra was practiced
read "Thy Will Be Done" an 800 page 17 year project authored by gerard colby and charlotte dennett two award-winning journalists. it is essentially the telling of the confluence of rockefeller oil interests-cia-military-evangelical missionaries and the conquest of the Amazon. they used the rockefeller library for alot of their research as well as going into the amazon. death threats etc. the usual for those who expose the dirty truth.
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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 06:45 PM
Response to Reply #16
19. That's a great book.
The publisher sought to surpress it, it was that good. (Colby has a chapter in Into the Buzzsaw about it.)

On the shelf above my monitor.
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poe Donating Member (554 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 07:05 PM
Response to Reply #19
25. there is a picture in the book
where n. rockefeller is with two brazilian military guys the three hunched over looking at topo maps of some area in tha amazon. i made a copy of this and kept it on me for a while and showed it to people who would dispute "conspiracy theory". I pointed out to them that the likelihood that nelly and the generals were looking for the best fishing holes is quite low and you might consider the possibility of ulterior motives. a picture is worth....
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JohnOneillsMemory Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 02:40 AM
Response to Reply #25
48. Missionaries were like the advance Special Forces to kill and exploit.
(from an interesting review of this book)

Colby and Dennett found the Rockefeller connection particularly intriguing, and went on to investigate the Rockefeller family's financial interests in the commercial and industrial development of the Brazilian Amazon. In 1941, Nelson Rockefeller was named by president Roosevelt to the post of coordinator of the Office of Interamerican Affairs (CIAA), which ran intelligence and propaganda operations against the Nazis in Latin America. In one of its many flagrant violations of the separation between church and state, SIL assisted the CIAA in its Intensive Language Program for American and Latin American military officers and gathered intelligence on native peoples. As coordinator of the CIAA, Nelson acquired invaluable information about Latin America's untapped natural resources, especially mineral reserves, information that ended up in his files and which he used after the war, when he formed the International Basic Economy Corporation (IBEC). This company became a key component in the post-World War Two opening of the Amazon rainforest to commercial exploitation, a process that eventually led to military dictatorships, genocide of native peoples, loss of biological diversity and unprecedented misery for the majority of Brazilians.

The Rockefeller-led effort to conquer the Amazon and exploit its natural riches had been made possible in no small measure by SIL's missionary activities. Colby and Dennett found a historic parallel in John D. Rockefeller, Sr.'s support for Christian missionaries in the American west, who were compiling extremely useful information on Native American communities, which were potential sources of opposition to the entrance of Standard Oil into their lands.' As a bonus, the evangelization process weakened the American Indians' social structure and so undermined their resolve to fight for their rights. The authors quote Baptist reverend Frederick Gates, who for many years was John D. Sr.'s right-hand man, as saying that "We are only in the very dawn of commerce, and we owe that dawn to the channels opened up by Christian missionaries.... The effect of the missionary enterprise of the English speaking peoples will be to bring them the peaceful conquest of the world."

On the other hand, it is also true that SIL's mission was greatly helped by the Rockefellers and the industrial development process that they were such an important part of. SIL's missionaries believe that when the last tribe in the jungles is evangelized, the Second Coming of the Lord will take place; so for them the race to develop the Amazon basin's natural resources is only a means to an end. In practice, this symbiotic relationship between commercial exploitation and Christian fundamentalism was a match made in hell that spelled doom for native peoples and the rainforests they inhabited.

The authors follow Nelson Rockefeller's consuming interest in Latin America: his days in Venezuela working for Standard Oil subsidiary Creole Petroleum, where he developed his concepts of corporate social responsibility; his tenure as coordinator of the CIAA; his brief stint as Assistant Secretary of State, in which he was a key behind-the-scenes player in the international negotiations that led to the founding of the United Nations and the Organization of American States; his formation of IBEC, his service to the Eisenhower administration as special assistant for cold war strategy, a position in which he was briefed on top secret CIA operations, including coup d'etats and the infamous MKULTRA mind control experiments, his membership in president Nixon's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board at a time when the CIA was destabilizing Salvador Allende's democratic socialist government in Chile, and much more.

Of special interest to Colby and Dennett were a series of by-invitation-only seminars hosted by Nelson under the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) in Quantico naval base during the Eisenhower administration. The Quantico seminars, known officially as the RBF Special Studies Project, advocated increased military spending and a more confrontational policy towards the Soviet Union. The participants included men who would later become instrumental in developing the Kennedy administration's counterinsurgency doctrine, such as Eugene Rostow, Edward Lansdale, Paul Nitze, Adolf Berle, McGeorge Bundy, Walt Rostow, Henry Kissinger and Dean Rusk (who was then president of the Rockefeller Foundation and would become Kennedy's Secretary of State).
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mordarlar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 07:17 PM
Response to Original message
26. I read that one of these Dr.'s worked as a tech consultant for Manchurian
Candidate before "committing suicide" I wish i could remember his name.
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livinginphotographs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 09:07 PM
Response to Original message
30. Okay, I've just spent the past few hours reading victim accounts
of mind control, and suddenly no links on the site work anymore.

*cue Twilight Zone music*


Please tell me I'm not the only one that this has happened to tonight.
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RBHam Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 10:27 PM
Response to Reply #30
32. works for me...
perhaps higher traffic than usual...???

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livinginphotographs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:26 PM
Response to Reply #32
40. It's working now.
It probably was the traffic. DU has a tendency to do that to other websites.

Sorry, that just kind of spooked me out for a second.
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 10:55 PM
Response to Original message
33. Not to be too much of a wet blanket here...
Edited on Fri Jan-28-05 10:58 PM by AlienGirl
This has all the earmarks of False Memory Syndrome. In particular, the "Dr. Green" mentioned has shown up in an awful lot of recovered memories that were later recanted.

I'm skeptical. I think these accounts will turn out to be like all those babies ritually sacrificed to Satan in the tunnels under the preschools of the nation...a lot of suggestible people unwittingly led by a few opportunistic hypnotists.

(If you ever get hypnosis done, make sure your therapist is aware of the possibility of False Memory Syndrome. And if you're in Seattle and need hypnosis, DUmail me--I can refer you to the best hypnotherapist in the state.)


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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:23 PM
Response to Reply #33
38. Martin Orne is a founding member of The False Memory Foundation.
Orne, the CIA researcher, is mentioned in the original post.

Martin T. Orne, a senior CIA researcher, is an original board member of the Foundation, and a psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania's Experimental Psychiatry Lab in Philadelphia. In 1962 his forays into hypno-programming (the elicitation of "anti-social" behavior, dissolving memory and other mind-subduing techniques) were financed by a CIA front at Cornell University. He was also funded by Boston's Scientific Engineering Institute, another front, and a clearinghouse for the Agency's investigation of the occult.
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:35 PM
Response to Reply #38
42. Is it the same Orne, though?
Remember, "Dr. Green" and variations of that name are reported all over; maybe "Orne" or "Horne" or something like that is another name people's minds jump to when they're confabulating.

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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 12:13 AM
Response to Reply #42
43. Yes, Green and variations were reported all over, and variations.
Edited on Sat Jan-29-05 12:13 AM by Minstrel Boy
From the "Greenbaum Speech" of Dr D. Corydon Hammond:

The way you create Manchurian Candidates is you divide the mind. It's part of what the Intelligence Community wanted to look at. If you're going to get an assassin, you're going to get somebody to go do something, you divide the mind. It fascinates me about cases like the assassination of Robert Kennedy, where Bernard Diamond, on examining Sirhan Sirhan found that he had total amnesia of the killing of Robert Kennedy, but under hypnosis could remember it. But despite suggestions he would be able to consciously remember, could not remember a thing after was out of hypnosis. I'd love to examine Sirhan Sirhan.

It appears that below this we've got some other layers. One is called "Green Programming" it appears. Isn't it interesting that the doctor's name is Dr. Green? One of the questions in a way that does not contaminate is after I've identified some of this stuff is there and they've given me a few right answers about what some of it is, "If there were a doctor associated with this programming and his name were a color, you know, like Dr. Chartreuse or something, if his name were a color, what color would the color be?" Now once in a while I've had some other colors mentioned in about three or four patients that I felt were trying to dissimulate in some way and I don't really believe had this. In one case I got another color and I found out later it was a doctor whose name was a color who was being trained by Dr. Green almost thirty years ago and he supervised part of the programming of this woman under this doctor.

I remember one woman couldn't come up with anything. No alter would speak up with anything. I said, "Okay," and we went on to some other material. About two minutes later she said, "Green. Do you mean Dr. Green?" We found this all over. There appears to be some Green Programming below that and I suspect that you get down to fewer and more central programs the deeper you go. Well, all Green Programming is Ultra-Green and the Green Tree. Cabalistic mysticism is mixed all into this. If you're going to work with this you need to pick up a couple of books on the Cabala. One is by a man named Dion Fortune called "Qabala" with a "q," Dion Fortune. Another is by Ann Williams-Heller and it's called "The Kabbalah." I knew nothing about the Cabala. It was interesting. A patient had sat in my waiting area, got there considerably early and drew a detailed multicolored Cabalistic Tree over two years ago. It took me two months to figure out what it was. Finally, showing it to somebody else who said, "You know? That looks an awful lot like the Cabala Tree" and that rang a bell with some esoteric in an old book and I dug it out. That was the background of Dr. Green.

Now the interesting thing about the Green Tree is his original name was Greenbaum. What does "greenbaum" mean in German? Green Tree, Ultra-Tree and the Green Tree. I've also had patients who didn't appear to know that his original name was Greenbaum, volunteered that there were parts inside named Mr. Greenbaum. Now let me give you some information about parts inside that may be helpful to you if you're going to inquire about these things, because my experience is one part will give you some information and either run dry or get defensive or scared and stop, and so you punt and you make an end run and you come around the other direction, you find another part.

FWIW, here's Hammond's credentials, from the speech's introduction:

B.S. M.S. Ph.D (Counseling Psychology) from the University of Utah
Diplomate in Clinical Hypnosis, the American Board of Psychological Hypnosis
Diplomate in Sex Therapy, the American Board of Sexology
Clinical Supervisor and Board Examiner, American Board of Sexology
Diplomate in Marital and Sex Therapy, American Board of Family Psychology
Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Marital Therapist, Licensed Family Therapist, State of Utah
Research Associate Professor of Physical Medicine an Rehabilitation, Utah School of Medicine
Director and Founder of the Sex and Marital Therapy Clinic, University of Utah.
Adjunct Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Utah Abstract
Editor, The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Advising Editor and Founding Member, Editorial Board, The Ericsonian Monograph
Referee, The Journal of Abnormal Psychology
1989 Presidential Award of Merit, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
1990 Urban Sector Award, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Current President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 01:05 AM
Response to Reply #43
46. The suggestion that there was a doctor named after a color
First off, the suggestion that a doctor is named for a color could easily produce a confabulation of "green," especially if the person were following nonverbal cues a la Clever Hans. There are only so many colors that can be names, and chances are the women went through a few until they hit on one that got the right cues.

His credentials only prove that highly credentialed, smart people can self-delude and be fooled too.

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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 01:07 AM
Response to Reply #42
47. And yes, it's the same Orne:
Edited on Sat Jan-29-05 01:08 AM by Minstrel Boy
From the footnotes to "Court Adopts Legal Test for Therapeutic Hypnosis" by lawyer Helen L. McGonigle:

Martin Orne, M.D., Ph.D. is also on the Scientific Advisory Board of a Philadelphia based organization known as The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). The FMSF advocates the interests of those accused of child sexual abuse. At least one source, citing to a 1962 report on one of Orne's laboratories, the Institute for Experimental Psychiatry, showed two sizable grants from what are believed to be CIA front organizations, Human Ecology Society and Scientific Engineering Institute. John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate (W. W. Norton and Company, pp. 166-167). Orne was the senior research psychiatrist at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and Director of studies in hypnosis and human ecology projects from 1960-1964. Massachusetts Mental Health Center was a known site for CIA funded human behavorial experimentation, as was the Institute of Experimental Psychiatry in Boston, where Orne was executive director. For more information on this topic see CIA v. Sims, 471 U.S. 159, 85 L.Ed. 2d 173, 105 S.CT 1881 (1985) Free access to CIA v. Sims can be gained at
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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-30-05 11:06 PM
Response to Reply #47
67. More about Orne and the CIA
From John Marks' The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate" (The "society" is the Human Ecology Society, a "CIA-controlled funding mechanism for studies and experiments in the behavioral sciences"):

The Society demanded "no stupid progress reports," recalls psychologist and psychiatrist Martin Orne, who received a grant to support his Harvard research on hypnotism. As a further sign of generosity and trust, the Society gave Orne a follow-on $30,000 grant with no specified purpose. Orne could use it as he wished. He believes the money was a "contingency investment" in his work, and MKULTRA officials agree. "We could go to Orne anytime," says one of them, "and say, 'Okay, here is a situation and here is a kind of guy. What would you expect we might be able to achieve if we could hypnotize him?' Through his massive knowledge, he could speculate and advise." A handful of other Society grantees also served in similar roles as covert Agency consultants in the field of their expertise.
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RBHam Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:00 PM
Response to Original message
34. How could they keep this so covered up????

Right...... /...

Never mind...
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:04 PM
Response to Reply #34
35. They couldn't...
Which is one of the reasons it looks so much like Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder.

The parents of these kids would have noticed something.

There would be physical evidence.

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RBHam Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:24 PM
Response to Reply #35
39. Really?
Working hard, are ye?
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:33 PM
Response to Reply #39
41. Nope
Someone, somewhere would have found some physical evidence.

I'm not at work--don't have Net access at work.

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Minstrel Boy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 12:26 AM
Response to Reply #41
44. What sort of physical evidence are you looking for to prove
psychological trauma?
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AlienGirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 01:02 AM
Response to Reply #44
45. If there was massive abuse
there should be massive scarring.

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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 08:42 AM
Response to Reply #45
49. Speaking as a therapist
If this happened early on in childhood, a persons mind is so strong a person can repress the abuse and act as if nothing happened for a long time. The false memory crap is nothing than bullshit. That is propaganda shit the Catholic Church put out so they could not be sued because of their fucking priest who molested children. Their agruement is it could not have happened because why are they reporting as an adult and not as a child.

I hope you remember that those events, that is where the false memory syndrome came out. This is really called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anybody who happens to go through or see a traumatic event can keep the memory so repressed that it won't come out until some event later on in their life triggers it. That is how the mind works and that is the fact, psychological studies have proven PTSD exist.
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H2O Man Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 08:54 AM
Response to Reply #49
52. Interesting.
Yet in classic PTSD, the problem is that the person can not forget the events that cause the disorder. Just as an example, in working with combat veterans, one rarely if ever finds the person can't remember the violent episodes. Just the opposite: the memories intrude, often daily, in both the day time and at night.

I think it is fair to say that there is absolute agreement that PTSD exists. There is less agreement on repressed memories, and it is not accurate to say that the Catholic Church alone is responsible for the different opinions.

In any case --in fact, in every case -- it's good to keep an open mind.
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ChicanoPwr Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 09:18 AM
Response to Reply #52
53. I do have a personal example
First, you are correct about the Catholic Church is not alone in the responsibility, however, that is where the false syndrome idea first came up. The reason it made news is because, remember some time ago, there was a series of court cases the news was bombarding us with child molestation. I forgot which actress that got flamed by the false memory (maybe somebody here at DU will remember it), but that is how we hear about false memory syndrome.

But getting back to PTSD and evolving latter in life. My person experience with PTSD victim is my former father-in-law. He was in Vietnam, when he came back, he acted as if nothing happened. But some how, it hit him like a ton of bricks. The guy was a mess, he had nightmares, very depressed and self-medicating. It was a good thing that the VA finally recognized that PTSD can occur late in life. Since he is a former in-law, don't know what came of him.

As for me, I was in a near-death experience when I was in a car accident. My car was totaled after I hit a high-way light-post, I was told, people wondered how I even survived, let alone come out without physical injury. This happen in 2000, to this day, I can only remember bits and pieces. All I remember is it was light rain, I was behind a big rig. I was crossing lanes because of the water the truck was throwing at my windshield. Just as I started, the car started doing a 360 and all I can remember is thinking please God, don't let the car on the next lane hit me. Luckily for me, my car was the only one that got damaged. But everything in between the moment the car started getting out of control and me hitting the light post, I can not remember. For a couple of years I refuse to drive in the rain. Now I can, but when it rains and I start feeling the car is about to lose control, I still jump.

As for those kids and the solders who come back, there is a special place in my heart for them because I know their lives will never be the same.
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H2O Man Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-29-05 10:32 AM
Response to Reply #53
56. It's important to
remember that while car accidents and warfare can have very similar features, they are distinct. The impact of hitting another vehicle will always have a distinct impact upon the human brain than will witnessing/participating the horrors of war.

But let's look at another example to illustrate this. A professional boxer who faced the young Mike Tyson will not remember getting knocked unconscious by him. He may have flashes of memory at unexpected times. He might even have disturbing dreams. But the physical impact of getting knocked out will in a boxing match will not produce the same impact (and then symptoms) as experienced by those who would be brutalized by Mike Tyson outside the ring. There is the example of the guy who was in heavy traffic; a car rear-ended him at a slow speed, and he bumped Mike's car. Tyson got out enraged, and assaulted the guy in the middle. He will likely find that experience invading his conscious mind by day, and popping up in his dreams at night. He will experience anxiety whenever he is driving in heavy traffic. He has PTSD. The boxer who got flattened does not.

I recognize that there is a wide range of views on PTSD, etc. Everyone is as entitled to theirs as I am mine. I enjoy discussing this topic with you.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-28-05 11:05 PM
Response to Original message
36. Declassified Documents MK-ULTRA
Some things ya gotta see to believe.
Some things make ya see what they want ya to believe.
Sometimes they make a lot of people see what isn't there.
This is then:

Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:

Table of Contents: Pages 1-101

page 001: Proposal for stimulus response experiments on biological systems

page 002: Memo, Destruction of drug and toxin related files

page 003: Destruction of MK-Ultra Project files

page 004:Covert testing of materials on unwitting subjects

page 004: Human testing issues, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals

page 006: Covert Action Operations, chemicals and biologicals

page 007: Inspector General & Agency controls over MK-Ultra Projects

page 008: MK-NAOMI, destruction of toxin records, etc.

page 009: Explanation of exemptions

page 010: Behavioural control with chemical, biological and radiological materials

page 011: Scope of MK-Ultra, testing on animals and humans

page 012: Technical Services Division, biochemicals in covert operations

page 013: Adminstration, Legalities, Disclosure, Exemptions from audits

page 014: Administration, Inspector General, biochemical behavioural controls

page 015: Human behavioural control; radiation, electroshock, graphics

page 016: Record keeping; disabling and lethal substances.

page 017: Record keeping, capabilities and limitations of operational substances

page 018: Materials-behavioural and physiological changes in humans

page 019: Mk-Ultra specialists, management design & funding

page 020: Future evolution of the system, pharmaceutical products, links

page 021: Testing, development, environmental testing on unwitting subjects.

page 022: Working relationships with the Bureau of Narcotics for testing.

page 023: Contingent effects of covert testing, economic loss, sickness, etc.

page 024: Risk of physicians making correct diagnosis of covert testing.

page 025: Covert testing of substances and devices on unwitting subjects.

page 026: Risk of future release of information by unwitting test subjects.

page 027: Current estimates of Mk-Ultra capabilities.

page 028: Harrassment and disabling materials, Mk-Delta.

page 029: Logistics of covert testing

page 030: Mk-Delta organization, field testing, interrogations.

page 031: Espionage operations, foreign developments in the field.

page 032: Recognition and countering of hostile intelligence activities. Human behavioural controls.

page 033: Basic research, procurement, testing, development of delivery systems.

page 034: Administration, filing, and record keeping issues.

page 035: Salaries, overhead, fees, related issues.

page 036: Admnistrative organization, research and development plans.

page 037: Admnistrative organization, research and development plans.

page 038: Section cover sheet, blank, Tab A.

page 039: Sensitive research areas: covert biological and chemical warfare.

page 040: Section cover sheet, blank

page 041: Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

page 042: Chemical materials causing reversible, non-toxic aberrant mental states. Potential for discrediting individuals, eliciting information, implanting suggestions, etc.

page 043: Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

page 044: Organization, technical control of projects, etc

page 045: Progress reports.

page 046: Section cover sheet, blank.

page 047: Administration, Director's Office, Percentage limits on invoices.

page 048: Certification of Invoices.

page 049: Administrative organization of subprojects

page 050: Research memoranda, Progress reports.

page 051: Certification of Invoices.

page 052: Hypnotic Experimentation Research

page 053: Hypnotic Experimentation Research:

page 054: Working committees, Administrative Plans, Field Demonstrations.

page 055: University Psychology Department, letter.

page 056: Report, letter.

page 057: University expenditures

page 058: Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49

page 059: Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49; equipment purchases

page 060: University psychology department memo.

page 061: Subproject 5, invoice

page 062: Subproject 5, invoice

page 063: Subproject 5, invoice

page 064: Transfer of research project to new University

page 065: Correspondce-University Psychology Department

page 066:Correspondce-University Psychology Department

page 067: University Expense Sheet

page 068: University Expense Sheet- Receipt

page 069: Check Receipt

page 070:Receipt Certification

page 071: Receipt - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 072: Receipt - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 073:Invoice - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 074:Invoice - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 075: Certification - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 076:Finance Document - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 077: Authorization & Time Schedule -Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 078: Mk-Ultra Hypnosis - 100 Subjects, 6 experiments.

page 079: Recall of hypnotically acquired information by signal

page 080: Expense Report - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 081: Expense Report - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

page 082 Covert Security Clearance authorization

page 083: Hypnotic experiment- technical details

page 084: Hypnotic experiment- technical details

page 085: Hypnotic experimen t- technical details

page 086: Hypnotic experiment - technical details

page 087: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 088: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 089: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 090: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 091: Handwritten notes on experiments

page 092: Hand drawn room diagram, non-hypnotic recall

page 093: List, Hypnotic recall

page 094:Handwritten notes, Hypnotic recall

page 095: Handwritten notes

page 096: Hand drawn room diagram

page 097: Photo of experimental hotel room

page 098: Photo of experimental hotel room

page 099: Photo of experimental hotel room

page100: Photo of experimental hotel room

page101: Expense Sheet

continued: .pages 102 to 200

Note: Larger file size scans with clearer image resolution in .jpg format can be made available upon request.

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Response to Reply #36
51. That stuff kind of makes you think doesn't it
I guess it would be stupid to ask if this is going on at Getmo and Iraq. :dunce:
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Response to Reply #51
66. Probably even worse in the forgotten places...
The Bush Gang has taken the high-value detainees off the table and into a limbo beyond Gitmo.

U.S. Holding Prisoners in More Than Two Dozen Secret Detention Facilities Worldwide, New Report Says

After Abu Ghraib and Bush Administration Memos, ICRC (Red Cross) Must Have Access to All Detainees Held In U.S. Custody

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 17) A new report from Human Rights First (the new name of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) outlines the scope of the global network of U.S. detention facilities holding suspects in the "war on terror." The report lists more than two dozen facilities that have been reported by Human Rights First sources and the media; at least half of these operate in total secrecy.

In addition to listing known detention facilities including prisons at Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Air Force Base, and Abu Ghraib the report, "Ending Secret Detentions" provides an accounting of U.S. military detention facilities reported in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, and aboard U.S. ships at sea (see attached list).

"The abuses at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib cannot be addressed in isolation," said Deborah Pearlstein, the Director of Human Rights First's U.S. Law and Security Program. "The United States government is holding prisoners in a secret system of off-shore prisons beyond the reach of adequate supervision, accountability, or law."

Human Rights First is calling for a comprehensive global response by U.S. authorities to end secret detentions, to investigate abuses, and to put necessary corrective measures in place.


The fucks and/or schmucks go mad...

Terror suspects jailed in Britain losing their minds: psychiatrists

LONDON (AP) - Foreign terrorist suspects detained indefinitely without trial in Britain have suffered severe and possibly irreparable damage to their mental health, a group of psychiatrists who examined the men reported Wednesday.

The experts, who met eight men held under Britain's anti-terrorist laws, said all displayed similar symptoms of depression, anxiety, self-harm and thoughts of suicide. "All of the men I saw were extremely desperate," said Ian Robbins, a clinical psychologist at St. George's Hospital in London.

"All had considered suicide and had attempted self-harm, either through cutting themselves or in one case by trying to hang himself."

In their report, the seven psychiatrists and one psychologist concluded mental health damage "is inevitable under a regime which consists of indefinite detention."


May all terrorists, no matter their social standing or nationality, be brought to justice.
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Response to Reply #36
65. octafish...DOE : Human Radiation Experiments: Roadmap
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Response to Reply #65
68. Thanks, ElsewheresDaughter! I take the subject personally...
Edited on Sun Jan-30-05 11:14 PM by Octafish
...Here's what Dr. Cornelius Rhodes had to say about, and do to, my fellow Puerto Ricans -- Citizens of the United States, I might add.


Gurli Bagnall
24 October, 2004

If we give up our power to the authorities.,
we submit ourselves to the domination of others over us
without control over our destiny, it drives us towards
sickness, aging, death.

(The Medical Mafia Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.)

Recently, an officially commissioned US study of all the evidence gathered on the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), resulted in the confirmation that the Gulf War Illnesses are indeed real and chemically induced. The report can be heard on BBC:


Medical manipulation for personal gain is not new, and abuse patients follows as night follows day. In his book Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola. Nature, Accident or Intentional? Leonard G. Horowitz referred to the 1931 cancer research programme in Puerto Ric(o).

Dr. Cornelius Rhodes carried out the experiment in which thirteen Puerto Ricans died after being purposely infected with cancer. In a letter to a colleague, obtained by the Puerto Rican National Party, Rhodes wrote:

the Porto Ricans (sic) are beyond doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere. It makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them.What the island needs is not public health work, but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population.I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more.The matter of consideration for the patients welfare plays no role here - in fact, all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture.

Horowitz commented: Rhodes, rather than being held accountable for his crimes, was later awarded the Legion of Merit and then appointed to the staff of the US Atomic Energy Commission.


Only the biggest NAZIs in American get caught in crimes against humanity and then get promoted.

Not that some don't get a head start by legacy. Look at George W Bush. He started out killing frogs. Now look at him. He's killing a PEOPLE.

EDIT: Meant Dr. {b]Cornelius Rhodes. Sorry Cecil!
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Response to Reply #68
72. jays'us fucking krist!
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Response to Original message
50. I got the whole radio series
You be surprised what you can find out there in p2p world.
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Response to Original message
58. Florida Sate School for Girls (Ocala)1966/67 youth correctional falcility
Edited on Sat Jan-29-05 12:32 PM by ElsewheresDaughter
the nurse Mrs. Nancy Gieger if she is still alive could tell you some tales RE: radiation injections.
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Response to Reply #58
61. the girls injected and given a gynecological exam then kept in a
Edited on Sat Jan-29-05 01:35 PM by ElsewheresDaughter
separate isolation building where their stools and urine was collect daily (for analysis i imagine) for 3 months where they were monitored ...probably monitored for years via medical records after released from the facility
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Response to Original message
64. DOE Report "Human Radiation Injection Experiments "List of Experiments" /

List of Experiment Titles:
Plutonium Injection

PI-1. Plutonium Injection Studies

Argonne National Laboratory

ANL-1. Radium as an Experimental Therapy for Treating Mental Disorders at Elgin State Hospital in Elgin, Illinois
ANL-2. Effect of Phosphorus-32 on Hemoglobin Metabolism in Polycythemia Rubra Vera
ANL-3. Plutonium Ingestion Study
ANL-4. Arsenic-76 Biodistribution and Excretion Studies
ANL-5. Whole-Body Counter Calibration with Sodium-24
ANL-6. Uptake of Tritiated Thymidine by Human Tumor
ANL-7. Hematological Effects of Total-Body XRay Irradiation
ANL-8. Studies on the Biochemical Effects of Total-Body X-Rays in Humans
ANL-9. Studies of the Metabolism of Arsenic-76
ANL-10. Effects of Single-Dose X-Rays to the Nail Fold Area
ANL-11. Studies on the Therapeutic Potential of Arsenic-76
ANL-12. Elimination of Intravenous Carbon-14-Labeled Sodium Bicarbonate
ANL-13. Study of Dextran Metabolism Using Carbon-14
ANL-14. Whole-Body Counter Calibration and Evaluation of Techniques Using Potassium-42
ANL-15. Whole-Body Counter Calibration Using Hospital Patients Administered Cesium-132
ANL-16. Absorption and Dissolution of Atmospheric and Inhaled Radon
ANL-17. Studies of the Use of Tritium and Carbon-14-Labeled Bile Acids in Metabolic Studies

Brookhaven National Laboratory

BNL-1. Effectiveness of Iodine-131 in Diagnosing and Treating Graves' Disease and Metastatic Carcinoma of the Thyroid
BNL-2. Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
BNL-3. Iodine-131 Used to Measure Thyroid Function in Young Children with Nephrotic Syndrome
BNL-4. Radioactive Chlorine, Bromine, and Sodium in Extracellular Fluids
BNL-5. Measurement of the Turnover Rate of Sodium in Nephrotic Children Using Sodium-24
BNL-6. Degradation Rate of Iodine131-Labeled Normal Albumin Using the Whole-Body Gamma Spectrometer
BNL-7. Studies on the Metabolism of Plasma Proteins in the Nephrotic Syndrome
BNL-8. Metabolism Studies with Acetate Labeled with Carbon-14
BNL-9. Metabolic Studies with Manganese-54
BNL-10. Magnesium Metabolism Studies in Humans with Magnesium-28
BNL-11. Whole-Body Counting Technique Used to Study Turnover of Globulins Labeled with Iodine-131
BNL-12. A Study of Metabolic Pathways of Carbohydrate Formation Using Carbon-14
BNL-13. Analysis of Blood Glucose Following Intravenous Injection of Carbon-14
BNL-14. The Metabolism and Fate of Tritiated Thymidine in Humans
BNL-15. Study of Carbon-14-Labeled Ascorbic Acid Metabolism
BNL-16. Dose-Response Relationships Between Iodine-131 Administrations and Hematopoietic Effects
BNL-17. Estimation of Body Water Volume and Potassium in Children Using Tritium and Potassium-42 as a Tracer
BNL-18. Cerebrospinal Fluid Studies Using Chlorine-38, Potassium-42, and Iodine-131
BNL-19. Study of Manganese Metabolism Using Manganese-56 as a Tracer
BNL-20. Experimental Systemic Therapy of Bone Tumors Using Gallium-72
BNL-21. Investigation of Carbohydrate Formation Using Carbon-14-Labeled Acetate
BNL-22. Studies on the Retention of Vitamin B12 Using Cobalt-60 and Cobalt-58 Tracers
BNL-23. Use of Iodine-124 for Scanning Brain Tumors
BNL-24. Studies of the Proliferation of Leukemic and Multiple Myeloma Cells Using Tritiated Thymidine
BNL-25. Study of the Role of Sodium in Hypertension Using Sodium-22
BNL-26. Study of Iron Absorption and Loss by Whole-Body Counting Using Iron-59
BNL-27. Plasma Binding Capacity for Vitamin B12 Using Cobalt-57 Tracer
BNL-28. A Short-Term Comparison of Calcium and Strontium Metabolism Using Calcium-47 and Strontium-85
BNL-29. Study of Tryptophan Metabolism Using Carbon-14
BNL-30. Use of Iodine-131 and Tritium Tracers in Studies of Vasopressin Metabolism
BNL-31. Metabolism of Carbon-14-Labeled Acetate in Diabetics
BNL-32. Study of Vitamin B12 Metabolism Using Cobalt-58 and Cobalt-60
BNL-33. Studies of Strontium Metabolism Using Calcium-47 and Strontium-85
BNL-34. Study of the Metabolism of Cesium-137
BNL-35. Study of Tryptophan Conversion to O-Aminophenol Using Carbon14
BNL-36. Total-Body Water and Hematologic Studies in the Pacific Islanders Using Chromium-51 and Tritium
BNL-37. Study of Iron Metabolism in Humans with Aregenerative Anemia Using Iron-59 and Chromium-51
BNL-38. Metabolism of Zinc-65
BNL-39 .Study of Fatty Acid Synthesis Using Tritium and Carbon-14-Labeled Glucose and Lactic Acid
BNL-40. Study of the Metabolism of a Bladder Carcinogen Using Carbon-14
BNL-41. Study of Metabolism of Lactate and Pyruvate with Diabetes Using Carbon-14 Tracer
BNL-42. A Study of Calcium Metabolism in Parathyroid Deficiency Using Tracer Calcium-47
BNL-43. The Study of Menstruation and Resulting Iron Deficiency Using Whole-Body Counting
BNL-44. Characterizing Gamma Globulin Levels in Multiple Sclerosis with Iodine-131
BNL-45. Study of the Metabolism of Scandium Using Scandium-46 as Tracer
BNL-46. Use of Whole-Body Counting to Evaluate the Metabolism of Proteins Labeled with Iodine-131
BNL-47. Study of Skeletal Discrimination Between Calcium and Strontium Using Calcium-47 and Strontium-85
BNL-48. Evaluation of Thyroid Function and Anatomy Using Technetium-99m Pertechnetate and Iodine-131
BNL-49. Metabolic Study of Technetium-99m-DTPA as an Improved Brain and Kidney Scanning Agent
BNL-50. Study of Tryptophan Metabolism in Humans with Various Types of Anemia Using Carbon-14
BNL-51. Studies on the Effects of a High-Calcium Diet on Osteoporosis, Using Calcium-47
BNL-52. Studies on the Conversion of Pyruvate and Lactate to Glucose Using Carbon-14
BNL-53. Study of Glucose Metabolism in Patients with Gout Using Carbon-14-Labeled Glucose
BNL-54. Experimental Lymph Node Imaging with Technetium-99m Sulfur Colloid
BNL-55. The Comparison of Two Forms of Tryptophan in Patients with Scleroderma, Using Carbon-14 as a Tracer
BNL-56. Metabolic Studies on Normal and Acromegalic Subjects Using Carbon-14-Labeled Pyruvate
BNL-57. Measurement of Whole-Body Potassium Using Potassium-42 as Tracer and a Cesium-137 Gamma Source
BNL-58. Studies on the Kinetics of Halothane Using Bromine-82
BNL-59. Comparison of Technetium-99m and Iodine-123 for Thyroid Imaging
BNL-60. Studies on Calcium Metabolism and Chronic Renal Failure Using Calcium-47
BNL-61. Studies of Glucose Tolerance in Obese Humans Using Glucose Labeled with Carbon-14 and Tritium
BNL-62. Measurement of Total-Body Calcium, Sodium, Chlorine, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus by Neutron Activation Analysis
BNL-63. Effectiveness of Technetium-99m-DTPA in Measuring Glomerular Filtration Rate
BNL-64. Total-Body Neutron Activation Analysis
BNL-65. Study of the Effects of a High-Sucrose Dietary Intake Using Carbon-14
BNL-66. Studies of the Uptake of Metabolites of Tryptophan Using Carbon-14 43
BNL-67. Comparison of Tryptophan Metabolism Using Carbon-14-Labeled Tryptophan
BNL-68. Changes in Body Composition with Age Determined by Total-Body Neutron Activation Analysis
BNL-69. Study of Krypton-79 Biokinetics
BNL-70. Study of Xenon-127 Retention

Hanford Sites

HS-1. Ingestion of Iodine-131 in Milk by Hanford Employees
HS-2. Intentional Release of Iodine-131 at Hanford in 1963
HS-3. Absorption of Tritium Oxide Through the Skin
HS-4. Calibration Studies Using Zinc-65
HS-5. Study of Metabolism of Strontium Using Strontium-85 as a Tracer
HS-6. Whole-Body Counting Studies of the Measurement of Phosphorus-32
HS-7. Distribution and Excretion of Technetium-95 and Technetium-96 in Humans
HS-8. Study of Promethium Metabolism and the Effects of DTPA on Promethium Metabolism
HS-9. Whole-Body Counting Studies Using Iron-59
HS-10. Alternative Method for Measuring Iron Uptake Using Iron-59

Idaho Sites

IS-1. Administration of Radioactive Material to Volunteers to Test or Calibrate Analytical Equipment
IS-2. Controlled Environmental Radioiodine Tests (CERT)

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

LBL-1. Treatment of Leukemia with Phosphorus-32
LBL-2. Metabolic Studies of Bone Tumors Using Strontium-89
LBL-3. Inhalation Studies Using Carbon-11
LBL-4. Inhalation of Zirconium-89 on Smoke Particles
LBL-5. Radioactive Phosphorus as a Possible Diagnostic Procedure for Breast Tumors
LBL-6. Comparison of the Uptake of Zirconium-95 in Tumor and Normal Tissue
LBL-7. Autoradiographic Studies of the Distribution of Radiolabeled Lewisite and Mustard Gas on Skin
LBL-8. Injection of Americium-241
LBL-9. Uptake of Iodine-131 in Thyroids of Psychiatric Patients
LBL-10. Sodium-24 Uptake Studies on Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
LBL-11. Blood Volume Studies with Iron-59, Phosphorus-32, and Chromium-51 Involving Inmates at San Quentin Prison
LBL-12. Blood and Tissue Studies with Iron59
LBL-13. (Duplicate of LBL-10 in The DOE Roadmap)
LBL-14. Studies on the Rate of Uptake of Iodine-131 in the Thyroid
LBL-15. Measures of Body Fat and Related Factors in Normal Adults Using Potassium-40, Cesium-137, and Tritium
LBL-16. Study of Ascitic Fluid Using Tritium-Labeled Water and Phosphorus-32
LBL-17. A Physiological Study in the Peruvian Andes Using Iron-59
LBL-18. Studies on the Metabolism of Glycine Labeled with Carbon-14
LBL-19. Astatine-211 and the Thyroid
LBL-20. Body Water at Sea Level and at High Altitudes by Tritium Analysis
LBL-21. High-Energy-Beam Irradiation of Breast Cancer Patients
LBL-22. Iron-59 Metabolism in Patients with Cancer and Anemic Conditions
LBL-23. Radionuclide Studies to Determine Bone Marrow Distribution in Humans
LBL-24. Iron Kinetics and Hemoglobin Synthesis in Human Subjects with Iron-59-Bound PlasmaLBL-25. Intestinal Iron Absorption Studies Using Iron-52, Iron-55, and Iron-59 60
LBL-26. Chromium-51 Metabolism Studies in Patients with Hemochromatosis
LBL-27. Calcium-47 Retention Studies in Juvenile Diabetics
LBL-28. Whole-Body Counting Studies on the Retention of Copper-67 and Phosphorus-32 and Chromium-51
LBL-29. Metabolism of Carbon-14-Labeled Methionine in Schizophrenics
LBL-30 .Experimental Therapy of Multiple Myeloma with Phosphorus-32, Strontium-89, and Yttrium-90
LBL-31. Experimental Therapy of Polycythemia Vera Using Phosphorus-32 and XRays
LBL-32. Studies of Iodine-131 Uptake in Hypothyroid Children
LBL-33. Studies on Patients Treated with Total-Body XRay Irradiation
LBL-34. Studies Using Radioactive Isotopes of Nitrogen, Argon, Krypton, and Xenon
LBL-35. Blood Oxygen Studies in Polycythemia Vera Patients and Normal Subjects Using Colloids of Zirconium-95 and Yttrium-90
LBL-36. Experimental Breast Cancer Treatment Studies Using Phosphorus-32
LBL-37. Experimental Thyroid Cancer Treatment Using Iodine-131
LBL-38. Metabolism and Effects of Iodine-131
LBL-39. Studies Using Phosphorus-32 and Other Radioisotopes
LBL-40. Studies of Electric Potentials in the Stomach Using Sodium-24
LBL-41. Studies of Methionine Metabolism Using Sulfur-35 as Tracer
LBL-42. XRay Irradiation of the Normal Pituitary Gland During Conventional Cancer Therapy
LBL-43. Experimental XRay Irradiation of the Pituitary in Patients with Melanoma or Hormonally Influenced Tumors
LBL-44. Blood Volume Studies Using Radioactive Phosphorus-32 as Tracer
LBL-45. Studies on the Distribution of Gases, Water, and Electrolytes in the Human Body Using Carbon-11, Sodium-24, and Iodine-131
LBL-46. Total-Body Water Studies Using Tritium as a Tracer
LBL-47. Liver Blood Flow Studies Using Phosphorus-32 as a Tracer
LBL-48. Blood Volume Studies in Cirrhosis Using Phosphorus-32-Labeled Red Blood Cells
LBL-49. Studies of the Metabolism of Tritium-Labeled Cholesterol
LBL-50. Study of Sodium-24 Metabolism in Normal Individuals and Patients with Ascites
LBL-51. Measurement of Total "Sodium Space" and Total-Body Sodium Using Sodium-24 as a Tracer
LBL-52. Study of the Effects of Injection Volume on Intramuscular Sodium Clearance Rates Using Sodium-24
LBL-53. Experimental Treatment of Bladder Tumors Using Cobalt-60 Beads
LBL-54. Red Blood-Cell Studies in Leukemia Patients Using Carbon-14-Labeled Glycine
LBL-55. Study of the Effect of Thyrotropic Hormone Using Iodine-131
LBL-56. Blood Volume Studies in Cancer Using Phosphorus-32
LBL-57. Blood Volume Studies in Pregnancy Using Phosphorus-32
LBL-58. Blood Volume Studies in Pre-Eclamptic Patients Using Phosphorus-32
LBL-59. Lipid Metabolism Studies Using Tritium-Labeled Cholesterol
LBL-60. Blood Volume Studies Using Dextran and Phosphorus-32-Labeled Red Blood Cells
LBL-61. Measurement of Blood Volume Using Chromium-51
LBL-62. Body Composition Studies Using Tritium
LBL-63. Blood Studies in Congestive Heart Failure Using Phosphorus-32 and Sodium-24
LBL-64. Experimental Cancer Therapy Using Gold-198, Yttrium-90, and Chromium-51
LBL-65. Study of Local Blood Flow in Bone Marrow in Patients with Leukemia and Neoplastic Diseases Using Iodine-131
LBL-66. Localization of Deep-Seated Tumors Using Potassium-42
LBL-67. Measurement of Residual Fluid in the Fasting Stomach Using Zirconium-95/Niobium-95 as Tracer
LBL-68. Measurement of Sodium-24 Movement in Normal Subjects
LBL-69. Aspirin Absorption Studies Using Carbon-14
LBL-70. Studies on Protein-Bound Iodine131 in Children
LBL-71. Studies of Red Blood-Cell Production in Patients with Polycythemia Vera Using Iron-59 and Phosphorus-32
LBL-72. Experimental Treatment of Cancer with Heavy Charged Particles
LBL-73. Studies of Human Growth and Development Involving the Use of Tritium, Sodium-24, and Iodine-131 as Tracers
LBL-74. Study of the Effects of Altitude on Red Cell Production and Volume Using Tritium, Phosphorus-32, and Iron-59
LBL-75. Estimates of Lean-Body Weight and Skeletal Size Using Tritium and XRays
LBL-76. A Study of the Effectiveness of Silver-111 as a Tracer in Liver Functions Tests
LBL-77. Iodine Uptake Studies in Thyroid Cancer Patients Using Iodine-131
LBL-78. Studies on Iron Loss Using Iron59
LBL-79. Blood Volume Studies in Healthy Humans Using Chromium-51 as Tracer
LBL-80. Studies of Blood Flow to Bone Using Fluorine-18
LBL-81. Blood Volume Studies Using Chromium-51 and Iodine-131 in Diagnosis of Aldosteronism
LBL-82. Experimental Therapy for Leukemia Using Yttrium-90
LBL-83. Studies of Fatty Acid Metabolism Using Palmitic Acid Labeled with Carbon-14 as a Tracer
LBL-84. Bone Marrow Distribution of Iron Using Iron-59 and Iron-52 as Tracers
LBL-85. Physiological Studies on Mount Everest Climbers Using Iron-59 and Tritium
LBL-86. Tumor Localization Studies Using Selenium-75, Mercury-197, Technetium-99m, and Strontium-85
LBL-87. Iron Kinetics Studies Using Iron59
LBL-88. Experimental Tumor Imaging Using Gallium-67
LBL-89. Study of Metabolic Abnormalities in Asparagine-Dependent Tumors Using Carbon-14
LBL-90. Carbon-14 Bicarbonate Kinetics in Adult Males
LBL-91. Study of Methionine Metabolism in Folic-Acid-Deficient and Vitamin B12-Deficient Patients Using Carbon-14
LBL-92. Visual Perception Studies Using Neutron Beams
LBL-93. Nutritional Studies Using Carbon-14 as Tracer

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL-1. In VivoCalibration Studies Using Humans Administered Niobium-92m, Barium-133, Palladium-103, Chromium-51, and Strontium-85
LLNL-2. Ozone Effects on Overall and Regional Lung Function Using Nitrogen-13 and Oxygen-15
LLNL-3. Decompression Sickness Studies Using Nitrogen-13 and Ar 211. gon-41

Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANL-1. Tritium Studies at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
LANL-2. Metabolism of EDTA in Humans Using Carbon-14
LANL-3. Radiation Exposure of Aircrews in Mushroom Clouds
LANL-4. Determination of the Survival Time of Red Blood Cells by Chromium-51 Labeling
LANL-5. Studies of the Metabolism and Excretion of Alkali Metal Radionuclides in Humans
LANL-6. Absorption and Retention of Orally Administered Iron-59 in Humans
LANL-7. Determining Thyroid Uptake and Retention of Iodine-131
LANL-8. Long-Term Retention of Cesium134 and Cesium-137 in Humans
LANL-9. Study of the Retention and Excretion of Iodine-131
LANL-10. Absorption and Uptake of Iodine-131 and Sodium-24 in Humans
LANL-11. Retention of Iodine-131 in Subjects with Inflammatory Liver Disease
LANL-12. Gastrointestinal Passage of Radioactive Particles Containing Manganese-54 and Uranium-235
LANL-13. Metabolism of Zinc-65 in Human Leukemia
LANL-14. Iodine-131 Used to Determine Thyroid Uptake Measurement Techniques
LANL-15. Uptake and Retention of Zinc65
LANL-16. Iron-59 Absorption in Normal Human Subjects
LANL-17. Cutaneous Absorption of Strontium-85
LANL-18. Retention of Strontium-85
LANL-19. Studies on the Retention of Iodine131 in Humans
LANL-20. Thyroid Function Studies Using Sodium Iodide-131
LANL-21. (Essentially a duplicate of LANL-15 in The DOE Roadmap)
LANL-22. Cesium-132 Metabolism in Humans
LANL-23. Thyroid Studies Using Small Amounts of Iodine-125 and Iodine-131
LANL-24. Studies of the Metabolism of Antituberculous Drugs Using a Carbon-14 Tracer
LANL-25. Clinical Applications of Whole-Body Scintillometry for Determining Cobalt-60-Labeled Vitamin B12 Absorption and Retention

Oak Ridge Sites

OR-1. Early Gallium-72 Studies in Nuclear Medicine
OR-2. Colloidal Gold-198 Studies at Oak Ridge
OR-3. Use of Serum Albumin Labeled with Iodine-131
OR-4. Iodine-131 in the Treatment of Malignant Melanoma
OR-5. Use of Iodine-131 Following Surgical Removal of Thyroid Cancers
OR-6. Comparison of the Metabolism of Rubidium-86 and Potassium-42
OR-7. Metabolism Studies Using Calcium47
OR-8. Total-Body Irradiation Therapy of Hematologic Disorders
OR-9. Studies Using Cobalt-57-Labeled Vitamin B12
OR-10. Iodine-131-Labeled L-Thyroxine Turnover by Whole-Body Counting
OR-11. Experimental Tumor Scanning with Gallium-67
OR-12. Therapeutic Allogenic Transplantation of Human Bone Marrow
OR-13. ScandiumAugmented Gallium-67 Localization in Tumors
OR-14. Clinical Testing of Strontium-85m as a Bone Scanning Agent
OR-15. Comparison of Indium-111 and Bismuth-206 with Gallium-67 as Tumor Scanning Agents
OR-16. Use of an External Gadolinium-153 Source for Timing the Cardiac Cycle
OR-17. Dysprosium-157 as a Clinical Imaging Agent for Solid Tumors
OR-18. (Included in The DOE Roadmap and now part of OR-8)
OR-19. Clinical Testing of a Line-Scanning Proportional Counter Camera Using Injected Iodine-125 and Technetium-99m
OR-20. Uranium Injections Into Terminally Ill Cancer Patients
OR-21. Pathologic Changes in Normal Thyroid Tissue After Large Doses of Iodine-131
OR-22. Intracavitary Injection of Phosphate-32 as Colloidal Chromic Phosphate
OR-23. Experimental Treatment of Chronic Leukemia Using Colloidal Gold-198
OR-24. Intracavitary Colloidal Gold-198 in the Treatment of Effusions Due to Malignant Neoplasms
OR-25. Study of Strontium and Calcium Metabolism Using Strontium-85 and Calcium-45
OR-26. Gastrointestinal Tract Studies Using Lanthanum-140 and Iron-59
OR-27. Total-Body Irradiation and Attempted Bone Marrow Transplants in Acute Leukemia
OR-28. Use of Iodine-130 to Study Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone in Cancer Patients
OR-29. Study of Uranium Excretion in Urine After Exposure to Uranium Oxide Dusts
OR-30. Study of the Effects of Beta Rays on Skin Using Phosphorus-32
OR-31. Thyroid Metabolism of Iodine-131 in Single Versus Continual Ingestions
OR-32. Study of Decontamination of Skin Contaminated with Silver-110m

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA-1. Early Experimental Imaging of the Thyroid Gland Using Iodine-131
UCLA-2. Zinc Metabolism Studies Using Zinc-65
UCLA-3. A Study of Strontium-85 and Calcium-47 Metabolism in Patients with Osteoporosis, Paget's Disease, and Metastatic Bone Tumors
UCLA-4. Studies of Liver Function and Blood Flow Using Rose Bengal Iodine-131 and Colloidal Gold198 in Normal and Diseased Subjects
UCLA-5. Tracer Studies Using Iodine-125, Iodine-131, and Gold-198 to Evaluate Functions of the Reticuloendothelial System
UCLA-6. Retention of Vitamin B12 Labeled with Cobalt-60
UCLA-7. Retention of Iodine-131-Labeled Human Serum Albumin
UCLA-8. Study of Calcium Metabolism Using Calcium-47 as a Tracer
UCLA-9. Study of Lung Imaging Techniques Using Albumin Labeled with Iodine-131 and Iodine-125
UCLA-10. Strontium-85 Retention in Humans
UCLA-11. Lung Scanning of Inhaled Radiopharmaceuticals Using Iodine-131 and Technetium99m
UCLA-12. Measurement of Loss of Iodine131-Labeled Human-Serum Albumin in Children
UCLA-13. Copper-67 Absorption in Patients with Disorders of Iron Metabolism
UCLA-14. Total-Body Counting of Iodine131-Labeled Gamma Globulins
UCLA-15. Study of Manganese-54 and Copper-67 Absorption and Retention
UCLA-16. Study of Inhaled Pollen-Associated Asthma Using Technetium-99m and Xenon133
UCLA-17. Liver Blood Flow Study Using Gold-198 and Technetium-99m
UCLA-18. Thrombophlebitis Scanning Using Technetium-99m and Iodine-
UCLA-19. Studies of Liver Circulation and Metabolism in Normal and Diseased Subjects Using Technetium-99m Albumin Microaggregates
UCLA-20. Studies of Hip Socket Vascularity Using Technetium-99m-Sulfur Colloid
UCLA-21. Test of Lung Scans in Normal Subjects Using Technetium-99m, Indium-113m, and Xenon-133
UCLA-22.Study of Cranial Development Defects Using Fluorine-18
UCLA-23. Study of Heart Chamber and Pulmonary Dilution Curves in Normal Subjects and Patients with Shunts Using Xenon-133 and Technetium-99m

University of Chicago-Argonne Cancer Research Hospital

UC-1. Chromium-51 and Iron-59 Used to Study Red Blood-Cell Production
UC-2. Studies on the Clinical Application of Yttrium-90
UC-3. Chromium-51 Used to Study Primaquine Sensitivity
UC-4. Chromium-51 Used to Measure Red Cell Survival Times in Subjects with Liver Diseases
UC-5. Radioactive Carbon in Studies of Cholesterol Metabolism in Humans Using Carbon-14
UC-6. Study of the Origin of Steroid Hormones Using Tritium and Carbon-14-Labeled Compounds
UC-7. Chromium-51 Used to Study Red Blood Cells
UC-9. Carbon-14-Labeled Proteins in Multiple Myeloma
UC-10. Carbon-14-Labeled Digitoxin Administered to Pregnant Women to Determine Fetal Distribution
UC-11. Human Tracer Studies Using Tritium- and Carbon-14-Labeled Cholesterol
UC-12. Study of Hormone Conversion During Human Pregnancy Using Carbon-14
UC-13. Studies on Uric Acid Labeled with Carbon-14
UC-14. Carbon-14 Study of the Carbon Dioxide Pool in Humans
UC-15. Metabolism, Retention, and Excretion of Molybdenum-99
UC-16. Metabolism of Strontium-85 and Calcium-47
UC-17. Development of Iodine131-Labeled Fluorescein as a Brain Tumor Imaging Agent
UC-18. Studies Using Carbon-14-Labeled Compounds in Patients with Gout
UC-19. Use of Molybdenum-99 for Liver Scanning Studies
UC-20. Metabolism of Lithocholic Acid Labeled with Carbon-14
UC-21. Preliminary Tracer Studies Using Technetium-99m and Iodine-131
UC-22. Metabolism and Absorption of Skin Medications Labeled with Carbon-14
UC-23. Studies on the Use of Iodine-131 Antifibrinogen
UC-24. Bone-Tissue Radiography Using an External Source of Iodine-125
UC-25. Retention of Iron-59 in the Lungs
UC-26. Studies on the Radiation Sensitivity of Tumors in Normal Tissues After Chemically Induced Hyperthyroidism
UC-27. Metabolism and Retention Studies Using Selenium-75
UC-28. Comparison of Gallium-68, Technetium-99m, and Indium-113m for Diagnosis of Tumors
UC-29. Study of X-Ray Treatment of Gastric Ulcers
UC-30. Experimental Neurosurgery Using Palladium-109 and Silver-111 Implants in Parkinson's Disease Patients
UC-31. The Use of Yttrium-90 Pellets to Destroy the Pituitary Gland in Patients with Hormonally Influenced Cancers
UC-32. Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer Using Implanted Iodine-131
UC-33. Chicago Studies of the Metabolism of a Tuberculosis Drug Using Carbon-14
UC-34. Cholesterol Studies Using Carbon-14 and Tritium
UC-35. Study of Glutamic Acid Metabolism Using Carbon-14 Tracer
UC-36. Study of the Metabolism of Progesterone Using Carbon-14
UC-37. Influence of a Brain Extract on Cholesterol Metabolism Using Carbon-14 as a Tracer
UC-38. Experimental Cancer Therapy Using Permanent Chromium-51 Implants
UC-39. Treatment of Selected Tumors Using an Electron Beam
UC-40. Human Ingestion of Real and Simulated Fallout
UC-41. Use of an Experimental Strontium90/Yttrium-90 Needle for Radiation Cordotomy Pain Relief
UC-42. Pharmacokinetics of Selenium-75-L-Selenomethionine
UC-43. Experimental Use of Gallium-67 as a Scanning Agent in the Staging of Hodgkin's Disease

University of Rochester

UR-1. Polonium-210 Metabolism and Excretion Study
UR-2. Uranium Injections
UR-3. Ingestion of Milk Containing Iodine131
UR-4. The Fate of Radon Ingested by Humans
UR-5. Excretion Studies Using Thorotrast Containing Thorium-232 and Decay Products
UR-6. Radon-222 Inhalation Studies
UR-7. Study of the Retention and Distribution of Thorium-232 Decay Products
UR-8. Study of the Metabolism of Natural Uranium in the Human Skeleton
UR-9. Use of Antibodies Labeled with Iodine-131 in the Diagnosis and Localization of Brain Tumors151
UR-10. Skeletal Metabolism of Calcium-45 and Sodium-22
UR-11. Lead-212 Absorption Studies


OT-1. Study of Blood Volumes with Iodine131-Tagged Plasma Protein
OT-2. The Use of Iodine-131-Labeled Human Serum Albumin to Evaluate the Peripheral Circulation
OT-3. Use of Iodine-131-Labeled Protein in the Study of Protein Digestion and Absorption in Children With and Without Cystic Fibrosis of the Pancreas
OT-4. Thyroidal Deposition of Iodine-131 in Humans, Rats, and Dogs, from Milk and Nonmilk Sources
OT-5. Plasma Volume Studies Using Chromium-51-Chloride
OT-6. Iodine-131 Uptake by the Human Embryo
OT-7. Uptake of Iodine-131 in Normal Newborn Infants in Iowa City
OT-8. Uptake of Iodine-131 in Normal Newborn Infants in Nebraska
OT-9. Uptake of Iodine-131 in Normal Newborn Infants in Memphis
OT-10. Radioactive Isotope Studies at Tulane
OT-11. Iron Metabolism in Human Pregnancy as Studied with Iron-59
OT-12. Sodium-24 Used to Study Exchangeable Sodium in Relation to the Menstrual Cycle
OT-13. Blood Volume Measurements Using Stable Chromium-50 and Radioactive Chromium-51
OT-14. Testicular Irradiation of Washington State Prison Inmates
OT-15. Iron-55 and Iron-59 Metabolism in Humans
OT-16. Study of Blood Labeled with Chromium-51 in Normal Volunteer Subjects
OT-17. Total-Body Neutron Activation Analysis
OT-18. Utah Strontium-85 Metabolism Study
OT-19. Radioisotope Studies at the Fernald State School, Massachusetts
OT-20. Uptake of Iodine-131 by Premature Infants in Detroit
OT-21. Testicular Irradiation of Oregon State Prison Inmates
OT-22. Distribution of Zinc-65 in Blood and Organs of Humans
OT-23. Thyroid Uptake and Urinary Excretion of Iodine-131 in Assessing Thyroid Function
OT-24. Short-Term Clearance Studies Using Iodine-131
OT-25. Study of Iodine-131-Thyroxine Metabolism in Adolescent and Adult Human Subjects
OT-26. Study of Iodine-131-Triiodothyronine Counting in Normal Subjects
OT-27. Thyroid Hormone Secretion Studies Using Iodine-131
OT-28. Brain Scanning Studies Using Potassium-42
OT-29. Studies on Body Potassium Using Potassium-42
OT-30. Serum Level of Protein Bound Iodine-131 in the Diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism
OT-31. Body Constituent Studies Using Sodium-24 and Potassium-42
OT-32. Red Blood-Cell Volume Studies Using Chromium51
OT-33. Studies on Body Sodium Using Sodium-24
OT-34. Bone Studies Using Sodium-24
OT-35. Studies of Calcium Metabolism and Thyroid Disease Using Calcium-45
OT-36. Analysis of Red Blood-Cell Survival in the Body Using Chromium-51
OT-37. Blood Volume Studies Using Chromium-51
OT-38. Studies of Stable Iodine Uptake Using Iodine-131 as a Tracer
OT-39. Studies of Iron Metabolism, Anemia, and Cancer Using Iron-59 and Chromium-51
OT-40. Studies of Iron Metabolism, Anemia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Iron-59
OT-41. Iron Absorption Studies Using Iron-59
OT-42. The Effects of Whole-Body Radiation on Organ Transplant Survival
OT-43. Blood-Cell Studies in Colorado Prisoners Using Iron-59, Phosphorus-32, and Chromium-51
OT-44. Tracer Studies of Arsenic Metabolism Using Arsenic-71 and Arsenic-74
OT-45. Iodine Metabolism Studies in Graves' Disease Using Iodine-131
OT-46. Early Studies of Iron Metabolism in Red Blood Cells Using Iron-55 and Iron-59
OT-47. Studies on Absorption of Insulin Labeled with Iodine-131 in Subjects
OT-48. Studies of the Effects of Thiouracil on the Thyroid Gland Using Iodine-131
OT-49. Studies on the Absorption of Ferrous and Ferric Iron Using Iron-59
OT-50. Studies to Determine Red Blood-Cell Volumes in Human Subjects Using Iron-55 and Iron-59
OT-51. A Study of Red Blood-Cell Survival in Stored and Transfused Blood Using Iron-55
OT-52. Studies on Red Blood-Cell Survival During Storage and After Transfusion Using Iron-55 and Iron-59 Tracers
OT-53. Effect of Phytate on the Absorption of Iron-59 and Iron-55
OT-54. Measurements of Radon-222 Absorption Through Skin
OT-55. Studies of the Urinary Excretion of Iodine Using Iodine-131
OT-56. Study of the Uptake of Iodine in Fetal Thyroids Using Iodine-131
OT-57. Red Blood-Cell Volumes and Hematocrit in Normal Pregnancy Using Iron-55
OT-58. Studies of Iron Storage and Utilization Using Iron-55 and Iron-59
OT-59. Study of Iron Turnover by Red Blood Cells Using Iron-55 and Iron-59
OT-60. Studies of the Metabolism of Maternal Iron in Newborn Infants Using Iron-55
OT-61. Thyroid Function Studies Using Iodine-131
OT-62. Interlaboratory Comparison of the Reliability of the Measurement of Cesium-137 in Humans
OT-63. Metabolic and Gastrointestinal Absorption Studies with Short-Lived Decay Products of Radium and Thorium
OT-64. Comparison of Iodine-123 and Iodine-131 for Thyroid Uptake Studies
OT-65. Iodine-131 Localization
OT-66. Tolerance to Whole-Body Irradiation of Patients with Advanced Cancer
OT-67. Modification of the Distribution and Excretion of Lanthanum-140 by Chelating Agents
OT-68. Metabolism Studies Using Strontium-85 and Calcium-45
OT-69. Strontium Metabolism Studies Using Strontium-85
OT-70. Studies on EDTA and Strontium Excretion Using Strontium-85
OT-71. Comparative Metabolism Studies Using Strontium-85 and Calcium45
OT-72. Efforts to Increase the Rate of Strontium-85 Excretion
OT-73. Decontamination of Skin Contaminated with Carbon-14, Fission Products, Tantalum-182, and Alpha Emitters
OT-74. Effects of Radium-224 Applied to Skin
OT-75. Effects of Strontium-90 and Yttrium-90 on Skin
OT-76. Topical Absorption Studies Using Radium-224
OT-77. Effects of Polonium-210 on Skin
OT-78. Studies of the Transmission of Radioiodine to Infants Through Maternal Breast Milk
OT-79. Studies of Copper Metabolism Using Copper-64 in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Wilson's Disease
OT-80. Studies on Copper Transfer Between Red Blood Cells and Plasma Using Copper-64
OT-81. White Blood-Cell Labeling Studies Using Phosphorus-32 in Utah Prisoners
OT-82. Granulocyte Studies Using Phosphorus-32 in Utah Prisoners
OT-83. White Blood-Cell Production Studies Using Phosphorus-32
OT-84. Study of Copper Metabolism Using Copper-64
OT-85. Blister Studies Using Phosphorus-32 in Utah Prisoners
OT-86. Comparative Metabolism of Radium-226 and Strontium-85
OT-87. Total-Body Counter Calibration Using Cesium-132 and Potassium42
OT-88. Study of Cortisone-Induced Granulocytosis Using Phosphorus-32-Labeled isopropylfluorophosphate in Utah Prisoners
OT-89. Cesium-137 and Rubidium-83 Metabolism in Healthy Subjects and Subjects with Muscular Dystrophy
OT-90. Study of Granulocyte Kinetics During Endotoxin-Induced Granulocytosis Using Phosphorus-32 in Utah Prisoners
OT-91. Study of the Transfer of Iron-59 and Iodine-131 Between Mother and Fetus
OT-92. Metabolism Studies Using Strontium-85 and Calcium-47
OT-93. Measuring Extracellular Fluid Using Sodium-24
OT-94. Potassium Studies in Diseased Patients Using Potassium-42
OT-95. Potassium Studies in Women Using Potassium-42
OT-96. Sodium Volume Studies in Diseased Patients Using Sodium24
OT-97. Study of Potassium Metabolism in Hyperthyroidism Using Potassium-42
OT-98. Studies of Potassium Metabolism in Diabetes Using Potassium-42 Tracer
OT-99. Iron Absorption Studies Using Iron-55 and Iron-59 in Normal Subjects and Mental Patients
OT-100. Study of Iron Turnover Rates Using Iron-55 in Men, and Nonmenstruating and Menstruating Women
OT-101. Study of Cooley's Anemia in Children Using Chromium-51 and Iron-59
OT-102. Study of Red Blood-Cell Production Using Iron-59
OT-103. Sodium Volume Studies in Children and Adults Using Sodium-24
OT-104. Estimates of Total-Body Sodium in Infants and Children Using Sodium-24
OT-105. Total-Body Sodium Studies Using Sodium-24

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69. "The CIA, Mind Control, and Children" by Jon Rappoport


All throughout this testimony you have other clients and patients saying similar things. Dr. Green, Dr. Green, Dr. Green, Dr. Green. Electroshock. Torture, sex abuse and all of that. About three weeks ago I met a woman who is a therapist. She works north of Los Angeles. If you met this woman and talked to her, you would say 'she's very on top of things, she is very smart, she seems like a real human being.' So she looks at me and she says, "I was part of this when I was a kid, as a child." She doesn't want to talk about it yet, but she said, "... this business about creating perfect spies, I don't think that's it. I don't think that's why they were really doing it." Part of the explanation about what they were supposedly trying to do was to create blank slates ... that was their thinking. You can take a human being and erase their mind, then we can program it to be whatever we want it to be. Well adults just go psychotic, so let's try children ... they are more flexible and they have less in their mind to take out ... how mechanistic can you get, and that would be the rationale supposedly. From that it has been assumed that the whole point of this was to create a perfect spy, with with nice neat categories of sub-personalities, and program and trigger words, manchurian candidate type stuff. You know, "we will now call up sub-personality 134. Are you there?" "Yes I am here." "What have you learned on your recent trip to Vienna?" Start. Bing. And then sub-personality 134 says, "I boarded the train, and went to Vienna, and read the following documents that were given to me ..." -- like a computer? That this was the intention. But this woman said to me, "Yeah, but I think there is something beyond this. It is somewhere in the back of my mind, but I can't get to it." I didn't question her about how she knows this, but she said "First of all this was a very wide-ranging project ... there were echelons of the project, not just simply one level. There were children brought up from South America and Mexico. They were considered expendable. They were used with the crudest techniques of brainwashing and so forth. The idea was to learn from this techniques in a more refined way techniques that would be used on another echelon of children. The best and brightest in America." I said, "Do you mean children from well-to-do families?" She said, "Not necessarily. The smartest."

They could be thinking that what they want to do is program these kids who would later, supposedly, emerge in prominent positions in society, so that they would then have long term control of society by controlling people in power positions. She said (she didn't say "yes") but she said, "Well, yeah, that makes sense. The Nazis got a hold of the intelligentsia. They turned the intelligentsia -- they were able to either silence or bring the intelligentsia into their fold -- so it was a major project. She said to me, "They brought a lot of doctors over here after the War and not just the rocket scientists ... they brought a lot of doctors over here." And all throughout this testimony you will read, sprinkled here, "a doctor with a German accent ... was it Green ... was it Greenburg ... a German Jew? ... did it look like he was a Jew? ... he had blonde hair ..." That kind of stuff.

I would say this is a Nazi project, but a lot of the Nazis are American-born. It shouldn't be excused or explained away on that basis because as we know, if we look at Nazi psychiatry for example, they learned a lot from the Americans, especially about eugenics. This is not something where we should say, " ... well, the Nazis took over ..." This is home-grown stuff. This is Americana at its worst, at its lowest form. This is also the sub-sub-basement that you walk into when you are a materialist, when that is your philosophy. And I don't mean you are a materialist in the sense that you want money, possessions ... I mean, philosophically. The materialist position is that we are meat, and tissue, and cells, and electrical impulses, and that's it. When that system collapses, we are gone, never to return. My own feeling is that when you espouse and embrace that philosophy, the ultimate, ultimate sub-basement that you end up in is that sub-basement ... that's where you end up. Finally, that's where it all comes out.


Here is a statement from a therapist submitted anonymously. "One client told me that they were made to believe they had been abducted by UFO's so that if memories were retrieved, they would be discredited by the community." I found that kind of interesting. Hmmm. Other people mentioned satanic costumes ... CIA people putting on satanic costumes while they were doing their crazy stuff here ...
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70. Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word
Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these British-American-European groups called openly for the elimination of the `` unfit '' by means including force and violence.@s1@s2

Ten months later, in June 1933, Hitler's interior minister Wilhelm Frick spoke to a eugenics meeting in the new Third Reich. Frick called the Germans a `` degenerate '' race, denouncing one-fifth of Germany's parents for producing `` feeble-minded '' and `` defective '' children. The following month, on a commission by Frick, Dr. Ernst Ru@audin wrote the `` Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in Posterity, '' the sterilization law modeled on previous U.S. statutes in Virginia and other states.

Special courts were soon established for the sterilization of German mental patients, the blind, the deaf and alcoholics. A quarter million people in these categories were sterilized. Ru@audin, Plo@autz and their colleagues trained a whole generation of physicians and psychiatrists--as sterilizers and as killers.

When the war started, the eugenicists, doctors and psychiatrists staffed the new `` T4 '' agency, which planned and supervised the mass killings: first at `` euthanasia centers, '' where the same categories which had first been subject to sterilization were now to be murdered, their brains sent in lots of 200 to experimental psychiatrists; then at slave camps such as Auschwitz; and finally, for Jews and other race victims, at straight extermination camps in Poland, such as Treblinka and Belsen.@s1@s3

In 1933, as what Hitler called his `` New Order '' appeared, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. appointed William S. Farish the chairman of Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey (in 1937 he was made president and chief executive). Farish moved his offices to Rockefeller Center, New York, where he spent a good deal of time with Hermann Schmitz, chairman of I.G. Farben; his company paid a publicity man, Ivy Lee, to write pro-I.G. Farben and pro-Nazi propaganda and get it into the U.S. press.

Now that he was outside of Texas, Farish found himself in the shipping business--like the Bush family. He hired Nazi German crews for Standard Oil tankers. And he hired Emil Helfferich, chairman of the Walker/Bush/Harriman Hamburg-Amerika Line, as chairman also of the Standard Oil Company subsidiary in Germany. Karl Lindemann, board member of Hamburg-Amerika, also became a top Farish-Standard executive in Germany.@s1@s4

This interlock between their Nazi German operations put Farish together with Prescott Bush in a small, select group of men operating from abroad through Hitler's `` revolution, '' and calculating that they would never be punished.

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71. Kick!
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73. New Life in Sirhan Defense
Edited on Mon Jan-31-05 10:11 AM by seemslikeadream
By John Hiscock, John Hiscock is an L.A.-based British journalist who writes for the London Daily Telegraph.

Ever since he was seized with a .22-caliber revolver in his hand in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in June 1968, Sirhan Sirhan has maintained he was hypnotized into shooting Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. The contention was discounted by the jury, which, after deliberating for 16 1/2 hours, found him "alone and not in concert with anyone else" guilty of murder in the first degree. Almost everyone who studied the case subsequently agreed.

But nearly 40 years later, the story refuses to die. In recent months, several people have emerged to suggest that Sirhan may have been telling the truth; that he may have been hypnotized into becoming a "Manchurian Candidate"-style assassin. The catalyst for the campaign is a new book, "Nemesis," by British author Peter Evans, who, using CIA documents and interviews, claims to have identified the hypnotist as Dr. William Joseph Bryan, who had worked on CIA mind-control programs and who was later found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room in mysterious circumstances.

Is it nuts? Another meaningless conspiracy theory? You be the judge. Celebrities and journalists Robert Vaughn and Dominick Dunne among them have taken up the case and are pressing the federal government to open an investigation into the case. Vaughn, who was a good friend of Sen. Kennedy's (and who starred in the long-running television series "The Man From U.N.C.L.E"), has sent a copy of the book to Sirhan. In his accompanying letter he told Sirhan: "It contains important new information about your case that I believe substantiates your claims of having been hypnotized at the time of the shooting and also produces the first credible evidence of motivation and method. Important people are talking of it opening the door to a long overdue federal investigation into the assassination."

Sirhan's lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, has always maintained that his client was under hypnosis at the time of the shooting. Now he has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in connection with the demolition of the Ambassador Hotel. He says the pantry must not be destroyed because, he claims, bullet holes in the walls and ceiling demonstrate conclusively that more than one gunman fired shots at Kennedy. Both Evans and Teeter argue that Sirhan was there as the "patsy" to be either arrested or, preferably, shot to death by police while the real assassin escaped. They both agree that although Sirhan fired some shots before he was wrestled down, none of them hit Kennedy.

Evans contends Sirhan was hypnotized during a three-month period known as the "white fog" when the police task force later investigating the assassination and trying to construct a meticulous timetable of Sirhan's activities up to the shooting lost track of him. Evans quotes LAPD Detective Bill Jordan, who was Sirhan's first interrogator, as saying the investigators were unable to penetrate the "white fog" surrounding the 12-week gap, about which Sirhan appeared to have total amnesia.

Evans also reproduces parts of Sirhan's diary that contain what he says are "trance-like" entries and which some psychiatrists he interviewed identified as "automatic writing" a technique sometimes used by hypnotherapists to implant ideas in the subconscious of a hypnotized patient. Hypnotism is considered hokum by many, but others argue that it has been effectively used to help smokers give up the habit, cure sleep disorders and reduce stress and for other purposes. It is also now accepted in many quarters that hypnotism was used by the CIA and military intelligence as part of a U.S. government program to enable handlers to make people commit crimes with no knowledge of what they were doing.
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74. a kick for a programmed patsy n/t
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