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Here's a blast from the past (not for the weak hearted)

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Deja Q Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-29-04 10:29 PM
Original message
Here's a blast from the past (not for the weak hearted)

First, consider what would have happened had congressional Republicans not thwarted much of Clinton's wish list. Clinton would have:

Given us socialized medicine, which would have eventually destroyed the greatest health care system in the world and bankrupted the budget Clinton takes credit for balancing

Seems pretty knackered without Clinton's influence, don't ya think, Mr. Limburger? And why are you so certain his policies, which you repukes throttled, would have destroyed anything?

Ratcheted-up federal spending for numerous other pet projects

Uh, Bush* has done precisely of what you're baselessly accusing Clinton of, Mr. Limburger.

Signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which would have gravely undermined our national security through unilateral nuclear disarmament

Bullshit, Limburger. Our military is easily the largest in the world, by far. And what's wrong about unilateral nuclear disarmament, apart from ensuring terrorists can't get them so they can use them with or without our consent? Sigh... we let Russia's nukes sit around, poorly guarded. If terrorists don't have nukes by now...

Imposed draconian restrictions on gun ownership in contravention of the Second Amendment

Ooooooooooooooooh! A token argument. And a token _|_ back to you too, Mr. Limburger.

Assumed greater federal control over education toward a nationalized, politically correct and anti-Western Civilization curriculum.

So much the better, you twit.

A Gore presidency would also be different from a Bush presidency in that Gore would:

Appoint activist judges instead of strict constructionists, which would seal the fate of a million and a half babies a year for at least another generation

Well, your repuke oil and energy policies will seal the fate of hundreds of millions of adults, their children, theirt childrens' children, and their children's children, assuming we survive that far.

Continue to play political games with the Social Security problem rather than implementing a plan, like Bush's, that would truly protect workers' retirement security by partially privatizing social security

Sorry Limburger, Bush* has clearly been pulling that private part, by doing what you're claiming was a good thing. Privatization in the stock market only helps the rich corporations and leaves the people who need it playing a GAMBLE with THEIR money. Fuck off, you bastard.

Be beholden to teachers unions and labor unions

Good. Better than than corporate overlords.

Preserve the punitive Clinton income tax rates and retain the inheritance-robbing federal estate taxes

Gee, that's oh-so-much-worse than cutting taxes for the mega rich, continuing to shift taxes to the middle class while supporting the outsourcing of middle class jobs, and engaging in pet projects such as the Iraq war and the "war on terrorism" which happened because Bush* wanted it to. "LIHOP" has been confirmed and "MIHOP" is not beyond a reasonable doubt.

Refuse to refund revenue surpluses back to their rightful owners -- the taxpayers

Fuck off, shifty liar.

Possibly seek to outlaw the internal combustion engine -- as well he should if he actually believes his own propaganda that it is the greatest threat to civilization

WELL IT IS, YOU FUCKING IGNORANT SON OF A GASTROPOD!!!!! Peak oil, can you spell "societal meltdown" if nothing worse once the oil runs out?

Further erode the Fifth Amendment by placing at even greater risk the rights of private landowners through government confiscation and choking regulations in the name of benign environmentalism

Tell that to *, you piece of human filth.

Seek to sponsor legislation to codify his stated belief that "computer literacy is a fundamental right"

It is. I deal with computer illiterates all the time and it annoys me to hell. And when computer illiterates attempt to make laws that affect computer literates, it becomes quite clear that the blind are trying to drive down a crowded street.

Use his bully-pulpit to conduct class-warfare and to urge that we move further toward a race-conscious society rather than striving for color blindness

Once again, you excremenet-eating buffoon, * is doing this.

Treat China as his favorite political contributor and strategic partner rather than as a competitor and potential menace to Taiwan and world peace

They should be a partner. Corporate america uses China all the time. Jus twait until the oil dwindles, can you spell "Another war"?

Continue to regard the Justice Department as the legal goalie for presidential corruption rather than the nation's highest law enforcement body.

Once again, idiot, * is the one doing this.

It's funny, how looking back on this 4 years later... and I'd vastly prefer Gore to *. Hell, even centrist Clinton would be an infinitely better choice. At least he balanced the budget and had a proper mideast peace plan. * is nothing more than a violent blaspheming antichristian shill for the handmaidens of Hell, corporate america.
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patrick g Donating Member (130 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-29-04 10:36 PM
Response to Original message
1. here's my .02
i agree somewhat with most everything you've said. except the oil-running-out thing. i think there will be oil for a long time yet . . ..
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Mikimouse Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-29-04 10:44 PM
Response to Original message
2. It is uncanny how things look through the lens of the ...
retrospectoscope. I was inflamed when the glorious 'liberal media' awarded the debates to *, after I thought that Gore ate * alive every time. I have felt like I was walking through molasses for three and a half years because of the * selection. I think constantly about how different a world we would live in had Gore been Clinton's successor. It keeps me less insane to think that * may be gone in November.
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